Cleansing Prediction Come True

I turned on the news to see Black people rioting in the streets of America.
The Cleansing HAS officially begun.
I said LA Riots meets V for Vendetta.
More people will join the riots.

The tanks come next.  Marshall law. Then the death of the bacteria feeding off the planet.

Oh and those rapes/assults in Germany were paid trouble makers posing as Muslims so we would hate the Muslims/Arabs.

I’ve made a major break through today. I’ve figured out life, death, evolution, good, bad, learning, love, marriage, procreation, aliens, why dinosaurs died out, civilizations, black holes, time, everything.
It’s a lot to say so let me get it written.
I’ve figured out who my students are.
I understand life now.
And people who are drawn to help me by making donations and such are psychically evolving. Because we need to stop rewarding mediocrity and taking care of the thinkers, writers, artists, actors, doctors, teachers, musicians, etc…the good ones not the mediocre ones because they get it. And when you get it you inspire.
But what I discovered so much more.
Just bare with me.
It’s gonna be a LOT of typing.
My mind has been blown.
And from this day on I’m not a Psychic.
I will call myself an Empathic Time Traveller and it sounds insane but i haven’t figured out a name for it yet.
But my tuning in to the Universe and being able to travel through any space and time I want.
And people who pay me are makinf my evolution possible and in return I can help you.
But I’ll also teach for free.
But those who support the mind of a thinker,  creator, healer, scientist, artist, musician, teacher etc….gets rewarded by evolving.
It’s about balance.  Making sure our scale never tips so we never tip the scales to the bottom of the ladder.
We need to tip it so we evolve.
Otherwise we tip and go to the bottom of the ladder.
Spirits evolve to Spirit Elders who evolve into The Council so and and so on.
I’ll explain it later.
But I’ve realized religion wasn’t all bad. Ay some point people got it right but then we allowed money and greed and power corrupted it.
It’s the faith in something that makes you happy and a better person.
But we are all Gods. There is no one creator.
Creation is around us in everthing.
A black hole spits out life.
The Sun and the Moon. Which create life to form on planets. The life has to either evolve or die out.
If it evolves it lives longer thinks higher and creates and makes an impact in the evolution of the species.
If you don’t evolve you die out.
All life on this planet must exist to evolve. But we can’t do it without helping each other.
The black hole spits out dust and sparks of a something that creates life on various levels.
The fittest evolve. The cancer is anything that feeds off something else to survive and have more than it needs.
Leeches don’t take more than they need but Royals and Bankers do. The Kardashians do.
You can have nice houses and nice clothes. You don’t need to hoard money to have nice things.
We all have a purpose. I’ll explain it later.
But this is big.
If something doesn’t evolve it dies out.
Dirt feeds plants which feed and heal animals who in turn take care of the planet. If we suck out the blood of the planet and poison it with pollutants and war etc…We’ve tipped the scale and our civilization dies out and we get stripped back and get recycled and made to start again.
People like the Illuminati who have been a bactetia on the planet and now our evolution is forcing a ‘fight or die out’ response because we’ve reached an important juncture in our evolution.  We are meant to evolve to a point where we get off this planet so we can jump through our black holes and see other creations evolving.
Because one day our planet will die out.
You can’t have life without death.
There are two versions of everything.
What version you get is based on what you decide to do.
One side tips the scale in your favour one version tips it to the bottom of the evolutionary ladder where you have to be reborn and get spat back out to do it again. Coz all planets become stars and all stars die. When they die they go into the black hole and spat out.
Planets are thought into creation and are conscious and are trying to evolve into the next stage of its evolution which is to be a sun and a moon.
We think there fore we are.
Everything in the universe from the plants to the insects to humans and planets is constantly trying to evolve.
There is a constant state of recycling going on on everything level.
An infitite level of recreation evolution and rebirth. Until they get the balance just right and when time ends in the existence aka death and we’ve gotten the balance right we get to evolve into the next evolutionary step in existence.
If we get it right we evolve.
Spirits help us evolve so they can evolve into Spirit Elders and Spirit Elders help Spirits so they can become The Council and so on.
Being a parent is thee most important role we can play because child are here to help us into a better person.
Not everyone is to be a parent. Not every one will be good parents.
But if you look throughout history the greatest minds and creators of our worlds history is littered with people who were homeschooled and abused and battered people who went on to do great things.
How you nurture your child will decide that child’s fate.
If your abusive and hurt and neglect your child your ensuring your evolutionary demise unless the child themselves decides ‘No I’m not going let my past affect me. I want to be a thinker, a healer, a creator, and I’m going to evolve beyond my environment. Thus creating a power up in their evolution.
You can be a role model and the best version of yourself or die out.
Like civilizations and moulds and diseases. Adapt evolve or die.
But if you take too much. If you tip the scales not in your favour you get recycled  (reincarnation).
Which is why we need to stop polluting, using fossil fuels, crop dusting etc…
or we will tip the scales and everything dies and gets recycled to start again.
Get it? But we all must help each other.
Sure, chop down tree’s but don’t take more than you need.
We need to eat but just don’t be a glutton.
Because if you abuse it you tip the scale at the wrong end and we need to be balanced.
Our lives are about finding balance so we can evolve not get killed off to start again.
Children who die, disabled people, anyone abused, murdered, selfless, thinkers, history makers, anyone who did something or created something that made an impact which resulted in inspiring others, healing or helping others, get to evolve into Spirit Elders. Which is why they help us.
Coz by helping us they get to evolve.
Patents who nurture their children, don’t vaccinate, feed their child’s imagination, love them unconditionally, spend time with them and raise them with loving parents.
Doesn’t have to be man and woman.
It’s about balance.
Everything has a conductor and polarity that pulls and manipulates everything in minute detail.
Males and females are in a sense Gods. So are plants and animals and bacteria because it all creates life.
Without helping us, and us then we ensure its extinction. We don’t evolve until we get the balance right.
But we are constantly evolving.
And it starts for us with immigrants.
Everything started because something immigrated and evolved and without immigrating you don’t evolve.
For those who constantly feel the need to travel and those who choose to immigrated are higher evolved because without them immigrating their civilization dies.
The bacteria takes over and kills off those which didn’t immigrate or fight for survival.
The mold being a bad bacteria that kills off something that wasn’t strong enough to evolve.
Anyone who has taken land, oil, power, money, fame, and become rich and powerful off the backs off others labors is a bacteria.
