Love: I get it now

John Lennon once sang ‘All you need is love’. And they killed him.
But his message while never forgotten, never reached all the ears that were meant to listen. The biggest lesson Spirit have taught me in the 43 years of my life is ‘If your not doing it for the love, your not doing it for the right reasons.’

People are suffering, suffering for their art, suffering for survival, suffering for their cause.
My ex husband works long hours, grueling hours, on his art because he loves what he does so much, he knows it comes with sacrifices.
I supported him, even when I missed him, because I loved him so much.
I’m not a Super Model, I’ve never been known for my looks but I’ve never been without a boyfriend or partner. I’ve always had a way of knowing what a man wants. (My trouble is I give too much control over to the men I’m with and it drains me of all they loved about me in the first place. Not now)

Whatever he is into, I learn, so we have something to talk about.
All to often in my job I’ve had women coming to me for a reading wanting to know why the men they are with are no longer the men they fell in love with.
And the answer is always the same.
‘You dated a man you thought you could change and you ended up changing so much about him he is no longer recognizable.’
There are so many men and women who crush the Spirit of their partner when they see things in them they don’t like, then no longer recognize the things they saw in them they originally loved in the first place.
That isn’t love.
Love is worth hurting for. Love is with the sacrifices being made to be together.
My ex husband gets up every day to work his ass off so I can stay home and raise our boys. I get to work from home because of him and that is why when I’m in a position to I’m going to retire him and pay for him to just sit and paint.
It is the least I can do for him because he broke himself so I could learn everything I have learned about my gift, Spirit, The Paranormal and now the Universe.

I work pretty much full time, helping where I can but he takes all that pressure off me so I can concentrate on educating and nurturing our boys with the best life we can give them. Because he loves me as the Mother of his children and as his best friend.
The fact our marriage broke down doesn’t mean we then ha to hate each other. Because of the rare nature of who he and I are, we are able to push past the hurt and just love each other as friends, parents to two incredible boys, fellow human doings and Universal beings. That is love.
No lawyers, no hate, no alimony, no visitation orders, just a happier path for us both that run parallel to each other.

He endured 16 years of emotional bullshit, threats and abuse from his own family because he loves me.
He has given up all of his holiday days, sick days, and even lost wages taking unpaid leave to take care of me when I was dealing with all my health issues because he loved me.
People have divorced for less and it’s because none of those couples loved each other.
Not really.
Love is hard to get a hold of but once you have it, and I mean REALLY have it, the hard stuff doesn’t seem so hard.
Some one once said ‘True love is wanting to kill your partner but never going through with it.’ and with the exception of things like adultery, addiction or abusive behavior, most things our partners do to upset us are forgivable and can be worked on.

By abuse I mean, physical, mental, verbal, sexual, financial, etc….
If you have ever been in love, REALLY been in love you’ll know how much it hurts. To know love is to know pain.
But love can save the world. Love can stop wars. Love can change the entire way you see the world, the Universe and the Dead.

The reason why Spirit keep on at us even though we are idiots who run around with cameras flashing in their non existent faces, and putting our hands through their energy is because they love us.
Even though we don’t give ourselves the time to get to know them, even though we might not or mostly don’t have any genetic history with that Spirit (meaning they might not be a family member or ancestor) they still put themselves through exhausting, and often time consuming, contact with us because they love us and want to guide us on our journey to becoming enlightened and happy Souls.

The same goes with our ‘Galactic Family’.
The reason they come to keep an eye over us because we are war mongering idiots who instead of allowing ourselves to educate, protect, nurture, heal and love each other and our beautiful planet we fight and steal, lie and cheat each other out of having Love.
True Love.
Love really does make the world go round.
While Governments are threatening to shoot on sight, terrified refugees who were forced to flea their own countries because of the wars those very countries who want to shoot them created.

Yet among it are these beautiful, truly Spiritual souls who are offering food and sanctuary to these refugees because they understand what it is we are all meant to be. It should be the first reaction we have when we see any living breathing soul in need to want to go to their aid and offering them help, or love.

We allow ourselves to be divided by the colour of our skin, by our religious beliefs, by the uniforms we wear, by the money in our bank accounts and by the soil that lay under our feet at the time of birth.

But the truth is, this is ALL of our planet. No one owns this planet. It wasn’t given to all of us. We were allowed to simple share the same space. It’s on loan to us for a symbiotic relationship.
The fact we need to ask for permission to travel from one bit of dirt to another is a slap in the face of everything we were given this planet for.

