Embrace The Suck

If your a follower of mine you’ll know I’ve had a pretty rough life but I am one of the happiest Mother Fluffy’s on the planet.

You know I’ve probably used my science of Spirit experiments on myself to escape from the fact I was never really that happy growing up.

But I learned to follow my compass. I was never afraid to take chances. I learned to listen to when things weren’t such a good idea and when things were.

(This is one of the things I’m going to teach my students) But my point is, Life can be shit.

Ya know?

I have to say in the last 12 months 9 out of 10 of my clients are on some form of medication for some depression or stress or another. And let me be clear. I am in NO WAY saying my clients are any less human because they take medication. So before I get emails let me explain.

We have been condition to lose the will to fight. We are plastered with images of useless celebrities and uneducated feminists without a clue what they’re saying, and fed threats of terrorists and the need to hand over all control to your Leaders.

I’m telling you now America if you give up your guns you will die a death and America as we know it won’t exist anymore. It will become a third world country. But all of this ‘Your not good enough’ ‘You should be like Kim Kardashian, why aren’t you like Snooker and JHow and whatever their names are?’ This ‘If you don’t go to college and rack up untold debt either on yourself or your parents just so your kids and party’ needs to stop.
University isn’t for everyone and that’s fine.

In New Zealand you get the option to go to Uni or college but no one expects you to go so there is no pressure.

I had one family come to me because their son/brother killed himself because he was so stressed out at the thought of having to go to College and get into all that debt he would have to pay back was too much pressure for him. So he chose death.

Americans are being bullied into living, thinking, being people they aren’t. Putting unrealistic expectations on your kids for the last 100 years is the reason why Therapists, Psychics, and Pharmaceutical industry have been draining you all of your money. It’s the biggest scam on the market next to Organized Religion.

Who gives a shit if you don’t go to college. If your doing what makes you happy then surely that is all that matters? But now we have a couple of generations of people trying to cope with the fact they feel like failures because they aren’t rich, famous and successful. But here in that equation is Happiness? Fulfillment? Peace or Balance? It is so much more important.

But I recently found out that the American Psychiatry Board or whatever it is called as classed every emotion other than Happy a mental illness. No joke.

Since when has being sad or scared a mental illness? Since when did it become unacceptable to be sad over a break up of death. The second you go to a Dr now to say your grieving and tired and the first thing they do is give you pills.

This has to stop people. This is how they are weeding out the weak from the strong. They are trying to categorizing you and put you into groups and your handing them your freedom and lives on a plate.

When you lower your expectations and just strive for balance and peace, happiness comes in bucket loads and this is what I’ll teach the other half of my contributors.

But in order for anyone to live that life you HAVE to be honest with yourself.


Shit happens, ya know? Some times some people are going to be dicks, some times cruel assholes, sadistic and psychopathic. Some times things are going to happen that aren’t nice, or fair, or good. Sometimes people are going to hurt you. Some times your hopes will be dashed and you’ll wake up every morning and think ‘Why can’t I just go to sleep and just not wake up anymore? this would be so much easier if I just died in my sleep.’

One of the big things I learned while I experienced that Time Travel, Gravity incident of last weekend is that in our lives everything in life has Two versions.

Two choices. Like roots and branches on a tree, each decision you make in life branches into another limb or root with its own evolution to concentrate on.

But these two choices are like a finely balanced scale. Too much on one side and it’s too much, and too much that way and it’s not enough. You must get the balance just right in order to get the right answer.

The golden rule is this. If you have second thoughts about something that is Spirits way of telling you ‘STOP!!!! back back, this isn’t right for you, back away and don’t turn back. You WILL fuck up if you don’t listen to this gut instinct.

When something is right for you it clicks onto place like when your unlocking a safe and when you unlock something that is right, it has a domino effect and everything falls into place and you evolve to a new stage of your Spiritual evolution or to put it in layman’s terms ‘You fulfill part of your destiny’.

How you deal with this stress and bull shit that happens makes all the difference folks. I’m serious. I know this because I’ve lived it, studied it, mastered it now teaching it lol

I’ve spent one year listening only to my compass. I gave myself one year to see if by listening it would take me to good things, I have only been on it 9 months and already it has changed my life beyond imagination. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined my life would be pretty much perfect. The only thing that would make it more perfect is if my husband was home with me, by my side, raising our boys, and making a game of his own. I’m more in love with him than I’ve ever been. My boys are awesome and healthy. I have the best career if you can call it that. It’s not a job for me it’s a Blessing. A Calling possibly more so. I don’t even know what to call myself any more. Debbie Who and Time Lordette, X Man have been suggested lol

And what I’ve learned is, you need to listen to your internal compass. We really do have a Moral Compass. You need to get honest with yourself. Admit when you’ve been a dickhead, apologize for the things you know you were in the wrong for. It’s all there eating us up inside if we don’t. Everything in the entire Universe has a polar opposite of.

