The Pineal Gland: The Magic Acorn

Most people have no idea that this little beauty even exists inside their brains but it does in every single Mammal on the planet.

It is shaped like an acorn. It is found in religious iconography, the Egyptians knew about it, they think it is why their heads look like acorns in some Hieroglyphs. Buddha has a giant one on his head. In religion is has great occult significance. The Catholics and Buddhists especially.


The Pineal Gland. An Acorn shaped part of our brain that most people will know as the Third Eye.

So what is it? Well I’m going to put it in terms you will all understand.

Imagine your a computer. Spirit and The Universe are the Internet Service Provider and your Pineal Gland is your WiFi.

Some of us were born with our WiFi on all the time, some have to dial it up and some have just need to tune the WiFi they already have.

I like to exercise mine. Maybe it’s why I can do the things I can do now. It is a possibility I only just recently thought of. That maybe there is a correlation to how I exercise my Pineal Gland and why I can fall through time, travel to the past and future aka Time Slip.

But I started to train my Pineal Gland more because I wanted to stop do readings in my home and do them on line. I can read for anyone. Having never met them, never seeing their face, or knowing their date of birth. I can read a persons future and time slip to their life, past and present even their past lives.

I have Infinity G connection to the Universe. I can feel space now just by opening my connection up. I have recently been visiting my past. I smell the smells, see the images, feel the environment around me at will. We are pretty sure I’m releasing DMT into my brain.

So I won’t just remember when I was 9 in the 80s, I go back there, so easily. I see me, through my child eyes and of that of a Spirit. For anyone to feel me they would think I was a Spirit.

I can hear the commercials playing, and they give me the same feelings and emotions as they did back then. How do I put? I feel as the Spirit me what the real me is feeling, when I (my Spirit or highest self) looks at things my past self see’s lol

But it’s cool. I get to relive those feelings of seeing Cabbage Patch Dolls for the first time, seeing Duran Duran play their videos on my TV. The food I ate etc…..but I relive the feelings. I’m so there. But I can do it with other people too. It’s the weirdest thing to try to explain. And I do it any time, any place. But I have to make sure I’m seated or laying down because I have been knowing to jump up or move about thinking I’m doing what the subject is doing.

I recently experienced the funeral of someones Father back in the 80s too. It was in Detroit and it was an African American mans funeral. I tuned in at the point where the hearse was being moved to the front of the funeral parlor to bring the coffin out.

Everything was a mustard yellow colour. The curtains and carpet, the drapes of the hearse, the shirts of the people working at the Funeral Parlor. All a horrible bright 80s colour lol His casket wasn’t a normal colour either. It was a lovely casket though. He had long wavy hair, the man that died. There were so many people there. His Spirit was with me too. He was telling me about how he had grown his hair for 20 years and he was a hit with the ladies etc…had some minor fame in the 50’s. He was such a sweetheart. He was so in love with his daughter. She was his everything. I don’t think he was with the Mum at the time of his death but this daughter is the apple of his eye.

He was so sad to leave her. His heart gave out. He wanted her to know he didn’t feel a thing. ‘It was just too much of a good thing’ he said. But he must of only been in his 40’s though. Late 40’s at a push. He was a big man. Easily 6’4. He laughs a softer gentler bray not unlike that of Eddie Murphy’s laugh. He wanted me to assure her he was okay. But I said to him ‘I’m not here either though’ lol he looked at me like I was nuts, or he was lol

The thing is though…………………………..

I have no idea why I saw it though. I wasn’t with anyone at the time. I explained it all for my husband but for the first time ever he couldn’t come up with an explanation.

Sounds insane but I don’t care lol You can believe me or not. But there is no denying my gift has a twist to it that no one else has. All because I know my Pineal Gland better than anyone.

You all know it. When your Pineal Gland is active you will hear a buzzing or humming, you might tingle, jingle, buzz, hum, fizzle, sparkle, vibrate,. People will often see lights after they get the buzzing and humming.

