How to take photos of Spirit (CORRECTLY)

Photographing spirit a few basic rules.

As many of you will know spirit chasing TV shows always end up with me yelling at the TV due to there lack of knowledge and lack of the most rudimentary camera skills. If you want to photograph spirit there are a few rules you need to follow and a few basic techniques you will need to learn.

1. Stable platform. You will see all photographers wherever possible use a tripod, this is because even the slightest most imperceptible shake can blur or introduce artifacts into an image. They ideal condition to avoid this is with a good tripod however its unlikely spirit will let you set up a studio so you need to find other ways to make the camera as stable as possible before you push that button. If you are “caught out” so to speak you need to create an impromptu platform of stability in order to get the most stable image and reduce the risk of blurring. 
First thing to do is to hold the camera properly, this involves placing the camera in the palm of your left hand and then gripping it with your right. pull your elbows into your body, lean forward and steady yourself. 
Watch for spirit chasing tv shows where they ignore all of this and hold cameras at arms length in the dark and snap away while walking around!
Ideally when holding the camera if you can lean against something solid too this will make a big difference. It can be a door frame or a lamp post or a tree or whatever, unless you are in the middle of the desert you will always find stuff to lean on, If you are caught short then kneel on the ground, the closer to the ground you are the more stable you will be. Why do you think soldiers do this when shooting? Its called a Stable platform.
Why do we do this? when photographing spirit chances are you will be in very low light which leads to long exposure times, with longer exposure times  you are massively introducing the chances of lighting artifacts and blurring. I have watched people lean on one leg, hold the camera at arms length on “auto settings” take the most horrendous blurry terrible photos in the dark and then claim the blurry mess was a spirit. It is embarrassing and one of the reasons this sort of stuff is never taken seriously.
here is a good guide to some basic stances when taking photographs.

These should be second nature to you and you should automatically get into one of these positions every time you want to take a pic. Watch real photographers in action the way they move with there stances and positions. 

2. Technical understanding – digital cameras are a curse and a blessing. On one hand anyone can just point one and take a pic on the other hand no one takes the time to learn how the camera works so just leaves it on auto and snaps away leaving the processor in the camera to make all the decisions regards the shot. Reading the manual and watching some YouTube videos on how a camera operates will increases the quality of your images by orders of magnitude. Fstop, exposure times, shutter speeds etc you should understand all the terms and know how they all interact with each other. Learning the mechanics of how a camera works  can be picked up quickly you can even teach yourself in an afternoon on the internet. 
You will see real photographers take multiple images of the same thing, they are experimenting with various settings looking for the sweet spot and capturing the perfect image.  Once you understand even the basics you remove a large amount of artifacts mistakes and general image problems which everyone else mistakes for a spirit.

3. Digital artifacts – there are so many things can appear in an image that are not spirit and as a result of the technology, operator or environment. 
Bokeh  – the way a lense renders out of focus light. Most so called orbs are just Bokeh.

Lens flare – there are various kinds of this but it is essentially light bouncing around and reflecting inside the lens. Often mistaken as spirit.
over/under exposure often confused for a dark shape or a spirit, some of the so called most famous ghost images are just an exposure issue.
Image compression artifacts – images within a digital camera are compressed and stored on the memory card, an algorithm is used for this. The advantage being is that to store a full colour image requires a lot of memory so a special algorithm squishes it down so you can store lots of pics and not just a handful. Problem is if you zoom in on the image you will see all sorts of shapes, artifacts even things that look like faces. This is just the way the algorithm works, it is looking to store it as efficiently as possible and often just “makes stuff up” to fill gaps.
These are just some of the potential problems, there are many more, people think a digital camera just takes a perfect pic every time but there is a lot a photographer has to consider in order to minimize the chances of such problems.
lighting – the absolute core of photography, you are not taking pictures you are capturing a simulation of light at that particular instance. Of course when you include artificial lighting this introduces other new problems, especially with the use of flash. Normally photographers like to diffuse and bounce the flash however your average ghost hunter just shoots the flash into anything, This leads light to bounce everywhere, you shoot a flash directly at glass then congratulate yourself on the awesome entity you captured! Where possible you should completely avoid using a flash when photographing spirit. It introduces so many uncontrollable factors and creates a multitude of artifacts.
Any form of made lighting can also create all sorts of strange effects in a camera too, halogen, led, fluorescent, incandescent, you must always account for the lighting around you. Before you proclaim to the world you have a ghost photo probably best to check the led kitchen lights aren’t making the automatic exposure settings go screwy.

