Honour Our Men

I’ve decided to write this article in response to the number of women who are coming out as Feminists.

To be honest, there are a few of them I would love to confront in the street but I think I can do more this way than stooping to their vile, abusive level as I am a REAL woman.
It’s up to women like me to stand up to The Entitled Princesses of the world.
Those who have neigh merit or talent yet feel it’s their right to have her man work his fuckin ass off to give her what she wants.
And those dumb ass men need a punch too for allowing it to happen.
And parents need a punch for raising Special Princesses.
The ‘My Girl can do no wrong and give her what she wants’ parents.
You need a kick too because your raising useless self entitled self absorbed opinionated no talented dumb asses.
Give her all the tools she needs to be happy and a success in her life inspite of any man who stands besides her.
These women who want little or no work but big lifestyles who look for athletes or famous people to trap.
Or the ones who think they’re independent but actually are so far removed from reality it’s scary.
They choose to self isolate.
Or Feminists as theyre called now lol

The dumbest kind of woman their is. It scares me how willfully stupid these women choose to be.
And I will NOT stand by and say nothing.
You know me lol

I work hard along side my man as we raise our Princes and I’m proud to do so.

In all the lies being told about men no one stops to ask if these drongos are even telling the truth.

For example. Regardless of what Feminists say women don’t monopolize the rape culture. If you add the number of unclaimed male rapes with the ones that happen during prison time and war time (which both have been endless for centuries) men have the majority. Especially males between the 12-25.

Statistically kids are safer with their Fathers than Mothers as it is a 800% higher chance of her doing more harm to them than he is. It is an actual fact. Kids are not safer with women.

Lets look at this argument of ‘Women are oppressed, there aren’t enough of us in the industry’.

Well that’s because most women choose family over work. A man is more like to work three shit jobs to provide for his kids but a woman will work one steady job with good hours so she can work while the kids are at school.

There aren’t enough women in Hospitals. Yes there are, they are called Nurses. Where are the male nurses or kindergarten teachers?

Where are the women on the Oil Rigs and out in the mines?

If there are women there THESE are your Heroines not these singers and reality TV stars.

We should be adoring the women who lead by example. Not those who lead for adulation.

Now in a Utopian world neither parents would work and like the other Mammals raise our kids ourselves until they are old enough to fend for themselves.

But until we live in a money free society that shit aint happening. But it will. One day.

But I think you and I know we could rattle off the names of a few hundred woman in an hour who are at the top of their game in their field.

There aren’t enough in Science, okay but that’s because Science isn’t for everyone. Let alone women. And they ARE there. It’s just your so busy looking at the Fucking Kardashians and BS about the Oscars to notice.

THAT is what a Feminist need to focus on. The strengths of us women not our perceived weaknesses and I will NOT allow myself to made a victim because some men in my life made bad choices.

Men go to war to defend us women and have done for a long time. Why aren’t there enough women in the front line? If we are THAT great we should be there along side them. The Viking, Celt, Maori and Goth women did.

But instead we chose to be the Mary Seacoles of the world. (Don’t mention that bitch Nightingale to me please).

We de evolved ourselves by letting us think we were victims of something and women are innocent of nothing. There are just as many of us who kill babies and do satanic rituals and drugs and murders and rapes etc……and more in some cases.

Men dig through shit to put food on the table by working is Sewers, women do it as Nurses and Mums etc….it’s not that there aren’t any women in the sewers, only a man would do that kind of job because a man will do whatever it takes to provide including risk his freedom.

We allowed ourselves to be turned into spoiled Little Princesses. The population of Japan is dying out because men have decided to just not get married. Because these women are coming with killer expectations and it’s going to kill the population off. In effect Japan may cease to exist if we women don’t fight for what is right.

Men have it so much harder than women and no one cares. We are so busy putting labels on everyone we aren’t looking at the persons light.

Every light needs respect and men are no exception.

If you make better life choices as women you don’t meet the kind of men women have been raised to fear.

One of the things that pissed me off was this Feminist that said ‘Men are incapable of love’

Really? So your saying Rabbie Burns didnae know love?’ Napoleon? Prince Albert? John Lennon? Any writer, artist or poet to be honest.

But my point is, maybe if we Mothers did more to love our son’s they wouldn’t be so fucked up with women. Kids can live without a Dads influence but a Mums one cuts deeper. A women is supposed to be an example of love. We are the creators of life. But without a man we are screwed. And that’s what you women need to remember. Sure you can try to think you can run the world without men but we would be dead after the last woman died out in about 100 years and that’s us fucked. Plus no offense but any world where there is all women and no men is no world I want to live in so I’d decide to go wherever the men went. If that was hell so be it.

