How to Switch Spirit Off For A Bit

This is one of the most popular requests for information I get asked about. How to close yourself down so you don’t have to hear, or see Spirit.

It will protect you and MUST be done every day before bed.

Firstly when your having issues with Spirits in your home the thing you do is get some salt. Just normal salt that you have in your kitchen and put salt across the threshold of the front and back door. It has to be put across any door where you can enter the house so it includes any garage entrances as well. But you put the salt on the outside part of the door. Where the grey bit is. You want Mother Nature to remove the salt over time not the hoover.

The next thing you do is every night before bed (also you can do this every time your confronted with a visual or noise of Spirit and your scared). This will work every time. Close your eyes and imagine an open door. It doesn’t have to be a door, you might automatically see a draw bridge or french double doors or something. Don’t worry. Go with it. Let it be your thing if that is so.

But it needs to be fully open. As you count backwards from 10-1 you must visualize the door/bridge/window slowly closing. When you get to 1 the door should be closed shut. Tight.

That closes your Pineal Gland down so your brain can’t get a WiFi signal. It means you won’t have the Pineal Gland active like your WiFi on your phone. If it’s shut down it can’t pick up on a signal.

So do that every night before bed, before you go to sleep. Also make sure it is done after you ask Spirit and the Ancestors to protect you.

You can make up your own words. But you should always include these words somewhere along the line.

1) I only invite Spirits of pure love and light into my life and my home

2) The Dark have no power over me and my family.

3) Bless my house, myself, the people in my home and the people who come into my home with the purest of white light.

The thing you must always remember is The Dark Side or Tricksters, are only interested in those they see as being weak. If your a good person and your not doing anything wrong then you have nothing to worry about. They don’ bother themselves with people who aren’t doing anything they need to concern themselves with. And they CAN NOT!!! and I repeat CAN NOT!!! come into your life and affect it unless you invite it in so don’t do anything that invites trouble.

Protection at all times. Is KEY and always remember if you don’t know what your doing, don’t do it.

Education is important. Get to know what your dealing with.

Spirit don’t want to hurt you. They can help you change your life. You have total control over what you see and hear. But remember who your dealing with. So please respect them. Don’t get aggressive. There is no need to be.

Do these things and you’ll never be afraid again. And now instead of typing all of this out a trillion times a week I can just refer them to this post lol

(not that I had a problem with it. I’ll do what ever I’ve gotta do for the people who need it)
If it doesn’t work it’s because you believe it isn’t working so change your ind set and you’ll be fine.

I surround you all with pure love and light.

Love Spiritchild




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72 thoughts on “How to Switch Spirit Off For A Bit

    • You do the opposite but I suggest you only do it if your prepared for what’s going to happen. I take no responsibility for anyone who opens themselves up and then gets hounded by Spirit or worse. Use common sense. If Spirit wanted you to be opened they will open you themselves. Just be very careful okay?

    • Just because closing the door helps shut out Spirit, don’t think that reversing the process is an easy way to connect more to Spirit. There is no quick path to connecting with Spirit. If they want to connect–AND you are READY–the connection will be made. There are no short cuts.

      Heed Debbie’s advice and be careful.

  1. Do recommend everyone to do this or those that just want to close themselves down? Every night I do the protection before I go to bed. I ask my guides and guardians to protect me my daughter my dog and my cat and to not allow anything that doesn’t walk in the light to enter my house. I always feel my whole body tingling while I’m doing this and I’ve actually started sleeping better since you told me to start doing this quite a few months back. Should I be closing myself with the door exercise and using the salt or is what I’m doing enough?

    • That is an excellent question. I don’t think everyone should do this. This should only be used for those who are afraid of what they are experiencing and anything they aren’t ready for. It protects those who are afraid or feel hounded by Spirit. Or for those who did something to warrant attention from Tricksters or the Darkside. Everyone else I think if they aren’t afraid and can handle what they experience I say let Spirit be your guide.

      • OK that’s what I thought. I’ve been going with the flow that’s what had always felt right to me. On a different note, my 2 year old got really upset tonight. It killed me to see her so sad. She was going to bed and she put her hands on my face and said if I put my hands like this you can look at everyone. And I said who is everyone? (I knew she meant the spirits but I figured I asked because my dog was in the room too). She said the people right there and I said G I can’t see them and she got so upset and said why can’t you see them? I said because they don’t want me to see them yet honey. Only you Choppy (dog) and Turbie (cat) can see them. And she was just so sad about it. Nothing hurts me more then seeing her so sad. I know it’s not my fault but I felt like I disappointed her or something. She knows I know they are there because we talk about them all the time and I engage her and ask questions. Anyway just thought id post about it. I thought maybe it would make me feel better lol

        Also not sure if you’ve heard but its been all over the news that Isis is planning on attacking on u.s. soil this weekend . from everything I’ve read about the cleansing and Isis I’m wondering if that’s going to be the governments new excuse to put military instead of using the simulation excuse that was posted on those unclassified documents. Just a thought. Hope everyone stays safe… Love and positive thoughts to everyone <3

