My Spirit was falling while awake?????

Last night falling through the air landing on my bed with a thud. I fell about a meter.
But I know what your gonna say. I was asleep and must of been astral traveling.
However I was on top of the covers not under them.
The duvet was tightly flat under me as if I was jumping onto a freshly made bed.
I’d been in bed watching tv. Totally conscious of the fact I was watching tv. Did I doze off? Maybe but it can’t of been for more than a second because my program hadn’t changed its scene.
But how did I go from sitting up in bed to falling through the air flat like I was laying down?
Now….okay so it must have been my Spirit right?
So how did I go from being under the covers up to my chest with my head on the pillows.
To on top of the bed with my head on the pillows with the duvet under me?
I slammed down and I can still feel my body as it hit the bed with a bounce.
With the sound of my body crumpling against the fresh duvet linen as though it just happened.
The thing is…….something wasn’t right about last night.
I had been experiencing odd things all night.
It felt odd. Almost electric. It’s why I was up late.
I felt like I was waiting for something to happen.
And it hasn’t gone away. Except now my ex husband said it too. Tonight.
And the streets of Wakefield and Leeds were deserted.
It was spooky. Like a Ghost town but cities. Deserted cities.
No cars parked down streets or in places like Burger King and the Eco Garage/Greggs/Subway store.
Nothing. Not a car, not a person, nothing.
I know one has nothing to do with the other but I had to mention it.
I couldn’t find the moon the other day.
It’s not a good sign.
I know it has nothing to do with my falling incident but I just thought while I’m on the topic of things that are weird lol

So I’ve lost it then huh? I’ve finally gone mad lol
How can you even begin to decipher that one? It defies logic lol
It defies physics.
*sigh* my gift is never dull I’ll tell you that much lol


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38 thoughts on “My Spirit was falling while awake?????

  1. Levitation? I was online about an hour ago and levitation was one of the topics that popped up….. I was weirdly awake last night and when you were posting replies I was like ok add 6 hours to that and damn she was up late last night lol

    • But levitation implies I lifted and floated forca while. But I didnt lift. I fell like I fell through into this reality from another and it opened a meter above my bed and dumped me on it.
      I didn’t float up then fall.
      I was sitting one minute propped up against my pillows tucked up for the night and then next second I’m falling out of no where on top the bed.
      I wish I’d of had the presence of mind to look at the clock.
      I didn’t have a comfortable sleep last night.
      I just kept waking up not nervous but like I was waiting for something.
      I’m exhausted. This isn’t the first time this has happened. But the first time I did levitate then vanish (I think).
      I was having a cup of tea and I felt my body lifting up as though I was laying down flat on my back and some one was lifting me by placing their hands and arms under my bum and back.
      My butt and lower back lifted first and then my lrgs and shoulders then head and feet last. I can still feel it. I remember feeling the force of gravity pulling on my body. My head lifted off the pillow and i floated up for a split second and then next thing I’m being lifted down into an Egyptian house. My father was there dressed and an Egyptian from centuries ago. He didn’t say a word but I knew it was Birdie not my Dad. I knew it was without question Birdie in my Dads image (i don’t think Birdie has ever been a person even though he’s my Spirit Elder). But he took me by the arm and lead me into this Victorian era theatre and pointed a movie screen that was scrolling hundreds and hundreds of peoples names.
      But I could see any of tbe names. It was blurry.
      There must have been thousands of ppls names.
      Still to this day haven’t figured out what it meant but when I fell back on to my bed no timed has passed and the names were still scrolling when I fell back onto the bed.
      Again on top of the bed instead of in like before.
      God I sound nuts.
      I think it’s gonna be easier to say I was asleep and must have been astral traveling than to think of an alternative next to me being certifiable lol

  2. So, from your perspective, you were tucked into bed, watching TV, blacked out for just a few moments, teleported a few feet above your suddenly made bed, and plopped back down to it?

    Just making sure I understand the events as you perceived them.

    I may look into the other oddities when I get more of a moment to ponder them–since you said they had no connection.

    • The bed wasn’t perfectly made. It was just laying flat like a made bed as opposed to being crumpled and kicked to one side.
      If it had of been crumpled and kicked to the side I’d of thought it was just an OBE and thought nothing of it.
      It was because the duvet was pulled up flat that it got my attention.
      I’d of been happy with an OBE explanation but then I’m like ‘but how did I get on top of the bed. Id of had to have stood up to straighten the bed. I’d of remembered that. But this was like I melted through the duvet or something.
      Why drop me though? Can’t they place me down? Lol
      It sounds totally barking. None of it makes sense.

