Night Terrors

I decided to do this post because I’ve written 11 emails and Forum replies about this very subject. Spirit and I decided it needed to be done because it is obviously a real problem for some people. In fact ALL people because I defy anyone who says this hasn’t happened to them at least once.

And while it might be the most terrifying experience for you, you need to be thankful it happened because in all likelihood it probably saved your life.

Okay….so you know when your asleep and your having a dream or your just getting ready to go to sleep and you suddenly become aware of something scary in the room or next to your bed. You can hear it, feel it, your heart is racing and you try to scream but nothing comes out? You try to move but you are paralyzed?

Your perfectly awake and your fully conscious except your not. Your actually asleep. You will swear black and blue you were awake but trust me…..your not. The fact you can’t move says your asleep.

But some times you’ll start to hear a hum or a buzzing sound, you might feel something moving, you might see lights, you might get chills, there might be a high pitched screaming. Then you feel it, you can see it and smell it.

It will be different things to different people. But it will scare the shit out of you. It could be just a hand around your neck, it could be a demon, it could be a ghoulish beastie. But whatever it is, it scares the crap out of you and if it’s happened to you, your going to know EXACTLY what I’m talking about and I guarantee you, you will remember it all in great detail too. It impacts your soul. You never forget it when it happens.

It might be trying to strangle you, or screaming at you, or laughing, or whatever. And if this isn’t a regular occurrence for you. If this isn’t a trapped Spirit in the house or negative energy, if it doesn’t happen in other rooms of the house, it only happens in bed then what you have is a Spirit who saved your life. Why?

Well let me tell you like this.

When we sleep we revert back to Spirit. The living are the dead on vacation. We are alive as us for such a short time, and while we are down here the need to go home is too great. The need to be a Spirit is just too great, so we sleep. And when we sleep we turn back into a Spirit. So we can Astral travel. Astral Traveling means to ‘travel among the stars’ but you don’t just have space at your finger tips when your a Spirit you also have the past, present and future.

We go home to the greater consciousness.
We visit loved ones from past lives. We will meet up with friends from 4 life times ago.Β We will travel to foreign destinations and see the sun set over the curve of the earth. We need to be in Spirit. We get too home sick and some times we need to just be free of the hardships of being human. It’s hard being a human. We take on so much that Spirits just aren’t used to. But it’s why they love being human and why they often will choose reincarnation even if they have been given the choice to do whatever they want.

Eventually they all want to be a Spirit Elder. Some will choose this job for the rest of eternity. Some will try it once and decide to do something else for a while. But everyone living at some point in their existential existence will be a Spirit Elder.

A Spirit Elder is only allowed to be a Spirit Elder once they have lived enough lives to have learned all the lessons needed to be learned in order for them to have total control over a human life. Then they are given carte blanch to do whatever they want.
They get to choose the Soul they want to look after and from the second that Soul is conceived to the minute after it takes it’s last breathe that Spirit Elder will watch over you as your very own celestial guardian. But it’s just yours and yours alone.

No two people will have the same Spirit Elder. And that Spirit Elder walks beside you every day, stands beside while you work and sits with you when you sleep. Of all the things they could of done, taking care of you was pretty much the whole reason they are here. They wanted to train and learn and train and learn to take care of you when they could of been enjoying a life down here. Spirits love the Human experience. It gives them the feelings, thoughts and emotions they don’t have in Spirit.

They will stand over you every time you sleep and make sure your safe. If anything comes near you that shouldn’t be near you then your Spirit Elder needs to act. Because some times our sleep goes wrong. Some times something a bit nasty might be passing by and see’s an unused vessel. Or some times the vessels brain will start to become active before the Soul has come back into the body. And this is dangerous. VERY dangerous. If you were to wake up without a Soul, without a conscious soul in all likelihood you’ll have a heart attack and in the very least get taken over by something truly worrying.

I’m told that death in your sleep is often because of an Astral Travel going wrong. If your loved one died of a heart attack in their sleep or a stroke even, and they were healthy before hand and they went to bed one night and never woke up again then chances are this is what happened. It is a high possibility.
This subject has fascinated me since I was preteen/teen in years because my sisters neighbour died in his sleep after a night out. He choked on his own vomit but I remember thinking ‘But why didn’t his body wake up? choking is an involuntary movement. The body reacts more aggressively when it’s involuntary like when we sneeze or cough. So choking would wake you up surely?’
Yes….I really did think like that as a kid lol I was a Paranerd, of course I did lol
But now I know why he didn’t wake up. Our bodies need our Spirits/Souls in order to maintain the physical self. But not the conscious self.
The conscious self is the part of you that is convinced your awake and can’t move so you panic and get scared.

A lot of people will dream of being in pitch black, feel like they are falling and then just as they are about to hit the bottom they wake up. But some don’t. Some hit the bottom and don’t wake up. I know of two Spirits in my life time this happened to. It was obviously their time and all that but there is something a little unsettling about the thought of dying in your sleep if you were perfectly conscious of it happening. I’m assured though that it is a painless, uneventful passing. But then…..they are Spirits, of course it’s not going to be scary for them. But it’s unsettling to me. But I digress.

It’s not something many people know about. It’s always explained as a Demonic Possession which pisses me off. Because demonic possessions don’t just come at you once or twice every few years and only while you sleep. lol

But in order to protect you, in order to make sure you live and die the way your meant to your Spirit Elders need to make sure that any situation your put in that could threaten your life or your health or mental well being they can get you out of it safe and in one piece.

