Orbs explained

I’m sitting here waiting for the boss to connect so I can get started on updating my Blog when I happened to flick the TV over to Really. Which is playing My Ghost Story.

If your not familiar with it, it’s a show where every man and his dog has captured evidence of the Paranormal while recounting their stories.

You get to see the evidence they have collected and hear their stories.

I was banned from watching this show by my ex husband because I spent so much time screaming at the TV  and I exhaust myself and piss everyone off.

Bloody Fuckin Nora,………………I mean. Who teaches these people this stuff? It’s not the people on the show I’m pissed off at, it’s the people that are teaching these people this shit that I want to punch in the throat.

If any of you so called Psychics, Sensitives, Clairaudiychics and Paranormal Investigators are going out and telling people that this stuff is true and documented fact that scratches mean attack, and 3 being the Holy trinity and light streaks are Angels, growls and groans means evil or and shit like that you should be ashamed of yourself.

I am the one who has to fix what you break in people and I can’t keep up with it all. I’m emailing on average 380 people a WEEK because people are terrified of what they have been told is in their house, or attached to their family or loved ones in Spirit.

Let me tell you something, in just a few months time the world is going to become a very different place and there will be no room at the end of it for people like you.

I am going to make it my mission to travel the globe in however many ways I can to show people that what they know about Death and the Paranormal is wrong and I’ll tell you something else which I take great pride in.

If ANY of you have lied, stolen, cheated, robbed or bribed your way to getting one penny off an innocent you can be sure Spirit are going to have a nice little bed for you in darkness on the other side.

I am NOT talking about those who don’t charge, or charge little who genuinely believe what they know is truth. Those who use their gift or knowledge to try and help people.

I’m not talking about you. If it’s genuine and it helps not hurts I am NOT talking about you.

But you will ALL know the kind I’m talking about.

I have never understood for one minute how I was chosen for this life. Because we are assigned certain lives. We don’t get to choose them all. Well we do, we can say No to one we are asked to do but there are some lives assigned to people because it will be required in order to evolve up. So basically I know when I die I get a choice. I can come back to a really lovely life, I can be an Elder, I can stay and help people who have passed over, or I can be a Spirit traveling the Universe teaching and experiencing existence and evolution.

So this means when I die I should be allowed to chose what I do next. Being an Elder would be the logical next step then hopefully a Spirit Elder after that.

Children, the disabled,  homeless, mentally challenged, victims of war, murder etc…..good souls etc…..get the highest positions. But there are ones beyond that up to The Council I’m still figuring out. But I’m totally going off on a tangent now lol

Anyway, I’m the last person who should be this Spiritual Teacher because I’m so pissed off with people ALL the time. I have no patience for greed, ruthlessness and arrogance. But to take money and misrepresent Spirit REALLY pisses me off. I’m a grumpy bissom without a big gob and too many observations for most people to handle. I’m an acquired taste.

People who try to tell me about me, and my gift like they think they’re experts on it because they have been doing tarot for 6 months.

People who take money from those desperate for hope that their loved ones are safe on the other side KNOWING you have no gift whatsoever but your just really good at cold reading. Charging poor widows $250,000 to release the demon holding her husbands soul from going to heaven because he did bad business dealings she didn’t know about when he was alive, KNOWING the only talking to the other side they do is talking out their ass.

Those who do investigations wearing trench coats and wear all black and have logos like P.I.S.S (Paranormal Investigators of South Shields) hahahahahahahaha who swan up to peoples houses and businesses with their EMF detectors and digital recorders who tell the owners there are demons and other scary entities in their home/business because they misread the information put in front of them. But WORST STILL are the ones who investigate for the rights of bragging on their websites who know there are trapped Spirits in the house/building and do NOTHING to help them.

I’m putting an offer out to anyone in the UK now, if you have anything in your house that you need sorting out, come to me, I’ll do it.

To those of you who live outside the UK please just give me a little time. I am amassing an Army of Spirit Warriors, all over the US, Romania, Holland, UK and NZ who I’m personally training. So they will eventually start their own Blogs to reach out to people in their areas who need help.

I’m making it my mission to release as many trapped Spirits and cleansing as many houses and buildings as I can and I’ll teach and educate along the way so eventually my tree has hundreds of branches and my branches will eventually have leaves that produce their own branches and so on.

I will go on any TV show, any Radio show, any magazine who will have me so I can reach as many people as possible and with my students help within a year people will know my work and my purpose. Which is to educate the world about Spirit, and help people understand they are nothing to fear. And also to teach people how to let Spirit guide them to perfect balance and happiness.

One of the things that upsets me most of all on these shows is when the person takes a photo and they see streaks of light and say it’s a Spirit. Or she said Ghost which Spirit hate most of all. The words Ghost and Alien are as offensive to them as the N word is to Black people and the F word to gay people.

But this streak of white light was right next to a row of white lights. The woman in the prison who was convinced there were a ton of green streaks of Spirits next to a row of green lights. Not one of them stops to think it’s exposure. They all automatically assume and ran with the theory it was a Spirit.

The truth is if you take a photo and see streaks of light, you can automatically throw it out if:

  1. The colour of the streak matches the colour of the lights in the room.
  2. If there is a reflective surface near the streak
  3. The camera was not on a tripod.

My ex is a professional photographer. He has had exhibits back in his day before he got into gaming art and when he watches these shows he knows the names of all the anomaly and he said ‘If the investigator doesn’t set his camera down on a steady surface like a table or Tripod when he or she takes a shot, it can immediately be thrown out when something shows up’.

See…..with digital cameras nowadays they have them on Automatic settings so the camera will adjust itself depending on what it thinks the picture needs judging by how much light is in the room. It will pixilate anything it can’t recognize. So if your investigator doesn’t hand set all the settings the camera needs for that particular environment you can discharge the photo immediately.

Those streaks of light that are in the same colour as the light in the room is when the shutter speed is on the wrong setting and over exposes the light that is in the room. The same can be said for a lot of ectoplasm or mist photos.

Not all, some are genuine, but 99% of them aren’t.

So any time you see someone taking a photo and it’s not on a tripod of hard flat surface, takes a pic and it shows something, discard it.

If the camera hasn’t been set by hand to work in the conditions it is to take photos, ie night time with low light, etc…….you can throw the pictures out.

99% of all the photos people have caught in mirrors or glass, picture frames or window aren’t even Spirits. It is all tricks of light and or that thing your brain does where it will recognize a face in any pattern.