      • Maybe you just have neat spirits who wanted to make sure your bed was made before you came back lol but joking aside I’m at a loss for an explanation. I thought OBE originally and then you said the bed was made and not pushed aside. Where was hubby through all of this? Did he feel you fall onto the bed?

      • He was dead to the world. But having said that he was asking weird. He and my son were making unusual noises and while it should be funny it gave me a feeling of just oddness. I went to bed feeling like something just wasn’t quite right.
        The atmosphere wasn’t right. Not scary though just odd.

      • Well, did it ever occur to you that your time slips may not be entirely confined to the Spiritual? Okay, this was space, not time, but same principle. But such a physical move is going to necessitate much great energy commitment. So for a first time, a few feet seems to be all you can muster.

        I think there is someone else you could ask about this. You should know who.

      • But surely the energy required to make me vanish would be greater than the energy required to lift me a meter? And I know I vanish or appear to vanish. When I’m back I’m slightly dazed and confused. There’s a stillness and it’s really warm too. And I have asked. It’s nothing to do with them. It’s a Spirit thing. A training exercise but for what I don’t know yet however I’ve been told my training is coming to an end so there will be a conclusion to all of this at some point. Spirit are really good at tying up lose ends lol

      • I agree that “blinking” (as some might call it) would take more energy than levitating. If the goal were to get you 3 feet above your bed efficiently, that might be a relevant point. But obviously it’s not the cost, but the technique that’s important.

        It explains why you were electric. Maybe even why your boys were a bit stupified (although that might be a stretch). You were gathering the energy to pull it off.

        And I didn’t mean to say they DID have anything to do with it. Just that they might have knowledge to contribute. And I had a specific reason why I thought that, but I won’t say it here.

  3. What about a so-called abduction? As far as the deserted streets and no moon, could those things be a premonition of what I think will be happening soon or have to do with the things go in on like in AZ and other places?

    • It’s a sign that troubled times are coming on earth. In what form I don’t know but in the dark ages they would of been preparing for the End of Days.
      However I know it doesn’t end.
      So this will be a call to arms and preparedness. The fight between Good and Evil begins.
      It ends badly for Eviil lol

      • Compared to what will happen if we don’t win I’d say what happens when we do will not only change history but it will make history. If has to end good coz if it doesn’t we are all doomed. I trust what my Spirits tell me. If THEY win????? 90% of the world’s population will be systematically removed or enslaved.
        The 9% will be slaves to the 1%. Then we won’t join the space race and then our planet is destroyed and we go with it. I won’t give a time frame but we have to win. Or this planet is doomed before the first person living reaches 1000.

      • I think I wasn’t clear. I’m saying, even if they “win” can it end good for them? I posit that there is no outcome that ends well for them. Even if they win…well first of all, the planet goes ‘poof’ as you said. But even if it didn’t, do they have an end game here? Or rather a post game?

        Enslave mankind and all they find is that wherever there is oppression, there is opposition. And we will ALWAYS outnumber them. ALWAYS. And I see a world in which they win……they just end up turning on each other. Once they no longer have us to fight, they just hug and live out their lives in opulence? Not a chance. They didn’t get this far by accepting anything as ‘enough.’

        To paraphrase and invert the words of the immortal Dark Helmet: “Good will always win, because evil is dumb.”

