Dancing with Death

Over the last 3 weeks I have been inundated with people wanting my help then they don’t listen when I give them my advice. After begging me for help, they went against my advice and then had to come back to me when it went tits up.

I’m not an arrogant person, or cocky and I absolutely would never tell anyone they are wrong for trusting their own judgement BUT you have to understand something.

I work, I have two boys under 7, an ex husband who suffers from sever depression and I home school. I spend around 80 hours a week working doing my readings, teaching and answering emails/comments etc…..99% of the time, for free.

I have no complaints about that either. I love what I do so much. I really do have the best calling I get to have as a job.

BUT……….if I tell you ‘Do NOT threaten to leave him and pack your bags to scare him into showing you attention’ and then you do it anyway and he changes the locks and doesn’t reply to your texts,Β  then I won’t help you any more. I can’t. It’s not fair.

I won’t sit for 3 hours a night any moreΒ  at night in the cold giving you advice that you asked for that you turned out you weren’t even listening to and leave me alone not knowing if your even in the same building you started out in because you just decide to go look at Cars mid conversation then get upset when I don’t answer because I don’t know where you are. I won’t drop everything to help you any more like I used to. You too get one chance. (you know who you are).

I am spending my time sometimes staying up till 3-4am trying to help you. Giving you free advice and taking the time to listen to you. All this week I have spent dealing with people who don’t listen and it has pushed me over the edge.

I gave clear instructions on what you needed to do to protect your children and your home from the trouble that as been caused by not listening and you skim past the important stuff and rush through the process then wonder why it didn’t work.

Well I’m sorry but I’ve had enough. It is unfair to Spirit and to those of my clients and followers who actually listen and appreciate the time I spend helping them.

I will help anyone who comes to me. I turn no one away and if I can’t help (if it turns out it isn’t Spirit related or because I’m not in your area) I find people for you who can. I take what I do very seriously and you all need to start doing the same thing. Apart from not taking the advice your given and causing more trouble than you started with, your pushing away the one person who is taking the time to help you for free.

I’ve now had 4 people, 4, FOUR people go against my instructions in order to get ‘Proof’ their house is Haunted. Every single one of them then went and made things worse.

I am what I am for a reason. You know nothing of my gift, my connection to Spirit, my extensive knowledge after 43 years of doing actual experiments with my gift (on myself) and you know nothing of my Ability or Culture.

You might have paid Psychics and Mediums to tell you what you want to hear but when a Maori person tells you DON’T Fuck with a Tapu, Don’t FUCK with the Tapu. Your people might have been stone cold accurate but they aren’t Maori. They have no experience or knowledge of a Tapu and now my Kaumatua have forbidden me to help. I have been told by my Elders to step away.

I know your hurting, I know your grieving, I know your soul has been broken in two. I saw what happened. I feel the pain of you and your children. I know your questioning me and my expertise. Your grief stricken in the highest way and all I want to do is hold you. But I was asking questions trying to get everything together, all the information together so I could find you some Kaumatua in your area so they could help you lift the Tapu.

Then I get accused of being a fake. So I can’t help you any more and I won’t. I have protected your children but when you mess with Maori things and you do it using rage and anger you make it 100 times worse. Your Mediums put poison in the soul of your family. The very core of your family is now cursed basically, it’s the only way to say it and moving house and country wouldn’t fix it. I had to beg my Elders to even discuss it with me that is how bad a Tapu is.

To be so arrogant as to accuse someone who has spent countless hours helping you for free of being a fraud because you didn’t like the questions she was asking is not only arrogant but ignorant as well because I can promise you this.

I will have been the only Maori person who was offering to help you take this Curse off that has been placed on your family as well as deal with the Trickster you placed there.

You take the word of 120000 people on Facebook over that of someone who’s job it is to use graphics and art in photography and on computers every single day of his life is just well….stupid and I’ll tell you why.

He has the software to touch up your images and bring out the images you think you were seeing. He would of been the one to help you take the photos properly so you were without doubt of seeing Spirit. But because 120000 people gave in to what is called Brain Pattern Recognition which make up for about 95% of ‘Ghost Photography’ you take their word over the one you sought the truth from. But let me ask you this. If your Mediums are so good, the ones who put you in this predicament in the first place, if you trust them so much why did you come to me?

Now because of your anger and frustration you have driven away the one person who can actually help. Short of going to his family, or on the rare chance a Maori person agreed to help you (which would never happen by chance) your stuck with this activity.

