What I saw: The Cleansing 

People rioting

Black people’s bodies piled in the streets running with blood.

American flag on fire. Washington in flames, all states in flames.

The President (black president which back in the 90s was a pipe dream) being killed in various ways caught on camera by thousands and this thing on camera being uploaded to causing riots.

V for Vendetta meets the LA Riots. ( Anonymous use G Fawkes masks)

Tanks in the Street. Soldiers joining the masses.

Collapse of Government. Clintons in Court on trial.

Mass hiding of the rich and being hunted like Nazi’s.

People without food, water, electricity in some parts of the US.

5 nations come undone after Cameron’s resignation 

These big 5 never gain power again.

America, China, UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia and one more I’ve never seen but feel it could be A North Korea????? Not sure. Never shown the 5th. Aussie? France ?

I’m trying to find the original predictions. I know it’s in here somewhere. Can anyone remember apart from Calling all Americans where it is? Lol I’ve written so much stuff lol I know I talk at length in the comments section.

I know I’ve talked at length about it. Julian Assange or Donald Trump  was the White Haired man I spoke of.

Elites in hiding. Civil collapse. People without food, water, gas, electricity for weeks while cities burn across the world.

Before the next President of America is sworn in. I’ve never seen the next President until the Hispanic man who brings Peace.

Truths uncovered about the rich and famous that will destroy them.

A New Beginning. The end of Darkness. Light reigns.

If only you could see what I see.

Don’t be afraid. Just stock up and keep your head down. Once the tanks come it’s all on.

Just remember…..this was planned.

But Spirit said ‘the thing they use to control us will be the very thing used to bring them doesn’t.

So something I believe is going to get caught on camera that changes everything.

Could it have been the shooting of that black man? Or the shooting of the cops that kicked it off?
Stock up on at least three months of non perishables, water, batteries, candles, torches, first aid, water purifying tablets, outdoor cooking supplies like BBQ as you might be without electricity and gas for a bit. A big bin with a dealing lid and tons of rubbish bin liners to use as a toilet in case you can’t flush for a while.

Arm yourself. People who didn’t prepare will panic when they see you have so head down, stay in doors and do NOT let it be obvious you thought ahead.

People will start to panic once the stores run out of food and banks will not be handing out money. So keep cash on you and tradeable commodities like good quality whiskey, tobacco, weed etc……..money won’t be king in this situation. 

This Cleansing will be a total collapse of society. Please stay calm. The worst will be over in a few weeks. Stock up for three months. But it’s not going to be long before the Thinkers start to right the wrongs and bring calm again. Then the Rebuild begins bringing peace.

The young Hispanic man will bring calm to America.

Countries like China, Saudi Arabia, North Korea etc…..will never recover in the same way. But at least everyone will be free and equal. 

Some Americans will turn wild though. Go bush and lose their minds. Ferral.

Russia being solely responsible for STOPPING WW3.

False flag attacks to scare people into giving up guns and rights before tanks and censorship are brought in.

It won’t work. The Elites are losing.

Will they kill Trump? If so they seal their fate. Will they kill Obama? His fate is already sealed.

I see the Leaders of China and North Korea suffering humiliating defeats and death. I see the people of China standing in a square full of red posters of Mao, crying with rage and turning savage against their leaders.

Cannibalism but I won’t say where.

The death of the Catholic church and Royal Families after humiliation and revelations of evil doings.

William will resolve the monarchy. Two more Popes then no more church. One will die, one will be forced to go into hiding.

Celebs, Bankers, Investors, Corporate people, Politicians, Military and Judicial folk, etc…..all being taken down by what I call ‘The Fight Club’. Truths revealed across the globe that bring heartache and rage but the truth will be revealed. It needs to be heard.

The end is near. We are on the precipice of the big take down.

 I love my life. If I vanish or turn up dead or suffer any tragedy, you’ll know I was right. The Elites are panicking.

MK Ultra False Flags are the proof.

Be safe, stay in doors, stock up and if your American, wait for the Hispanic man. He’s the start of the new beginning.

It’s NOT Rubio.

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10 thoughts on “What I saw: The Cleansing 

  1. I know im gonna sound like a wierdo, but for a month now, i have been having a gut feeling something like an apocalypse was going to happen and soon. You can just feel it. And so many people being woken up. I myself have only just woke up for almost 8 months now. So im just a baby with my sences.
    Thank you for taking the time to post these things. It gives some people over here in the states time to get ready.

    Once again, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to post your great work!
    Much love
    Carol B.

  2. I have seen this all in my dreams it is true the end of life as we know it now is comming soon get ready it is going to be one heck of a ride it is bad now but this is just the begining of the cleansing it starts with people going crazy and killing people for no reason then it amps up to the government trying to stop the killings but they just kill more people then it turns into a global thing where we must come under a new world order with one ruler of all of earth this might happen but I see alot of blood in the streets before this even gets attempted this is crazy how close to my dreams you have gotten the power will go out for weeks if not months we will have to learn how to survive on the land and go back to the barter system again watch over your families and friends make sure you help who you can trust

  3. Hi Erika,
    Well I’ve always felt the attempt on a or the President would come from the inside as with JFK in an attempt to create a civil war in the US however something goes wrong because if their desperate attempts to gain control and something is caught on camera that starts the rapid decline of world powers.
    I have never been shown what it was but I know it is to do with a murder or attempted murder of the or possible Presidential hopeful and it being done in public and something goes wrong and it is caught on about 1 million cameras.
    Then begins the revelations of truth and the anger of the people gathering in masses of hundreds of thousands, and the end of all world powers because of it.
    Once the tanks hit the streets of America, stay in doors and keep your head down.
    Just stock up and make sure you have what you need to not leave the house for a couple of months for food. It only lasts a couple of months but the impact of which will be devastating for some and freedom for the rest.
    Love and Light be with you and your loved ones Erika, may the Spirit protect and guide you.
    Love and Light

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