It would make no sense or serve no purpose to have all of this staggeringly beautiful Galaxy to have only one planet have life on it who then would have to wait millions of years for us to evolve enough to get off our asses and build a way of getting out into the Universe and explore it.

We drop bombs on each other because some people in a posh office decide the innocent men, women and children on a patch of soil are no longer worthy of standing on it.
We send millions and millions of people out onto the streets, often starving and in need of medical care and mental health protection because they don’t have enough paper in their wallets or digits on their banks computer screen to please a Fat Cat on millions a year in stolen, often illegal but most definitely sinful revenue who has decided you and your family aren’t worthy of life.

The Love of Money is the Root of all Evil. And it is true.
Spirit are like proud parents who want to give their children the best of everything. They WANT us to work hard and make a good living. They want us to be successful and have all the good things in life.
As long as what you do you do for the love of it and as long as no living being be it animal, mineral or vegetable have to suffer or sacrifice themselves for your success them Spirit support you every step of the way.

Yes Spirit have no concept of money nor do they have a need or want for it.
But we have allowed ourselves to be taken in to believing money is everything and it just isn’t.
Love is.
If you don’t love your fellow, if you don’t love this planet, you don’t love yourself.
The wealthy people of this world might like to believe they are envied and are powerful. They might like to believe there are people who want to emulate them and for the most part it is true.
There are plenty of people who want what they have. But what these people seem to forget is, if you remove your skin, we are all the same underneath.
If you remove the paper we are all the same in the cemetery.
However in Spirit the way your treated will be vastly different.

The more you love money, the more Souls who were sacrificed in order to make you wealthy and powerful on earth the worse you’ll be when your Spirit because you had no love for your fellow man.

The people who are sacrificed, their lives, their homes, their health, their livelihoods and often families, because it was the right thing to do according to Universal Law will be the ones who are given the higher place in Spirit than the Donald Trumps of the world.

If you love yourself, you’ll love your fellow man regardless of colour or religion.
A man who wears rags who shares his donated food or dollar with his fellow homeless brothers and sisters has more love and will be in a better position come the New Renaissance And the After Life than the man in the Rolls Royce who thought it was funny claiming ‘Nothing smaller than a hundred’ to the homeless man will.

We must ALL learn to be more Empathic. And not the Empathic that drives me insane lol the ‘Oh I’m so sensitive to Spirit and the energy around me’ bull shit. I mean ‘Empathic’…. As according to the Oxford Dictionary.

Which says: People often confuse the words empathy and sympathy. Empathy means ‘the ability to understand and share the feelings of another’ whereas sympathy means ‘feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else’s misfortune’. Empathy hurts you to witness as much as the person your witnessing. You suffer the emotional highs and lows with the man or beast. And it can take days even weeks to get over something.

I know I say all the time it is my least favourite gift because I’m constantly in floods of tears for someone or some thing I’ve never met before.
It’s not just negative or unpleasant stuff either because I will cry seeing moments of great joy as well.
Like my favourite YouTube clip of the dog that see’s her Papa for the first time in 2 years having spent the time apart because Papa was in the US Military.
This Dog howls, and screams and cries so much, it’s hysterical out pouring of love almost makes the poor beast pass out.

THAT is Love.

You only get one chance at this life. What you do next, all has an impact on what happens to you when you die.

If your chasing the money to be rich, and not because you enjoy the job. If you buy the house or shoes you can’t afford to be like everyone else.
If you take a life because the person in the shell represented someone or an ideal you found offensive.
If you endure a relationship that is so toxic, negative and or dangerous because they are hot and look good on your arm, or because they are rich and can give you an easier life.
If you destroy or remove someone or some thing from it’s domicile so you can have the land or money from renovating and flipping the house for profit.
If you walk past a homeless person whether they are a drunk or not and you don’t help them.
If you find their presence an inconvenience to you or if you find the homeless animals and humans who eat from the bins in our neighbourhood an embarrassment. Or worse if you’ve ever been abusive, insulting or worse to them because they offended you with their mere existence then you have never known and will never know the true meaning of love.

Love isn’t just about having a partner you have great sex with, or who buys you nice things who makes our friends envious and who can give you a dream wedding.
Abuse love and love will abuse you. That is the balance of the Universe.

Love isn’t about putting yourself and your parents in debt for tens of thousands of dollars/pounds for the perfect wedding and if you had your dream wedding where you got everything you wanted and it cost so much your still paying it off years after you were married then I’m sorry but you didn’t marry for love.