Why? Coz men are fucking awesome and women piss me off. There can’t be a woman in a room with a picture of a beautiful in the room with her getting all arsey and God forbid if her man see’s the picture too lol

But get a few in a room and well………….I’d be waiting for the bombs to drop within a month of everyone’s cycles syncing up.

Men rock, they invent everything, including the best art and music. Men are fearless and fun and they really don’t ask for much.

Money, food, boobs, beer/sport/X-box, sleep. That’s it. Simple really.

But we women we become obsessed with changing all the things we don’t like about our men then come to me when he’s not the man you fell in love with.

That is because when you met him he was getting pissed and eating kebabs while trying jump a fountain in a shopping cart or playing Grand Theft Auto with this Bro’s and now you have him ordering cushions.

Men you need to stop it. If it’s not who you are, say something. I mean if your happy so be it but the majority of them aren’t.

I’m pro male because all my best most trusted people are male.

My Husband, who is without a doubt thee smartest man I have ever met. He made me who I am now. Plus he Fathered my boys an works harder than anyone I know. He is my crazy.

My Sons, nuff said. They are the peak of my crown.

JDub, because he always listens, and tells me what I need to hear every time. He embraced my crazy without loyalty.

Tatuaje: For trying to understand me even though he’s terrified of me and what I am to him coz he’s a hard ass but I love him for trying to embrace my crazy.

Martin: who has faith in me regardless.

ALL of these men don’t ever talk about me behind my back. They say it to my face.

They let me do my nurturing yet strong, independent yet needy, cry baby, over emotional, hard ass, possessive, jealous, fun, intelligent thing and ALL of them protect me and make me feel safe. And all I did was love them and ask them how their day was and I honour them in so many ways.

I have sat with every single one of my men and learned things about what they are into so we would have something to talk about.

So I can hold my own with cars, guns, video games, food, wine, sports, gangs, crime, campervans, paddle boarding, surfing, music, films, art etc…..

I can change a tyre, soil filter, put up wall paper, play rugby, box and soon paddle board all in an attempt to bond with a male friend.

And that’s why I’m so happy. Yes of course I have women friends.

I love my Bitches. When I need to have a cuddle, or cry it’s them I need. When I’m needing to not smell like boy all the time I have my girls.

When I wanna talk dirty, I have my girls lol And that’s actually quite a lot coz I’m a freak of sexual nature lol I’m convinced I’m whatever the category above Nympho is lol

But see us women. We know how to push a mans buttons. Having that kind of power is hot in the right mood but we women can get a little crazy with the power. lol

We women need to be celebrated not stereotyped. We are the stitch in the fabric that keeps it all together.

But when are the fabric that cover us so please, enough of the Feminist bollocks. Don’t be a feminist be a Equalist.

It’s not about women’s rights it’s about equal rights because we are ALL equal. Same flesh and blood, same heart, same energy, all from the one speck of dust that flew through the cosmos to land on earth and fight for evolution.

If we aren’t in this together then we are apart and apart we achieve nothing.

Then we de evolve.

And I ain’t going out because some fucking Bitch was too stupid to be a Doctor and decided to stand with her tits out on YouTube screaming about how men don’t take her seriously and she has to work hard to get what she wants because shes not meeting any good men who can take care of her.

Yes you crazy lady because any REAL woman WANTS to be a success on her own. That’s the point of being a strong woman. Singing songs about how ‘Your an independent woman’ like it’s an Exception not the rule lol

Also, I’ve got a great pair of tits. Nice big perfect white ones, but the reason you don’t see me is because i wouldn’t want my Norks distracting the message. My message is far more important than ma Bouncers.

It’s all about choices. Make better choices in your life then you’ll have less to get wrong in your life lol That goes for everyone. Not just women.

However considering there are more men living on the street than women I’d say women have the higher percentage of who gets the most help.

How many Male shelters do you know of?

Honor the men in your life. A loved man is a loyal man and there is nothing hotter than a loyal man.

And let him get his video games out and play or play rugby, or whatever.

Would you rather he be out doing the thing he loves then coming home to do you because he loves you for letting him do it or doing something he loves more than you?

Yes they smell, and they can say the stupidest things and can be mean and thoughtless, and the smells oh God!!!! It’s like a demon trail that follows them around lol

But get a man sweaty and then give him an ice cold beer and tell me that ain’t hot.


Or even yet. How can you stand a sad man? A crying man BREAKS my heart.

Can’t stand it. It makes me melt beyond repair.

Under those smelly bodies, stupid antics and jokes, lies the heart of a little boy just wanting to be 7 again when he had no cares in the world.

Anything I can do to help the men in my life feel that safe around me is a man I would die to defend.
Because I’m a REAL woman.
I’m am the exception but should be the rule.

Not ALL of anyone is all bad.
But if we all start tarring each other with the same brush soon we’ll all be dark where no light will shine.