We need to. It is crucial to have two versions of every possibility. You will have choices and decisions to make in life that will have two possible out comes. You have the right path and the wrong path. The right path leads you there easier and quicker, and you’ll be rewarded with the domino effect and  if you take the opposite path it will lead to you being miserable and wondering where it all went wrong.

The way to always chose the right path is by the following.

Brutal Honesty




Brutal Honesty: is because you need to hold your hands up and admit when your wrong. We are never right all of the time. No one is perfect. Even me, I can make mistakes. But I hold my hands up to them every time because other wise it eats away at your conscience and I want to evolve into my next phase not come back again. lol You must be able to say ‘I’m sorry’. It’s important to the Soul that drags it’s sorry bums behind us as we flail about not listening to it that we are free from burden so we can lead really good, rich and rewarding lives. Trust me, life is so much easier when you release yourself of the burdens that suffocate us. Either resolve it or let it go. If you try to resolve it and it doesn’t get the reaction you expect don’t be upset. God!!! don’t ever be upset at yourself for trying. It might not go as planned but it happened as it was meant to. Don’t be upset. Be proud that you tried. It came to a conclusion and you get to move on better the person for it because you know you at least tried. You got over the fear and you walked away better for it.

It takes an honorable, and strong person to admit they are wrong and ask forgiveness. If it’s sincere of course.

But it takes a real Spiritual Soul to forgive the person for it.

But when your faced with a situation where you have to make a choice pay attention to what your guts and heart are saying.

Your left brain will try to talk you into thinking about it, maybe being a little too cautious, a little too paranoid. Your Spirit will be trying to tell you to listen to your gut. Your Spirits will be the ones saying ‘Are you sure about this?’

IF your second guessing your decision, your being told by Spirit ‘Wooooow there cowboy!!!! Are you sure about this? Something feels wrong to me. You need to back out of this toot sweet’.

When your unlocking your destiny nothing feels wrong. You jump in feet first, no questions asked. When you make the right decisions in life, it has what I call the domino effect. The high you get from being happy literally unlocks other parts of happiness you didn’t know was there lol It’s the only way to explain how it feels. I literally stopped my career on a dime and did a total 360 with it. Deciding to give up readings as my main job and do the one thing I never said I’d do which was Teach lol I didn’t think anyone would .listen. I tried to put blocks up but all roads lead to me teaching. I’m getting such lovely donations from people. It’s been humbling and I’m embarrassed but your helping me write all this out and allowing me to correct my mistakes and I have made mistakes. Being honest is so important. You need to let your ego go and admit you made a mistake. Don’t walk away from anything where people think your anything less the honorable and kind.

If your walking away from someone who thinks that way of you, not all the times will be not your fault and you need to admit the times when it’s your fault. People will respect you more. We need to go back to the time when a person’s word was their bond. Being know for being honest means your doing a good job. It is always better to be hurt by the truth than to be devastated by a lie. Lies are like poison. As long as your words are for helping,  not hurting though. Sometimes the truth is hard to hear but in time you’ll be happier for it.

Humility: means don’t be about ego, let things go, be the better person and know when to walk away. Everything you do must be for the right reasons but when you make a mistake, take it to yourself and use it to show people your a good person who isn’t afraid to admit they made a mistake. As long as it’s genuine of course. None of this matters if your not doing it for the right reasons. You can’t cheat your way into this journey with Spirit if your not doing it for the love. That is the beauty of this journey with Spirit. It’s fail proof. it can’t be faked. lol You have to have the need, the faith and the heart to be this committed to following Spirit. This whole thing I’m teaching you now is how to follow your compass to find your bliss, just like I did. One or two of you know me on a personal level. You know my fight over the last 16 years. You know if I’m saying I’m so happy I cry because I can’t believe I get to be so happy lol I’m not rich, not a Super Model, not a Menza member, not famous. But I’m so happy I can’t sleep. I get so excited to be with my boys lol it’s usually the weekend. But everyone can have this sort of happiness if they follow these steps.

Sometimes you need to show a little humility. It makes people trust you more. They know your human like them. You get such an easier life when people trust you and you trust them. It creates perfect balance. It makes you feel fantastic. The domino effect will kick in and everything will fall into place like the ticking of a clock or unlocking of a safe. It all clicks into place and it moves you forward on your journey. So don’t be afraid to admit you were wrong. Don’t be afraid to say sorry. It mends bridges and opens all new possibilities. A ‘I’m so sorry I was a dick’ goes a long way. Trust me.