The bacteria of the greedy is about to die out because everything in creation is in its own state of evolution.
Without the help of everything else we are fucked and we’ll never be smart enough to leave when this planet eventually dies.
Aliens got off, they’re trying to help us.
Trees that grow something to help other side it human or animal or micro bacterial are a higher evolved species.
Same with animals. And it’s okay to take some of it to survive but if you don’t plant in return and don’t keep the earth clean they can give us what we need to survive.
And everything has its own evolutionary process and without it finding the perfect balance it dies out and has to start all over again.
Being happy brings balance.
Being creative brings evolution.
Kids need to be encouraged to create.
They grow up to be the best version of you which means your ancestors got it right.
Your ancestors played a part in your evolution so you could help your children be the best versions of your genealogical evolution.
Which is why our Ancestors help us by coming to people like me.
We need to evolve into Empathic people.
Not the modern version. They’re psychics. Psychics are the lowest form. A bacteria. If they’re taking hundreds of pounds for minimal effort and they can’t time slip they’re not evolved.
They are parasites or bacteria like the Royals and Bankers and Business Empire CEOs etc…..they feed off the host and drain it to become gluttons and when you feed off something without giving in return you are a bacteria and you die off.
Only if someone in that evolution says ‘ya know what? I’m King now and now I want to give the lands back my family stole and the money and art etc…I’m giving it all back and I’ll just take what I need to be happy thank you. I just want to be happy and be with my family doing what I love’ will you help your ancestors evolve and you power up too.
And it’s all about helping each other evolve.
From animals, to plants and Spirits.
We all must help each other balance everything out so the scales don’t tip against our evolution.
When we get it right we power up and go up a level on the ladder.
We’re meant to help nurture each other.
And drugs (any drug that is natural and not synthetic) helps us become inspired.
The best music, art, and literature has come as a result of drugs.
Some plants have evolved to create chemicals that help us to be healthy, happy and creative.
Anyone who thinks, creates. Things we create give birth to the evolution. Thoughts are something being born (ie created) just like the Universe, and a thought will gradually evolve into something big enough to inspire, heal or nurture others who in turn evolve and power up.
Take a Caterpillar for example.
It has a Mother and Father who were created by ancestors who immigrated so their future survives, creates, evolves.
They have babies which takes only takes what it needs to survive. Before going into a hybrid state hoping it’s done enough to evolve into the next stage which is a butterfly.
Spirit are the caterpillars. We are in the cocoon, the butterfly is Spirit Elders.
But one day the Butterfly will evolve into something else.
Everything organic or comes from something organic is constantly evolving into something better.
Cars started as bikes. Someone thought to put an engine in it and give it four weeks. The car is constantly evolving. Now they drive themselves, break for you, etc….we need to get off fossil fuels and use solar power.
The sun is a Mother. It creates live. It loves to create life. It’s why she gets upset when we dig and pick apart and poison and bomb earth.
She’s watching her baby be abused.
And we’re letting it happen.
So the higher evolved planets and beings come and comfort her.
The same way people are drawn to help those suffering.
It’s Love. Love creates, inspires, nurtures, and helps people evolve.
So you can be a nurturer or a parasite.
Parasites need a host to feed off or it dies out.
To die out ensures your demise thus ensuring your recycling.
When you get the balance right you evolve.
Helping others helps you and them evolve.
We need to help everything evolve and everything needs to help us.
Even Robots are evolving the same way Apes did.
Everything in creation be it in this existence and other existences on other planets in other galaxies in other black holes etc…evolves.
Computer chips, tvs, radios, music, fashion, religion, faith, planets, thoughts, cures, cars, animals, apes, bacteria, etc….everything….started with an explosion of something at some point creating it. Humans are meant to be raised by two parents. Not necessarily man and woman.
If you look at gay people.
Gay women and men have a male/female balance.
Some gay women are more feminine or masculine from their partner. Just like how some gay men are more feminine.
It means gay people have evolved past the need to be male female. They’re Spiritual beings who evolved past the need for one gender. It’s built in them to take a provider or nurturer role.
Providers play massively important roles in our and their evolution. They provide a way to feed and cloth and protect their loved ones so they can be happy.
If they do what they love they’ll be successful and happy.
If they do it for gain they die off and don’t get to evolve but neither will their loved ones hence the lessons to anyone who has children to raise.
Get it right and be happy and ensure your evolution.
But we have the choices to make. Our choices decide which way the ladder balances.
Kids need to grow up with parents who teach them how to be happy.
Not rich or successful but happy.
If you do what you love you’ll be happy and you’ll ensure your success.
Musicians and philosophers, artists, singers, tailors, inventor’s, Drs, scientists, ppl like me, writers etc….the really good ones will ALWAYS be successful because the really clever people are attracted to them and feel drawn to help that person and ensure their evolution and in return they get to watch something create be created so they can evolve beyond the norm.
Those beyond the norm are those who buy into the fear. They ensure their own demise. They will die out
If you do something for the fame, money, power or success your a parasite and you will die out.
There will always be people wanting to bake, create, cook, build etc….
People are drawn to things they love. It’s in us to have hobbies and passions. If you do what you love and tune yourself in to your reality you’ll evolve.
If you buy into the parasitic life style you’ll die out.
There are two versions of us. Based on the choices we make depends on whether we tip to the good version or bad.
Good Spirits help us evolve as do negative ones coz you either get it or not. Negative Spirits sit at the bottom being forced to evaluate their existence so they can learn from it when they get recycled.
But they are there to tip the balance. There is an equal and opposite, a good or bad, healthy, unhappy, happy, love, hate, etc…..because everything needs and opposite in order to create balance.
You can help or hinder your evolution and the evolution of everything else.
Even fire evolved.
Kids should not be fed toxins, or put in schools and left for the State to raise your kids. Your ensuring you kill off your child’s evolutionary process.
Just look at the number of famous home schooled people there are in history.
A patents most important role is to nurture they’re child to aspire to be something better. Our immigrating ancestors lead hard lives and evolved into what they needed to be so their progeny could evolve successfully into what they need to be who in turn raise happy kids who in turn grow up to evolve into what they need to be.
Each one helping the other in its evolution.
And you can either be a part of it or a part of the problem.