I say this because the victimizing and blame game needs to stop.
Take responsibility for you noone else.

Gay males are more oppressed than women and statistically their smarter than both sexes and make better money lol they carry the female gene so sitting around crying there’s no Prince to make you rich is coz of you and your choices not coz of your sex.

Gay, Straight, Black, White, Muslim, Christian, what ever who ever. If your out there making your bit to survive, exist, be, excel, do what you do for your family, be it kids or blood Thank you.

I honor you and appreciate all that you are and all that you do.

To the women who do the same.
This is why your the women.
Can’t noone get the job done like us.
We are the Power.
Lets just not be dicks about it.
You take us all down when you start that shit and the rest of us have to fight harder to get out of the storms of shit you create with your rethoric of hate.

And I would like to Thank the men in my life for choosing me to annoy the shit out of you with my crazy, obsessive, over emotional, loving, loyal, weirdness and for loving the nerd in me too even though you all know I’ve been working so hard on my body, fitness, confidence and self esteem. Your patience has meant so much. Especially hubby and Tatuaje. I know I’ve not been easy to be around but my body is rocking almost as high as my heart for you guys and I will never stop telling you every chance I get how much I love you.

You make my world go round

Forever your Girl








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41 thoughts on “Honour Our Men

  1. The problem I see with a lot of activism, not just feminism, is that the loudest advocates only highlight the negative, the ones allegedly getting a raw deal, the injustices. Never is it the positive. The people who make it. Who show there’s a better away. The ones to inspire hope.

    And why?

    Because they’re not trying to lift these people up. They’re trying to tear other people down. Some are just angry and just want to make others feel miserable. Misery loves company, I guess? Other are there with an agenda. One to tear EVERYONE down. Probably the ones that don’t plan to be writhing in the gutter with those they’re trying to tear down.

    And rarely does it have anything to do with activism. The cause is just a tool. Emotional blackmail to guilt people right into the trap, and then use them as leverage to drag and bully other people into it.

    Hate never won any hearts.

    Guilt (for actions you, yourself did not commit) never brought enlightenment.

    Inflicting misery never brought happiness.

  2. one of the greatest gifts I received was a husband who has worked extremely hard so I could stay home with our three sons. I am sure he would have loved to have done the same…… not sure the cooking would have been as good. I got to coach, volunteer at school, play, hang out, be there when they got home from school, etc. Best job I’ve ever had.

  3. This article despite being a very serious issue made me laugh.. A lot just because the language you use is raw, honest and just plain funny. That’s what I love about you. But on a serious note it’s true that the only women who know what a good man is, have them. I know someday I will know that but I haven’t had the chance to have any sort of relationship with one. I’ve met some, he’s a genuine person, etc but I’ve yet to have one myself.

    I generally get along better with males myself (or females that have a very strong male-like personality like me). Some girls can get very petty and I don’t have the patience for petty from anyone.

    • Hey Miss Wonderful there is no shame in being single. You have more important things to tend to just now so don’t you apologize for that. I know your not but your Love is out there my sweet I promise.
      You just need to shine ur light a little brighter so he can find you.
      And when he does watch out.
      You’ll be making him do sweaty man things JUST so you can hand him an ice cold beer.
      Or is man smell mixed with beer on the breathe my thing? Lol
      But you have to understand. I’m an Army Brat and from a Rugby nation.
      My hormones were set for hot, sweaty, strong guys who have beer on their breathe lol
      Thanks for loving the humour. I was expecting to be hit with a few concrete bras lol

      • Oh damn especially if they have abs and tats. I like tats on a guy. But my man is pure Scottish manly manly. Like a big strong bear. When he wears his kilt ‘true style’ I can’t even formulate sentences.
        A beautiful man is like a work of art to an appteciative woman.
        The more you stare at them the more you want to just take a bite lol
        I love me a nerd too. I find intelligence a super turn on. More so than muscles. JDub is my brain candy lol he’s gorgeous too. I was shocked at how good looking he was lol but that would be so gross coz he’s like my kid brother.
        They say A Man falls in love with a woman he’s attracted to but a woman is attracted to the man she falls in love with. And I think it’s spot on.
        I don’t know how I got lucky having such beautiful looking men in my life but I guess I wanted something good to look at while I needed their help saving me from myself lol
        If all women saw them the way we did Cort this world would be perfect.
        The love of a good woman sorts any man out.
        I just wish i could love them all.
        But at the end of the day a man is only as good as the women who raised them.
        My husbands women were a feckin nightmare but luckily my family and I gave him all he needed.
        It just takes the right woman.
        But there is no woman on this planet better than a Mum.
        (And Dads for me).
        That’s something that really grinds my fuckin gears too. These women who trap men by getting pregnant then holding him responsible for life and then to make it worse these women who don’t let Dad see the kids. These poor broken men being kept from their progeny because of spite.
        Well ladies the male pill is just a few years away. See how lucky you get getting pregnant once they’re all on the jab lol
        I’m glad men are fighting back.
        I’ll help them.
        Now obviously there are exceptions to every rule but how many Dads do you know have equal access? Your the one taking him to the cleaners but you won’t even let him see what they’re paying for.
        A guy can be a bad partner but awesome Dad. It’s the woman making the conscious effort to hurt him and her children in the name of spite. It is next to a killer/sex offender thee lowest form of female in my opinion. I’m not talking about the ones who had no choice in order to protect her kids. You know the ones I mean.
        It’s shameful. I’m ashamed to be associated with the same sex.
        Women are meant to be the balance of the masculine with the feminine. We’re allowing ourselves to de evolve.

