Um……….ooooookay. The strangeness continues

So last night for some reason I couldn’t sleep. I was utterly exhausted and had been almost falling asleep throughout the day so I was what we call ‘dog tired’.

The now ex hubby was fast asleep next to me. Snoring his head off and I turned my laptop and TV off so I could ease into a slumber when I heard someone come into the house.

I clearly heard them step through my door as the part of my front door flooring has a distinctive sound. But my hair stood on end so I knew instantly it was Spirit. So I did a blessing over and over to make sure my family was protected. Got the Ancestors in on the action.

But there was an electrical charge to the atmosphere.

I heard it make it’s way up the stairs and into my room. When it got into my room it moved around our bed and kind of not paced but positioned itself next to me. I had the distinct feeling it was making sure my Mr was asleep before coming back to my side.

I was NOT afraid oddly. Not a bit. But something was beginning to happen to me. I was fully conscious. I tested myself. I made myself sit up and touch my feet. I made myself check all my senses and had total free movement and will.

I knew I was to lay back down. So I did.

Then it started……………………….I became aware of my vision seeing everything in green. Everything my eyes could see turned green. I fuzzed and pinged all over then suddenly became aware that I was very heavy. Like I was being slowly sucked down into the bed and floor under the bed but again I wasn’t afraid.

I said to Spirit ‘Don’t scare me, if your gonna do it don’t let it be scary’ and they said ‘Daughter, just relax, trust us’. I said ‘Okay but just make sure I remember it all, if I’ve got to do this please let me see everything clearly so I know I’m not losing my mind’.

With that said I lay back down and I could see everything through the green in perfect 3D vision. The vision of my bedroom became a street. Where was once my wall with my scarves hanging up over my Fozzie Bear bag and Totoro Bag became a street with a row of Tenement houses. About 20 stuck together, all in a row. I could see everything with perfect vision. I could see the paving, the tiles, the bubbles in the paint, everything. The lace of the curtains hanging up, even though I was at least 60-100 feet away standing across the street.

There were trees out the front of the houses. I can still see the leaves and bark patterns it was so vivid.

Also the dutiful student I made myself stop what I was doing and sit up and touch my toes then sit on the end of the bed just to make sure I was conscious. I had total free will.

I lay back down and as I was starting to pay attention to the vision of what was on my wall. But then I felt myself being pulled down, it was so heavy. My body was fighting gravity and then all of a sudden blue holes began to appear in my vision but in the middle of the air about 3 feet up off the bed.

As I was being pulled down blue holes popped up looking like a cigarette burn in video tape. It was burning but ripping open in or over the green vision I had instead of a bedroom wall.

I had so many holes pop open in the air of my vision above my bed (does that make sense?) that I was losing the green. The blue was overlapping the green. So my eyes were seeing a green green, green house, green road, everything was green. Like I was looking at a photo and someone tipped green water over the photo so the whole image on the photo became the same colour green. Not an inch of colour. However, I could see colour through the green.

So imagine your wearing night vision goggles. Everything is green but if you looked at something in particular like a bit of the wall for example you could see the grey stone, the brown dirt etc…in super mega high def detail.

BUT then the blue was over lapping and I ended up having vision not unlike a fly. You know when you see through a flies eyes on a movie or those science movies you were forced to watch at school? Just like that….BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE J DUB!!!!

Fascinated yet Babe? hahahahahaha And by the way while this was happening to me my husband was dreaming of stealing gold from the Devil 🙂 How fucking cool is that? Something incredible is coming for my hubby. WOOHOO!!!

Anyway…………(I’m trying to build up suspense because this next bit is unbelievable)

So by now imagine your wearing night vision goggles but holes were popping out of no where. But they were a bright purplish blue colour and they were now saturating the green. However I became aware that I felt my body being on two different levels above me. Does make sense?

One of myself was in the green time, and above that I felt myself in the blue time also. The blue then began to overlap the green and as it did it I felt my self in the blue time overlap and cover the me that was in the green time so we were becoming one. Three became one because don’t forget I was still aware of myself being in my room.