People actually have been told that the faces in her curtain are trapped Spirits or not even trapped, Spirit. People ACTUALLY believe dead people who lived, loved, ate, slept, worked, laughed, played, cried, made love, played with toys, read books, had families, got married, had babies, thought, planned, hurt, and died chose to spend their afterlife sitting in your curtains or carpet or in rusty spots in mirrors etc….but it’s not Spirit at all. It’s just a trick on the brain because our brain is conditioned to recognize faces the minute we are born. Long before we even know language we know facial recognition.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense, but it makes sense because it’s a simple answer. Everything Spirit are and do is simple. It’s ignorance that makes it so complicated and I honestly think it is why I have such a loyal following, because they understand me and get where I’m coning from. Because they are all smart, very intelligent people who know that nothing about Spirit needs to be complicated.

The Paranormal is not a complicated science. Nothing Spirit say or do is hard to figure out. It’s only when you get to my level of experience you start to get into Quantum Physics and things like String Theories and stuff. Theoretical Physics is totally my bitch at the moment. Oh my Blob it doesn’t half turn me on.

But I doubt you’ll get to have these conversations with your average Psychic, Scentiant or Medium. The dead are more than just messages from Granny folks.

Now…..I must stress. I am NOT talking about genuine Psychics and Mediums who charge a reasonable amount of money to help people. The genuine investigators who respect the process and Spirit and try to help the Spirit as much as they try to help the people in the building or home. There are genuine ones out there.

You ALL know who I’m talking about. We all know them. We have all seen them and know what they do. We’ve all heard the stories.

So while I update my Blog (as I’ve recently had a massive dose of information packed into my reality which means I’ve not only changed my views on how I see things but I’ve also had to update my knowledge because even I got it wrong in some cases. But I’m not unhappy to share that. I admit my mistakes. What I learn I can pass on, so no one loses on anything I’ve gotten wrong.

Nothing I got wrong was like HUGE, it was just small things like Orbs which I’m about to correct now. I am updating my posts as I go. The ones I update will have (revised written on them)

Okay so there are three types of Orbs. They aren’t even what most people think.

I used to think Orbs were Spirits who never had enough energy to manifest but it’s not the case at all.

Here they are explained.

  1. The genuine orbs are the ones that interact with a person. They will follow, touch and respond to the person and if you look closely you can see a face in the middle of it. These are rare but they happen a lot with loved ones in videos. I’ve been sent a few. One that springs to mind was one I still find touching to this day that I put up in my Post related to a show I did when I was doing Pod Casts The Kiwi Psychic and Midwest Ghost.

It is footage of a young Dad sitting at his computer singing to a song on his laptop to his young daughter. It’s a song that clearly means a lot to the Dad singing it. I remember the wife of the man in the video contacted me to ask me what I thought and it was such a beautiful example of Spirit reaching out to a loved one it made me quite emotional to watch it. To be a part of something so raw and beautiful just etched in my brain and I’ll never forget it as long as I live.

I remember telling the wife quite clearly this was the Spirit of an older man because I could see him clearly in the footage when it was enlarged. I had my ex husband take a look at it and even he was moved by the footage.

The wife confirmed it was her husbands Father. They had not long said ‘Bon Voyage’ to Dad and this song playing was being sung by a grief stricken son to his beloved best friend, his Dad’ And Dad was responding.

It is a beautiful piece of footage I will never ever forget.

This older man was loving this moment with his son and Grand daughter. He was floating around his Son just soaking the moment. It would then go into the kitchen and pace like it was looking for someone.

But long story short I told her it was an Older man, connecting with this man and he was looking for a woman who was out the back in the kitchen area, near a patio.

She said this place I was talking about was where this deceased mans Wife was sitting while her Son and grand daughter was having this moment with her husband.

So he was clearly trying to reach out to his wife and son to let them know he was safe and with them.

This type of Orb is rarer but certainly not uncommon. If you want to send me your orb pictures and pictures/footage of people in mirrors/glass/windows etc…..I’d be happy to help you understand what it is. Just email me at debbiedakiwi@gmail.com

Just be warned though, I will tell you the truth. It might disappoint you but it’s better to be hurt by the truth than devastated by a lie.

But you can often see the faces of the person inside the Orb. I’ve seen a ton over the last 12 months where it is obviously a persons face.

The orb isn’t the person physically but the Soul of the person if you will. Imagine the life force or essence of a person after they die. You would always see it as a light or ball of energy right? Well that is what these types of Orbs are.

These types of orbs have a clear and definite purpose. The way they interact is too personal and deliberate for it not to be conscious.

2) The second type of orb is less known about and I myself have just learned it. But it is an Orb or ball of light attached to a memory.

It is a visual stone tape theory if you will. Imagine a memory attached to an incident in a persons life. It is just like an Imprinted image. Which is often called the stone tape theory. It works in the same way. It captures a moment in time and traps it in a ball of energy and when the conditions are just right it ignites a memory.

It’s why some times you’ll get them and some times you won’t. It’s not a repeating pattern though like a visual. It’s the same energy on a different frequency. But you will get them in the same area. They’ll appear to go from room to room, moving up and down with purpose. Like their strolling from one room to another as they do their work if it was in an office building or somewhere that once had an office. Or you’ll see one going up and down a hallway going from room to room. That is more the memory playing out of someone like Mum or Nanny putting the kids to bed. Checking on them and then settling down for the night themselves for example.

Which brings me lastly to

3) Orbs like poltergeist activity can also be triggered by the people in the building or home.

People go in wanting to hear from them.

It’s like a ball of energy being fired into the atmosphere when you go in expecting or hoping to have an encounter with Spirit.

Then depending on what your expecting will be what you get. Like Ouija and Seances.

People don’t realize how good we are at manifesting things we want. We manifest our own Karma and our own demons. If I could train people to use that same energy into manifesting their idea of bliss, can you imagine how happy and self rewarding our lives would be.

No one would be in competition with each other. No one would be jealous of anyone because you could literally manifest the same thing or better.

The rest really are just bugs, dust.

But these shows need to stop because they are teaching people very dangerous habits.

It is also making a mockery of the memory of our loved ones.

I’m the first one to admit they’re awesome to watch if you don’t take it seriously. But so many people do unfortunately.

These shows are without knowing it, exploiting the dead if they don’t do anything about trying to help those trapped or needing a voice (and most of them do).

If I ever get a show, it will be just that. Investigating, connecting and crossing over. I’ll show everyone how it’s done and then within a year I’ll have copy cats lol but it’s better they copy right than wrong.

I’m tired. I’m so tired. I spend so much time fixing other peoples mistakes and I can’t do it on my own any more.

I either reach the masses and recruit Soldiers or I sit and keep ranting on my Blog lol

I want to thank everyone for their incredible support while I go through this transition with my gift.