      • Listen to me Sweetheart. You sit your daughter down and tell her this. This is what I told my son when he started seeing Spirits and was trying to understand it all. He was 2 and now if you ask him he will tell you the same thing. So you tell her this and be excited and happy when you say it like she has just done something your proud of and your excited about it. Your energy when you say this is REALLY important because our kids learn how to react to it by the way we react to them. So never be afraid and never be worried. Be upbeat and positive at all times.
        The reason you can see Spirits that Mummy can’t (for my boy Root I said others not Mummy) is because you were born with a special light that shines from your whole body like a beautiful rainbow. This special light means your like a lighthouse for Spirits who are passing by. You have a special gift that means you can see people who have gone to heaven. This gift is so special because when people die, their family gets sad and you can tell these people not to be sad anymore because their loved ones are right here. Your light also means you can help people because some times a Spirit can’t cross over until they get help and when you get older Mummy and Debbie can show you how to help the Spirits. You have nothing to be afraid of. Your just a special little girl who was given an extra special gift from God that makes you a bit more special than other children. And even though Mummy can’t see them, some times I will and I always know when they are around you. And who cool is it that Choppy and Turbie can see them too? You and Choppy and Turbie all have the same special rainbow and your such a lucky girl. Mummy is so proud that you were given this light and I promise to always help you with it and to never let you be afraid of it okay because Mummy is going to teach you how to use your gift and while your teaching Mummy how you use your gift Mummy will start to see and feel them too. Maybe not in the way you do but I will sometimes.
        But we will do this together. Me, you Choppy and Turbie and if you ever are afraid or you don’t know what the Spirits want you and I will go to Debbie my friend across the water and she will help us. Debbie and her sons see them just like you so your not alone.
        I forgot how old your daughter was but you will know how to talk to her in the language she understands. You might have different words for Spirit and stuff so use the language that she understands, use the words than make her understand and every time she has these experiences remind her it’s because of her Rainbow of light. By the time she is 5-6 she will be like my eldest Robot and it won’t be nothing but a thing by that point. He’s so used to it now it’s second nature. My 5yr old is just coming to terms with the whole life and death thing now but he’s asking about reincarnation at the moment.
        As for Isis, I don’t know about this weekend, but I agree the Gov are planning something. I have this funny feeling it’s going to happen when the Pope is in the US in September. But your right in that they are doing this so they can have marshal law, to protect the people and get control over what people do. It’s not going to work however. I have never seen a US soldier in ANY of my visions shooting a American civilian. I saw the Soldiers getting down from tanks and jeeps that were facing tens of thousands of American citizens, black, white, hispanic, men, women, old, young, babies, police, family members, gay, drag, soldiers, babies, disabled, the lot. All in the streets facing the US Army and winning.
        The thing you have to remember is this. If they cover their faces, they are Paid Mercenaries. When they are hardcore ready to die for their cause they don’t care who see’s their face. Isis boots are standard issue US Military Boots, and they cover their faces so they aren’t recognized as being white, british or your brother lol
        They are gearing up for something and they have no idea this next big thing is going to destroy every single one of them. There will be no WW3. We will have peace. And these people will either be dead, in prison or hunted down like dogs.
        My advice is stock up on what you can and keep as far away from crowds as possible. And make sure to stock up on pet food as well. Your animals need to be fed as well. Just grab a couple of things with every shop. And don’t forget things like water and first aid kits etc……I know that the worst of it is going to last for about 3 weeks. The streets on fire, the rage and anger of the people will last about 3 weeks 4 at the most but the getting things back to normal (the new normal) will take about 3 months so you might be without fresh supplies of food or have no electricity for that long. If I’m wrong though, we are going to donate all our food to the food bank.
        I just recently found out my phones are tapped. I put a device on my phone that told me every time they listened in. I don’t know who is listening or why but my guess is they either want to know what I know or they want to know what they think I’m up to. I don’t know if they think I’m a threat or just crazy but I do want to add though that I am of healthy mind and body and love life and my family and should anything happen to me it was NOT suicide nor an accident.
        I’m just a woman who wants to help people not be afraid of Spirits. I want people to be happy and fulfilled within themselves but as we know from history anyone who preaches Love and Peace end up assassinated. I’m just praying for the cleansing so I can stop worrying about what I say. I mean no one any harm and yet they are following me like I’m a filthy terrorist. It might be about my time slips though. I mean, if everyone had the ability to slip in and out of time I can imagine they would be very powerful people. I’d love for a University to help me understand what is happening to me when it happens. But for now I’m just laying low. I just want this all over now because it’s not a nice feeling knowing your being watched and listened to.
        But back to the Isis thing. Always have a plan. If you have to head North because you feel unsafe don’t shut that voice down. Listen to it. The large cities are the ones that I saw in flames. NY, Washington DC was a mess, Miami, LA, etc….the further north you go the safer you’ll be from the riots and stuff. Keep your head down and don’t get involved. There is going to be those who use the riots as an excuse to loot and rape and stuff so safety first. These people WILL be held accountable though so don’t worry. The fires and building damage is because of the sheer amount of rage that people have when they find out the truth about what’s been going on. These people involved in the tyranny are going to experience real life Armageddon. I still have visions of some of these people, and what happens to them during the Cleansings peak. Every time I watch the news I see something else so I’ve had to stop watching the news. You could lie them all up and I could tell them all their fate. The 1% is about to become the 0% and all their money they have spent decades gathering will be given back to the people. Which they will hate more than death. Mind you, I know what’s waiting for them on the other side too so……………Thank God I’m not an elite is all I can say.

      • I just noticed you said she was two lol same age as Robot when I first talked to him. Two seems to be around the age they notice they can see things you can’t.

      • Thank you for your response. 🙂 I didn’t get that she was scared that she could see them and I couldn’t, I just think she was sad that we both couldn’t see them together. But I have noticed sometimes at night (like last night) that when I popped into her room I saw like a white fog that disappeared within a second or two. I have seen that fog quite a few times (not in my house but somewhere else) so I pretty familiar with seeing it. any regular person would’ve thought the dark was playing tricks on them but I know better haha sometimes when we’re in her room if I just sit in her room I can see the difference in the energy of where they are versus near her bed on the opposite side of the room. Lol is that crazy to say? As far as keeping food stocked for my pets, turbo has food stocked but with chopper I’m not sure what to do Because I just found out recently that he has a bleeding spleenic tumor which is causing him to fall over if he overexerts himself because of his low blood pressure. The veterinarian recommended euthanasia but I told her I didn’t think it was right at this time because he still acts happy. I know that once pets cross over (as with any spirit) they are happier but I’m not sure what to do. I don’t want to keep him alive and have him die during the cleansing and have him in my house and not able to do anything with his body. But then I don’t want to put him down too early. I don’t know I’m at a loss for words. I’m going to miss him like hell, he’s my best friend

