What is an Empath?

I know I have done a post about this before but I really do get so angry when people misuse this word because no true Empath would use this word like it was margarine.  It spreads about all thick and horrible and sticks to your tongue wrong.

But the reason why it pisses me off is this

An Empath is often the ones who commit suicide because they live in a world full of emotions society and family tell them is wrong or not normal. Then school smashes any sense of independence and free thought out of them and we lose the will to fight.

Now luckily some of us ARE raised to understand that our sensitive nature is a gift. That it’s a good thing.  We just get used to being the softy (or gentle giant) as I was known.

But the truth is, it hurts bad to be an Empath. Most manic depressives are Empaths. Bipolar disorder is an Empath thing.

We are so connected to the planet and life, when we see suffering, pain, hurt, fear, love, joy, passion etc…we absorb it like a sponge. And the only way to release the energy you absorb is to cry or go with the emotion your feeling and as long as it is contained and directly only at the Empath themselves (ie they lay down and cry or drive for a bit. I  personally listen to music or cry into my Protectors/loved ones arms)

However, mixed with what I am, who I am, what I have grown to be since my detox, I’ve realized there is another Empathic trait which I hate and that is the lack of ability to keep friends for long.

I know I appear crazy to most but I love with the atomic force of a billion Suns. If I love you I own you in my heart and death doesn’t part me. I am a Scorpio Rat as well so I’m loyalty personified. When I say I love you, I would die for that love.

But I’ve lost every friend I’ve ever loved. The thing is, I know I’m a handful. I’m full on. I work 20 hours a day, I live on 800-1000 calories a day, I’m getting a body I thought I could only dream of and I’ve gotten a little sassy, I admit that. But only because I’m happy. I’m happier now than I have ever been at any point on my life. I’ve never had a muscle sculptured body before. I’m 43. I’ve been fat most of my life.

You hurt me so bad. More than any of the others because I thought you were a gentlemen.

But also why can’t I cry for you? Why can’t I worry when you call me sad and drunk? You called me. I love that you call me. But don’t get upset that I then worry for two days because I don’t hear from you.

It’s not fair that I never get to have a male friend who can look at my top and say ‘Don’t like that, change it.’ If your my friend, your going to get treated the same as everyone I love. Male or Female.

But everything I do, everything I’ve done for you friends who left me, did it count for nothing? My Loyalty? Did it mean nothing that you could just walk away even when I storm off and come back (which I warn you about a 1000 times. I’m crazy but I’m honest with my crazy. I’m not afraid to say ‘If we fight, let me storm off, I will be back’).

Being Empathic hurts like hell and it’s a gift that helps heal but hurts you in the process. I love everyone when I met them until proven otherwise. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt and always forgive if someone says sorry and I know they mean it. Or if you make me sit down and talk it out I adore you even more.

BUT I know I’m being taught a lesson about opening my book a little too wide. I am an open book now. I have to be so people can see how normal and insane a life with Spirit is. I’m not afraid of anything now and I’m finally getting the confidence to be the me I always was but had to hide so if you don’t like it fuck off.

Don’t come into my life and be all ‘Oh best friend’ if you don’t know the meaning of the word. I’m True Blue and maybe your just not meant to have a friend like me. I might be sassy and blunt,  sensitive and emotional but some people love that about me and that’s fine too.

Because at the end of the day I’m a magnet and the people I’m meant to have love me find me and stick to me and love me crazy and all.

If you have an Empath in your life, don’t make fun of them, if you can take the worst pain you’ve ever felt and times it by 100 that is your loved one hurting for someone, or watching you hurt.

Yes we can’t watch movies like the Green Mile or pretty much any Disney movie. And we cry if we think we have upset you, or because we saw like………a kitten lick a puppy or something but this world is being fed fear and lies.

We live in such a cynical world now where we are defensive and cruel, angry and worried. Debt and consumerism consume the very core of us. We are fed sex and reality TV so we will stop thinking. It’s the only reason drugs are illegal. Because they make people think. Blob forbid we start having free thought aye?

Ock never mind. It’s over for them now. Those powers that be.