And when you start to wake up before your Spirit has come back into your body your Spirit Elder only has one option. And that is to wake you up as quickly as possible.

And what is the quickest way to wake you up? By putting on a terrifying face, or hand or whatever it is that will scare you the most and they will jump on you, at you or near you growling, screaming, howling, laughing in an evil or scary voice.

You’ll respond to that better than you would if they gently stroked your arm.

They basically have a millionth of a second to get you awake before you die or get taken over by something nasty and so they do what they have to do.
The nasty things like to invade your minds. Damage your psyche. Test your faith.

So next time you wake up and you can’t move, just relax. Sing a song, or talk to your Spirit Elder. Tell them you understand and after you’ve been woken up, say Thank you. Because as sure as the Queens Guards guard Buckingham Palace, your Spirit Elders are guarding you. The last thing they want is for you to be afraid of them or put in harms way. They stay dead for you. If that’s not a sign of love and loyalty I don’t know what is.

Don’t be afraid and please don’t listen to these moron Psychics and Mediums who told you it was something dangerous and to be feared. Unfortunately there are too many misinformed and uneducated people out there who like to take your money and tell you lies. And I for one have had enough. So I’ll work this Blog until I am 180 if I have to. If there are still people being misinformed about these episodes while we sleep. Or being led to believe that dark shadows are bad Spirits etc….I’ll be there.

And I’m coming for you. Me and my Legion, my Soldiers of Truth. They are infinite in number and have millennia upon millenniaΒ  of years of experience and if sitting me down to educate some people helps even one person realize their psychic or mentor or whatever doesn’t know shit from sugar then I’ve done my job.

I’m astounded at the things people believe. I’m going to ruffle some feathers, a lot of people are going to hate me, but if they do then it means I’m doing my job. Only those threatened by the truth will have a problem with what I’m doing but I can’t take one more email from some poor broken person who’s lost a fortune to a fraud posing as a Psychic or Medium.

I’m coming for them. It ain’t gonna be pretty but luckily my face isn’t my money maker lol
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53 thoughts on “Night Terrors

  1. Beautiful post. I’ve never been physically attacked by something but a lucid dream that I had a few years ago makes sense to me. I had a very real dream (I always dream in color and they seem so real to me that sometimes I have a hard time figuring out if it really happened or didnt.) The dream started with me being choked by something invisible while I was standing next to G’S bed. I saw 2 people sleeping in my bed (me and my daughter’s father) I tried screaming for him to wake up and protect my daughter but nothing came out of my mouth of course. I woke by jumping out of my bed and running over to her crib. That by far was the scariest thing that happened. It was so real. So like you said it was probably my elder trying to scare me to wake me up πŸ™‚

  2. “And I’m coming for you. Me and my Legion, my Soldiers of Truth. They are infinite in number and have millennia upon millennia of years of experience”

    And me too! OooooooEEEEEEEoooooooo!!!!!!! (melodramatic hand weaving) lol


    You rotten sneak!!!!! I had the idea to post just such a topic on the forum, to have people share their scary dreams so we could look into them, maybe see if they fit in this category. And you beat me to the punch you big sneak! lol

    I can share one of my own. It wasn’t so much scary beyond maybe a jump scare. It was a few years ago, and I was in my bed. In MY house. And, believe me, it usually takes YEARS of familiarity with a place before I start physically, accurately representing it in my dreams. Anyhow, I was lying in bed, my closet was to my right, with the door closed. Suddenly, it burst open, and some small creature, like an imp or gremlin (it was too fast to see any detail) leaped from the closet over my bed. I was awake before it landed. And while it probably had me a bit alert for a while after that, maybe even a bit jittery, it wasn’t so much scary as in bury my head in the sheets and hope it doesn’t come back scary. lol Dreams don’t really scare me like that anymore. In fact I rarely call anything I have a “nightmare” anymore. Although I could probably tell you a few from my childhood still…..but I don’t think any of them were this type of “dream” because they lasted longer and didn’t serve to wake me.

    I am intrigued however about these passing by “things” trying to take us over. Have you ever known it to happen? What is it like when it does…… might be better for a fresh blog post rather than shoved in the comments. But I was curious. Or maybe Spirit has a 100% success rate in prevention.

    • Spirits like to wander earth. They so much so that they can be modern day Ghosts in olden days hauntings. That man in the space suit photo I think is this exact thing.
      Spirits travel. You can’t get the good without the bad though. So if Spirit are attracted to someones light, there will be things attracted to it too if the person is not at their emotionally best. Obviously its not going to be the case if your happy or excited or anything positive. If your happy at the time then it’s simply because you were starting to wake up before your Spirit is back into your body. It’s not always because of passers by hanging around. But we all omit a frequency unique to ourselves like our finger prints. No two frequencies are the same. Not even twins will have the same vibration. It is unique to every person and our vibrations are made up of a little bit of all our ancestors vibrations as well as our past life vibration which is why they are so unique. Twins might not even have been twins before now.
      And because Spirit work on a whole different frequency our vibration is appealing to them. But you can’t have light without the dark and we need the dark for so many reasons but just because it’s balances the universe out but because it keeps the good ones good and the bad ones monitored. As true as they say Keep your friends close and your enemies closer? The same is true about the dark side. If you keep them in mind as much as you do Spirit then you always know when to duck if they throw something at you. And if you can’t see them throwing anything at you that’s what your Spirit Elder are for.
      They have your life in their hands. You don’t have a choice but if you ever met your Spirit Elders you would love them more than anyone else you’ve ever loved if you don’t have children. Then you’d understand and wouldn’t mind when they have to scare the begeebiz out of you lol