Look at all the civilizations that died out. They all have this in common.
That ruled with fear and war, got rich and fat and lazy sucking the life out of all forms of life (trees, land, humans, countries etc…just before they died out.
The planet either fought back and got rid of the parasite feeding off it organically with things like floods, earthquakes etc… or it died out because everyone involved tipped the scales out of their favour.
No one did anything to stop them and in turn they fought these parasites wars and dug their oil and ran their empires instead of just saying ‘Nah I’m not doing this any more I’m off to go fishing with my son’ instead they buy into the fear ‘oh my god…if I don’t fight I’ll be poor and bored and wont get anywhere in life and my government won’t like me.’ If your fighting for anything other than your own survival or to protect your family you will die out and won’t evolve and you’ll get recycled.
If you marry for money,  fame, power or position, etc…your doing to stunt your evolution.
Because only true love, honest love creates an evolution of something.
Scentists create cures for parasites that kill off the people and animals and plants etc….
Engineers create machines that help us evolve past the machine before it.
Inventors create things that help us evolve.
Musicians write/create  music than soothes us, makes us happy,  inspires us.
How many famous people start their life story with ‘I was X years old and I saw Y on TV singing, acting, painting, xyz and I knew it was what I wanted to do’.
It doesn’t really matter if your famous with it. It matters if you inspire people and help their creation evolvr.
Music makes people happy.
So does art, books, games,  tv and movies and sport.
All of which was created at some point in time by someone who created a big bang in their head.
And therefore they are a God in theory because a God is a creator of something.  It gives life to something….than then gets evolved into something else.
So think about cars again.
It started as a thought and had evolved into self driving non fossil fuel guzzling machines to help.
We’re not meant to be working to make money.
We’re supposed to be creating nurturing and evolving.
There are people out their with dreams of making clothes, breads, movies, food, medicine etc…
We’re supposed to be raising our children to be something good that helps the process or we fail the evolution of our ancestral line.
Spirit are guiding us because they want to be Spirit Elders,  The Council help The SE evolve, Aliens, Immigrants, Musicians  etc…and talented smart beings all have it right. They’re tuning in to their higher selves and following their pull to wander,  invent and create. Some People will always be happy to work.  As long as they have be and do what makes them happy they’ll bake the bread we need to eat or fix the cars that break etc …..we should be buying from the little businesses who make or do it for the love.
So we’d never stop having nice things. Take the money away and it’s done for love and a true Musician, Fashion Designer, Artist, Dr, Scientist, Writer etc …who genuinely loves what they do will do it just for the thrill of knowing you loved it.
So we will survive if we get rid of banks. It’s in our DNA to survive. We adapt and evolve or die out.
If we all just turned away from the stuff the parasites are trying to take have steal own or destroy they will die out or adapt and evolve.
We let it happen.
You have 7 billion people. Of 7 billion 7000 of them rule and dominate and the other 6 billion 993000 people are allowing it to happen.
The balance in our favour but we do nothing to tip the balance in our favour.
So we either evolve or die out.
The Cleansing is the tipping in our favour of the scales.
The 1% will die out and tip the scales so they go to the bottom and have to be recycled.
Because we are constantly evolving along side an infinite number of other beings in various levels of evolutionary progress. But without all of us working together to keep the balance we won’t evolve. None of us on any level of our evolutionary progress will evolve without helping each other.
Spirits,  insects, animals, humans, thoughts, music, art, stars, moons, planets, games, books, machines, planes, cars, even countries etc….all started at the same point of existence and all have evolved passed what they started as.
Without us looking after all of everything that exists we can’t help each other evolve.
People with the hardest lives are people on lower levels choosing the hardest lives to live so they can do something good to create, inspire, leave their mark. If your famous for the right reasons you got it right and you get to evolve. The key is to evolve beyond the need to be reincarnated so we can evolve and power up.
I know how too.
It’s so easy and those who don’t do it won’t evolve.
Because I’ve figured it all out.
Through me. Which is why my last lesson has been about me and working my life out so I’d make the connection.
And after all this time of looking for my elusive student and this whole time it was my husband.
He’s my student.
He’s the one who has sat and listened and taken it all in.
He’s working so he can take care of me so I can think and observe and figure it all out and no one knows me and my gift better.
He’s in turn doing art he loves which is making people feel good and inspired and he’s helping others by teaching those he’s drawn to on his journey by teaching them what I’ve taught him.
So some peoples roles are to help those creators by taking care of them so they’re not having to do things that take them away from doing what they need to do.
Because the creators help the evolutionary process on a grander scale.
And as long as a Creator is doing it for the love of it they’ll always be at the better end of the ladder.
We need them.
They find cures, create better things to help us, they get us better, teach us, nurture us, protect us, inspire us etc …
These countries that started putting bankers in jail, do citizens wages etc…have evolved beyond any country that goes to war, and who’s leaders are draining the earth of its resources in their need to have more and better.
People protesting are fighting for the survival of their species and trying to get away from the parasites who are trying to destroy it’s evolutionary process.
Anything that hurts another species is a parasite.
Racism, Feminism, Greed, Corruption,  War Mongering, Rape,  Violence, Big Business, etc…is a parasite that has to be stopped because while we allow it we stunt our growth.
So support your protestors if it’s for progress and evolution not for gain and power.
We should be working for the love of it. Because it’s what makes you happy.
If your good at it and learn to master your gift or talent people will be drawn to you and will want to support you.
The same way a handful of people feel drawn to donate money to me so I can so what I do.
They’re higher evolved beings who have trusted their intuition which told them this chick is on to something and if I help her do what she needs to do she will teach me how to evolve and I get to be apart of something huge that will make a massive difference to our evolution.
I don’t know where this will take me and i still have so much to say.
But this is the start of the cleansing as predicted.
After this we get rid of the last handfuls of parasites and then we evolve Woo hoo.
I’ll type the rest later. I did all this on my phone and now my battery has died.
So much still to say.
But now I know the people I’m to teach and what I’m meant to do.
But we need the cleansing first.
For now I can only teach those who pass the test and I can’t tell you what the test is.
You have to figure it out yourself.
But three women have just passed the test.

