Let Your Life Guide Not Define You.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting and reading for a handful of people who’s lives are in turmoil.

They’re reaching out for me to help them, guide them, inspire them and I can’t. I can’t do it. Spirit have told me it isn’t possible. I can’t fix your life. Just because I fixed mine doesn’t mean I can fix yours. There is a big difference between me and all these staggeringly beautiful lost souls and that difference is ‘I have faith’…..’I found faith’…….’I got faith’

At some point in my life, after being sexually abused by men my Dad was in charge of in the Army at the age of about 6, being raped by Police Men in Australia when I turned to them for help, after being kicked out of school at the age of 14 because they felt they could know longer offer me an education, after marrying a man who loved me for being  way out of his mundane life who then proceeded to suffocate me and smoother what I was, after sleeping with too many men to count (none of them married to my knowledge) after taking drugs and drinking every night (it was fun, I can’t lie) I have drunk Russian Sailors under the table, the New Zealand Army twice, and Glaswegians 4 times, lets just say ‘The girl can drink’. I never once got myself into anything I couldn’t get myself out of. After all of it…………I grew myself some faith.

After crying many many nights for someone to save me and not getting anything back. Me……..the lady who talks to the dead, couldn’t hear anything when it came to me. So who was I to turn to if I couldn’t rely on Spirit?

Well the truth is, You. When the chips are down YOU are the one YOU can rely on. You can have 100 accurate readings, but none of them really answer the questions you seek. You can buy the self help books, go to seminars, take prescription medication, drink a bit, search the internet for forums etc……looking for that someone and something to trigger an answer for you but none of it matters if you don’t have faith.

If you have Faith. You don’t question what happens. You can be angry and confused but in the end you don’t question it. Because you know that when something happens, it’s not going to be forever. It might change things, it might break things up, it might bring more than you can carry even, but you know that if you can’t control what is going on, your not meant to so leave it alone, get your head down and ride out the storm. That is all you can do and putting all of that effort in to finding someone with the magic word or wand is just wasting time and energy on nothing. Your better off being honest with yourself, being realistic and admitting ‘If my problem isn’t fixed now  then it’s obviously nothing, outside of me that I can do to fix it’

No one can change your life but you. And the Faith you grew from trusting and listening to YOU is what opens up the lines of communication with Spirit.

Faith involves no Church, or Minister, Priest or Rabbi. Faith is stronger than religion.

People blindly follow religion without any real clue why they’re doing it they just know they supposed to have a religion.

But few have true Faith.

Faith is knowing that regardless the situation, like being raped by Police Officers, I’m getting out alive and nothing will stop me from living my life to the best of my ability. Where I got out alive of any situation I got myself into was me growing a bit more faith in myself and my abilities to take care of me which grew more faith in the fact I knew someone had my back every single time.

Being kicked out of school lead me to becoming the youngest people ever to get my Degree in Beauty Therapy and Massage. Turns out I wasn’t trouble in school. I was bored. I’m on of these people who excel at the things I’m interested in. I was A’s in English and History but not Maths and Science. But I got IQ tested, something my school should of done. It changed my life. I went and got degrees in loads of things. Tried my hand at many things, all of which gave me life experience which gave me faith in myself which grew me some more in Spirit because they were opening my world right up. That was at 18 and that is when I decided to ‘trust my gut and just do the things in life I want to do, I have gotten myself this far with the faith thing, why not put it to the test.’ Saying that simple sentence changed my life forever and I will be eternally grateful.

Now I know just because I don’t get the things I want doesn’t mean they aren’t listening to me. It means what I wanted wasn’t meant for me and I was just wasting time wishing for something I knew I might ever get. You have to be realistic about these things. Know the difference between what you Want and what you Need from your life and if your putting all that time and angst into getting something then chances are it isn’t something you even need. Your faith teaches you the difference.

Everything that happened in my life has happened for a reason and those reasons were to give me the faith I have now which is why I regret nothing that has ever happened to me.

My life has been about adventures and getting the things I need into my life. I knew I needed love and family and I needed to help people. I tried  many forms of those things but nothing came close until I met my ex husband.

See, get the faith in you first. Take all the things that have happened to you in your life and use it to push you along.

When shit happens, just say ‘Fuck it….I can’t control it so I’ll just move on’. Don’t let the fear of living destroy your life,  let the life your living destroy your fears.

