My Detox from Death

I’m kind of reluctant to write this post because I’m scared people are going to copy me and end up in hospital.

So you all know I’ve been battling with health issues for the last 5 years. I had meshes put in three times and my body has been rejecting them. I’ve developed a bacteria in my gut which makes me violently ill, gives me fevers and indescribable pain.

Because of this bacteria I have a higher chance of getting stomach cancer and when I’m not vomiting everything I eat, I’m doubled over in pain. I’ve almost lost my life twice because of it and at one point my body was so run down my body contracted Chicken Pox while in hospital and my immune system was cream crackered. I had to go on Immune Boosters for 12 weeks and it was the only thing that gave me strength to go on.

I was put in a High Dependency Unit and put into Quarantine. The only people allowed into the room were the people treating me and two nurses and cleaners who took shifts. People were coming and steering into the window to get a look at the freak in the cordoned off room. I cried for days and it was a most humbling experience.

But while I was in there I got a wee visit from a Spirit nurse. She walked up to my bed in full 3D manifestation and said to me ‘Mrs Black? Good news, next year will be your year so just hang in there a little bit longer, we’re gonna get you out of this’.

Almost 12 months to the day, they did indeed ‘get me out of it’ and I’m going to tell you how. But before I do I’m going to put up a disclaimer.

I will not be held responsible for anyone who copies me and gets ill because if it. What I am doing is on the advice of my Spirits. The best Doctors in the world because I couldn’t rely on the NHS to do their job and fix me.

Every 8-10 weeks I had these bouts that used to put me in hospital for dehydration, pain, and fever. I had an infected seroma that would flare up and give me raging infections. My sister Mihi, who in my opinion is the foremost expert on all things natural and herbal told me about CDS, or Chloride Dioxide Solution.

I did some research and found a supplier in Australia. The Government are trying to ban it saying it is a poison but the Lancet Medical Journal are calling it the ‘Medical find of the Century’. It is curing all sorts of diseases by kind of making you purge from your body all heavy metals and toxins from your system on a molecular level. The trouble I had was that the antibiotics I was being put on, cleared the infection on top of the mesh but not between the meshes. They are microscopic and nothing was getting it inside the mesh.

I took the CDS for 2 weeks. Just a glass in the morning and it was disgusting. It smelt likeΒ  swimming pool and actually had no real taste. If you could get past the smell it wasn’t that bad. You only put 7 drops in the water. It stunk to high heaven but it did the trick.

I spent 2 weeks with gut wrenching diarrhea. I mean….I was never off the bowl. But I haven’t had an infection in 2 years now. No Fevers either.

But I still had the guts ache, severe pain, vomiting that would keep me awake all night and dizzying nausea. I’d be kept awake for weeks at a time with excruciating pain and every 4 weeks or so I’d not be able to get out of bed.

One of the biggest illnesses you get with these meshes is a condition called Fibro Mylagia. It is a painful auto immune condition that makes you thoroughly exhausted. Your joints get inflamed and sore and you get something called ‘Restless legs syndrome’ where you can’t keep our legs and feet still. Your constantly feeling the need to move them and it doesn’t matter if your sitting, laying or reclining. I always know when I’m going to have a Fibro attack because 2 weeks before I get a sore neck, jaw, nape, shoulders.

Not just achy sore, it’s literally sore to touch. It feels like your bruised and any slight touch makes it really painful. Even water from the shower on my skin can hurt.

All I want to do is sleep. I can’t eat, I ache all over and many many times I have had to run my home from my bed. My poor babies being sent downstairs to get me bottles of water and having adventures without me. In fact they were so used to me being stuck at home in bed they used to get disappointed if I came with them because they knew it meant we wouldn’t be doing anything fun because I could only walk so far before being in pain.

I was miserable. I just wanted my life back. I ballooned to 360lbs or 25.7 stone. A size 28-30 in clothes because while I wasn’t eating a lot of food, what I was eating wasn’t healthy because it was quick foods, loaded with sugar, fat and carbs. And because I wasn’t exercising I wasn’t burning any of it off.

I told you 6 months ago I had a visit from the Council. They told me I would be needed to work more. That more people would start needing my help and I needed to be prepared. They also said I was coming to the end of my training. My time as a student was coming to an end and when that happens it means you begin a public career.

I told them that was ‘fine as long as they helped me get better and looking a little more presentable. I didn’t want to be out in public looking like someone had inflated me through a valve near my bum lol They said they would be in touch and when they were ready I was to follow their every instruction. And this is the part I take no responsibility for should you follow my diet.