This is gonna be so much fun.
Pass the test and I’ll teach you.
Don’t figure it out and you have to go away and try harder. It’s that simple.
After the cleansing more people will start to figure it out and then I’ll be able to teach people on a greater level but my job is to educate people and offer them a way out of their unhappiness.
If you don’t listen I have to move on and concentrate on those who want to learn.
Those who want to learn will figure out how to pass the test.
Pass the test and I’ll personally mentor you into evolving and starting the process to evolving to my level.
I’m so happy.
I feel as light as air.
Still so much to say
Keep your heads down.
Keep safe.
It’s here. The cleansing has started to reach its climax.
It’s only a matter of time.
The parasites are about to lose.
Evolution as a species is soon upon us.

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27 thoughts on “Cleansing Prediction Come True

  1. “If your abusive and hurt and neglect your child your ensuring your evolutionary demise unless the child themselves decides ‘No I’m not going let my past affect me. I want to be a thinker, a healer, a creator, and I’m going to evolve beyond my environment. Thus creating a power up in their evolution.”

    This is me! I grew up thinking that I was fat and a nothing thanks to the wonderful words of my father. I have always said how the hell did I turn out normal? Because I decided a long time ago that I was going to be different than the rest of my family.

    “We’re not meant to be working to make money. We’re supposed to be creating nurturing and evolving” This is why I’m so miserable to go to work. The only thing I like about my job are my co-workers. I go to work because I have to and all I keep thinking about is how I want to help deliver babies! That’s what would make me happy!! I ended up going back to school but because of money I had to stop because I couldn’t handle school, full-time work and being a single mom. I’m hoping post cleansing it will be easier for me to dedicate my time to my happiness of helping people and their babies. That’s why you’re so happy because you love what you’re doing and you’re helping others.

    Today when I was helping someone in the forum about spirit elders I kept thinking about how I think that your going to be an elder next. You have evolved way more than anyone I have ever come across and I think helping someone and protecting them would be what you would want to do next. Lol I don’t know just a thought I guess 😅😅😅

    • Post Cleansing you will be whatever you want to be. Education will be for those who want it. School is a vaccine. We are sending our kids to prison every day coz we can’t be bothered raising them coz society dictates we must own stuff and pay taxes. It’s bull shit. Stuff will be created anyway coz it’s in us to create. But we will create to give it away. We’ll just let people have what they need. Without the exchange for money because the love of money is the root of all evil. We just need to help each other get to that point. You help me and I’ll help you. Your someone else who has just always gotten me. So I’m gonna teach you too Cortney.
      You help me to do what I do and in return I’ll teach you to evolve. That’s how people like me are meant to be doing it. Not paying me hundreds of dollars a session. Just helping me where you can any way you can. I’m considering getting rid of my fees and just doing a donation system. I’ll be trusting people not to abuse the privilege because I will be relying on them to help me survive. But my choldhood was like yours. I’ve realized that parenting has a lot to do with how we evolve. The ones who fight for evolving like you and I learn faster than those who parents let the Cancer raise them. And it is a cancer. Government and State and royals and celebrity is a cancer eating away at society.
      The cleansing is the Marijuana eating away at it to kill it. So to speak. But you either nurture your child or you kill their evolution. That’s why Homeschool kids grow up to be so successful. Everything I’ve just learned has been about me putting all the pieces of thr puzzle together. I’ve figured it all out. I feel incredible. I’m a kid from poor immigrant ancestry who has figured out the universe. My parents weren’t perfect but they nurtured my gift and helped me figure out my gift. Immigrants are so important to culture and society. Without them we become a parasite. Keep your country pure and you insure your demise. That’s why those 5 countries are in so much trouble. It can’t be invitation only. It has to be ‘come one come all just don’t take more than you need’. I don’t want hand outs. Just buy my vouchers. I’ll earn it myself. Pay what’s fair. Sort of thing. Or pay me to teach you how to help you evolve. It will weed out those who are ready to evolve from those who stoll have so many lessons to learn very quick.
      My life has changed in an instant yesterday. I’m no longer confused about my purpose or afraid. I’ll take help from anyone willing to help me help them.
      I’ve got so much to say. There’s still so much to say. You better be prepared to do a lot of reading.

      • I would be honored to be taught by you. You have taught me so much already. You’ve verified that im diing right by my daughter. You were my shoulder to cry on when I had to put my Chopper down. Tomorrow will be 6 months since I let him leave the physical world and I still get upset and tear up when I think about how he isn’t here. It made it so much easier to know that he is always here with me the second I think about him. You made me understand spirits which made it easier to come to terms that he is okay. He is way more than okay and he’s looking out for my daughter and I.

        OK rambling aside 🙂 Aside from being anxious, I just want this to be over. I’m so exhausted and I notice that once we get closer and closer I get more and more drained. I want change. I’m so tired of all the hate that gets thrown around everywhere. Bring on the cleansing, the world needs it, we need it so we can be a better race and just all help each other.

      • I totally agree about school. Some people succeed despite it, but homeschooling is so the way to go. You can let the children learn what they want and how they want….which is the best way to get them interested. Rather than the cookies cutter, one size fits all schools. Sadly, in this country, such a thing is not possible yet, not only because a lot of parents are probably not capable of doing it, but also how we’ve been forcibly evolved into two income families in order to survive. I could go on, but it would be a long discussion for another day. This is the gist of it. 🙂

        I’ve not been following the news report too much–it can be very draining just to hear more of the same. Although I did just hear this week of a cop getting shot by someone claiming a “Muslim cause.” Just walked up to his car an unloaded on him. But you’re exactly right Cortney, they use fear to control our thoughts and actions. It’s such an effective tool, because it overrides logic as survival instinct kicks in. And fear comes in so many form, we have no idea how many strings they have attached to us that they pull at their pleasure. It’s not just the big bad boogeymen, but even in our every day lives, in so many small ways……another topic I could go on and on about for pages.

      • Fear is a very effective tool. If I feared for my life or my child’s life I’d probably be the same way. Doing what’s expected of me etc but even before I knew that America was behind ISIS I didn’t hate all Muslims and group them up saying all Muslims are bad. I was still rational about it. I still treated everyone equally even though I grew up with my parents both being racist. (My mother was raped by a group of Hispanic guys when she was in her teens.) So I can see why she would be that way but it still doesn’t justify hating a whole group of people. I guess that’s part of the whole being more evolved that Debbie was talking about. I will be friends with anyone unless I get a bad feeling about them then I stay far away. But I let my instincts and the person’s actions or words determine how I feel about them.

    • Oh and see how they’re saying Muslims attacked those women in Germany? It’s a set up. Men were sent in to do it so noone will take in Muslim immigrants coz they want to eradicate them like they did the Jews. They being the Parasites. They want us to hate them like they all wanted us to hate Jews. They’re trying to start a war. That’s why they’re doing these stupid random attacks by apparent crazed gunmen etc….but I’m not afraid to say it coz I know for this Cancer it’s nearly over. We are so close to tipping the balance back in our favour I can taste it. I feel so free. So happy. Any so called Psychic who doesn’t think on this level is a Parasite. Harsh but true.
      I’m desperate to talk to people lol

      • That’s the only way the government knows how to control us, by making people fear each other. They know it worked in the past with WWII so now they’re trying to do WWIII not fully understanding that another world war is going to destroy this planet.

