In Memory of Kriss Donald

Last week my family and I went on a holiday. It was my sons birthday and my husband suggested we take this time to have a wee break away as we hadn’t had a break in 10 years or as a family.

We usually stay at The Premier Inn because they are affordable and clean and in all the locations we want to stay at.

But for some reason when I went to look up The Premier Inn it took me to

I decided to give it a look see and found a lovely looking Lodge in Glasgow that was over £100 cheaper than the Premier Inn and you got breakfast for free. So naturally we booked.

We arrived last Monday and the room was gorgeous and we were happy to get our holiday underway. Our first night however was for me a nightmare. I just could NOT get to sleep for love nor money because I kept getting woken up by a young boy asking for his Dad.

Every time I dozed off I kept hearing ‘Dad…..Dad where are you Dad?’ etc….at the foot of my bed. The bed was thee nicest most comfy bed I’ve ever slept in so I should of been out like a light.

I told Mr Ex about this the next day and was dreading bed that night because I wouldn’t last a week walking around Scotland on an hours sleep. But luckily for me I slept like a baby. My husband however wasn’t so lucky. He got woken up umpteen times by a young boy interrupting his dreams asking for help.

He explained that while he never saw the boys face but he was covered in blood. He said his face and body were blacked out but he knew he had died in a horrendous way and he was asking for help.

It ALWAYS ALWAYS happens that just seconds before my husband has a dream of significant importance to ME I wake up. I know the signs of his impending distress and so I’m able to stroke his head and shoooooosssshhhh him out of the bad dream. He was so upset. It made us want to see if we could find any deaths related to the Hotel. We were on a really busy motorway intersection where every few minutes someone was tooting their horn for one reason or another and the Hotel didn’t look more than 5 years old so we thought maybe someone had died in a car accident or been hit by a car trying to cross the road or something. And then I found him.

I knew he had brown hair, was quite tall but was about 16-19, not older than 20, but no younger than 15. He had a boys voice but you could tell he was becoming a man still.

I found him…….Kriss Donald. And because of him I am now no longer a fan of Ghost Hunts and Investigations.

The next morning as we tiredly walked to the restaurant part of the Hotel so we could have breakfast I saw three employees standing at the bar talking and for some reason just had to mention the room being ‘active’.

The look on their faces will stay with me forever. They were too scared to say anything so I gave them reassurance by saying ‘Look don’t worry about me being scared. This is my job, this is what I do, I work with Spirit and my family all see Spirits, so don’t worry about scaring us’

I told them everything. Maureen the Housekeeper said ‘What room are you in?’ I told her and her face went white. She said to the other two girls ‘I told you someone was touching me in that room. I told you something was going on’ and the other two just seemed shocked.

I told them I had been doing some research and found Kriss Donald to which one of the girls said ‘Yes I remember that incident. It was devastating as they were booked to stay here but left.’ Let me explain to your about Kriss.

In 2004 Kriss Donald then 15 was Kidnapped from Glasgow by some Pakistani men in a revenge racist attack. Kriss was innocent and was chosen at random.

He was driven 200 miles between Dundee and Glasgow and they took him to Strathclyde Innkeepers Lodge where they were staying in rooms 19 and 20  but for some reason they never stayed. Instead they took this terrified young man away from the Hotel and as quoted by Wikipedia

There, they held his arms and stabbed him 13 times. He sustained internal injuries to three arteries, one of his lungs, his liver and a kidney. He was doused in petrol and set on fire as he bled to death.[11]

The five men convicted of the abduction and murder were convicted of racially aggravated offenses. After the murder, some of Donald’s attackers fled the United Kingdom to Pakistan.

The issue of the killing quickly became politicized because of the racial element. After the murder there were reportedly ‘racial tensions’ in the area sufficient to lead to police intervention.[3].

You can read more here.

This poor baby was alive when they burned him and this is why my husband couldn’t make out a face because all he kept seeing is Black.

The Lovely staff and my family and I were all taken aback by the sadness and in that moment I knew I had to send him over. So I decided to send him over.

I told them if I had access to a bell I would send him over by the end of the day to which I was offered the Bars ‘Last Call’ bell.