People will more often than not feel the activation of the Pineal Gland just before or after they hop into bed.

The Pineal Gland becomes active when you sleep because Spirit need to come and work out your dreams for you to interpret. But every now and then it will activate just before you go to sleep and it scares the Shit out of you. They’ll get buzzing or humming under the covers, the bed might feel like it’s vibrating. You can hear a high pitched noise, ticking, it can feel like fizzing or muscle spasms but on the bed clothing or leg. Your head might get pins and needles and get itchy, your ears might ring as well. You have this feeling in the pit of your stomach and often you’ll see a little light flying about the place. That….is Spirit. And what happened was your Pineal Gland popped up and started to send out a signal (the buzzing, fizzing etc…) and a Spirit responded (the light) but it knows it’s come too soon and tries to hide lol I think it’s the cutest thing ever in the whole world. Some don’t hide, but most of them will.

So don’t be afraid. It’s nothing to be afraid of. To stop it just do something that wakes your mind up. Your perfectly safe.

But the exercises I created to keep my Infinity G wifi connection strong I am convinced is the reason I’ve been experiencing what I have been.

Imagine if I could sell it in a bottle how rich I would be lol

If I had time to write a book, well………………..I’d probably be certified because no one would believe me lol

Thank you to my patient, loyal Followers and Clients lol the fact no one with a white jacket and padded room waiting for me has turned up yet it a miracle lol
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25 thoughts on “The Pineal Gland: The Magic Acorn

  1. How exactly do you exercise it? Mine just randomly opens on and one of the signs is pressure on my forehead where the third eye is. I can open mine up if I want to. Just thinking about my third eye now makes it open lol weirdest thing tho is its more than just pressure this time it feels like a cold breeze my daughter’s father tells me I’m crazy but I definitely know that I am not too šŸ˜‚

    • It does just randomly turn on. It’s supposed to. It’s what alerts us to the unseen. You’ll often experience a fuzzy head or high pitch squeak as its connecting as mine is now talking to you about it lol. When I’m about to read for someone I read their their questions then I sit and wait. When Spirit connect, the second they’re ready my Pineal Gland bursts into life like a wild fire and I’m bouncing if I don’t start the reading. It’s the coolest feeling. I’m totally zoned into the client. I can smell them almost. Some clients just connect the second I hope the email. Some need time. But if the person I’m reading is fully open to it, I have to be pulled away from them.
      All because of an acorn in the middle of my brain. So so cool. I must look to see if it’s in the same part of the brain as the cannboid receptor. You can tell me we weren’t designed by a genius lol

      • lol just reading your post gives me an airy feeling….i really do love being spiritual. Not happy about the constant weight battle though šŸ™ but i would rather be spiritual and battle my weight then be clueless to everything going on around me. Also, the energy in my house has changed and now my daughter is talking about people. I focused on her room after she told me and I felt 2 people (both males) now and I asked her where the people were and she said 1 people right there and the guy right there. I love when my daughter validates me šŸ™‚ She did tell me that she got scared and when I finally pulled it out of her she said the guy was wearing a mask and he scared her. I’m thinking he showed her his death state and she found it scary. I told her that the spirits are not allowed to scare her and if they do they need to leave. I said if they scare you again tell them you cant scare me get out of my room and she did. then a few days later she said the same thing get out of my room you cant scare me as i was putting her to bed and I havent heard anything since. I know the guy is still there and im pretty sure the other one is too but I think he’s behaving. I know at least one of them was bothering her sleeping because she was fighting my nap. The guy has yet to scare her so I think it might the other one. I do do my protection before bed so I know whoever is there isnt anything naughty. I just know it’s a new energy because it just feels different to me, definitely doesnt feel like negative to me either. Phew! So glad my daughter picked me. If she picked someone else they probably wouldve thought she was nuts and closed off her gift….

        So exercising is just opening and closing your 3rd eye or is there more to it and maybe im just not ready for it?