  3. What can i say? I’m glad there can be a different way of viewing this I’m always subjected to tbis kind of sleep experience. Whether this is true or not, i’d prefer this explanation over the other scary explanations out there. πŸ™‚

    • Babygirl trust me…..I’ve sat up at nights waiting for these souls ready to do battle. When it was revealed to me what it was I looked like a right dick head lol
      As I keep saying ‘Peoples perceptions of death, Spirit and the Paranormal are so much more dramatic than the truth. It’s really not as complicates as tv and the media make it out to be. And if it’s complicated then it’s because it’s wrong’. When you go ‘Ohhhh iiiii geeeeet it now that makes so much sense’ then it’s more than likely the truth because The Dead and all that surrounds them are just not complicated. Which is why they go to children first before non psychic ppl. The kids don’t complicate things. They see it for what it really is. They don’t like doing it. Scaring us. But it’s either that or death or in the very least emotional trauma dealing with trouble makers.
      If it’s only when you sleep it’s absolutely nothing out to get you. Once you get used to it they ususlly end up being able to just wake you up through a dream occurrence.
      Thanks for the comment.
      Love and Light

      • So is that why I was waken up by them in a dream because I wake up so easily. I’m such a light sleeper so I didn’t need something really scary to wake me. Like the woman from the forum with the claw?

        Also, is there a difference between a spirit guide and an elder? Is the elder the one who protects you and makes sure you only die when you’re supposed to aND you’re guide being the one who gives you intuitive information? I always thought my guide had a male like energy but my elder is female. Unless it just feels male like because I have a similar personality, a very strong one and I know they reflect us.

      • A Spirit Guide is what I call Spirit Elder. But you have a Spirit Elder and then Elders. The Spirit Elder is the one in charge. Remember my You are a House analogy? Your the House, God is the Landlord and owner of the property. He rents out the house to you for however long your tenancy is for. You can only stay there if you have the staff. Your Spirit Elder is the Butler.He makes sure the hose runs like clock work. He’s in charge of everything in the house. making sure it has everything it needs to be happy in it’s existence. Your Elders are the ones who help take some of the pressure off the Butler. Everyone has different amounts of Elders but they would be like the cook, chamber maid, gardener, driver etc….I have my Spirit Elder and Head of the Eagle is there with me when it comes to my health and affairs of the heart. Lei Lei is my legal and financial guide. Head of the Eagle comes to me when I’m needing encouragement, love, support and reassurance. Usually when I’m down or ill. He will tell me what I need to do. He is the one who put me on this Detox to heal my body. I call it The Detox of Death lol because it was the Dead who told me to do it. It’s only been 2 weeks and 90% of my health problems have vanished. Including big things like losing sensation in my feet and fingers. Which turned out to be a B12 deficiency. Something the hundreds of Doctors and Surgeons couldn’t work out on their own it seems.
        But anyway I digress. Lei Lei makes sure no matter what I have the support and finances. I’m always taken care of. Even if I’m down to my last pound and I need to get shoes for one of the boys or something (it hasn’t happened in a couple of years but this is an example) they would always get me work. A couple of reading would come in and it would always be enough for that I needed plus a little extra. This was back in the day when I wasn’t working and first started getting ill. I wasn’t going to go back to work until my youngest was about 5-6 but I’ve been working for 3 years now. Only two of them are for online work. I did work doing readings but I stopped to help my husband when he first got depression and then we started a family. I was only meant to go part time but it looks like I’ll be working full time by the end of next year.
        But my Elders aren’t seen very often. I can talk to them though. But they don’t visit unless I need them. You don’t see them or talk to them unless you need them. Most people will go there whole lives never knowing their Spirit Elders and Elders until their passing. I’m just lucky that I have been able to form intimate relationships with mine. Birdie is my Spirit Elder. He’s always represented in Egyptian ways, sometimes statues, some times actual Egyptians from centuries ago. But I’ve never seen his face. I only know it’s him because he has this Bird on his fore head. Or on his chest on a medallion type of thing. But everyones Elders and Spirit Elders are just theirs and their alone.
        They are all with you from conception to Death and it is your Spirit Elder who protects you from dying before your time. The Elders work under your Spirit Elders command. Your Spirit Elder answers to the Big Guy.
        How ever it is ALL the dead who talk to me psychically. It’s not just your Spirit Elders, they are your conscience, and inner thoughts. They are the voice you hear when your sensing danger or something just not right about a person or place etc….but when it comes to learning and predicting etc…it is every dead person. They all work as one. It’s why I don’t do Mediumship because I don’t expect them to step forward as individuals when they are talking to their loved ones (my clients). It takes so much energy to manifest even in a telepathic image. I could never expect them to put themselves through that for me. But I say to my clients. ‘I don’t ask your loved ones to come through, I let them step forward on their own. However if they don’t step forward it doesn’t mean they aren’t there because Spirit communicate through telepathic communication anyway so I can talk to them, I just can’t see them because to see them would mean they would have to get enough energy to manifest and I just can’t put them through that just for me’.
        Everyone who has ever died have predicted and guided every person living at least a few times in their lives. My Mother and Father will have guided someone else in a reading in some country somewhere at some point. Our loved ones on the other side even play out roles in other peoples dreams. There might be someone out there right now asleep having my Mum or Dad or Sister etc…..being something to someone in a dream somewhere in the world. Because we are all one, one energy. It takes the Universe to guide the world lol
        We all help everyone when we die, in any country or house of any person alive today.
        But it’s only if I need something specific that the best ones for the job will step forward. It’s incredible and it’s what has just happened with me with my Detox of Death lol Head of the Eagle and other medically experience will step forward and tell me what I need to do. I listened and now I’m healthier than I’ve ever been I think. I feel 20 again.
        I do everything I’m told to do by my Spirits. Even the ones that aren’t my Elders etc….even the ones that just died tomorrow will still be more advanced than me so I have no need not to listen. They prove themselves time and time again so I have no reason or want to not trust anything they tell me. I’ve based my entire life on the voices in my head and not just mine, my husbands and my boys lives are all based around the voices in my head lol
        love and light