      • Baby, you need to send Chopper over. Can you imagine how much pain he will be in? Unless you can get hold of some cannabis oil to get rid of the tumor completely but it might be too late.
        He’s happy because he loves you and a Dog will stay alive without limbs and bleeding out of every hole because they are that loyal. They will suffer to make you happy but your holding on to him for the wrong reasons my Love. You can’t have him suffering any more. Can you imagine how distressing it would be if you had to flee and he was too ill to move and you had to leave him there alone suffering without love?
        I know it’s hard. I’ve been in your position but if the Vet is saying there is no hope then you have to do the right thing. You can’t keep him going like this, it’s cruel on Chopper. Please please I’m begging you, do the right thing. I know your going through a really painful experience right now because your having to let go of one of your children but he is better off free from pain. You have to stand him down as guardian and best friend so he can pass over without obligation to you. I know as a parent you want to do everything you can for your loved ones but sometimes letting go is the best and only thing to do. And remember, Chopper WILL let you know he’s around and by keeping is memory alive you keep him with you always.
        As for what I said about your daughter. I didn’t mean to tell her because she is scared, It’s to help her understand why she can see Spirits when others can’t.
        My friend, you need to let go. We are ALL gonna be here for you when it’s done. I suggest you give Chopper one last day. Give him his favourite foods, let him play with his favourite toys, sleep on the bed, everything.. Love on him and make him king for a day. My friend did that with her Luna and it actually helped them cope with putting her down the next day.
        You know better than most who are grieving that death isn’t the end.
        Only you can make this decision but remember, Chopper will keep himself alive because you want him to be alive and will not put his pain or suffering into the equation. He will hang on for as long as you want him to. You have to tell him it’s okay to let go Court. I know you love him, and he loves you but you don’t love him so much you want him to suffer. You love him so much you want him at peace and free from pain.
        If the vet absolutely promises there is nothing he can do then you have to cross him over. You can take his paw and walk him to the other side as a family if you want or just you and him. And you can cry as hard as you have to. He’s your Boy. It’s gonna hurt. I’ve never gotten over having to do it with my Kareem 14yrs ago. We are wanting a dog. My hubby finally said yes and having watched two of my best friends have to put their dogs down I panicked and thought I couldn’t go through with loving a dog then having to put it down because it got ill like my besties did. Dogs become part of the family in a different way to cats. Even though the cat I have now is one of the loves of my life a dog relies on your more, like a child. So in effect its like your losing a child. I couldn’t bring myself to feel that pain. But then I thought ‘But I do want to feel that love a dog seems to give a person. So who am I to stop loving something for fear of losing it. Love is wonderful. Love is worth losing it for. Because when you have it, and you never don’t have love with a dog it is the best emotion a soul can experience. So I’m getting my dog and I will love it for as long as I’m allowed to. I can’t not love something for fear of losing it because if I did that I would never have married my husband or had my boys. Ours is not to question Why we love, ours is to just accept it and know it and feel it. I can’t wait to get my dog now and when the time comes (I mean….I could die before the dog in all reality lol) then I will walk my dog to the arms of my parents and grieve and be grateful I knew my dogs love in the first place.
        I’m here for you.
        Love and Light to Chopper.

      • Yes it’s killing me to do but I’ll be taking him to the bet Friday afternoon. I already set the appointment. My heart actually hurts thinking about it. He is one of my soulmates and losing him is going to really really hurt. I’d rather go through the pain of labor again. But I’ve known for a day or so before you told me this morning that I need to let him go. I knew i was going to have to do it sooner rather than later. When I looked at him, for the first time I saw and felt the sadness that he was feeling. I love him way too much to continue that much longer. He saved me almost 10 years ago, the best I can do to repay him is to let him go. thank you for all the love and support <3

      • Oh my Darling Cortney listen to me. Looking at that photo you sent of him you can see his pain but he radiates love for whoever it is who took the photo. He’s ready. I knew it. But he worries about you. He’s afraid of leaving you because he knows your gonna hurt. This is the worst pain a parent can go through and no one is ever going to tell you to not be hurt. It’s gonna hurt like hell. Your first few days will be hell. But time heals all wounds and for every day your apart it brings you closer together. One day you will be reunited with him. And his Spirit will live on. I know when it comes time for my cat Ghibli to go (he’s 9 in Dec) it will kill me. It’s something you never get over. It just gets easier to cope with.
        You have given each other the best years of your lives. He’s never gonna be forgotten. But your right about his sadness. He’s not sad to die he wants to sleep. But he’s sad for you. He’s half way between Spirit and here but he’s hesitant to leave because he knows it’s gonna hurt you. So on his last two days give him love give him steak and all the things you know he loves. Let him sleep with you. I’m personally always praying they will pass in their sleep before the injection comes because I know how traumatic it is.
        Take your time to grieve Baby. Don’t force a recovery for the sake of your daughter. It’s good for kids to see life and death. But just always remember this. Our loved ones are never more than a thought away. Think of them often and it’s like they’ve never left your side. I have it on good and first hand authority that when a living loved one remembers then it gives the deceased a tingling warm feeling like an alarm that sparkles and tingles. In that second your connected to each other and they’re right there with you in thought.
        So it’s not good bye just see you later. Plus he looks like the sort of Chap who will be by your side within hours of death any way. You’ll be contacting me soon saying you heard him or felt him.
        I’m here for you. I wish I could give you a cuddle Cortney. I really do. We all support and stand by you and we are here waiting to hug you whenever you need us. Don’t ever forget that.
        Tell Baby Chopper is going on holiday to heaven and she will see him when he’s all better. If she asks questions.
        My heart is with you.

      • I swear I just said last night that I bet I’ll feel him jump on my bed in the middle of the night.

        My daughter, Giuliana, knows what “died” means without having me to tell her. The other night we were talking about the spirits in her room and I asked of they were happy and she said no they’re sad and I asked her why and she said because they died. So I told her that tomorrow we are taking him to the doctors and he is going to sleep and become a spirit and he won’t be a doggie anymore and she goes awww. So I think (hope) she has an idea of what’s going on. She made her connection that spirits are people that are dead without me having to tell her that.

        Now as for Chopper, I looked him in the eyes tonight (balling my eyes out of course) and told him “I love you Choppy, you’re my best friend and you don’t have to worry about me, I’ll be ok. You don’t have to wait for tomorrow, you can go tonight if you want. I’ll be fine and I love you so much.” And all he did was stare into my eyes and just stared back at me. I just know he understood me, he always has. I couldn’t even spell the word OUT without him going crazy because he knew he was going outside. It’s as if I could always read his thoughts and he could always read mine. I know we will always be linked and that cord between us will never be severed.

      • That’s the most beautiful message I’ve ever read on my blog.
        Can I ask….if the Spirits are sad should we be maybe crossing them over? They might be people in the neighbourhood or community that were attracted to her light when they passed.
        Next time ask her if the Spirits need help to cross over.
        She’s an incredibly astute and observant little blossom that girl of yours.
        It’s rare for a two yr old to know that much. She reminds me of me lol keep it up and she’ll be the best with her gift more than anyone could imagine.

      • I will ask. But I thought we came to the conclusion that they were resident spirits. So I was a little shocked when she said they were sad. When you said your house was littered with spirits in a different post, I also felt the same way. There’s more than just “the guy” that’s here. I’ve felt 2 different and new energies here. One male and one female. I did get her a night light too because she started to get a little uneasy going to bed at night even though I told her that spirits can’t hurt you and if they are bothering you while you are trying to go to sleep you can tell them not to. She’s been going to bed on her own but she all of a sudden within the last month out 2 started being uneasy about the dark.

