EVPs: The Modern Day Ouija Board

As someone who was born observing the world around her I am proud to say I was probably born the most nosy and observant Bitch on the planet lol It drives my ex husband nuts because I will remember EVERYTHING. The time she looked at him, the top she was wearing, how tall she was. What he said, what he was wearing, what we were doing, everything. My Mother always said I would of made a fantastic Homicide Detective and always wanted me to join the Police Force lol

But I used to be a HUGE fan of Paranormal Investigation based TV shows. Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, and the rest. I would spend hours watching these shows. It drove my ex mad because he felt with the exception of Ghost Adventures all the rest were flaky, dramatic and over the top fame seekers who never respected the process or Spirit. It was all these shows and watching the way they conducted their investigations that made me want to start my blog. That one about the Psychic Kids and the things they were getting these kids to do was just so wrong. Just because I was a kid with a gift once and it needn’t be a scary experience.

The kids were taught to investigate but not learn about their gifts. Yeah sure it’s great they can see this and know that but do they understand WHY they can?

So I wanted to teach people. The Council told me I was to sit back and observe and after having that experience with Kriss Donald’s Spirit it changed my life forever.

When I realized people were going to pay to have his Spirit reach out so they could get spooked or investigate the rooms it made me angry and it made me protective. What no one realizes is I’m now suffering because of sending him over. I gave him everything I had psychically and now my body is racked with pain because of it. I would do it 1000 times over and I do NOT want sympathy. I’d do it again and again and again and again if I had to. Being me, being the type of gift that I have it is often painful or exhausting after I do certain things. It can take me days to recover from a Time Slip.

But I realized something through all of this. It made me look at all the investigations and put things together as to why people feel this need to catch evidence. Yet why so many TV shows only ever have negative or scary experiences rather than good ones like mine. It is very very rare I come across negative Spirits. It made me realize the one thing all these experiences of scary voices and growls, threats and negative influence have in common is the EVPs. And just like Seances and Ouija Boards they follow a pattern.

It starts with people getting someone who was murdered or died tragically so you feel pity for them.

Then they will start to say things to make you defensive and scared. Murder, Die, Devil is a popular one, Hate, Die You, Hell, Help etc…..

Then they might say your name and you’ll hear someone vulnerable. Maybe a small child, a young woman, crying, maybe someone feels touched low down, or scratched.

You then feel protective of the child or crying and you immediately want to help it. You want to protect it or cross it over and the second you say anything like ‘Don’t worry I’ll help you’ or ‘Come with me and I’ll make sure your safe’ or ‘I’ll get someone to cross you over just bear with me’ anything like that where your offering help they have you right where they want you because then they have been invited in.

Some don’t even bother doing the child or murdered innocent person thing. Some just come in and attach to the weakest person in the group. Whoever is the emotionally vulnerable one of the group, The Tricksters will have them in their sights.

That’s when you get the knocking and rapping, the aggression for no reason, feeling of vulnerability. You might have trouble sleeping, you might hear your name being called. Feeling watched, nervous, can’t relax.

You become addicted to the EVPS. You want to get more and more evidence so the more EVPs you do the more and more you want the more you let them in.

I know people will argue with me but in the ratio of good v bad experiences with EVPs very rarely will the person experience messages of love and light.

And I say ‘As with Seances and Ouija sessions it all depends on who does them and most people who do them do it for fun or entertainment.

Not everyone should be doing them because not many people can handle and respond to the negative voices appropriately. Spirit come through when they want to, not because they have to and trust me when I say they don’t do Ouija or anything like that. So who are the ones who always need the attention and needs the numbers?

The Dark Side. So they go after the weak ones to try to wear them down.

EVPs are the modern day Seance and Ouija Board and like those two things only bad can come from a device that invites communication with the dead.

Most people go in all guns blazing and forget to protect themselves. Then they contact me.

SO I’m here to tell you people unless you know what your doing please don’t try and make contact with the dead.

People have died from being hounded by the darker side of the Paranormal. They can’t take it any more and usually end up taking their life or having accidents because of lack of concentration and focus.

If your going to do EVP sessions of Seances and Ouijas, Scrying, Planchettes etc….please protect yourself before you start, don’t do it in your own home unless it’s active, ALWAYS make sure you only ask for Spirits of pure love and light to communicate and NEVER allow yourself to get provoked by the ones that come through saying horrible things. They trying to goad you into getting mad so you’ll let your defenses down. They go after the weaker of the group and they latch on and it can take years to get rid of them because if all depends on the mental strength of the one under attack and if they want to get rid of it.

Remember it like this. The Dark Side make everything too easy. There is no effort to make contact and you’ll get whatever you want no questions asked.

Spirit on the other hand only come when they know it won’t scare us, they only have your best interests at heart so if they know it will be upsetting they put it off or do it in a way that won’t scare you. And everything they do is for the lessons. We have lessons to learn and they want us to go through the process step by step so you learn from it. It’s hard and it’s self sacrificing and can be scary but your not afraid. You’ll know what I mean by that if you’ve experienced a Type A Spirit. You get scared. Even I get scared if I wake up seeing someone hovering at the end of my bedroom. But it’s not the kind that makes you want to run screaming. I just say ‘Not now please Spirit I’m tired’ and it calms down.