So 4 months ago they came to me with a list of things I was to buy and a list of instructions and guidelines I was not to deviate from.

I was to limit my diet to no more than 800-1000 calories. I was to eliminate white flour, and cows milk from my diet. Cheese was fine as long as it was as low fat as possible.

I could eat as much fruit and meat as I wanted to but seeing as I only eat chicken and the occasional piece of fish it wasn’t really an issue for me.

I was to eliminate sugar completely. No sugar was to be eaten or added to my food. I could only get my sugar from natural sources. Like fruit, raisins and other dehydrated fruits.

I started the no sugar diet first, thinking it would be the hardest to kick and in terms of the effects it had on my body I’d say it was the one thing my body kicked up a fuss about. After 4 days of no sugar, I started to get headaches and while I’ve never had any cravings for the sugar I found myself feeling the need to snack more. In which case I ate Brazil nuts, walnuts and popcorn (cooked by me in a pot with coconut oil)

I didn’t miss sugar or crave it. In fact within 5 days of having no sugar I found I began to sleep better, my skin was looking clear, no redness or puffiness on my face.

I started to drink Sparkling Mineral Water too and for some reason my brain really enjoys it because it tastes sweet. Like Fizzy Pop but it’s just water. I don’t know if the Carbonated part of it tricks my brain into thinking it’s pop but my ex husband and sons now drink it. I sometimes put fresh fruit juice in it so they think they’re having Fizzy Pop lol

After week 2 I felt feckin fantastic. I had so much energy I was exhausting my husband and sons out from all the walking I was doing.

I lost 14lbs in a week.

Then after week two they bought in the diet part.

I also started taking B12 vitamins and within 4 days got the feeling back in my feet and fingers again after 3 years of not feeling them. It really was a miracle. The voices in my head were starting to cure me of things hundreds of Doctors, Surgeons and Specialist didn’t have a clue over.

They would of wasted 10s of thousands if tax payer dollars on not fixing me. They all had an idea of what it could be. And I was misdiagnosed 3 times with Diabetes (which almost killed me while I was pregnant with Train), IBS and Tumors.

So the diet became this.

No more than 800-1000 calories a day.

No butter, no marg. I can only eat low fat, zero sugar olive spread. Which is fine. I like it. My cheese is 50-70% fat free, my cottage cheese is fat free, I even have cheese spread which is fat free. It’s great on my Sesame Seed Ryvita crackers I have for lunch or a snack.

My bread is wholemeal, or Granary. It isn’t big slices but if I have cheese spread and cheese on it for breakfast it’s really very filling. No white flour what so ever.

I was to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner only if I felt hungry.

Some days I skip breakfast but I’ll have a coffee with coconut milk in it and maybe an apple and pear around 10-11am. Coconut milk is what I use for everything I consume. Apart from mash potato but I don’t eat it very often.

For lunch I can have a sandwich with say lettuce, cottage cheese, tomatoe and vegemite for example. Or if I have some left over chicken from dinner I’ll have chicken, cheese and zero fat mayo.

Then dinner. Which is whatever the family eat but if they have pasta or spaghetti or rice I eat wholemeal pasta, brown or basmati rice. My salt, soy sauce and gravy’s are low salt, low sugar. I had some tomatoe sauce the other day that wasn’t low sugar and salt and it was disgusting. I couldn’t eat it if it was on my food.

My taste buds have changed so much. Sugar coats your tongue with a slime that goes away after about 2 weeks and I promise you your taste buds will thank you for eliminating sugar.

Everything you eat tastes soooo much better. A bite of a home made burger or pizza is incredible. In one bite you taste every flavour. Your taste buds single them out one by one and you enjoy every flavour one by one. It has made me want to experiment with my cooking just because I want to see what certain things taste like. Those Quorn burger patties are heavenly in a burger.

Homemade Southern Fried Chicken is next. My Chicken Goujons are to die for.

I’m only allowed to eat if I’m hungry and if I’m peckish I’m only allowed my dried fruit, fruit, nuts and popcorn. I also have ‘Salt your own’ crisps too which are low salt, zero sugar and low fat.

If I have bread for toast I won’t have any more bread for the day. Basically though I eat what I’m told to when I’m told to.

I have a stack of brazil nuts, walnuts, peanuts, cashews, almonds, dehydrated fruit like raisins, cranberries, blueberries, mango, guava, etc….