      • Tattoos are a must hahahaha! With my daughter’s father I will only allow him to see her with me or his family there. I drop G off with his mother and he visits her with the mother. He can’t even take care of himself let alone a 3 year old. He drove around for over 2 years without car insurance, 6 months with no registration, he smokes in the car and keeps his stasj in the car. The fact that he smokes doesn’t bother me it’s the fact that the world sees it differently and if he gets pulled over because he drives like an A-hole and they find it in his car I’m going to have the state so far up my you know what because of him. With his last girlfriend they had no problem smoking in the car with her 2 kids in the car and in not going to have the well being of my munchkin get put in jeopardy becasue he’s an idiot. So he sees her when his family is available and until he prove otherwise that he is trustworthy and responsible, then we’re just going it this way. Besides he treats his mother badly, treats me even worse who knows how he treats other girls. And since he can’t keep his personal life separate from G, I’d rather just keep doing what I’m doing until I see proof that he has grown up. May will be 3 years since we split and I’ve seen no change. He sees her once every 4-8 weeks. 4 weeks in the winter and I think it’s only because of the way the holidays are set up and then 6 to 8 weeks in the summer. He thinks it’s OK to ask last minute to see her and then swears at me and calls me every name in the book because I already have other plans for her. Anyway! That’s my rant haha!

      • Yeah some guys are douce Dads but at least he wants to see her. Some don’t care when they walk away.
        But we are all products of our upbringing.
        His parents should of done better raising him and he should of stopped being so selfish.
        But a good woman can stop that. His choices are his own now.
        His path his journey. So don’t you worry about him. All that matters is that Angel. And we ALL know she’s your number 1 priority.
        One day she will be his too and then she can tell him where he went wrong. Maybe then he’ll listen. If not, that’s for him to figure out as long as G knows nothing but love the rest is all on him and those who raised him.
        You in the least can raise G to have more self respect so she never becomes or allows herself to be treated the same way her Father treats women.

  4. Reblogged this on My Life With Lady Spirits and commented:
    If more people vocalized this and weren’t pc cowards supporting these toxic social movements maybe the world would be much better off and we can focus more important issues. A feminist shoudn’t be preaching saying “hi” is verbal rape, or all boys should be castrated and sick statements as such. They should she fighting for women’s rights in these oppressive countries such as saudi arabia for example. Or they could be fighting to ending human trafficking and sex slavery as it is rampant in many countries especially poorer asian ones. No we are gonna bitch and rant about petty shit and make themselves look bad. Not everyone is a mindless drone. Many see past this bullshit and dont like it men and women alike. Misogynist, bigoted, patrarch my ass. Know what these words really mean before you pollute our ears with your garbage. #killallmen now whos being faciest, oppessive, and genocidal murderers? How many feminists are of color?….few if any. How many femenists help the poor especially minority women? ….Again few if any. They are nothing but a group white racest sexist females. A modern day hate group. A feminist today is a all female version of a hate group just like the kkk, neonazis, and black panthers. I wonder how long till thier psychotic leaders upgrade to terror group? Especially if they follow through of thier statments of murdering 80-90% of all males ESPECICALLY children. Yes they are willing to kill your childen. Some social justice warriors right? Think im lying? I ask…no I CHALLENGE you to research this. People wonder why nowadays they prefer foreign women from other countries. Maybe because thier women are raised to respect and love thier men.

