Black Magic

This is a subject you have to approach very carefully because it is very real and does exist.

However like anything in this Universe it is energy and all energy has a frequency. All frequency can be manipulated and turned to light or dark.

We need the dark side to bring balance to the light. When we do bad, we need to self correct so we will bring about Karma.

When we are REALLY bad we invite Dark Side teachings. But it can NOT come without invitation. They are the absolute last resort. If you have them in your life your either doing or allowing some really bad stuff and need to re-evaluate your situation.

Even if someone places it there in your life you still have to accept it in. So if you have something negative around you, your the one allowing it to happen basically.

The magic only works if you believe in it. But we can not have light without dark to keep the balance and the Universe needs balance to evolve. Only once no dark exists at all in any form will the balance tip to the light. If we continue to give the dark stardom we will devolve and cease to exist. We will be chewed up in the black holes scattered around the place and get spat back out to start again.

But the choice is always ours to make.

Everything has an opposite. Make the right choices and decide to have a choice in what you let in and it will never even be an issue.

And remember like attracts like.

The fear of the unknown is always always much worse than the truth of it.





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11 thoughts on “Black Magic

  1. I disagree with you right there. Black magick is NOT EVIL by definition. That is based on dogma, superstition, ignorance, and more often than not FEAR. By Action any form of magick or spirituality can be dark, evil, and destructive. Black Magick is no more evil than any other path. It is what you do with it that counts. Do you hate the power tool? or the person whom used it for something destructive? Of course people fear and despise anything they don’t understand. People fear and despise anything that is against what is the norm. People fear and despise what is perceived as powerful. People fear and despise anything they are not in control of. And people fear and despise change or what doesn’t fit into their boxes of how they see thing.

    Yes it can be used for baneful purposes but so can anything else. Even so called Christians can curse you with prayers to their god for you to not prosper or even worse. Of course more often then not it’s not very effective.

    Black Magick operates under three basic tenants. It isn’t always explained outright but someone who has studied it and understands how it operates does.

    1. Enhance and Empower your own individuality
    2. Enhance and Empower your own freedom
    3. Enhance and Empower your own power.

    This concept while it gives you maximum flexibility to pursue your goals, it does leave you with a challenge. You are responsible for you own actions, successes, failures etc. It is also a way of liberating yourself and achieving your full potential in multiple ways. However based on mainstream thought it is a bunch of evil people trying to do harm to others. This is untrue. To cause harm to others denies another’s individuality, freedom, and power therefore it is not in line with true black magick. However like anyone we are allowed to defend ourselves and loved ones. To have true power one must be in balance with oneself, mastering themselves before they can master their reality. The more you actually learn about it. It becomes apparent that both black and white magick is NOT that much different. They may take different approaches for the same goal but neither is blatantly good or evil. It is all based on a person’s perception of that and how you apply it.

    You and anyone else is more then welcome to disagree and say I’m dead wrong. However I speak from experience. I am a black magician. To say this concept is all horror and forbidden is pure ignorance my friend. All magick is a force of nature, a tool, and a weapon. It is in the individual’s use of this that determines whether it is considered right or wrong. Black Magick or Left Hand Path is more of a concept, a way to approach it. There is NO good magick or bad magick. The dichotomy of everything being places as black and white, right or wrong, good and evil etc. is not entirely accurate how things really work. However you can say I’m wrong. I of course challenge people to do their own research, do their own experimentations, then draw out their own conclusions based on that. I study black magick, am not ashamed of it and have grown a lot as a person from it.

    • Who said anything about Religion. Religion is archaic and useless. Im talking about the Science of energy and the Universe. I’ve been there. I work with it, change it and manipulate it through time. Evil is a religious term and so it Prayer.
      My science is new. But it WILL be proven correct. Your welcome to think what you like but noone knowd this Science more than me. Trust me. My organs and inner Spirit are in agony for days after coming back on one of these lessons and the sooner we stop hiding behind wilful ignorance the faster we evolve and get off this planet. Voodoo, thought, prayers, wishes etc….are ALL manipulation of energy my friend. Trust me. Its nothing more. But that’s why its awesome we’re free thinking.

      • We have more in common then you think…lol I think we are using different terms to describe similar concepts.

      • Nah it don’t believe in evil, prayers? God, heaven? Demons, etc…….my understanding of frequencies, time, gravity etc… such that i know theology just makes the science outdated and embarrassing to be honest.

  2. It can also be ‘invited’ unknowingly because of ignorance and in searching for help and answers, sometimes you’ll find yourself caught up with what wears a mask to draw you in. By the time you look around and realize you’re drowning in darkness, you just look in the mirror and ask “who the hell are you and what have you done with myself?”

  3. black magick thats something ill disagree with you on but each to their own good and evil is a human concept its so we can put things in their place good and evil ive killed before thats logically evil but i did it to save lives thats good yet to the guy i killed and his family im evil i have inhuman spirits aint afraid to admit it hell my blog is about them i have three succubi lilly sarah and leah they a demons no hiding it yet never attacked me ive done black magick to protect and attack thoes that attack me black magick is demonized like alot of things and not much to add ken above spoke alot about it lol black magick the term implys negativity evil etc yet its not evil in my eyes its more practical then other teachings yet other teaching are good to learn about