All my food is grilled, oven baked or cooked in coconut oil. I have found that in doing my Detox from Death with nuts as my source of snackage and cooking my memory has started to return and I’m remembering the names of people and places I had forgotten for decades. Like High School teachers and birthdays etc….

Also the other thing I do is when I wake up before having anything to eat and drink I have a glass of apple cider vinegar. About 4 caps full in a half a glass of water.

My nails and hair are looking shiny and gorgeous, my skin is clear, not puffy, or red any more. It’s taut and smooth. I’ve always been blessed with good skin but now my skin is like it was when I was 17.

I’m full of energy again, my ex husband hasn’t had to take one day off this year for my illnesses. This is coming from a man who lost all of his holiday and sick days for 5 years because of me. He even had to take unpaid leave to help me never once complaining.

Before, everything I did was from bed.Β  All my house work was done bit by bit leaving the big things like hoovering to my husband who was already working 2 jobs as it was.

Now my house is always spotless because I have the energy to do it all myself.

I am sleeping so much better now. I used to get woken up constantly with pain, of feeling the need to vomit, or the other end sometimes 5-6-7 times a night. I was so inflamed in my gut and organs they would glow in the CT Scans. All my organs were twice the size, engorged from the inflammation.

I used to feel my blood coursing through my veins. Like a torrential river. It burned so much.

In 4 months I have stopped vomiting. Stopped with the gut wrenching excruciating pain that made me feel like I was being stabbed. My guts would make these horrible sounds which always led to me being in agony within a day or two.

In four months, I have lost nearly 60 pounds. Weight loss is a part of Fibro Myalgia but I had nearly 14 stone to lose.

I have gone from a size 28-30 to 14 which means I’m smaller than my pre pregnancy weight. I keep buying clothes in a 22 for some stupid reason and I’ve really had to force myself to buy smaller.

I’m never hungry. Some days all I’ll have is Ryvita crackers with Cottage cheese and some fruit and I’m happy as a lamb.

I’m eating so healthy now that yesterday I stupidly had a piece of Domino’s BBQ chicken pizza and woke up this morning with sore joints and hay fever like symptoms so needless to say I won’t be doing that again.

I have no digestive discomfort. No nausea, I’ve stopped taking ALL of my medication. Oxynorm, Oxicontin, Amytrip, Oramorph, Prochloperazine, ALL gone overnight.

Just my weed, my vitamins and supplements and my protein shakes.

Unfortunately I do still get pain of the ripping tearing adhesion type but once I can manage that I will be in perfect health.

My blood pressure has returned to normal, my hands and feet are no longer swollen and I’m not retaining fluid and get this. I done ZERO exercise for the first 9 months. Apart from walking on the weekends or occasionally as a family we walk to the shop.

Now I walk around 5 miles a day and more on weekends. I work out every day and exercycle every day too and I love every minute of it. I find myself getting annoyed if I can’t exercise.

After 4 months I could no longer stomach the smell of sweeties and I’m am only supposed to be on this Detox of Death for 3 months but I’m enjoying it so much I won’t ever stop. I was on the strict diet for 3 months and then went to the full fat dairy again.

I’ve been testing myself on foods to see if I react to it in any way and so far it seems to be white flour and sugar that are doing the most damage. So I’m avoiding it.

Not once have I had a craving for anything sweet. I miss nothing apart from Ice Cream BUT Iceland’s and Tesco sell this sugar free ice cream that is supposed to taste gorgeous so I’m going to try that.

If I want something sweet at any point I’m only allowed Dark Chocolate with the highest percentage of cocoa in it as possible.

It is incredibly healthy for you and is linked to some incredible medical benefits. Diet sweets or diabetic sweets often have Aspartame or other artificial sweetener in it so I would avoid that shit like the plague. But it has been about 9 months now since I had any type of chocolate. Sugar hurts my guts now. I’m up all night so I’ll never consume it again.

I feel 22 again. I feel so good and my ex husband has been so impressed with what it has done to me. He said I’m the me I was when we were dating.

They seem to know what you can and can’t eat better than even you do. They set my meal plan for the day when I get up so I know what I’m eating.

I actually look forward to eating now and enjoy every bite. I stop when I feel full, even if it’s half a plate. But I can’t stomach as much as I used to. I don’t have to eat more than my 800-1000 calorie allowance. But I can’t go over.

I’ve only been over once and that was last night when I ate the pizza slice and boy did I pay for it.

