4 thoughts on “Never Ignore the Signs of Spirit Communication (audio)

  1. Wow, this is great!!! 🙂 now, do we have to speak out loud to them, or inside our heads? I get all the cold and heat, yada yada too.

  2. wow, this is amazing! I get all of this a lot too. now, do we have to talk out loud, or can they hear our thoughts? thanks!

    • Sorry for the delayed response Melanie. Spirit can tune into your thoughts. I just started talking out loud. It’s still a little foreign for me to talk out loud to them lol but they can choose or not choose to tune into your thoughts.

      • Melanie I forgot to add that Debbie has given certain students, like myself, authorization to answer knowledge based questions.

        Love and light

        Cortney ❤🌟✨