      • Ah ok so. You have your main elder and then you others behind that one that help you in different aspects of your life. Gotcha! You’re always really good at going into depth and explaining. Thank you! ❀❀

      • Ah so that’s where some of the faces in your dreams–people you’ve never seen the likes of before–come from. Now what about the ‘set pieces.’ Where do the places and buildings that look like no place you’ve ever seen come from? Assuming it’s not all clairvoyance……and every place you see actually exists (or existed) somewhere, somewhen.

        Well, and even clairvoyance might be the wrong term. May all those Spirits running your dreams pull images of places with which THEY are familiar. Just as a blueprint for constructing your dream…….and now I feel I just slipped into the movie Inception. lol

      • Unless the dream is a precognitive dream the set pieces are for interpretation. For example as you know from dreams you’ve had me look at the building your in, in your dreams and the condition of them is always talking about you the dreamer and how your feeling about yourself at the time of the dream. The nicer the building or house the happier you are within yourself. Then you look at the furniture, condition of everything including if there was food, strangers etc……because it’s all part of the message.
        I’ve never understood why they can’t just come and say ‘Look…you need to know this and this because this is coming’. But Spirit said it’s because the majority of people wouldn’t listen if they did it that way because most ppl would freak out knowing the dead were talking to them and they’d be too afraid to sleep. So they play movies instead. But you only remember what your meant to. When you do remember what they tell you it’s usually played out as De Ja Vue or as a premonition that needs to be addressed.

      • Okay, that’s fair enough. But still……those are some elaborate set pieces at times. I don’t think I could design something that intricate when AWAKE….but then I may not be the one designing it. That’s a fair question, are Spirit sending the message and MY Spirit translates it to these set pieces, or do THEY do all the designing……

        Okay, I think that question is way more advanced than I really need to know. But leave it to me to want to boil down the specific mechanics to the most pedantic details. lol

        It makes sense why they don’t just come out and tell us these messages in plane “English” (or whatever language you speak). Some people WOULD be too scared to sleep. The problem is, the other side of the coin is that almost NONE of us understand what they are telling us. I’m rubbish at dreams, and only remember a couple of the images you’ve told me specifically. 99.999% of people will NEVER interpret their dreams on their own, and of those that consult dream interp guides, the majority of those guides are probably wrong.

        Seems to me there is a middle ground…..and while they don’t want to come out and tell us directly, it seems people take their dreams more literally than they should.

        And why all these blanket meanings? Why should certain symbols mean the same thing to everyone who dreams them? I would think something more personalized to the individual would be more meaningful and understandable, rather than this universal dream “language.” So there must be some higher order to it. Some key purpose to it’s universality……

        ……..and I’m getting pedantic again, aren’t I? lol

      • We used to know our dreams until religion replaced Culture and Faith with God and Church. Up until then we all lived by our dreams and some of us still do.
        Maori, Native Americans, Inuit, Aboriginal folk all live by their dreams. I don’t ever recall not having dreams hold meaning in my life in my family.
        Secondly you need to stop thinking of Spirits as being in the physical. Setting up a dream isn’t hard at all because it’s just telepathy. Our brain recieves the thought and fills it all in like a colouring in book.
        They aren’t physically moving furniture into place or anything like that. I can set up a whole scenario in my head and transmit it to Mr, Train or Robot in a second and it took nothing more than a thought. Didn’t have to move a muscle to do it.
        Because I can. Because they can. Spirit not making themselves clear for you to understand is because your not teaching yourself to recieve it as a message.
        Your over analysing everything and just complicating everything your way.
        They literally think your dreams into existence the same way they open worm holes and black holes with thought.
        Besides which as Spirit said ‘how many people would listen if they just came out and said stuff?’ There are people in psychiatric hospitals because of the voices in their head. Can you imagine how many ppl would be grabbing the anti psychotic medication if they had the voices I have? You under estimate the fragility of the human species J Dub. People just aren’t ready for it. Especially while they still hold so much stock in an invisible man in a white robe and sandals with a white beard.
        You forget Spirit know what their doing better than you and I combined. I’d never doubt why they do stuff the way they do it because I have faith they know better than me. Also our planet are the only planet that dream. The rest are way smarter and therefore connected to Spirit without need for communication. I call it The Knowing. But it’s up to us to catch up or get left behind.
        I for one won’t be left behind. Spirit don’t need to change how they come to you. You need to change how you hear them.
        Your never going to hear them if your too busy trying to control how you listen.

      • Ahhh maybe that’s why you were told not to meditate because you already listen differently. πŸ™‚ I mean I haven’t meditated on purpose in a while so maybe that’s why I’m getting more and more things coming to me because I’m not looking for it.

