The Epiphany of Me:

As my time as a Student of Spirit and The Universe comes to an end. I am having the most incredible discussions with my friends and teachers of the last nearly 43 years.
And I’ve connected so much with my past. It’s helped me understand so much more about my life, my purpose. Our lives and our purposes.

Anything they teach me is to help me to teach and guide anyone who needs it. That’s the whole reason why I’ve been pissing some people off lately.

The thing that makes me what I am is my honesty. It’s why people pay their hard earned money to hear my predictions and observations of their lives. It’s why people trust me. Because brutal or not it is the truth. And as I have been saying lately ‘The truth while bitter on the tongue and a lie sweet to the ear when first told over time the lie becomes bitter and the truth sweet’.

We ALL have to start seeing our truths. We need to own who we are. Because it all matters. It all happens to teach you about you. Your existence. Your path. Your journey from beginning to end.

Oh My Blob……if everyone on the planet could have this experience we would finally be the human race we are meant to be.

The truth is, if we don’t get our shit together we are doomed. As a planet we will be destroyed and not just by the bad people in the world. Not just the Bankers, Leaders, Greedy and Powerful. This planet will be destroyed and we will die out as a species.

Rich or poor we will die out. Or we can finally get the bigger picture and evolve into what we are meant to be which is space travelers.

We have all the technology to be rich and famous and lazy and taken care of but when we get lazy we stop developing. We stop dreaming and hoping and creating and designing and it is a select few who get to shine.

But that person who shines has their own story to tell none of which would be made possible without the people they had in their lives.

This is why I can’t answer emails you all keep sending me to ask me how to have a connection to Spirit like mine.

My connection came about because of my life and all the wonderful things that have happened as well as all the shitty things that have happened.

You have to be brave and you have to have unquestioning faith. I can not give you faith. Faith is what you have when you remove ALL the middle men. You don’t need to pay someone to have a connection to whoever your Blob is. Whoever that God may be. It’s there all the time. For me my creator is the Universe.
I teach the gifts, I teach the illuminated path but your faith is to find yourself.
Mine is my own based on my life and the relationship I forged with Spirit during that life making it unique to me. Do you understand what I mean?

It makes you brave, and it brings you home at night and it never leaves you even when your angry at it for hurting you. But eventually you realize it’s not a Blob who took your sister at age 28 just a few weeks after having her daughter, it was her wish to live a short life. She simple gave herself the one she needed until it was her time to leave. She made sure when she was taking her last breathe on the Friday, the Thursday night beforehand her little sister was remembering all she had to, to keep her memory alive for her dying sisters new baby daughter.

She was surrounded by her loved ones on her last day and gave us all plenty of arms to be held by when you needed a hug. She left her the children to always remind you she wasn’t a figment of your imagination.

Whoever God is to you, it doesn’t matter as long as it makes you happy. But being happy is so much more important next to finding a God. Because you find that he/it is where ever your happiest.

I’m finally cracking the code to all my visions of my past and feelings of being in the presence of complete strangers lives.

I can’t explain it but I keep getting flashes of peoples lives. Just random strangers. I can see the colours, and smell the same air they breathe, I can hear the birds and the elements be it wind or rain, sun or snow.

And they have no idea as they collect their paper and read their coffee of whatever that I’m there, watching them. I could watch them all day.

Their lives are so interesting to me. So much more exciting. When I see them connect with someone they love, I have that love for them too. I feel their desires and fears to say ‘I like you’ to the one who doesn’t notice them, or ‘I love you’ to the one who does but it afraid you won’t say it back.

I feel it all. The excitement, the fear, the joy, the worry, some of these people I see their lives flash before my eyes. I want to know it ends well for these people.

Their lives seem so exciting. More so than mine and this is coming the person who gets to see all these peoples lives play out like a movie.

I see random funerals too. I talk to the Spirits of the deceased while they watch themselves be remembered and mourned. For the most part it’s always lovely but some of them have a real moan lol Hate what they were put in, pissed off because now it means the woman’s rival is going to make a play for her man etc….but none of them are interested in going back.

Of all the Spirits who talk to me when I see these things they are always wanting to tell me their story.

They all say the same thing.

Don’t do anything for less than love. You deserve to know true love. Everyone does. Don’t settle for stable or good enough. Do it because you can’t breathe without the other person next to you. Your only going to love one person for the rest of your life if your not anticipating a tragedy. So before you find that love go out and have some great sex.
Be safe of course and it goes without saying that it should be with anyone where it would break up a family or another persons heart unless you can’t stop breathing for each other. Adultery is not on. Not even in Spirit. IF you told someone you loved them and want to make a life with them then you do what you have to, to live up to your end of the bargain. Too many people marry for the wrong reasons. They think because they have great chemistry and your friends, and the sex was good, and you knew you’d have a stable life with them.

But if you don’t love them your not with them for the right reasons.
So what is love then? According to Spirit from what I’ve just learned. True Love is when you find the one person who makes everything stop. You hold your breathe whenever your near them. You have an electric current run through your body every time they touch you. You feed off each others words. You have this connection that no matter what you know the trust is always there. They are the first person you go to when something good happens to you and the one who runs to you when it’s something bad.

They know just what to say when they want to hurt you most. The words no person wants to hear come out of their loves mouth. The words that cut deep in the heat of an argument. It hurts like fuck and you want to die. You never want to hear words that hurt so badly. But you couldn’t take them from anyone else. The truth hurts and yes it was said to hurt you but it’s always better to be hurt by the truth than devastated by a lie and who better to tell you the truth than the one you love. Right?

Sometimes my ex husband has done somethings in public which not only cut me to the bone but embarrassed me as well. He’s done it twice when he accused me of doing something I didn’t do. I saw a side to him I didn’t like because usually he is the first one to defend me but he was actually the first one to accuse me and instead of helping me rectify the understanding he made it worse.
In those two moments I could of walked away and never looked back. I hated him so much for thinking so little of me. He sometimes has this way of making me think he thinks so little of me. He’s not a romantic. I am. I want the big romantic gestures. He is very self centered, he’s an artist and a Libra so everything is always about him.
He creates drama where ever he goes because people don’t get him. He’s a procrastinator and a hedonist. He is kind to a fault. He has been manipulated and cheated by so many people he called friend or family. But he looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. And when you need an ally he is the one you can rely on to cut the conversation with quick wit and humor. He’s up for anything. He’s not afraid to be different. He embraces his individuality and is proud of it. He is a brilliant man. Quite frankly one of thee most if not thee most intelligent man I’ve ever met.