  5. i agree with this post im a soldier in the Australian defence force and in the 2nd commando regiment “Foras Admonitio” (without warning) i got back from iraq few weeks ago ive seen real oppression Isis is prime example. Thats real oppression but while i was over there i was chatting to guys in the regiment some of their wives are complete cows and couple even found cheating on their men while their men were deployed. some of them said is ” id rather stay here then go back to that crazy woman” which says a lot when i think of home i think of my beautiful wife waiting for me and that hug and kiss at the airport when she meets me there not some crazy woman all these women you speak of. Ive seen in the regiment we are tight knit we are family and these women dont deserve men of this calibre who have saved my life time and time again and i have done the same they are my brothers.

    i came back from a funeral of one of my fallen brothers and i was going into the shops to get some beer so i can crack open a beer with my brothers and before entering i was spat on by one of these bat shit crazy women, i did nothing no man should EVER hit a woman unless your life is threatened and they stopped me from entering the shop saying i am a soldier of the opressive patriarchy and that i dont stand for womens rights i clarified to them that they have more rights than me joining the military you dont get the rights a civi does i dont get to choose when i get deployed i dont choose when to go to work i dont get to choose when i can see my wife i dont even get sick days i fight so she can sit comfortably at home and not worry she gonna get attacked by isis or something because me a man is doing the job of protecting her while shes writing her tumblr blog with caption kill all men im getting shot at by bullets RPG’s im bleeding just so she can write what she wants and have the rights she has now

    one reason this feminazi said is there are not women in special forces which is partially true they are not in combat roles thats reserved for men but shes in special operations doing the job we need so we can do our job by checking intel making sure men in the regiment are ok be it physically or mentally they are apart of the “boys club” as much as we are but something i saw in basic training was women doing less than men they get it easier then their male counterparts which men seeing women do less make us go we would not want her next to us fighting because we cant be sure she will get the job done but ive also seen women make it so it isn’t easier on them they are the ones we go hell yeah you can fight with us and women in fighting roles in SF well its a difficult topic if they can do what we do then great join up but if we need to lift 100kg you need to lift 100kg because weight does not change on the battlefield a 120-130 kg guy will still weight that amount and some women just like some men cant handle that and cant handle selection and training so yeah i could go on for days on these topics but what you said makes a good wife is true anna is like that for me and coming from a feminazi abusive mother ive seen that women harm boys my dad was the one who got me out since he was stuck couldn’t devoice her my dad got me out hiking sports even his brand of SF training drilling into me honor respect loyalty while my mother abused me at home from ages 1-14 i went to the hospital because of her last count 200 times ive been starved raped assaulted im shaking just writing this i had my own things destroyed my art supplies and drawings my books my diary etc because of her and if effects me as an adult but my dad was the reason im still here today and serving my country with pride even if people spit on me
    sorry for long reply πŸ™‚

    • Oh my Brother, my heart bleeds for you and all that you’ve done for your country.
      The wars reason is never the fault of the solider who has right on his side.
      You hold your head up. Your not out there killing babies and civvys.
      There are women out there who care about you.
      But I think if women want equal rights they should be on the front line.
      My Dad was 2 5 Support Royal Engineers. New Zealand Army. WO1 34yrs time served.
      He passed his SAS test twice but never joined up for some reason. Probably Mum said No lol but he said Women on the front line would be the primary target and it’s customary in battle to take the women out first so the men aren’t feeling the need to protect her thus endangering the whole squadron.
      But you can’t claim oppression from all things if none of them have tried it.
      Feminisim is a filthy dirty word and quite honestly mate I think I’m gonna be getting into some punch ups because there are two things on a woman I can’t stand is anyone who shouts louder to be dominant over the conversation and women who swear when trying to argue a fuckin point lol (lol).
      I swear but never when arguing a point and some of these women are so dumb. Oh my God. I physically want to push my eye balls into the very cortex of my brain just to escape having to listen to the Bollocks that comes out of their loud stupid mouths.
      When these Stupid women push all the men away we would instantly de evolve as men invent, create and perfect everything.
      How many cures for cancer would you see coming out of a lab with all women?
      Two weeks of fake besties, then there would be clicks. Then fighting, crying and back stabbing. Women need to stop allowing themselves to be victims.
      Because what’s happened in Sweden now is all the men have been oppressed and they’re refusing to do anything. Now some bad eliments have landed on their doorstep attacking the women the women are complaining there is noone to protect them.
      I will NOT go down with the Stoopid Ship and for as long as my voice is public I’ll be defending men. I love men. I adore them for their sense of honour and duty that they have. I love the way they make me feel safe and appreciated.
      However there are a few men jumping on that My boyfriend is a feminist bollocks. Does he need sex that much he’s willing to hand her his balls on a plate?
      I’ll protect you. No matter what anyone says to you just remember I love ya. And should we ever meet I’ll need a few VBs. I miss VBs so much.
      Your an honour to your sex my friend. You chose a harder path than most and as long as you follow your compass nothing you do is ever wrong.
      Please keep in touch.
      Lets Fight The Power together. Like as the new Anzacs.

    • And I need to say Anzac Chicks can handle it. We’re tough. We know what we’re in for going in. A dear friend of mine from years back was in Artillery. Rose to the rank of WO2. So proud of her. She served in Asia. There are good women out there making a difference in a mans world. These are the ones we should adore. The ones living by example what being a good women is.