I keep a journal so I can document all the foods that I’ve noticed a difference with. Bananas have been a bit of a surprise to me. I NEED them. I put them in my protein shakes

I’m so grateful to Spirit. They have saved my life. I’ve never felt this good. And I get to go clothes shopping again. I am starting to dress nice again as opposed to looking 9 months pregnant. And you want to see my new shoes I’ve been buying. Nothing over Β£20 but I am actually wanting to take pride in my appearance again.

But remember I said Spirit said I was coming to an end of my time as a student? It seems the last lesson is all about me. Working on me and ironing out the last chinks in my armor so to speak.

I’ve unloaded a lot of dead weight in my time on this last lesson.

Letting go of people, thoughts, fears and issues that were holding me back as been so liberating.

I call it the Detox from Death because it was Death (aka Spirit) who put me on the Detox lol they created the meals and menus for me. They tell me what to eat and when. They tell me how to cook it and how to prepare it.

So if you try this detox please don’t hold me responsible if you collapse or get ill. I know my body inside and out and I know Spirit.

This detox won’t work if your not able to talk to Spirit because they give you the recipes and food ideas. They tell you which cereal to buy and which prunes to buy (I put them in my Bran Cereal for flavour because I can’t put sugar in it) sometimes I put in fresh berries or raisins, just like a tablespoon.

I’m eating a lot of brown lol but ya know what? this has been the easiest diet I’ve ever been on. It hasn’t been hard one bit. Not once have I felt like going back to my normal diet. I’m always full and I’ve never felt so alive and when I reach my target weight I promise you I’m going to post a before and after photo.

Oh and one more thing. You HAVE to try fresh percolated coffee with Alpro Coconut Milk. You will never drink normal coffee again. My ex is so impressed he is doing my Detox too. Basically my body is getting not starved but deprived of certain things to kick start itself into normality again and it has worked.

I haven’t been to the Doctor once.

And my gift has grown at an exponential rate.

And I’m so unbelievably happy.

More to be updated with pictures.







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36 thoughts on “My Detox from Death

  1. Ahhh I have been forwarNed πŸ™‚ the no milk and sugar and eat nuts i.e. almonds stuck out to me. I will try that. I’ll take out milk a d stick to my coconut milk or cashew milk. If anything else comes to me then I will try them. Baby steps, I don’t want to shock my system too quickly lol

    • That’s the whole point though. There are things I’ve not mentioned because of saftey issues I’d never forgive myself if anyone did it and ended up in hospital but the whole point of the detox is to shock your system. However please remember these are what I did to cure my mesh rejection and Fibro Myalgia issues. If you don’t have FM it’s not going to have the same affect because the foods I’ve eliminated have been specifically chosen for the affects they had on my body. They won’t affect your body the same way because your food aversions won’t be the same because you don’t have FM.
      For example if you ate pizza your probably not going to end up with severe headaches and swollen joints like I do.
      But that’s why I call it Detox of death. Because the dead strip your body right back to kick start or shock it into regeneration. Which is why I put the disclaimer in.
      I tried other milks like Almond and Hemp etc… but they didn’t work as well.
      Also Hun I don’t eat or avoid something that ‘comes to me’. Spirits in white coats literally sit down beside me or come up to me and say ‘Debbie here is your meal plan for today’ like their Ghostly dieticians lol I also monitor my blood pressure, do Glucose tests and test my urine with test strips to monitor my kidney,bladder and pancreatic functions. It tells me how my bodies reacting to certain foods. I log them in a journal so I can keep an eye on how my body is dealing with the detox.
      But shocking my system is the whole point.
      So please anyone who is reading this take note. Unless you have the same issues as me it won’t have the same effect and would probably do you some damage if you don’t monitor yourself and study the reactions your body is having to the foods you eat.

      • I don’t have those issues so that’s why I don’t want to cut out all of the foods and shock my system. I’m going to start with dairy and sugar and see how I feel. Sugar isn’t too bad because I don’t usually overdue sugar anyway. I do drink a decent amount of milk. So I’m going to start with that. Thank you for explaining it for me πŸ™‚