      • Yeah…maybe. When I had my frequency tested it didn’t register so I must have a different frequency to most. But the Dark Side is the primary reason I think because she (my Teacher) stipulated, reiterated and stated in duplicate that it was far too dangerous for me. I don’t question it lol when a member of a few thousand year old society says don’t do something I don’t lol its usually only Spirit I question lol constantly. I think I must drive them up the wall lol they just say ‘not at all daughter….we gave you that inquisitive mind for a reason’ but sometimes I swear I hear them tut when I question something. I don’t question them. I question why they’re asking me to do stuff and the timings etc……if I don’t like the answer there WILL be an argument lol mostly me yelling though lol i love them so much lol they’re so patient with me Bless them lol

      • I was going to follow up with it having to do with the dark side once I got to work. You’re already open so meditating and opening yourself more would make you an even bigger target for the nasties. Just like you were told you shouldn’t use you’re telekinesis because it would attract bad stuff. Unfortunately I try to not use mine, but if I get mad it messes with my lights all the time. Sometime at work I do it and people think it’s just the lighting lol I try not to get mad but sometimes it just happens. My daughter does it every now and then too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      • Lol oh my God right? If I’m angry stuff goes flying and when I’m all flustered or running around like a chicken with its head cut off I constantly break tvs, phones, mobiles and computers. I always get the blame lol but my Teacher said because I can only use telekinesis in anger I must never be allowed to use it.
        But every time something breaks my hubby says ‘What did you do? What happened that you broke the xyz?’ Lol without even like checking to see if it waa because of an axe murderer cutting off the power or something lol i can laugh now but when I break the phone I’m needing to talk on or whatever it just pisses me off even more lol

      • I guess the problem is just me.

        Firstly, I’m obviously at a cultural disadvantage, being that I’m generations upon generations removed from any such dream-valuing cultures.

        Also, I am aware that all this is built and transmitted telepathically in an instant. I guess I’m just personally not capable of such elaborate design in my head, but require something visual to anchor my mind to.

      • But its not too late to learn J Dub πŸ™‚
        You might be from generation of non dream interpreting cultures but your you here now. You could learn and pass it on to the next generation. It could start with you.

      • Quite right you are. πŸ™‚

        Although, lately, I seem to barely even remember dreaming anymore, let alone the contents. Couldn’t even tell you the last dream I remember having.

        Hmmm, that does make it a bit more of a challenge.

      • You don’t have to learn it through your dreams Baby you can just learn what the symbols mean and make up a dictionary for yourself to use for future reference.

      • And all the symbols I know so far, came from you. So you’re my only resource. lol

    • Funniest reply ever DEBS (waiting to do battle)…These are close to the most common experiences I had growing up! And you explained it succinctly by stating it is like doing battle…It started happening to me in my early TEENS…I would be happily cruising along in mid-dream then like a switch flicking on I would become conscious I would have a combination of simultaneous events I would hear a humming noise-my body would be taunt with energy vibrating-and adrenaline like fear would be coursing through my mind and telling me to WAKE the FFFF up..which i would then do..too a paralyzed body.. Sometimes fighting to keep SOMETHING out. I learned a bit later if I voiced a KARAKIA-PRAYER and if i struggled to finish it..then I had one of those TRANSIENT entities stop by and try jump in! lol…..I must admit to being a bit blaise if I was in a particular combative mood I use to see how long I could stay in the FIGHT (DUMBASS) without saying a prayer to clear the space! after your explanation I can almost visualize my KAITIAKI-ELDER shaking his HEAD….He knows firsthand I’m capable of being the most stubborn prat known to MAN \,,Oh well you learn you learn. I had a lot of POOR SPIRITUAL habits growing up…I like many people wouldn’t voice a KARAKIA- prayer of protection until I was in an actual EVENT…I have now learnt (with your help)protective prayer cost’s you nothing but the time to voice it (SO EASY) and now the incidents of the interesting VARIETY for me have all but disappeared…(THANK YOU)

      • You want to hear my Karakia when I’m doing battle. It’s fierce. I go all out because when I call my ancestors for back up I know at least half are my Maori ancestors. As The Haka ‘Kamati Kamati’ suggests I feel them rise up through me. It gives me strength and comfort to know they have my back. From Te Rauparaha to my Granny Uniki I feel them. And they all tell my what to say. I’ve been told I’m terrifying to watch but it gives you goosebumps coz it’s that good. But everyone I’ve had to do battle for all say it’s definitely not me talking lol which is exactly what you want when dealing with the dark side and Tricksters.

      • Fortunately I’ve never been called to do battle. I don’t even know how I would approach it. Probably pitch a fit. There might be a lot of cursing. Which, believe me, for me is a big deal. lol I don’t curse (I want to add “ever” but there are a lot of caveats to that). The last time anyone on THIS plane heard me curse was probably like 16 years ago (and even prior to that it’s a barren wasteland).

        Yeah, in recent years I may have done so to myself or in my head….but those are “cranky” induced incidents that didn’t used to happen. I’m trying to kick the habit.