      • Well resident Spirits aren’t sad though that’s the thing. They stay because they loved the place so much in life they choose to visit it in death. Spirits who can’t cross over tend to be the sad ones. The thing is if you did a Releasing any Resident Spirit or Elder would stay. It’s only those who WANT to cross over who will cross over. All your doing is inviting them to cross if they want to. It doesn’t force any Spirits over. It’s not a Banishing. It’s an invitation to cross over. So only those stuck or trapped would cross. If they’re sad because they’re dead it would suggest they didn’t have time to prepare for death and or say goodbye to loved ones. Anyone who died of illness or at least died surrounded by loved ones tend not to haunt so to speak. They cross over free from fear.
        Ask her if they would like to cross over so they can see their families. If she says yes then we will crosd them over. Don’t worry. I will be with you every step of the way.

      • OK yeah that’s what I too. But like you said “the guy” is definitely still here which is my resident spirit but the others may be from the neighborhood that were attracted by G to come here and they’re like hmmm a child and a sensitive. Which could be why I’ve been hearing whispering at night. The guy I don’t think wants my help. He’s perfectly fine being here. I guess we shall see. I’m not looking to banish or anything, I would never do anything that to something good. If it was naughty I wouldn’t known the second I came into the room.

      • ok, this post kind of hit me a bit stronger than I expected. My sister just recently had to put her dog down due to a brain tumor. And they did the same thing. Gave him one last weekend. Took him to the park. I saw a picture of the weekend, and he just looked so happy. 🙂

        It’s hitting me a lot harder now then it did when it happened. lol

      • Oh no J Dub I’m so sorry to hear that. There’s been so many dogs now. I’m sure it’s those damn vaccinations. Oh your poor sister. Thankfully now her dog is in a better place. When the time is right she’ll feel hear or see her dog then she’ll know he’s okay. I think it’s a beautiful idea to give them one last Horrah. I’d be a mess. I was when Luna was dying. Oh my God….it was horrible. I’d never met her yet I cried like a baby. The love is worth it though. Don’t you think?
        My love is with you, your sister and her family my love.
        I love you so much. I’ve only ever felt this sadness in you once before and that’s when Adam died.

      • I wish I could do that J dub but after I decided this morning that Im going to put him down on Friday, I took him outside and he fell over Just from peeing and he did the same thing after work tonight so a trip to the park could actually kill him if his blood pressure drops too low. I’m getting nervous because I don’t want him to go alone. I want my daughter and I to be there with him.

        I wish I could do that J dub but after I decided this morning that Im going to put him down on Friday, I took him outside and he fell over Just from peeing and he did the same thing after work tonight so a trip to the park could actually kill him if his blood pressure drops too low. I’m getting nervous because I don’t want him to go alone. I want my daughter and I to be there with him.

        I wish I could do that J dub but after I decided this morning that Im going to put him down on Friday, I took him outside and he fell over Just from peeing and he did the same thing after work tonight so a trip to the park could actually kill him if his blood pressure drops too low. I’m getting nervous because I don’t want him to go alone. I want my daughter and I to be there with him.

      • That’s a good idea Bub. Be there. Hold him as he goes to sleep. Hold him tight and tell him it’s ok to go.
        Please please know we are with you Cortney and I’m desperately wanting to hold you so tight. I wish I could just blink and be where I want to be. Every day I’d be hugging a different person.
        I feel so badly for my Babies. My Babies are what I call anyone who comes to me for advice or love lol your mine now Cort lol
        And I’m here for you. Just keep reminding yourself it’s not good bye just see you later. Your a good girl. Your doing a beautiful thing. Your love for Chopper is going to set him free. For that you deserve my respect.
        Your in good hands here Bub.

      • Aww thank you I’m really honored you feel that way. You’re an amazing person and you’re so selfless. Im so happy that I’ve come across your blog and that I have someone I trust that can give me advice. I’ve never had that. I’ve always researched and had to figure out what was correct information and what was crap based on my gut feelings. Thank you for being here for me, both of you 🙂

        Also, I swear I’m going crazy the last 2 nights. As soon as I turn off the TV , I lay down and within a few minutes I swear I briefly heard whispering lol maybe I should talk into the darkness tonight 😁

      • J Dub is my bestest friend in the whole world. We’ve been friends since 1632 lol trust me when I say you can trust him more than anyone. He’s a rare breed of man. He says what he does and does what he says lol and we are here for you. Xox

      • He’s my 2nd husband lol my husband Mr says J Dub (or Dr Who as I call him in here ) does all the listening he as my first husband can’t be arsed to do lol Poor J Dub has had his ear talked off for over 15yrs lol and still he comes back for more lol I love him so much. He’s like…..the best girl friend a girl could ask for. He knows everything about me and my gift coz as soon as anything bizarre happens he’s the first to know about it usually at the same time as my Number 1 hubby lol
        I’m so so blessed. Would LOVE to see him find love. Any woman would be so blessed to love him.

      • I can only hope to have someone so understanding of my gifts. Well I do now, G will understand because she’s like me but her father well let’s just say he’s not a nice person and he always freaked out when I talked about stuff. Lol he calls me crazy but I definitely know I’m not. You are truly blessed and one day I know I’ll have the same type of love and unconditional understanding.

      • Well he had been with them a long time, so he got to live to a fairly old age. I think it was harder on her husband though. When the time came, I hear it was very peaceful, and he laid his head on my sisters lap until it was over.

        I’m okay, really. But you were talking about having one last day, and I remembered, and it just hit, whammo! So you caught me in a moment.

        Adam was a much more difficult time.

      • I’ve been sobbing over these poor souls. It hurts so bad. Cortney sent me a photo of Chopper and he’s such a beautiful Angel. He looks like Luna. The dog I did the fund raising for.

      • Ohhh no! I’m sorry you’re crying. That was not on my to do list today. I just keeping reminding myself that he’s going to be in bliss. Maybe I’ll see him again in my lifetime, if not i know that chooch will be there to walk me over when it’s my turn.

      • Oh don’t worry about me Babe I always cry lol that’s the life of an Empath lol and your right. Your animals do come to greet you on the other side. It’s seconds for them too on the other side. So they dont wait as long to be with us as we do to be with them.