The truth of the matter is, it shouldn’t matter where you marry them. The wedding is supposed to be about the union of two families coming together to celebrate the union between the Bride and Groom, or Bride and Bride or Groom and Groom.

It shouldn’t be about how much they spent on flowers and whether the bride managed to talk her parents into buying her the dress she wanted that was over her budget allowance.

Marriage was originally a business deal between two tribe members as a show of trust and partnership.

Nowadays it’s seem as a show of often non existent wealth and to be frank…………gluttony. You invite people who ordinarily you’d never have a lot to do with outside of family gatherings so you can show off your wealth under the guise of Love.

When in fact what you should be doing is gathering your nearest and dearest to celebrate the union between two people who love each other.

All the money you could save by exchanging vows in a garden and having a BBQ or supper then having a shin dig in a hall somewhere could go on the honeymoon of a life time. Making memories and having experiences to live your entire marriage by would be so much more worth it than wearing a designer gown your never going to wear again and more than likely one day will look back on with hate and regret because you realized you married the wrong person.

Marriage is such a special union very few are mature enough to enter into. Marriage is about going to hell and back with each other for. Making sacrifices for each other. Having each others backs in the good time and the bad. Marriage is about never having to explain yourself because without saying a word your partner understands why you said or did what you said or did. Marriage is the perfect embodiment of what love really is all about if it is shared by two people who understand the true meaning of the word.

I believe in marriage. It is the ultimate commitment two people can make to each other. I believe in love and the power of it which is why I will marry Martin without hesitation. I know on paper we might look insane but there is no denying this connection we have. I just don’t care. I love him and he is the first guy I’ve ever been with who knows what he wants from me and us. It’s so nice not having to convince someone I’m worthy of being loved because he is the one who chased me and convinced me I should love him.

It changes you, Love. It makes everything better.

It’s about being there without being asked to be there whether it is being there for your spouse, or a stranger.

We are living in countries where our leaders are systematically slaughtering human and animal beings because of oil, money and power in the exact same ways the Jews were persecuted in WW2 yet no one is stopping it.

What we are allowing to happen to the poor Syrians in Europe is exactly what happened to the Jews. Yet it seems to be for the most part acceptable. Why is that?

Are people so insular now they  refusing to see we are walking right into? another World War? Our Governments would have you believe that Muslims are bad people just like how Germans were told that Jews were bad people not worthy of life. But what people forget it it’s not just Muslims who’s lives get affected by a war. This is NOT YOUR country. It is NOT yours or your Governments planet. It is OUR country and OUR planet. You do not own the soil under our feet and yet your happy to pay over half your wages to own some of it that at any moment the bank could refuse you the ownership of.

We created ALL things equal. So why the hell are we allowing our brothers and sisters, our animals and trees, our lands and our oceans to be treated as though they belong to anyone other than all of us?

If you’ve ever said ‘These fuckin immigrants come here and take our jobs and buy our houses making everything too expensive for us to live in our own country’ then your an idiot. I’m sorry. But there is NOT one piece of land on this planet that wasn’t settled by immigrants.

We all came from Africa. Our African Grandparents traveled from Africa, up through Europe and across the oceans to find a home for themselves. There is no one on this planet that is 100% of anything other than Human. Yet we are prepared to in debt ourselves and fight for a bit of soil that belongs to all of us.

Is that what you think your God wants? Is that Love? Love for your fellow man? Love for your Country? Love for your Planetf


Equality creates balance. Our Universe, our Spiritual format, is ALL running in perfect order when we have balance.

Our Solar System reacts so much better when everything is in balance.

Regardless of whether your God is Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Jedi, Alien, A Tree or an Animal. It’s all the same to the person who believes.

Love keeps the Universe in balance. It’s a fact.

We are ALL connected whether your an Ape on this planet, a bacteria on the Moon, a being from another Galaxy, or a planet in our Galactic sky. The comets, animals, plants, water, insects. dirt, bacteria, trees, etc… the meteors, planets, beings, space dust, black holes, milky ways, in this Universe and the others, are ALL connected. We all were born from the one original source of life.

What we do to ourselves we do to them. What we destroy they suffer with, what we create they enjoy, what we invent they receive the benefits from and what we love creates a balance and calm they are attracted to.

They are NOT a threat or a danger to us regardless of what they might start saying. Project Blue Beam has been in the works for a long time and to prove I’m right I suggest for the next 8 weeks you watch the news articles going up on the Yahoo news website.