      • Right but the dairy is for the joint inflammation…..the sugar can’t be in any form. But please understand this detox is a starvation diet. Simply cutting out sugar won’t give you the same benefits because what Spirit are doing is shocking your system into working properly after struggling. Simply not eating candy will give u some benefits but my detox is for serious medical reasons. Others all your doing is a diet. I have dead people coming to me every day with a meal plan. They tell me what to eat, when to eat and why I’m having more of that today than this. It’s why I haven’t divuldged the exact diet plan because I knew people would want to try what I’m doing. To not do what I’m doing is just a diet not a detox and without the guidelines Spirit have laid out your not going to have the same benefits.
        If ppl are going to do this they need to have discipline and focus. The whole point of my detox is to starve my body into shocking it into functioning again. It serves no purpose for anyone else. I need to impress upon people to understand they’re risking a lot by coping what I’m doing. Without having the same routine and guidance as I do its just a diet. A diet people will follow without understanding the significance of and I worry people are going to get sick.
        I wrote about this to show people how I went from deaths door to feeling better than I’ve done in 20 years because I stopped listening to the NHS and started listening to my body. Spirit literally made me sit and listen. I did this really cool thing that somehow made me travel through my body pinpointing ‘hot spots’ etc….I can’t be held responsible if people do this without any of the knowledge they need going into it and end up ill or sick. So it’s on your head okay?
        People don’t realize sugar is more addictive than cocaine and it takes a lot of determination and focus so erradicate sugar in all forms from their diet.
        People always say ‘oh I’ll not eat candy but still need it in my coffee etc….’ in which case there’s no point doing it. Your supposed to be starving the body of it. I’ve told about 60 ppl about the no sugar thing and my husband and I are the only ones that have done it completely without any form of sugar. If you can’t elimate it from everything then your not doing it properly. So please if your reading this don’t say I didn’t warn you. My diet is so good now that the smell of sugar makes nauseated. I’m never hungry and losing weight hand over fist because I’m following orders from the best Drs in history (sounds insane but it’s true). If you copy me in any way you do so at your own risk and without any of the guidance so please know what your doing before you do it and stop if you can’t handle it. If your body starts to freak out then your not doing it right. My body had been so ill for so long it found the detox a breeze to handle. It welcomed the changes. Chances are most of you will not make it past a week on less than 1800 calories I’m on 6-800 and I’m never hungry. But anything less than what I’m doing isn’t going to be a detox so please don’t expect the same outcome. I’d be devastated if I knew someone copied me and it made them ill.
        They recently gave my husband a plan as well but he’s a cyclist who works out so he requires different foods and minerals and is allowed more calories than me.
        He’s to have butter where as I’m not allowed it at all. So you see what I mean when I say this plan is specific to me and may not suit your dietary needs or offer the same health benefits. I won’t be held responsible if any of you make it up as you go along and it makes you ill.
        I just don’t want to see any of you get hurt.

  2. We are so alike in many ways. You been fleeing in terror for days waiting for my response to this, because you expected me to kick your butt. And do you know why that is? Because you’ve been kicking yourself over it. You expected no less from me.

    But what I want to do is kick THOSE people’s butts. I agree with you that it’s surprising that you didn’t see it sooner. Did they start out taking advantage of you like this? Or was it not until after you thought them friends? If it was the latter, then I understand exactly how it went down. And shame on them. People STILL seem to believe that just because it doesn’t LOOK like you’re not doing anything–i.e. you’re just talking to them giving advice like anybody else might–that for some reason this is effortless for you. That you’re not committing anything of yourself to the arrangement, so they see no reason not to take, take, take, take.

    Was that an actual quote from one of your self-centered moochers? To get over you tantrum and get back to their meaningless tripe? Horrendous. Well they’ve been punished, and punished severely: they lost YOU. But I still have half a mind to give them half my mind.

    Although I don’t see what all of this has to do with your detox. lol I thought maybe you nearly poisoned yourself or something. But when have I ever come down on YOU when some self-absorbed nobody took advantage of one of the kindest most giving people on the planet.

    “Don’t expect too many people on YOUR side when the cleansing comes calling”–I say to them–“I mean when have YOU given anything to anyone else?” But then why should I care? I’ve got more important things to do, and could they stop having a tantrum about their pitiful little problems?

    Okay…that last bit was a bit mean spirited.

  3. I read you are doing better! I know it’s not much but I say your name when praying for those closest to me, truthfully I feel compelled to is simply why.

    OMG sugar is the nasty thing I’m still addicted to and yes it is in a sense a drug. I saw shows on how the marketing industry uses it to get us hooked on their food and drinks to baby formula. Why babies are overweight…. Processed sugar, it’s something our body cannot process it goes to our brains and interrupts our natural process if
    of knowing when we are full. It is awful and I suggest readers look ut up they will get angry that it is allowed.

    Now and then when I see post from you and others I read and thank you .,all, for sharing.

    A couple nights ago I had a dream I can’t remember except in the dream the number 1 was constantly being displayed I seem to remember on a door one of the Times. The thing is I woke up feeling the number extremely important but don’t know how so.