  2. That’s pretty cool that you can actually go to your own past (rather than just remember it, like us noobs lol). But I’m sure glad I don’t have that gift. I’d probably find a nice corner, and you’d never hear from me again. šŸ™‚

    You know, on a rare occasion I have been awoken by a muscle spasm. Now you make me wonder if that was an actual spasm, or just the sensation of one?

    • Lol well….don’t yell at me but when I was training my Pineal Gland I would come visit you lol I’d see you in your living room or preparing something in the kitchen to eat. When you lost Adam etc…..I pop in on you all the time.
      The last time I came something smelled off in your fridge lol I wish I could put into words what it feels like to be back in the 80s lol or 17th century etc….but for some reason they want me focusing more on the 80s just now. It’s insane lol its like I’m being allowed to relive my childhood again. Why I don’t know but I wondered if maybe this is a progression of the Time Slips? What do u think Dr Who?

      • As long as you’re not picking an inappropriate moment to pop in. lol So you’re able to do it whenever you want? Cool. But just the present? You’ve not popped into my past at all? Although if you’re confined to the 80s, I don’t know if there are too many interesting highlights for you to hit there. šŸ™‚

        So–uh–what’s going wrong in my fridge? I’ve got a jar of minced garlic in there that sometimes wants to share its garlic-y goodness with everyone. But other than that, I don’t know what you’ve been sniffing.

        I absolutely think this is a progression of your time slips. I mean, how are they substantially different? What’s interesting is how that Spirit that had passed didn’t recognize that you weren’t really there, that you were practically like him, in a way. Maybe it was just because he was new and still a bit confused and adjusting. Or maybe this is giving you a taste of what it’s like to BE Spirit. Or maybe it’s a taste of how we’ll ALL be in the far future. I don’t know.

        What I can’t quite understand is how you can be there AND here, since you’ve said a person cannot exist in two places at once.

        Heh, I think all this talk has opened MY pineal gland a bit, cause of got a weird feeling. Just sort of a very mild lightheadedness, that’s kind of all over my body.

      • Well if Spirit thinks you should focus on the 80s then there’s obviously something there that’s important. Go with the flow šŸ™‚

      • Then perhaps there’s something in/from your childhood that is important for you to see. Maybe you’ve forgotten. Or maybe just “remembering” it isn’t good enough. Or maybe it’s something you didn’t personally experience, but will tie into something you DO remember.

  3. hii dear, šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚
    Yes I know about this pineal gland thing ,we call it in our language “kundalini shakti”.As shakti means power kundalini is coiled like serpent around your chakras once awakened one can feel like you exactly.As once I said I had the experience of buzzing sound like tuning into radio at bed ,much before that ,as you said about vibrate my body gives a strong and sudden vibrate or jerk from within like something is throwing out of my body .. That happens particularly during sleep but I wont call it full sleep as I am half awakened at that time..after some time my head starts aching like a heavy pressure flow ,but all during sleep…Even Sometimes I see in sleep white, bright and strong light in my eyes or forehead ,I felt that may be may be thousands of white lights are illuminated,after that a sensation like complete bliss and positive feeling approaches…one more thing I odsnt know whether you willl believe it or not,in India as you know there are thousands of temples ,whenever I step into some temple a strong electrifying thing circulates withing my body ,like( I am explaining) if you touch any electric joint or something and you get a slight shock ,like that it keeps on happening in my whole body unless and untill I am out of that place..

    • That’s incredible my darling Garima. Thank you so much for sharing. This will be a great lesson for anyone who wants to follow the Indian Spiritual Practices as well as people trying to master their learning of the Pineal Gland.
      You really do learn something new every day.
      Love to see your back. I’ll reply to your email today.
      Love you always dear Sister from a different Mister.

      • yes dear I love to learn something new everyday . Though I am not learning to master it.I follow what Lord Buddha and our age old 4-scriptures focuses on with scientific explanation , to focus on meditation if your too busy atleast one hr and if relaxed then two hours.But my present schedule is so tedious that its happening during šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ ..haha I cannot leave you or your blog ..