I sat trying to have my cereal but I could feel Kriss. I knew he knew I could help him and he was waiting for me to help him and it just made me unable to concentrate or eat my cereal so I went and got the bell and went back to my room.

He was hesitant at first but I talked to him with love and compassion. I wasn’t even sure if it would work because I always use a candle as well but I couldn’t use one because of the Fire Alarms and it was only 8.30am, people would still be in bed.

So I put protection on the Lodge and talked Kriss into crossing over. He wasn’t sure at first but I asked my parents to help him, I assured him he was in safe hands and that God was waiting for him. I told him more importantly that no one would hurt him and he was safe and as soon as he crossed over he would be able to see his Mum and Dad whenever he wanted. I felt him. I knew the ‘opening’ was too my right, the light was bright and I could feel Spirits to my right. I sat at the door of it. When I said about seeing his Mum and Dad I asked him to touch me so I knew he was there. He had been touching people on their backs so I was expecting to feel something on my back but he didn’t. He grabbed my hand. I’m getting emotional just thinking about it.

He held on so tight and then he must have seen his Granddad because he ran. I felt him so strongly it made me sit back like a jolt as the energy of him running past me pushed me back a bit and then the ‘door’ closed. I sat for a further 5 minutes protecting the room and making sure he had gone for sure.

I asked Maureen to double check the room after we left and she said both rooms felt different. I contacted her yesterday to double check and she said she is no longer afraid to go into those rooms so Kriss has definitely crossed over.

The sadness that came over us was so great though and it gave me time to think about my life. My gift, Spirit, all of it and I’ve come to realize something.

Spirit aren’t entertainment. They aren’t something we should be profiting from, or watching like a movie. They were once living breathing souls who were loved by people. As a Mother of two boys I can’t even begin to imagine the Nightmare his Mother and Father went through when he went missing and worse when he was found.

Obviously Kriss’s last memories before he was killed was of being taken to that Lodge in 2004. That was only 11 years ago. He should be 26 now and he’s not. Who are we to charge money to see if we can get him to perform like a Trained Seal?

I’m going to make it my life’s purpose to cross over any Spirit I come to contact with. I’m going to purchase a bell for my Purse and any time I feel Spirit I am crossing them over.

No one who investigates these haunted (I hate that word I prefer active) places can’t even be bothered to put a life to the Spirit.

Kriss and billions of other Spirits have names and lived lives. They don’t deserve to be treated like this. Kriss has parents and family who still to this day mourn for him and I knew if I told everyone about this place I’d be inundated with requests for people wanting to go there with their digital recorders and cameras trying to catch a glimpse of this poor terrified young man who wanted his Dad. The last thing he remembered before he was so brutally killed was that Lodge. It was his last hope of safety and people were going to exploit him and I had to stop it.

I stupidly put a tweet up at 3.13am when it happened that it had happened and immediately got contacted by a Company that specializes in Haunted Hotel holidays and it made me feel sick. I couldn’t stand the thought of people wanting to stay in that room in the hopes they would feel that poor baby begging for help. It made me realize, this is what Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures are all about. The exploitation of lost and lonely souls and often these ‘Investigators’ do more harm than good.

EVPs are creating negative energy in the places of investigations which are then being left in those buildings and the Spirits left behind are having to deal with even more bull shit. But it’s Bull shit WE put there. We are basically turning up to these locations, setting up camp, having some fun then pissing off and leaving all of our rubbish for Spirit to have to deal with. And it has to stop.

Kriss could be your nephew, your brother, your boyfriend, your son. These Spirits could be and WILL one day be your loved ones and instead of helping them cross over and finally be at peace we are buying expensive equipment and storming in like big fat doughnut eating idiots in our moody trench coats and black tops with the name of our company across the back and we create nothing but noise for these poor souls.

People getting all dramatic about a scratch or a growl and thus creating negative energy that was never there before and not one of them crosses these souls over and not one of then protects the building after they leave and I for one am done so from now on I’m going to cross over every Spirit I come across.

Why is is acceptable to do this? Ghost Hunting to me is now the equivalent to someone going to a zoo, paying to get in and seeing starved and abused animals and taking photos of it, eating in front of it and then walking off.