      • women serving i got no problem with if they do what we do but in special forces combat roles it might sound sexist might not cut it in battle training and selection isnt battle what if we are captured lets put it this way she will be raped in front of us which will cause instinct to protect her that will cause more harm than good and ill be honest ive never seen it how will seeing their friend get killed in combat which the funeral i went to was a brother that died in front of me saving my and my other brothers lives its something ill never talk about but he wont be on the news or even recognised by the public granted thats life of SF but how will that effect the woman i know women are tough but acts like this effect men just as bad could we have done something should i had made that sacrifice we watched as the heli flew away with our fallen brother on it and we were still fighting and after we stood out the front of the morgue an honor guard even tho we were bleeding and tired and now my wonderful wife deals with my issues from coming back she i think goes through more hell than i do but shes my rock i question myself which for SF is bad very bad but i know this after my brother died we fought harder and brought hell to the enemy ill always hold my head high but people these radicals need to know what we sacrifice i passed SASR selection and is thinking about joining so soon ill be SASR i train to be elite for my country train to be the best also side note i think we should put these radicals through RTI resistance to interrogation and watch these radical feminists scream and run then maybe they will respect us hell put them through full selection and training see how many drop out i dont care about these radicals in my day to day life but they need to remember we fight so they dont have to simple saying ” people sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf” but if women want to try to be SF then i think let them just no concessions you do exactly what we do and thank you for your kind words it does mean a lot

      • Yip and I know women who would give it a go.
        But listen about your brother.
        He said ‘You would of done the same thing but I was quicker. Hahaaa’ he said ‘It looked painful but I was gone the second I moved. My death wasn’t the same for me as it was for you. I’m here and I want you to do with your life. You need to honour us not mourn us. Keep our memory going. It’s when we’re forgotten about that our sacrifice was for nothing. But from where I stand I see the devastation from all sides and it’s not good.
        You know we’re brothers for life mate.
        That never dies besides now I can watch over you all from here so I can keep you bastards out of trouble. You get quite a lot of abilities over here so don’t make me come down there. I like from view from here.’

        My hubbys Grandad was Para then SAS. He saw some mad shit. Drinking out of human skulls in Borneo and stuff lol The military life is hard on the wives. The kids too. Dad would be away for up to nearly three yrs at a time.
        I think its why he and I were never close but when he passed it was me who asked for his medals and badges etc………
        If you ever need to talk privately email me at debbiedakiwi@gmail.com

        Ur brother says some of you knew that day was gonna be a bad day.

      • thanks ill email when i can that day was shit but we gave em a hell of a fight its what we do hell i knew it was shit when the heli had equipment issues the reaper comes for us all at some point if it was this it would be that

    • THAT changes soon my love. Trust me on that. I’m doing what I can for the Homeless vets. It makes me physically sick they’re being treated like that.
      But I’m gonna use my voice to do something about it so watch out. I might have to employ you for security coz it’s coming. My Gob won’t stay shut once I’m a public figure and ppl want me dead now it’s gonna get worse once I’m public lol
      And I’m not joking either. One of my Aussie Teachers predictions was for the need for armed security in America lol

      • i hope it does change so men like me dont need to fight and die but till that day ill fight and be the tip of the spear homeless vets is sick and when im out if i get out ill try to help my fellow soldiers like my father did my father ex sasr in Vietnam huh i guess im following in his footsteps and understand how bad being spat on is for just doing your job

      • Dad wanted me to join the Army to toughen me up lol
        But I wanted to join Infantry and he had a fit.
        I promise you with all my heart I’ll do my bit too and so will my students for the homeless vets.
        I had a love get killed Peace Keeping in Bosnia. So i promise I do understand loss.
        I still think about it. Road side bomb. His vehicle went over it but it rolled over and killed him.
        Haunts me to this day coz my Das forbade me to go see him.
        I know why but in my culture grief can’t begin till we see the casket or grave. That’s how it feels anyway.
        J and I have made our peace but i was angry for years because he was the first man I actually wanted to grow old with. He was beautiful. Still is.

      • my dad his dad so on are warriors so family line my actual blood brother is in the adf aswell hes a combat engineer my family women are witches or the men marry witches and men are warriors and women marry warriors dunno why it just happens to me grief occurs but we hold it in its just our thing my wife has never seen me cry i dont think ive teally ever cried my dads the take concrete pills and harden up type strong silent type and im the same im still human but i feel like i cant let it show since im sf we have a reputation to maintain which i think annoys my wife shes the talking type emotions all that stuff the stuff i experience i cant legally talk about or i cant for personal reasons

      • Yeah I hear that. I broke my ankle, tore a ligament and dislocated my cortex and he told me to walk it off after a shot of whiskey lol
        It hurt so bad.
        He fixed everything with Army Ration energy chocolate or a shot of whiskey.
        Women just try to be let in but we need to sit back and listen and protect.
        It’s our strength that keeps them standing but some things can’t be talked about.
        My Princess understands in my job I can’t talk either if it involves anyone outside of me.
        Your family sounds like mine. Warriors and Witches.
        But we say Ancients instead of Witch. Its bloodline when its Ancient.