I’m not scared. I need to reassure you all of that. I promise you I’m not scared. I was at first but it was only because I didn’t know what was happening. If I was having a stroke or bleed on the brain or something but I assure you I’m fine. I’m having a really big issue with not being able to charge a single bloody thing in my home and I’m sleeping like the dead which I love but I’m sleeping like the dead because I’m draining myself as soon as I start connecting with Spirit.

I’ve created a new Science apparently. I have single handedly invented a new Science lol not bad for a Housewife who left school at 14 aye/ lol hahahahaha

‘Only you Debbie?’ lol I hear my Mum say jokingly lol

Love and Light

Mama Bear












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I’m Quantum Leaping I think?

Wed 27th Jan 16. 1.15am-6am

So……….something’s been in my room for two nights which I’m assuming is why
I couldn’t see them obviously but I need to get this all out coz I’m scared I’ll forget.
So I’m noticing when I get Spirit coming into my room and they don’t show themselves I’m about to experience something big lol
It means either my Elders or Spirit of equal importance have been sent to monitor me or something lol So I’m guessing that gravity feeling I had a couple of days ago was a sign. What I know for sure is within a couple of days most definitely within 72 hrs something big happens after I experience certain physical phenomenon. But the REAL warning sign is when I have Spirit in my room who don’t identify themselves lol
But when Elders and big Spirits like ancestors get involved it’s life changing stuff.
They’re either testing my training, or monitoring my growth. They power me up depending on how fast I adapt. That’s for sure lol

So I’ve been paying attention and testing myself as usual and I’m finding the deepest sleeps result in the most exhausting lesson.
That’s understandable right. That makes perfect sense.
But does that include when your woken up 6 times and all 6 times you wake up as someone else?
Coz I was so tired last night after doing my work I could barely talk and Spirit were hard core yelling at me to go to sleep.
I had gotten an email from a Mum asking for help with her 12yr old son and I couldn’t leave him without talking to him. He HAD to go to bed knowing his sister was with him.
I couldn’t let him go a day longer being so sad.
So after my ex told me off for not listening I said my bit and signed off and that’s all I remember.
Until I woke up and feeling REALLY drowsy and groggy I realized I was a man in his 50s in a room I can describe in perfect detail in every way from the plastic sheet up at his window from when it got broken in the corner where the tree fell and a branch went into window and broke it.
To the generic brand talcum powder on his cluttered drawers.
I felt him because I was him. I felt his body being warm and toasty from being snuggled and warm in his antique brown wooden bed with big old comfy mattress that was his parents and grandparents.
As he sat up I realized it was me sitting up but he sat up in a way where he raised both legs as if to propel himself up and out of bed as one fluid movement.
I saw his legs but they were my legs. They were hairy and slightly thin and really short. My legs are 44inches long on the inside leg so I was drawn to the fact they were short and hairy not long and hairless ish (about four days over due for a shave lol)
As he moved fowards sitting up and getting out of bed he pulled his heavy floral bedspread back.
I saw he had about 7 layers of blankets under the floral quilt. Which explains why he was so toasty.

At this point I knew something was off. Bearing in mind all this happened in a split second. From start to finish this experience took about 1.5secs maybe 2 but no more.
That’s how quick I pounce on my thoughts and connect them to what I’m experiencing.
You have to be that quick. Otherwise it would take 100yrs to figure all this out.

But I realized I was having ‘a moment’ so I told myself to lay back down.
In the first few moments of me waking up I felt heavy and groggy because I’d been woken up from a deep sleep.
I couldn’t understand why I’d gone from a deep sleep to sitting up and climbing out of bed.
Once I figured out what was going on I just lay down and covered myself back up.
This man was in Russia and I think his alarm went off and he was getting out of bed. It was about 4-5am for him. It wasn’t dark outside his window but the sun wasn’t fully up. It was a light blue early morning colour out his window.
But he had a German sounding name like Gustaf.
How did I know? I just do.
I don’t know if he felt me. But I know as he works at his Toll Booth or whatever it is. People drive up, pay him, he gives them a ticket or token he lifts a gate thing and they drive through.

I fell back into a deep sleep once I told myself to lay back down and let myself go through what they needed me to go through.
But it happened five more times.
A nurse in Australia, in the hospital nurses quarters, a man in Thailand/Malaysia, a woman in Germany, a man in the US (who was having a sexual encounter at the time lol ) and the 6th I cannot reveal and don’t ask.

I don’t know if they all saw me or knew I was there. I remember every detail though. I felt their bodies, their blood run through their veins, their heartbeat etc….felt it all. As a straight woman I now know what it feels like to have male genitalia because in the last 3 weeks since that issue with gravity I’m jumping in and out of men and women lol I feel everything.

The Thai/Malay man has a chest infection. I felt it in his chest. I was watching him prepare lemons and boiling water and ginger (on a bench) being chopped up.

To the point where my fingers are still feeling puckered from touching all the juice and water. Not all of them were asleep but they were all sleeping, sleepy, tired or ill.
I was doing what they do but I’d wake up from a dead sleep and see in front of me whatever they were seeing.
The man in the US was with a woman.
His walls were painted a really light aquamarine colour. A double bed. A big flag or large cotton bandana or something is on the wall above his head. It’s made from the same material as a handkerchief but it is really big. It’s black and red and trippy. Psychedelic.
A black woman was kneeling over him. (ewwww)
A door was half open to my right where my TV would usually be. No one else was there.
It was him crib. But it smelt musty and man like lol he obviously never opens a window.
He had plait type braids in his hair like Coolios hair in Gangsters Paradise but they were shorter. They were sticking out all over his head like a hedgehog but they were really cool. He takes pride in his hair lol he’s proud of his place.
He’s 26 and they call him Dre, but he’s Andre B. He works for the City Council. He writes poetry and versus etc….for fun. He’s REALLY good too.
Really good.

What I don’t know is if they knew I was there or if these people are even alive today. I felt them coz I was in them. As me and as them and it was so real if ex husband watching during every event he would of seen me acting out slicing lemons, kissing thin air, staring out of a window that isn’t where we have a window and various things like that.
I’ve woken up myself thinking I’ve slept for what seemed like 20 hours but it was in fact only 3. Now I’m fully awake and analyzing what happened I am aware that I have a slight headache.
My chest hurts still from the man in Indonesia. My fingertips still feel puckered but I’ve just looked at my fingertips and they aren’t puckered.
But I feel them.
Just another thing I need to experience so I can figure it out I guess.
I’m not bothered. I stopped being bothered by what Spirit were doing to me in 20s lol

I’m starting to recognize the signs something’s gonna happen now. There’s three steps. So now I know what they are I’ll be prepared.
I’m being yelled at to lay down now. I’m suddenly aware of nausea and dizziness.
I’ll have a drink of soda water then I’ll rest before I hit the work.
I’m slightly shaky. My glucose is normal. My BP is a little low but I’ll check it again when I’ve had my water and rest.
I certainly can’t say I’m boring lol

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Embrace The Suck

If your a follower of mine you’ll know I’ve had a pretty rough life but I am one of the happiest Mother Fluffy’s on the planet.