FAITH: Because if your on a journey of self or Spiritual recovery you need faith that no matter what is happening good or bad, it’s happening because it is meant to and Spirit will only ever have our best interests at heart.

So it means showing no fear or worry when your about to lose your job or boyfriend or home. It doesn’t matter. Not really. It’s just a job, man, building. Yes it’s gonna hurt and be scary but when you have faith absolute faith, you know it just means it is the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one.

All these things that happen in your life that are making you sad, scared, worried etc…..are all just clearing out the things in your life that are no longer necessary or positive for your future journey.

If I lost my house to the bank Id be so grateful for the financial freedom. I have no interest in having a Mortgage and will only buy a house when I have all or most of the cost for deposit. I’ve never understood these people who feel the need to buy a house or consider themselves a failure for not owning one.

In the UK there are people so desperate for a mortgage they are taking out 100yr mortgages. Which means they are buying houses for their Grandchildren to have to pay. Grandkids that aren’t born yet are being born into debt slavery by their idiot grandparents.

Lets look at this for an example.

You buy a house worth say $120,000. By the time you’ve paid it back plus interest your $120k mortgage is actually for around $400k. By the time you add interest, fees and charges on your 120k house you’ve actually given the bank around 400k. For what? Wood and brick, glass and fabrics that you have to pay and extra few thousand for the upkeep and redecorating every few years and you can’t even take it with you when you die.

I personally would rather use the half a million in my adult life time I’d be using it to make memories and have adventures, seeing the world with my family, happy, healthy and together. THAT I can take it with me.

When you have faith, you don’t need a house, you just need a home. With love and family. Better someone else pays for the roof than having to put it on the credit cards your gonna max out by doing it.

You don’t need the things you think you need when you have faith. Having faith helps you see what’s most important in life.

and lastly

HEART: because if you don’t have heart there is no point doing any of it. The truth is, what I’m going to teach my students and contributors looking for guidance how to be happy, if none of them have heart, it won’t work.

True happiness, true heart, true faith, has to be real. Real is truth, truth is honesty, honesty brings balance and balance brings evolution. Or Power Ups as I used to call it lol

When you have none of these things in your life, this is why your unhappy. Your Soul is crying out for you to make the changes in your life you need to be making in order to find peace. Because if you don’t start with being brutally honest with yourself and the push it gives you to better yourself and cleanse your Soul, you’ll never get the rest. You’ll never be a Path Walker. It always starts as a Path Walker.

For my contributors who are being taken on as Students. This is what I’m looking for in the people I take on as Students. Not all of you will make it to the end of all of this but life is a journey and I’m your Tour Guide lol

But life is gonna suck. Embrace it. Stop hiding behind medication that stops you from having any kind of emotion. you NEEEEEED emotion for fucks sake. Cry if your sad, get angry if your mad, hunch a bloody pillow, eat some ice cream or grab a beer, get it out. Stop trying to block emotion. If you stop yourself from having emotion you’ll never know true love. You’ll never know how good it feels to love something whole heartedly. You’ll never know the pain that comes with loving someone. You’ll never know how good it feels to enjoy their touch. Or how much your heart swells when your connected in that moment with someone who really loves you. Love is what is going to fix this poor broken down old planet. Love is going to save our children, our communities, our countries and our broken. Be it animal, vegetable or mineral. Love will save the day. And it starts with all of you here reading this today.

{So for any of you reading this who I’ve agreed to take on, I suggest you take a long hard look in the mirror and start asking ‘What do I need to get off my chest?}

{I’m hoping I’ll have the new blog up by next weekend. I know I’m a week behind but I’m almost done. I’m nearly finished. I just need the Blog up now. I’m waiting for Hubby to come off working late’s which ends next weekend so I will be able to catch up then. But just know to anyone who is reading this, it is password protected and it will be only for my students and clients.}

I will be expecting you all to get to know each other too because you’ll need to pal together to help each other when I’m not around.

Just remember we are ALL EQUAL








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6 thoughts on “Embrace The Suck

    • Embrace the suck! Love it. I’ve already seen it happen a few times to me that whenever something pretty bad happens, something really good comes out of it. I’m still waiting for ‘good’ for this third time of pretty bad. I know it’s coming so I have ‘faith’ that it will happen. ❤❤❤❤

  1. embrace the suck haha im the type that says id wish it suck more haha we are being fed lies giving up our freedoms that last part i cant really talk i signed the dotted line lol terrorism is a real threat ive seen it but the powers at be let it fester to grow more fear so then finally guys like me have to go into battle for you guys and after all the lies we will have another Vietnam situation the soldiers get demonized spat on beaten but whats the saying history never repeats it rhymes thats just my 2 cents