      • I’ve had paranormal experiences, a few visions and all knowing at times. My kids too. A house we lived in had some bad energy. A neighbor later told me everyone who lived there, including myself, became or was disabled. I started having chronic pain a year after moving in. I knew the house felt off, expecially in the attic, but I ignored it. Something shifted years later and we started seeing spirit after spirit. A lot of them evil and some good; 7ft black cloaked, old hag, short disfigured thing, long hair over her face girl and etc. There was a good man who watched over us. After going through this, I have this fear of not fully knowing if something is pretending to be good. Is there any way I can test the spirit to ensure it is what I am feeling it is? My 17yr old still sleeps with his blanket over his head. He’s terrified of what he will see again. He’s seen the girl with the long hair in our home now and so has his brother in his home and my other son’s girlfriend. There is so much going on.

      • Hi Beth it sounds like your house and property needs a serious cleanse.
        Blocked energy and such can cause stuff like this as well as cursed land etc…so I’d look into the history of the land and home and see what you find. Could of been a battle ground or murder site or anything.
        So look into it. There is a Post on here called how to do a cleansing on your self, home or office.
        It tells you there what to do.
        Any questions you know where I am.
        Love and Light

    • It looks like I’ve been wrangled back into the conversation again. lol You guys have been going back and forth so much,it’s hard to keep up. That and the comments section on this doesn’t exactly lend itself to prolonged discussions. Seems like it only let’s you reply directly to the first couple comments in a thread, then everything gets a bit jumbled and out of order.

      There has been a long running debate as to how long we’ve know each other. She says 1632, I say 1745. lol And she thinks she’s talking my ear off, but there’s always a flutter of excitement when I get an email from her. I’ve saved 99% of every email ever sent. And you recall some fascinating things from them sometimes when you go back through them.

      And I have a big shoulder for anyone who needs it. Occasionally to my own detriment. lol And probably a sliver of empathy to offer up as well.

      • Lol you get sucked in again! But I’m the same way. I’m always there for people, I was lucky enough today to have someone there with me when I put Chopper down today. I never have that, I always do everything on my own. I’m really grateful for it

      • Your photos tore me up girl. My eyes are puffy. I can’t believe you let me in on such a personal moment. I’m truly honored and don’t know what I could ever have done to deserve sharing ones such intimate moment as walking ones love over to the other side but you dear lady have won my heart for life and I can honestly say in my 30 odd years of reading people your without a doubt going down in history as my greatest memory. I’ll never forget this as long as I breath and many will know this story and remember Choppy. His little bell will be tingling and ringing every 30 seconds and I have to say I love you Cortney. I really really love you and I’m gonna met you one day. J Dub and I will have to come and find you.
        No one has trusted me with such purity and honesty. Those photos are capturing two souls last moments together on earth and you sharing them with me has left an indelible mark on my soul.
        Thank you Cortney……….i wish I could hug you. Xoxo oh and you’ll always be wanted here xox

      • You’re welcome!!! You’ve done alot for me since I started following your blog. You’ve given me advice, you told me that my daughter is special because she gets it from me, you’ve told me that the gifts are real and I’m not imagining the things I see hear and feel, and you gave me a free question (I was question #15) which gave me hope for me and g’s future beyond the cleansing and it made me cry knowing that me daughter and I will have someone love us so much. He’s going to be a traveler and I want to go to europe . so if you come to the u.s before I go to the u.k. then let me know 😁 I’m so happy to give you gift after all you’ve given me in the last 9 months ❤❤❤❤

      • Oh Shucks lol Your going to make me blush lol Thank you but unfortunately I can’t take the credit for any of what I do. It’s not me who makes the call or me who answers it. I am simply the means with which the call can be made. I cant take credit for anything that comes out of my mouth lol That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. And don’t worry. If I ever get to land on American soil again (I’ve had stop overs at LAX) the whole world will know because it’s my favourite country on the planet. I’ve had a fascination with the country my entire life. My favourite book in the entire world is The Concise History of the Republic of The United States of America. Which is like a 6000 page book lol I want to every inch of it. I want to see Canada too. I just feel like I belong there. It’s my kind of country. So if I’m going to go there (and I have faith I will) you’ll know it.
        Love and Light to you and your beautiful daughter.
        P.S How awesome is my J Dub? You can see why he’s my best friend aye?
        I adore him so much. He’s my favourite man next to my husband in the entire world.

      • Lol well you have to take at least a little credit. You don’t have to help people. I know you’re going disagree with me because how can you refuse to help people? If you didn’t help them, spirit would bother the hell out of you if you didn’t lol! I know I did a little reading of sorts for my sister. She had a question about her cats that got lost and I forgot exactly what I said and she took what I said and did her own interpretation of it, on who she thought it was about. And when she said it, I felt like she was wrong but I didn’t say anything right away. I just thought about what she said and it was almost like I was getting pushed to blurt out what was on my mind. I can’t really explain it. As soon as I said it’s not your cats, it’s a closer family member that you have to look after and protect. I felt so relieved lol. And I can’t imagine what you feel like if you didn’t do what spirit needed you to do right away.

        Yes J Dub is pretty awesome! He’s been really helpful to people on the forum too!

        And 6,000 pages IS WHAT I CALL A BOOK!! lol It’s funny that you say America is your favorite country when I see pictures of other countries and I just think about how beautiful they are lol

      • You’re barking up the wrong tree, cortney. I’ve already danced this dance with Debbie long ago. You really can’t force her to accept the least bit of credit. I’ve tried. 🙂 But, yes, Spirit would bug the heck out of her if she ignored it….or, maybe toss her down a flight of stairs. 😉

        And thanks for the nice compliments you two. I’m just doing the best I can, when I often feel I’m out of my depth here. Sometimes I just say what I feel is right, and hope I’m not totally off base. Sometimes I avoid commenting altogether, then swing back around and suddenly have a few thoughts to express. Spirit works in interesting ways, and they’ve always been extremely subtle with me…accept when they’re right in my face with a blazing neon sign that someone escapes my notice for several….years? lol I guess I’ve been well trained, without even realizing it.

        It’s the exact same thing with your sister story. You didn’t want to say anything, then suddenly couldn’t help the urge to blurt it out. It’s like all the pieces of the puzzle are there, but you don’t put them together right away. Then you have a head smacking moment where it’s like “duh, it just like the picture on the box, boy do I feel like an idiot!” lol

      • Lol J dub when I read this earlier in the day I was on my break at work and when you said spirit would toss her down the stairs if she didn’t I exploded into laughter and like 10 people stared at me like I was crazy lol but I swear spirit has a sense of humor, mine definitely does. I get signs in the funniest ways and it’s always when I least expect it.

      • Wow it must’ve been pretty bad! What sign are you? Are you a Scorpio like my daughter? Haha I’ve had the sensation a few times of being burned to get my attention but whatever the reason it had be something serious that you were ignoring. That would definitely get my attention!

