I’m not a Medium?

People keep asking me why I don’t do Mediumship when I clearly talk to Spirit in a Mediumship kind of way.

For me I’ve always been dubious of the word because it conjures up middle aged women with scarves in their hair, with giant wild hair, tons of make up, flowing clothes, bright colours every where, the house stinks of incense and cat pee lol They have scarves and pashminas and silk squares with ethnic tones on them. Loads of rings on their fingers and long nails.

My gorgeous big sister is a Medium and it’s because she is so good I have faith that not all Mediums are flaky, and cold reading people for large amounts of cash.

She is the reason why I always give the less financially comfortable free readings or if they insist, they can make a donation. Some dear souls are simply too proud and insist on paying something. So I tell them to make a donation to either me of their local supermarkets Cat and Dog rescue donation bins.

I’m the antithesis of everything I described up there. My sister is too. She has this incredible Aura about her. She hums and glows. I’ve been watching her do what she does so well for 43 years.

But my sister works differently to me. She prefers Mediumship to Prediction.

Me? I prefer Prediction to Mediumship and why is that? For many reasons actually.

1) I’m so scared of getting it wrong and letting people down who have paid financially and emotionally wanting to hear from their loved ones. To not bring them through when they pinned their hopes on it, would break my heart and knock my confidence. I could never forgive myself.

2) I can talk to your loved ones anytime I want. If your not bothered with wanting confirmation it was them with immediate visual answers and you just let them talk and answer your questions then I could do that till the cows came home. Eventually they would step forward so I could describe them for you.

I don’t do Mediumship because I understand how it all works.
It is far out there for a lot of people, but what I’m about to say but I’m just the messenger.

When we die, we go from being a physical body with a soul, to an invisible light source of pure energy. We are the same but more powerful as the energy that runs your homes but this energy has the ability to travel through space and time. To the future, the past, into Space, visit other planets, other life forms join them, they visit their past lives, they go back to the spirit world to help out and when they are wanting to they can be reborn and live through another lesson.

But as with all energy, it’s infinite and at it’s best when it’s strong and powerful. Full batteries if you will. If we died and stayed in our physical form we would take up space. We’d have to go somewhere. There would be a crowding issue lol

But as energy we are one. You can’t tell us apart. All living beings are connected to each other both genetically and psychically.

They are essentially our twins. We are meant to be at a point in our Spiritual journey where we can talk to them all telepathically. We are to eventually be a species of human so highly evolved, we can talk without speaking. We will no longer be able to talk. We will lose the ability to talk vocally.

We will be healers and death will be a celebration because it’s going home.

We will live for hundreds of years. New diseases will be cured within hours of contracting anything. Old diseases will be forever locked in the history of all time like Tuberculous, Polio and Leprosy.
They will come to an end and be a part of our chimp based existence. Bones will be healed in minutes, tumors won’t exist, if any organs die or get damaged in any way we will just grow new ones and print them out.

We won’t age. Only accidents, suicide and murder will kill us before old age will. But we will be living in such an advanced Medical and Psychological era, people won’t be angry and stressed out and if you get medical help quickly you could survive most injuries and illness.

Taking drugs will be for a recreational thing only as they are the source of much great inspirations in music and art.

But people won’t feel the need to take enough that they get addicted.

We will be happy, spiritual beings. Eventually there will be no crime. People will be happy. But in the odd case where it happens, the murder would have to be done where no medical help was possible because we will pretty much be able to cure anything. And this isn’t in the far off distant future, I’m talking in my life time.

I, neigh you, may very well live to 200 plus with your siblings and parents etc…..but your great grandchildren may live to be 1000. We will be learning souls, and helping each other. On earth and other planets.

I believe that once we have a majority of Spiritual people on the planet after the cleansing our friends from other planets will come down and introduce themselves and they will teach us many things and we will ALL be equal. No one will stand out from the other. We will all be one.
You’ll all be in for a shock when you realize Greys, Blues and Greens don’t exist. Neither do the 10 feet blonde Humanoids. It’s actually quite insulting to them. They are Navigators, Healers, Technicians and Teachers. Each species has a different skill that no other have. They share their technologies and discoveries.

I know this sounds nuts but I’m kind of past trying to prove m sanity at this point.
I’m embracing my full crazy now coz it’s making me so happy lol

It sounds incredible I know, but communication with any of them, living, dead, ET, future selves etc…isn’t possible if we didn’t have that connection.

