How much do you have saved in the Bank of the Universe?

I’ve been learning sooooo much about how things work in this Universe so much over the last couple of months. I would have to say that I’ve learned more in the last few months than I have at any point in my life. The lessons I’ve learned have been mind blowing to say the least but in true Spirit style they make perfect sense.

So now I have cracked the code I’m going to share with you how you can get anything and everything you ever wanted in life without it costing nothing but your time.

The Universe has a Bank (not an actual one of course). They store and hold every good and bad deed you have ever done.

The more good deeds you do, the more you go out of your way to help people, be selfless, kind, generous etc…you get to Bank that into your Spiritual Bank.

Every time you do or say anything that isn’t good, you get it removed from your savings like a Bank Fee.

If you try to take out from the bank more than you have earned you won’t get it.

So if you ask for things, if you ask your God or Spirit or the Universe for things like money, job, love, career, stuff etc……(and it has to be within reason of course because you can’t ask for things that are unobtainable or impractical) and you haven’t done enough good deeds to save enough you simply won’t get it. YET!!!

There is always a way for you to earn those Spirit Bank Notes or Karma coins if you will.

Be happy, be positive, have faith, help others and ask for nothing in return, donate to those in need (who are always the ones who don’t as for it), put others before yourself, feed the hungry, be kind to animals, feed the birds, don’t pollute, be kind to the planet (it is the child of Mother Sun and Father Moon), try to be the best person you could possibly be. Be happier, be kinder, be selfless. Talk nicer. Be less angry, laugh more. Give what you don’t need to those who need it. Do what makes you feel good. Don’t take more from the planet than you need. Don’t make assumptions about things. Don’t stress over things that haven’t happened yet. Be calmer. Do what makes you happy, talk to strangers, smile to strangers. Calm down. Don’t let yourself get angry or upset over things you have no control over.

Now…..some might argue but what about the rich people you speak of who are doing Evil? they get everything and are worth millions even billions.

It’s simple. They chose these lives because they collectively are going to go down in history as being the worst people who have ever existed.

To say the name Bush, Rothschild, Kardashian, West, Carter, Cheney, Rice, Obama blah blah blah in the future will be spoken with more disdain than that of Hitler, Hussein, Rasputin, Stalin etc….combined.

Why are they more evil? Because the others did what they did for their beliefs. They believed in their own F’d up way that what they were doing was for the greater good. That they were being lead by God in most cases to do this stuff that turned bad, really bad. And when they all died, they all went to the bottom step and are working it all off.

But the before mentioned did what they did for power, money, fame, control. They have, for 2000 years controlled by fear, ruled with money, and cost the lives and livelihood of trillions of people.

They allow themselves to manipulate the press, and court controversy to compensate for lack of talent or soul.

These people as far as I know don’t have Spirit Elders once they step over the boundaries of good versus evil. A Spirit Elder could never allow such behaviour. It would be so damning to their beautiful souls to watch their charge doing these things to fellow humans.

But they get what they want because they sacrificed their souls so that we as a human race can learn the biggest lessons of our lives. In the history of the entire human world nothing that has happened will compare to the Cleansing. It is going to change our world for all time and it is such a huge step in our evolutionary growth it needs all hands on deck.

These people, in months, years time will become the most hated and reviled beings on the planet. For those that don’t get killed, will be arrested and sentenced to life terms (and life will mean life), stripped of all money and assets, to be handed back to the people in every country on the planet. The rest will go into hiding and be hunted down by the Nazi Hunters of yesteryear. I feel so sorry for them. When they all pass over and they are back in Spirit form the devastation will be insurmountable to them.

They will in all seriousness may never be allowed to have a body and life again. It’s that bad. So they get to enjoy it now, the bankers and pointless celebrities, the rich, powerful, royal etc….

Now the thing is, as I keep saying. It isn’t about being rich. Being wealthy isn’t a crime. Soon we will all be wealthy in our own ways.

If you work hard and you’ve built up your success honestly and you’ve not stood on anyone, killed anyone, taken from anyone to be successful then that is your reward for all your hard work.

Spirit don’t begrudge anyone who works hard and makes money doing it. It’s how you got the money and what you do with it once you have it that matters to them. That is there only concern about money.

