My Time Slip Just Got Weird.

So…..I’m officially insane. Something insane happened yesterday. No one is going to believe this but I have witnesses so I know it can’t just be me. Right?
What happened?
For the last week various people in my house ie my son and husband and I have been seeing flashes of light inside the house. Like a camera flash going off inside the house. It lasts a split second and is bright enough to light up the entire house. It’s never happened at night. Always during the day.
But yesterday I was sitting on my bed replying to some client emails after I’d done a reading. I was just thinking of putting some music on and laying down to listen when a saw the flash. But this time I stopped typing to pay attention as to where it was and what it could be when I saw like a rip or tear in the middle of where the flash was and I found myself on tippy toes trying not to fall through this hole.

On this side was my bedroom and my real life. On the other side???????? It was outer space. Pitch black, stars filling my eyes, deadly silence and still atmosphere. I was losing balance.
It lasted about 4 seconds. But I remember every single detail.
My youngest came in and said ‘Mama I saw a white flash in your room did you see it? ‘ He’s  seen a few  at various times and mentioned it twice. My ex husband has seen it too many times to count.
Is it a Worm hole? When I time slip am I walking through a worm hole?
I don’t know. I need to figure it out.
I can tell you this. Its a thick atmosphere in space. Oddly warm.
But remember how I said Time Slips make me exhausted? I’ve been unable to do anything after this one.
I rang my ex husband at work the minute it was over. I was in floods of tears. I really thought either I’d actually lost my mind or I was having a stroke.

But can people who are happy and content have a mental break down?
He assured and reassured me.
I love him so much my Protector. It can’t be an easy job being my Protector.
I know people won’t believe me.
But I have to document it.
Any thoughts?
I wish I could study me under scientific conditions.
But as with Time Slips I don’t know when they’re going to happen.
And what does this mean for my family who see the flash too?
Will it happen again?
I’ll let you know if it does.
I’m so tired I haven’t even had the energy to eat. It’s physically painful too. No words can describe the pain.

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24 thoughts on “My Time Slip Just Got Weird.

  1. Um Debbie Hun
    You are so unique as it is and there is no telling what doors are opening for you next.
    I believe that you are gifted way beyond what u already know you are.
    You just have to explore more.
    Thank you

    • Thank you Sweetheart. I appreciate your support. It’s kind of stunned me. I’ve been in a daze since it happened. I just feel………’not all here’ lol whether that means mentally or physically I’m not sure. But I’m still exhausted. Even a Time Slip tiredness would done by now. I feel all………discombobulated. Totally and Utterly Discombobulated since it happened.
      Never before has this happened to me. I’m not scared. I was never scared even when I thought I was going to lose my tippy toe balance and fall through the rip on the side of my wall which was free floating, it wasn’t actually ON the wall. I didn’t think to look behind it. It all happened so fast. I knew I was sitting on the bed typing and then I started leaning side ways and everything went really slow. Like my life as I was living it was like I was living it in a bowl of jelly (jello if your from the US)and I’m standing almost like I was tipping, like the floor was tilted and I’m looking through this hole on the side of my room, about 1 foot and a half away from the window. Free floating about 5 and half feet in the air. It started as a small floating white light, that was so bright I couldn’t stare at it as it got bigger and bigger. It was big enough for a person my size could fall through it. Then I saw the stars and pitch blue blackness of the Galaxy. As I was making myself aware of the fact I was also sitting on the bed typing I realized I was tipping forward and might fall through.
      It took less than maybe 10 seconds from start to finish. I came to kind of leaned to the right like I was about to lay down on my side but stopped half way down. Then I realized something had happened and rang my husband. I thought maybe I’d died, or had a stroke or something lol what was I supposed to think? lol I realized now I should of looked at the clock. I don’t know if that was 10 seconds or 2 hours.
      The flashes of white light would suggest it is our Pineal Glands activating visually. That is fine, but the tear and everything???? Why me and not the other two who also have been seeing the flashes?
      Okay so it must be because of my gift right? Okay that’s fine. I wonder if this is what my 4yr old means when he says the floor in his bedroom opens up and he is scared of falling in? He also has said hands reach up from his floor, in the same place he sees the hole. If I was relaxed about my craziness I would agree he was having the same thing but how can you tell with a 4 1/2 yr old? I know kid tell stories but Train isn’t just any normal kid is he? lol My kid talk about Spirit the same way I do. So what is normal for me and my family might not be for the Cox Family or the Walkers and Smith, ya know what I mean? lol
      But your support really does mean a lot to me. The more people who embrace my crazy the stronger and more certain my gift becomes. Your my support crew. My Pit Crew. My Spirit Crew lol
      Love and Light

  2. We are interdimensional beings.What you experiencing is astral travel .Our Angels are actuall what we call extraterrestrial. You are being introduced to what is coming.Only a certain few will have these experiences ..for now.We are evolving like a snake shedding its skin.Its very uncomfortable.Welcome to the 5th dimension love.This a blessing not a curse……..Rickey