But people are too afraid to step away from the propaganda and live without fear. I’m not going down like that and neither are my students. I wanna teach this stuff to the entire world. No one has to listen, no one has to like what I say, I don’t do this for you. I do it for those who’s compass was set to find me.

Empaths follow their compass and if they do it right, they get what I found. I found Light. Pure Light. It has changed me entire life. It is unrecognizable from Jan 16.

I’ve lost 200lbs in 13 months.

No exercise at all for the first 8 months. ALL my illnesses are gone. I’ve not been to the Dr once this year. No medications anymore. I’m 100% organic. I work out and LOVE it. I’m getting totally ripped. I have abs, teeny tiny abs and only have about 3 months to go before I’m at my target size 12-14. I’m a 14 now but was aiming for an 18 but I actually have hip bones and hardly any fat on most parts of my body. It melted off. I’m just toning up now and 90% of my exercises are done with me on the bed lol I have muscle definition showing lol who knew at 43 you could feel 22 lol

I’m experiencing time travel stuff on a weekly basis now and I feel so incredibly at peace now the Cleansing is in full swing. Earth is getting happier with every day. The shift is happening and we are about to tip the balance.

A true Empath will know what I mean by this. They will KNOW the signs of this which I speak.

But we are a blessing. We are a beacon of light in your life and it might piss you off that we don’t react the way ‘normal’ people do but we aren’t normal and the sooner you realize that the happier you’ll be with us.

We aren’t normal. We are unique and special. That’s why it’s called ‘Gift’ and not Post HA!! lol

I’m sorry I lost you as besties, friends, clients, students, family because I loved you all genuinely and yes I’m human. I have life happen to, so I’m gonna have human infallibility  but you judged ME for them not the other way around. Instead of asking me to explain or whatever you reacted. And I’m a Scorpio, when I feel attacked my tail comes up, BUT our friendships ended NOT because I stung you, but because I chose to sting myself to protect you and that fuckin pisses me right off. You all just let me go. And that is your right. But please don’t ever say I didn’t try. I’ll always try for the people I love. And I loved you. I genuinely did. All of you.

But I have to let go now. Because it’s creating something I can’t have in me as I go forward.

I might not have best friends, or some clients, students, family (I loved) in the true sense now but I have something better. I have an ex husband who is now THEE Ultimate Best friend. Students who are now either my children or my siblings. I have people bending over backwards to help me or just to listen to my teachings. I have beautiful kids, a healthy body, and happy heart and a heart that is totally in love. My heart is full and spilling over. Because the great thing about being an empath is we reflect the love we receive back 10 fold.

So if you have a problem with us, the problem is with you not us because we are simply mirrors or reflections of how you treat us. So be kind and loving and understanding and you’ll be adored, worshiped and spared from full bat shit crazy lol

I love being crazy lol I have more fun crazy and if loving this much is crazy then I’m certifiable because I’m at the point now where I’m hugging random people in the street just to have contact. I had to squeeze past a woman of about 50 in the Post Office the other day and said ‘Shall we dance hot stuff……wooohoooo’ as I touched her shoulders so I could squeeze past without falling over’ (we really did have a tight squeeze but the other aisles were blocked so I had no choice and I was in heels so it wasn’t easy getting past coz I wear heels now lol I’m going girly again lol I’m buying nice underwear, no more up to your feckin neck Nana knickers lol You know the ones I mean? the ones they’d use for a sail if you had to build a boat real fast???? lol They could hold like 20 Cambodian babies if you needed to weigh them real quick…..those ones lol Now……..I got jiggle in my wiggle hehehe).

But my love is getting out of control. I’m smiling at everyone and doing things like ……..I was walking up to an old boy who was walking with a cane and he knew he was holding me up from going past and I just put my hand on his back and said ‘It’s okay my Darling we will do this together and slide to his side with my hand on his back still and walked him to where he was going, opened the door for him them curtsied at him. He smiled so hard and tipped his hat but who the fuck even does that? He could of thought I was a serial killer lol

I’m serially happy is what I am. I can’t stop smiling. I smile wide big smiles. I am the crazy lady who dances to music in public now if the songs vibration hits the right maths.