      • Oh Spirit would of been trying to get you to blurt out that she was wrong lol
        They do it to me 100 times a day. It makes people look at me like I’ve just either shot their dog or ripped off a mask to reveal I have 4 heads or something. It’s embarrassing for me and it makes people think I’m a lot meaner than I really am. But Spirit only speak the truth and some times the truth hurts but its always better to be hurt by the truth than devastated by a lie. So I say to them later on, ‘Please know I am so desperately sorry for what I said but I have to tell you what Spirit say other wise I’m not doing my job properly and you deserve to know the truth always’.
        Then I tell them what Spirit meant by it and then they understand it and appreciate it but some people in fact a LOT of people take my words the wrong way and think I’m being harsh or aggressive because they read my tone wrong in an email or text because they don’t realize its not me talking, it’s Spirit. It’s why now when I talk to anyone I say ‘Please be aware when it comes to Spirit it’s never me talking so don’t hold anything against me I’m just the messenger. A lot of people have not come back after getting their readings because they don’t like I told them the truth and not what they wanted to hear but you have to be honest in this job. You must always be honest when your representing Spirit otherwise they do just like make you blurt things out lol
        It’s also why after a reading i give my clients time to come back and ask questions about the reading because I don’t want them walking away confused, or getting the messages mixed up or misinterpreted. Oh and Sweetheart….New Zealand is my favourite country in the world lol America is just the number country I’ve always wanted to see with Canada tied in close Second. I LOVE everything about American culture. I think fundamentally it has the closest culture that suits best what I’m looking for in life. But I’m talking about the normal every day America not the governments ideal America but the real America and it’s beautiful people.
        I think I’d be quite happy living there, especially post cleansing.
        Love always

      • Lol I swear my guide has a sense of humor. Just the way I get signs and answers come in the most randomness of ways. When I figure out something I’ll say oh you really wanted me to get my answer right in midsentence days later when I’m having a conversation with a customer at work? And then I get the clairsentient “chills” (I call them) to verify that I was right.

        I remember a few months ago debbie you put in one of your blogs that if you’re wrong about the cleansing your donating your items. I wouldnt say you were exactly doubting yourself or anything but i decided to ask my guide while I was driving to the store about the cleansing and if it’s really coming. 30 seconds later I pull into the store parking lot driving through it, I pick one of the aisles to turn down and sure enough there’s a van that says so and so’s “Cleaning service”my mouth dropped and I was thinking wow! If that’s not a sign then idk what is lol

      • Of course they have a sense of humor. Imagine being a being of pure light and love with the universe right at your fingertips. Now imagine you’ve been given a precious little creature to watch over that is so young and naive it’s tripping all over itself most of the time. Wouldn’t you have a bit of fun with it? In the good way of course. The way you might lovingly tease a child still trying to understand the world around them. 🙂

        Do you have a healthy sense of humor as well? Because I believe we are going to be a small (or big) reflection of our Spirit Elders as well. Yours may be doing this to you, because they think you’ll get a kick out of it.

        Cleaning service van? Total riot. lol

        My Elder’s probably a whole lot worse. But I often miss when he’s talking straight at my face. lol Maybe I need more cleaning vans. 😀

      • Lol that’s so funny that you said our guides might just reflect our personality. I was thinking about putting that in my post. I do have a goofy silly side which is a large part of my personality. Even at my daughter’s preschool, they saw how I play with her and they said now we know why she’s goofy and silly because that’s how you play with her lol I’m a dork 😂😂 but yeah sometimes I get an answer or solution to a problem right in midsentence of a conversation and everyone just looks at me because I stop talking for a second. It’s like really spirit? You couldn’t wait 10 seconds for me to finish what I was saying so I don’t look like a freak who’s having this inner monologue haha oh well. Spirit is really subtle with me because I always notice everything. I’m the type of person who will remember who was there when something happened so etudes I’ll even remember what that person was wearing etc yeah I’m a little crazy

      • Well, what do you expect? Our Elders watch over us our entire live. Talk to us. Interact with us. Whether we notice it or not. Is it so surprising to realize that being around someone 24/7 your ENTIRE life is probably going to color your personality a bit in their image? And it’s not like they drew your name out of a hat either. You were matched up for a reason. 🙂

        As for interrupting you mid-sentence. That’s just the way it is, I’m afraid. If Spirit wants to tell you something, by gum they’re gonna do it. They probably don’t even realize they’re interrupting. They don’t even understand that you’ll be done “in 10 seconds.” lol Has your daughter ever been playing by herself, but you need to get her attention or get her to do something? Are you certain she wasn’t busy at that moment, and if you had waited for 10 seconds, it would have been more convenient? Or was what you had to say important enough–in your mind–that you saw fit not to wait and see if there was a more appropriate moment to interject?

        I think I just blew my own mind a little bit with that one. lol

        It’s terrific that you have a great memory. It’s a gift. Cherish it. My memory is all kinds of shot these days. And yet I’ve always, and occasionally still do, pull off the most non-sequitur and obscure feats of memory of events that happened eons ago, or were far too minor to be worth remembering. lol

      • Lol I laughed while reading your whole response! It’s so true. I mean I’m not mad that they chose that exact second for me to realize something and I really could care less if I look like a loony to the other people. I just tell them that I just thought of something or some other excuse. You know play it off and I know spirit has no concept of time so it’s not like they will just sit there and wait to tell me something when I’m done talking. Maybe at the exact moment is I deep in thought so I was just at the right frequency to catch it or something to that effect.

        My new thing the last few weeks before bed is as soon as I turn off the TV at night I feel a slight energy shift change in the room as if someone has walked in. It feels similar to the presence that I’ve felt during sleep paralysis so I bet it’s my elder. But it’s interesting because I never noticed it before and I know she’s there while I sleep. Heightened awareness 🙂 I don’t know, I just thought I’d share. 🙂

      • Oh I’m usually pretty chatty on message boards and the like. Sometimes TOO chatty. lol But it can be hard to keep up with these comment threads in this format. It’s most definitely a blog interface, not a message board.

        That’s wonderful that you had someone there with you on such a difficult day. Must be a very special person. But it’s good that you’ve been able to do things on your own as well. Because when you DO have someone there for you, when you DO need someone, you also know you’re not going to get dependent on them, because you know you can do it on your own as well. Being there for someone but not NEEDING to be is the foundation of a strong and lasting relationship.