You know I’ve probably used my science of Spirit experiments on myself to escape from the fact I was never really that happy growing up.

But I learned to follow my compass. I was never afraid to take chances. I learned to listen to when things weren’t such a good idea and when things were.

(This is one of the things I’m going to teach my students) But my point is, Life can be shit.

Ya know?

I have to say in the last 12 months 9 out of 10 of my clients are on some form of medication for some depression or stress or another. And let me be clear. I am in NO WAY saying my clients are any less human because they take medication. So before I get emails let me explain.

We have been condition to lose the will to fight. We are plastered with images of useless celebrities and uneducated feminists without a clue what they’re saying, and fed threats of terrorists and the need to hand over all control to your Leaders.

I’m telling you now America if you give up your guns you will die a death and America as we know it won’t exist anymore. It will become a third world country. But all of this ‘Your not good enough’ ‘You should be like Kim Kardashian, why aren’t you like Snooker and JHow and whatever their names are?’ This ‘If you don’t go to college and rack up untold debt either on yourself or your parents just so your kids and party’ needs to stop.
University isn’t for everyone and that’s fine.

In New Zealand you get the option to go to Uni or college but no one expects you to go so there is no pressure.

I had one family come to me because their son/brother killed himself because he was so stressed out at the thought of having to go to College and get into all that debt he would have to pay back was too much pressure for him. So he chose death.

Americans are being bullied into living, thinking, being people they aren’t. Putting unrealistic expectations on your kids for the last 100 years is the reason why Therapists, Psychics, and Pharmaceutical industry have been draining you all of your money. It’s the biggest scam on the market next to Organized Religion.

Who gives a shit if you don’t go to college. If your doing what makes you happy then surely that is all that matters? But now we have a couple of generations of people trying to cope with the fact they feel like failures because they aren’t rich, famous and successful. But here in that equation is Happiness? Fulfillment? Peace or Balance? It is so much more important.

But I recently found out that the American Psychiatry Board or whatever it is called as classed every emotion other than Happy a mental illness. No joke.

Since when has being sad or scared a mental illness? Since when did it become unacceptable to be sad over a break up of death. The second you go to a Dr now to say your grieving and tired and the first thing they do is give you pills.

This has to stop people. This is how they are weeding out the weak from the strong. They are trying to categorizing you and put you into groups and your handing them your freedom and lives on a plate.

When you lower your expectations and just strive for balance and peace, happiness comes in bucket loads and this is what I’ll teach the other half of my contributors.

But in order for anyone to live that life you HAVE to be honest with yourself.


Shit happens, ya know? Some times some people are going to be dicks, some times cruel assholes, sadistic and psychopathic. Some times things are going to happen that aren’t nice, or fair, or good. Sometimes people are going to hurt you. Some times your hopes will be dashed and you’ll wake up every morning and think ‘Why can’t I just go to sleep and just not wake up anymore? this would be so much easier if I just died in my sleep.’

One of the big things I learned while I experienced that Time Travel, Gravity incident of last weekend is that in our lives everything in life has Two versions.

Two choices. Like roots and branches on a tree, each decision you make in life branches into another limb or root with its own evolution to concentrate on.

But these two choices are like a finely balanced scale. Too much on one side and it’s too much, and too much that way and it’s not enough. You must get the balance just right in order to get the right answer.

The golden rule is this. If you have second thoughts about something that is Spirits way of telling you ‘STOP!!!! back back, this isn’t right for you, back away and don’t turn back. You WILL fuck up if you don’t listen to this gut instinct.

When something is right for you it clicks onto place like when your unlocking a safe and when you unlock something that is right, it has a domino effect and everything falls into place and you evolve to a new stage of your Spiritual evolution or to put it in layman’s terms ‘You fulfill part of your destiny’.

How you deal with this stress and bull shit that happens makes all the difference folks. I’m serious. I know this because I’ve lived it, studied it, mastered it now teaching it lol

I’ve spent one year listening only to my compass. I gave myself one year to see if by listening it would take me to good things, I have only been on it 9 months and already it has changed my life beyond imagination. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined my life would be pretty much perfect. The only thing that would make it more perfect is if my husband was home with me, by my side, raising our boys, and making a game of his own. I’m more in love with him than I’ve ever been. My boys are awesome and healthy. I have the best career if you can call it that. It’s not a job for me it’s a Blessing. A Calling possibly more so. I don’t even know what to call myself any more. Debbie Who and Time Lordette, X Man have been suggested lol

And what I’ve learned is, you need to listen to your internal compass. We really do have a Moral Compass. You need to get honest with yourself. Admit when you’ve been a dickhead, apologize for the things you know you were in the wrong for. It’s all there eating us up inside if we don’t. Everything in the entire Universe has a polar opposite of.

We need to. It is crucial to have two versions of every possibility. You will have choices and decisions to make in life that will have two possible out comes. You have the right path and the wrong path. The right path leads you there easier and quicker, and you’ll be rewarded with the domino effect and  if you take the opposite path it will lead to you being miserable and wondering where it all went wrong.

The way to always chose the right path is by the following.

Brutal Honesty




Brutal Honesty: is because you need to hold your hands up and admit when your wrong. We are never right all of the time. No one is perfect. Even me, I can make mistakes. But I hold my hands up to them every time because other wise it eats away at your conscience and I want to evolve into my next phase not come back again. lol You must be able to say ‘I’m sorry’. It’s important to the Soul that drags it’s sorry bums behind us as we flail about not listening to it that we are free from burden so we can lead really good, rich and rewarding lives. Trust me, life is so much easier when you release yourself of the burdens that suffocate us. Either resolve it or let it go. If you try to resolve it and it doesn’t get the reaction you expect don’t be upset. God!!! don’t ever be upset at yourself for trying. It might not go as planned but it happened as it was meant to. Don’t be upset. Be proud that you tried. It came to a conclusion and you get to move on better the person for it because you know you at least tried. You got over the fear and you walked away better for it.

It takes an honorable, and strong person to admit they are wrong and ask forgiveness. If it’s sincere of course.

But it takes a real Spiritual Soul to forgive the person for it.