But I’m so happy SO happy. When I’m happy I love EVERYONE like a lover lol But the Planet is smiling a lot now because of what I call The Domino Effect. And the people who love me, really do fuckin love me so I reflect it back.

I want to squeeze people so hard their bones pop out of their skin I’m so happy.

Its not a gift to be taken lightly and can be easily manipulated by the wrong people. So I have to make sure my readers understand the importance of not misusing the word.

You wouldn’t call  Poison, Candy so don’t get this wrong either. Have respect for the word and the definition of the word. It’s Sympathy on an Empathic level. Look it up. Ancient word.

And you could of been this happy if you trusted me without judgement.

Oh Wait……….you didn’t.

‘S’cool though, I got you. I’ma be iiiight for real’ as M would say.

My Love for you, those readers, students, friends, clients etc…..that get me. If I ever meet you, you’ll see there is nothing fake about me. I am what I appear to be and I know a lot of you think being my friend or student is a good thing on paper. I’m a lot to take on board. I will demand constant contact. Not because I’m creepy but because when I love I connect with you on a level no one ever will. So I can get inside you and know how to fix you when your broken, make you laugh when your sad, make you feel beautiful when you feel ugly, guide you through life, and I’ll move mountains. I’ll stay up till 5am for you and send you gifts with the little I have because I didn’t want you to have a birthday alone. If you say you need something or want something I’ll move mountains to get it for you, or die trying.

But I’m learning sooooooooo much. ‘No more counting dollars, I’ll be counting stars’. That’s me in a song. The dead are all up there and I know it now I understand the lot. EVEN the big bang.

My happiness is reflecting and I wouldn’t stop this ride for anything in the world. No amount of money can give me this much peace and love. No fear is priceless and all you have to do is love and listen to the voices in your head lol

Did you know the Milky Way was the balance for Black Holes? lol everything has a balance as you know.

Anyway call me crazy, but if you call me friend I EXPECT a lot from you. I don’t ever want to not be myself again. So if I offend you I’m sorry but that’s your problem not mine. If you can’t accept me for all my quirks and madness then don’t call me friend please because it kills me fuckin dead when you leave me.

If it wasn’t for weed and Kevin Hart and Kevin Bridges on Netflix making me laugh I’d be devastated. lol

I’m not for everyone and that’s okay. But if you want to love me, let me love you MY way not yours.

And STOP saying your Empathic if your not. A real one doesn’t go round telling people everything on the planet hurts them like hell because it is a suffering condition not a bragging one.

Love is pain sometimes.


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6 thoughts on “What is an Empath?

  1. Wow, that is a lot of expansion on the subject of Fuck Being EMPATHIC. The top so relates to, and is absorbed as I can relate. So much character we can have in one place with the rest going useless. Strengths is the goal with honesty along the way. Tears can only do so much. Arrogances plays a role too when we compare our talents with those who have not wandered there. Highs and lows of who we are to another with just a few coming though to their liking. Keep up the good awareness that attracted me from the start. Keep a good head about what you feel and the strengths another can relate to will be reminded and taken in with thankfulness having the world a little lighter again.

      • You write good. Just that I will never know what you wrote when it expanded some way down out of the topic. Not trying to strike a nerve here, just like topics I can relate to, thanks.

      • I write what I feel dude. My lessons are for my students in my other Blog. This is a blog chronicling my life with my gift. My other blog is my tutorial.
        Hey…..no offense taken. Your entitled to your opinion. I ain’t for everyone lol im an aquired taste.

  2. wow sounds like being an empath sucks but hey your born and grow the way you are so be proud my wife and i were talking about this topic i use to be very connected to the world but my mothers abuse made me cut connection grow colder to the point i cant show much emotion but that will happen when you mother tries to kill you but hey i grew stronger and harder and am proud of who i am empath you not you should be proud im a scorpio too a pretty shit one if you ask me you say above writing is your release mine is gym and war we all have our release i dont know why to be honest maybe growing up in pain and conflict had something to do with it

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