I’ve noticed that every day for the last 2 weeks the news is about the discovery of or existence of ‘Alien life’. And that is the basis or foundation for the start of Project Blue Beam. I know it sounds insane but it is true. I suggest you Google it.

What we have been fed about our ‘Intergalactic Brethren’ is all founded on stories, wild imagination and very carefully planned out plots and role playing games to fool the masses into believing that what is out there wants to hurt us and experiment on us sexually and mentally. Which is typical of us to make everything about sex and power.

But as with Spirit, they aren’t interested in us sexually. In no way shape or form. We are the only beings who have sex for pleasure. And sex does NOT mean love.

But I digress. I could talk for days about this stuff but I’m going off on a tangent.

The reason why our galactic brethren help us.  They have stopped missiles from being set off on ‘the enemy’ is because they love.

We are compared to Spirit and them, the Babies of the Galaxy. They are trying to help us reach the level of Love and Understanding we need to get our shit together to join them up there. So that we too can Play among the stars.

But we will never be allowed to go near Space in it’s true glory until we can learn to love each other.

They are our Ancient ancestors and the only ones of us who seem to truly understand that they are our Ancestors are the First Nations and other Indigenous peoples such as the Aboriginals and Maori. But none more so than the First Nation people.

This is why they don’t come down to speak to our Military leaders and Presidents. The first thing they would do is kill them, the second would be to steal their technology.

So they are waiting until we ALL get off our backsides and create Balance.

Don’t do it if it isn’t for love. When you do it for love your doing it for the entire greater good of your Spirit, your Ancestors and your Galaxy.

Any less of a reason isn’t good enough and you’ll never evolve while your doing it for any reason other than love.

The best thing you can do for yourself right now is leave that job you hate. Leave that partner your not happy with. Leave those possessions your in debt up to your eye balls for and the house your never truly going to own until the day you make your last payment for in about 30 years time and go out into the world and find your true love.

I’m not just talking about ‘Partner’. Find the job you love, find the person you love, find the culture you love, eating the food you love, embracing all the aspects that come with having that love and watch how rich you become after it.

Then when you are rich of heart you will be rich in life and there is nothing more rewarding I can promise you than waking up next to the one you love in a job you love with a life you love.

Sure some days you might not have two pennies to rub together but if your belly is full and your warm and healthy who cares. As long as your living an honest life, where your honoring yourself. You deserve to have the best of everything if your prepared to work hard enough to seek it out. Nothing is stopping you but you.

Whether it is with millions in the bank or not. If you can write the chapters of your story where the experiences you have create the content where the laws of the Universe aren’t broken then live life each day like you’ve never seen it before. So much awaits us when you go looking for love.

Life is an adventure from the second your born.

Go out there and tell your story. Write each chapter as though it is your last and fill it with memories of all the things you got to love along the way.

Just make a promise to yourself to learn the difference between Love and Sexual Attraction, Education and Learning, Honor and Duty, Balance and Order. Life and Living, because only one of those in each selection is what’s wanted for us.

Love is the reason we exist. If our Galactic brothers and sisters were that dangerous they would of cleaned our clock a long time again. The fact they haven’t speaks volumes.

Spirit are the same. They could of gone about their business and left us to deal with death and Spiritual understanding on our own but they all help us because they want us to know the true meaning of the word Love.

Do what you do for the right reasons, and you’ll live thee most rewarding life you could ever imagine. When you have that confidence to love all things openly, nothing is more attractive. And nothing is more attracting. Like attracts like. It’s Universally understood. Like attracts like. And for me there is nothing hotter than a guy who knows what he wants and stops at nothing to get it. For love. I just found that in Martin and man………… hot is that? It has taken all the pressure off me lol

I spent 20 years working on myself. Writing my chapters. Finding balance and now as I come to the end of my time as a Student. As I prepare for graduation and life with whatever Spirit have in store for me I do so with excitement and confidence. Because even when it’s been hard, I’ve hurt and suffered and been betrayed, disrespected, used and abused and I’ve wanted to walk away, call it quits, start again and forget about it, I get up every morning to the greatest love I ever want to know beside me.