He needs no explaining. He’s an incredible motivator, and is inspiring. He has this way of helping you find your thing and then helps you understand why your thing is your thing.
Be it to a Kebab Delivery Man who also feels the same draw of attraction that I do lol to a man he buys a burger for on the street lol My husband a gift of people just being able to pour their hearts out to him. And he goes on and on and on about how much he hates people. He’s a cantankerous, grumpy old man who has the heart of an Angel.
He makes out he’s all grumpy so he won’t get hurt by people but any one of you could go to him and he’d do what he could to help you. He’s impulsive and embarrassing, he’s mean and heartless sometimes. But when he brings me a cup of tea and toast at night when I’m working away on a reading, when he sits and listens to every word of my latest Psychic experience so thoughtfully and immediately launches into a tirade of questions instead of mocking me, when he tells me what a good mother I am, when he tells me I’m a good cook, they are his big gestures of love.
He is the first person to come to my side when something happens that isn’t nice. Even if it’s just me being my usual quirky Empath self who is crying over photos of a friends dog being put to sleep.
He’s there and he embraces my crazy and understands it. He never makes me feel like I need to explain myself.
And that is AFTER our marriage ended. He’s my BEST friend. We just can’t love each other anymore. Our paths no longer blended and we have made peace with that.
My teacher told me Chris wasn’t my life long husband and I completely forgot about it. Because I thought back then she was crazy haha
She said my soul mate or Forever Love was ‘Native American’ looking, younger and I the land of A’s.
It was during one of my ‘Worm hole events’ I was reminded. So imagine my surprise when I was asked out by Martin 6-7 weeks after my marriage ended.
He’s 25, I’m 43. He has long black hair, is from South America but looks First Nation. His name is Martin Andres Arce, from The Big Apple in America lol

Martin is unlike any other man I have ever met. He loves me like no one I’ve ever known. It’s on a whole new level. This from a former gang member.
Who knew lol. My bloody Teacher, that’s who.

The thing is, I wasn’t looking for love and it found me and I just decided ‘Fuck it………I’m 43, I have this drop dead gorgeous 25 yr old Latin guy wanting to love me when am I ever gonna have the chance to see what that’s like ever again?’ So I jumped in feet first and for the first time in my life I feel wanted and truly appreciated by a man I’ve loved. It’s a whole new level. I’m addicted to him and there is ZERO fear. I never worry about us because I KNOW he is it for me.
I took a chance and it paid off and love is just worth the risk it really is.

Do yourself a favour and LOVE the one your with with all of your being.

If your going to commit your life to one soul then let it be for the one who makes you hold your breathe. The one who makes you straighten your hair and push up your boobs for (or puffs out your chest for if your a man). They make you want to appear smarter. They make you throw caution to the wind just to get another glimpse of them.
They make you want to be the best version of you that you can be.

That love doesn’t go away when you marry them and have kids and get old along side each other. When you have that love in the start, you never find reasons to stop loving them. Good or bad. You married your best friend and when you marry for the right reasons it never goes away. It makes you work harder when things go wrong. You never worry about if they will leave. You know you have a warrior by your side. Someone who will take up arms with you not against you. If your married or are with someone because they are good looking, well…all I can say is ‘looks fade and one day when you’re old and wrinkly you better hope and pray they grew nice personalities somewhere along the line’.

I thought I had that with my ex and as my best friend I do. But in Martin, I just can’t explain it yet. I’m still trying to figure out all of this happened.

You only get one life loving that person. Please……tell them. EVEN if they don’t feel the same way. Give yourself the respect of admitting it. And you just never know. Maybe when you tell them, they will say it back. But you’ll never know if you don’t try. You owe it to yourself to find out. You might eye each other up when you collect your mail coz you live in the same apartment building. Maybe she’s a customer who lingers a little too much longer than the others and who makes you smile the second she walks in the door. If they have been delivering to your house for years and they have been helping you out a little since you lost your partner. Whatever it is. Whoever it is. DO IT!!!! Because to be loved is even better than loving someone.

You get one life so (this takes me nicely into Number 2)

2) Get rid of all your regrets now while your alive because your life becomes so much sweeter when your lighten your load. As you know from recent posts I’ve put up, things have been a bit dramatic recently but I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I’m learning to self govern my behavior. I’m dealing with my karma now so it doesn’t happen in the next life. (If you read my Blog about karma and what I think it means you’ll know what I’m talking about lol).

So instead of learning in the next life I was a bitch I immediately have Spirit on my case and my inner self was feeling like shit and as soon as I fixed the problem my life felt incredible again. I learned so much more about my Self worth and my limits. I learned I have a responsibility over anyone who reads my blog and reaches out to me. I learned it’s not about me any more. It’s about you the reader, follower, client etc…..etc……it’s while been dealing with all the regrets in my life that I’ve had the most epiphanies. The most awe inspiring epiphany’s one can have about ones own life, gift and purpose all came about because I was dealing with all my regrets.

Regrets aren’t a bad thing to have if your man enough to admit to them. Being seen as anything less than perfect nowadays seems to be a mental Illness or some thing. Don’t laugh at someone who is brave enough to fix their mistakes or who takes life by the balls.

Make sure your regrets are never bad ones. So don’t do anything so bad and so horrible, they haunt you. I know this is true of many Spirits who took a life in their life time. Not being able to make amends to the people they killed and such, it’s a heavy load to bear. Not everyone kills in anger. Some times people get caught up in bad situations and do everything they can to make up for what they did. These are the examples of some Spirits I’ve talked with who have been helping me over the last part of my journey.

They all have stories to tell and I ask them all the same questions. Not every one who takes a life is a bad person. They were just in a bad situation. The victims usually end up being Teaching Souls who chose short lives or dramatic deaths because of the lessons that come from it for those involved. I’m not condoning violence or murder. What I’m saying is no one is going to judge a man worse than an innocent one who knows he did a bad thing. But what is ‘a bad thing’ in your eyes?

Because I don’t think if a person takes a life in self defense or the defense of others they have anything to be ashamed about do you?

But if your holding on to things that are hurting you, or your not doing something you yearn for then your going to die with regrets and trust me when I say ‘Regrets are important to Spirit’. So your reading this which means you know from this day on you have the power to get the most of your life to make it the best life ever to prepare you for death. Instead of laying there wasting time on going through all your regrets, you can use the time to remember the good things, and make memories for those left behind.