There are people out there who have gotten wealthy being nice and kind and charitable. They are without guilt and their continued wealth will be their reward.

But if your a Policeman or Woman and you’ve beaten or killed someone you KNEW was innocent, or your a Lawyer or DA who sends innocent people to prison, a councilman or woman and you’ve taxed more than you should, taken more than you should, lined your pockets, ripped off a woman because she was a woman, immigrant, poor etc…..if you’ve staged and faked things to get attention etc…..then you will be in serious trouble during the Cleansing and you’ll be in overdraft with the Bank of the Universe.

You’d have to change your life in every aspect and spend your dying day making up for it in order to get some savings or redeem your soul in the afterlife.

If you have a talent like your Sir Elton Johns and Tim Rice, or you work tirelessly to find cures for diseases or have spent your life fighting the man for the greater good, if your a genuinely good actor who isn’t up your own backside, if you want fame and you earn it like the actors of the 40’s and 60s then you’ll get it and it will be deserved. Keanu Reeves deserves his wealth. What an incredible guy he is. He gives so much of his money away. I love the guy. I’d marry him tomorrow lol

But it’s all about paying it in advance. The deeds you do today will be notes in the bank for tomorrow.

You might work your entire life and barely make any withdrawals. You might be having to make withdrawals all the time but it’s yours to take.
It’s simple, you get out what you put in.

I’ve been saving my butt off lol

If you try to take out more than you’ve saved, you won’t get what it is your asking for.

It’s not just good deeds that create savings though. It’s your whole thought process. If your negative all the time, if your always angry and stressed out and you don’t have faith then your not going to add to any savings. You can be a good person and be charitable and kind but still be Universally broke if your depressed and stressed out, negative, don’t show faith etc….and please remember faith is not the same as religion.

Religion is indoctrinated, Faith is discovered.

I have a ton of people who have said to me ‘I did everything you said it it didn’t work, it’s shit and you don’t know what your talking about.’

Well now you know why it doesn’t work. It’s not just about being a good person and feeding some homeless people. You need to be good to yourself too. Stop being so hard on yourself. Your fooling no one but yourself if you think your going to get away with being nice to the planet but treat yourself so badly.

When your hard on yourself your disrespecting everyone who has lived and died who has dedicated their existence taking care of you. If you push people away, (the ones who try to help you) your pushing away the people you sent to help you. (Because all lives that cross your path on your journey was all agreed upon by you and them before your birth). So that sort of behaviour puts you in debt.

It’s not okay to just love the planet and the creatures on it. You have to love yourself as well.

I had a visit two weeks ago while I was doing a reading on myself. I was told that I had to withdraw from my internet life for a little while because I was about to learn the last phase of my training. Once I’ve done this I will no longer be a student of the Universe. I will be Master of the Universe hahahahahahahaha ‘By the Power of Grey Skull, I have the POWER!!!!!!’

This Blog is all about arming people with the knowledge so they can make it happen in this life so they won’t need to come back in the next.

Every single Spirits ultimate goal is to have learned everything they needed to learn and have reincarnation be a choice as they chase the light.

Every single Spirits ultimate goal is to get it right this time so they can become teachers and guides as well as having the choice to come back again. For those Spirits who have reached the top of the stairway to heaven, (that choice to come back again) make them some of the most respected Spirits in the Spirit Realm. Because they choose the lives of the weary, disabled, short lived, embattled, damaged or broken, in order to teach those around them.
It all pushes them towards the light.

Every single Spirit who makes the top has a choice and it gives them great responsibility. In charge of the new crossed over, those who need healing, living souls, etc…’s a huge honour. This is why you have different levels of Spirit. And why it’s not possible for a deceased loved one to be your guide. If anyone ever reads for you and says stuff like ‘Your Mother said she is now your guide’ it’s a lie.

They would never be allowed to. They won’t have lived enough and learned enough in the time they’ve been goneΒ  to be given such a responsibility. Unless every life they chose was still births and cots deaths etc…which would be too sever emotionally even for a Spirit of pure love and light.

When we are in Spirit we take what we do very seriously. There is a balance there as there is in the Universe.