Lighting values – a camera is very limited in what it does capture, it only has a limited digital range of lighting based on the Maxwell colour wheel. While some cameras can simulate high dynamic range when you consider the actual range of visible light even the best camera is only capturing a tiny slither of visible light and our visible light that we perceive is again a tiny slither in a massive wide range of energy waves we know exist. Light not only has a colour it also has a “strength”. Think of it this way. If you look directly at a nuclear blast it will blind you and yet you have all seen photographs of a nuclear blast? The camera has stripped out this light strength and put the image into its narrow band of reproduction. All that information is gone. When people pass over they often talk of the brightest light they ever seen and yet if you managed to photograph it it would just appear white like a bright white wall in the sun. All the true range and power of light is stripped off by a camera.
I always laugh when I hear people say ” Ill believe it when someone takes a decent photograph of a ghost” well they believe in x-rays, infrared light, ultraviolet !  Cameras are so limited I would be amazed if anyone was good enough to capture a spiritual event anyway. It is worth learning how to use a camera, even just spending a  few hours studying will make a massive difference to your results, you will be astonished at the range of settings and options available on a regular compact camera no one ever uses. Even if you never take a picture of a spirit I can guarantee your holiday snaps and selfies will improve massively. In the event you do encounter something you will take the best possible image of it and capture it forever.

So to recap..
You see a spirit
you turn the camera on
Take lens cap off – this is important even pros make this mistake
make quick settings adjustments that are best for the environment to eliminate potential image errors
you make a stable platform for the camera out of you or your environment.
You take pics, without a flash!
Then when it is over you analyze the environment for potential causes of light anomalies. For example: glass, mirrors shiny surfaces or anything that could reflect light and cause an issue in the image.
Then you have an image that at least you can say you tried your best to eliminate anything  extraneous to the subject you were trying to capture. only when you eliminate as many factors as possible can you say you “may” have caught something genuine.


Chris Black 3D Artist, Artist and Photographer

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Douche: I’m sorry

I’m currently going through my blog to update it for the release of my book which should be for sale at the end of this month.

Man what a douche bag I am in some of these posts. So fucking arrogant and so far up my own bum I’m surprised I’m not inverted by now.

I’m so sorry. This experience of going through my posts has been an incredible journey for me. I can see my evolution through them and being Of Light I’m forever now self correcting. It is expected and it is so refreshing. It’s like a do over in your behavior and requires great honesty and refection. So many issues from my past have no come full circle to completion and I can now let go and move forward.

And in some of my posts I’m like a cocky, entitled Princess strutting my stuff and it is unacceptable. I still can’t stand the Fucking Kardashians and I’m still a foul mouth  but I can not apologize enough for my behavior. It is unacceptable and I apologize.

I’ve been going through a huge change in every aspect of my life an gift so I’m now on the self correcting/self governing stage of my evolution and it’s been nothing short of brutal but it has to be done. There are I’m told 1000 steps to get to the light and I’m  on the last step about to get the view from the top.

I can’t promise I won’t still rant but I promise to correct myself if I’m a dickhead about it.

I might not be under the care of The Council now but they have handed me over to myself which is the ultimate prize for someone like me and they will always watch me, guide me when I need it. But they never leave my side now so I have them breathing down my neck to do this right and I won’t let you down. I promise.

Still………………don’t expect me not to swear. Swearing lowers your blood pressure, sugar levels and it is proven that people who swear a lot have high IQs (fact). So ya see I do it for my health lol

I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I’m a graduated Soul who is at a self correcting stage of my journey. I WILL fix my wrongs. Just bear with me.

I love what I do so much. I just want to help people not fear death anymore. I know it better than anyone ever has or will. I’m all up in deaths face every second of every day. I just want everyone else to be all up in deaths grill too. Then you won’t fear it.

‘The fear of the unknown is always worse than the reality of it’

I love you


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Something touched me

I was in The Classroom with handful of my students having hurt my back having survived an attempted ‘catsassination’ attempt by my stoopid fat fur ball when I suddenly became aware of a small bright bright bright white light come floating up to me.
I watched it fly up to me. It was pure white but looked like a tiny butterfly or something in shape, but it hit my face.
I felt it touch my skin and it was warm, and soft like a feather.
I went to brush it off and touched it and it felt huge. Like…………..imagine you went to brush someones hand off your face.
It flew up looking the size of a thumb nail but when I touched it, it was the size was 100 times bigger than it appeared.
I felt overwhelmed with warmth and love and peace. It was incredible.