        Be afraid! Be very afraid!!! Muhahahahahahaha—

        okay, I may have lost it a bit there. Moving on……….. πŸ˜€

      • J Dub…..what’s 10% of 7 billion? 9% will be the worker bees to the 1%. How much fight do you think the 9% will have after seeing billions of people wiped off the face of the earth? Nuclear war will ensure that whoever is left will be beaten down and defeated. You don’t understand what I’m saying. If we don’t have the cleansing soon we will have a holocaust that wipes out at least three quarters of the worlds population. The Vaccines, the religious wars, the fluoride, cancers, starvation, Ebola, Swine flu, etc………have ALL been designed by these 1% to make sure only the strong survive. They are making sure whoever is left are the best. They’ve been systematically wiping large chunks of us off this planet for years. And every time you vaccinate your kids, every time you drink Diet Coke or put Sweetener in your tea and brush your teeth with fluoride your helping them kill you (the universal you not you you coz I know you avoid this stuff like I do). Was it Ghandi who said ‘I’d rather die standing than live on my knees’.
        They have been masterminding this for over 2000yrs. However they have underestimated how much we actually care about each other. Which is why I’ve been telling you for years ‘thank anyone who dies in a riot or fighting the system because even if its in Syria or Greece….These brave men and women are fighting for YOUR freedom not just their own’. You know that North Korea have already threatened the US with Nuclear attack this week aye?
        This shit ain’t no joke. But for my faith in Spirit I wouldn’t of had children. I was fully prepared to sterilize myself to make sure I never bought kids into this world but luckily I know how it ends. And it’s brutal. The stuff you see in horror movies brutal. And right now they wake up in their mansions, palaces, stately homes and condos little realizing the way they died will be the one thing they get immortalized for and not what they walk around now thinking. And the day people like Kim Kardadhian and her entire cast of intellectually stunted friends and family get removed from my tv screen is the day I crack open my champagne and celebrate the world showing signs of normality again. Her and her tiny pocket husband and their arranged Illuminati marriage make me physically ill. Kanye West actually believes he’s the Second coming. Personally I’d rather be in hell with Elvis and Jim Morrison doing drugs and partying if Kanye West is what is waiting for me in heaven. They all look inbreed that family don’t ya think or is it just me? Lol their eyes are really close together like that banjo playing kid on the movie Deliverance. They’re so creepy to look at and I’m so grateful Bruce Jenner got out of it as I always admired and respected him growing up. He was the only one in that family who had a talent to rely on. But the mere fact he became Caitlin to escape that family shows you how bad that family must be that he chose becoming a woman than staying married to Satan and her tiny eyed minions. They commit thee biggest sin in the Spirit Realm. They worship False Gods. Because they worship themselves and each other. Thee number one sin before murder and hate, theft and adultery is ‘You shall have but one God’ (i say God for arguements sake). They’re in for one of the biggest falls from grace the world of entertainment has ever seen. Like what they did to poor Michael Jackson and the slandering of his name as a child sex offender but times 100 and to an entire family.
        Because if we don’t have the cleansing Kanye West will be your next President. One of his policies is and I kid you not would be that rich or poor every child in school will have his designer clothes on their backs. Or as I like to call it ‘the mark of the beast’ lol
        Ooooh I just shivered in horror at the thought lol

      • No, I hear you. I don’t disagree on anything you’ve said. I’m just saying there is no outcome which ends good for them. I mean, the fact that you’ve skipped ahead to the final chapter kinda confirms that, right? πŸ™‚ So I guess it doesn’t really matter to argue hypotheticals.

        Actually I don’t really know what you’re saying about the Kardashians looking inbred. Not because you’re wrong, but because I just pay them no attention. It felt like a waste of my time just typing out their name. lol I don’t hold much respect for people who make a spectacle of their lives like that. Especially since it’s all pseudo-reality anyhow. I get enough drama from myself. I don’t give a crap about someone else’s sensationalized baggage.

        Ugh, let’s move on. I cannot properly put into words my feelings on the subject of hack celebrities, and feel I’ve already wasted too much of my time trying. Hopefully I’ve imprinted enough of my feelings into this message that you get the gist. They’re much more communicative than words, eh? πŸ™‚

      • Hahaha haha your so funny Boo lol
        I got what your saying. It doesn’t end well for them be it on earth or in the after life. So your right.
        They’re afraid. The Rothchilds have been selling off 300yr old family homes so they can flee to New Zealand……but as The Council said ‘they think they’re safe but they walked into the arms of a long history of cannibals’ lol most of which had family killed by their cancers and such. They’ve simply chosen a different more specialized way to die’ lol
        I’m a direct descendant of cannibals. My dentists studied my jaw because of my cannibal jaw and teeth. They’re packed with protein. Which is funny now seeing as I’m not a huge fan of meat as you know. Lol but their fates are in the hands of their Devil now and from what I hear he’s walked away and left them without a Leader. If you saw the panic and fear on these peoples faces you’d feel sorry for them. But remember this always. Where’s the mercy they showed the Jews the slaughtered? The Afghanistani people, Iraqi, American, Commonwealth folk they’ve killed and hunted like dogs. And for every dollar they made think of the children they kidnapped, from reservations and homes to rape and torture to get it. These men and women have for centuries been allowed to punish those deemed lesser. Their pure blood line that creates deformed, depraved mutant children they lock away. James Herbert was writing about this stuff for years. So what did they do? Killed him with the same fast acting cancer they got Bob Marley with.
        I know ppl think I’m a nutter and that’s fine. But I’m not the one they need to fear if I’m right.
        These people are in the end game. I for one will sit with my popcorn.
        The Big Guy is coming and he’s pissed.
        I don’t go against him and he’s my Pussy Cat lol he’s so Zen and accidentally awesome lol who’d of thought monkeys would love a man who thought us into existence on a dare lol

