The Pen just…….vanished

What the hell was that? Where did it go? where the fuck did it go? It was  right here and it fuckin vanished in my hand.

Oh God I’m losing my mind I think. Is this why I felt so sick last night? I’ve been feeling it build up for days.. Is this the nerves? No? You say No?

The thing with my head and feet? is that it? My hand hurts so bad OMG so bad.

I saw the signs, I knew something was coming but I just don’t even know what to say. The pain………………………but it vanished.

Right in front of my eyes.

I think I need to get a brain scan.

Only trouble is……………..I have a witness…………………………………………….

why did it do it like that though?

I’m freezing now.

It seems the more sandbags I off load the higher my Balloon rises and the better my gift is getting.

Is this even real or am I in the Matrix?

I don’t even………………….it vanished dude, right in my hand.

I need to sit in a dark corner and cry then figure this shit out quick coz if this is happening I need to shut this Blog down too so I can concentrate on the Science coz I KNOW this is building into something.

I know it was done because of the music I was listening to. The connection. I get it. I understand totally what your saying but Jesus Fucking Hell warn a girl because you crush the bones in her hand. I feel so sick now.

I get it. I do. Thank you. I knew something was coming but it’s something different every time, how am I meant to prepare for something I don’t know WHAT it is?

I need to document this with my Scientist. I’m not afraid to admit that is the first time I’ve been scared in a LONG time. Truly scared. SOOOO wasn’t expecting THAT song to do what it did.

I WONDER!!!! was this a trigger? Was it set up to be a trigger?

The Golden you know whats. Is that for this? or Protection? The hundreds I had in my room three days ago? were they in preparation? Your doing stuff to me so often now it’s hard to take it all in. It’s every week now. EVERY week.

It takes me days to recover. I’m not complaining. I know. I understand. But Fuck sakes your starting to make people question my sanity lol

AND!!!! I’m stone cold sober. NO WEED in my system.

Aint that a kicker lol First time for everything I guess hahahaha

I’ll write down ALL the signs and symptoms I had, the patterns that lead up to it but please…….you gorgeous creature warn me next time the pain hits so I can drop the item before it goes poof.

No chest pain this time I noticed. That’s good. But I’m totally blinded. I’m having serious trouble seeing because of the POOF!!!!


How wrong did I have the Council? lol Sorry lol You guys ROCK!!!

I’m off to question my sanity now. I’ll read this back when I can see better.

I’ve just taken photos of my burnt hand.

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