        Long story short (too late), if you ever hear me curse……well, just don’t be the reason, okay? πŸ˜€ And if that doesn’t intimidate you, then know that I’m protected by an Irishman, and have a half-Scot best friend, who, if properly motivated, is probably powerful enough to bore into your brain and make your worst nightmare seem like a box of kittens in comparison. lol πŸ˜‰

      • Thems is fightin wurds lol
        Bless, your so sweet. But don’t you worry. I believe you. I have so many Aries in my life and they are all nutters when they angry and they can be very cutting and last a life time.
        In the 367 years we have been best friends luckily I’ve never known you to be angry at me or even in front of me. You’ve been pissed off and stuff sure but what I mean is its never been directed at me (your full wrath) and I’ve never seen it directed at anyone else. Now…..what I will find interesting is to see how you will deal with it when the Dark Side try to come knocking? And they will. Your a New Student of the Universe. You’ve accepted a journey of Spiritual discovery and your already using your knowledge and newly discovered gift to help others. That’s White Lighter Territory but you’d never give up your job to live the White Lighter Lifestyle, but never say never. It means by the time your 60 you should be nearing my level of expertise or close enough to it you could do it for a job. But because you have accepted your journey the Dark Side WILL come knocking at some point so I’ll be interested to see how you deal with it.
        They come in many forms Poppet as you know this so look out for them in everything you do and every situation your in. And you’d not be going through it along. I’ll be right there with my Mere (it’s a Maori club used to crack peoples skulls open) lol I’m sure Cortney would say the same.
        Your my best friend. You never have to go through anything alone J Dub. Hubby and I are always here for you. He adores you as much as I do. Your family. And whatever you go through in your life you do it with us at your side.
        Love you always and forever

      • Deb’S right we’ll be right here! Between the 3 of us we could kick some behind! πŸ™‚ they have no power or control over us. I’ve been on my spiritual journey since high school and I’m still standing πŸ™‚

      • No, you haven’t seen my full wrath. In fact, I haven’t either. I really don’t know where its limit is at, because I’ve never been pushed that far. So who knows what unholy forces will be unleashed upon the poor sap who does?

        As if I need more trouble coming my way though. Is it okay when the Dark Side roll around that I just wave it off, roll over, and go back to sleep? I’ve got better thing to do.

      • Just keep doing what your doing and the Dark Side won’t pay you any mind. Their interest will be fleeting once they see there is nothing to take from you. But every now and then when they’re going to pop in.
        Just don’t open the door and you’ll be fine.

  4. Ah that would be why when I saw her I wasn’t even nervous. Even when I “heard” her raspy voice, I still wasn’t scared until I felt like my foot was being ripped out of my body was when I started to panic a bit. That’s scary when you don’t know that it’s coming. She was so peaceful looking though. Her hair was pulled back and she looked almost tribal, I saw beading and large earrings. I would love to see her again because at least this time I’ll know that she was the one pulling me out of my body. I still wonder what she wanted to show/tell me. I mean obviously there must’ve been some good reason why she was trying to get me to AP. Live and learn.

  5. Lol true. I didn’t realize when stuff malfunctions that it was probably me. But I can mess with lights and whatnot normally as long as I think about it. Sometimes I can be deep in thought and I notice the lights will go funky lol

  6. if we can have one spirit elder at a time for every person then why cant we see him or her ??how she or he can be visible to you ??