Then as I’m expressing shock over what just happened to me to my class full of students (on Google Hangout) a poofy of white light appeared to my left and a ball of light got bigger and a small silhouette of a person appeared inside the white light.
It was the side of maybe a 6 month old baby in size but I still see the shape of it perfectly in my mind.
It looked like on of those white tree spirits in Princess Mononoke in shape.


Like this in shape but bigger because these creatures are tiny in the movie. This was at least baby sized.

I felt a rush of cold air swoop around me as I sat in my mans shirt on the bed and I just felt like I was being told ‘Everything is going to be okay, just hang in there a little longer’ kind of feeling. Imagine being touched by a cotton ball but when you touch it it’s a solid mass like a hand in size and texture and structure but I don’t know if it’s a hand exactly. I just use the hand as an example of size and firmness.

*sigh* Oh to sound sane for once lol

I do know whatever happened is the start of something else though. I can feel it.
I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Love and Light

Mama Bear

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Death Is Coming

Get ready people. Our planet is telling me something is coming.
Something big.
Assassination, natural disaster. But it’s something big. Like when Diana died or Hurricane Catrina.
I’d say terror attack but there haven’t been any blood in the sky for weeks.
Between this date and 4 weeks I’d say.

Stay indoors and watch the news.

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What is ‘The Light’?

Beyond what you think heaven is and The Spirit realm or After Life or whatever you think is out there, when you die is THE Light.

When we say ‘Go to THE LIGHT’ or when I say LOVE AND LIGHT we aren’t talking about Heaven and Clouds and Winged Angels. We are talking about The Light of ALL Creation.

I’ve seen it many times and what lay in that light is ALL time. Ever memory, every action, every thought, every feeling, every everything in the history of the creation of our Universe and everything in the Universe that isn’t there is racing to get to it.

Because when your there you can time travel. That’s why I can time travel. I can jump into the light and go where I want. Just by thought alone. I still cant control it but I’m getting there. It’s stronger when I jump to the future now more than it has ever been.

But the past is a doddle and the present getting easier.

In this light I go to, death doesn’t exist. We walk among each other through all time. Which is why Spirit keep telling us ‘Don’t mourn me, remember me, that’s where I am’. They are waiting for us in our memories except it’s not the past stored in our minds we go to (memories), it’s time.

I’m not a psychic who gets told stuff by the dead, I jump back and forth in time.

Once I dumped the bullshit surrounding the psychic/medium stigma I’ve learned the Science of it.

I experienced it and I have to tell you, before you all go calling yourself time travelers this stuff comes ONLY when you have gone through about 30years of life lessons.

I’ve evolved because I worked my ass off to evolve. There are steps to this process to this ability and it’s a REALLY painful one. Unlike anything you can imagine. Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual pain. It’s real but it is a right of passage only Ancients have got right now. But we are here to teach and it WILL be taught to only the most disciplined Student.

Anyway I’m going off on a tangerine here (as my 6yr old said lol). So before you claim your a Time Traveler please bear in mind I have proof and witnesses that I can manipulate time. It’s why I can slow down digital music.

So from the lowest darkside beastie to the most loving Spirit we are ALL trying to get to the light. All consciousness exists there, our Brethren are in it, they totally have it mastered and they are trying to help us, as are Spirit, and Dark Siders, because we all have to help each other evolve so we can all get to the light.

The way a tree helps us, the soil, the insects, air and birds, and the oceans the soil, ocean life, fish, humans etc…..animals, music, maths, science, medicine, thought etc…it all starts with a seed of creation or big bang, and it fights to evolve to the next stage.

Songs have a start middle and end, maths too, science, thoughts, emotions, medicine, art, growing sex, birth, love, light, honestly I could go on forever, it’s on every level you can think of it is all trying to begin, be and end.

I may have just found my 3rd Ancient, he is in New York, which means he will have a female balance somewhere in America I need to find (it’s not a sex thing, it’s not always about sex). In fact while your bond with your Balance Brother or Sister is beyond a connection you will ever know with anyone, you couldn’t be less attracted to each other. It’s just NOT there. They are almost A sexual and I think my Brother would agree on that too. His life has been identical to mine but he had the light version I had the dark. I’ll explain in a Post.

And it looks like we are spread across all the 7 continents. One Ancient bloodline per continent and as I am the Oldest, I need to find them.

The tests are a life time thing too. But I’ll explain in a Post or you’ll be reading all sorts of drivel in this post.

