Something touched me

I was in The Classroom with handful of my students having hurt my back having survived an attempted ‘catsassination’ attempt by my stoopid fat fur ball when I suddenly became aware of a small bright bright bright white light come floating up to me.
I watched it fly up to me. It was pure white but looked like a tiny butterfly or something in shape, but it hit my face.
I felt it touch my skin and it was warm, and soft like a feather.
I went to brush it off and touched it and it felt huge. Like…………..imagine you went to brush someones hand off your face.
It flew up looking the size of a thumb nail but when I touched it, it was the size was 100 times bigger than it appeared.
I felt overwhelmed with warmth and love and peace. It was incredible.

Then as I’m expressing shock over what just happened to me to my class full of students (on Google Hangout) a poofy of white light appeared to my left and a ball of light got bigger and a small silhouette of a person appeared inside the white light.
It was the side of maybe a 6 month old baby in size but I still see the shape of it perfectly in my mind.
It looked like on of those white tree spirits in Princess Mononoke in shape.


Like this in shape but bigger because these creatures are tiny in the movie. This was at least baby sized.

I felt a rush of cold air swoop around me as I sat in my mans shirt on the bed and I just felt like I was being told ‘Everything is going to be okay, just hang in there a little longer’ kind of feeling. Imagine being touched by a cotton ball but when you touch it it’s a solid mass like a hand in size and texture and structure but I don’t know if it’s a hand exactly. I just use the hand as an example of size and firmness.

*sigh* Oh to sound sane for once lol

I do know whatever happened is the start of something else though. I can feel it.
I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Love and Light

Mama Bear

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