Write the book that’s inside you. Get it out. Release it on a Kindle or tell no one. But get it out.

If you have a hobby or a love of something, go and do it. It’s your life. You only get one chance to live it as you. When your dead and gone what do you want people to remember you by?

People can say I’m bat shit crazy, people can accuse me of being a fraud, NO ONE can say I didn’t do what I wanted to do. I have achieved everything in my life I’ve set out to do. And now that I’ve dealt with my regrets and stuff, my life is only just about to get to the good bit.

I implore you to pick up that paint brush, sit at that type writer, put on that dress and heels young man and find your inner Queen.

Put that gorgeous dress on Mama and make a man feel alive. Do what feeds your soul. Everyone has their thing. If your with someone who doesn’t let you have your thing your not with the Love of your Life. Because your Forever Love would not just let you have your thing, they will pay for you to have more of it and even occasionally join in, just for you, because they love you.

Don’t be afraid of pursuing all those things you always wanted to do. If your partner doesn’t want to do learn to Salsa, take a friend. Maybe you’ll start to walk with a pep in your step, maybe he notices. A little jealousy is a good thing if it’s not done on purpose and with the intention of hurting someone. Playful innocent jealousy is cute but anything more than that is cruel and not coming from a good place.

But my point is, instead of saving all your money for your kids after your dead, put some aside for your funeral and spend the lot on holidays ad cruises. It’s your money your earning for while your alive for when your dead. Do you know how nuts that sounds?

Why not just make sure you have enough to pay for your funeral. Let the kids have the insurances but take the money you have and spend the lot of making memories for yourself while your alive. It’s what you worked for. You worked hard for your retirement but it doesn’t mean your retirement has to be spent you waiting for death. Go dancing. Go on a cruise. Get your partner and have a nice new wardrobe and hit the clubs. Play Bingo once in a while sure but play it on a cruise for Seniors or Widows. Go with your lover and have a romantic unplanned weekend in Paris. But whatever your age, do it. Live your life now while your alive. We are all like Zombies now. We have no lust for life anymore.

Take some cooking classes and cook for your love and family etc…. Because you can’t take any of it back when your looking back on your life during death.

There is only one thing worse than living with fear and that is dying with it. (Obviously I’m not talking about physical fear. I mean emotional fear).

So many people are unhappy. And it’s spreading like a disease. We live these long hard lives because we are in debt and we need to buy stuff and a job is better than no job and your no one if your not on the property ladder.

FUCK the property ladder. Shall I tell you why?

Because your killing your Soul dead just so the bank can take all of your money for you not to own a piece of wood and concrete until you make the last payment.

If it all caught fire right now and you were stuck in the middle what would you save and what would you tell those you loved the most if you had the chance.

If the one your with isn’t the one you love, if the one you love is sitting right next to you, if the one you love is just a message away then do something now that tells them it’s them you chose. Never regret telling those you love that you love them. Make sure they all have no doubts about your love.

If it all went up in smoke would you really be that sad if you knew you had insurance and all the important stuff was out would you really be bothered? I think not. I know of quite a few people that have said ‘When we assessed the damage and moved on with a new flat and charity shop stuff and things people gave us, until our insurance money came through it was kind of just so nice not having crap to worry about any more. There was no more worries about the lawns being too long and the neighbours judging my every step etc…..and once it was all removed I just became so much happier.’

I’m yet to find one who went on to buy another house. They all just paid off debt and traveled or started businesses etc……

A house is just stuff. How much stuff do you need? You can’t take it with you and your not a Pharaoh who is going into a huge chamber. You can’t take any of it with you when you go. It’s all stuff your loved ones are going to have to rifle through after your dead. Most of it will get fought over, donated or sold for Β£1.

Your belongings will go to other people and if your blessed a lot of people will have nicer food and clothes once your money becomes theirs. Seriously?

Is that what your breaking your back for? So your ‘LOVED ONES’ can feast on your earnings when your dead?

I like what my parents did. They said we were to use our money to ‘Make memories for them’. Which is what I do. Everything I do now I do for Mum and Dad. Stuff they can’t do I now do for them.

If your going to leave a lot of money for your friends and family, make sure you know they will appreciate the sentiment and not use it as an excuse to ‘doss about for a bit’.

which brings us to Number 3 of what Spirit have taught me to teach others.

3) Plan your funeral NOW.

Never leave anyone guessing about what you would want. Write it down. Make it YOUR way. My husband and I have this great idea of setting up a CD of music to hand out to everyone at the funeral and the songs on the CD will be chosen by us that represent our best memories.

IE When our son was born in Ninewells, Dundee Hospital, the song ‘Real Gone Kid’ by Scottish band Deacon Blue was playing on the radio.

Don’t you forget about me by Simple Minds was playing when our youngest son, Train was born. So they would be on our CDs.

Plus any songs we have attached to our best memories and then everyone can take the CD home and remember us when they hear those songs.

I want a cardboard coffin and I want everyone to write messages, sign it, poems and little notes and drawings on it. I then want to be coral and placed back into the ocean in New Zealand. Going back to where it all began for me, and for man.

But it is common knowledge on this Blog that Spirit ALWAYS go to their Funerals or Wakes or whatever it is we do to remember and send off our loved ones. And if they don’t like it, they WILL find someone to have a moan about it to.

So don’t be afraid to ask your loved ones. ‘When you die, how do you want to be buried. How do you want to be remembered. If they say don’t be so morbid, don’t talk like that etc………say to them ‘I read an article by this Psychic lady who said Spirit gave her a list of common things the dead talk about after death and when she asked them about their send offs they said ‘I should of planned it when I was alive’.

Tell them what you want when you die. What you want to wear, what you want played etc….One of my rules is it’s not to be called a Funeral but a ‘Bon Voyage’ party. A ‘In I’m off on a trip of a life time but we will see each other soon’ kind of party.

No hymns or church or anything. I’m gonna have a Tangi where everyone tells stories and sings songs and has a laugh and a cry and they draw on my cardboard casket. Then I want my Unveiling (of my plaque on the Memorial Wall at our family cemetery back home in New Zealand) to be one HUGE Party. I want everyone to drink and have a laugh and just love each other with good food and drink and stories.

But my ex and my fiance know to put me in my nicest pjs and to take everything but my wedding ring off. They know where everything is to go and I’m an organ donor too so…hopefully I get to save lives too. They get everything but my heart. My heart goes home to the Memorial Wall as my heart will always belong to my New Zealand.

