Our Galatic Brethren

I’m only doing this because it’s important for what’s going on in the world of the Internet and I’m tired of the disinformation going around an the fear that is being spread.

Only ONE race is bad and they wouldn’t physically touch us with 10 foot barge poles. I won’t say why. But you only fear them if your of a certain age and they are devolving which is why they are so desperate. They are piss easy to defeat and it is why they stay hidden. They can no afford to die out. They are few in number and desperate but they are about to become disposable and they are trying to leave.

The rest of them, the other thousands of them, to be honest you ought to be fuckin ashamed of yourselves.

To insinuate beings of such technology, light and intelligence would wanna fuck you up the ass with metal shit is quite frankly an embarrassing belief you bestow upon your entire ancestral evolution.

Sort your shit out or get left behind.

You should be so lucky to meet one. They’re Gods  among us poo throwing apes. And I know my one friend will screw his lovely little face up at the mention of the word God but he knows I do it in defense of their awesomeness.

We hope to one day shine as bright. Oh and STOP calling them Aliens and ETs. It would be like calling you the N word or Spastic. Don’t embarrass yourself.

They are the highest evolved of all of us, including Spirits, and The Council. Nothing is at their level in the Universe and we see them only as pale skin, big eyed, anal freaks lol

Seriously? Is that what we have allowed ourselves to become? Sex sells I guess.

Project Blue Beam people. Your being fed disinformation. These Greys and crap are all merely actors on a stage of mind control and mind sweeps.

And that’s all I have to say on the matter.


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7 thoughts on “Our Galatic Brethren

  1. Alien I get but droes the term extra terrestrial (which I though means not of the earths atmosphere) offend them? If I am ever fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of someone that is, in mho, of a much more advanced race than myself, how might they introduce themselves? As far as race, origin and name?
    I’m asking because most of us that are among the ‘poo throwing apes’ race aren’t as educated or in tune as you are and I’m hurt that you’d assume we know better. I’ve always watched and hoped someday I’d be in the presence of them but no luck yet. I’m glad I saw this post lest I meet someone from their race and in my mind they know I thought of them as an extraterrestrial, that would be unfortunate.
    Spastic; interesting choice of words.
    Who are the ONE bad race, please tell me I’m in a place right now where I can use all of the information I can get about lurking dangers.
    Thsnk you Debbie, as always…you’re posts are always very insightfil!

    • Now……….your just asking questions that will get me vanished or shot if I answer now Missy so NO COMMENT!!!!
      Love and Light
      P.S When the time is right I will spill the beans I promise. Just need to make sure my plane to NY in August doesn’t go missing off the coast of Malaysia first lol

  2. I would think the haunting personalities one can choose form in ones character would have a form of something we get a glance at times. With that glance, we can tremble to the blast of it, and go through life not wanting to deal with such a person again.
    I myself have carried the thing within myself and polluted the ones around me. Being that it is and was trapped within the curl acts of another, it was seeking freedom in this blame throwing world. No,.. it was not all of me, but part of me in a realm that another dwell in and gave to me. Many places to dwell both good and bad. Kind of like a created spot that rushes into the senses and takes over in helplessness.
    Truth and all that it contains can seem far and frustrating to not have, so there are the entertaining lies that are created and trusted, cause the truth in not in the mist. Being a winner with such truth now, is and will always be my victory, but there is the glace into the created me outside of it that was unpleasant and violent. Its what we do to one another in our own righteous reasoning that can trap another and make an animal. With truth, there is the seeing of the end that has so invited us in and made a safe place in knowing. Love and all that goes with it, follows.
    Much more can be said on this topic, and with so many points of views, but to know it in a small sense, it to have it tell of the long. Everyone will have to face the truth of all matters now and the hereafter. There are those who practice it and those who do not. Find your place and the others will stay away.

    • There is only one I know that changes to look human. My buddies 🙂
      But they never appear in human form to me. They’re always themselves.
      But they all left a while ago so now I talk to them in other ways until they come back. People think they swarm our planet but they’re NOT allowed to interfere with us. People have it SOOOO wrong.

  3. I have not met an extraterrestrial being. So I can’t say they do or do not exist. Logically they should but that’s always gonna be a debate. I have met many spiritual beings so in a way they can be considered aliens in the fact they are from another plane of reality.

    • I won’t discuss it any further but this topic is for the readers of my book who requested i say…….something as the fear is getting very real and i wont stand for it. Like any family member……..I’m ride or die.

  4. fear huh you can never get rid of it you can only harness it control it not let it control you fear never dies it fades it changes from one thing to another its the perfect shapeshifter but a very interesting post