We have that connection because we are one energy.

I feel Spirit, because I am Spirit, I feel planets, when they are distressed or upset especially because I am the planets. They hum, I hear the hum. When they are happy, distressed or sad they hum at different frequencies. It’s incredible. I share the same energy as the planets, as your deceased loved ones, as you, as the cows and ants and grass, fish, birds and trees because we are all of the same energy.

This is why we share our DNA with Daffodils, Apes and Pigs etc..we are all one. We all started out as a thought for the greatest and ultimate consciousness.

Because we all started as space dust that was sparked by the sun which was created first along with the moon, we all share the same connection, genetically and physically.

We started as bacteria which grew into everything, that then evolved and traveled and created and made and grew and discovered and learned and taught and procreated. From that bacteria turning into living organisms that grew into other water based beasties, they all left the water to escape the quicker evolved beasties.

But we eventually figured it out and started walking, singing, inventing, painting etc, but through all of that people forgot the fact it meant we all came from the same thing. We all came from that one explosion, that one push through the Universe, we all came from the one organism, means when we die, we are going home to family. Time is nothing to Spirit. So the past lives, future lives, present life, mean nothing.
It’s all just all existence existing at once and Spirit can jump back and forth between it all and now so can I.
It’s awesome, just physically painful lol

We visit Spirit in our sleep. They play out roles in our dreams. Other beings also. Sounds nuts but it’s true. You just don’t remember them. Why though?

Because we are all the one energy. Like a Battery Charger. We all get plugged in to the same power source even though we are all different species.

This I know because I talk to them. This is why I refer to all the dead as Spirit. Including my family and friends I’ve lost. Because they are all one.

Mediums call on Spirit. They turn up to work and expect our loved ones to come through to whoever needs it most. And that is wonderful.

My sister I know has so much respect for Spirit, she made me brave and it taught me that it’s okay to not be normal with your gift. And that I can only find it when I go on the journey to look for it. It won’t come to me.

But because of this relationship I have with Spirit it means I’d never want to intrude and expect them to drop everything for me. So I leave the door open. My clients know I only bring them through if they step forward.

To me, they are the same energy as everyone else. They don’t look like anything. They’re an invisible but with a voice that talks to me telepathically so they will answer all your questions if they want to and eventually they might choose to step forward but for me they don’t have to.

If they choose not to step forward or there is not enough energy for them to step through it doesn’t mean anything other than they didn’t step forward. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you. They either have no energy to come through or they know their turning up might be too upsetting. That’s it. But for me I will never put that on them to find the energy to come through.
They know they don’t need to step forward for me because I don’t expect them too.

They know my door is always open. Any of you reading this I’ve done readings for who’s loved ones have come through during your reading on the rare occasion know it’s a big deal for me because I don’t do Mediumship. To me they are all the same until they step forward.

My sister said to me ‘If you talk to Spirit, then your a Medium.’ Which she is right. I talk to Spirit and I work as the Medium between this life and the next. But the difference being I let them make the call. If they have a video phone and the connection is good they are welcome to turn the camera on. I’d never stop them. But if they are more comfortable just texting then that is perfectly fine too.

There is no pressure from me. It’s how ever they feel comfortable and have the energy for. It takes up very little energy for Spirit to talk telepathically than it does to show themselves.

But when you talk to yourself in your head and your voice (or not) answers you back, stop to think about the fact it might not even be a Spirit answering you back. It could be the tree outside, or someone in the next Galaxy over. Picking up on your thoughts because they tuned their Pineal Gland in a search to find an Extra Terrestrial Life lol

Things that make you go Hmmmm…….

We are ALL one. Everything organic is ALL one and The Universe is made up of the consciousness and light of every single bit of us organic souls. So I don’t do Mediumship because Spirit don’t need the big production. One day we will all be Mediums and Psychics.

But the trouble is, we are no where near ready to have visits from beings on other planets. We are no where near ready for such information.

We still hunt Whales and execute guy people. We eat Cats and Dogs and abort babies at 8 months old. Until we sort this shit out.

While people like Kanye West and his husband Kim Kardashian are rich and famous we will never evolve.

I’m not a Medium because I don’t need to be. Like I can read for you without even knowing your name or date of birth or needing a photo, I can talk to your Mum, Husband, Sister, Dog, Tree or Child etc….. Because we are all one energy.

Do you understand? Did I explain it properly?
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5 thoughts on “I’m not a Medium?