      • i understand my wife wants to be let in but it gets annoying at times like when i go away again she might get phone call once every two weeks not becuase i cant talk timewise just because alot of the stuff i do i cant talk about and there is only so much you can talk about also i cant exactly say yeah honey today was ok i got shot or i was in ambush or this or that

      • I know Hun. But she loves you. To a woman not being let in is as painful as being cheated on I’m afraid but instead of telling her what your afraid to say tell her what she needs to hear. The ‘my days are hard without yous’ and ‘your all I think abouts’ and ‘my day doesn’t matter now I’m talking to yous’.
        Women imagine all sorts Sweetheart. Our minds go 90 to the dozen. It’s only because I’m observant I know not to be a pain in the ass with my men.
        Men don’t have layers of emotion like women. It’s why we have the perfect balance.
        But if you do need to talk to someone who understands death and such…I’m here.

  6. ill be honest ive seen mates die stupid phone haha not a tech guy unless its laser targeting or a javalin missle system oh and gps but civilian tech not my thing i dont need it like most of my generation im dependant on it

    • I’ve seen people die too. I often deal with those who died in war time begging for help or hope.
      Death is universal no matter how painful. But it’s the kids of war that tear me up.
      You’ve seen things. You know what I mean.
      War only matters from those making money from it.
      When they’re FORCED to fight for their freedom there will be lesser and lesser wars.
      War never has a winner and those responsible never see it from the side of those who fight it.
      Loyalty should be for blood and country not state.
      I HATE technology. Break it daily which is why I couldn’t be Military.
      I’d break everything from the RPGs, to the Migs and Mukluks (sp) lol the radio comms would go nuts.
      I’m so magnetic it’s now just annoying lol
      So what’s ya wheels? See the new Ford Mustang? Or is Ford a dirty word in your house?

      • i drive a holden ss i also do up classic cars well use to so ford isnt a dirty word unless its a modern ford yuck forced to fight yes but a soldier doesnt concern himself if politics at the end of the day you there no changing that and it is hard to see a kid who lost his dad in war thats why we are there for them in sf community we are family also dont get me started on goddamn radios they never work when you need them we were ambushed on a road near our outpost special operations kinda cant say where but lets say it where the fighting is and our coms stopped working dunno why which you can imagine is kinda dangerous couldnt call for help or airstrikes we were stuck there for 5 hours till we reestablished coms so we could call in apache support all around us danger close situation peace is a good dream to have but it will never happen there are always bad groups in the world like al qudia they fell isis came to power my wife read your post agreed fully saying its ashame these women cant open their eyes and yes men are a pain in the arse but are always there and just to add isis no matter who funded them or any of that stuff they killed my mate war can be simple in the field they try to kill us we try to kill them

      • Why does it have to lead to killing though?
        Your mate should never had been killed.
        When everyone thinks their right no one wins.
        Its why we just keep recycling the same kind of history over and over.
        But we could just go round in circles.
        Opinions are like money, until their given freely and recieved graciously we’re all just slaves to it.

      • thats true he shouldn’t have died war doesnt have to happen but it will happen its a constant just the weapons get more advanced

      • Yeah tell that to the person on the other end of those microwave guns. I’m sure they’d like some warning they’re about to cook from the inside out.
        They wonder why you boys come home so affected.
        Is that all our minds are good for now? Seeing how fucked up we can make each other? We’re better than that.

      • true i know im skaard for life but ive seen what people do i saw a town wiped out by isis be it small town for helping us and young girls taken we never got green light just told to observe and report

  7. I don’t even think everything should be equal, in general men are far better at certain things and women at other certain things. Why would you want to have 50/50 male female in every field? I used to ask my man to open up a can for me, I ask him to fix my bicycle tire because he is better at it. That doesn’t mean I cannot be a strong and independent woman too. Women are so complicated, I love how men are straight forward, no drama. I will be for ever grateful for my man putting up with my female flaws, just holding me tight or even get mad at me when I needed it, making me a stronger individual. A woman’s head can just mess her up sometimes and although I hate it it happens. I have so much respect for him for putting up with it even at the times when even I didn’t understand me or hated myself for it. And he was the one who taught me the meaning of true unconditional love, not the other way around. I need men in my life, I love them and fully accept them with all their flaws just like my man put up with all of mine