It’s all about balance.
I’ve lost a lot of loved ones recently. Like a light was shone on our relationships and we realized it wasn’t for us anymore.
I’m obviously having to clean my life up for some reason and these are people no longer having a purpose in my life which is sad but I can’t argue with Spirit. If they are meant to come back into my life then so be it. But I can’t worry about that now. I’ve recently spent the last few months making amends to people I know I’ve wronged in the past. It’s not been easy tracking these people down. Some of them date back to when I was 19 lol I’m 43 in Nov. But I said my piece and made amends with these people and I’ve also been working on my moods and attitude.

Sometimes we can get tired and if you have chronic pain like me you can let someone who has been slightly annoying or who’s putting pressure on you as the trigger to make you snappy and grumpy. I’ve apologized to these people too. But more importantly I’ve been working on the way I react to the things in the first place. It has been the difference between having an argument or having peace. Seriously…’s like night and day it’s made that much of a difference.

My Teacher Pauline Braddon the night she passed away in Queensland, Australia came to me with my file in hand and told me I needed to work on my judgement. I thought she meant I was too judgmental, but she meant I had to understand what judgement was. That not all judgement is a bad thing.

I learned there is two types of judgement. The judgement that helps and the judgement that hurts. I had to learn to master one and understand the other. All these lessons I’ve learned in the last few months have been invaluable to me. I can see why they left till last. I don’t know what this means for me or my gift after I’ve had this final lesson. But I will try to write about it if I can.

So many things have been happening to me recently that I can’t talk about. Like how I’ve been feeling earths gravitational pull. Felt like I was going to fall off the face of all time and existence. Like how the Council came to me again.

My house has been littered with Spirits, so much so that every night one of us is being awoken by them. Never in my life have I known this to happen night after night after night after night after night for weeks.

So take my advice. You know I don’t speak about anything I don’t know or haven’t experienced myself. Go and work on yourself and your life and make as many deposits as you can. Don’t be afraid to make a withdrawal. Its yours, you’ve earned it.

Although some people out there might find they don’t have as much as they thought.

And you can’t cheat either. You can’t go and make 20 sandwiches to rush down to the park to feed homeless people. You can’t be fake. This isn’t a joke.

Just remember to be nice to you too. This is after all, all about YOU. It starts with You.

Go be the happiest you you can be. Don’t let those with poor credit influence you. If they are grumpy, be nicer.

Pay it forward. Any deposits you make now might even earn you double points. Because it’s never too late to start being happy and being a nicer person.

This bank knows if you don’t make deposits the only person who gets let down is you.

please donate

45 thoughts on “How much do you have saved in the Bank of the Universe?

    • I hope that’s a good thing lol my Mum used to say I share too much and it leaves me vulnerable. She said she loved my soft heart but didn’t like my heart being so out there on my sleeve. But how could I share my story with you all ifI didn’t? It’s so important to share our knowledge if we know things that can help others.
      So if it teaches you anything then wearing my heart on my sleeve for 42yrs has been worth it.

  1. Wow its funny that you said your house has been littered with spirits. My daughter has been talking about people now… Not just the guy in her room. When she said that, I let my guard down and felt one extra person in her room both spirits were standing next to each other. I asked her where they are and she told me exactly where the new spirit was standing which confirmed what I felt.

    Now I’ve also been seeing things, like those waves that I said I was seeing before that you said was earths energy. Except this time they’ve been moving and when I see them it’s not in my peripheral vision like before whenever I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. The reason why I’ve been second guessing my sanity (lol) is because I’ve been saying for awhile that I know I’m going to start seeing spirits like I used to as a child I just know it. I know I shouldn’t second guess my “knowing” because like you spirit has never failed me before. I just hope I’m not imagining things because I keep saying it’s going to happen.