Get it all written down. If someone is terminally ill, ask them, what they want. They appreciate it after they die my Babies, I promise. It really does mean a lot to them they way they are sent out. They like to know they mattered to someone.

I have however seen funerals where no one but the Minister and cemetery staff and if you put the ‘Debbie’ glasses on you’d see the thousands who are there in Spirit. So no one EVER dies and is buried alone. So we can all rest a little easier now knowing even the homeless get a good send off, because that always bothered me until recently.

When your preparing to bury someone, you have a billion and one things going through your mind. You’ll be so busy trying to make sure you got everything right, you don’t have time to mourn your loss.

It always happens, especially for the oldest couple of siblings. But what if it was already decided and all you had to do was hand over the clothes they requested and have a date and time to tell people? So then all you had to do was be with your family and remember/honor their memory. Isn’t that so much nicer?

Also don’t be afraid to had some humor into your send off. Don’t do all that organ music bullocks. Put your favourites up there. The music you loved to love when you were alive. So when everyone there hears those songs from that day on they remember you and your memory. That is after all what a funeral is supposed to be. A service to say ‘goodbye’ to a loved one.

Remembering your dead is the highest honour you can give them. Their memory is everything to them because it’s letting them know they did a good job. They left an imprint in the fabric of time and it mattered to someone. That’s why they do it. It’s why they keep coming back to live life after life. Because no other existence has the same experience as the human experience. We are inspirational. We are creative, We are enduring, and we embrace enlightenment. without us, if we die out we will never join them up there and we won’t save our planet and all that we are will be lost forever.

They up there, need our inspiration and our need to observe and discover and invent and create, and understand so we can ALL advance as a higher beings. When we advance as higher beings it means death will no longer exist and we will exist together in the one time. All species, all, galaxies, all planets etc….as well as all the dead. By higher being I mean spiritual beings.

People like me have been sent to give every one the lessons they need to do their bit to make sure that in a couple of hundred years we don’t all just die out.

Stop wasting time. We waste so much time. We are humans being not humans doing. When your doing your experiencing, learning and absorbing the world around you, go out there and make someones breathing stop for a second when you walk in the room.

There is love out there for everyone. You just have to look for it. Not everyone is lucky enough to have their love come to their door but just because they don’t come to yours doesn’t mean you can’t go to theirs.

If it’s love it’s so worth looking for. And as long as nothing you breaks the Law of the Universe ‘I shall not by my own actions cause loss or harm to any other living soul’ then get off your ass and start to live your life and love every minute of it.

I’m greedy now, I’m asking the Universe for everything now. I want to travel the world and I want to meet people. I want to not be afraid to hide my gift in the outside world any more.

I still have one regret I’m yet to fulfill and that is relearn Guitar. One of my wonderful friends made one of my other dreams come true the other day and bought me a massage table for my Birthday. I’ve already used it *big smiles* I’m such a lucky duck. I got to cross a regret off my list and it felt fantastic.

This last Epiphany came to me today. As I watched Two Documentaries I watched on Netflix.

One was Back in Time, about the making of Back to the Future and it’s Cult following, and First Comes Love.

First Comes Love is a movie documentary about a 41yr old Movie maker who decided to have a baby without a Father present. No Husband. Just being a Single Mum. As I watched this woman Nina grieve for her beloved Mother and then question her own existence I started to have flash backs of this woman’s life. Her Mothers life caught hold of me and I realized things I was seeing months ago were images of this woman’s life months ago but I didn’t know who she was.

This woman’s Mother was showing me her life, months before I ever saw the movie. Suddenly memories of flashes I’d been having over the months make sense to me.

Then I got my notebook out in my head about previous conversations with Spirit and I started talking to them and this is how I think I have finally cracked the meaning of life and I don’t mind saying ‘I’m pretty blown away’. Let me know what you think.

The last stage of my training has been introspective as you know. I’ve been made to pay attention to everything they are shown me and being the perfect Teachers they are I have finally cracked their code.

I know eventually the stuff they show me will make sense. So I knew these images I was seeing of these peoples pasts would make sense one day. Little did I know what it would lead to.

Stay with me………….So obviously when I’ve been seeing these things I’ve been having contact with Spirits teaching me the significance of making memories.

I’ve been seeing memories of my childhood, and other peoples. Slowly the cogs have been turning.

Upon watching this Nina bury her Mother in First Comes Love, I said to Spirit as I’m balling my eyes out ‘Why do we do it, grieving hurts so much, why do we put ourselves through the experience?’

And they said (get how perfect this is, I had to sit down when they said this bit)

They said ‘Because to know grieve is to know true love’.

Get it? Only when we know the pain of losing someone we love do we know what LOVE IS.

You can love your cars, your money and your job but losing any of it doesn’t hurt like losing someone you love.

Stay with me, I’m getting to my point.

Then it started dawning on me. That’s what they are trying to teach us. The Meaning of Life.

We chose a life where we have to be born fighting, we have to fight to find our place in society as kids, we have to fight to find our identity as teens, then fight to find your place as an adult then to find love and start a family and have an experience then grow old and die.

And then we stand there and say as Spirits ‘Hmm…..yeah I was a good Mum but I want to learn to love a little more. I never loved my kids the way they should of been loved, I want to go back and know love’.

So off they go and they fight to be born and they we have to fight to find our place in society as kids, we have to fight to find our identity as teens, then fight to find your place as an adult then to find love and start a family and have an experience then grow old and die.

Then they come back and they say ‘I loved my kid perfectly but I think I want to know a life that teaches instead of learns’ so they go off and they fight to be born and they die as a teenager……etc……..get it?

Why? Well if you’ve paid attention to my last few posts you’ll know it’s because of the Human Experience.

Why a Back to the Future Documentary? Because that film created a human experience for billions of people.

They ‘LOOK UP’ told me No one creates like we do, no one takes ideas and makes them something that transcends all time like humans do.

Our human experience is incredible and it’s personal and it means something to everyone having one.

To choose a life of pain and suffering makes you the wisest souls. Your nearly at the top. You chose a harder life for the lessons for yourself and those around you.

No Other species knows the experience like that of the humans. We are creative and inventive and supportive and embracing and free thinking and we LOVE movies and TV shows and they inspire others to have and create their own human experience.

This is why the keep saying ‘Remember me, don’t mourn me’. ‘Honour my memory’.

