Death Is Coming

Get ready people. Our planet is telling me something is coming.
Something big.
Assassination, natural disaster. But it’s something big. Like when Diana died or Hurricane Catrina.
I’d say terror attack but there haven’t been any blood in the sky for weeks.
Between this date and 4 weeks I’d say.

Stay indoors and watch the news.

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8 thoughts on “Death Is Coming

  1. Wow, too late for life insurance? I believe this! I can feel it! But I love the outdoors and nature. When??? I thought they weren’t allowed to tell us stuff?

    • No this feels like an assanation, or something like when Princess Diana died or the Bali Tsunami sort or event. Like we’re all gonna be glued to our TVs. I want to say controversial. But its just made worse by the fact this whole post came about because of a conversation i had tonight with ome of my students because she geels it too. She’s an incredible Natural Telepath. It made me want to do document it. America? The middle? I’m not sure. But i see America but please don’t worry. This feels like a big dramatic death rather than a lot of deaths. But im saying the tsunsmi because the last time i saw the clouds and trees and birds act like this was when the Tsunami hit Bali.

    • I can feel it too. The world has gone mad! They let the evil in, earth is crying out. We are destroying ourselves. And you know, I hear “people” telling me things while I’m asleep or half awake and I think I’m crazy. Ugh, my shrink doesn’t think I’m crazy though. Maybe she’s right, I also see and smell things like the rest of my family.

  2. Nothing has happened. No offense, but it’s maddening to read this stuff, especially to come to your blog to learn, only for it to be riddled with wrong Nostradamus predictions.

    • Actually little miss know it all we had a dead!y earth quake in Italy just afterwards. We also had the floods and Weather disturbances which killed people in the US at the same time. I read the earth when this shit happens not Spirit. Death was coming either by disaster or death of a person and it came by way of disaster.
      I tweeted it when it happened. So please get your facts straight before you go accusing people please.
      Nostradamus was an Illuminati fuck who stole his predictions off other people not a psychic.
      I describe what i feel and liken it to past experiences. As I said in my original post and comments ‘could be a disaster like Bali’s.
      Now the Earthquake in Italy and such might not have killed as many as the Tsunami but I’m pretty sure the families left behind found it pretty devastating.
      I’d check your facts first.