    Well anyway I’ve also been tracking my sleep because I’ve been waking up so exhausted. For over a week now my deep sleep is 39-45% (according to everything that I’ve found 50% is normal). The app also shows at what times my sleep is light and deep. Until 4am I have rhythmic patterns of light and deep sleep but from 4am-5am sometimes up to 530 I’ll be in a deep sleep for 10 minutes and jump into a light sleep and that same pattern keeps happening for the hour. I’ve never felt so exhausted since I started moving here March of last year. This is coming from someone who exclusively nursed my daughter and lived off of very little sleep all the time and never felt this exhausted

  2. Kia ora SIS! Absolutely loving the honesty in your post.Have just recently started reading your “blog” and am so thankful that you have armed me with so many tools to slowly front up to WAIRUA-SPIRIT after many years of hiding-denial-unwanted expectation & truth be told FEAR. Spirit or “GHOST-BUSTING” as my siblings dubbed it in our household was just accepted! like reading the newspaper, Everybody lived it my uncles,Aunties,Grand parents…it just was. A lot of their stories i loved listening too, but treated them as pure fantasy! Imagine my complete surprise to hear you stating matter of fact these same self-said stories back to me through your blog Almost crapped myself he he. But that aside I just want to thank you & send you heaps of Aroha(love) & Tautoko(support) for your journey. I have always had that feeling of expectation from this side (& the other) that pull towards taking that next step…And it’s grown bloody exponentially since reading your blog. I never quiet get those people you talk about whom “Want” something exactly like your relationship with spirit! You and I know initially it is very personal…Even knowing where I am on the spirit path I could jump across any time i choose! but I wont as I know & like you regularly state all good things take time.

    • Kia Ora Bra, Wow….now I have two connections to home πŸ™‚ Yes, my childhood too was spent hearing the stories from my parents and Whanau. Tauranga is especially active. The famous Mound, Mt Maunganui, and of course Rotorua, Taupo. A Maori woman is known to be seen combing her hair at the waters edge. The local Iwi said she was luring men to their death. That was in Rotorua, The Wahine Disater, the Spanish Flu, all resulted in hauntings of Maori.
      I’m so glad to see Maori people embracing the Paranormal because growing up it was something my Kaumatua were too afraid of it. Because of the Tapus and stuff. So it’s wonderful to see generations of Maori embracing Spirit as opposed to fearing it.
      Do you send them over Bra or just investigate them? Also I’d love it if you told us about some of your investigations. Me especially.
      Can’t wait
      P.S where are u from Sweetheart? I’m from Palmerston North. But lived in Wellington for 8yrs before moving to the UK.

      • Hey Sis! Thank you for your generous reply. I definitely agree with your view point on our Kaumatua-elder’s being afraid of freely sharing or practicing spirit! I know they were just practicing what they were themselves taught but it wasn’t a very user friendly environment to grow up in(30 years ago).For us kids as soon as the “lights started shining” (gifts manifesting) our elders were contacted & they would “CLOSE US” was the term (if they could) with minimal explanation, it was just accepted by everyone.They done such a terrible job of preparing the next generation of people like yourself and my sister (she could almost be your spiritual doppelganger he he). Speaking of my sister Angela! she was a kid they couldn’t “CLOSE”, unbelievably our kaumatua tried to remove one of her guardians they reckoned for her own protection (i think you know how that went for them! they should have tried lassoing the moon)ha ha i reckoned her spirit judged her ready enough said.
        She has guided and protected me spiritually my whole life and in return I give her all the support,Energy and love I can when she does her spirit “STUFF” .I’m a born and breed Whakatane boy of Maori/English/Scottish descent. Had an awesome childhood though we had controlled contact with my dads family! he was trying to protect us by giving us real world upbringing & no maori spirit gumbo!.Didn’t work..If anything it “BOOSTED”. My Sister had everything you could imagine Happen from a young age! so she was accosted/prodded & taught by everybody and given the “FEAR” of god as that was the Maori way..She wouldn’t let it happen to me so I got the far better version..From someone I trusted & loved (lucky aye). I have many lazy habits when it comes to spirit! Probably due to my sister babying me. I have had visits my whole life.the feel,touch,hear,smell,get the vibration/hum,animal/faerie visitors (all the fricken time),Paralysis.Multiple Makutu’s-curses,Been the messenger for my sister (secretary she reckons)but not sight! Though I have never thought it anything other than normal cause my sister told me so lol.
        You would be proud out how far some of our kaumatua have come Deb’s! To overcome that heavily superstitious Maori upbringing. I guess like you say things happen for a reason! Our Kaumatua of old had constrained spirit with their beliefs & by guarding it jealously they couldn’t help it grow.Whom said you cant teach old dogs new tricks. The same Men that had tried “taking” my sisters Kaitiaki…have overcome that ingrained belief & realized like everything their ideas of spirit needed to evolve and adapt to flourish. They regularly get carted of around the world like sacks of Kumara to meet all these wonderful folk working with spirit! bet you it’s a humbling experience (old buggers). They are cool now like kids in a candy shop. They love my sister & I reckon in some form their experience with her helped them change.