Because when you remember them it makes them know their human experience meant something AND it means when we remember we travel back in memory with the person who has no gone.

To Mourn them and feel that pain, is what life is. Life is Love and love hurts but there is nothing like it in this universe.

The love of a movie that inspired generations of people to become inspiring themselves.

The love of a child you create and nurture.

The love of a parent,

The love of Nina’s best friend, what an incredible woman her friend is. I know these woman that I’ve never met because Ninas mother showed me months ago. I wish I could tell Nina her Mother is so proud of her. Being a Mother brought Nina’s Mother life and I wish I could tell her that.

Her memory of her Mother keeps her memory alive and then what happens is her boy Jasper will grow up seeing the footage of his Grandma and he’ll have his own thoughts about her and put her in his memory and there her Spirit lives with her Grandson.

See how it works? So that is the Mothers Spirit living on inside the grandkids and anyone who watches the film who thinks about the Mother and their own loved ones etc….and it brings the Spirits right there.

The Human Experience lives on. The Meaning of Life.

Having the human experience so you can make memories and keep your Spirit alive in those who remember you.

Be it a loved one or a stranger, it doesn’t matter. Its the fact to that Spirit of Nina’s Mother (Davenport was her name) her memory is kept alive because someone chose to remember her.

And when your watching someones Mother in a coffin in a documentary you can’t help it. It’s a sadness you feel if you’ve ever had to bury a beloved Mother, parent, sibling or loved one. Grief hurts.

BUT!!! Death is only painful for the living. Spirit are trying to teach us to make memories. Have the human experience. Go out and do and see. Make the memories, not just for you but for everyone around you.

Because one day you’ll be dead and you’ll want to know that your experience meant something.

To the Dead and those living elsewhere there is no death. We live in each others memories. We see each other just by thought alone.

Now I’ve learned to just jump to where I need to go, in a reading or by thought, I can walk around random streets and read out street signs and addresses and describe houses and even peoples lives and funerals etc…….at will.

If we could all get like my level of ability death would no longer exist. We would no longer grieve because our loved ones would exist in my memories and in my dreams and by pure thought alone I can have them by my side.

And they have taught me more in the last 5 months than I’ve learned in the last 43 yrs.

Make memories people. Stop wanting money, stop buying houses you can’t take with you, stop wishing to be with someone to love, go out there and find it.

Go put your stuff in storage and travel, write that book, kiss that girl in your class, take those dance lessons. Who cares what people think.

Who cares what people think. We worry so much about what people might think and yet who are these people to judge us for wanting to be happy? Fuck them.

It’s not their life it’s yours.

Don’t go to College if you don’t really want to. Being happy is more important than a decade of being a debt slave.

Write that screen play. I know someone who is writing a book……’s taking a while Dr Who lol

We spend all our time listening to stories on the news and in the media about when the end of the world comes.

People are obsessed with the end of the world. No one wants to hear what I see because it’s not a future ruled by Media, and Banks and Hollywood and Big Business and Pharmaceutical companies where people have been indoctrinated to buy more stuff and be a star and find fame any way you can, and where any emotion other than Happy is a mental illness. Blob forbid you have a real emotion. ‘Quick get them on meds for ADHD and tell people they have bi polar because suddenly if your happy and then life gets a bit shit your bi polar’.

Wake up people. We have human lives. Lives get hard some times. But just because your too lazy to do something to fix it doesn’t mean you should be letting the Government medicate your emotions away. Oh My blob!!!

I’m saying this because I’ve had 20 emails this week about people saying they have ADHD because they get moody some times.

Well…..your supposed to get moody. Life gets hard, stuff gets awesome, a twat breaks your heart and a skank steals your money. It happens. Its life.

Stop blaming it on ‘mental disorders’ and deal with your life. If you don’t like the life your experiencing change it. You have the right to change all the things you don’t like in your life.

THAT is why Spirit are saying over and over and over to my clients. Stop worrying about what ifs and just do it. Worrying about possible out comes is far more hassle than just doing it and seeing what happens.

But Good or bad it’s all part of the human experience. And it all takes you down the paths you need to go down but you have total control. You can always change the things you don’t like.

Your life is like a Sat Nav. You can’t change the destinations but you can sure as hell decide what roads you want to go down to get there.

So get out there and live your life to the best of your potential. Stop hiding behind fear and mental illness and make your life a human experience for all of us who will remember you, then your life lives on forever. To remember is to be Psychic if you are able to remember the way I have learned to. It’s an incredible feeling to know the lives and childhoods of people who come to me in Spirit.

Then we all just meet up in our dreams and have fun.

I’m utterly exhausted now. I think I’ll sleep for a month.

I need to be Teaching I think. I need to be maybe writing a book. If I could I would give talks but I wouldn’t know where to begin. I also would like to put it out there to anyone reading my Blogs who works in the Science Industry. I want to study myself under a scientific environment to see if I can understand these Time Slips I’m having. Is it a chemical reaction to something or is it a seizure? is it a hormonal thing or is a part of my brain active?

I’d love to find out.

Anyway, just something for you all to think about. I’m exhausted now lol

I hope this inspires you to start living. Stop allowing this world to stop you from having an incredible human experience.

Because when a Soul gets to the point where it is no longer remembered they stop having human lives and opt to be reincarnated and stuff instead. Which is sad. But you have to remember, this is why they all flock to us. No one lives like we do. No other planet in the Universe has the same lives as us.

And we fuck it up with wars, The Kardashians and Pocket Dogs.

I mean…..if that’s your experience then have fun with that but stop trying to push it onto us. No everyone wants to be famous because of making a porn. Some people actually have talent and are too poor or too worried with not being bombed to care if KeyWest or whatever their names are are having a boy or a girl.

I’d be more impressed if they did a show where she gave away all her wealth. She is married to Yeesuz after all. Wouldn’t he be wanting the poor to prosper.

I’m telling you now America, if that man becomes the next President of the United States your screwed and you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

STOP WORSHIPING celebrities. Raise your children to know about our war heroes. Raise them to have an interest in Science. There are men and women in Science and Medicine and Music and Art and Literature who deserve to be worshiped more than someone who kicks a ball for a Million a week and still can’t get their team to win a Final.

Stop trying to find someone to give you the answers. look for it yourself. Don’t try to be a McPsychic. Be a Gourmet one instead. Sure it takes longer but you’ll enjoy it so much more and you’ll appreciate the efforts that went into making it.

Stop being a Human Being and be a Human Doing.