    • Because my training allows me special privileges basically.
      42yrs of doing as I was told. Following every rule, studying every affect etc …when your a White Lighter (and I mean a proper White Lighter isn’t someone who thinks they’re Spiritual and wants to help people). A white lighter sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Often having to move or go at a moments notice. Faith absolute and who have permission from upper management lol
      I honestly think the reason I have the gifts and capabilities I have is because I was trained by someone sent to find me and because of our beliefs and practices it awards us special relationships with Spirit.
      I know a lot of ‘Spiritual or Gifted’ people might get offended by this but my Society is the only one I know of in the history of the world where each member is ‘prophecied’ and where we get gifts no other outside of my society have.
      We are strict and regimented because there is a law in the Universe most ppl just don’t understand. There are rules even Spirit have to live by.
      When you follow those rules it kind of lays out a specific order of things. If you get it right you power up every time.
      And I honestly truly think that because my society are the only ones I know of who get initiated. If you pass then certain things happen I can’t say in here where at the end of it your given permission to speak on behalf of the dead.
      My order predates the bible by quite a bit.
      We go back to Stone Age man.
      If you study the way they treated their dead you’ll understand how strong their connection to the Dead actually is.
      They lived by their dreams too.
      That’s one of the reasons I’m called An Ancient.
      From what I was told there are currently 7 Ancient White Lighters in the world and I’m determined to find them.
      My teacher said my society knew about me hundreds of years ago. It was prophecied. I remember when she told me I laughed so hard she rolled up a magazine and bopped me with it lol
      Tiny little Tasmanian Devil that she was. I have some gorgeous Photos of her and I together taken when she lived with me to train me. That poor woman lol I exhausted her lol I couldn’t get enough. She’d call me Young Pup lol I can hear her talking now as I remember her.
      I miss her so much. Even though we hadn’t seen each other for 15yrs. I miss her everyday.
      She got a standing ovation when she crossed over I’m told.
      She was merciless too lol she never gave me warnings she’d just throw me in at the deep end lol
      But her relationship with her Spirit Elders was incredibly personal. She had this way of just being able to be in the moment with them without it needing any preparation or warning. She was fascinating to watch.
      But she never swore. I’m a foul mouth lol
      I’m going to be interested to see who my first student will be. I was Paulines last. She said ‘No more’ after me. I think I broke her hahaha she’d sleep for hours after a session with me lol bless her. Patience of a saint lol
      But yeah……too many ppl (not saying you) but many many others would abuse the privilege of the relationship and it would be a massive distraction on them and they have such an important role to play in your life probably even more so than we do in living said life.
      People need to understand there is a strict balance in the Universe that need to be adhered to in order to keep the balance. The average person has too many distractions to stop what they’re doing and train.
      I know I’m coming to the end of my training and when I do I’ll be sent to find who was prophecied to be my student. God bless them lol My teacher said I’d be stricter than her. And she was merciless. I used to say she was Ming the Merciless too lol but now I’m older I can see that I would be strict. I don’t tolerate flippancy and laziness. It drives me nuts. Just because this is so serious this Science of the Paranormal. Yes I make it fun and have a wondetful comedic life with Spirit but I also have respect beyond measure and loyalty as well. I’ve earned my stripes so to speak. And as a reward for that I know every Spirit and Elder given to me.
      Perks of the job I’d say.
      Most ppl wrongly believe it’s their Spirit Elders or Guides they talk to but it’s not. It’s your Elders and Spirits who talk to you.
      Your Spirit Elder is something so different from your Elders and Spirits are.
      They always (in my experience) introduce themselves in a particular way that makes it no mistake who they are. And it’s never as a manifested Spirit.
      So if ppl say they interact physically with their SE then it’s not their SE it’s an Elder or Spirit. SE have rules they have to live by and one of the rules is to do with being in the physical at the same time as your charge.
      So they don’t risk it. Some of them have been reincarnated so many times. Going back and forth living, dying, living, dying. Learning learning learning. They have studied and earned the right to be an SE the last thing they want is an impatient charge undoing a few life times work.
      I can think of a few ppl who I know would immediately try to profit from their SE or abuse the privilege.
      So for everyone’s sake it’s just easiet if everyone keeps their distance.
      We (the universal we) only see/ feel when when sleeping or in peril etc…..when it matters the most.
      Because it balances everything out.
      And the Universe needs balance. Nothing is random. There’s a chain reaction affect with everything.
      But anyone willing to spend the years required to being a better Spiritual being (while living by the rules of course) will power up in their own way. What you can do will be based on what you’ve learned and earned.
      if you’ve earned the right to know your SE then you’ll see what I mean for yourself when I say they’re out of this world. The love and connection I mean. It’s other worldly. I just hope ppl don’t meet their under less than positive circumstances. ie as in because you nearly died or got depression and was suicidal etc…..
      But I can drive the car because I did the training and passed my tests. If you understand my analogy lol
      But I’m a total Spirit Nerd.
      I started my card test, passed it by the third test by getting 95-98% correct. A few times I got only 4 wrong out of 52 cards and 22 coins. But I spent 6 months mastering the card and coin test to get it perfect.
      To date of the hundreds of ppl I’ve set the card test to no one has made it past 3 weeks. Every one assumes wrong and give up or they just stop trying because life got in the way.
      If these ppl can do a simple card test until teacher says ‘Stop!!!!’ How will these people do if they’re initiated? Mine took a year. Lol Do you understand what I mean?
      It’s hard work. It’s exhausting work. You sacrifice so much just to get to the point where you can talk to your SE and Elders/Spirits. Now imagine what you’d have to go through to earn the Time Slip privilege?
      Lol 42yrs. 42yrs of learning.
      Some ppl want this privilege just because they thought it would be cool to have them do readings 24/7 for them. Without even understanding what the relationship is even for.
      Plus the dark stuff always follows the good. It’s not just about seeing your SE. You have to see the unpleasant stuff that goes along with it also.
      Because it’s all about Balance. So if you deal with your SE you’ll deal with your darkside stuff also. Which is why I say to be ‘careful what you wish for’.

      Love and Light

      • Hmm. So do you think the female elder that I saw, that was trying to pull me out of my body wasnt my main spirit elder because I was able to see her? I was by far not in any danger or depressed or suicidal or anything like that. Reading this makes me feel even more lucky and special that I got to see her and I remember it! That experience was made me come across your blog, so maybe that was it’s purpose. Or maybe it’s going to happen again and at least next time I’ll know what she looks like and who she is and I’ll let her do what she has to do and show/tell me what she needs to me know. I’m even more curious than ever!

      • I also forgot to add that I can see why they’ve waited this long to allow you to time slip. I would assume that during a time slip you could change the past of you weren’t careful. The butterfly effect. I remember you saying once before that during a time slip you swore the woman was looking directly at you. I wonder if you felt like a spirit to her or if you felt differently? Hmmm

      • That’s what I can’t figure out either Pet.
        She not only looked straight at me but she touched my hair.
        I couldn’t understand her accent as it was in the middle of the busy York St on the bridge going into the town but I’m sure she was commenting on my hair. Offering to buy it or wanting me to sell it to her.
        I was too scared to move. I just stood staring at the wall. I was to scared to move in case I stood on something and killed it or caused an effect that I paid for.
        Just like the butterfly effect.
        I want to know if I looked normal to her. In modern clothes with modern hair. Or if I looked like in her day or if I looked Ethereal or what. I’d love to know. I need to be more aware so I can find a reflective surface to see what I look like.
        It’s very discombobulating because your walking like your about to walk off a cliff because your stepping between two worlds simultaneously. With modern noise and ancient noise so you can’t rely on your hearing either because it’s trying to pick out a familiar sound to navigate by.
        But also trying to pay attention enough to make sure I don’t step onto the road or get hit by a horse and cart.
        I’ll never forget the stink of medieval York.
        It was a mix between rancid sweat, poo, urine, dirt and damp straw.
        But intensified by a factor of 11. (A little Spinal Tap humour there).
        The poo was human and animal. The woman wasn’t as dirty as I was expecting. I remember thinking how remarkably clean she looked as I’d always had images of medieval folk having dirty faces, bad teeth, greasy nit ridden hair, ragged and hole riddled clothes etc…….but she had clean hands and I remember thinking it. But she kept touching my hair. I was clinging on to my husband by that point. to brush her hand away because she was starting to hurt as she pulled on my hair. But until I can get to a mirror or something reflective when I time slip I honestly don’t know what I look like.
        Because I did wonder if it was like that show Quantum Leap. Scott Bakula played that scientist who could Quantum Leap. He always leapt into someone else.
        I could find a mirror and find myself being a Black man or an old Chinese woman or something. But I felt no different. I felt like me. It was my hands and arms to my vision any way.
        My husband said I looked normal I just appear to move really slow.
        But I promise if it happens again and I can see myself you’ll be the first to know.
        I’d love to hook myself up to machines and see what happened to my brain waves when they happened.
        But I never know when they’re gonna happen.
        I’ll get to the bottom of it one day. I always do. Spirit don’t put me through these things without a reason or explanation. If they’re teaching me I need to learn it. If I learn it I’ll figure it out. I always do.