      • Now that’s the 2nd time you’ve brought up cannibals, that I no longer think you were simply bringing up a historic curiosity……ewww.

        And you’re right….I probably would feel sorry for them. I’m just that kind of big old softy. While I acknowledge that actions have consequences, and people generally bring on those consequences themselves…..that doesn’t mean I’ll go as far as to say they DESERVE it. It certainly doesn’t undo any of the atrocities they committed. Or counter balance it. But they forged the own tools of their destruction.

        “he’s so Zen and accidentally awesome”

        lol Love this line. πŸ˜€

        “who’d of thought monkeys would love a man who thought us into existence on a dare”

        Well that certainly opens up a Pandora’s Box of questions……….

      • Well this is why Spirit and the rest are intervening. After a couple of thousand years of being Evil I’d say we’re due some righteous condemnation and retaliation. But it’s in The Dudes hands now.
        The Dude is an enigma Hun lol ask me anything. We will talk this weekend.
        Make time for me. Skype me. I know it says I’m away but I’m not. I don’t know why it does but I’m here. I have Skype on my phone.

  4. I don’t know where to start. I think I have always been able to hear or sense when spirits were around. My mother believed in spirits and I was raised believing that they may communicate with us for whatever reason. My mother used to see a clairvoyant lady who upon seeing me said I had the “gift”, not sure if I do or don’t or if this is something everyone is capable of. I do know I am woken up from my sleep many times sometimes I will see a light or a person. They won’t speak and sometimes I will feel as if there is something in the room with me, but won’t physically see anything. I have felt my grandmother and I could hear her talking to me but it was in my own voice. I also felt my mother on many occasions! One of the most recent times she gave me a message for my cousin. My cousin was raised with her and they were best friends. The message came in my voice and was for him telling him she couldn’t show herself to him and she is always around and it is not his time. When I relayed the message he began to cry and told me he was contemplating suicide. I also have vivid dreams that come true. Although that hasn’t happened in a while. I dreamt that my grandmothers brother came for her and this was the week before she passed away.
    Last night, well actually this morning at 4am I woke up to the sound of something downstairs. It sounded like moving things around and walking. I thought maybe the cat but she was asleep right next to me and the dog was in the bathroom. I got up checked on my son and he was fast asleep, my husband was passed out. I looked down the stairs but was too scared to go check. This was different in the sense I am normally woken up by their presence, either feeling them touch me, their smell (perfume or cigarettes), or just an overwhelming feeling that there is something there, but this was noisy. I didn’t feel panicked or scared like it was something dark.. I don’t know what to make of it. How can I communicate if need be without inviting all? I am afraid I may invite something evil or a bad presence to communicate.

