Bloody Hell lol

I started sneezing and time slowed time lol

You know in the movie The Matrix when Neo bends backwards and the bullets are slowing down around him?

Like that but I was the one slowly going backwards but without going backwards lol I sat watching things go past as my sneezes and my hand covering my mouth got slower and slower lol

Could of sworn I heard a whirring sound. Does time have a sound? Lol

Does this make sense? Is this me? Yeah it is I just got the nauesa lol


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8 thoughts on “Bloody Hell lol

  1. I don’t even know what happened! All I worry about when I sneeze is to not sneeze all over the place and pray that I’m not driving when it’s happening so I don’t crash lol do you think it has anything to do with your telekinesis? I’m probably way off but it’s a guess 🙂