        I can’t wait until you can talk freely about everything you know lol I’m going to absorb it like a sponge!

  2. Wow just wow. I can’t even put my thoughts together after reading all that.

    I hope I can give my child what i didnt get. Enouragement and freedom to follow their passion n to do what they love.
    I struggled in my studies pursuing a field i had no interest in because my dad deemed it fit to earn good money. I struggled with my job always feeling unfulfilled. It wasnt till i had my daughter that i could get away from that rut. Thankful to hubby for allowing me spend a few years at home nurturing not only her (i felt like i found my purpose) but giving me the opportunity of time to be creative. Something i realised later i craved so much at my old job.
    Still a struggle between my parents thoughts and mine. For them it has always been work work work.
    But for me theres got to be more to life then slaving ur life working for money.
    I just wish it was easier finding my role in bringing that balance.

    Can’t wait for this new time u speak of..what will this new evolution look like? Will we all evolve or only certain people enough to tip the scale for the better?

    Looking forward to hearing more from u (your poor fingers writing all that from your phone) and hooray for better times to come

    Thank you for always giving me more pieces to add to my puzzle. Long way to go till complete but you have got me started xox

    • Oh don’t worry Jess, I know your childrens futures remember? your a wonderful Mum but also they have a Dad which helps so much. Children are happier with two parents. Gender isn’t important, it is the masculine, feminine balance than helps a child grow balanced. You know the classic Mum Dad roles? That is what every child needs. It doesn’t need to be male female either. In every relationship even gay ones you will have this same balance. But unfortunately Feminism has destroyed this dynamic because they have made the male role in a childs life so insignificant and poor men have been getting a bad rap in all of this. I am in no way saying a child isn’t happy in a single parent family either. What I am saying is for a while to grow up balanced and happy they need to be with both parents. They need both roles in order to start their live as an adult balanced as well. It needs to be a cycle of love, balance, evolution. I have so much respect for single parents. Especially these poor Mums and Dads who do it without help from the other or support from the other. But your right. When your doing a job you don’t love it’s just you slaving to make someone else money. But not everyone is able to just chuck in their job to do what they love, however after the cleansing that is exactly what people will be encouraged to do.
      We will have many people who dreamed of being writers, singers, artists or actors who will fail abysmally but that just means they weren’t honest with each other and maybe didn’t have the talent they thought they did lol but for the rest it means you’ll have a world where more people are doing it for the love rather than the money which makes for a happier world. You’ll have employers treating their staff like family and all workers getting good wages, rights, medical, etc….on every continent in the world.
      We will have forests growing lushy green trees, and plants and animals will roam free. Hunting animals for anything other than for food or defense will receive life time serving punishments. So that man that shot poor Cecil that rich Dentist, and all who set up that hunt will get like 30 years plus etc….we will get rid of the death penalty but the Time will fit the punishment. We will do things like instead of experimenting on animals they will test the drugs on convicted murderers and serial killers, child molesters and rapists etc……we will advance in technology by 50 years in the first year after the cleansing because all these companies that threatened and killed and destroyed these men and woman who invented free energy machines and engines and those who found cures for cancers and AIDS etc……will be free to come forward without fear and it means that gas, water and electricty companies that have ruled for over a century, with their extortionate prices and fees for paying late etc……will burn in hell over night because all we will do is have a box on our house that takes the sun and converts and stores energy. Each house on the planet will be given one unless they have alternative sources themselves and we will have solar panels and houses and cars will no longer need anything on this planet to run it. No water, no coal, no gas, nothing, just the good ole Sun. We wont eat like we used to. We will go back to simpler times when take always were a treat not a meal. But we will have citizens wages and so people won’t have the pressure to work so more people will be doing what they love rather than what they HAVE to do. You’ll see a lot of disabled or retired people who have wanted to work but weren’t allowed to doing the jobs in supermarkets and stores instead of all the people who were working minimun wage and long hours at a Asda, WalMart, Countdown etc…but they’ll be so happy to be there so people will enjoy shopping and it wont be a hassle and all grumpy and no one will be on minimum wages, everyone will have medical, and dental etc…..we will go back to the days when all the little towns and villages are bustling with people on a Saturday going to the Ma and Pa Bakers and Tony the Butchers and Mr and Mrs Brown run the Post Office and you get a coffee ordered for you and hubby who just popped off the get onions and peppers from Jo the Fruit and Veg guy….ya know what I mean? Everyone will help everyone again. You’ll have the local boys mowing lawns and doing errands for all the housewives and pensioners in the neighbourhood and all the girls will do babysitting and laundry for theirs etc….You know what it was like growing up in New Zealand babe. You know that image us kids had of the US in the 1950s? It will be like that but globally. But like……in their own cultural way lol People will be able to travel the globe no questions asked. You’ll need to register if you want to live and work there but it’s just so they can keep track of things. It won’t be like it is now where you need Visa’s and stuff. You won’t need to be an illegal immigrant any more. It will be a case of ‘What skill can you bring to the table, how can we help you set up business?’ Ya know what I mean? Because immigrants boost the economy and bring culture. So you not only get one more business paying wages and keeping distribution centers going etc….but that is one more person bringing in an income to the area which is great for the economy. Trade will be fairer. No one will tolerate wearing jeans that cost £5 and the life of a half a dozen Chinese/Indian/Pakistani/Turkish/Bangladeshi kid/employers anymore. We will pay £25 for a good pair of jeans that last longer, fit better and make your ass look fantastic instead because yes it will cost more but we will be able to afford it, and we will know the person who made it worked a normal 9-5 job with good wages and over time available and they have free medical and dental and pensions. For those of us who don’t want to work once the citizens wage is in can just go off and do their thing and as long as they aren’t hurting or taking anything from any living being to do it, more power to them. But some of us will want to keep working and we will be the ones who become the new wealthy. You will get out of it what you put in to it basically. Some people will bank their citizens wage and live off their actual wage, some will give up work but start a business they have dreamed about since they were 21, some will retire, some will come out of retirement, some will take up hobbies some will just travel and others will sit on their bums and do nothing. But you will get back what you put in so if you don’t do something to help anyone in your community at least once in a while they no one will help you and we will be all about communities in the new world.