But when your faced with a situation where you have to make a choice pay attention to what your guts and heart are saying.

Your left brain will try to talk you into thinking about it, maybe being a little too cautious, a little too paranoid. Your Spirit will be trying to tell you to listen to your gut. Your Spirits will be the ones saying ‘Are you sure about this?’

IF your second guessing your decision, your being told by Spirit ‘Wooooow there cowboy!!!! Are you sure about this? Something feels wrong to me. You need to back out of this toot sweet’.

When your unlocking your destiny nothing feels wrong. You jump in feet first, no questions asked. When you make the right decisions in life, it has what I call the domino effect. The high you get from being happy literally unlocks other parts of happiness you didn’t know was there lol It’s the only way to explain how it feels. I literally stopped my career on a dime and did a total 360 with it. Deciding to give up readings as my main job and do the one thing I never said I’d do which was Teach lol I didn’t think anyone would .listen. I tried to put blocks up but all roads lead to me teaching. I’m getting such lovely donations from people. It’s been humbling and I’m embarrassed but your helping me write all this out and allowing me to correct my mistakes and I have made mistakes. Being honest is so important. You need to let your ego go and admit you made a mistake. Don’t walk away from anything where people think your anything less the honorable and kind.

If your walking away from someone who thinks that way of you, not all the times will be not your fault and you need to admit the times when it’s your fault. People will respect you more. We need to go back to the time when a person’s word was their bond. Being know for being honest means your doing a good job. It is always better to be hurt by the truth than to be devastated by a lie. Lies are like poison. As long as your words are for helping,  not hurting though. Sometimes the truth is hard to hear but in time you’ll be happier for it.

Humility: means don’t be about ego, let things go, be the better person and know when to walk away. Everything you do must be for the right reasons but when you make a mistake, take it to yourself and use it to show people your a good person who isn’t afraid to admit they made a mistake. As long as it’s genuine of course. None of this matters if your not doing it for the right reasons. You can’t cheat your way into this journey with Spirit if your not doing it for the love. That is the beauty of this journey with Spirit. It’s fail proof. it can’t be faked. lol You have to have the need, the faith and the heart to be this committed to following Spirit. This whole thing I’m teaching you now is how to follow your compass to find your bliss, just like I did. One or two of you know me on a personal level. You know my fight over the last 16 years. You know if I’m saying I’m so happy I cry because I can’t believe I get to be so happy lol I’m not rich, not a Super Model, not a Menza member, not famous. But I’m so happy I can’t sleep. I get so excited to be with my boys lol it’s usually the weekend. But everyone can have this sort of happiness if they follow these steps.

Sometimes you need to show a little humility. It makes people trust you more. They know your human like them. You get such an easier life when people trust you and you trust them. It creates perfect balance. It makes you feel fantastic. The domino effect will kick in and everything will fall into place like the ticking of a clock or unlocking of a safe. It all clicks into place and it moves you forward on your journey. So don’t be afraid to admit you were wrong. Don’t be afraid to say sorry. It mends bridges and opens all new possibilities. A ‘I’m so sorry I was a dick’ goes a long way. Trust me.

FAITH: Because if your on a journey of self or Spiritual recovery you need faith that no matter what is happening good or bad, it’s happening because it is meant to and Spirit will only ever have our best interests at heart.

So it means showing no fear or worry when your about to lose your job or boyfriend or home. It doesn’t matter. Not really. It’s just a job, man, building. Yes it’s gonna hurt and be scary but when you have faith absolute faith, you know it just means it is the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one.

All these things that happen in your life that are making you sad, scared, worried etc…..are all just clearing out the things in your life that are no longer necessary or positive for your future journey.

If I lost my house to the bank Id be so grateful for the financial freedom. I have no interest in having a Mortgage and will only buy a house when I have all or most of the cost for deposit. I’ve never understood these people who feel the need to buy a house or consider themselves a failure for not owning one.

In the UK there are people so desperate for a mortgage they are taking out 100yr mortgages. Which means they are buying houses for their Grandchildren to have to pay. Grandkids that aren’t born yet are being born into debt slavery by their idiot grandparents.

Lets look at this for an example.

You buy a house worth say $120,000. By the time you’ve paid it back plus interest your $120k mortgage is actually for around $400k. By the time you add interest, fees and charges on your 120k house you’ve actually given the bank around 400k. For what? Wood and brick, glass and fabrics that you have to pay and extra few thousand for the upkeep and redecorating every few years and you can’t even take it with you when you die.

I personally would rather use the half a million in my adult life time I’d be using it to make memories and have adventures, seeing the world with my family, happy, healthy and together. THAT I can take it with me.

When you have faith, you don’t need a house, you just need a home. With love and family. Better someone else pays for the roof than having to put it on the credit cards your gonna max out by doing it.

You don’t need the things you think you need when you have faith. Having faith helps you see what’s most important in life.

and lastly

HEART: because if you don’t have heart there is no point doing any of it. The truth is, what I’m going to teach my students and contributors looking for guidance how to be happy, if none of them have heart, it won’t work.

True happiness, true heart, true faith, has to be real. Real is truth, truth is honesty, honesty brings balance and balance brings evolution. Or Power Ups as I used to call it lol

When you have none of these things in your life, this is why your unhappy. Your Soul is crying out for you to make the changes in your life you need to be making in order to find peace. Because if you don’t start with being brutally honest with yourself and the push it gives you to better yourself and cleanse your Soul, you’ll never get the rest. You’ll never be a Path Walker. It always starts as a Path Walker.

For my contributors who are being taken on as Students. This is what I’m looking for in the people I take on as Students. Not all of you will make it to the end of all of this but life is a journey and I’m your Tour Guide lol

But life is gonna suck. Embrace it. Stop hiding behind medication that stops you from having any kind of emotion. you NEEEEEED emotion for fucks sake. Cry if your sad, get angry if your mad, hunch a bloody pillow, eat some ice cream or grab a beer, get it out. Stop trying to block emotion. If you stop yourself from having emotion you’ll never know true love. You’ll never know how good it feels to love something whole heartedly. You’ll never know the pain that comes with loving someone. You’ll never know how good it feels to enjoy their touch. Or how much your heart swells when your connected in that moment with someone who really loves you. Love is what is going to fix this poor broken down old planet. Love is going to save our children, our communities, our countries and our broken. Be it animal, vegetable or mineral. Love will save the day. And it starts with all of you here reading this today.