I again sat up and touched my toes and sat of the end of the bed. Looked around the room. My hubby was still snoring. lol

I lay back down and the blue self and green self began to merge into one. I felt floaty. Like I was floating in space without the need for a space suit or anything.

But when I started to pay attention I noticed each blue hole that appeared, each one had an individual vision DA DA DAAAAAAAAA!!!

Yip, each blue was a vision different from the next. I could focus on each vision individually and the incredible bit is this…..they were visions of my childhood.

I focused on one up to the left of my door where it was the car we had when I was 6. A blue hole in the middle where the wedding photo of my Mum and Dad was hanging on my wall I saw the salt and pepper shakers we had when I was about 10-11 yrs old.

But the thing was I could see it perfectly. I could make out the bumps in the plastic. The grains of the salt and pepper individually. I could see the red plastic and white plastic on the back lights of my Dads black car. It was so familiar to me it felt incredible. I felt elated. And not once was I frightened.

I wanted to see all of them….I wanted to sit and watch all these memories, or vision of memories but I became aware of my husband moving to cuddle me. Then the blue lay over the green and it became black and white like a photo and I felt so heavy I thought I was going to fall through the ground but kind of cave in on myself like someone pushes me into the dirt grave but the grave bottom is never ending. So I’m just going down down down and everything was black and white and extremely heavy. The bed felt heavy, the walls felt heavy, the clothes on my chair felt heavy etc……

And it was over……………………………….or so I thought. Because I had to go to the toilet and when I stood up I couldn’t move my legs.

I had to consciously tell my brain to move my legs and it felt like from the thigh down someone had attached weights to my legs. Like 200 pound weights on each leg. I almost fell over with my top half being normal like my front end was going to move forward but my legs don’t move so my front end falls over but your legs don’t move. I would of hit the floor bending over but I landed on the chair and it stopped my fall.

I went to the bathroom trying to make sense of it all and I came back to bed and Mr was awake and so I told him what happened and he sat quietly and said ‘That’s how Scientists think black holes act.’.

We talked for an hour. Passed out and woke up utterly exhausted but not tired lol

I love my Man. He never laughs at me. Never judges me.

As I type this I had a thought though and J Dub this will explode your brians (brains but we say Brians because of one of my favourite movies Igor lol )

I thought to myself (or was it me?)



J Dub!!!? You may now pick yourself up off the floor 🙂

I wish I could get some Scientists to help me study me and what’s going on. I know it’s like a Quantum Leap thing but it’s not as other people, it is as me.

But that’s me ever the student lol

I’m such a Parageek. lol

You know who would know this? Dr Who would know this lol I need to find David Tennant lol (he’s my favourite)

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27 thoughts on “Um……….ooooookay. The strangeness continues

  1. I think your perfectly doing Time Travelling . I think the colours are different leap may be !! woww nowadays how well I am guessing hahaha (though I am not dead sure that whatever I am guessing is true)..
    p.s-how’s your stay ?? Hope everythings in order sister 🙂

    • But I wasn’t travelling anywhere. Or of any time. I looked into it but ai didn’t travel. I stayed at all times aware I was sitting on my bed. That’s the weird bit. Usually I’m perfectly aware I’m travelling into time. It’s a light floaty feeling. This was like a thought from my life triggered a rip in time allowing me to see as IF i was there. But I wasn’t there. I was here on the bed.
      It’s like…..I didn’t need to travel to it. It came to me. By shear thought. It was incredible. I even felt how I would of felt age 6 when I saw the car or 11ish when I saw the salt and pepper shaker.

      I felt how I felt coz I was there. But it felt all the time I was here.
      It was the 70s and 80s. But it was adult me. I was so excited to be seeing these things again. Life felt normal. No dead parents or sister. Etc…….it felt so good.

      • JDUB!!!! I forgot to say it must have something to do with those visions I was having of the 80s me as a child stuff from months ago.
        Also I forgot to mention as per usual a couple of days before my sons and I saw flashes of white light. The first time was in Scotland.

  2. I was thinking that too. You were traveling like spirit. You were there but werent. Then it also popped into my head from like 6 months ago when you kept time slipping into the 80s. Didn’t you see the flashes of white light around the time the time slips to the 80 were occurring?