      You’ll have elderly and retired folk watching the kiddies while Mum pops into work for some emergency (obviously it will be people who aren’t in wheelchairs or have memory and balance issues, you know who I mean there are trillions of seniors now who have more energy than kids do lol) we will cook meals for the lady next door who’s alone while her hubby is in hospital etc….we will take care of each other. Not all up in each others faces but remember growing up in NZ as a kid everyone knew the neighbours by their car and who lived in the house, you could ask them for sugar and bring in their mail if they went away, maybe even know them by name and have a drink at Xmas etc…..Christmas won’t be about a million presents any more. Sure we will buy but it won’t be the obsession it is now. We will have new holidays to add to the calendar and it will be to do with the celebration of the birth of the new world and we will stop pummeling this poor poor planet.
      Oh my God, if you all could hear the sounds of the planet in pain you couldn’t survive it mentally. It’s the same sound a Whale makes kind of but deeper. Whales are her favourite. They connect. But we will all cut back on the massive consumption of meat. All the beasts will get to live longer, happy lives. They will give their live if we give them a good life. They know how it works. But we don’t need meat 7 days a week. We aren’t designed for it. We are designed to have meat if we could hunt it but it wasn’t guaranteed. So we will live healthier lives. Anyone who gets themselves morbidly obese in the new world will be left to fend for themselves basically. They will have to pay for the services they need unless they get a gastric band fitted which they will have to pay for. You’ll have to put in some amount of effort to be morbidly obese in the new world though lol
      people will be happier because no one will be worried about debt and money. People won’t be depressed any more. We will no longer have diseases like cancer and AIDS and Parkinsons etc….hanging over our heads. We will live looooong lives. We will find ways to almost reverse the signs of aging so women in their 80’s will look 30 and so on. Women in their 00’s will look 50’60s lol
      But the cleansing is in full swing now. Spirit said it can’t be stopped now. It’s all coming down like dominos, so we stay in doors and ride it out. ‘Demons get desperate when they’re about to die’.
      Every day another big wig company or country or CEO or Celebrity gets torn down and destroyed. It’s all coming down now and they’re all about to start throwing each other on to a bus next so watch for that one. One of the things I was shown as a Teen/20’s was these people throwing each other under a bus to save themselves. Sacrificial lambs to the slaughter to divert attention away from them but these lambs will start doing down fighting. So you’ll have someone taken down and they’ll say ‘it wasn’t me it was XYZ’ and ‘XYZ saying no it wasn’t me it was ABC’ and ABC saying ‘Fuck you bitch I have proof’ and BOOM XYZ goes down as well as the people around her and the companies she’s involved in and family get investigated and then come charges and prison and humiliation and ridicule. There are people out there right now celebrating the fact they got some poor person fired or some poor soul kicked out of their home for a dollar not realizing that by this time next year they will be either a) Dead or b) In prison and penniless.
      For those that don’t try to run of course but that will be what Bounty Hunters are for lol
      And it will be a busy lucrative business too lol
      People will be allowed to be weird and odd and a bit bloody kookie.
      If men want to wear women’s clothes and a full beard as long as they aren’t hurting anyone or anything more power to them.
      If you want to worship God, Allah, Buddha, a Teaspoon or a Bath Mat as long as it makes you happy and your not hurting anyone or any thing then that is wonderful.
      Because in the world we are moving too, no one is going to give a f*** what you do or who you are as long as your not hurting anything or any one then your welcome to it. Be as weird as you like. The simple rule will be ‘I shall not by my own actions cause lose or harm to any living being’.
      Apart from that, you can do what you like. We will have laws of course. We will relax some laws like prostitution and drugs, and be harder and tougher with others like ‘child sex offenders will get an automatic 25 years and go on drug trial programs is they had multiple victims’ (I don’t know if it will be that for sure I’m just using that as an example, to give you a rough idea of what I mean).
      Politicians and Presidents, Prime Ministers and A list celebrities will come down next. As well as the larger companies like Cocoa Cola, BIG scandals. BIG billion dollar scandals. There is going to be a lot of celebrities coming undone too because a lot of them will start throwing each other under the bus lol many many A Listers will come undone. Some will try to recover from it but they will look pathetic and desperate. Huge scandals too, fake marriages, fake kids, kind of scandals, rituals and slavery, underage and I mean toddler based sex scandals and just like ‘He killed Kurt Cobain’ kind of big scandals. In Government sectors too, it’s going to be everywhere. Every day you’ll see 3-4 big timers in their fields being crushed by the truth and justice and karma. Tons and tons of Karma. All these people who have ruled and terrorized and hounded and beaten and laughed at and tormented and bullied and threatened and destroyed and evicted and crushed and belittled and humiliated will be lucky to escape with their lives. These landlords and CEOS and like all those tiny testicled men and women who have lied, stolen, cheated, bullied, threatened, blackmailed, killed, harrassed or hurt anyone or thing will all need to watch theirs because something is coming and they’re all coming down. The K family will be one of the first this year to come undone and I have a weird feeling it could be GaGa too. Like all of them who have something to hide will be uncovered and exposed because they will start trying to take each other down. You’ll see Kim Kardashian opening a Curry House for $100 next year lol Coz as well a lot of banks are going to start calling in on these peoples debts so credit cards and loans, mortgages and favours will start being collected and it’s going to wipe out about 85% of the rich and famous there and then. And more and more we will see incredible acts of love and humanity. We haven’t reached the pinnacle yet but it is coming and it’s close. Really close. I can feel it. I went outside the other day and it felt like everything was holding it’s breathe. The trees, the wind, the birds, the flowers etc……animals, everything…it all felt like it was holding it’s breathe. usually I hear them breathing so to speak. So I know it’s coming.
      What we get after it will be worth it though. And there is nothing they can do now. It’s too late. The domino’s have already started coming down. They’re doomed and one of the first to go might be to do with the Bush family based on a dream I had last night. It was the son in particular. Standing in his door way having tried to come out side and being papped and snapped. He looked as grey and puckered as an elephants ass.
      But I was seeing it from the side of the Pappers. I should of made myself go into the house, bollocks. I keep forgetting I can do that lol I used to be so good at it but I’m so busy now I forget I can do cool stuff lol
      Anyway I hope this has helped. Your right about the money. Money isn’t evil, it’s the love of money that is evil. Doing what you love and having what you love is so much more important than doing it for the money. Anyone who doesn’t get that will get recycled and have to come back. But soon there will be enough of us to tip the balance and then we will have good triumphing over evil once and for all. It’s started though, oh my God it’s started. And I can’t tell you how weird it is seeing my images from my head over the last 20 plus years playing out on the news lol

      • While this comment deserves a much longer reply, I don’t have it in me to address it all. All I can say is, as desperately as we need this, I just hope it holds off for at least a couple months. A lot more people are going to be hurt/die if this starts going down in the dead of winter.