It’s not right. We need to put faces and families to these souls so we can send them where they belong. Which is back to the safety of Spirit and the greater consciousness.

But for the record I’m not talking about those who contact me asking for help to figure out what’s going on. I’m only talking about these people who make money from and gain attention either publicly or locally for investigating the dead without doing the right thing.

99.9% of these people don’t do it right anyway and I can’t sit back any more.

Meeting that poor boy made me put a name and a family to a very real situation. I can go to his grave. He isn’t a website, he isn’t a story or fable in a book, he is a real person, who lived a real life and died a real death. Why is it okay to shove a camera in his face?

The Council said the last phase of my training would involve me sitting back and paying attention. Well……I get it now. I’ve paid attention to many many things and I’ve had any ‘Aha’ moments but this is the biggest one so far.


I’ve come to realize that I have the power to set these souls free and that’s what I’m going to do.

We stayed in that room for another 3 nights after I released Kriss and we had no further incidents.

My Ex is not Psychic. He has over the 16 years of us being together become opened to Spirit and has had many experiences because of it. I say he’s Intuitive by Osmosis lol

You have to think to yourself, how desperate does a Spirit have to be that he would go to those lengths to get help? Knowing what I know about Spirit and energy, it takes a LOT of energy for them to come through the way he did.

Therefore isn’t it our responsibility to make sure they get the help they need? Would you do that to a child in the real world? If someone came up to you in the real world asking you for help would you help or would you get your cameras out and try to record them? Scarily I think we all know the answer to that.

Please people……..start respecting them not just for what they are now but for who they were before. Someone loves them, someone may even be grieving for them.

Do the right thing.

My dream is to have a show where I go to haunted locations and do a releasing. Then instead of people chasing them with digital cameras and video cameras they will go after them with a bell and a whole lot of love instead.

My life has changed forever because of Kriss Donald and from this day forth everything I do and every Spirit I cross over will be in Memory of and in honour of him.


32 thoughts on “In Memory of Kriss Donald

  1. That’s a beautiful thing you did……but, it’s what you do. 🙂

    While I am sure there are many “hunters” out there to exploit Spirit, I’m sure there are also many who are just plain ignorant. They only know about Spirit through the stories they’ve heard, or through the “eyes” off all their instruments. That is a crass understanding at best, and they have no discernible spiritual connection. At least none that they are aware that they can tap into.

    That world is mostly beyond their comprehension. So it does not even begin to occur that their presence can have a lasting effect on it. And without any real connection, there is no empathy for the people they encounter. That’s not necessarily a statement about their character, but an acknowledgement that feelings require connection. A path to transmit across, so to speak.

    And, yes, some are just out to exploit, plain and boldfaced. Although I wonder how much of that is the actual investigators, and how much is it their bosses, TV execs, and other bean counters not actually there on the ground, but driving the show?

    There was one of those types of shows I watched for a time. I specifically remember one investigator–who later must have left or been let go–that embodies exactly the problem you’re speaking to here. On a particular investigation, he had a device. I don’t recall what it was. I think it was some sort of light, or strobe. Possible an audio device. Whatever it was, he said the claim was that “ghosts” didn’t like whatever sound or light it emitted. And he proceeded to use it to try and herd the “ghost” where he wanted it to go.

    That was a moment that truly disgusted me. Suffice it to say I didn’t like that guy, and was glad to not see him in later episodes. He seemed to have all the respect of a group of teenagers tearing through town at night up to no good. And the maturity level to match.

    Take heart in the fact that one day very soon, the ignorance will end. We live in a world where these things are simply not taught, or even talked about. People are ignorant from the start with no resource to set them straight. I mean, even these “respectable” investigators are still routinely mocked by “mainstream” society. Many barriers have been set up to make learning and understanding nearly impossible–even by those “open” to it. Be the wracking crews are coming, with heavy sledgehammers. The barriers are coming down.

    • He was basically herding the spirits?!? That’s awful and that really made me so sad! What I don’t understand is if it was a light, how would the light bother them? I thought spirits were drawn to light? I’ve never heard of sounds repelling them either….