    The whole experience sounded incredible! My favorite was when you knew what your hubby was dreaming lol 😄

      • Have you made it to Smith yet? I’m not saying you should like him better, but it’s a very close race, IMO, and Smith is my fav. But I loves me some Tennant too.

      • Yes I’m halfway through season 6. At first I was like ehh when it came to Smith but now Smith is a close second to Tennant. 🙂 I can’t believe I never got into this show before. I’m hooked!

      • I know, right. I only got into it 5 1/2 years ago. Prior to that, I had heard of it. Knew something about some guy in a crazy scarf. Sometimes confused it with Dr No. lol But knew very little about it. I think I tried watching part of a Tennant episode once–actually I think it was his last–and I couldn’t make sense of it. But they were advertising Smith’s debut hard on several stations, so I tuned into the Eleventh Hour–and was totally and completely hooked.

        And THIS season? OMG!!!! Next level awesome only 3 episodes in!!!! Hurry up and binge!!!! lol

  3. So while you were going blue green blue green what happened to the spirit beside u? Did you still feel its presence while viewing your bubbles of the past?

    • It wasn’t blue green blue green. It was green then blue opening up into the green.
      And I don’t know if it even was a Spirit. It didn’t manifest or anything. It’s my assumption it was Spirit. More than likely an Elder. But I wouldn’t put money on it being certain it was Spirit.

      • He did call you daughter so it would make sense that it was an elder. But you did say there are beings in the universe that are “alien” (I know you hate that word) that haven’t come here before and they are waiting until post cleansing when we’re ready for them to appear to us. And you’re much more advanced than all of us. Oh I don’t know just a thought. But it sounds very intriguing to me 🙂

  4. You know, I spent this entire post trying to even visualize what you were describing, that the part of my brain that tries to theorize about things was afforded precious little resources. It’s an incredible experience to be sure. I feel I really should give it more time before responding, just so I can let it sink in properly. Then again, if I wait too long, the things I want to say will fade.

    I wonder, perhaps, if the colors are a visual limitation. The fact that you were seeing so much at once, perhaps your mind prescribed certain visuals to certain color channels in your eyes. Otherwise you could not visually process it all at once. That could maybe even explain why once you focused upon a single area, the color began to show through. You were blocking out the other bits so your vision could get a more complete visual picture of the object of your focus.

    The feelings of heaviness, I suspect, were not to do with weight, but either your interpretation of the amount of energy you were pouring into making this happen; OR!!!!!! you body being stretched thin being pulled to multiple locations at once. I know you said you didn’t actually go anywhere. A fact you repeatedly tried to confirm. But something was either pulling you toward these times/places, or something of you was pulling them to you. I don’t know.

    You recognized the blue locations. But I wonder why the green scene? What was that, why was it there? It seemed so separate from the blue visions, with no apparent connection or significance. Plus the different color.

    I think I need to do more reading on black holes to understand what hubby was referring to. But I will probably need to find some advanced stuff to go into such gory detail.

    If this happens again, now that you’ve had the thrill of just experiencing it for its own sake, I want you to do something. When the blue holes open, pick one and try to focus on it. Put all your attention on that one spot–and nothing else–and see if you can go there. Do nothing else. Just that. That is your only homework. Do not try to go for extra credit. Seriously.

    One last thing (for now?). I read the bit where you wondered if this is how Spirit sees. I don’t know if I would have ever come to that myself. Even though that sounds like the sort of thing I’d come up with. But not long after I read that bit, I seemed to be getting a message of my own. It wasn’t totally clear, but the gist was obvious. I got the sense that someone wanted to tell me that you were a pretty smart cookie with that observation. With a tinge of pride perhaps. 🙂

    Will wonders never cease?