      • I agree J dub but either way it will probably be cold somewhere in the world. Even if it’s summer here, it’ll be winter in the southern hemisphere 🙁

      • I think you know as well as I do they’re manipulating the weather. Winter will end in a couple of weeks and they’ll start trying to fuck about with Summer too. They want ppl inside shopping.

      • Well Cortney, summer and winter aren’t our only two options. 🙂 Plus the southern hemisphere, if I’m not mistaken, is much less densely populated. I would suspect, but could be completely wrong, that it won’t be nearly as bad down there because of far fewer population centers. Plus if you hit the edge of winter, it’s possible to be more mild, less frigid.

        Although I hadn’t really considered weather manipulation. If they can end winter in a couple weeks HERE, I’ll be just as impressed as I am horrified. Geez, they really want people shopping bad enough to change the weather? Should have just concocted a bogus holiday. Seems much easier.

      • It’s kind of amazing. As good as they’ve gotten at understanding how to control people, they still don’t know thing one about how we tick.

      • Is it possible for a child to grow up balanced if one parent both provides a masculine / feminine environment? My daughter’s preschool teacher told me that my daughter is the youngest child at the school by far the most well behaved. I’m worried about myself but I was wondering if it’s possible for a single parent to provide a masculine/feminine environment and still raise a child to grow up to be a balanced individual?

        I also saw this link and immediately thought of you Deb! But this girl is 22 years old and they’re saying that she is a physics genius! Too bad you couldn’t get a hold of her and see if she could have a explanation for everything

      • Baby don’t confuse happiness with balance. Single parents are the strongest of all parents secondly only to parents of disabled children in my opinion, no one has it harder.
        Your daughter will grow up happy and loved, nurtured and cared for and that’s all a kid could ever ask for.
        But kids need two parents.
        The Masculine, Feminine balance is important in that in order for a child to develop a good understanding of life and the roles we play as participants of life, they need to know the roles we all play in a way that only two parents can provide.
        For example, she will learn how to handle her own relationships with men based on what she has seen from you and learned from you. If she has a Dad (step or not) who loves her like his own (or coz she is) he will provide her with the sort of things women just can’t give them. Like…..for example (and I’m talking about in the average/ideal/typical home) she will learn from you to work hard, and love her children and treat them as equals, and be responsible, and so on but the Masculine energy makes the child feel safer, more protected, special, etc….the masculine role in anyones life is as protector and provider, Dad is the softer one with daughters, and he will be the biggest influence of all when it comes to dating because if your Dad is a good Dad you look for those features in your own man. Now I say Dad but I mean Masculine. Lesbian and Homosexual relationship work exactly the same way.
        G will always feel safe and protected with you but if her Dad was in the home and someone tried to open the front door and walk in, it would be her Dad she went to first. NOW!!!! I’m NOT saying get back with her Dad. I am NOT saying your not doing a wonderful job with her. G will grow up to be a happy, smart, loved, protective, hard working, honest, kind and caring because her Momma is a Goddess.
        But when you get her a Step Dad (and you will) if she loves him (and she will) you’ll see a whole new G all together.
        In the ideal world you’d both be home raising her together throughout her entire life until she leaves for University or gets a job or whatever she wants to do. 99.9% of animals stay with their young until they are mature. Humans should be no different. A child will never learn the things they should while they’re at school. School wastes so much time. There is never enough of the stuff they should be doing and too much of the things they shouldn’t be doing. University should only be for those who need it because they want to be Lawyers and Doctors and stuff not to do pointless qualifications and have parties. For 90% of the kids who rack up shit loads of debt going to Uni, very few come out of it with a job they can use in the real world.
        So many people get into debt because they know they should go to Uni but there is really nothing there they like so they just do some classes that sound fun and hope they find something they like.
        People who can afford to waste time and money like that are usually the rich kids who can’t embarrass the parents by not going to Uni so they waste time by having parties and taking pointless classes.
        They usually do Art in some capacity lol
        But we should be home, we should be raising our kids together as a couple (whoever the Mum and Dad are as long as there are two) and they should home with us 24/7.
        We should be teaching them to read and write and showing them how to get on in life through living it.
        Schools are indoctrination camps basically. They vaccinate the will and hope out of the children because the Teachers aren’t allowed to have any kind of Soul any more.
        In my day you were allowed to hug a child if they were sad or ill. Now you get fired or in the least investigated. Teachers are prevented from any sort of connection with the kids and there is no funding so often Teachers are stretched too thin with the equipment and supply of stationary etc…..they aren’t allowed to be free thinking and imaginative and it creates over worked, under paid, tense and often very angry Teachers. When I was working at the School and Kindys back in NZ I was astonished at how angry some of the Teachers were. One of them was so aggressive, if she was a teacher today (she’s be in her 80s now) she would be fired. She used to drag the kids by the arms and slam them down on chairs and stuff and it was horrible to watch. It broke my heart because her kids weren’t naughty kids by any stretch but she just lost her love of Teaching and that is heart breaking to see.
        But you have nothing to fear or worry about. And certainly nothing to be ashamed of. Your doing a wonderful job and G is a lucky, lovely, happy little girl. You should be so proud. I couldn’t cope as a single Mum. I’d have to take them home to NZ so my siblings could help.
        But when she gets her Step Daddy, you watch how much she changes.
        I’m in no way saying that a single parent is less of a parent.
        But I’ve seen my sisters and sister in laws struggle and Mum was pretty much a single parent with Dad always in the Army and it’s always easier when you have two pair of hands, two incomes, two voices, two opinions, two hearts, two minds, and one on each side to hold your hand and hold her up.
        Anyone who said it’s easy being a single parent isn’t being honest with themselves.
        Not everyone is cut out to be a single parent. It takes the strength of a Lion/ness. Not everyone can parent. Some shouldn’t be parents to be honest. But even studies show kids who are raised in an environment where they parents are together and show affection for each other, and have defined roles as Masculine, Feminine energies the children thrive.
        G is a perfect little seed, growing beautifully in the garden with one half of the sun poking through the tree but if she had the other half of the sun she would be as big as the tree.
        Unfortunately for me, most Science wouldn’t give me the time of day. I’ve created a new Science and they don’t even understand the old one, they don’t believe in the Paranormal the way I do, most wouldn’t entertain the idea of me and what I can do.
        I’m just lucky our Geek friends who are Scientists are open minded but they all say their Professors and Bosses would label me a Nut Case. And they don’t even know about this new ability lol

      • Aww thanks 🙂 I do my best and she’s a happy and healthy little stink bug so I must be doing something right 🙂 I laughed so loudly when you said that you were in no way saying I should get back with her father because you could bribe me with all the money in the world, you could tell me he was THE one, I would rather stay single forever than get back together with him. 😁😁😁 We have different views on what a daddy really is. But anyway I’ve heard about the studies they’ve done when a child has a healthy relationship with a masculine and a feminine personality and the children are so much more advanced and successful in everything that they do.