      • It’s been several years since I saw it. It might have been UV or something. And of course there’s no way to know (1) if that was even true, and (2) if there were even any Spirits in the area to affect. But even if it was entirely harmless, the intent was not.

        I can only hope he was booted from the show for his attitude.

      • That’s the whole point of what J Dub was saying. The moron thought he knew what he was doing but didnt. Spirits aren’t afraid of light, sound, words or smells. The reason salt and lavender work is it breaks up the frequency. But whoever this guy was he doesn’t know shit from sugar. It makes me so angry and these people are given money to make entertaining tv when all they’re doing is disrespecting Spirit, disrespecting the process and misleading people. I’m on a crusade now lol if I had a show I’d be the Spirit Protector or Spirit senderoverer lol hahaha

      • Well I’m happy it doesn’t affect them… Can you imagine being the spirit watching all of this? Watching some guy chase around absolutely nothing with a light lol! People are just so ignorant!

      • It doesn’t. And Spirit don’t suffer, they don’t know pain or fear if they have crossed over. A Spirit who is trapped can be nervous or worried or scared but if they have crossed over and just like to show up because people are around then they don’t negative emotion. Which is why it’s so important to send them over.

      • Yeah, it WAS Ghost Hunters. I stopped watching it because it became dull and repetitive. People walking around in the dark being constantly startled by sights and sounds the audience couldn’t see/hear. EMF detectors going off randomly. Then evidence that amounted to the occasional fuzzy light or shadow passing the camera, or some indistinguishable sound called an EVP.

        I always thought it was funny when they’d hear something–sometimes going as far as checking out where the rest of the team was at–and be all freaked out saying “no one is here.” Well–duh–you’re actively looking for Spirits. It’s like you’re surprised when you find them. Could be false drama though.

        SOMETIMES they would pull up interesting evidence, but it was too rare to make the show interesting anymore. I also did some reading up on it after my last post to see if I could remember who the guy was I was talking about, and it seems like there is a lot of behind the scenes controversy too.

        As for the disrespectful guy, from what I recall he seemed like he could be a real jerk to still living people as well. So at least he’s an equal opportunity disrespectful. 😛 I don’t find such people entertaining in the slightest. Probably why I’m so repulsed by most reality TV, because they intentionally shove such personalities onto those shows to stir things up. Blech!!

        Maybe you SHOULD start your own show like that. And as a perfect slap in the face, go to these locations right after the “hunter” shows do and clean up their mess. lol If it became a popular show, I bet it would be a real embarrassment to these shows that you’re indirectly shaming them. lol Then again, in my readings about Ghost Hunters, I heard reference to them having “goons.” So maybe it’s not such a smart idea. 🙂

      • Grant left to make board games with his wife. But I agree with you 100%.
        Ghost Investigation shows are getting out of control. They are so busy bringing in new technology to find them and trying so hard to get ratings and money for more shows they are losing focus. They start bringing in celebrities and as you said the way they run to check if someone made a noise instead of just letting Spirit communicate, it’s just boring.
        I’d turn it on it’s arse. I’d have comedy and it would mostly be shot in the day or with lights on. I’d educate people. I’d free the trapped and help people find peace both in this life and the next.
        Spirits are so misunderstood. Like the think Spirit can be angry and scared and aggressive etc….but a Spirit that has crossed over don’t have fear. They are energy. Like the electricity but just on a different frequency. How many angry fridges and toasters do you see? lol
        People are being told things that just aren’t true and I’m losing faith in anyone making a good Investigation show so maybe I should do one myself lol I always said me being on TV would be because I was getting pissed off at the way people were treating Spirit.
        I think while a lot of people would hate me, most people would get it.
        I think when you have to use shiny things and fancy gadgets to investigate then your either losing ratings and need people tuning in to the new toys available or they’ve forgotten the reason why they started in the first place. They’re supposed to be the voices of the dead. To educate the world to life on the other side existing but instead it’s about profit and fame and recognition and merchandise.
        Sure we all want financial security and to have our product or service be the best around but with some of these shows the presenters end up bigger than the show.
        Mine would never be like that. Mine would be how Ghost Adventures used to me. Me and a couple of camera guys, some cameras both digital and a bell and candle.
        But no one wants to see things like that. There’s no money in Hotels not being Haunted lol Its a multi million dollar industry selling the Paranormal to people. If there is no more Spirits there is no more tourism. There are towns here that sell Ghost Walks and Tours and Hotels and places of historical as being Para normally active.
        Besides which I neither have the look nor the voice for TV lol Who’s gonna wanna see me? lol
        What do you mean Ghost Hunters have Goons? Do you mean they bully people? That’s why Mr hates it. he’s said it from day one those boys were bully boys and the bald one Jason is it? He said he has a face on him like a bulldog chewing stinging nettles lol He always said what an angry man he was. But I like to see what evidence they get. The boys at Ghost Adventures when it first began used to get incredible responses and evidence. Now Nick has left and there’s so many people squeezing in to these buildings there is more noise coming from them than the Spirits. They need to strip it back to when it was the 3 of them. It’s way too commercial now. These shows will become like Most Haunted. Eventually they will lose the gift because they let the show have direct focus on the presenters and gadgets rather than the Spirits. Shame really. They were my favourite. I liked them.