    • Lol I will do. I promise. I know when I focused on a blue rip it took me right back. The salt and pepper shakers were Mums tupperware ones and I was a kid sitting at the table looking at them waiting on dinner. My Dad was a drummer and he used to play the condiments on the table with his knife and fork and these shakers were always being banged upon. I was so excited to be seeing it all again. Visions of my childhood through my orphaned eyes through my physical eyes as a child. The thing that amazed me was how I felt three of me laying above each other. Like the colours did. Like I was in three different places at once. But I knew it was coming to me. As you say I was totally conscious of being in the present.
      But if it happens again I’ll do what you say. I know when I focused on one blue I was right there in that moment. It was incredible.
      As for how it’s done. Spirit obviously have their reasons. Certain things that happened before now make sense so I just have to trust Spirit that they know why their doing what they do.
      It’s getting exciting now though aye?

      • Well it was your first trip. Time to just experience everything and take it all in. Crawl before you run. That’s why I gave strictly limited instructions for next time. Just focus on one blue hole, and immerse yourself in it. Forget about everything else you’re seeing.

        I’m sure there are a few blue holes that I’d like to poke through too myself. That’s really cool.

        I’m still a bit baffled by the three yous. Because we know you can only be in once place at a time, so it’s not like you were splitting into three. It’s probably just your limited grasp of what is going on putting it into terms your physical self can understand.

        Wibbly-wobbly, timey-whimey. 😀

        These are, indeed, interesting times.

        Is it odd that I don’t even bat an eye at these stories anymore? lol

      • Yes, I think we’ve established that as the prevailing theory. But I like more than words. I want to be able to SEE it in my mind. Put understanding to the words. Understand the mechanisms operating behind it.

        It’s fine to call it omnipresence. But why does that cause a sense of thee of you?

        No matter. I think it’s too early to have all the answers just yet. Baby steps. After all, I’m the one who said to start slow with this, right? Best to take my own advice, eh? 😀

      • Because by mere definition Omnipresence means ‘multi presence ‘ or in more than one place at one time. Each One of me was on three different levels. In their own state of observation. I should point out as well I didn’t know the green image. It looked familiar because it looked like a typical UK street. I feel now in retrospect the green image was for focusing on so the blue could appear. I know the blue couldn’t of happened without the green.
        When I saw things from my childhood I’d long forgotten it was so exciting and surreal. But I was so elated to be there. It felt good to know my family were there. Not fractured like we are now. I was feeling my Dad especially and he was alive and young and present. It was a good feeling. You don’t realize how much it hurts when you go back in time to be with them again. It’s like a puzzle piece has been replaced. Now I know exactly what the dead see and feel when they come to us I totally get why they’re so happy and willing to do this. It’s an awesome feeling. I hurt much less now than I did before. I know now why Spirit say ‘remember me. It’s my memory that keeps you alive’. It’s true. It really is true. It’s why they’re so invested in making sure we remember our loved ones on the other side because it really does keep their memories alive and what’s soooo cool is its happening during readings now. I’m standing right there. I can cross roads and go into buildings and describe in detail the things I’m looking out. Like remote viewing but in the physical. How cool is that? It only happens with clients I have an ifinity for or emotional psychic connection with. Even though I’ve never met them just some clients make me connect so deeply with them instantly on a psychic level and emotional too. They’re the ones I travel for. I wish I could study my brain when I read. I’d love for a University to study me when it happens but my only trouble is I never know it’s gonna happen till it happens lol

      • Well, okay, if you want to get LITERAL on me. lol But you and I both know a person cannot be in two places at once. And yet that is exactly what you are describing. BUT!!!!! I actually think BOTH are true. We just lack the knowledge to resolve the paradox.

        Or at least I do. Maybe you’ve got it figured out already. You’re making AMAZING progress understanding what is happening. I can even put in to words how excited I am for you and how eager I am to have you experience and learn more.

        It’s interesting that you mentioned the green and blue again, and how the green had to happen. Like a stepping stone. I was doing some crude research on black holes and related phenomena that may not even exist (wormholes, white holes, etc…) and came up with a rather wild theory. It may totally fly in the face of science, but it has some consistency in my own mind. Perhaps you are opening up some sort of wormhole to another time and place, that allows all the information to come through (or you to it????????). We don’t entirely know the nature of the energy coming through to you. But if it is undergoing some sort of gravity acceleration, maybe it is undergoing some sort of blue shift. The doppler effect of a body moving toward you, and shifting it’s light waves into the blue spectrum. But perhaps due to a limitation in either the physical laws of the universe, or maybe your own personal limitations, you can’t open a path straight to where you want to go. So the green was your stepping stone. Once there, you are close enough to open paths to your destination, which now appear even further to the blue end of the spectrum. Like a ladder that doesn’t reach all the way to the top, you climb to a ledge, pull the ladder up, and set it up from there to the top. That’s why there was only one green scene, because it was close enough to everywhere you needed to go. And it was unfamiliar, because it only needed to be close enough, so familiarity was not an issue. Probably a totally bogus theory as far as science is concerned. But who knows?