    • Being equal just means balanced Hun. Women balance men out.
      We the good ones nurture the best in our men folk and they us. When you find the right balance.
      All these bloody feminists are running to the end of the ship while the men stay in the middle.
      Because without men to calm the crazy we bitches will sink the ship in our insanity. Lol
      But I agree with you whole heartedly.
      I think men are better at Art than women by a universal mile and music and writing lol but I think women are better at crafts, needlework, knitting, pottery, sewing etc…..a man brings passion to his work a woman brings patience and we put a spark into it that men can’t unless their gay.
      But my husband and best friends JDub and Tatuaje are saints for putting up with me.
      I’m me so I’m super hyper woman version of a women lol
      Tats n I are at loggerheads constantly. He I KNOW in his Aries way is trying to toughen me up. He shows zero emotion but I know how he feels about me so it’s ok. He shows it in other ways like for example he always comes back. Even when I’ve wanted to never come back. We are two very headstrong souls. He used to HATE that I cried lol now he sits and listens after he runs away and comes back after he realizes what a douche he was and apologizes. Because that’s what I teach him. Lol I’m teaching him that you don’t need to be soft with everyone only those that matters to you. He suffers hard for my frirndship the poor bugger but he knows I’m worth it though because unlike the vapid women in his life he’s never gonna have a bestie like me. Because I’m not like other women.
      JDub is Aries but he’s my soft smooshy but firm pillow I need to snuggle when I’m upset or needing my best pal.
      We fight too but we love each other too much to not come back. And he tells me he loves me and I he and at no point does my husband care because he knows who I am.
      People judge me for the way I love my men folk but why should all the women get the best of my love?
      My light is pure. What sort of White Lighter would I be if I didn’t love equally? I love my men BECAUSE of how they love me. And only a women or mangina would judge my relationship with men in the first place. Some people can’t see past the sex and that’s why they’re bored and lonely and ranty and I have three shit hot male best friends and they don’t lol
      My man is my number one guy.
      He knows the best and worst parts of me and loves me anyway.
      He’s as rough as bloody sandpaper but being a true artist he’s also a delicate Princess lol
      He’s mean but kind, thoughtless but caring etc…..and he’s choosen to evolve along with me for as far as our journey takes us and I’m so grateful for him. He’s been the spark that created my Universe and I’ll always worship his being.
      He’s done more for me than I ever did for him.
      Trouble is he’s a Libra so he knows he’s hot and has power over my heart.
      All Five of my men folk (including my two sons) know how to push my buttons. Making me jealous or protective especially lol but rarely do they push them. Which is why I love them so much. But a woman would break her fingers pushing every single one to destruction.
      And that’s the truth. Plus my men are smart and the know what happens if said button is pushed lol they know which button brings a treat and which one don’t lol
      So people can judge the way I love men. I don’t give a shit.
      I wouldn’t be of love and light if I didn’t love everyone at least once?
      Its up to them to decide if they tip the balance or not.
      Not me. At least I know when my journey ends I loved them all and the most.
      I’m a Scorpio so I love to the death lol love fuels me. I can’t live without it.
      And that’s something Tats said last night when we spoke on the phone which for hom is the closest he gets to an I love you.
      He said ‘I don’t know a woman like you. Your so soft in every way. I don’t think you’d even be capable to hurt a fly if you were paid to because that’s who you are. No one is softer than you’ lol
      And that’s why I love men so much.
      I know those things are hard for him to say. But getting that kind of sentence out of a man like that proves I balance him out.
      JDub is hard hearing the truth, Hubby is the perfect balance apart from when he’s being a douche too.
      But part of being a good women is forgiving them at the end when they say sorry.
      It’s the perfect balance.
      Exceptions to every rule of course but I’m talking about me.
      The good men in my life know I don’t trust easy because of the bad men I’ve had in my life but once I love you its for life. They far outweigh the bad and get the best of everything I am without sex being involved.
      Even though I love to say stuff to Hubby and Jose that makes them clutch his pearls hahaha
      I’ve decided to tell the story of my love in tattoos. I’m thinking of gettkng Tatuaje on my wrist or along my big toe line because sometimes he makes me so angry or hurt I don’t know where to kill him or myself haha haha haha
      I love love so much lol
      You can never have too much love.

  8. Oppressed proud gay man. Who cries all the time happy and sad. Love this post.

    On the activists. I’m one. For many causes. I feel like we as activists use the negative events that happen to raise awareness. Hate is never OK. Thats one of my mantra. However, most ‘normal’ people don’t care about the good that happens. You would like to watch the news and see nothing but good. But real life is about balance. Unfortunately to have good there’s a opposite. Which unfortunately is hate. Activist use that, but they use it not to spread fear. But to create good.

    Anyway. Great post. βœŒπŸŒβ€πŸ’‘