{So for any of you reading this who I’ve agreed to take on, I suggest you take a long hard look in the mirror and start asking ‘What do I need to get off my chest?}

{I’m hoping I’ll have the new blog up by next weekend. I know I’m a week behind but I’m almost done. I’m nearly finished. I just need the Blog up now. I’m waiting for Hubby to come off working late’s which ends next weekend so I will be able to catch up then. But just know to anyone who is reading this, it is password protected and it will be only for my students and clients.}

I will be expecting you all to get to know each other too because you’ll need to pal together to help each other when I’m not around.

Just remember we are ALL EQUAL








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Cleansing Prediction Come True

I turned on the news to see Black people rioting in the streets of America.
The Cleansing HAS officially begun.
I said LA Riots meets V for Vendetta.
More people will join the riots.

The tanks come next.  Marshall law. Then the death of the bacteria feeding off the planet.

Oh and those rapes/assults in Germany were paid trouble makers posing as Muslims so we would hate the Muslims/Arabs.

I’ve made a major break through today. I’ve figured out life, death, evolution, good, bad, learning, love, marriage, procreation, aliens, why dinosaurs died out, civilizations, black holes, time, everything.
It’s a lot to say so let me get it written.
I’ve figured out who my students are.
I understand life now.
And people who are drawn to help me by making donations and such are psychically evolving. Because we need to stop rewarding mediocrity and taking care of the thinkers, writers, artists, actors, doctors, teachers, musicians, etc…the good ones not the mediocre ones because they get it. And when you get it you inspire.
But what I discovered so much more.
Just bare with me.
It’s gonna be a LOT of typing.
My mind has been blown.
And from this day on I’m not a Psychic.
I will call myself an Empathic Time Traveller and it sounds insane but i haven’t figured out a name for it yet.
But my tuning in to the Universe and being able to travel through any space and time I want.
And people who pay me are makinf my evolution possible and in return I can help you.
But I’ll also teach for free.
But those who support the mind of a thinker,  creator, healer, scientist, artist, musician, teacher etc….gets rewarded by evolving.
It’s about balance.  Making sure our scale never tips so we never tip the scales to the bottom of the ladder.
We need to tip it so we evolve.
Otherwise we tip and go to the bottom of the ladder.
Spirits evolve to Spirit Elders who evolve into The Council so and and so on.
I’ll explain it later.
But I’ve realized religion wasn’t all bad. Ay some point people got it right but then we allowed money and greed and power corrupted it.
It’s the faith in something that makes you happy and a better person.
But we are all Gods. There is no one creator.
Creation is around us in everthing.
A black hole spits out life.
The Sun and the Moon. Which create life to form on planets. The life has to either evolve or die out.
If it evolves it lives longer thinks higher and creates and makes an impact in the evolution of the species.
If you don’t evolve you die out.
All life on this planet must exist to evolve. But we can’t do it without helping each other.
The black hole spits out dust and sparks of a something that creates life on various levels.
The fittest evolve. The cancer is anything that feeds off something else to survive and have more than it needs.
Leeches don’t take more than they need but Royals and Bankers do. The Kardashians do.
You can have nice houses and nice clothes. You don’t need to hoard money to have nice things.
We all have a purpose. I’ll explain it later.
But this is big.
If something doesn’t evolve it dies out.
Dirt feeds plants which feed and heal animals who in turn take care of the planet. If we suck out the blood of the planet and poison it with pollutants and war etc…We’ve tipped the scale and our civilization dies out and we get stripped back and get recycled and made to start again.
People like the Illuminati who have been a bactetia on the planet and now our evolution is forcing a ‘fight or die out’ response because we’ve reached an important juncture in our evolution.  We are meant to evolve to a point where we get off this planet so we can jump through our black holes and see other creations evolving.
Because one day our planet will die out.
You can’t have life without death.
There are two versions of everything.
What version you get is based on what you decide to do.
One side tips the scale in your favour one version tips it to the bottom of the evolutionary ladder where you have to be reborn and get spat back out to do it again. Coz all planets become stars and all stars die. When they die they go into the black hole and spat out.
Planets are thought into creation and are conscious and are trying to evolve into the next stage of its evolution which is to be a sun and a moon.
We think there fore we are.
Everything in the universe from the plants to the insects to humans and planets is constantly trying to evolve.
There is a constant state of recycling going on on everything level.
An infitite level of recreation evolution and rebirth. Until they get the balance just right and when time ends in the existence aka death and we’ve gotten the balance right we get to evolve into the next evolutionary step in existence.
If we get it right we evolve.
Spirits help us evolve so they can evolve into Spirit Elders and Spirit Elders help Spirits so they can become The Council and so on.
Being a parent is thee most important role we can play because child are here to help us into a better person.
Not everyone is to be a parent. Not every one will be good parents.
But if you look throughout history the greatest minds and creators of our worlds history is littered with people who were homeschooled and abused and battered people who went on to do great things.
How you nurture your child will decide that child’s fate.
If your abusive and hurt and neglect your child your ensuring your evolutionary demise unless the child themselves decides ‘No I’m not going let my past affect me. I want to be a thinker, a healer, a creator, and I’m going to evolve beyond my environment. Thus creating a power up in their evolution.
You can be a role model and the best version of yourself or die out.
Like civilizations and moulds and diseases. Adapt evolve or die.
But if you take too much. If you tip the scales not in your favour you get recycled  (reincarnation).
Which is why we need to stop polluting, using fossil fuels, crop dusting etc…
or we will tip the scales and everything dies and gets recycled to start again.
Get it? But we all must help each other.
Sure, chop down tree’s but don’t take more than you need.
We need to eat but just don’t be a glutton.
Because if you abuse it you tip the scale at the wrong end and we need to be balanced.
Our lives are about finding balance so we can evolve not get killed off to start again.
Children who die, disabled people, anyone abused, murdered, selfless, thinkers, history makers, anyone who did something or created something that made an impact which resulted in inspiring others, healing or helping others, get to evolve into Spirit Elders. Which is why they help us.
Coz by helping us they get to evolve.
Patents who nurture their children, don’t vaccinate, feed their child’s imagination, love them unconditionally, spend time with them and raise them with loving parents.
Doesn’t have to be man and woman.
It’s about balance.
Everything has a conductor and polarity that pulls and manipulates everything in minute detail.
Males and females are in a sense Gods. So are plants and animals and bacteria because it all creates life.
Without helping us, and us then we ensure its extinction. We don’t evolve until we get the balance right.
But we are constantly evolving.
And it starts for us with immigrants.
Everything started because something immigrated and evolved and without immigrating you don’t evolve.
For those who constantly feel the need to travel and those who choose to immigrated are higher evolved because without them immigrating their civilization dies.
The bacteria takes over and kills off those which didn’t immigrate or fight for survival.