  3. Well, gee, aren’t I glad I recently took up writing again. Let’s just hope I turn out to be a good one. lol

    This is a very deep and thought provoking post. I loved it. I especially loved the big reveal of your elusive student. You have no idea how big my smile was upon reading that, and for several sentences thereafter….oops, here it comes again. 😀

    I really connect with your ‘many Gods’ concept too. I have often ponder…for fun lol…..that age old, unanswerable question “why are we here?” And this concept is actually quite analogous to the satisfying answer I cam up with for that question.

    It’s mind blowing how you came to all of this in an instant. I’m curious, and this may just be a rhetorical question, what exactly you were doing at the moment it struck. I only say that because of what you’re off doing this weekend, I wonder if you were put in a position and mindset that put you energetically closer to the answer, making it easier to snap to it. It along the line of a theory of sorts I posted to the forum yesterday about why/how close couples can start to read each others thoughts or know what each is about to say. Because love is so much like Spirit, it puts you closer to them to pick up the “perks” (i.e. telepathy).

    Thankfully most of this blog is just restating the same point. Otherwise it’s too long to EVER craft a proper response to everything in it. However…….

    “I’ve figured out life, death, evolution, good, bad, learning, love, marriage, procreation, aliens, why dinosaurs died out, civilizations, black holes, time, everything.”

    Talk about the ultimate tease. 😀

  4. I stumbled upon your post “Never Ignore the signs of communication” Which was a great read, very informative and enlightening. After reading the post, I read your first post about the cleansing! And I cannot explain to you how spot on you were with how I have been feeling! I am 19, and have always had this sense of knowing. I know I am gifted in some way but I know I have a long way too go. I have seen plenty of evil in this world, especially in my life. I have seen the pain and suffering of others because of this corrupted system, society, and how living in this society effects us. My mother was a heroin addict. My sister always had anger towards her because of it. I have and never will be angry with my mother, because I understand her pain. She lost her brother and father at a young age, and it just damaged her soul. It’s hard to put in words how to express how I can understand why she did heroin, but I have always understood why and it has always made sense to me. Because my mom was a heroin addict, my mothers mother, (my nana) took care of me for years. She was the best woman, full of light, and love, she would help anyone. She was killed in 2012 in an home invasion by a heroin addict looking for a fix. Her death gave him $162 to buy his heroin. I was 16 at the time, just a freshman in high school. Losing my first loved one was hard, but my nana? It hit me so hard. It changed me and I am thankful. I understand more about life, myself, my family, my spirituality, and more about the world because of her death. Because she died my freshman year, it made me grow up fast. I didn’t care about prom, I wasn’t interested in high school. I began to see things differently. After I graduated high school, I got really depressed because I really started to see how sick the society we live in is. I felt like no one felt this way, and with each day it got worse. I now have been feeling like something is going to go down, because the way things are going haven’t been right. Education today is irrelevant it’s about passing numbers and scores not learning, everything is too convienient for us, there is so much pain and suffering because of this world. We can’t be generous and help someone out because we are too occupied with trying to get by for our families, let alone help others. Maybe if the government didn’t steal from everyone, we would all be more generous and kind. I feel everything you are saying about the cleansing, I understand what you are saying, and I have understood it way before I found your post today. I am only nineteen but I feel like i’ve been here and I know so much. I just understand things. I’m so happy I found your post, I feel like I really relate to you and what you are saying. I always felt a sense of knowing, my nana always told me I was special. After she died I really woke up and understood more. After she died I began to naturally astral project in my sleep. I will wake up in a sleep paralysis state, but what is crazy is I know I am awake not asleep, I can’t move, and everything in me is buzzing like crazy! It felt like I had a beehive in my ear, it’s so loud! If I don’t hear the buzzing or vibrating it sounds like a radio with voices speaking. But I can never stay in the state I am in, I get scared and always make myself come out of it everytime. It’s happened for years now. I still don’t know what exactly it means. I also feel like I have some empathic gift but I am still learning on how to strengthen my natural gifts. I JUST KNOW I have them. But I don’t know how to use them correctly I am still new to this. Well sorry my post is so long, I am so happy I found you and will be keeping up from now on. I believe in everything you said, I wouldn’t doubt it for a second. I have a gut feeling that because its obama’s last year in office, and everything that’s been happening lately, Things are going down this year I know it. I feel like an old soul, like I could never fit in with my generation and society. But that is because our purpose isn’t to work 40 hours a week. Humans right now make me sick. We consume and consume, we litter, we are selfish, we hurt others, we are destroying the environment and it needs to stop. The system is sickening and turning people into monsters. We need to be the change!

  5. Hi Debbie, I am a very happy I was able to find your blog, maybe Spirit led me to you so that I could finally get some clarity and help. I have been trying to find a way to reach you for the past few days, I also sent you a message on the forum. I have been going through a really difficult time lately, I don’t know if it has been some kind of spiritual awakening but its been a lonely experience. I don’t have anyone to really talk to about all this. I saw a psychic a couple months back who really frightened me about “negative energy” around me or a spirit or something of that sort and I have been so confused and worried and totally upset by all of this. I have always been a very sensitive, empathic person from a young age and viewed the world differently than most as well as a bit different then my family so this has sometimes been a lonely road. I have gone through some really difficult times in my life and maybe you could help explain some things to me. I could REALLY use some help and guidance as I have felt lost. I would be happy to pay for a session or even a moment of your time regarding this-do you still offer a reading or anything? Thank you so much in advance and for your kindness and all the hard work you do giving back to the world.