      • I’ve never ever meditated. In fact my Teacher forbade it. She meditated for hours. But she told me It wasn’t for me and I had to promise never to try it. I wonder if she knew what my journey would entail and meditation could affect it in some way. She said it was dangerous for me. I was in my early 20s so she knew nothing of my time slips and rips in time etc……..I’ve never even once tried.
        I’m so relaxed most days I feel like I’m viewing my life through someone elses eyes that just happens to be me. It’s a surreal feeling being me lol
        Never once have I doubted or questioned why I shouldn’t meditate.

      • its actually different about you or people like you.You are gifted.Trully gifted..People like us who struggle out and tries to carve its life spiritually uplifted ,for them meditation is really helpful.Because we hardly get time or that exposure to focus within ourselves,to know our soul and the universe and its laws .And yes you mentioned many a times that your not allowed to do meditation.follow what your “guru” or teacher said ,that’s important ,your trust and faith towards your teacher will make you go far ahead of what you have thought.. šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

      • What happens to you when you meditate? What does it feel like? Do you have any idea why she would forbid me to do it? She pointed her tiny finger at me and everything lol but I never questioned it. Do you know why? I’d love to know. Even suggestions from ones who meditate.

      • I used to meditate. It would help with grounding and clear thinking. But I haven’t meditated in probably 6 months and it was only to ask a specific question. I don’t meditate regularly anymore and I find that my abilities have grown since I stopped. I agree with garima that maybe you don’t need meditation. Maybe meditation will make your time slips and other abilities too overactive? Not sure if that makes any sense

  4. when someone starts meditating ,tremendous headache occurs ,as a result once I took painkiller.slowly you will see the point between your eyebrows while closing your eyes in deep meditative state ,dimmed white light. slowly the light will glow brighter as you advance in your meditative state and duration and would become like thousand lights glowing at a time as I said I had this experience during sleep..when you will level up in this process you will see bands of seven different colours,as the colours of the chakras.The seven chakras situated from crown area of the head till lower portion of the human body.Those seven chakras have seven different colours -the rainbow one.The colours are associated with your organs like head,eye,ears,throat,heart,liver,kidney-uterus .These are associated with seven colours each,if u focus during meditation in the higher process all the colours would be visble and it will open the powers like you have.The highest level is opening your “Sahasradar” -“Crown chakra “of the head.Opening this ,one can skip time and can “time travel” like you ,all the unseen objects becomes clear ,even thoughts of others can be downloaded at will..Seeing the colours will make one healthy and with great immunity strength.You will not require frequent food and water like Lord Buddha ,One can master the five elements of earth.
    In my case I am much in the lower level as I lack practise.But I have it unknowingly during sleep (as I am discovering this now),I think I am much active during sleep lol šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ ..But sometimes I have this sensation like vibration,twiching,acute sensing of anything unseen present somewhere,can differentiate between positive energies and negative energies of houses,people.So I am aware now.I get that feeling naturally.Even as I said Electricity kind of flowing (I dont know what that actual term is) in my body when I been to positive energy fields.Also I feel sometimes cool breeze kind of thing, chilled breeze thing flowing (but I dont know where its coming from lol)over my head the crown area.
    In your case what I think during meditation some very strong or powerful negative energy can get hold of you ,may be you wont be able to controll it.Because during meditation you will be o.b and controlling them in half sleep mode I dont think would be that possible for you ,you may be in danger.Thats my view point.

    • I would like to add this a bit,I read in our 4 scriptures-that your pineal gland or “kundalini shakti” emerges to some without doing any kind of meditation.(I am typing from the scriptures directly) “For some it will rise up if its gifted by Guardian Angels of the Family lineage, people especially in childhood if sufferred from abusive childhood -mental trauma,search for love from withing makes you feel for God or the Greatest Spirit”

      • Well it is genetic in my family. We can trace it back on all four sides but the Arab side we can trace it back a couple of hundred years. No one else Meditates in my family so it must be genetic. I am mental but in a way that makes me fun to party with hahaha

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