The mold being a bad bacteria that kills off something that wasn’t strong enough to evolve.
Anyone who has taken land, oil, power, money, fame, and become rich and powerful off the backs off others labors is a bacteria.
The bacteria of the greedy is about to die out because everything in creation is in its own state of evolution.
Without the help of everything else we are fucked and we’ll never be smart enough to leave when this planet eventually dies.
Aliens got off, they’re trying to help us.
Trees that grow something to help other side it human or animal or micro bacterial are a higher evolved species.
Same with animals. And it’s okay to take some of it to survive but if you don’t plant in return and don’t keep the earth clean they can give us what we need to survive.
And everything has its own evolutionary process and without it finding the perfect balance it dies out and has to start all over again.
Being happy brings balance.
Being creative brings evolution.
Kids need to be encouraged to create.
They grow up to be the best version of you which means your ancestors got it right.
Your ancestors played a part in your evolution so you could help your children be the best versions of your genealogical evolution.
Which is why our Ancestors help us by coming to people like me.
We need to evolve into Empathic people.
Not the modern version. They’re psychics. Psychics are the lowest form. A bacteria. If they’re taking hundreds of pounds for minimal effort and they can’t time slip they’re not evolved.
They are parasites or bacteria like the Royals and Bankers and Business Empire CEOs etc…..they feed off the host and drain it to become gluttons and when you feed off something without giving in return you are a bacteria and you die off.
Only if someone in that evolution says ‘ya know what? I’m King now and now I want to give the lands back my family stole and the money and art etc…I’m giving it all back and I’ll just take what I need to be happy thank you. I just want to be happy and be with my family doing what I love’ will you help your ancestors evolve and you power up too.
And it’s all about helping each other evolve.
From animals, to plants and Spirits.
We all must help each other balance everything out so the scales don’t tip against our evolution.
When we get it right we power up and go up a level on the ladder.
We’re meant to help nurture each other.
And drugs (any drug that is natural and not synthetic) helps us become inspired.
The best music, art, and literature has come as a result of drugs.
Some plants have evolved to create chemicals that help us to be healthy, happy and creative.
Anyone who thinks, creates. Things we create give birth to the evolution. Thoughts are something being born (ie created) just like the Universe, and a thought will gradually evolve into something big enough to inspire, heal or nurture others who in turn evolve and power up.
Take a Caterpillar for example.
It has a Mother and Father who were created by ancestors who immigrated so their future survives, creates, evolves.
They have babies which takes only takes what it needs to survive. Before going into a hybrid state hoping it’s done enough to evolve into the next stage which is a butterfly.
Spirit are the caterpillars. We are in the cocoon, the butterfly is Spirit Elders.
But one day the Butterfly will evolve into something else.
Everything organic or comes from something organic is constantly evolving into something better.
Cars started as bikes. Someone thought to put an engine in it and give it four weeks. The car is constantly evolving. Now they drive themselves, break for you, etc….we need to get off fossil fuels and use solar power.
The sun is a Mother. It creates live. It loves to create life. It’s why she gets upset when we dig and pick apart and poison and bomb earth.
She’s watching her baby be abused.
And we’re letting it happen.
So the higher evolved planets and beings come and comfort her.
The same way people are drawn to help those suffering.
It’s Love. Love creates, inspires, nurtures, and helps people evolve.
So you can be a nurturer or a parasite.
Parasites need a host to feed off or it dies out.
To die out ensures your demise thus ensuring your recycling.
When you get the balance right you evolve.
Helping others helps you and them evolve.
We need to help everything evolve and everything needs to help us.
Even Robots are evolving the same way Apes did.
Everything in creation be it in this existence and other existences on other planets in other galaxies in other black holes etc…evolves.
Computer chips, tvs, radios, music, fashion, religion, faith, planets, thoughts, cures, cars, animals, apes, bacteria, etc….everything….started with an explosion of something at some point creating it. Humans are meant to be raised by two parents. Not necessarily man and woman.
If you look at gay people.
Gay women and men have a male/female balance.
Some gay women are more feminine or masculine from their partner. Just like how some gay men are more feminine.
It means gay people have evolved past the need to be male female. They’re Spiritual beings who evolved past the need for one gender. It’s built in them to take a provider or nurturer role.
Providers play massively important roles in our and their evolution. They provide a way to feed and cloth and protect their loved ones so they can be happy.
If they do what they love they’ll be successful and happy.
If they do it for gain they die off and don’t get to evolve but neither will their loved ones hence the lessons to anyone who has children to raise.
Get it right and be happy and ensure your evolution.
But we have the choices to make. Our choices decide which way the ladder balances.
Kids need to grow up with parents who teach them how to be happy.
Not rich or successful but happy.
If you do what you love you’ll be happy and you’ll ensure your success.
Musicians and philosophers, artists, singers, tailors, inventor’s, Drs, scientists, ppl like me, writers etc….the really good ones will ALWAYS be successful because the really clever people are attracted to them and feel drawn to help that person and ensure their evolution and in return they get to watch something create be created so they can evolve beyond the norm.
Those beyond the norm are those who buy into the fear. They ensure their own demise. They will die out
If you do something for the fame, money, power or success your a parasite and you will die out.
There will always be people wanting to bake, create, cook, build etc….
People are drawn to things they love. It’s in us to have hobbies and passions. If you do what you love and tune yourself in to your reality you’ll evolve.
If you buy into the parasitic life style you’ll die out.
There are two versions of us. Based on the choices we make depends on whether we tip to the good version or bad.
Good Spirits help us evolve as do negative ones coz you either get it or not. Negative Spirits sit at the bottom being forced to evaluate their existence so they can learn from it when they get recycled.
But they are there to tip the balance. There is an equal and opposite, a good or bad, healthy, unhappy, happy, love, hate, etc…..because everything needs and opposite in order to create balance.
You can help or hinder your evolution and the evolution of everything else.
Even fire evolved.
Kids should not be fed toxins, or put in schools and left for the State to raise your kids. Your ensuring you kill off your child’s evolutionary process.
Just look at the number of famous home schooled people there are in history.
A patents most important role is to nurture they’re child to aspire to be something better. Our immigrating ancestors lead hard lives and evolved into what they needed to be so their progeny could evolve successfully into what they need to be who in turn raise happy kids who in turn grow up to evolve into what they need to be.
Each one helping the other in its evolution.
And you can either be a part of it or a part of the problem.
Look at all the civilizations that died out. They all have this in common.
That ruled with fear and war, got rich and fat and lazy sucking the life out of all forms of life (trees, land, humans, countries etc…just before they died out.