    • Hiya Mama, simply tell them. All you have to do is say to them ‘I’m open to receive your communication but only from Spirits of pure love and light as nothing else will be allowed in or have any power over me’.
      Salt your thresholds before you have the talk though.
      If you ask for protection every night before bed and shut yourself down then any communication you get will only be when it’s necessary or allowed. Nothing unwelcome will be allowed anywhere near you. The best way to make sure you never invite anything unwanted in is by never doing anything to let them in. The Dark Side get their strength from fear. So they target the mentally and emotionally vulnerable or the ones most easy to manipulate for example (those who do Seances and Ouija boards and believe who they are talking to are loved ones etc….and those who go to cemeteries, and investigations and stupidly invite Spirits back home with them believing them to be vulnerable, sad and lonely Spirits) It’s not nice to say but it is a fact that they go after the ones who don’t really know what they are doing. 90% of the worlds population know not to go near Ouija Boards and Seances etc…most of us know not to dabble in things we don’t understand but for the other 10% who think it’s fun and really is the easiest way to talk to the dead, they are the ones who are most vulnerable to Psychic Attack from negative energy an the dark side.
      So just don’t do anything that lets them in. Also when you having a bad day or your a little stressed out about something always keep the faith in Spirit or your God that things will get better. Keeping a positive frame of mind even in the face of adversity. Keep the smile in your heart and it will be like poison to them. They feed off the weak and easily swayed. They make their worst fears come true, they manipulate them and their lives to constantly give them nothing but bad luck and stress and worry and fear, then illness and mental anguish etc….the weaker you are the more they feed off you. So just never allow yourself to ever get so depressed or upset that you allow anything to happen. What happens is usually the Tempters will put something in your path to test your Faith. If you don’t deal with something very well, they put something else in your path to see if you’ll figure it out and sort the problem. The more you fail the more they put in your path to test your faith. The Tempters are never good nor bad. They are not human, or have they ever been. But like the Grim Reaper they have a job to do which in their case is to Tempt your Faith to see how strong you are or vulnerable you are. They do this so we can fix our problems here on earth so they don’t become lessons we have to learn from in the next life. The point of our lives is to get it right this time that we didn’t get right the last time. So the Tempters actually have a really important role to play in our journey as Learning souls. Although it seems horrible when bad or stressful stuff happens the best way to deal with it is to always stay calm, and be as logical as you can. Thinking every thought and action out very carefully so’s not to make any mistakes when confronting the issue and then doing everything you can to bring it to a swift conclusion or dealing with it as quickly as possible so you can move on with your life. And never give up hope and always have faith. I call it Faith Absolute. Faith Absolute is no matter what is going on, as bad or sad or scary or stressful as it may be you never give up faith that Spirit will get you through it. That you’ll deal with it as it comes and you’ll never falter in your belief that Spirit are always going to get you through it with your head held high. Faith absolute means never questioning why something is happening but accepting that it’s part of some greater plan and the lessons of which will become apparent in time. This keeps you strong. Positivity will be your shield and Faith your sword. Nothing will get through if you arm yourself with both. If you make it clear from day one that the dark side don’t stand a chance with you then they don’t even stop to have a look in the window. Because they know you’d be too much of a fight to break down. So just make sure you don’t do anything to invite trouble and don’t let bad, stressful or negative situations get the better of you and you’ll never have to worry about the Dark Side coming near you.
      Also, I wanted to say that if your ever having any experiences at night when your in or preparing for bed it will be your Spirit Elder and your Pineal Gland activating before you’ve gone to sleep. Nothing to be afraid of. It just means your Spirit is keen to get out there and has triggered an early activation. But you have nothing to fear. Your SE more than likely realized you weren’t asleep yet and tried to step back to let you go to sleep without getting scared if you saw them.
      Chances are the boy in yellow is one of them. Just remember from now on to say to them ‘Hi, nice to meet you. I’m sorry it’s taken so long to make your acquaintance. As long as your of love and light I acknowledge you but if your anything other than pure love and light your not welcome here and have no power over me’.
      It really is that simple.
      I hope it helps Mama, let us know how you get on. Love and Light Debbie

  5. **Late reply** to my fellow CANNIBAL lol..Have you considered the fact that you may have reached a level of ascension (or that level of vibration) where the “HIGHER” gifts may start manifesting…lol…As an example…For instance I know that ET’s exist I call them “STAR-PEOPLE” (pleiadians etc)! many people have different names for them!…Like you say we (mankind) have been programmed/impulsed from year DOT from the “BADDIES” to operate in the negative, We have so many HABITS which have no room for Faith.. ie Science would only acknowledge the existance of ET’s if we could see them with our own EYES in our dimension 3D on our own terms lol (wheres the faith?) . ET’s just like the many Higher evovled beings from other dimensions can CHOOSE to be SEEN in our Dimension if they so wanted lol…Maybe you are starting to experience the reverse of this process??…Could you have unconciously made yourself “incorporeal” then snapped back. Hey it wouldnt take bugger all energy if someone up-top gave you a boost ha ha. Hey I will flick you an email tommorow….Ka kite Ano! Aroha to you and yours

    • I know what your saying and agree to a point. But I’m unfortunately not at liberty to discuss any of it in public. I took an oath msny years ago to protect my family at all cost. By family I mean Star People.
      But just for the record I will say that what the mainstream know about them is very wrong. Disturbingly wrong. And none of them look even remotely like humans. The reason they’re described as human in form is because centuries ago they didn’t know how else to describe them when they came down and took human form. However 99.9% of them have never stepped foot on our planet. But that’s really all I’m prepared to say. That and ‘if the ship has coloured lights or is saucer/cigar in shape it’s not them…’s us.’

