Why I Teach.

You all know that I’m here writing to teach the readers the truth about Spirits and The Paranormal.

Everything in my being tells me to teach. Which is funny considering when my Teacher Pauline told me I would be a Teacher one day I thought she was crazy lol She let me know just recently how wrong I was haha

But one of the things that is becoming apparent recently is the misconception that Spirit are out to harm you. Especially relatives. I’m here to say that is total and utter nonsense.

People, you need to read the signals, not go running to TV shows to fix your problems. No one show I know of even remotely cares about the souls of the dead if it doesn’t get them ratings and viewing figures on YouTube and I’m tired of it.

Your dead loved ones no matter how troubled when they come through in your minds eye are NOT trying to hurt you or cause you harm. There is a code ALL energy has to live by. A universal code. We ALL must follow it.

But I had to speak up about this article because the Spiritual Healer this man I’m about to talk about went to didn’t do their job properly. Clearly this man was in no fit state to be ‘healed’ the way he was told he would be. I’ve read a few accounts of this case of this poor man and I feel sick to my stomach.


I’m so tired of people being made to think it’s OK to think these things about family members let alone the dead. We are representatives to our ancestors, we are the carriers of their legacy. We take them forward with us through our evolution. This poor Actor was clearly needing help for his trauma of his loved ones suicide. He needed help and he got bull shit run around nonsense from someone who clearly didn’t know what they were doing. A day with me and I would of explained it all.

You can argue all day long that he was hearing voices in his head that were from his loved one but if you don’t understand the way they communicate and aren’t able to differentiate from Tempters, loved ones, left brain and so on, your going to misinterpret all sorts of things. My students are learning all of this now they are in the midst of Spirit communication from my Bosses.

Please people, get the facts before you make up your mind what you choose to believe. It’s causing people to have serious mental health issues and it’s NOT funny.

The Paranormal is nothing to fuck about with. This is REAL.

I recently found out some of my former students are doing shit like White Light Grade Mirror Gazing and inviting the Dark Side into their protection every night and even though I’m no longer responsible for their Spiritual growth I am so nervous for these people because they know NONE of the codes of practice for this session. They think coz I haven’t done it yet I’m less of a person BUT it requires two people, and diet changes, cleansings, what I call EVACS lol etc…. and I won’t go there until I have my Charge with me. You do NOT do this shit without your Charge.

You can’t make this stuff up as you go along. There is a reason why the good caliber Paranerds know what they know. Thousands of years of knowledge people, handed down from Teacher to Student for thousands and thousands of years but no one wants to put in the hard work and effort in to learning the right way with the exception of my students. Who are all now turning into highly tuned little Psychic Goblins hehe.

I’m heart broken for that actor. It so didn’t need to be like this. He should of gotten the help he deserved and it is he and how I loved him in Red Dwarf that I speak out now and say ‘I make it my solemn promise to do what EVER it takes to educate people on the truth about Death, The Paranormal and Spirit communication in the hopes that if I can save one person from the voices in their head driving them to suicide (because they think they are being haunted) or help someone embrace their ability or connection then Ill die a happy woman.

I’m on a mission now people. If you can’t find the truth, seek it. Follow your compass to what is right. The right answer is out there and if you can’t be arsed, come to me. At least you know I’ll be honest lol

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5 thoughts on “Why I Teach.

  1. It is a huge shame that good, decent people are shut out by responsible teachers for asking questions so they might learn. Good teachers are almost impossible to find-great teachers…. Who knows. There are bad teachers and psychics everywhere and I, for one, refuse to follow or listen to anyone who refuses to answer genuine questions. Is that not how we learn? That and being taught something apart from blind follow what I say without understanding
    You make good points for the poor teachers we have now. Perhaps the good and the great ones are now coming forward.

    • Maturity and patience has a lot to do with it. Like ……some people just like to cause trouble even when the opportunity of a life time was presenting itself.
      I love it when my students ask questions. I work 20 hr days answering questions. But some people ask questions and make comments to cause trouble. They’re the ones who get removed from my classes because the one thing I put in my contract is ‘never question the authority of the Teacher’s. I know I speak for myself when I say I had a few students question my motives or reasons for saying something which in my society is called Insubordination. My students know I have to be brutal in order to protect The Cause. They know what the cause is. They understand the importance of making sure it’s all protected. I know most of my students were afraid and excited to learn. All loyal, all keen to learn. They’re the best students a Teacher could ask for. That’s why they’re ALL at reading level now. A Teacher can really only teach those who are capable of learning though. If you don’t turn up to class or keep ignoring the bell……it’s not my fault some of my students can’t listen or read contracts.
      Now….Susan are you going to keep acting like a spoilt child or ??????????????? This is really quite pathetic for a woman of your age.

