The Dead are out in Full Force

Is it just me or are the dead out in full force lately?

I’m surrounded by then now every where I go. I see them as plain as day when I look straight ahead. I am hearing them in their own voices now too. It’s like………..I have ‘dead vision goggles on now’.

But it’s not just me. My ex has been having very obvious Spirit contact. He heard a knocking on the glass pane of the door and the door opened on it’s own in a part of the house you would never expect Spirits to be.

Almost at the same time one of my students had an experience too.

There is me and 4 other students reporting a rise in the number of dead around them.

It’s like they’ve come back at once like on Lord of the Rings.

Or have we just powered up at once?

One thing I know for sure it, I don’t think it’s coincidence it’s happening right now what with the Riots and France attacks.

I have to be honest and say I think the dead are gearing up to help us with the end of the world as we know it.

I’m never free of them now. It’s just like The Ghost Whisperer and I used to give that show shit lol

I feel like this is the biggest sign yet, the darkness is coming to an end.

I’ve never known anything like it. They are every where and I don’t even class myself as a Medium. I’ve never had my gift for manifestations be so prolific like this.

I should be scared, I should be terrified but actually, I’m fascinated and I feel safe, I feel protected. More than ever.

So it has to be a good thing………………..right?

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3 thoughts on “The Dead are out in Full Force

  1. I swear i saw a child approx 6/7 standing right at the threshold of my living room and kitchen as i was going into the freezer. I want to say boy. But youre right i think they are gearing up…

  2. ihappeningi am empth but never have i ever seen the things i do now!! It was terrifying at first but now at times im ok others ive got my bible roasery bought a mother mary candle and started praying!! Hard!! About 8 months ago i started seeing flashing lights tgen orbs then shadows here and there well now there everywhere!! Children older women animals odd nit of this earth beings 24-7 when i sleep eat shower private moments!!! Mostly showing on my walls carpet whatever?! Im not a medium. There trying to teach me truth? Also saw a angel man in white robe smiling at me holding a fish in a box the first time and holding a sheep out the next? Now saging nothing there always here im starting to accept and love them.. People are going to cath me talking to my walls or floor and think i need commited!! Lol i also feel that way at times too but they would just kick me out. I dont like rules or being told things i dont feel or agree with and can be an angel myself but make me mad, omg lets leave it there.. I need some guideness