My boys, they are the greatest loves in my life. They helped me nurture and repair, in a life that I love, helping the people I love through a gift that I love. Sure…..I’m mostly broke, and my clothes are falling off me lol (because I’ve lost so much weight) but my life is an adventure from the second I open my eyes. My journey as a Spiritual person of the purest form of Love and Light enables me to have adventures beyond space and time, in and around our planet and universe, because everything I do, and everyone I do it for, I do for the love of my boys. I couldn’t breathe without them. Even on the days when a crack addiction seems more appealing than dealing with their carnage. lol

Love………….is Universal. It creates and nurtures, it heals and mends, it inspires and develops, it builds and protects, it transforms and transcends, it balances and bends, it feeds and nourishes. It turns dark into light and light to dark. It opens up not just the world around you but the Universe as well. It makes grown people drive themselves insane with the need for it. The lust that comes with getting to get down and dirty with that one guy you KNOW is gonna hit all the right spots every time because he loves you THAT much you crave them.

Like…… know when your skin hurts you need them so bad? You can’t sit still. You can’t stop thinking about them and then get pissed off when you have to stop thinking about them to think about stuff like ‘work’ lol

When you hear his voice and you turn to jelly. When you try to be all tough but he makes you weak with a purr of his voice. When you run to him for comfort without question and he knows just what to say.

When he tells you your the most beautiful women he has ever seen on your period days lol *stupid boy* lol Blob he makes me fuckin brianless (yes brianless).
You know that distracting kind of love? Where you walk into walls and shit.

I wish I could show you. I wish I could show you. Then you wouldn’t be so afraid to live your life as you.

Go out there and love. I promise you John Lennon was right.

Love…… all you need.

To My Boys, My Family and Friends, My Students, I can’t express to you enough how blessed I am to have you all in my life.

I love you all more than you will ever know. My life is rich because I have you in my life. You make my life rich and rewarding and you put up with me regardless of the fact I’m often throwing some of the most bizarre situations your way expecting you to have answers for me to help me understand what’s happening. I trust you with my life and most importantly I trust you with my gift.

You see the side to me I don’t share with anyone else because no one understands my gift the way you do. You never judge me. You often spend days pondering things I’ve told you in order to help me understand what’s happening to me and you have never once doubted me.

Your the only people who know the things about my gift I dare not share with anyone. Things I would take to my grave. The stuff people just aren’t ready to hear or know about. You have patience with me and you never make me explain myself. Your the first people I go to when something new happens and the first two I go to when I need advice, help or just to talk. My life wouldn’t be half of what it is without you in my life and I just want to thank you for loving me the way you do.

I am rich because your my reward for everything I do along with my sons.

Everything I do, I do because I am loved by you and everything I am, I am because of you. I wouldn’t be what I am today without you in my life. Separately and together you give my life joy and balance.

I am the Master of my Universe and you are my Planets, Black Holes, Milky Ways and Stars.

I love you and Thank you.


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11 thoughts on “Love: I get it now

  1. Awww! The feels are real 😀

    I’m not sure i know what else to say, but you’re welcome.

    But beyond that touching note, a very beautiful post overall. And while I would hope most of us regular readers already know this, I’m sure there is still a nugget two we can take away from it. Even if it’s something which we already knew, but didn’t realize it until someone put it so nicely into words for us.

  2. Awww! I cried! Absolutely beautiful and the way you wrote it was just amazing. On another note… I’m so happy that there won’t be another president. I can’t stand Donald Trump, if he ever became president I would move to another galaxy. Hes just one of the awful people that will get what’s deserved.

    I’ve gotten glimpses of this love that you’ve described, I’ve gotten more now that I’m older. But spiritually I’ve felt that love too and I can’t wait to feel more of it. It really is different than the love that we feel here. Hard to explain but you know what I’m talking about 😄

    • I wouldn’t worry too much about Trump either way. He’s a sideshow. A distraction that lets them steer who they really want into place before anyone even realizes it. At least that’s how I see it.

      We may never get the opportunity to find out.