      • Geez Bra sounds like you should be doing your own blog. Your story is in incredible. Seriously brother you need to be doing a blog or a book. When the movie comes out you can get Cliff Curtis to play you and Lucy Lawless can play me hahahahahahahahaha I’m serious about the book/blog though. I’d love it if you did a write up for my blog. My followers would love to hear your experiences from a Maori perspective. If ur interested email at

  3. In years past, I’ve called people such as those mentioned “monsters.” And I wasn’t being colorful or metaphorical. I meant it, with all sincerity, in the most literal way possible.

    To hear that these people likely have no Spiritual Elder sounds impossible. It seems incongruous. Yet it makes logical sense why it could be no other way. It seems nearly akin to being “soulless.” As close as one could get, at least. And perhaps why I was drawn to using such a harsh term.

    I have always thought the most “apt” punishment to wrongdoing, is to be shown a mirror (not a literal one) that would show you for who you really are. The plain, undeniable truth. Some people may not even see themselves for what they really are, which is why they can behave the way they do. To be shown that, I truly believe, would make most people at least WANT to change. But I wonder what THESE people would see in my “truth mirror?” Would it tell them what they already know……and would they even care? THAT is a scary thought.

    I have more to say about this blog post, but seeing how it covers so much, I’m going to break up my comments into separate posts, to keep different topics self-contained. Stay tuned…..

  4. how nicely you explain things.your an excellent teacher.I am proud of you my teacher πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ … hahaha.No seriously keep up this.But dont get vanished from Internet,otherwise how will we share and connect ? **shocked**

    • lol Thank you Sweet Sister. They said I’m allowed to keep the Blog and do my readings but that was it. I can’t wait to see where this comes out at the other end. I’m excited to see where it goes. I’m so happy right now. I feel free. Truly free. I can’t wait to teach people.

      • OK now I get it why I ‘m not hearing from you anymore… I kind of felt very lost for sometime.. But that is not important anymore πŸ™‚

        But I’m sure that whatever it is you are going through, it sounds really beautiful by the end of the day. Your blog about Kriss Donald was really inspiring. I felt so happy for him… wanted to give you hugs for doing this for him! Honestly, reading your blog makes me feel connected to my inner belief system.. I do not know how else to pen the sensations I go through. It is like as if I get every point of yours …

      • Thank you for your understanding and patience. I know it’s not easy for you right now. I came home with over 600 emails in total. In my Yahoo account . I was only gone from Sun-Sun lol

  5. Last phase of your training? Can I just say that is HUGE!!!!!!!!! I mean, it’s not often, in ANY discipline, that someone can tell you that you’ve learned all that you can and are now done. It just doesn’t happen. There’s always something new to learn.

    So to say you’re about done……well I already said it: “HUGE!”

    Prepare yourself, grasshopper. It is all about to make sense. Soon you will know what it is all about. Questions will be answered. The final pieces of the puzzle laid in place. And it’s going to be a wild ride. How could it not? I don’t think even you are fully braced for what you are about to learn. About to know. About to experience, But I bet it will be a wonderful and amazing experience, and, yes, probably a bit scary. Again. How could it not?

    And you will be a new person on the other side. You won’t just be you, you’ll be YOU.

    Utterly nonsensical circular talk. And yet, absolutely true.