      • I understand what you mean by trying to more aware during the episodes. It’s how I feel when the conditions are right for APing. A few months ago I woke up in the middle of the night but my eyes were closed and I kept thinking I could just roll right out right now (I was sleeping on my side). I kept thinking it like for 3 or 4 more times and then that was it back to sleep i went. It wasnt until i woke up the next morning that i realized what happened lol. My elder is probably doing the tut like you mentiined yours has done. She has tried several ways to get me consciously AP and nothings working. Anything i can do? Everything ive read says practice lucid dreaming and do checks throughout the day but i didnt really carr for that idea. And what you said about what happens to people who force lucid dreaming, i definitely only want my lucid dreams to happen on their own. With more and more experience with it you’ll be able to recognize it as soon as it’s happening I would think. Which is what I’m hoping for myself as well πŸ™‚

      • I don’t recommend anyone try to interfere with their dreams Hun because your dreams are messages and warnings from Spirit. If you interfere with the dream your losing the messages and warnings and then your not prepared for it when it happens.
        I can’t express enough to people how they need to stop forcing these things to happen to themselves. We aren’t meant to interact in our dreams. If Spirit need your attention with something they come to you directly through your sleep. But when you start to control your dreams your putting yourself at risk of not being able to protect yourself and leaving yourself open to attack from things you don’t want around you. Your never more vulnerable as you are when your asleep so I don’t recommend you do anything. People need to stop trying to have control over everything they do on a Paranormal level and just let what is to happen, happen. Spirit know more than anyone what your ready for or prepared to handle. If you run before you can crawl your going to trip up and hurt yourself.
        I honestly don’t push for anything to happen. I just go about my day and normal and let Spirit do with me what they want for me to do.
        When you start trying to control the things around you Paranormally (I know I keep using that word and it isn’t a real word but don’t you think it should be? lol) you lose it’s true value and it will lose it’s original purpose as intended and then it doesn’t mean anything of it’s intended purpose if that makes sense? Does it make sense? lol I know what I mean but it might sound mental lol
        So your wise to be dubious about what your reading. Of course when I respond to peoples comments I’m replying to everyone who is reading the reply not just the person making the comment. So to those reading this please, be sensible. Let Spirit be the one to guide you to these experiences. Please don’t try and force these things to happen because you don’t know what your dealing with. You will be leaving yourself open to things you can’t control. What I experience is when I’m having a natural sleep, where Spirit take over once I’m under. I don’t orchestrate anything. I just let things happen naturally. If you have a good relationship with Spirit and they know your a willing student of the Universe then you will be shown these things in time. As you learn more you experience more, the more you experience the more you understand, the more you understand the more you Power Up as I like to call it. Learning is knowledge, Knowledge is Wisdom, Wisdom is Power and Power is Mastery of your gift. To be the Master of your Gift is the ultimate goal for a White Lighter. It takes decades but when your able to transcend time and space and be among those higher powers in your every day life you have a privilege very few are awarded. And it all comes from observation, paying attention and having patience. So please, if you want to have a relationship with Spirit and have the best experiences with the most rewarding outcome, don’t force things to happen. Let them happen on their own. You could put yourself at risk if you rush things before your ready.
        As for you Ms Cortney, you did the right thing.
        Love and Light

      • Wait a minute…..and you also talk to invisible people that only you can see, who give advice and tell you what to do……you ARE Quantum Leap!!!!!

  7. My night terrors started when I was 10 years old, after my family moved to Florida. I was born in Michigan and up until the move I never had night terrors. I am now 35 years old and to this day still have terrors. I have never to my memory experienced sleep paralysis, mine are more the jump up screaming in fear, running through the house mad, or even sometimes laughing. I don not always remember everything form my terrors, but one thing. After every terror I always see what looks like a shadow man, not partial, but full body with no mouth and glowing white eyes. I was reading several of your conversations on here and I am very intrigued to know if I too have a spirit elder? A lot of what your saying makes sense in a way I can not begin to explain, its like bells and whistles going of in my head. I am also sensitive to the paranormal and almost every dog or cat I come across loves me, I am also an empath. For the last 2 months almost every night, I have been having terrors, and waking up drenched in sweat (this is new), but the shadow man has not appeared for any of them. My husband is also an empath and is sensitive to the paranormal. When I told him about my terrors and the shadow man he asked if he could do some sort of seal prayer in my room, I agreed and he has not been back since. This took place about 8 months ago. My husband said that my terrors since have been more out of anger than fear. I would like to know what you think?

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