      • Angry toasters. lol I had an instant image of Ghostbusters 2. Okay, it was a dancing toaster, not an angry toaster, but still…… 🙂

        Yes I did mean that they have goons to bully people. But that’s just what one person claimed. I don’t really have details. You can never tell when someone is telling the truth, or is just a disgruntled former employee. Well, YOU can probably tell. lol

        And to be fair, the reliance on shiny gadgets might be because they lack the knowledge or ability to contact Spirit by other means. Plus they want to be seen as scientific as well. They’re not there just to contact Spirits but also to debunk hauntings that aren’t real. You can’t do that by opinion or feeling. Well, YOU can. lol

        But don’t underestimate the appeal of your kind of show. Yours would have sincerity and heart. And in this day and age, we’re no longer slaves to the media megacorps. It’s so easy for content creators to get their work out there these days. Be it TV or books or games or music or art. As long as you can afford the productions costs of whatever you’re making, you CAN get it to people. I am just AMAZED at what people can put out there these days. People who would be “nobodies” just 10 years ago, holding down office jobs–or still doing what they love, but leashed by some no talent exec, who thinks they can TELL you how to be creative because they went to business school. (No offense to people who went to business school, I just mean your talents often lie elsewhere.)

      • That’s ALL of their problems though. People make it more complicated than it needs to be.
        Our friends (*wink*) said we stopped trting after the Victorian era. We got lazy and stopped trying to create things that meant something to the world. The world became insular and people closed themselves off. Things only got done in Science and medicine when someone broke through the barriers and fought in their corner for their creation, break through, invention or whatever and it complicated things. The Victorians knew how to conduct Scientific experiments with Spirit. When they weren’t cheating of course lol but you don’t need those gadgets. Spirit are complicated. I have a direct line that I use 24/7 and they answer all my questions which is why a housewife knows Black Holes are manipulated using telepathy and good manners basically lol haha.
        I’d be a production companies dream because I’d save them a fortune and it would be done my way which means honest, raw, emotional and educational. Plus it would be entertaining and people need to see the funny side of death lol if people saw my life and the conversations I have with them it would turn the Paranormal world on its head. Would you be on my show Boo? Lol you could be my analytical guy lol Chris would have to be on set because he’s the only one who knows what to do if I go into a slip or get overwhelmed etc…..he also knows how to bring me round when I get caught up emotionally. I’ll give people a free tip. When you find yourself psychically overwhelmed have a big hot cup of tea with sugar in it. My teacher Pauline taught me that. Brings you back every time.

      • I don’t even know what I’d do on your show. Or at the very least, I wouldn’t know I was doing it. Or how. lol Of course I know you don’t need all those gadgets. But they don’t. And they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves without them. And we’re just going to have to wait for the world to be open enough that they can be taught a different way.

        Controlling black holes with telepathy and good manners. lol But I know exactly what you mean.

      • And that’s why your my bestest friend in the whole world and have been for centuries. I don’t need to explain myself. You just get me. Warped humor and everything 🙂

  2. Amazing post! I’ve tried to cross over the 2 spirits in my house using the steps you listed in a previous post and it did not work. They are still there. I’m wondering if they don’t want to cross over. Should I try again or just leave them be?