    ……………………..did I just say all that???? I must be barking mad. lol

    And what’s with the He-Man reference? Surely a Jedi analogy would be far more appropriate. πŸ™‚

    • Oh God…….you make it sound so much bigger than I thought it did in my own head lol
      All they said was ‘My training was coming to an end, I’m not longer going to be the student.’ I always assumed I’d be learning forever. I mean I can’t have learned it all. I must be still going to learn little things but maybe they’re talking about the big things. Oh God…….Dr Who, what the fuck am I gonna do if it’s like BIG stuff……you know everything. You ALL the things I know, could they mean them? Am I gonna Quantum Leap into JFKs body or something? ARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH you’ve been on this journey with me for as long as we’ve known each other. You know everything no one else knows apart from Chris. Do you have any idea what they could mean? They said after I was done I’d and I quote ‘Rub shoulders with the elite and I must always remember with great position comes great responsibility’. But I don’t think they were talking ‘rich and famous’ lol That’s not my thing just now lol
      I didn’t know how to use Master in a Jedi reference at the time I wrote it lol

      • Hmmmmm. So did I misinterpret you, or did you miss the full significance of what they were telling you? Sounds like you’re not so sure either. Is this simply a graduation, or really a grand finale?

        And how much of my comment actually came from ME, if you get my meaning?

        I guess the “a bit scarey” bit I mentioned is starting early. But you know well they won’t give you anything you cannot handle. And given what you already know, what you’ve already done, what can you possibly NOT handle?

        Let’s look at it this way. You said the lessons you’ve recently learned have been both invaluable AND obvious why they were put off to the end. So ask yourself: what are those lessons preparing you for? What could you not do or not know WITHOUT having learned these lessons first?

        I’m a bit unclear as to whether you specifically laid out these lessons here, or if you’re just alluding to them, so I don’t think I can help you answer that question (yet?).

        Also reflect on the questions you have. The BIG questions. The gaps in your knowledge unfilled. Think about you destination. Where you are headed, and why aren’t you there yet? What piece is missing? You are becoming YOU. What part of YOU is incomplete?

        As for rubbing shoulders with the elite. That one is easier. These are obviously not the “elite” of today; but the elite of tomorrow. The leaders, perhaps. Good and decent people. Or spirits. Or……… Okay, so it’s still a bit unclear, but obviously a positive thing. Not a cause for worry.

        All will become clear in time.

      • I purposefully took my time answering this message because I was hoping by this point there would be an obvious answer for you but all I can say that since we had this conversation my life has never been better. I’m truly happy for the first time in 42 years. I’ve let go of so much. I’ve embraced so much more. You have to admit Spirit are genius. Of course the last lesson on my journey as a White Lighter would be to work on myself. I spent 20 years working on my gift, the other 22 working on everyone who was bought to me and 2 years learning about me. You knew the me from before I had my babies and the me I became when I started having all of those problems with my hernias. You know the amount of time I had to spend in bed etc….but two years ago I decided to fight it. I made the decision to fight all of these Doctors and I started healing myself. It has been the battle of my life LITERALLY and as I’m saying words Spirit popped up and said ‘J Dub has been on the journey with you too’ and their right. You and I became friends when I’d already done the first 20 and I was on the journey of finding others to help. You’ve been on the same journey with me. My divorce, my relationship with Chris, my marriage, my pregnancies, my experiences with all of our friends I’ve introduced you to. You and Mr are the only two people in the entire of the world who know EVERYTHING about my gift. And I mean everything. You know about The Council, all my Spirits, all my friends πŸ˜› the lot. This is why I love you because you have been on this journey with me like Mr has (which is why he calls you my second husband lol) and you make me sit back and think. Your my voice of reason lol Your right in that Spirit wouldn’t give me this final lesson if I couldn’t handle it. I’m also convinced this is my graduation because they said ‘I’ll no longer be the Student of the Universe I’ll be the Master of it’. I laughed because I immediately thought of the 1980’s cartoon and movie lol But it cant just be an introspective thing because don’t I need to learn more about my Time Slips? or why I keep feeling like I’m falling into holes in the world and free falling into space? Unless my suspicions on what Time Slips are correct and I was having to experience them to understand the true nature of what Spirits are. I have found since I started experiencing them I now have the ability to place myself anywhere I want to go. We are buying a new car and we’ve been driving from dealership to dealership trying out different cars and we were at home discussing them all and I was able to place myself next to the car I knew we were going to buy as it stood in car yard. I could feel the wind on my face, I could touch the metal of the car. I was drawing an outline of the back windows shape in the air with my finger because I was there touching the back window. I could hear my finger running along the glass. The only trouble was when I tried to walk around to the front to see the front of it I immediately got brought out of it.
        I got so pissed off with myself lol
        So I can’t be done for a while because now I have questions for them to answer and that ALWAYS takes a couple of months. I hope to God I find out why I keep feeling like I’m falling through reality into space lol It happened the other day when I was walking up stairs and it damn near bloody sent me down the stairs. It was like the wall and floor opened and I could feel my body being sucked through it. For a split second I’m surrounded by stars. Actually now that I think about it I kept seeing flashes of white light in the day leading up to it. That seems to be a running theme. I see flashes of white light and then a day or two later it happens. It’s a good thing I’m crazy or people would think I’m crazy hahahaha Whatever happens though guaranteed you’ll be told everything lol
        Thank you for being there J, I love you so much. I’m so blessed to have two of the best husbands a girl could ask for.