    • Hi Rickey it’s definitely not Astral Travelling. I know Astral Travelling. I can control my OBEs and it is only when I sleep. I don’t think I’m explaining it properly. I physically with my body go through a rip in time and can physically exist in the past and future now Space travel. With my physical body. It’s not something that i mentally or psychically. It’s actual physical in real time.
      It’s literally opening worm holes and stepping through. OBEs are when your in a certain state of mind where your Spirit leaves your body and free roams. I know all that. I mastered it years ago. But Astral travel doesn’t take you to the past nor can you interact in an OBE like I can a Time Slip. Plus I don’t believe in parallel universes etc….Spirit said it’s not possible for one Soul to live multiple lives. The burdens on that soul would be too overwhelming for one soul to take. But that there are people living in other worldly dimensions living but their souls are there own.
      But as I understand it Souls don’t exist in multiple lives at once.
      It’s so complicated I know.
      My darling husband is going to talk to his pal who’s a Quantum Physicist.
      Also I know it’s not a curse. I’ve nevrr seen my gifts as anything but. I’m just documenting it all so should I disappear people will know why. From what I’ve been told if I can master this I become a very dangerous person lol however my mind is trying to come to terms with what happened. I’ve spent a year trying to find someone who understands it. Trying to find Scientists who will take me seriously enough to study how this is posdible. You have to remember…..this isn’t happening when I’m sleep. It’s happening when I’m perfectly awake. Going about my business then my body does some where stuff and next minute I’m standing in Renaissance France. Where i can physically walk about. Touching things. Interact with the people. But to people around me I’m blind and moving really slowly. I can move around. Describe it in detail. Even to this day. I’ve been in the future too.
      But it’s hapoening in readings now too. Certain questions can trigger a slip. I will go to where the person was in their past life or to watch their murder in detail and I can walk around freely. Physically. I’ve never mediated in my life. I’m not on mind altering drugs or anything. It’s hard trying to figure it out because it’s something noone understands because it’s not something people do. There is no precedence. And the rest will assume I’m insane. But I’ll just keep documenting it. I’m just going to keep the faith and trust Spirit know what they’re doing. As long as me or my family aren’t in any danger I’m happy to learn. I do know it all happens when I’m content and happy.

      • Deb, I have a drawing that I want to show you. I had an experience that shot me into space, while I was awake, in the daytime during a 10 minute meditation. I went through what you call a worm hole. My Reiki Master was hooked up with me while it happened and she said she never saw that happen before. And yes, an OBE can take you in the past and present – I’ve done it. You or I should say “I” can absolutely react in an OBE just like in real life. I’ve done it – it sent me to the shrink but I did it, lol. Can you send me your email? I’d like to show you this drawing of where I was in space.

      • That is fantastic Donna. Well done Sweetheart. I told you didn’t I? Master an OBE and you can go anywhere. Past Present or Future. It’s the most incredible feeling aye? Well Done. Your now proof I might actually not be a nut job and know what I’m talking about lol haha my email is

      • It’s not so much mastering it Debbie it’s enjoying the ride while Spirit guides you. Sometimes it’s not so pleasant but these OBE experiences are so much more than just cool journeys. They are our energies, our Spirit, giving us messages or fulliflling a goal/path/job or request by other Spirits. This gets so complicated but all we have to do is ask Spirit and believe it or not – we get the answers. Just ask, it’s that simple 🙂

      • Oh but we are to be the Masters of our gifts Donna otherwise we are forever just students. But I’m a White Lighter and I can’t teach and preach if I don’t master my gifts. OBEs are something we do every night when our souls leave to be in the Astral Plain which is why its called Astral Travel because you transcend this plain to be one with the Univerese. Nothing we do in the name of Spirit is ever to be scary or complicated. People make the mistake of making it so much harder than it needs to be. We Have Out Of Body Experiences to Astral Travel. We are all one energy. Every form of life but the difference is you do it when you sleep or meditate. I do it wide awake and in the physical. It’s so complicated the only way I could understand what it was that was happening was to speak to Physists. But I can’t say what they told me because it will put my families life in danger. I’ve contemplated deleting all my posts and blog because of what they said. In the wrong hands it could be catastrophic. I have a large family and friends to protect. But I know my Society are nervous and the Councils last message to me would suggest the only ppl that come close to being able to understand the nature of my Time Slips etc…are Other Beings and Government Agencies. I’m just not prepared to discuss it anymore as I know my Blog is already on a watch list and I am just not prepared to discuss it in public now for fear of putting you all at risk. OBEs are exciting and harmless compared to what hapoens to me. It’s better it happens to me because as you said yourself you needed to see a shrink to deal with what happened to you in a dream and meditative state. I’ve had people turn up at my house that would send you to the nuthouse if I revealed what it all means. So its my duty as the Master of my Gift to protect you all from my experiences and it will be the last time I discuss it in public. So if you’re all reading this My Beautiful Followers it’s in the best possible interest for your safety and privacy I will no longer discuss my Special Experiences with you. Just trust me when I say I’ve made peace with what happens to me and will go through whatever Spirit want me to go through and The Council Allow but it’s getting very real now and I’m already on a few watch lists and had visits from ‘People’. It’s back to teaching you to Master your gifts and Understanding Spirit. We can’t teach or preach what we don’t Master. No one is your Master but you. I love you all. That’s why I have to stop.