Enjoy the experiences. Sleep under the stars, get a little stoned, go sing Karaoke, dance with a stranger, hold someones hand, buy a stranger lunch.

Pay for someones shopping you know looks like they need the help. Some of us have such wonderful experiences. We have Forever Loves and Soul mates who want to enjoy the experience with us. They simply chose a different role to play in your life every time but that’s why a FL or SM are soooo special. Because they share your experience with you in this life and the next and previous etc….They are so so rare. That’s why the connection goes deeper than just loving someone. There is a need to be in each others lives. That is an incredible human experience to have. But it’s why we do it. It’s why we must always do it for the love. Even if you stop being husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend etc….a forever love isn’t just about sex.

The love of Art, Music, a Human, an Animal, a Movie, a Game, a Genre of something, architecture, history, whatever it is, have it. Know it. Try new foods, open up your world to new experiences. Each one you have will change your life to how it was before. The more you experience the more you want to experience the more you’ll understand. Trust me. Go out and do it. Whatever it is.

Adopt a puppy or cat no one wants and love it with ever fiber of your soul. Offer to help a neighbour, help if you see a need. I promise you, it changes your entire perspective on life when you start to have a more human experience.

Love and Light


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39 thoughts on “The Epiphany of Me:

  1. Wow! I without words… well for the most part. I laughed, got sad, cried, got mad and smiled while reading this post! That was a roller coaster of a read. “To choose a life of pain and suffering makes you the wisest souls. Your nearly at the top. You chose a harder life for the lessons for yourself and those around you.” I must be towards the top, maybe not as high up as you with the amount you’ve suffered but I’m definitely up there.

    Then there’s karma and the life mapping. I tried explaining that to my mother a few weeks ago and she yelled at me! She will be 51 in February, she is a double amputee and has various other health problems. She asked me what she did to deserve xyz, why God was putting her through everything. I explained that God wasn’t putting her through everything, that’s the church’s saying the god tests us and etc. I told her that everything that’s happened she mapped out for herself to experience for a reason. Just like I mapped out everything for myself. She actually said that’s f*cked up that she would put herself through this.

    I had to tell her because I had to be honest. I’m hoping she may actually figure out for herself what she needed to learn from the awful things she’s endured but I’m not really sure she will. She’s constantly in and out of the hospital for the same issues without doing anything to change it for herself.

    OK well enough of my ranting. I got all warm and fuzzy inside when you explained the meaning of life. It all makes sense since you threw it in my face lol We can never experience and know real love until we experience loss and grieving.

    As always, Debbie, this was an absolutely amazing post. I know I say this every time but every time you top your last awesome post πŸ˜„

  2. Wow
    Very inspiring Debbie
    I fully agree with you on all levels.
    I love my children and I wish them well in life when I am gone but I want them to know how to live from my experiences also.
    I would like to say that I step out of my comfort zone a lot but I’m sure it’s not enough. Lol. You would probably say Yvonne I’m sure there is something you would like to do but just don’t. Lol
    As always I love your messages and as always I fully agree and love the advice u give
    Thank you for writing this

    • “I’m sure there is something you would like to do but just don’t.”

      Well is there? I can’t help but feel you would not have felt compelled to say this if you didn’t already have something in mind. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much my Beautiful Sister. Your an incredible Mother and your children have a fantastic role model in you not just as their Mother but as a Human Being. Your charitable practices, your endless patience and love doesn’t just leave a mark on your children but to those around you as well.
      Your an incredibly selfless person Yvonne. I’ve never met you but you’ve made your mark even for those who’ve never met me.
      And your Sister adores you most of all. So whatever your doing its working my love. Rest assured you’ll be felt for a loooooong time after your gone. You’ll livevon through so many people. Some who had the fortune to know you personally like your family and friends but also by those who haven’t met you but who know your kindness through your actions like me πŸ™‚
      Although I’m determined to meet you πŸ™‚
      Love always my dear dear friend.

  3. Love it and trying to live humanly here 😊. Staying away from negativity and avoiding the ones that hate and drain me. So no worries. Always great thoughts and memories of dad and grandpa. Also got another puppy. This time, a teeny tiny baby that was badly flea infested.

      • They’re both girls. Venus and Jupiter. Lol. Venus is jealous of her and so she tramples all over Jupiter when she can. It’s so cute. Jupiter always wants to be held, just like a little baby. My lonely life is comforted by them. They bring joy and motherly worries to me. Love them both.

        I re-read your posting, always inspiring. The last couple of months, I have been trying to live differently. It has made me happy. I will continue to be happy and enjoy life. Hopefully soon, I can report to you, good news. Love ya missy. Xoxo.

      • That’s really good to hear Phoua. I’m glad your seeing things differently now. Sorry. I thought you’d said Jupiter was a boy in FB lol sorry.
        I do often put the people I know into my posts. The messsage are for you all who it resonates with the most. So many people in the same position. So many people going through the same thing.
        So my message hits home to a few people.
        And we are all in this together. We have to have sympathy and empathy. Without it the thing that makes this planet great will vanish.
        It’s not about Self. It’s about US. All of us. In it together. So anything I do aimed at one is actually meant for many. Xox

  4. The other day I was walking into the store to get a few groceries when a man stopped and asked for money so he could feed his son. My family is beyond broke right now but that didn’t matter if I could help him in that moment. I didn’t have any cash on me so I was going to give it to him on the way out. I gave the $10 to one of my girls and we searched the parking lot for him. I’m
    hoping he got the money he needed and went to buy food. I’ll save this $10 for the next person.
    This was a beautiful article and I too cried and laughed. I love the comment about grief and love. Thank you again for a great read!

    • That’s a beautiful idea. What we do is every time we get the shopping we grab a non perishable item then every 6 months we take the food to a food bank or the Salvation Army. But I was reading a survey done by the Scottish Government that said statistically ‘the lower classes are thee most charitable of all the classes’. So those of us who are struggling financially are more likely to donate and be charitable than the rich or the middle classes. It makes me proud and sad at the same time.
      But your kindness hopefully will reach the people who need it the most.
      Love and Light to you and your wonderfully kind family.

  5. Wow, very well written! There’s so much of it to take in, I can’t keep it all in my head at once to come up with a fitting response.

    I will say, since I was mentioned that the book was written 20 years ago, with a major re-write done a dozen or so years ago. And while recently I’ve felt it could probably use a fresh coat of polish, that’s not at all what’s been holding it up.