    • I don’t know what to say to that lol I’ve never known it not to work. It’s a centuries old practice.
      The thing is you know by the flicker of the candle when something is there and when they have gone.
      All I can think is maybe they aren’t trapped Spirits. It only works for trapped Spirits. Your Spirits might be Spirits that have full control over the contact they make. If they can come and go as they please they aren’t trapped.
      Some of them you need to make it more personal, Make them remember their Mums and siblings etc….
      but it won’t work if they aren’t trapped.
      So maybe look at what they are doing, and try to ascertain if they are Spirit or Trapped Souls.
      And make sure you don’t deviate from what I said to do. And remember, these souls have been through a lot so mean what you say. Make sure they know your love and your want to help them and they will trust you.
      If your not genuine they might think your dark side or something trying to hurt them.

      • Yes. A resident Spirit is a Spirit who chooses to stay at their house or place of work or favourite place because it has special meaning to them and while they can come and go as they please they love the place too much to stay away. These are the Spirits least likely to go on a releasing. It’s their choice to stay. A trapped Spirit either refuses to cross over for fear of what’s on the other side or their died so suddenly or so violently the shock lasts longer than the window of opportunity to cross over. The light can’t stay open for fear of intruders or worse. So they’re stuck. Someone don’t know they’re dead. Like poor little Kriss. But now he’s safe on the other side and free to see his Mum and Dad 🙂

      • Ahhh so maybe that’s why it didn’t work. He didn’t want to go, he wants to stay. OK still makes me sad that he’s been here for so long though. Oh well nothing I can do about it. Thanks 🙂

      • If he’s a resident spirit he’s not sad. He’s there by choice. He can be in Spirit any time he wants. So be sad if he’s happy. Its his choice. It’s no different to you returning to your favourite restaurant every time you want your favourite meal. He returns to his favourite place every time he wants to feel good in remembering his past. I think it’s the best place to be. Come and go when you want. See your fav places. It means his love of that place was too great for him to say good bye to.

      • Or imagine someone built their house with their own two hands when they were young. Now they’re old and been living there for decades. Sure they could move to a nicer house, with better amenities, modern construction and technology. But it’s their home and they love it. If they’re happy and healthy, then it’s not sad.

  3. I really love your post this really touchy..Especially the part :”Spirit aren’t entertainment. They aren’t something we should be profiting from, or watching like a movie. They were once living breathing souls who were loved by people. As a Mother of two boys I can’t even begin to imagine the Nightmare his Mother and Father went through when he went missing and worse when he was found.” By reading I got tears out of love ,affection and whatever you depicted about kriss.I see many powerful people like u but with no “soul” in real terms.Your right helping people is like your taken for granted so better you help those “souls” who are needy and need to be crossed over..You are doing excellent work thanx to make me a part of a lovely kindest soul ever.Who is ready to help others 🙂 🙂 .I am lucky to be in contact with you.You see there are fewest of people like you around..And I am fed up with neagative souls around.Your blog is like some spa to relax and strong postive vibes flows through your writtings that I am addicted to by you get to discriminate between “real world ” and “fake world ” that we live in !! 🙂 🙂 I am again charged hahha. 🙂 🙂

    • Lol well I think the version of me you have in your head is a lot better than I actually am Garima hahaha Ask my boys. I’m a giant pain in the butt lol even I get sick of me lol I certainly don’t have any power apart from in my home and with Spirit lol but I’m chuffed to bits I have an actual ‘Fan’ lol and even more chuffed (chuffed means elated or happiness with pride)it’s you 🙂
      If I’m ever rich and powerful I’ll pay for you to fly over and spend time with me and my hired goons lol (my goons being my three boys lol my three boys being my two sons and hubby) lol my dream is once I know my husband and I can retire without having to worry about the bills every reading I did would be free. I wouldn’t charge any more. I’d also travel around looking for charities to help too. Giving my money away to good causes. I would LOVE to give talks or lectures but whatever Spirit have in store for me I’m sure some of it is getting to meet people like you. 😉
      I’m positive we are going to meet. Why or how hasn’t been worked out yet but post cleansing I’m excited to see what Spirit have in store in as far as I know I’m going to meet up with a lot of my clients and Blog friends. I just hope I’m not a let down or disappointment to you.