The questions I asked you weren’t in judgement but to have all the questions ready for when I went to these people in Queensland I had been told to go to. They are Maori, they live in Queensland and they would of been able to tell you if it was a Tapu on the home or your family. They would of been able to help me make my diagnoses and they would of helped you deal with the Tapu bringing Utu. But because you didn’t like the questions I asked (to make a formal diagnoses of opinion) you now have no one.

Tapus are real. Tapus can take lives. They can make you deathly ill, infertile, bankrupt, homeless or insane. They can tear families apart and a lot of those who have them placed on them end up substances abusers or locked away (be it prison or psych ward). Mention the word Tapu to a Maori person and watch then recoil and refuse to get involved.

So you can make fun of me, you can call me fake or not real or whatever it was you said, but remember this.

You have children. It will get them too. And you just flipped the bird at the one person who was willing to help. FOR FREE.

So after a couple of weeks of being treated like this by so many people I am making this Declaration on Behalf of Spirit and Myself.

‘If you come to me for help and you don’t take my advice and do it your way which your entitled to do of course. Do NOT come back to me if or when it goes wrong as I will not help you unless I’m told it’s necessary by Spirit. I will no longer reply to your emails if after all the time I spend helping you, you don’t listen. They will be deleted and left unread once I know you’ve wasted my time because I can’t help anyone who doesn’t help themselves. So you get one chance and if you don’t listen I won’t help any more. I can’t. It is wasting hundreds of hours a month of my time better spent actually helping the ones who need it most and I won’t allow it any more.’


I know this might seem cruel but I have sat up 3 nights in a row now with someone who begged for my help and I sat until nearly 4am twice and 12am the last night watching her do the opposite of everything thing I said and now her man has left her because she pushed him too far like I told her she would if she didn’t leave it alone. Now she is wrought with despair having lost her boyfriend. That was time I could of spent well, sleeping for a start, or with my husband snuggled in bed all warm or helping someone else who has had to wait in line for so long. So I have decided I have to put everyone else first.

I’m sorry I have to be harsh but I’ve been pushed to the edge and tipped over after having to deal with this stuff every day for over 3 weeks now and I have to put those who actually need my help first. I’m not saying you have to agree with what I tell you to do. I’m not expecting you to even like what I have to say but what I am saying is ‘Don’t go against what I say then come back to me when your way made it worse’. Because I won’t give you the same courtesy I gave you when you first came to me. Your not respecting me, yourself, Spirit or my clients when you do it.

Helping people next to having my kids is my greatest joy. Please don’t ruin it for others, you hurt everyone when you hurt me and it’s not fair to them. I won’t allow anyone else to pay for your impatient, impetuous behavior.


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23 thoughts on “Dancing with Death

  1. Good on ya Debbie!
    Like what the f*#k! Have some respect for this woman people, she only has your best intentions in mind when she’s helping you. She is the genuine article, anyone who isn’t charging you for their expertise must be genuine, what does she have to gain otherwise??? Have some respect for her, the time she spends away from her family to help your sorry asses. Like Debbie said, You dont fuck with Tapu! All Maori know this, it’s that fricken serious. I would be listening and following every instruction she’s telling you if it was me in your position. I hope you wake up soon and realise the opportunity you just lost. Just don’t go discrediting this genuine, loving, caring woman because of the stupid choices you’ve made. Move on if you feel she hasnt helped you, be grown up about it!

    • Oh I’m so glad you spoke lol Because I don’t think she realizes the danger she is now in. I’ve impressed upon her the dangers of a Tapu but it isn’t sinking in. My Kaumatua have told me to walk away and I have to listen because I’m not going to risk a Tapu on my family. My Aunties were horrified I was even talking about it lol
      Your so protective lol bless.
      For the record though, I’m not upset or angry just frustrated. I’m not looking to be worshiped or revered in any way shape or form but if you come to me for help and you don’t listen then it goes tits up, please don’t come back to me to fix it because it is a slap in the face to those who came forward to help you in the first place and then you’ll see me protecting Spirit on a level only seen in movies. lol Some people don’t want to have to do all the hard stuff in life I guess even when it was them who created the trouble. But it’s their lesson to learn and I will just move on to the next person waiting in line because 99.9% of them do it so patiently. Thank you for your support Eho, Arohanui xoxox

  2. Totally agree with everything you have said! PEOPLE-STOP wasting Spirit Child’s time if you are NOT gonna follow her instructions. SHE has a life to live too! You should be ashamed of yourselves for wasting her time!