Of course your going to get scared. It’s not normal. It’s super ab normal. But it’s beautiful and it means something. You never forget the contact you have especially if it’s someone in need of love like wee Kriss was. You can’t be a price on giving him Peace and his family peace of mind. If you saw how excited he was, if you knew how he held my hand to say Thank you and the way he ran so fast to the light.

I told someone about this story last night to someone I consider to be one of my dearest friends. But he is a hard man. He doesn’t give emotion away easily. It’s taken me 2 years to chip away at his soft side and even he was touched by the story. He said it was hard not to feel the emotions and he could feel Kriss’s desire to see his parents and be at peace.

I’ll never forget it as long as I live. It’s why I had to protect him. He could be someone you love. Do you want Tricksters using your loved ones death as a way to get into your life to fuck it and you up?

Please think very carefully because you start using these EVP devices, or Spirit contact boards etc….unless you have a trained professional in the group who can identify the trouble makers and who protects the circle and Spirit at the same time.

There’s a reason why Spirit make it so hard for us to be able to talk to them all the time.

The best things in life are never easy. Otherwise we wouldn’t appreciate them once we got them and you can’t take talking to the dead for granted.

I’d love to do a show where I taught people and released trapped souls. Maybe I should get some Youtube stuff recorded. Not all of my investigations would be at night time either.

I’d send over every single Spirit I could AND I’d educate people.

I’m mere viewings away from reaching 100,000 views so I’m educating someone lol

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6 thoughts on “EVPs: The Modern Day Ouija Board

  1. I’m not sure I’ve really heard anything EVIL or SINISTER sounding in the EVPs from any of those shows. Usually it’s just a bit of noise that occasionally sounds like a garbled word or phrase. Some far more distinct than others.

    But as for all of these risky activities. I wonder if you can expand it to other things. Like that kids game where you chant the name of some murderer or something into a mirror to make them appear. Does that create the same invitation for dark energy as these other things do? I’ve never liked those sorts of games. Even when I was old enough to know that no such person was going to appear, I still wanted no part of it. Perhaps because I intuitively knew that other bad things could happen?

    Never liked Ouija either. Had a friend who swore they had a ghost in their basement. I think they had tried using Ouija to communicate with it before. No point to that story other than it was a relevant anecdote.

    • It does invite trouble if you do anything that invites contact from the other side. The Candyman thing in the Mirror is an excellent example of this. It’s inviting trouble there fore trouble comes. But ONLY if the people doing it aren’t of the right frame of mind. As with anything if mentally and psychically your not strong enough when you dabble your putting yourself at risk. Like hopping into the Amazon River with a bleeding leg. At some point a Piranha is going to sniff it out and bring all his hungry friends along to tear you apart. The dark side sit and wait like Piranhas for someone to do something stupid. So you have to be of a strong analytical mind but with faith and common sense thrown in. You can’t allow yourself to show vulnerability when dealing with the Paranormal no matter what your doing. Be it having a reading, conducting a seance, or doing EVPs. You have to be strong or they circle you and attack as soon as you show weakness. They have no interest in those with a strong faith and strong psychic resolve.

      • I can’t imagine a bunch of teens and tweens jokingly trying to summon a serial killer are in the right frame of mind. lol Very important points to expand on the subject. Thanks!

        Like I said, even when I logically knew such things where hogwash, I still had extreme apprehension even thinking about doing such things. Just thinking about it now gives me a bit of the heebie-jeebies. I guess my Elders were diligently on the job before I even knew they existed. 🙂

      • Lol sadly I know teenagers and tweens even adults have done just that infront of mirrors lol not the Candyman but others lol
        Yeah we know your Irishman wouldn’t be happy but it shows you were more open to Spirit than you think.

  2. See I knew saying bloody Mary or candy man in the mirror was bad! When I was young my cousin did the bloody Mary 3 times in the bathroom mirror and ran out locking me in there in the dark. I was kicking screaming and crying at the door until she opened the door. God knows how long I was in there but I think it really traumatized me and maybe that’s why even now that I’m older I’m still a little uneasy in the dark. Anyway, when it came to ouija boards and seances I instinctually stayed away from them my whole life. My sister used an ouija board in our basement when I was in high school and I told her it wasn’t a good idea and I went to my room. I wanted no part of that. The house was active and I always hated the basement, there was a heaviness and I always felt like someone was going to grab my foot as I was going up the stairs. My senior year I did some research on the house and found out that a woman was murdered in the basement by her husband and their daughter and 2 twin sons were killed too. Which made sense why one night I saw a little girls face for a second and my sister saw 2 orbs in her room. Very sad house to be in. The house makes me sad just driving by it. Anyway this post is proof why I always trust my gut… it never fails me!

    • Sounds like the house could do with a cleansing. A good deep cleansing.
      If you know the postcode and address you could do it remotely with a pendulum. It always breaks my heart when I know it’s children Spirits. And I bet Mum has stayed because she couldn’t leave her babies behind. It’s just tragic. That basement needs light and life in there. Turn it into something positive.