      • Lol yes following the comments do tend to get confusing. And once I find someone I know I’ll appreciate them so much because I’ve never really had that. 🙂 that’s why I am the way I am because I appreciate everything I have and I don’t focus on what I don’t have

      • I should set up a forum hey J Dub? Can i do it attached to this WordPress or do I have to go somewhere else? I’ve been wanting to do it for ages but get side tracked but I think this Blog should have a fotum.

      • I remember the day I met you. You were a teenager and we met in that forum. You defended me against that angry medium and we ran away and started our own forum and you’ve been by my side ever since. My boys God Father and every thing. Lol It’s real love.

  2. Dear Ma’am, I just wanted to ask you a few things if it’s alright with you. Because, luckily I found this blog and hopefully you might be able to answer some of my worries and concerns. But before that, I will let you know in advance that if my questions need payment then thank you maam you can just ignore my post because I have no allowance for these kind of things. I am still a student on low budget and having weird experiences. Ma’am, I am 20 years of age and a Filipino citizen. Half Chinese, half Filipino to be exact so please excuse me if I am being rude in ay manner or some of my beliefs differ from yours but please, it would help me a lot if this was answered. And yeah, I am Christian.

    So my basically, this is what id like to ask. I don’t know if I have the a gift or anything but well, like you said ma’am, only people born with ailments are white lighters and thankfully I was born and still very healthy and intact. So, it goes like this. It all started out way back when I was 15 years old. As you know ma’am, we Filipinos have other paranormal beliefs other than spirits. Folklore or mythical creatures to be exact and I have to say for myself base on real experience that one of these mythical creature exist. Our own version of a Vampire. Somehow like a Filipino vampire? Lol haha. Well ill make it short as possible ma’am. When I was stil 15, I really loved playing the computer and never have I seen or felt any paranormal activity or presence in my entire life until that time. I don’t know if it was all a trick in the eyes or my mind but then, I can clearly remember it like it happened yesterday. My mom was calling out from her room reminding me to sleep. At that time it was nearly 12 in the evening and the computer was located in the corner just a few distance from the stairs. We are at the second floor of our house so basically I had to go down if I needed anything from the fridge. Well enough about food, I don’t know if it was just a trick of the mind or eyes. But after 10 or 5 mins had past since my Mama reminded me, I see the curtains in front of me move and I swear to Almighty God the windows were shut tight. And I don’t know for some reason I was following the movement of the breeze or wind or whatever was making the curtains move. Then the breeze passed through the chandelier and for some reason I realized I was staring below through the mirror below the stairs. I was staring out in the darkness of our garage then suddenly I don’t know if you watch Spiderman or know Venom? Suddenly out of nowhere, something very similar to Venoms figure popped out of no where. With my eyes not failing me one bit. I did not blink the entire event. But I really don’t know how. First he was outside then all of a sudden popped inside the house below the stairs then yeleports again this time nearer holding the baluster of the stairs then laslty pops somewhere around 1 meter from where I was sitting and stared at me. Oh boy, Oh God even as I type this message now the shivers and chills and fear I felt after that is very fresh. Then, as he stared facing me he had no face. Just like a mask? Flat shadowy like venom except without the white lines in venoms costume. He was completely black. Then he vanished. I was stunned by fear I couldn’t move nor scream. At that time to be honest I feared all kinds of paranormal activity, I was weak. It took me 4 or 3 mins to move. For my soul to owe God the bravery to make my muscles move. Usually the most inate reaction to have when afraid is to run right? But at that moment I was moving as slow as an ant heading to my moms room. I didn’t care if the computer was still on I just wanted to see my mom. Then when I got into her room i screamed as if though I was a babe and a guy want to rape me and kill me. So loud I think I woke hmm about 3 of my neighbors? Haha. Well that’s the first time and the last time ( I hope) that I have seen an entity. Needless to say, I only feel and I have no intentions to see one. So that event my mom told me that I needed to pray. Well at that time I didn’t go to mass for a year? Or almost 2 I think. I only prayed sincerely if I needed cash and other than that usually all I do is recite the our father or worst, I just make the sign of the cross then just knock my head down the pillow and sleep. But thanks to that event, it made me brave, fearless and most of all aggressive towards things like the one in my story. Because for some reason, I kinda know if its a Spirit or the other thing around. Also Jesus, it’s different from a demon but from the same family still.. Evil. Well now you know the surface of my story, now here’s my concern. Lately, it had been a month already but every now and then, whenever I’m in the living room chilling with my buds or doing any leisure or whatever. The corner of my eye always catch something. And it’s a little girl that somehow peeks at us from the corner of the stairway up. But i do not fear her. But something i don’t get is that i cannot seem to look at her for a lo g period of time. Meaning somehow when i see her it’s only for 0.1 seconds then boom vanish. But i am positive that she has no face. Or maybe just shady because like i said its always a glance look thing but because of the frequency of the event i have managed to clarify it. Oh yeah, also, I have a friend who has is also experiencing what I’m experiencing. To be honest it was he who first noticed the girl then i did. And during midnight down to 5 a.m sharp. I and my Best friend ( he lives with us and shares my room) always smell a stench similar to that of a urine that had been stuck or wasn’t flushed for days? Yeah. And then wed get Goosebumps only on a specific part of our body. That’s what i mean by i can sense them and my eyes feel like crying whenever i get spiritual chills or paranormal chills. This is all i have to share ma’am. I will not go into full detail because my thumbs hurt from typing a message this long. I would really appreciate your feedback on this matter ma’am. maybe you would like to advice me about this and that. Things i should and should not do. Thank you very much ma’am in advance and sorry if there are lacking periods and comma’s. God bless you! Hoping for your reply.

    • First of all, if you are interested in reading more about mythical creatures and what they are, she has covered this in another blog post:

      As for your specific issue, I can only give you my personal impressions. But obviously I’m not the expert here.

      Your first encounter was with a shadowy figure. You sound as if you suspect it was evil, but that is not necessarily the case. Obviously it was a scary experience, but that, too, does not mean it was an evil entity. What’s important to note is what you were feeling at the time. You were young, it was dark, and you weren’t prepared for what you were about to see. So the fear you felt was a defensive mechanism from your body. But if it made you feel sick. If you felt feelings of terror or horror beyond simple fear, then, yes it’s POSSIBLE it was Dark Side.

      BUT!!!!!! It doesn’t sound like it has happened again to you. So I really don’t think it was anything dark or evil at all. In fact, I’ll quote you’re exact words: “But thanks to that event, it made me brave, fearless and most of all aggressive towards things like the one in my story.” So if you have become opened to Spirit, that event exposed you and prepared you for what was to come. It may be hard to detach your original emotions from that first shadowy event, but was that shadow really there to attack or harm you? Or was it just a Spirit popping in to say “hello?”