    • Awww, that’s very sweet that you pray for her. But why do you sound almost apologetic about it? πŸ™‚ It’s a very nice thing you do, and of COURSE it’s meaningful. Don’t belittle your very sweet gesture.

      • I’m sorry it came across that way because when I pray my heart is sincere. ☺

        Debbie is now a part of my life, not physically but I look for her mail often.
        The stories shared and her caring giving her time to those she doesn’t know physically is a wonderful thing and through this I feel compelled to pray for her. Not in a bad way because I want to, I care . I am very happy to hear she is doing a lot better!!!!

      • Haha, understood. And I certainly didn’t mean to question your motives. Obviously your sentiment was pure. She is definitely a special person. And so are you if she has brought you into her life. I am happy to hear so many speak so fondly of her. πŸ™‚

      • Oh My Darling, Beautiful Woman. Thank you. I appreciate you reaching out to support me and to pray for me. Thank you so much. You all go on about how nice I am and here you are sending out prayers to a stranger. How lucky am I?
        I’m doing fantasically well my Sweet and it’s all because of the love I have of and for people like yourself. Your fuel for my heart. You all keep me strong and healthy.
        I hope your well?
        Love and Light

    • I’m 4 months on my Detox now, no sugar or white flour etc….my GP doesn’t believe me that I’ve cured myself of all the things she was trying to find drugs for me for. She was convinced I was gravely ill with Diabetes and I’m not been sick even once. I only have surgical pain now. the ripping and pulling of scars and internal adhesions but apart from that I am healthier than I have ever been to be honest. My brain is on fire with all the nuts I’m eating. My memory is well if you’ve read my recent posts you’ll know I’m experiencing some incredible things with my gift and I honestly believe it’s because I stopped drinking/eating anything with sugar, fluoride, sweetener in it. With only allowing 800 calories a day I eat mostly fruit, vege, dried fruit, occasionally chicken, wholemeal pasta, water, basmati rice and wholemeal bread, low fat, low sodium but the hugest difference is when I started eating the nuts. Walnuts, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Peanut, Cashew, Brazil Nuts, all raw. It’s my new candy. I eat them and dried fruit like candy. In exchange for candy and a lot of Sparkling Water. For some reason on a no sugar diet Sparkling Water tastes like soda pop lol I think because we are conditioned to know a Carbonated drink means Sodas so when you sip the water your brain expects Cola or Lemonade or something it’s incredible. It’s guilt free drink and I love it. I occasionally miss Ice Cream and Biscuits (cookies) but a take out for us now is going to the salad bar in Sainsbury’s and getting cooked hot chicken and salad from the Salad bar. The boys order a hand made pizza which they make on the spot. So it’s changed my life. I’m always making the conscious effort to choose the healthiest option and Ice Cream is the one reward I’m allowed a month.
      I feel incredible. Even when I’m having a Fibro day which is where I’m sore and puffy joints and exhaustion that had me in bed for a week or two now only has me taking it easy for 2 days and on the 3rd I’m back to normal, cooking, doing house work, working etc….it’s changed my life. Honestly I never thought I’d see a day when I could go for walks with my boys and have so much fun with my husband (cheeky grin hehe).
      My life has changed and my GP hates that I’m wanting to remove myself from all the meds I’m on. I just need my medication to be made Legal and I won’t have a care in the world lol Its better than Morphine that’s for sure. That’s my only bug bear is the pain meds. BUT I only have one pain now. Before I have 5 lol and I’m coping. It’s my flipping uterus that is driving me mad at the moment lol but that’s another story. But thank you for your support Sweetheart. It means so much to me. You all have no idea. You keep me going you lot. You make me know I”m doing the right thing by writing this stuff down and sharing it.
      I hope you are well
      Love and Light