      • Lol Thanks Babe. My Mum used to say ‘ Your such an easy going person I used to think you were on drugs but then I realized 5yrs can’t buy drugs’. People say they can’t figure me out but thats because I go with the flow. But I know I migh siund weird, cryptic or arrogant but it’s only because it’s hard explaining 42 yrs of something to people whos experiences are so different from my own. It’s like……imagine one day you woke up and you could speak a language no one else could. But when you try to find what the language is and it turns out noone else has even heard of the language and the closest you come to understanding it is through ancient scripts that only a few ppl in existence ever understood and theyre all dead. That’s my life. Trying to teach that to ppl without getting into trouble with anyone or coming across as arrogant, insane or weird is hard. It’s lonely. Anyone who takes the time to help me figure it out or wants to understand it quickly become my new heroes. I know I don’t sound the most sane but I am sorry if anyone ever thought I was stressed, worried or upset about my experiences. I’m clearly wording myself wrong or being read wrong. I don’t stress or worry about things outwith my control. I don’t waste energy on things that don’t matter so I can use my energy on things that do. I learned a long time ago stress is something best deserved on the big things in life. Im so laid back I’m horizontal I’m told. I’m passionate about my life. My Gift is changing yearly. I go through what I call power ups and I have no one else to share it with. There is noone who I’ve found who can say ‘i know what that is’. I have had one Teacher and she was out of my life 2yrs after I met her. She came in told me I wasn’t crazy answered all my questions then left. So for 40yrs I’ve been on my own. It was only when I had what White Lighters call The Revelation from The Council I knew my gift bigger than myself. I was 26 when it happened (it always happens between the age of 24-30 apparently) and I’d been left to figure it out. Your lucky. You have Reiki and its documented and wriiten about and practiced. You have a Master who can answer your questions and talk you into states of meditation etc…….but I have no one. However it’s important you all know if your reading stress or worry in what your reading then your reading it wrong. I’ve been in a constant state of love, life and happiness since the age of 28. If my mood is any different I say. But please just understand it’s not easy for me to say the things I say. There are consequences to it all and I’ve only just come to learn how to be social about because of decades having to stay quiet. You’ve never had to hide what you are. What you are is common knowledge. It’s not that way in my case so I may have a harder time putting it all into words. But what I do I do out of pure love and light and it’s my responsibility to make sure your all protected where necessary in the things I know to be dangerous. That’s all I meant. Please please don’t read me wrong. I’m just trying to communicate in a different language no one else knows lol

  3. I don’t think your insane at all. I do have some questions though. You said it only happened during the day, and your for lack of a better term omni present which is the only way I can explain it because your both in the here and now but for a few precious seconds in space from this tear possibly a worm hole if I’m reading it right. Is it possible that spirit is attempting to consiously teach you a new power to be able to be here and not only the future but perhaps in another realm? I’m just wondering is all. It’s interesting can you be in two worlds at the same time ? After all wouldn’t we has humans be a tad arrogant to think in all the universes. We’re the only ones? Is it possible someone or some spirit is trying to connect with you? Like I said I’m just wondering being on the outside attempting to look in too the spirit world knowing nothing so all I have are these questions.

    • I don’t know anyone else who has even had a remotely similar experience to mine. Science can’t even fully explain what happens to me.
      To be honest I would be terrified for just anyone to be able to do this because it affects you mentally. Your faith has to be absolute. Your Spiritual understanding has to be absolute. Spirit told my Teacher once just before she left to go back to Australia ‘The things she will learn no one can teach but us. Your time with her is done, now leave her to us.’ That terrified me because I wasn’t ready to let go of her purse strings. But in order to have these experiences you have to step away from your teachers and let Spirit be your guide. If you rely on your teacher to teach you how to connect your not really connecting to them by yourself. Your using your Teacher to be your connection which doesn’t make it a genuine call. By which I mean, if you have people helping you connect your not making a genuine call. Your call should be done through you, no one else. My Teacher only taught me one thing and that was Metaphysics and everything else I taught myself but she Yayed or Neighed everything. She answered my questions and bless her, that woman had the patience of a Saint. She was the one who told me I was too dangerous to meditate lol She forbid me from Meditating. She made me do it all myself because she said it’s not real if it’s done through other people. I think it takes a certain type of person to deal with a Time Slip and with the level of people on Anti depressants and mood stabilizers etc….it would be far too dangerous. Then you have those who would try to abuse the power. The Council forbid me from interacting, I am there for observation only. They know they can trust me. That can’t be said for some people. Like for example……gangsters could use it to kill the one that got away etc…thus interfering with the Space Time Continuum. People would kill Hitler and save JFK etc…and it would totally alter the course of history. Even good people would be tempted to interfere in things from their past. If I can control this and choose where I go and when. I won’t be telling anyone. I’ve already generated enough trouble over me talking about this stuff.