Child Spirits at 2.56am

I can’t sleep. I’ve been seeing a ton of Spirits, orbs, lights, shadows for the last 36 hours.
My room is buzzing with so much activity it’s keeping me awake. I’m sitting here wide awake. Been watching them all day, all night, all yesterday.
They’re mostly white lights or dark movements out of the corner of my eye.
Whether I’m standing in the kitchen or sitting on my bed with my laptop.
The size and height of a toddler.
Seeing things poke heads around my door, dark arm being waved past the door almost like he’s testing to see if I can see him lol
But they range from about the size of a 3yr old to maybe 10.
They move really quick so not to be caught in a playful way or slowly and purposefully.
I know enough about my gift to know something is coming.
The last time this happened we had that attack in Paris and I had the awesome green/blue experience where I saw my past through the eyes of a Spirit.
So I’ll keep you posted.
The house is warm and way too quiet.
Nervous tension is building up for sure.
But for what?
Could it involve children? I bloody hope not.
But child Spirits can also mean ‘innocence’ or ‘older, wiser’.
As in only the wisest Souls will do in a situation like this. To make sense of it all.
OR I’m nuts lol
I’m so tired. Twa sick boys, twa nights we’oot sleep.
I wish I could video tape through my eyes so you can see what I can see coz I know my phone won’t pick any of this up, but they’re moving closer to the bed and my wee boy is murmuring in his sleep as this happens lol

Let’s hope and pray it’s just coz they’re super active and wanting te say ‘Hulloo’.
Lets see shall we. Only time will tell.

They could just need help and are plucking up the courage to ask.

4 thoughts on “Child Spirits at 2.56am

  1. Is it weird that right about where you said you know something is coming I just felt a tingling sensation jolt through my entire body. It made me a bit nervous. Maybe it was reading the next line…maybe I sensed it to briefly through you.

    Tomorrow is going to be a…….day. :/

  2. Tonight my house was average. But LAST night I was up late talking to Lea and I was telling her the same thing! My house was practically buzzing and I had a hard time going to sleep. Turbo was so jumpy last night and was constantly staring at my doorway. Last night i came home and started loading the dishwasher. I had a heart attack because i thought there was a man standing in my living room. I thought someone had broken into my house. I swear I thought I saw a man clear as day lol I don’t know I’ve swear I’ve been seeing a few men in my house lately. Standing in the doorway of my room. It’ll all make sense one day I swear lol

    I think it was around 1 in the morning before I finally said OK I just need to sleep. G hasn’t been acting herself the last few days, she’s been waking up in the middle of the night wanting to sleep in my bed and I rarely cosleep with her. So this is definitely not her normal self.

    I hope I hope I hope it’s not another attack or something to do with children. Children and animals are my weak spot and I can’t take it when they get hurt.

  3. Not last night but the night before I was woken up more times than I could count and each time I saw a different spirit very briefly. Last night I was up most of the night with a sick toddler so not much activity. My room has been very active for a couple months, ever since I started seeing them.

    • Mine has been during the day, my boy is sick too but mine started when I was getting their breakfast yesterday morning. I saw them outside, inside, running about the stairs etc….then last night the seemed to congregate. It was palpable. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife. So we shall see. I went to bed at 6am. But we shall see. Experience tells me something is gonna happen. What I don’t know but I’ll know when it does.
      It’s kind of exciting but I’m nervous as well.