  4. Since you asked nicely I will post what I posted about the detox in the forum on here as well. Only because you asked so nicely πŸ˜†
    I did the sugar and dairy detox portion for a month now and after 4 to 5 days of fruit being my only sugar source. I tried a small bite of cheesecake and nearly threw up. The next week I tried a small bite of various things that I enjoyed aND the same reaction happened. I even cut out coffee because I don’t even enjoy coffee anymore. I have more energy, I’m sleeping better and i dont feel that midday crash anymore. If I want something other than water, I’ll have a glass of coconut/almond milk or green tea with extra lemon Mmmmm! It’s like my body is rejecting a lot of stuff that I don’t need. I even eat less than I used to because I’m not ALWAYS hungry lol

    sometimes I’ll take a bite of something and it’ll taste like plastic. I went put for pizza with my daughter ,niece and nephew I ate 2 slices of pizza and a couple sips of soda just to wash it down (water was in the car) and an hour later I had the biggest migraine. One time I had a sandwich and I think the bread made me really gassy and bloated. I do use butter sometimes with cooking but that’s it. I’ll have eggs for breakfast and most days I’m not even hungry for breakfast so I wait until my mid day snack to eat.. My mid day snack is usually almonds with dried fruit but it’s really hard to find dried fruit without any sugar in it. My newest favorite dried fruit are FIGS. Sometimes I am hungry when I get home but what I’ll do is I’ll just have leftovers when I get home. I usually go to bed between 12 & 12:30 a.m. and at 7 o’clock I feel pretty much well rested when my daughter wakes me up. That’s an improvement for me because when my daughter would wake me up I would be so tired and I would just cuddle in bed with her as long as possible until I had to start getting ready for in the morning. Also lol my house is much cleaner because I have more energy when I get home from work to clean and sometimes I’ll actually clean in the morning after I wake up. I started making my own pasta sauce because pasta sauce has so much sugar in it lol. We only have pasta like once a week, if that. Maybe every other week.

    I don’t eat bread, cereal, milk, anything with sugar, dextrose, fructose, acelsulfate potassium or whatever it is called, sucralose, sucrose, aspartame on the label. They try to hide sugar in the ingredients by listing it as something else.

    • You wait till it’s been a couple of months. I’m on month 4 of no sugar and i have so much energy it annoys me because I can’t always use it up lol I’m never hungry anymore. If I am it’s always something healthy I’m hungry for. I must be the only person who gets excited and happy at the thought of eating grilled chicken and salad on Take away night lol
      But it is so hard finding foods without sugar in it. Sauces, milk, bread and cereals are the worst for hiding it. So like you I make my own. I made sugar free flap jacks and Ginger Cookies the other day. They’re so yum. My boys love them. Try Ebay or Amazon for your fruit hun. Mine is either baked, or dried with apple/pineapple juice. I’ve fallen in love with dates and prunes lol they’re so yum.
      I’m happier, calmer, more patient, more fun. My boys love this new Mummy lol I can chase them and wrestle them now lol
      My clothes are falling off me. My libido has gone through the roof lol my poor husband is gonna start hiding from me soon lol hahaha oh and my memory is on fire with all the nuts I eat. I love LOVE almonds and walnuts and they’re so filling and full of the good fats the governments try to say are bad for you. Butter is REALLY good for you. Don’t listen to the nonsense about butter. It coats your brain with the fats it needs to keep it strong. It’s why dementia and other brain diseases are so big now since the ‘low fat health kick’ of the 70′-80s. Have you noticed how good food tastes now? Sugar coats your tongue and when you have no sugar your tongue tastes food Sooooo much better. When you bite into something you taste every ingredient. It’s a joy to eat and try new foods now. But it’s not until you don’t have sugar that you realize how much sugar is around. It’s everywhere in everything including toothpaste lol TOOTHPASTE. The great oxymoron lol well done and keep it up. You won’t regret it. Xox

      • The first 2 weeks I lost 10lbs. Then I lost 1 lb the following week and then another pound this week. I didn’t even think about toothpaste, I completely forgot about that. I just switched to making my own toothpaste with baking soda and salt because if I order the brand of fluoride free toothpaste you use it would’ve cost me over $20 for a tube because I live in the US. It’s just too expensive and if I can make my own, I’ll just do that. I noticed that when I brush my teeth I don’t really have to clean my tongue because that white film isn’t there when I wake up in the morning it’s great! Oh and I loooove dates too. People at work tell me that I’m eating grandma fruit lol and I don’t even care because they taste so good! My dark chocolate almonds satisfy me if I crave chocolate but now that I’m on the 4th week I don’t really crave chocolate but I do have a stash of dark chocolate kisses in my cabinent. It’s good in case G wants chocolate too lol My memory is getting better and Ive been randomly “knowing” more things than usual. I’ll have to look online for the dried fruit, it gets expensive buying them at the store every few days. Oh and if I want ice cream there’s a brand of ice cream that’s coconut milk. Dark chocolate and coconut milk ice cream yummmm πŸ˜„