The planet either fought back and got rid of the parasite feeding off it organically with things like floods, earthquakes etc… or it died out because everyone involved tipped the scales out of their favour.
No one did anything to stop them and in turn they fought these parasites wars and dug their oil and ran their empires instead of just saying ‘Nah I’m not doing this any more I’m off to go fishing with my son’ instead they buy into the fear ‘oh my god…if I don’t fight I’ll be poor and bored and wont get anywhere in life and my government won’t like me.’ If your fighting for anything other than your own survival or to protect your family you will die out and won’t evolve and you’ll get recycled.
If you marry for money,  fame, power or position, etc…your doing to stunt your evolution.
Because only true love, honest love creates an evolution of something.
Scentists create cures for parasites that kill off the people and animals and plants etc….
Engineers create machines that help us evolve past the machine before it.
Inventors create things that help us evolve.
Musicians write/create  music than soothes us, makes us happy,  inspires us.
How many famous people start their life story with ‘I was X years old and I saw Y on TV singing, acting, painting, xyz and I knew it was what I wanted to do’.
It doesn’t really matter if your famous with it. It matters if you inspire people and help their creation evolvr.
Music makes people happy.
So does art, books, games,  tv and movies and sport.
All of which was created at some point in time by someone who created a big bang in their head.
And therefore they are a God in theory because a God is a creator of something.  It gives life to something….than then gets evolved into something else.
So think about cars again.
It started as a thought and had evolved into self driving non fossil fuel guzzling machines to help.
We’re not meant to be working to make money.
We’re supposed to be creating nurturing and evolving.
There are people out their with dreams of making clothes, breads, movies, food, medicine etc…
We’re supposed to be raising our children to be something good that helps the process or we fail the evolution of our ancestral line.
Spirit are guiding us because they want to be Spirit Elders,  The Council help The SE evolve, Aliens, Immigrants, Musicians  etc…and talented smart beings all have it right. They’re tuning in to their higher selves and following their pull to wander,  invent and create. Some People will always be happy to work.  As long as they have be and do what makes them happy they’ll bake the bread we need to eat or fix the cars that break etc …..we should be buying from the little businesses who make or do it for the love.
So we’d never stop having nice things. Take the money away and it’s done for love and a true Musician, Fashion Designer, Artist, Dr, Scientist, Writer etc …who genuinely loves what they do will do it just for the thrill of knowing you loved it.
So we will survive if we get rid of banks. It’s in our DNA to survive. We adapt and evolve or die out.
If we all just turned away from the stuff the parasites are trying to take have steal own or destroy they will die out or adapt and evolve.
We let it happen.
You have 7 billion people. Of 7 billion 7000 of them rule and dominate and the other 6 billion 993000 people are allowing it to happen.
The balance in our favour but we do nothing to tip the balance in our favour.
So we either evolve or die out.
The Cleansing is the tipping in our favour of the scales.
The 1% will die out and tip the scales so they go to the bottom and have to be recycled.
Because we are constantly evolving along side an infinite number of other beings in various levels of evolutionary progress. But without all of us working together to keep the balance we won’t evolve. None of us on any level of our evolutionary progress will evolve without helping each other.
Spirits,  insects, animals, humans, thoughts, music, art, stars, moons, planets, games, books, machines, planes, cars, even countries etc….all started at the same point of existence and all have evolved passed what they started as.
Without us looking after all of everything that exists we can’t help each other evolve.
People with the hardest lives are people on lower levels choosing the hardest lives to live so they can do something good to create, inspire, leave their mark. If your famous for the right reasons you got it right and you get to evolve. The key is to evolve beyond the need to be reincarnated so we can evolve and power up.
I know how too.
It’s so easy and those who don’t do it won’t evolve.
Because I’ve figured it all out.
Through me. Which is why my last lesson has been about me and working my life out so I’d make the connection.
And after all this time of looking for my elusive student and this whole time it was my husband.
He’s my student.
He’s the one who has sat and listened and taken it all in.
He’s working so he can take care of me so I can think and observe and figure it all out and no one knows me and my gift better.
He’s in turn doing art he loves which is making people feel good and inspired and he’s helping others by teaching those he’s drawn to on his journey by teaching them what I’ve taught him.
So some peoples roles are to help those creators by taking care of them so they’re not having to do things that take them away from doing what they need to do.
Because the creators help the evolutionary process on a grander scale.
And as long as a Creator is doing it for the love of it they’ll always be at the better end of the ladder.
We need them.
They find cures, create better things to help us, they get us better, teach us, nurture us, protect us, inspire us etc …
These countries that started putting bankers in jail, do citizens wages etc…have evolved beyond any country that goes to war, and who’s leaders are draining the earth of its resources in their need to have more and better.
People protesting are fighting for the survival of their species and trying to get away from the parasites who are trying to destroy it’s evolutionary process.
Anything that hurts another species is a parasite.
Racism, Feminism, Greed, Corruption,  War Mongering, Rape,  Violence, Big Business, etc…is a parasite that has to be stopped because while we allow it we stunt our growth.
So support your protestors if it’s for progress and evolution not for gain and power.
We should be working for the love of it. Because it’s what makes you happy.
If your good at it and learn to master your gift or talent people will be drawn to you and will want to support you.
The same way a handful of people feel drawn to donate money to me so I can so what I do.
They’re higher evolved beings who have trusted their intuition which told them this chick is on to something and if I help her do what she needs to do she will teach me how to evolve and I get to be apart of something huge that will make a massive difference to our evolution.
I don’t know where this will take me and i still have so much to say.
But this is the start of the cleansing as predicted.
After this we get rid of the last handfuls of parasites and then we evolve Woo hoo.
I’ll type the rest later. I did all this on my phone and now my battery has died.
So much still to say.
But now I know the people I’m to teach and what I’m meant to do.
But we need the cleansing first.
For now I can only teach those who pass the test and I can’t tell you what the test is.
You have to figure it out yourself.
But three women have just passed the test.

This is gonna be so much fun.
Pass the test and I’ll teach you.
Don’t figure it out and you have to go away and try harder. It’s that simple.
After the cleansing more people will start to figure it out and then I’ll be able to teach people on a greater level but my job is to educate people and offer them a way out of their unhappiness.
If you don’t listen I have to move on and concentrate on those who want to learn.
Those who want to learn will figure out how to pass the test.
Pass the test and I’ll personally mentor you into evolving and starting the process to evolving to my level.
I’m so happy.
I feel as light as air.
Still so much to say
Keep your heads down.
Keep safe.
It’s here. The cleansing has started to reach its climax.
It’s only a matter of time.
The parasites are about to lose.
Evolution as a species is soon upon us.

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