      • Aww, you’re so sweet. And you’re very much welcome. And it’s nice that they gave me a special mention for being there on your journey. It has been a while, hasn’t it? And for better or worse, neither of us is the same person we were when we first met.

        It’s funny that you decided to start fighting your doctors. Haven’t you been doing that your whole life? lol Perhaps past you was trying to tell you something. Although it’s so hard to trust doctors at all these days. No offense to most of them (some of my best friends are doctors), but they’ve been trained in a system that is just wrong, and thrust into a system that has lost the doctor/patient relationship, and caters to the insurance companies and government regulators, and puts faith in all the wrong institutions. A system that uses emotional blackmail to maintain the status quo.

        Indeed there are many questions you have left…but who knows? Maybe when this final lesson is complete, you’ll simply be able to answer them yourself. You already said you have suspicions on your time slips. Have you shared that here? I don’t recall it. But I have a feeling we may be on the same page there, because I think I’ve hinted at it as well. Our suspicions may very well coincide.

        And if that’s right, I think I may even know why you slipped back when you were “visiting” your new car.

        It has been quite a journey (thus far)……….what’s next??? :O

      • I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side Babe. You and my Mr are all I need.
        If you have any insight into why it is happening I’d love to hear it. I need to tell you about what’s been happening recently. I’d love to know what you’d make of it. It’s quite the experience lol I’m not scared because I trust The Council and if I need to go through this then so be it but I can’t figure out why I’m having it. It doesn’t make sense to me. So I’ll email you in a bit and tell you what’s been going on. It’s just not safe to talk here. The Walls have ears. I’ll explain in my email. Don’t worry my pc is protected, it’s my phone that’s given me cause for concern.
        But I’d love to hear your thoughts on all of this. You said you have a theory.
        Look for my email Boo.
        Love and Light

  6. I find it interesting that you repeatedly drive home the point that is not just about loving the world, but yourself as well. I feel that is the point that most people are going to have a difficult time embracing. It’s easy for a good person to love the world. Much harder to love themselves.

    A good person knows they cannot control the world, so they tend to give it a lot more leeway. More, perhaps, that it has sometimes earned. But a good person knows they CAN control themselves. And so every foible is exaggerated. Every misstep criticized. Even those that we honestly CANNOT control, because we feel maybe it SHOULD have been in our power to do so.

    And it can be a viscous cycle. If you’re hard on yourself, you start drawing from your bank, so that you have less to withdraw for the good things…..which can accelerate the cycle of being hard on yourself, because things do not get better, which feeds the cycle.

    Which is probably exactly WHY you harped on the point so much. Because it is both unobvious, and the point likely needing of the most care, for those who consider themselves “net depositors.”

    Also… there some sort of karmic teller out there that can give us a balance slip, so we know how much we have banked? lol

    P.S. I still use the word karma, personally. As I don’t really strictly define the word as having to do with the next life; but any and all returns on moral investments.