    • And it has since been explained to me that my Power Ups as I call them is because I’m an example of what we will all become in the future. But if I start telling people why it’s happening they will all want to have a go and end up in serious trouble. Because the higher levels can only be reached once you yourself are at the highest level because only then will you know not to do it on purpose. It’s such a privilege of higher state of consciousness that far too many people would abuse or take for granted. I call them power ups because as in games the more you do, the more you learn the more you achieve and unlock. And because my husband works in games it’s the best way to describe what’s happening in a way people understand lol

      • I hear you sis! I was trying to hypothesize lol..My sister Ang always tells me I should leave the thinking to her …Was definitely not intentionally delving into the “BIG-STUFF”..Hey I have spent a lifetime at perfecting the art avoiding conversations about WAIRUA with my FAMILY..I would be none the wiser about the STAR-PEOPLE but many years ago one of my uncles out of the blue Stated “the star people been working with you?” I was a little no commital with my reply as i didnt want to pursue the conversation in case he thought I was interested (HAHA)…He then preceded to tell me case by case if I was experiencing these incidents to each of which I said yes (there is no way he could have known, As I told no one) I just thought I was having TRIPPY dreams (dumbass). Most people after learning about this would possibly research it to the enth degree….Not me, I could just shelve information and leave it for another DAY when I am in a better place to recieve it..My Uncles reckon this is one of many traits good for working with wairua. I have no burning ambition to “learn all” and “know all” about wairua! I am happy being me. Though I understand your caution about people diving into spirit unchecked? I’m a scaredy cat so I am always careful though i guess its almost like an addiction for some..I was a 1st class rugby player and I knew with sport (just like spirit) the most important parts for me mentally and physically were completely away from the sporting/training arena..I have meet people that think because spirit is not happening every second of the day they are doing something wrong? Im a newbie I just nod my head..But I think to myself the quiet times are the best times thats where you recover and reflect on the experiences and the learnings! That is where you grow…LOL..

  6. Wow so I completely missed the whole conversation on here and I’m not sure why I didn’t get any emails. So speaking of vaccines… I went to my doctor to follow up on my blood work and my thyroid, my cholesterol are perfect and I’m not anemic or diabetic. So my 50lb weight gain in 3 months is a mystery to the doctor lol I’m always the exception to everything πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ so when the nurse left she asked if I wanted the flu vaccine and I said no thank you then when the doctor left she asked if I wanted it and I said no thank you. She said that she recommends it and I said I know it’s fine, I don’t need one and she says well I really think you should get one and I said no it only covers a couple of strains out of the 100s that are out there. I usually get the flu once every 5 years and I’m a firm believer that the body is capable of healing and getting rid of sickness on its own and she walked out without saying a word after that I kinda got mad because I told the nurse no and then I told doctor 3 times no. It’s like geez, they really want that kickback from the pharmaceutical company don’t they!

    • Funny, last time I saw my primary Doctor he brought up the Tetanus booster, and I declined. And after talking a bit, he sort of admitted that it’s really not that easy to get tetanus like they make you think. Just stepping on a nail won’t do it, because it’s anaerobic. So maybe if the nail were buried under a bunch of crap or something….I forget the details of the conversation. But he didn’t really push it too hard. So that was good.

      Not that he ever did anything useful for me regardless. πŸ˜›

      • Was you doctor older? My doctor was younger, she was so nervous her voice was wavering. I think I made her nervous lol honestly the flu vaccine is probably the only vaccine I find completely useless. But after the cleansing we won’t even need to get them was what I feel was implied in Debbie’s posts. I just can’t wait until this is over. To be honest I’m a little nervous. It’s just G and I here so I have a lot to think about. Anyway I just want it to be over so I can stop waiting for it lol

      • We don’t NEED to get the vaccines NOW. And honestly the one that really boils my blood is HPV. It’s bloody expensive if you have to pay for it yourself, and I’ve heard so much anecdotal evidence of young women being injured and even dying after having received it, it gets me extremely angry. Not to mention it’s protecting against an STD, essentially. So why give it to such young people, especially if they’re not “active.” I just……can’t even………….

