Calke Abbey and The Gay Footman

Yesterday we went to Calke Abbey. It is a beautiful bit of National Trust land and Stately home with an Abbey in the back drop.

Ordinarily I hate Churches and Abbeys because they are all full of sin and bad juju. Plus peoples hopes, fears, pain, suffering and secrets live in them and I hear and feel them all like my own thoughts. I hate them. They’re not nice places.

When I was walking the one mile up the road to get to the House, I met a man called Jack in Spirit who was fighting the weathers of a Spring blizzard. He was telling me how they lost a lot of cattle, most of the new lambs, calves etc…..weren’t going to make it. The snow was blinding in that 26 degree summer weather I was experiencing. But he was heading my way and gave me some insights into the running of the grounds. He was telling me what time he gets up 3.30am, and is in bed for 7pm but this time the weather had him up all night and he was counting heads so to speak before trying to round up what he could.

He left me at the top of the road where I met with my boys and we proceeded to get our tickets to see the house etc….I met with an eccentric Spirit who was considered the quirky one of the family who was into astronomy and Spirits etc….she was a sweetheart. The family who lived there were a bit like mine. Kooky, education based and totally into the arts in all forms. Science based too.

So we walked around the grounds and into the Stately home. Being Derbyshire it is of course full of the friendliest people in the Universe there, so happy to do their job to bring history to life for your pleasure.

After soaking it all in we decided to head up to the Abbey and it was walking up the long grass path I met James. A Footman I think, his Uniform was very formal if he was a stable boy or something.

He was so nervous he made me dizzy. He was going to pray his gay away. He was terrified of going to hell and he was in love with another man and he was always afraid God would tell on him for being gay every time he went up to the church to pray his sin away.

I walked him up to the gates of the abbey and sat him down to cross him over. Telling him that being gay isn’t a sin in Spirit. No one sits in judgement and if it was so bad on the other side why was his Lover waiting with open arms?

When he saw him standing in the light, he crossed over in seconds.

Job done, another one sent home in peace 🙂

I can’t help but wonder if this is the reason why I’m seeing so many legions of Spirits??? Maybe crossing them over is going to be my thing? I hope so, be a cool role to place.

They are out in droves now and I can now hear constant chatting over my headphones.

They are every where. All wanting my help.

They certainly know how to get my attention.

It’s like I’ve opened the flood gates for crossing them over.

Excellent, most excellent indeed.

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2 thoughts on “Calke Abbey and The Gay Footman

  1. This is so incredible! Your gift is just so amazing. There are probably millions of spirits afraid to cross over for various reasons and the world needs more loving people like you. I am crying tears of joy for him.