    • I do. I always described the new world like ‘The Idea everyone who wasn’t American imagined America was like in the 1950s but with equal rights for everyone’. Which is where everyone is beautiful and happy, there was jobs to be had everywhere you went. Schools made an impact on the kids lives and people were kind to each other and the neighbours all knew each other and their kids and they ALL take an active interest in each others lives because it keeps the neighbourhood and the kids safe. And Policemen and Teachers had respect and we still had Librarians, and Mum and Pop X owned the Bakery and Father and Son B owned the Hardware store, and the town was thriving a good solid financial infrastructure that is self reliant. So all the money made by the community stays in the community and its everyone’s town or city. Everyone has a say. And we all sit around the table at 5.30pm for dinner of fried chicken and mash potatoes with bread rolls and corn on the cob. We would go to the movies and make out, and have milkshakes and dance to the latest music etc…..but in every country on the planet. Every man and woman who want to work will wake up and smile as they get ready for work. They are doing what they love or what they are good at and they make enough money to give them a good life and everyone’s healthy and your popular and your teeth are perfect and white lol
      Scientists will make world history making breakthroughs and people will make movies and music they love and that people will be excited to see or watch or listen to. And art will be fantastic again and books will be good again and anyone famous will be because they bloody earned it and not because they made a sex tape or had sex with someone famous or sat next to someone famous or came from the same street as someone famous and ……well you get my drift lol
      They big differences will be in things like ‘No one will be hating someone for the colour of their skin or their faith or whatever, no one will be poor, everyone will always have enough of what they need and none of the stresses of things like tax and minimum wages etc….everyone will have the same standard of living, only for those who want more you can have more if your prepared to work for it. So some people will think ‘Well, I worked hard for 25 years and with mine, my wifes citizens wages we earn more than we did working so I might retire but start my tackle shop business. Or I might write that book I always wanted to write. Regardless of colour or creed. You’ll be encouraged to start businesses in the dead and dying old towns and villages to kick start the economies again and these towns and villages will flourish quickly because they will take the boards off these abandoned houses and help anyone who is prepared to move into the and do them up. So homeless families would get first pick then homeless single people IF they aren’t on drugs or alcohol. They will have to successfully complete a drug rehab program. Otherwise they will stay in dorm like places where there is a Cafeteria down stairs where they will have access to meals, and a staff of nurses and a Dr will be on call etc….so they won’t be without houses and stuff they just won’t be allowed the responsibility of the maintenance of one until they can get clean and stay clean for a year sort of thing.
      Jobs will be everywhere for anyone wanting to work. Which means you’ll have a lot of Elderly and Retired people working in the jobs young people don’t want to do. It will give them a sense of purpose and it means the young can pursue the things they want without the stress of having to get a job etc….no one will work because they have to. They will work because they want to. You’ll see happier old people, less angry teenagers, happier parents. Each Street will be responsible for themselves to keep it clean and to help one another. People who don’t want to do anything don’t have to do a thing. They will have a good benefit and no debt or anything to give them stress. But it means they won’t get the help from others and they won’t have more than others. You will rewarded for your work and efforts. Spirits don’t begrudge anyone making money and being rich. As long as you made your money honestly and without it hurting anyone or anything and you do good with it once you have it, they don’t care. However….NO ONE will be rich enough to be allowed to dominate or rule anyone else. If your going to be rich, you’ll be expected to live by the same rules as everyone else NO exception.
      I could go on and on. I’m praying the cleansing is true. I so can’t be wrong about this one lol it would be the grandest lie I’ve ever told if that’s the case lol
      We need this cleansing now. It’s horrific out there now.

  3. Ever since i bump into your website i feel inspired. You are great human being. I respect you. Everything happens for a reason. And i do too believe that love is the reason for us to gain balance and peace within ourselves. Its so easy to hate now a days. And to judge others. If wwe’re all taught like this the world would be better place. However its never to late to teach others the real meaning of love. We still have time and a purpose. To change other views to better. To better our world. Love reading your post.


    • Hi May, Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes your absolutely right there my Dear, if we all learned this stuff the world would be a happier place. Every journey starts with a single step though, so one person at a time will eventually reach the masses I think 🙂
      Thank you again for your kind words.
      Love and Light

  4. awww !! how well you put in !! Marvelous..Its a kind of relaxation after reading this article.Its so true whatever you mentioned but we fail to understand it !! This article reveals about the “highest level ” of Knowledge that you have reached .I could “see” literally between the lines whenever you are writing something with love and emotion ………………………………. *speechless*

  5. Jeeeez you are the Bomb diggity!! Feeling super duper inspired…Ready to race home and give my kids a cuddle (and burn my wifes wedding dress….joke joke…..). ALL YOU Need is love, So simple a philosophy yet so powerful!. For months People have been asking me at our local spiritual workshop in Whakatane Tohunga o te Moana a Toi (when the find me skulking in a corner), They know my family well so they automatically ask What I do with Wairua?? I always feel awkward because they are mostly experienced healers (& I havent the faintest idea where my gifts lay)…I always inanely respond I DUNNO about myself I just provide my sister ANG with LOVE whenever she asks for help in her work with wairua lol. After reading your article…I feel Fully ACE now with my work. CHeers