      • I find your response interesting Debbie. I’ve always said I am ready to learn… I was not aware participating in childish caterwauling was part of the contract. If I overstepped the mark in my questions I apologised… Several times.
        You and your Guides are the orchestrators of your life – why would I presume otherwise? If all I am exposed to is gossip? I’m sorry things worked out the way they did. If you read my energy you know there is no malice there. I’ve worked hard to attain the level I have, not that I cannot improve further. It would be presumptuous of me to think or say otherwise.
        In my isolation I sought guidance. This I thought was the right thing to do. I also explained that until the ‘end’ I had not received any messages from you or anyone else. If this was a sign then So be it.
        I will never stop learning or seeking to learn and grow in the Light. The Darkness you referred to does not have a place either within me or my life. I trust you understand that.
        I wish you only the best Debbie. If there is a place in your plans for me, it is your decision. Yet there are things happening in my life which I have not spoken if….losses of many kinds, I work alone through this, with guidance from the Light. I have no place for anything else.
        Please don’t insult me by calling me childish. The past has gone and everything with it but the lesson. I have not changed my contact details, but would not go where it was made plain I was not welcome.
        So Debbie, Am I welcome at your ‘table’?
        Your Cause, Your Group, Your Plan and Clan, Rules and Mores, were welcomed. I simply needed to know what they were and how I, in this isolation, would be able to learn.
        No, I see no childishness here…. So it is now up to you dear Teacher.
        With Respect…..

      • Susan who said I was talking about you? I’ve cut over 20 students. I’m talking from MY experience as a Teacher noone else’s.
        The thing with you was you ASSUMED you weren’t welcome at my table when you had a place setting the whole time. You got involved with subjects you knew nothing about including my personal life which was horrendous. You also got caught up with gossip and being part of a certain click which again is in the contract. The truth is RP I loved you three like blood and you all broke the contract. If you knew the importance of it all you would understand why I did it. It’s a contract for a reason and one of you I was in my legal right to sue for the breaches made. This isn’t a game to me this is my life. My students understand it all because they have all done what was asked of them. There were times when I was convinced my Teacher was fuckin crazy. I’d argue black and blue in my head she was wrong but never once questioned her. Because I knew she knew what I CRAVED to learn. Now I’m apologizing left right and center coz it turns out she was right all along lol BUT when I was a path Walker I thought I knew it all. Till i realized I knew nothing until she taught me. There are rules to this field of Science that MUST be followed by all living organic beings that exist in this Galaxy. If we don’t follow them we don’t evolve. In order to Teach we must first learn, but choosing what you want to learn just means you narrow your field or subject. I teach EVERYTHING from Physics to Spirit communication but I’m also trying to install qualities that are SOOOOOO important in this field of work. Like being Humble. Honest, Patient, and respect. If you can’t respect your Teacher you’ll never respect the Council and they are WITHOUT EXCEPTION THEE MOST BLUNT AND DEMANDING BEINGS OUT THERE. If they tell you ‘Your marriage is over, you have to leave to save your light’ you do it. You DO IT!!!! THAT’S Faith absolute. And it starts with your Teacher who WANTS neigh CRAVES the need to Teach. I earned my stripes. I’m the Drill Sergeant in the Universal Military. If you can’t get past me your going home. That’s how it is in my Society. Lives hang in the balance with my work. I need to be responsible not just for my students but for Spirit, the Science and those I send my students out to help. It ALL comes back to me if you fuck it up. I get the blame not you. It will go on my record. So I make sure that I live by The Code of Conduct set before me by The Council upon my initiation. One of the codes is ‘When confronted by the choice of who to teach, teach everyone and strip the paint as you go. Only once the old paint left by years of earthly misconceptions has been removed will you see the true beauty of what lies beneath but be prepared for the fact not all is organic underneath. It can look like one thing but be another and THAT is when you must check for wood worm. Should you find it remove the wood not just the paint coz when that kind of thing spreads it can take the whole house down.’ I shouldn’t have revealed that but I think in this case it’s important.

      • I agree Debbue, one can never be too careful when choosing those to be taught or follow your teaching. Perhaps I’m not being clear because I don’t wish to offend – again!
        I get hung up on the details and it may be something I have to work on. As I said, there has been a lot happening here, much sad and unhappy causing a lot if stress and it catches everyone unawares. I thought I’d lost my son for a short time – it really takes it out if you. He is lucky to be alive – not his time I believe.
        If we can get past this I will be more than happy. I’ve known you a long time. If we remain friends but not teacher- student then that too will be okay. I only wish you well Debbie, always have.
        Live, love, laugh and be happy. Susan (RP).