    • I totally agree with you here. This is what scared the shit of me πŸ™‚ My apologies for the language. I have always been a giving person. If I was aware of any unsaid words and hurt that causes agony, I give in to that person selflessly. I have always been consumed by the empathy cycle… I just can’t hold myself back if I find the other person in NEED (whatever kind of that need might be). But right now, I’m working out of my comfort zone for the first ever time in my whole of my life on this earth! I’m being very mean and self centered in a very very obvious way! I’m telling people off if they don’t serve my purpose. I’m no longer afraid of hurting someone’s feeling because they are hurting mine. This is coming so naturally too… in a scary but exciting in funny way.. interestingly, I feel I know the future… but still I do not know the future… I know I am going circles in my words…But, I just feel that there is one more big dip and then out I’m into a greater field of love and light! It is that dip I’m worried about. I’m totally exhausted and if that dip has to happen I want it happen right way and be done with it!! Well all this is going off-tangent! But, I’m just enjoying reading all your posts here for Debbie! It is lot of work! and so much exhausting!

      • Yes, it’s a bit hard to follow what you’re saying. πŸ™‚ But thanks, I’m glad you enjoy my posts.

      • Hello Dub,
        I didn’t mean to confuse you. All I meant was that the point of loving oneself pointed out by Debbie was scaring me :). And I am enjoying the discussion both you and Debbie are carrying out!

      • Thank you Sweetness, J Dub is my best friend and has been for many years. My Husband jokes and calls him my Second Husband lol J Dub is often the calmer influence or more often my voice of reason lol He knows me just as much as ny hubby. I love him just as much too just in a different way. Lol

      • No worries. πŸ™‚

        And we’ve known each other 100,000 years….so we tend to go on and on with each other. πŸ™‚

      • You get to a point in your journey when you stop fighting trying to have control of everything in your life and just give in to Spirit. You can’t be on a Spiritual journey if your not being raked over the coals for being a dickhead by Spirit. Spirit strip you back and build you up and strip you back and build you up so many times on your journey by the end of it most of what you knew in the beginning turns out to be wrong or your going through so many changes on your journey the person you were when you started compared to what you are at the end of it are like day and night.
        But this is our life. We chose it. We have the faith in Spirit to know we live and learn and it’s for a good reason. You’ll come out the other side calm, and at peace with the world and with yourself. Just keep your head down and get through it and know that in the end you’ll be holding your head up high and you’ll soak it all in. The highs and lows of our journeys take you to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. But that’s the life of someone on a Spiritual Path or Journey.
        Keep the love lit my Sweet.
        Love and Light

  7. Hello You Wonderful Person,
    I’ve just found your writings, and they ring true. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I wish I could meet people of your knowledge and caliber off line, to drink tea with and talk.
    Much love and respect to you.
    Tabby x

    • Hi Tabby, thank you so much for kind words and support.
      Why don’t you join my forum so you can have a chat with other like minded souls? I pop in when I can. My best friend J Dub seems to be doing a great job.
      However I’m always here.
      I’m thinking of doing online Classes or Talks but I’m having trouble finding time just now but I’m determined to give talks.
      Maybe we will meet oneday if I’m ever on the road lol
      Thank you again for your support.
      Love and Light

      • I’m coming in tonight Boo. But from what I’ve seen its all good. Its taken you 630 years to finally realize you were my student. I would of told you 15yrs ago but Jeez boy you fought me every step of the way lol Hows Finney? He’s been hanging around so I’m assuming it’s because you’ve powered up. You Mr Dub were my first follower. Before Mr even believed in me you were there. If I rise so will you. Don’t you get it? The long emails the silences etc….?

      • Despite having repeatedly assured me you tell me everything, I’ve long suspected there’s stuff you’re told to NOT say, or even mention that you’re not saying it. lol

        I don’t know about powered up though. I’m working on it…..although you probably mean Spiritually, whereas I’m mean physically. But it’s far too soon to tell.

      • Lol Ive told you everything. Even the stuff that has put my life on the watch list. Put it this way. You know about things I don’t put in the Blog. What does that tell you? Lol if it’s not in here its not allowed to be. And you know what I’m talking about. Like who the Council are and stuff. I trust you. I know you’d never talk. Unlike Mr. Who blabs to everyone who listens lol

      • In my Society you’d be my Second in command. You pick up where I left off. Your my 2iC. You are the only person on the planet that could write about me accurately lol

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