The Dead are more than Predictions (revised)

I know you know I started out as a Psychic or Intuitive Clairvoyant but you also know I’ve ALWAYS had a Scientific back ground. I got kicked out of School at 14 because I was too bored and hated the subjects I wasnne good at like Maths and PE lol

But I always loved my Universe and in all my years of training as a Me I never thought in a gazillion years I’d be dabbling in Theoretical Physics or Philosophy let alone be a Writer yet here I am lol

I have things written down all over the world as I find the people I can trust with my information. I’ve stumbled across some new Sciences that don’t exist yet and learned some startling truths about things I thought I knew which is why your seeing so much revised work lately.

However I am not afraid to admit my mistakes as even though I’m considered ‘Of the light’ as they call it. I am still forcing myself to learn as much as I can and one day I’ll tell you about how a Pub toy taught me about The Big Bang lol

BUT my point is, I’m not talking about the Mediums and Psychics that solve crimes or anything like that but we need to stop with this ‘What is my future’ mentality in society.

It’s insulting really. We have the greatest minds up there telling us how we can better ourselves as a Spiritual evolutionary species and we are too busy wanting to know if we’re going to find a man this year, or get that promotion.

All things we can get ourselves without having to bother Spirit.

I know I do readings, but my reading guide them, not make their problems go away.

So many poor souls are lost and looking for direction. Our job as The See’ers of the world is to help them find guidance.

I get anti this stuff sometimes because I get annoyed at how it’s mistreated. Then I write about it then I self correct my behavior because I know ranting isn’t as effective as explaining.

But isn’t it better people like me get paid to teach you how to never get it wrong than to pay us to try and get it right? I can teach you how to ask Spirit yourself even so you never need a me again.

If you listened to your compass you would be given the answers yourself. I’m living proof that if you follow your compass you will find bliss. I’m gonna post pictures of me. I’m just plucking up the courage lol I still have a month or so to go before I’m totally happy but you won’t be able to deny the voices in my head have done a FUCKING GOOD JOB!!!! directing me to my NORTH.

My life is unrecognizable from where it was in January. I don’t even remember losing 10 stone lol It all happened so quick. Yeah I’ve lost people in my life but it obviously wasn’t meant to be. I can only go with love, count my blessings and be grateful I got to at least have good times with them.

We waste so much time worrying about inconsequential bullshit. Really? Your upset because your not on the property ladder yet because every one else has a house? Everyone else is also in shit loads of debt and most are wishing the fucker would burn down in front of the bankers who mind fucked them into buying. If you can’t take it with you when you die why lose sleep over it?

We need to turn off our TVS unless it’s Netflix Documentaries and start listening to Music people. These Musicians, they are telling stories of your own and our own evolution. You need to learn how to do what I can do. It is sooooo cool. It starts some times with weed and then you put a song on you feel like to listen to even though you might never have heard it before and then watch how Spirit choose the songs. It’s incredible the images that come. There is a pattern that emerges and it’s nothing short of mind blowing.

I won’t tell you how but it’s not hard to find the maths in it.

All this comes from Spirit. They talk in every way possible and we need to start listening. I’m not saying all Psychics and Mediums are bad. My sisters are incredible. There are many many out there doing incredible work. But we don’t need them. We could ALL be like me and my level of happiness and understanding if we just stopped trying to hear the dead and actually listened they have so much more to say.

Instead of psychics and mediums predicting your future we should all be teaching you how to do what we do so we can ALL know the future.

If you ever end up a student of mine you learn this skill pretty quick even for the ones who thought they had no ability lol

You don’t need readings people. Do it all yourself and save yourself the money.

I can’t wait to get out there and teach and love and love and teach people to be just like me.

Then no one would be afraid of death anymore. I love my dead so much. Oh My BLOB, words can’t express my gratitude, love and appreciation for them saving my life over and over. But this time round…….I feel blessed. Truly blessed. They showed their gratitude, love and appreciation for me.

I can’t wait to get out there now. I’m raring to go.

Look out ‘Mer’ca’

You’ll hear me coming lol

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7 thoughts on “The Dead are more than Predictions (revised)

  1. Great post! Lots of F’bombs which to me means you are passionate about this subject. I agree…as long as we stay connected to Spirit our paths will open. Spirit will take us beyond our own dreams. Xxox

  2. Halleluja! Thank you for writing this, I fully agree. We don’t need to know our futures, we just need to have faith and follow our compasses. Am I not curious about my future? Yes of course, but we will all learn what we should in time xx

  3. Hi,have read some of your stuff and I feel we are kindered spirits, I find you so refreshing, love the way you write, you say it as it is, I like you a lot lol,you lift my spirits for sure, thanks for that, you verbally express just how I feel about a lot of things xx

    • So…….ya wanna marry now if later? Coz I’m game if you are? Lol thank you so so much Kirsty. Your support means the world to me. If you ever need anything, I’m right here. OK? And know that I love and appreciate every single one of you with all my heart. I never want to let anyone down. My message is important to me. Love and light, Debbie. Xox

  4. interesting post your right we focus on shit that doesnt matter. me being overseas fighting you notice its the little things you miss the things that truly matter i personally insted of music go for a hike listen to the sounds of nature. insted of predicting the future we should just carve out our own way now the immigrants thing i think we should respect them but trust is earnt ive been overseas in iraq even Afghanistan for short peroid they know how to mix in with the people so we should be cautious but not fearful and its great your doing so well confidence is the key to a lot of things finally i have a question do you learn off inhuman spirits like angels demons fae etc i personally do they cant teach us much more than a dead human can