I’m Quantum Leaping I think?

Wed 27th Jan 16. 1.15am-6am

So……….something’s been in my room for two nights which I’m assuming is why
I couldn’t see them obviously but I need to get this all out coz I’m scared I’ll forget.
So I’m noticing when I get Spirit coming into my room and they don’t show themselves I’m about to experience something big lol
It means either my Elders or Spirit of equal importance have been sent to monitor me or something lol So I’m guessing that gravity feeling I had a couple of days ago was a sign. What I know for sure is within a couple of days most definitely within 72 hrs something big happens after I experience certain physical phenomenon. But the REAL warning sign is when I have Spirit in my room who don’t identify themselves lol
But when Elders and big Spirits like ancestors get involved it’s life changing stuff.
They’re either testing my training, or monitoring my growth. They power me up depending on how fast I adapt. That’s for sure lol

So I’ve been paying attention and testing myself as usual and I’m finding the deepest sleeps result in the most exhausting lesson.
That’s understandable right. That makes perfect sense.
But does that include when your woken up 6 times and all 6 times you wake up as someone else?
Coz I was so tired last night after doing my work I could barely talk and Spirit were hard core yelling at me to go to sleep.
I had gotten an email from a Mum asking for help with her 12yr old son and I couldn’t leave him without talking to him. He HAD to go to bed knowing his sister was with him.
I couldn’t let him go a day longer being so sad.
So after my ex told me off for not listening I said my bit and signed off and that’s all I remember.
Until I woke up and feeling REALLY drowsy and groggy I realized I was a man in his 50s in a room I can describe in perfect detail in every way from the plastic sheet up at his window from when it got broken in the corner where the tree fell and a branch went into window and broke it.
To the generic brand talcum powder on his cluttered drawers.
I felt him because I was him. I felt his body being warm and toasty from being snuggled and warm in his antique brown wooden bed with big old comfy mattress that was his parents and grandparents.
As he sat up I realized it was me sitting up but he sat up in a way where he raised both legs as if to propel himself up and out of bed as one fluid movement.
I saw his legs but they were my legs. They were hairy and slightly thin and really short. My legs are 44inches long on the inside leg so I was drawn to the fact they were short and hairy not long and hairless ish (about four days over due for a shave lol)
As he moved fowards sitting up and getting out of bed he pulled his heavy floral bedspread back.
I saw he had about 7 layers of blankets under the floral quilt. Which explains why he was so toasty.

At this point I knew something was off. Bearing in mind all this happened in a split second. From start to finish this experience took about 1.5secs maybe 2 but no more.
That’s how quick I pounce on my thoughts and connect them to what I’m experiencing.
You have to be that quick. Otherwise it would take 100yrs to figure all this out.

But I realized I was having ‘a moment’ so I told myself to lay back down.
In the first few moments of me waking up I felt heavy and groggy because I’d been woken up from a deep sleep.
I couldn’t understand why I’d gone from a deep sleep to sitting up and climbing out of bed.
Once I figured out what was going on I just lay down and covered myself back up.
This man was in Russia and I think his alarm went off and he was getting out of bed. It was about 4-5am for him. It wasn’t dark outside his window but the sun wasn’t fully up. It was a light blue early morning colour out his window.
But he had a German sounding name like Gustaf.
How did I know? I just do.
I don’t know if he felt me. But I know as he works at his Toll Booth or whatever it is. People drive up, pay him, he gives them a ticket or token he lifts a gate thing and they drive through.

I fell back into a deep sleep once I told myself to lay back down and let myself go through what they needed me to go through.
But it happened five more times.
A nurse in Australia, in the hospital nurses quarters, a man in Thailand/Malaysia, a woman in Germany, a man in the US (who was having a sexual encounter at the time lol ) and the 6th I cannot reveal and don’t ask.

I don’t know if they all saw me or knew I was there. I remember every detail though. I felt their bodies, their blood run through their veins, their heartbeat etc….felt it all. As a straight woman I now know what it feels like to have male genitalia because in the last 3 weeks since that issue with gravity I’m jumping in and out of men and women lol I feel everything.

