My Students

I’d like to dedicate this to my Students.

Never in my life have I know such unconditional love. I can’t believe you chose this mad Bitch to learn from and I know I said ‘No getting close’ but I KNOW I’ve found my family. My life long, forever loves in you.

Every day I wake up to your light shining from across the globe and it drives me on. Your interminable patience with me offers no explanation other than your Super Human or Super Spirit because lets face it……I’m a C word some times lol hahahahaha I’m strict. My Teacher called it man lol I’m my Dad lol a Drill Sergent. But you all must know ‘I drill you with nothing but love’ lol

I need dedicated and loyal, patient and kind and also non judgemental as you all know my situation with my special family and your never slow to jump to my aid and I so I wanted to write this post to you. My Students. To say how much I appreciate everything you do for me and my Universe. Thank you for being hard workers and for studying hard. Thank you for your faith in me. I promise to work my 6 asses off to make sure I give you only the best and to guide you to your own light.

To Joanne S:

My big sister. Your my shoulder to cry on and my voice of experience. You never judge me and love me even when I’m being a 3yr old. (which I know you secretly find hot that I’m so dependent on you for big sister cuddles and assurance lol)

You are a woman in the true sense of the world and I am honoured to call you Friend and I love you in a special way. Thank you for choosing me.

To Sefanne:

You saved my life and gave me Lambeik. You will always have my love. Always. Your thirst for knowledge turns me on and I love how you take notes just like I do, ya sexy Bitch lol I can’t wait to see you at the end of the month. I love you so much. Thank you for choosing me.


To Joanna,

Damn Girl, you know how to really ride a bitch lol I’m slightly frightened but a little turned on at how much your scare me into submission lol I just want to please you baby lol so bad. Your the Marketing Goddess. My future is literally in yours and Dina’s hands lol So no pressure there then lol Thank you for choosing me.

I love you and you go ROAR you sexy beast.

To Silvia,

My Spit Fire, what an incredibly loyal and dedicated woman you are. I love your fire. Your hungry for the knowledge and I’m the one you chose to stuff it down your gob. Thank you for choosing me. I love you

To Cortney,

I probably work you the hardest you poor thing. And still your here. You have no idea how humbled I am by you. Your kindness knows no bounds and I know your going to go a long way in this field because of that generosity of Spirit that is inside you. Thank you for choosing me.

I love you and my little Princess.

To Riya,

My Rainbow, my daughter. Nuff said *drops the mic*

I love you, Thank you for choosing me lol

To Ellen,

My newbie, your enthusiasm to help makes my heart so happy. Your such a humble person who had no idea she was special. That is a rare quality we should all posses. I look forward to seeing where that goes in the future.

I love you and Thank you for choosing me.

You all chose this path with me and I promise I will take you wit me when we make history. You all know now what I mean by this and my success will be your success if there is any. But I already consider myself the luckiest women in the world this very minute.

I’m sitting here as we speak watching what your doing for my lovely lovely boy with tears streaming down my face and the beauty and light coming from you all.

To Nicole:
My teeny tiny water goddess, you greet me every morning with a smile and love and your energy lights up the room. You give so much and ask for so little.
Thank you for choosing me.

To Bradley:
My brother……….in this life and always. Thank you for connecting me to my beautiful country again. I needed it.

To Mindy and Mike:
I can’t wait to get to know you better. Let the fun begin.

To Jane:

I love you already. Your seriously funny and only down the road WOOHOO!!!

My Senior Students:

Your not judging ANY of them when I know you could be. But this is why your my top students, my first to make it through to the end of basic training. Your all perfect for me and my dream and I promise on my life, I will work so hard to never let you down. I never want to lose any of you and I want to work hard at being a success so I can have you all close by when I get to the US.

I need to get to New York, you know this but I believe I’ll end up in Massachusetts. Spirit told me last year I’d have a Boston house lol and I was shown Christmas gatherings and such and it was awesome.

I love watching you all interact and that shouldn’t sound dirty but it does lol  but your all so kind and loving with each other. Your all perfect for each other.

I know you’ll have to meet new students as they come (boom) but you’ll be the head students lol you’ll get to slap them about with love (easy cowboy) lol

I can’t wait to spread the love with you and I won’t even wear protection lol

My Light is bright because of you. All of you are developing incredible gifts and I’m honored and privileged to know you and call you my own.

Welcome to the Newly formed Spiritual Sciences.

This is your new name. If anyone asks you say your a Spiritual Scientist.

Forever your humble servant and now I think sex deviant


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8 thoughts on “My Students

  1. Omg the tears were trying to come out but i had to stop them because I’m at work. If I was anywhere else I would’ve been blubbering like a child! I love you and all my sister’s, my brother and everyone that you love which is a long list I know but I can’t help not loving someone that you love. It just happens easy for me. *muah* to everyone


  2. awe family bonding lol anyway its good you all found each other its a rare thing these days and especially people that have each backs very rare thing indeed if i wasnt so conditioned to not feel emotion id envy you all but i was bred from birth to be a lone wolf now the lone wolf will let himself out lol


    • I am blessed to have the most loving and supportive team in the Universe. If they were any better they’d be Spirits lol I’m counting my blessings every day. My students ROCK!!! I wanna do them all individually and as a team lol I lay in bed at night thinking about them and talk to them in Hangout till the wee hours and they’re just as real to me as my own family. In fact I’m meeting one this weekend. My Sefanne is coming over from the Netherlands this weekend. I’m so excited. The rest I will meet most of in August. I’m in love with my students, there is no to ways about it. They’re all perfect for me in their own individual ways.
      And they tolerate my insanity lol 99% of the people in my life run a mile lol


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