I must sound mental but I haven’t had any slerp in 4 days because of a Dark Side thing I was having to do, and yes I said Slerp, that is the Language of Michael. lol Only my students will know what that means lol

I’ll find them, we are the balance to the Elites and nothing can stop us now coz we are all finding each other and our bloodline is embedded so even if they killed us three we have so many siblings and family and shit and junk they’d eventually get to the point where they wiped themselves out lol

If we tip the balance we get to evolve and then we ALL move up the ladder closer and closer to the light.

The more we work together the faster we get there.

Who wouldn’t want all knowledge of all time and not just that be able to jump back and forth through it all?

In case your wondering the light is a constant stream of light shooting off into the distance, in a infinite circle, under is the dark version.

It balances inside black holes perfectly in the middle of them.

Get it right and it evolves forward, get it wrong and it goes back, so as with anything in the universe there is a balance there too.

The Black Holes out there are like Tornado’s touching down, the are not horizontal, but vertical.

They chew up the planets and stars that don’t evolve and spit them back up and the debris gets fired back into space. I call this Blobs Recycle Center.

A lot of the debris ends up in the milk way which is waiting to be smooshed together or sucked into the next black hole to go off and be turned into something else and there is a super black hole at the end of it which our universe of black holes is trying to balance just right so it to can tip the balance.

And that is infinite and it too is fighting to get to the light. And what contains all of this?

We do. It’s in all of us organic beasties in this made capped place we call our Solar System, Our Galaxy, Our Universe, Our Constellation, Our Planet, Our Bodies, Our Hearts, our Blood, Our Thoughts, Our songs, our Maths, our Science, our soil, our plants etc…..get the picture?

And what is that the end of that?

We don’t know because we haven’t created it yet, coz we are still chasing the light. Get it?

*mind blown yet?* Or that’s what the dead people have been teaching me. I don’t know about you other psychics but that’s what I get taught now and this Blog is another example of evolution on a Spiritual level and my own journey to the light.

If you have been stupid enough to read every article I’ve ever done you will see the change in my understanding as I have grown on my journey as a writing Psychic Housewife to what I am today. A Spiritual Scientist.

The Science behind the Spiritual leads all roads to the light. Knowing it and understanding what it is to get it and know it. The Universe is Science, Music is Science, Maths is Science, The Body is Science etc…..Understand the Science of the Universe in it’s true form ‘The Conscious form’ and you master death.

When you master Death you realize death isn’t anything but a stage in our evolution and means nothing in terms of separation from loved ones etc…..
And control every stage of it because that pushes forward YOUR race to get to the light.

Do you understand ANY of this? Or am I just really stoned and it makes sense only to me? lol

Food for thought though. Both of which have their own evolutionary growth, start middle and end lol
I’m telling you, it’s in everything you can think of lol creation, existence, cessation, get the balance wrong and it ends in recycling,get it right an thus creates another form of creation. A spark of existence, or what I call The Big Bang Effect.

From a seed, to a thought, it all starts with a start of creation. That’s the light that connects us all and pushes the Universe out and keeps it expanding.
I know that balance, time, gravity, magnetism, vibration, love are the key to Universal balance, what holds everything balanced. There are opposites to all of them. Balance is balance to Magnetsim, Time to gravity, Love to Vibration.
The Universe is a constant balance of opposites or balance.

Whoever invented scales discovered the answer to everything without even knowing it lol

So why do you think your governments want you not smoking weed, and take fluoride and getting fat on sugar and feeling ugly and depressed?
Because if everyone on the planet was like me they wouldn’t exist.
And they are de evolving at an alarming rate. But we gave them our light so what do we expect?
So now you know, will you go to the light or de evolve?

The light is better than the best sex you’ve ever had, the best food, night out, love, experience of your entire life, the love you have the minute you meet your children in scans then in real life, the second you know you’ve found the one, when you know you look hot in those jeans, that landing in a foreign destination you saved hard to get to, those one night stands with the hot guy, that book that you can’t stop thinking about, making the perfect cake,the victory in battle, the getting of the girl, the winning a game,getting the job, losing weight, a hot bath, snow on your face, it’s ALL of that rolled into one. THAT is the light. THAT is the human experience, THAT all rolled into one without grief or fear is what is in the light of all creation.
THAT is why we fight to get to it.
Because the light is pure unapologetic love.

Now you know why I always which people Love and Light at the end of my emails and stuff. Because I wish for nothing more than to spread it so everyone can have what I do.
Love and Light

Love and Light
Mama Bear

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