        Actually my doctor is not very old at all. May not even have hit 40 yet. He was recommended by the same person who recommended my last doctor, who I quite liked until she left her private practice and went back into the hospital system. I actually haven’t been back in 3 years, as he wasn’t exactly helpful with the issue I brought to him in the first place.

        I agree with you about just wanting the cleansing to be over. Debbie told me about it in 2008, and I’ve been anticipating it ever since. Back then I would have thought it’d be done by now. But I’ve had 7-8 years of anticipation.

      • The thing with the HPV Vaccine is only works on 1 out of the 100 possible cancer genes it could be. There is one in 100 possible types of the virus in only 1 in 1000 girls. So who is it protecting? Yet the death told is climbing of girls who had the jab and then died within 24 hours.
        Vaccines for anything are NEVER for the benefit of the person having it.
        The truth is, we are meant to have some diseases, it strengthens the immune system for the next generation to come. It was how we had to ensure a population cleanse. But in the new world there will be no diseases so we will have to deal with the population boom somehow.
        Maybe it’s why we end up in space lol jk

      • I don’t know about your numbers, but you’re right, it doesn’t even protect against all versions. There’s just so much wrong with it….and it’s targeted at young women (well I think BOTH genders now). mere girls. And the untold harm it is doing………

        If ever I need to focus my anger…… >:(

  7. The tetanus injection kills health cells and the Flu vaccine was designed to kill the elderly and weak. This is what I was saying about the ‘cull’. The 1% want to kill the genetically weak and vulnerable because they only want the strong smart ones left. Every person over the age of 60 who got the Flu jabs died within 5 yrs. Some died within months. Normal healthy people get the jabs then die. Noone should be dying before 100 now from diseases or illness and that’s a fact.
    The people I lost were between 62-70. And in actually fact my Auntu said to my Mum once ‘Ya know Alm if I didn’t know any better I’d say these flu shots are trying to kill me. I feel so terrible after having one. It takes me weeks to recover from them. She died 14 months after my Mum after having a heart attack while getting out of a bath. Who dies from having a bath aged 63? The truth is we dont need immunizations for anything because things like measles, mumps, chicken pox etc…are MEANT to be had. They have done a whole pile of studies that now has them believing these illnesses for kids are necessary because they boost your immune system. And kids who haven’t been vaccinated and had those diseases show an immune system so strong they’re better equipped to deal with more serious illnesses like cancers. And in fact the number of kids who get cancer and leukemia who haven’t been vaccinated and had those diseases like chicken pox, measles, mumps are at a really lower percentile. Like ridiculously low percentile. The number is something like less than 1% and it was environmental rather than gene mutation or genetic.
    Noone has ever died as a direct result of these diseases. No death certificate has ever been issued that states the cause if death was because of Mumps of Measles eyc….it’s always secondary. Like the person had pneumonia or kidney failure or heart issue then they contracted Chicken Pox and it took its toll on the immune system and the person died.
    So don’t listen to government funded studies. They’re all Illuminati Figure Heads as are the Pharmaceutical Companies.
    If you want to live and your children to live long healthy lives do NOT given them vaccinations at all. Not even tetnus.
    Coloidal Silver will get rid of any infection or bacteria in or on your body and not just for you but your pets too.

    • It’s like we’ve collectively admitted that the human body is inherently defective and needs intervention to actually survive. And not just with vaccines, but with other areas of medicine as well.

  8. Boost your immune system naturally and through a good healthy diet and lifestyle.
    Your kids too. If your feeling a little peaky take Sambucol. Its an immune booster made with nothing but Elderberries in it.
    No fluoridated water or toothpaste. We use Sarakan toothpaste we buy on Ebay or Amazon. It can’t have SLF in it either. SLG is used to make the foam and it’s the cause of the high rise in throat, mouth and anal cancers.
    So Toms of Maine is out. Get rid of Dairy Milk. Coconut milk, coconut oil are fantastic are make your cereal and coffee taste so yummy.
    I use skim milk for cups of tea and nothing else. Cheese is fine but low fat is better. Dried fruit and nuts, are a great source of natural sugar and is used in my house like candy. Plus the nuts do wonders for your memory and brain function. If you can’t buy water without fluoride drink coconut water instead. I know for a fact there are places in the US that sell it for a penny. I’m about to do a post telling ppl how I cured myself from my illnesses including Fibro Myalgia.