    One good point I want to make though is about the meaning of life. I wonder how helpful it might be for some of us it the future (or the present) that when things aren’t going well and overcoming them is difficult to achieve. If it would be helpful for us to ask ourselves WHY we chose this for ourselves.

    Nothing may come of it, but maybe, just maybe, deep in our gut, we will see an answer. I mean, it’s US. Obviously the answer is inside. Would knowing that go a long ways in overcoming it?

    That, I do not know. But it’s compelling food for thought.

    • J Dub that’s exactly why your my best friend. You just get me even if I don’t get myself most of the time until it’s revealed later on in epiphanies lol but that’s exactly what we should do. Trying to understand why you chose that path/option/plan will definitely help you understand your journey while also bringing you closer to Spirit. But trying to figure it out really does help you as well as build that connection. We know our paths deep down on a super subconscious level because we did chose these lives after all.
      It’s definitely what’s been happening to me lately. Working on me is my last lesson. Every aspect of me and my life. I totally know my purpose in life now. It’s been an embarrassing, humbling, thought provoking, introspective and intriguing experience. I don’t think I’ve learned as much as I have in the last four months. I know I need to work on Judgement just like my Teacher Pauline told me the night she passed away. It’s made me ashamed of my behaviour in the past regarding people like my In Laws. I get so defensive. I need to learn not to respond to things immediately. But as you all know I’m working on that and I hope I get a family for my three boys out of it.
      But I wouldn’t of learned any of this and not just this one but all of my knowledge, if it wasn’t for me asking ‘Why?’.
      You just so understand where I’m coming from Mr Dub lol
      Your spot on my young Padewan lol
      Maybe if I ever got famous you could just stop doing what you do and come be my PA. Chris wouldn’t need to vet you with the security checks and stuff. We would be living in the US by the way (if your gonna dream dream big aye? rofl ) and you’d have to move to New York or Massachusetts and you could games with Mr in your spare time and you’d be my travel buddy, my right hand man and on my show I’d do Oprah style ‘best friend’ episode or two where we would drive across America together doing impromptu readings for people and popping in on Fans. I’d LOVE that lol I could find you a nice girl. Oh that would be so fun. Because I’d gajillions in the bank all my work would be free. So I’d do Cleansings and Releasings for Fans of the show and I wouldn’t charge for any of it. I’d not even charge for travel costs or accommodation or anything. I’d travel the world going to fans of the show to help them any way they needed it all for free if I had TV kind of money lol the production company could foot the bill lol
      I’d have a 20yr waiting list because if I had that sort of money I’d never charge for a reading either. It would be all free and first come first served. I’d go to dying people afraid to die and people in prison who are wanting to make amends for their crimes, scared children, scared parents, schools if they let me lol
      I’d go on radio shows and local stations etc….all free for my TV show. So it would be Oprah for the Paranormal lol
      Anyway enough of my dreaming out loud lol your bang on mini Grasshopper lol
      Well done.
      P.S we could see America on the show in Campervans (coz I wouldn’t fly) and we could watch Dr Who episodes with Train and have cups of tea and sugar free cookies lol (I’m actually about to bake some tomorrow lol).
      What would you add to that dream?

      • Whoa, slow down there. It’s great that you’ve got your future all mapped out for yourself, and it sounds great. But don’t you think I should have some say in my own? lol πŸ˜€

        As for your other points, yeah it can be difficult not to respond immediately to people when you’re a passionate, hot-blooded individual. It gets even worse when your response is directed at a proud person (and really, aren’t we all?). I hate getting into disagreements with people, because I feel if I assert my own position too firmly, it just devolves into an unwinnable argument where people get so defensive with their point of view that nothing else matters but protecting it, even with the most irrational or irrelevant statements.

        Often times, I just say nothing, because I see no gain in it. Just an argument. That’s not to say I’m not hot blooded myself and sometimes want to rip into someone.

        Maybe when I do, people will take notice because it’s so out of character. Or go “Oh, ****!” and hide behind the sofa. lol

        Although I feel I might be a bit of an enabler for you too, because I’m inclined to take your side by default, because that’s just one of the perks you get with me. πŸ˜€

      • I wish I had your restraint my friend but that’s why I need you. Because your the calmer more realistic one of the marriage lol I’m the romantic who rules with her heart. It’s my curse. It’s not always a blessing lol trust me lol but you and hubby keep me grounded except hubby would be like ‘F it……come on lets just do it’ where as your more ‘who feeds the cat while your away and what about the boys school work? ‘Will you work on the road coz you’ll need back up batteries if you do’ etc…….so I need my pragmatic husband to keep me grounded and from being impulsive lol
        It goes without saying ‘you know we would have a blast’. You know it would be a once in a life time opportunity. But if I promised never to drag you on a plane or out of the country and it was just for a few weeks at a time but your on more than your on now would you do it? Even just once? It would be a fantastic way to learn your gift and use it. See it on action so to speak. But Mr said you and him could work on a game while I was busy working lol
        Readers: this is just a joke or bit of banter between me and my bestie don’t email me asking when I’m in a town near you lol

      • Ouch! I just got called pragmatic. Almost feels like an insult. lol At least to someone who reads “I’m the romantic who rules with her heart” and wonders “Aren’t I that too?” it can be. πŸ˜€ Then again, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve felt like two totally opposite people at the same time. πŸ™‚

        If I could get myself up for travel, then of course I would have to try it, at least ONCE. Would not be my first cross-country road trip either. πŸ˜€

        So–uh–when are you going to be in a town near me? HAHAHAHA!!!

      • J Dub….we NEED you to be the pragmatic one because you need to keep me from flying off on some emotional carpet ride lol you are loving, loyal, compassionate, charming and so kind. You have so many wonderful qualities. If there is anyone out there reading this and wondering about my bestfriend ‘yes he’s single’. But you’ll have to go through me first and my list of questions because only the best is good enough for my J Dub lol see… the pragmatic side of you will tell the romantic side of me to shut up lol
        I need you because you stop me from myself lol

      • Lol you guys are killing me! Reading your responses back and forth to each other today while I was at work made my day. I couldn’t stop laughing.

        So while I was at work today I was reading one of the posts that you wrote on the forum. I can’t really remember which post it was but my body started vibrating. It was a lot stronger and very noticeable than the tingling I’ve felt when Chakra open etc. It was like how my body felt when I almost AP’d last summer. It was different than my usual feelings that I get when I’m being told that what I’m reading is correct. It went for a good 15 to 20 seconds. I was definitely at work, I wasn’t dreaming or anything. I was just bored at work So i decided to learn some new things lol I looked around, listened waiting for SOMETHING to happen but there was nothing that I was aware of other than feeling that vibration that consumed almost my whole body… I would say shoulders to my toes.