      • Yeah I have a sugar free ice cream too. It’s so creamy and yum but I have a small amount every few weeks. Yoghurt is the one that shocked me for sugar content. Yoghurt and Sauces (pasta, ketchup, etc…). Ice cream is the one thing I missed. Hubby too. But isn’t it incredible with this detox how your body starts finding foods it can’t tolerate? For me it was white flour and milk. We said we’d have nothing less than 80% cacao content in dark chocolate IF we want chocolate but I’ve never once even craved it. I tried to have a piece of Red Velvet Cheesecake for hubbys bday and I couldn’t eat it. I took four bites and that made me feel so sick. That night I hurt so baf. I felt like I’d swallowed needles. It was horrible. The thing is you feel so good after eating your healthy food it’s just not worth the pain and discomfort you get after having a piece of cake or pizza etc….have you tried getting Sarakan from Ebay UK? They ship internationally now so you might pay $25-30 but it will get you two-three boxes plus shipping.

      • No I’ll look into ebay UK then πŸ˜„ thanks. I had a piece of birthday cake with my daughter because she turned 3 on Tuesday and the next morning I woke up with a headache. I’ve been testing certain foods once my taste buds changed and my usual response is a migraine but I remember something I ate once made me nauseated. It really is amazing that foods that I’ve been eating for 29 years only took 5 days to taste disgusting to me

      • Bang on. I never had trouble digesting milk or flour before until I detoxed it. Now if I have either my guts feels like it’s being ripped to shreds by Freddy Kruger. I got all my boys eating brown bread now and my god has it made a HUGE difference.
        I can’t stand take aways now. Nothing I buy is as nice as what I make. My boys LOVE my nuggets and chicken strips and it takes seconds to make. I feel so good I get a shock when I see myself in the mirror because I used to be this huge red faced sour faced hag from being in so much pain but now I look 20 lol I feel 20. And my house sparkles coz I have the energy to clean. I’m calmer and more patient too. My boys have noticed a huge difference. I love the new me and I have confidence.

  5. Branching off of this topic, it might not be a bad idea for you to post a few blog entries of DETOX-friendly recipes that you use. For example, you mentioned making sugar-free cookies and flap jacks in one of your comments. It might be beneficial for you to share those recipes (and others if you have them) with people here.

    You could make a whole series of “Debbie’s DETOX Recipes.” I’m sure many aspiring cooks here would love to try them.

    Just some food for though (see what I did there? :D).

    • So your wanting me to put up recipes to encourage people to follow my diet created for my specific medical needs by Spirit?
      And if I put someone in hospital??????? Or got sued???????
      My diet is NOT for copying.
      I thought I made that clear?

      • Maybe he just meant some of the sugar/dairy free recipes, not your meal plans. I mean it would benefit people if they have sugar free cookies. They could still have a cookie and not have to worry about the sugar.

      • It’s just because when ppl take the things I say the wrong way I get threatened with Lawsuits so I have to be very careful what I am seen encouraging people to do.
        I’ve already been accused of brain washing you all. And of trying to start a cult. If anyone copied my diet Spirit created exactly how I do it and they got sick or passed out or something (and u know some would) then it leaves me liable because they got the idea from me. Do u see what I mean?
        Some of my followers would follow me to the moon and back if I told them to.
        But I’m held liable should anything go wrong.
        I have to be so careful what I say. My fear of letting anyone down or causing them pain in any way would break my heart beyond repair. Not to mention my reputation. Most of my following do so blindly. Therefore I have to be the one to point out the pot holes. Because they’re so busy watching me they don’t see them themselves.
        Do u understand?

      • I’m sorry if my suggestion was really poorly worded. Of course I was not asking for you to post your diet. I was thinking more along the lines of recipes you’d happily serve to your whole family. People post recipes online all the time, and if it’s good enough for your family, I would think (perhaps incorrectly) that it is safe enough to post. But if you believe even those are too risky to share here, that is your call, of course.

      • Hunny Bunny you don’t need to apologize. You’ve done nothing wrong. I just can’t be seen to be endorsing my diet in case someone follows it and they get ill. It’s why I made the point over and over in the Post this was just for me based on my medical needs. It was and is perfect for me. It won’t be for most people. It wouldn’t make sense for anyone to do it because they won’t have my medical issues.
        Although I do encourage people to cut out the sugar I can’t endorse it because some people would go to the extreme and then I’d get the blame.
        You’ve done nothing wrong though Babe. So don’t apologize.

      • I just don’t want you to think I disregarded or ignored your warning about sharing your personal diet. Just my curiosity, growing into a bigger idea, poorly articulated. πŸ™‚