  1. Thanks for this Deb. Kind of confirms something I’ve been listening too. Have you heard of Ken Wilber, he kind of explains it in a scientific way, but it corresponds with what you have just said.

  2. What I mean is while people allow themselves to be caught up in celebrity and trying to be famous and while we are allowing bombs to drop on kids in schools for power and people are being starved and hacked to death for oil and gold etc…as long as this society of fame and greed and culture of crushing others to get what they want is allowed to go on. As long as ppl want a quick fix and not put in any effort we will never be allowed to grow and evolve as a so called advanced species. It will take about 200yrs for this to happen. It started with Water Babies and ends with Air Babies. We all had an extra part of our brains unlocked. We are few in number compared to the total population but after the cleansing things will change.
    Anyone who thinks they’re Spiritual will be tested. If they fail they will have to learn all over again because if you didn’t know this stuff or how to survive it all, if you’ve put rose tinted glasses on so you don’t see it then your not a true Spiritual. Spiritual doesn’t just mean meditation and burning incense and giving yourself an Ethnic name. It means enduring hardships on a deeper profound level to most ppl, having faith and rising above it in the name of Spirit. Giving up your life to help the suffering. People are being allowed to believe that Empath means psychic and White Lighter means Spiritual. Because noone wants to learn the truth the right way. They all want to get Spirituality delivered in less than half an hour or your money back. If you don’t live for it. Your not it. People make money from insulting the very thing they claim to be all about. I can’t stand watching ppl abuse the privilege and I’m tired of watching people make a mockery of Spirit and The Paranormal. Spirit and They up there have had enough of fakes and frauds. Religion and the Monarchy will no longer exist. No one will be allowed to be famous without cause, hard work and effory. Not because you had sex with someone and put it on the Internet. At the end of the day I don’t give a crap if you like what I say or not. The truth hurts those who refuse to listen. I’ve spent 20yrs warning ppl and endured being called a joke and a nut job. But I don’t care. If you don’t listen and at least investigate my claims then don’t come to me when you need help to cope with it. I’m going on the road to teach people how to embrace their Spirituality by way of living it. You do what you like. It really doesn’t bother me. But if your going to constantly try to undermine me in my blog then it’s best you unfollow me. I welcome mature, intelligent conversation. This isn’t any of that. Your just upset with me because I counter argue your knowledge and understanding of what I talk about. If you don’t like it my Darling please feel free to unfollow me. I don’t do this to win friends. I do this because I speak the truth. You’ve talked about shit loads of stuff I disagree with but not once have I felt the need to undermine you in your Blog. Feel better for doing it Darling ? I wish you nothing but love Sweet pea. Xox

  3. I can totally relate to your point (1), about being afraid to get things wrong and feeling bad you let someone down. I know I can be a bit flaky about committing to things sometimes because of exactly that. Once I tell someone I’m doing something, I expect myself to follow through. If I feel there’s a chance I cannot follow though, through my own failings or through unexpected events out of my control, I’m very hesitant.

    Also, I hate when you talk about this big bright future. 🙂 It makes me long for it. And having seen the status quo for so long, with no signs of change, I always fear that future is going to get snatched away before we even get a taste of it. You paint a beautiful picture of something I fear we’ll never get to see, because all signs are pointing against it.

    But I do still love to hear about it. 🙂

    • Human constraint is what stops most people being what they are meant to be. By which I mean it is us who stop ourselves from achieving Spiritual perfection. We allow things to distract us. But it’s okay because you learn and experience as you meant to. Most people can’t bring themselves to let go of the fear. The fear being the unknown. It took me 4 nearly 5 years to let go totally. Now I give my all to the unknown. I only have one condition or rule when I made my deal with Spirit.
      As for my talking of the New Renaissance your preaching to the choir Babe lol I too say ‘Bring on the Cleansing’ everytime I see some injustice created by one of the ‘infected’. Lol The Infected is what I call those who have power and influence and abuse it. I call them the infected because they weren’t born evil they were infected by greed and power. We know that the cleansing reaches its climax while Obama is still in office so it has to be before the next President is sworn in. The next person elected to be America’s leader will be Hispanic and he will be known as The Speaker. He will speak on behalf of the people and will be removed the second he tries to take advantage of his power. Nothing will be done without consent. I’ll do a post spelling out the New World and what I know causes it. It’s time people knew so they can prepare.