  6. Its so so soooo refreshing Sister love β™₯β™₯!! I AM GOING TO FRAME THIS ARTICLE! Its so true..the point you mentioned of “fuck property ladder” before reading this I was totally of the same opinion which I said to some including my mom and boyfriend but they all said as I reside in Dream State and these things dont have place in todays world!! But I have made them u derstand by now what I meant is actually true for living a perfect Life!! Some close ones backbites about me of not taking my professional life seriously where I can earn huge !But I am doing what I feel right to do and my heart is at peace ,I never wanted to be counted amongst those who wants “money ,luxury and show-off “in life …I m simple and just wanted to be like that! Thanx again for putting this up and proving myself right in the ways I think !
    Love ye
    Garima πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Following your heart NEVER lets you down Sister.
      Do what makes YOU happy. Your life is YOURS to live noone elses. I know the Hmong culture is very close but your a daughter of God first. A child of the Universe second and a human being before your a daughter, sister, wife or Aunt etc….and when you follow your happy everything falls into place.
      In this life there is always going to be someone who has an opinion on your life but it doesn’t matter. They aren’t the ones living your life or living with your decisions.
      You matter most. Remember that.
      Those who judge you do so because they fear your bravery. They don’t have the guts to do the same so they sit in judgement.
      But don’t pay it any attention. It’s always the scared ones who throw the hardest stones but those who understand you always deflect the stones.
      Embrace those people.
      They’re the ones who matter most.
      I’m one of them. πŸ™‚

      • I know your always with me πŸ™‚ ..The best thing in my life ..I am always like listening to my heart.Nobody taught me this but some unknown force told me to follow my heart ..By listening to my heart I got to know right paths ,decissions to make everything.And I recomend this thing to others to!

    • Garima your name popped up on my phone just now and I saw a flash of you and I sitting on a red sofa having a sister cuddle. Do you know what that is? I felt so much love. I hope it’s a premmie. I’d give anything to sister cuddle with you.

      • Oh wow thats the most wonderful thing β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ .I dont have my own sister or brother nor did I get Love from my cousin sisters or brothers .I dont know why but my relatives never loved me like I love them still!When you said about your images I am like so emotional right now ,I too can give anything for sisters Love and Affection ! Sometimes I cry infront of my man that how illfated I am that my relatives hates me but Fortunate enough that every unknown persons turns up to be my made-up relatives and where I get absolute love ,care and affection which I am supposed to get from my blood ones! It really shows that how mentally connected we are! WHAT I believe is ,if you really love someone or care someone then distance cannnot stop you making or getting or feeling love!! I am so lucky I could make you feel like ‘ Real Sister’ connected and cuddling β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ :-* :-* :-* :-):-)

      • Listen to me Garima. Fuck your relatives. They’re the ones de-evolving because they let jealousy and bitterness over shadow their lives. They are the ones who have to explain their actions when they die not you. Just smile, be respectful and live your life as it is intended to be lived. Love, laugh, live, experience, taste, feel etc…it’s all we need to put us on our paths to perfect balance. Yours isn’t to ask ‘Why don’t they love me?’ But rather ‘Am I gonna let this weigh me down and be a giant hurdle blocking my journey as a Path Walker or Am I going to use it as a stepping stone and use it as a lesson on how you learned to block out negative voices on your journey? Some people are just horrible. But don’t let them win Garima. You shine bright in front of them Garima. Show them your happy and Smart and determined and don’t need an ounce of their approval Baby girl. Your not expected to live or love anyone who doesn’t give you the same in return Hun. You just need to give respect where you get it.
        ‘There’s a lot of Debbie Downers or Negative Nelly’s (as we call them back home in New Zealand lol hahahahahaha hahahaha) in this world but your not expected to like or love them. Just respect they’re dicks and use it as a lesson in ‘giving respect where you get it’. Just worry and care about you Hun. If your going to be a student of mine your going to be expected to have to work on this stuff to get rid of it out of your life once and for all. And that will be done by making you see your better than the way your letting these people treat you. Family aren’t supposed to be like that Garima. It’s unacceptable especially from Elders. You don’t need to put up with that kind of crap. I bet once your well on your way Spiritually and they see how blessed your getting they’ll change their tune. Because when your blessed you surround yourself with blessings every day without knowing it but Trust me when I say ‘other’s WILL notice and will want a part of it’.
        Your better than all of them combined. You don’t need to be around that kind of negative behaviour. I know how you feel. I’ve been there. Family cuts hurt deeper because family is supposed to love regardless of faults and abilities etc….they’re all in for a shock come their judgement days.
        I’ll be your family from now on. My entire class will. Xoxoxo

      • Your words are golden words for me because it’s very true and I have started working on it bit if I see their photos ,or get to know somehow that my cousin sis is not happy with her marriage (its on the verge of divorce)I feel sorry for them.Though I know may be its their Karma.The way they humiliated me for no reason,bitched about me laughed at my first breakup ,they may be paying their own “bills” ..But I had cut all sort of bondings from them not even talking -messaging..Let them be at peace all I can say. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • That sounds like Karma to me Kid.
        But this is where you need to be the better person and offer her untold support.
        Rise above the words and show them inspite of what they said or did your a better person because you rose above their BS and came back with love and light stronger than they could ever imagine. They’ll start to see you in a different light. If they don’t it becomes their problem not yours but at least you’ll know you rose above it and Spirit will be proud of you for it. It means you’ll have evolved beyond your cousins and the rest of your family. Which means you’ll never again allow yourself to get caught up in someones petty jealousy.
        Just remember Love and Light. Love and Light. Gets you through it every time.

  7. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
    I feel so connected and am so inspired after reading this. My journey has taken me down some thought provoking roads and now I am beginning to see so clearly that following my heart and by ‘listening’ will lead me to happiness.
    I have been dreaming / seeing my partners father who I’ve never met. In the middle of reading your post he came to me … this is all new to me (perhaps) my life is always magical and mysterious although this feels like something I have to do, I feel I need to spread love to his family…?
    I will read and reread your post as the message is so beautiful
    Thank you again
    (btw we discussed a Scottish road trip only yesterday – maybe we are destined to meet??)
    Have a lovely day xx