  4. This post has made me quite emotional, I am so glad you could help him.

    My other half is obsessed with Ghost Adventures but I find the main guys manner somewhat abrasive, the whole ‘stop running’ thing! So I don’t watch it. I noticed this week Yvette Fielding was on TV promoting her new show too but I don’t watch her show either. Maybe it’s a cultural thing too but in Chinese culture we don’t mess about with spirits and things we don’t understand like that, it’s not seen as being respectful. xxx

    • I love Ghost Adventures when they do it the old way. Where it’s just them and their cameras but now they keep bringing in all these experts and extra help and it’s gotten a bit predictable. They used to get incredible evidence and now it’s like……they make so much noise with so many of them around it’s hard to concentrate. There is always someone on their plugging themselves and it’s become less about Spirit and more about being seen on the show. It;s sad because they were the guys I felt had the right ingredients for a good investigation. Most Haunted is just a joke now. You can’t take it seriously knowing they got booted off Sky Living for faking activity. Their own In House Parapsychologist Ciaran O’Keefe or whatever his name was set them up to expose them as frauds and it’s public knowledge they fell for it. This is what happens though when the shows presenters because bigger than the show. You must always remain humble. I’ve given my husband strict instructions to smack me down if I ever show signs of being less than humble.
      Interaction with Spirit is fine though Row, as long as your letting them come to you. It’s when you go looking for it you run the risk of getting into some sort of trouble.
      I’m watching that ad for Most Haunted now for Really and I just can’t take it seriously any more.
      As for Kriss Donald, that beautiful Glaswegian boy, I have it on very good authority he is no longer roaming the hotel looking for his Dad. So my sending him over worked and as i sit here talking about it I can still feel his hand on mine as he took it just before he crossed over.

  5. Hi,

    I’m in need of help and I don’t know who to contact but hopefully you can help me.

    Ever since I was a small child I could see spirits and communicate with them.
    Growing up I feel like I’m losing my gift, my boyfriends nan has recently passed and I’m having trouble talking to her and seeing her. She knew about my gift and she’s come to me but I’m having a hard time helping.
    I really don’t want to lose my gift, is there anything I can do to get back to what I was like younger?
    I really want to help her.

    • Help her how? Maybe she doesn’t need your help and that’s why she isn’t coming to you. It’s natural for ones gift to quiet down as they get older but I feel like they are with you but your not noticing the signs. My blog is full of all sorts of information that can help you understand your gift, knowing the signs and dealing with them. It’s a lot of reading I’m afraid but as with all the best things in life it takes time.
      You need time and patience. Pay attention my Sweet. You’ll get there. Sometimes Spirit of our loved ones just aren’t ready to come through right away. Let them come to you. It’s so much nicer when it’s not forced.
      Good luck
      Love and Light

  6. I’m reading this again because of they young boy and a baby that have been around in my room. This morning he said “hi mommy” and later asked “where’s daddy”. I’ve never done a releasing before but I think I should try.
    Debbie you need to get over your fear of being on tv! I admit I’ve been watching a lot if ghost hunter shows and they make me mad and annoyed. It’s all about drama. They definitely do not associate these spirits as once being people like you and I. You should do your own show and change everyone’s perspective about the dead. You could help so many people, living and dead.

    • I’m making it my personal mission to cross all child Spirits over. As a mother I couldn’t stand the thought of knowing one of my children were trapped between worlds.
      Please cross him over.
      But as for the other thing. I’m fully prepared to go on TV I just don’t want to commit to a public career until I’m 100% healthy. I’m 80% there. I just need my tummy repaired and I’m all set. I have always left my career up to Spirit. My kind of beliefs and the way I do things is going to piss off a LOT of people. I’m going to need a strong following to back me up because when I start exposing the truth I’ll put a ton of ppl out of work overnight. Scammers and Fraudsters will hate me. I need to be in the right place and surrounded by the right ppl but it is gonna happen.
      But for now I like to think I’m exclusive for a very small and select group of intelligent people who require a more upmarket approach to the Paranormal lol