      As for your little girl. It’s not uncommon to just get glimpses out of the corner of your eye. Or for the appearances to be brief. Visual manifestations require a lot of energy. And you said you do not fear here, which is great. Why should you? It’s a bit early to tell why she’s there. She sounds a bit shy though.

      I’m sure Debbie will want to chime in on your experience. And will have better advice with how to deal with this little girl properly and safely, so I won’t even try.

      • And that ladies and gentlemen is how its done. Actually J Dub you hit the nail on the head Bave. The only thing I’d add is your daughter if she is under the age of 5 will have their Spirit Elders sticking to her like glue. The younger the child the closer to Spirit.
        You have nothing to fear. I’m not concerned about any of your experiences Sweetheart. Your not under attack. Just don’t do the things that attracts the dark sides attention and you’ll be fine.

        I would recommend reading up on your Paranormal experiences and practices so you can arm yourself with knowledge.
        Learning is Knowledge
        Knowledge is Wisdom
        Wisdom is power.
        And let your Spirits be your guide. Always.
        Love and Light

  3. Hello Debbie,
    I have a quick question about salting. I did salting at my entryways sometime in May this year. Occasionally as a habit I clean my entryways with water. Is it okay to re-salt on those days? It is our custom to wash our entrances with water and clean off the debris and dust and then apply rangoli (Indian art work with chalk or rice powder) at the entrance. So whenever I wash the entryways with water I wondered if it will be best to salt my entrances. Your response on this would be helpful.

    Hope you are doing good.

    Take care.

    • The salt should be on the outside of the house not the inside of it. It’s put on the outside part of the threshold so nature removes it and not mops and hoovers. But as long as you replace the salt you’ll be fine.

      • Thank you for your response.
        I did salt the outside of the home. But the debris and dust accumulate over days which results in cleaning and washing the front and back entrances. I shall re-salt the threshold every time I clean and wash the entryways.

  4. I commented a couple weeks ago that was starting to see spirits everywhere, including my grandma. Debbie you thought it was funny how consistent they’re being. The problem is I don’t think I’m quite ready for this yet so I’m doing lots of research to educate myself and I’m reading all your blogs. I’ve done the door shut thing and I ask for protection every night. The activity has calmed down a lot and I don’t even feel my pineal gland like I did before. But it’s not gone. Last night I woke up and there was a very bright light in the corner of my room, I couldn’t see if there was anything or anyone there because my daughter’s crib was in the way. Then in the morning I got an image in my head of a blonde boy wearing a yellow shirt. I’m not sure of his age maybe 10. Then all day not much going on until not 2 minutes after I shut my lights off to go to bed (my husband is snoring away next to me and so is my 22 month old) there’s this bright flash of light in front of me on my bed and then about a foot away from my face is another face staring at me. I got scared but tried not to talk. I don’t know who it was male or female because I didn’t want to stare because I was afraid. Then as the spirit fades away I’m looking at image on my wall like the was a TV there. I was cartoon images and I think it might be from the show Family Guy. I only remember one part where there was a man standing in front of a dog house.
    Another thing I find strange is if I take a picture of my wall or curtain there will literally be tons of pictures of faces of all different sizes, shapes and looks. I even have one that I think might be my grandma. I’m hoping Debbie can give me some answers

    • It sounds to me that the flash of bright white light is your Pineal Gland activation and you can always attribute it to your Pineal Gland because it ALWAYS happens at night when your in bed or getting ready for bed. And the face will have been your Spirit Elder as they always stand over you while you sleep. However you activated a little too early and you saw what was going on. But it usually happens like that because your Soul (or Spirit) either was keen to get on with the Astral Travel or your Spirits you visit and stuff were keen to be with you.
      You have nothing to fear though Sweets. Just do what I said to do. Ask them to wait until your asleep. Tell them as your getting ready for bed. Close yourself down every night once in bed, and use the salt if it helps you.
      But I think you need to just keep educating yourself. As I said in your other post. Just relax and let Spirit teach you. In a few years you’ll laugh at how scared you used to get lol
      Plus you know where I am if you need me. I’m not usually so slow to respond but it’s been a funny few weeks. Culminating in Granddads death. So I really do appreciate your patience in this matter though.
      Love and Light

  5. Hi please can someone email me.. I need some help they wont leave me alone 🙁 I dont want this and I carnt stop it! Please tell me what to do! Worst of all its clairaudience! Thanks

    • The article your commenting from tells you how to close yourself down so you can’t hear them. Just follow the instructions.
      PS they aren’t going to hurt you ya know. They’re just excited you know they’re around. They’re just living people on vacation. Nothing to be scared of. If you understood who they were you would you’d be less afraid of them.

  6. I love the paranormal but when it comes to my own home. I want nothing to do with it. I don’t go looking for spirts, somehow they usually find me. It seems I’m a very open person. But again not in my home. How can I get ride of a spirt? Or make it to the point where it won’t bother me, son, newborn daughter, or my cat? Who’s been scared out of his mind lately.

  7. Hi me again.
    We just moved from Texas to Virginia Beach. And we lived in this apt for about 2 weeks now. Now I gotta admite I didn’t like this apt all that much, I felt uncomfortable. But I didn’t have my stuff yet, my husband and I were sleeping on a air matters. So yes my imagination went kind of crazy. But my cat didn’t help the situation any either. He kept meowing at nothing. Then once we got our belongings I was starting to feel better a lot better knowing I wasn’t sleeping in a empty house. And wasn’t afraid to sleep at night when my husband had to leave at 4 in the morning for work. So my imagination started to ease up a lot. But my cat was still meowing, but this time at doors wanting in the rooms. My sons room and my daughters room. Now my son is here, my daughter isn’t born yet. And my cat is hiding. Weird. I don’t know if it’s his stress cause my son is home, or paranormal. Now to be honest I don’t know if there is anything here. I like to think it’s my imagination and ignor it. Or at least try to ignore it. Like I said in my last message. I find the paranormal very interesting, but not in my own home. So to be honest I don’t know what to think or do. I really don’t want to open myself just in case there is something here. But at the sometime I don’t want nothing to scare my son or cat. If that’s what’s bothering him. He’s been fine for the first 2 weeks until today. That’s when he started to hide. Again i don’t know if it’s because of my son who got here yesterday afternoon. Or something else…. I’ve been watching my son. But he’s been so caught up in his daddy and his toys. He doesn’t really say anything.