        And now it’s happening with your reading as well? How unbelievable and amazing!!! Is it still with the green and blues? I can’t imagine what it’s like to poke into someone else’s past like that. Are you still emotionally connected to the scene, as if it were your own? What’s it like? I cannot even fathom. How do you feel about your clients after you experience a slice of their lives like that? Talk about an extremely personal connection that must be!

        You’re coming along so far and so fast. I am extremely proud of you. You’re one remarkable person, did you know this? 😀 **HUGS**

        One side note, I wonder if the need to focus on the 80s was to prepare you for this jump? To help you find the targeting coordinates, so to speak. And once your Spirit found the landing zone, this experience could happen? AND!!!!!!! If that’s true, were you trying to focus on the blue events? Or we they prompting you to lock into the green place, because they knew you’d be close enough that the blue ports would be effortless to open?

        Gosh, I am just a puddle of questions. I don’t even know if I could process all the answers, even if you have them all. lol

  5. Ah, also forgot to mention hubby’s dream. Do you often get to eavesdrop on his dreams like that? That must be kind of cool. Especially seeing a dream from the “awake” side of things. Do they make ANY sense in that state? lol

      • Interesting. Because sometimes when I try to remember a dream, as I’m explaining it to myself it makes absolutely no sense, even though I know it is exactly what happened.

        I find it pretty funny how you explained that he was stealing gold from the devil and jumped right into how great it was, like we’re all nodding agreement thinking “of course!” You forget we’re not all so adept at dream interp. 😀

        You know, I was trying to come up with an example of a dream I’ve had that is nonsense to explain. But they’ve all faded. Probably harder to remember something that makes no coherent sense.

        But my mind did pop to one dream I had a LOOOOOOOONG time ago, where I learned to fly. But the only way I could manage it was going around the corner from the house I grew up in, running down the sidewalk as fast as I could, then a head wind would blow me in the other direction and into the air.

        That may have been my first and best flying dream. Anymore, I’m lucky if I can barely manage to levitate to a rooftop or a tree branch. Probably to escape something on the ground. lol

        Boy, did I deviate from the topic hard!

  6. This has been one of the most amazing reads I have had in ages (AWESOME) sorry I am way behind the gravy train on your BLOG…managed my first read today 16/10/15 (at work lol)!..My wairua journey is still going full “TIT” I feel like I’m in a constant state of RECIEVING…so I thought it would be nice to have “me” time and get back to reading what “GOODIES” you have…Fark I’m blown away by YOUR recent experience! I will put it into context…My Uncles have finally dragged me to my first healing clinic, First constellation workshop, First Miri-Miri workshops, Aura readings, first Channelings witnessed, First Land Clearing with all manner of Healers (Admittedly I hid like a dork at the back of most of these workshops)…Yet your matter of factness in your story just seems far more impressive to me lol ha ha. Keep the amazing WORK going sis

    • Thanks Bra, I appreciate the support. I laugh when you talk coz I hear your accent come through and it makes me home sick lol
      So how did you find the workshop? Did you learn anything you’ll take with you in life? Or are you still looking to find your place?
      Do you ‘read’ people? I think you should hold a workshop of your own Cuz. You and your family have so much they can be teaching people. Sometimes our joyrney to find our way in life to find where we belong, is in the journey itself. Teaching what you know doesn’t just help others it also helps you too. Give it some thought Bra. Seriously. You and your Whanau have a special place on the planet. You should be teaching others. Your knowledge is invaluable. Especially to those Maori who are afraid to define faith and culture as one.