The Thai/Malay man has a chest infection. I felt it in his chest. I was watching him prepare lemons and boiling water and ginger (on a bench) being chopped up.

To the point where my fingers are still feeling puckered from touching all the juice and water. Not all of them were asleep but they were all sleeping, sleepy, tired or ill.
I was doing what they do but I’d wake up from a dead sleep and see in front of me whatever they were seeing.
The man in the US was with a woman.
His walls were painted a really light aquamarine colour. A double bed. A big flag or large cotton bandana or something is on the wall above his head. It’s made from the same material as a handkerchief but it is really big. It’s black and red and trippy. Psychedelic.
A black woman was kneeling over him. (ewwww)
A door was half open to my right where my TV would usually be. No one else was there.
It was him crib. But it smelt musty and man like lol he obviously never opens a window.
He had plait type braids in his hair like Coolios hair in Gangsters Paradise but they were shorter. They were sticking out all over his head like a hedgehog but they were really cool. He takes pride in his hair lol he’s proud of his place.
He’s 26 and they call him Dre, but he’s Andre B. He works for the City Council. He writes poetry and versus etc….for fun. He’s REALLY good too.
Really good.

What I don’t know is if they knew I was there or if these people are even alive today. I felt them coz I was in them. As me and as them and it was so real if ex husband watching during every event he would of seen me acting out slicing lemons, kissing thin air, staring out of a window that isn’t where we have a window and various things like that.
I’ve woken up myself thinking I’ve slept for what seemed like 20 hours but it was in fact only 3. Now I’m fully awake and analyzing what happened I am aware that I have a slight headache.
My chest hurts still from the man in Indonesia. My fingertips still feel puckered but I’ve just looked at my fingertips and they aren’t puckered.
But I feel them.
Just another thing I need to experience so I can figure it out I guess.
I’m not bothered. I stopped being bothered by what Spirit were doing to me in 20s lol

I’m starting to recognize the signs something’s gonna happen now. There’s three steps. So now I know what they are I’ll be prepared.
I’m being yelled at to lay down now. I’m suddenly aware of nausea and dizziness.
I’ll have a drink of soda water then I’ll rest before I hit the work.
I’m slightly shaky. My glucose is normal. My BP is a little low but I’ll check it again when I’ve had my water and rest.
I certainly can’t say I’m boring lol

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8 thoughts on “I’m Quantum Leaping I think?

  1. Well if you ever wake up as me, I’ll let you know if I noticed. lol

    As for the description of your first experience, I wonder if it was really YOU who decided to get up? You made it sound like you sat up and he followed….or it was just coincidental timing. But perhaps you were so connected to his mind, that his decision to get up just seamlessly interwove into your own mind so you thought it was your decision as well.

    A bit–curious–that you were able to pop in at such a private moments as well.

    I can’t even imagine being other people like that. And of COURSE I’m curious about #6. lol Oh well. I’ll get over it.

    • No I sat up BECAUSE he sat up. I was in him. I had no control over anything he did. It was like I was sitting in a chair and someone opened up his brain, put me in it where I sat just behind his eyes and closed the lid.
      I in the physical sat doing what he did because I was in him. I knew his thoughts, his feelings, everythihng. But I had free control of my own thoughts too.
      But everything happened too fast for me to test anything out. All six times.
      I don’t know if these people mean anything. If we have a destiny together or if the countries matter. I don’t know yet.
      I’ll figure it out. I always do.
      But I know they weren’t like me.
      I don’t know if they thought I was a dream or if they were even aware of it. But I’ll find out in a couple of months.
      It’s always a couple months lol
      And I’ll keep you all posted.

  2. Wow! That’s like the most interesting thing ever! I’m really excited for you, Debbie!
    The Spirit world is amazing! All these years, the only spirit I knew about was THE holy spirit lol. I’m so glad I found you!