  3. I think that u definately need to draw the line on what u will and won’t do
    U said in your last post about having someone help like sort out your emails and stuff and I believe that will definately get rid of your abusers especially if u don’t see the emails
    U have been abused and u definately need to care for family before u help with someone who doesn’t want to help themselves
    I know u have a very special gift and u are called upon and do free work as well
    U will find the truest people r the ones who r willing to pay u money
    Thank u for being honest and Bold as that is what I love about your post

    • Thank you Beautiful, your right. I am looking at hiring someone to help me with my emails etc…I’m just gonna get this op on Thursday out of the way and then I’ll start.
      I love what I do, Paid and unpaid. I have the best job in the world next to being a Mama. And I agree with everything you said.
      Thank u for your understanding and support as always xoxox

  4. I love you and I am truly sorry. I wish everyone would love you as much as me or more! You are a wonderful beautiful soul. Thank you for helping all of us.

  5. That’s just awful! I do feel bad that her children are now cursed because this parent went against the advice of someone who knows wtf they’re doing!! But I have no sympathy for this person. Debbie you are an amazing person and even despite people who have no common sense you still keep helping. I applaud you, you’re a great person πŸ™‚

    • A Tapu is something Maori people fear. They are real and they can take peoples lives. They work because they believe they work and the more you believe in them the more they work. This poor woman has young kids who are now caught up in it and I can’t sleep at night knowing they are being left unprotected but in her refusal to listen because she thinks she is in the right, it is now going after her kids and there is nothing I can do but put a circle of protection around those babies. She is a prime example of what happens when ‘untrained’ people try to contact the dead and have no clue how to do it properly. She has to live knowing she caused this and bought it on herself and I can’t imagine as a Mother what she must be feeling. I just hope she finds someone she will listen to and she gets the help she needs.

      • That is just scary that someone would go against the advice of someone that knows what they are doing. Even just the advice you’ve given me felt right after you explained it to me. I listen to my intuition and it’s always matched your advice. I just can’t believe that she would put her defenseless children in the line of fire so to speak. I hope those children are safe from all the protective work you’ve put on them. πŸ™ this just makes me so sad

      • I hope so too. All I keep thinking about is those kids. I’ve protection around them as best I can but because I don’t have their full names I can’t do more than I could be doing. But being forbidden by my Kaumatua to go near it is something I have to obey. It’s so sad as you say.

      • Thank you Cortney but I’m no Martyr. It is so hard because even though I am White skinned I don’t consider myself white in the least. When I tick the box ‘What is your Ethnicity? and your given the selection I have to tick Black Other. I consider myself European Maori. But I am also Universal Spiritual which is my Faith (I created the name because it best describes my faith) I means my faith lies in Spirit and the Universe. As they are all one really. So are other beings on other planets. We are all related, connected, one. We think as one consciousness when we die but step forward to be identified to our loved ones. Which is why I don’t like calling myself a Medium. Oh Topic title for my next post I think.
        But I’m totally going off on a tangent there lol But I was also born an Empath. Which means I empathize not sympathize with my fellow beings. Be it human, Animal or Alien, if I see it suffering, I suffer too, if I see it crying for joy I cry too. THAT is what an Empath is. So when I come up against situations like this woman and the Tapu it is bloody hard for me because I have an internal battle going. My Maori side said I must listen to my Elders and of course Jesus I’d never go against my Kau Matua. My eldest sister took over when Mum died as head of the family and it was her that told me to walk away. I’d sooner go against a Demon than my sister lol She is a beautiful force of nature that one lol I simply adore her. But she scares me lol But do I follow my faith and help because it involves children, or do I feel her pain and do everything I can to help?
        So I protected the children and walked away and there isn’t a day go by when I don’t pray she contacts me asking for help. There are Maori in Queensland that could of helped her. But she didn’t listen. She wasn’t prepared to listen because her Mediums who were Australian knew better. Which I kind of had to ask her ‘If they are so good why are you here asking for my help then?’ But Apparently she said I’d crap and don’t have a gift. So I walked away. I knew that was the Tapu talking and I don’t want a Tapu near me, my Whare (home) or my tamariki (kids). One of my client/followers, she knows. She’s Maori, she’ll tell ya. Oooof you don’t mess with a Tapu. But i tried to do what I could but she just wasn’t listening to me. If someone says to you ‘Do everything I tell you to do word for word in the order I tell you to do it and don’t deviate from what I said one iota’. You’d listen right? lol I mean especially if your kids were involved you’d listen even harder right?

  6. its really playing with fire kind of when you are not an expert in this field..poor kids !! I hope God helps them now because I am not bothered about her but her kids…They dont know anything of this matter..btw whats Tapu,is it a curse laid on some???????