It’s that simple. If you don’t like your life, do something about changing it, then you can’t blame anyone if it goes wrong and you’ll learn so much more about yourself and your faith by doing it which money can’t buy and no Psychic will tell you this for free because it means you don’t need her as much.

You can blame the world for your life going wrong  or take from the  lessons you learned and you can demand action in yourself and bring about the changes yourself., but if you do nothing to take action, and nothing changes and Spirit still don’t talk to you then you have a choice, do nothing or Grow some faith.

The choice can only be yours. I can’t do it for you no more than you could of for me.

But it’s there, and it’s for everyone.

P.S I don’t  want any sympathy  for my life. My past doesn’t define me or my  future.

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17 thoughts on “Let Your Life Guide Not Define You.

  1. fantastic post debbie! I can personally attest to everything you’re saying, as I’m experiencing the new power of Faith in yourself and Spirit everyday. Even with the death of my two older sisters in the last two years, I am an incredibly blessed and happy person, and the only reason for it is Faith.

  2. Hi Debbie, Hope you are having a good day today :).
    I totally agree with you when you say “your past does not define you”. If it did we would never grow mentally and spiritually. Faith has made me the strong woman I am today. It is very tiring trying to tell people what you have just said, you can’t make people do anything. You might be able to influence their decision making but that is about it. They have to have their own light bulb moment. It has taken me a while to learn this, as I am one of those people who think they can fix everything and everyone else’s problems. I’m now choosing to be selfish and put me first and it is only through my faith that I can do this. I want to be selfish to be a better person spiritually, mentally and physically, but although I’m choosing to be selfish it isn’t to benefit me. It’s to benefit my family. I want to be the best at everything I choose in life for my husband and children. Without faith in myself and my abilities I don’t think I’d be able to achieve this.
    Your Kiwi Friend.

    • Thank you so such Ngarimu,
      I’m so glad this resonates with so many people. I was expecting a back lash for some reason. I just hope people don’t think I’m being mean because that is the opposite of what I wrote it for. I just felt it was time I share something because people share so much with me. Now I hope this is help people understand me a little better and if it helps them make decisions absolute in their lives then I’m so happy. I don’t even remember writing it lol
      You have over come so much in your little life. So it makes perfect sense to you. You get it.
      I hope your well
      Love and Light

  3. Wow! I just read something today that said my past doesn’t define me! That plus this post, if that’s not a message from Spirit then I don’t know what is!! 🙂 I think that it’s a message for things to come for me,. I just found out that my dad molested my niece and my step niece. I was talking to my sister (who has been having random flashbacks that she thought were past dreams and now she’s finding out that they were probably memories),. I saw a 3 second scene in my head of someone grabbing a leg and pulling it towards them. I don’t know if it’s her memory or mine but I think it might’ve been mine,. I’m looking into hypnosis for repressed memories because I want to see if this is why I’ve had weight issues my whole life and no matter what i do I cant get below a certain weight. Anyways, if this did happen to me, i’m not going to let it define me. Just because i was a victim in the past, doesn’t change who I am now. If it did happen it wouldn’t have been the first person that sexually abused me. I think finding out the truth will help me a great deal. Seems like that’s a common issue with intuitives: abuse.

    • Hi Cortney,
      Well I mean if your father is still molesting children he has to be reported first and foremost. He can’t be allowed to continue. Trust me I would LOVE to have the men who did it to me held accountable but I cant. But I decided a long time ago I wasn’t going to let these men who hurt me in the past hurt my future as well because then they win and I will never give them that satisfaction.
      It’s MY power, not theirs.
      But please keep me posted on the Hypnoses thing. I’m totally fascinated by this sort of stuff. I’ve tried to be hypnotized but twice it never worked. My teacher said it was a sign that I must never be allowed to go under as it might be too dangerous. So I’m wary of it. But I LOVE this subject. I’m not allowed to meditate either. Please keep me posted on what happens though. I surround you with love and light.

      • Oh don’t you worry! He’s going off to jail for this. Typical abuser, puts the blame on the victim. He says my step niece told him to do it and my niece made him do it! Sickening I know!! I’m not sure how long it’s going to take for the hypnosis to go through. my therapist and I have to set up an appt that’s convenient for both of is because he doesn’t accept my insurance and she does. So yeah I will definitely keep you posted. I’m just glad I never let him take my daughter over night. He never asked and I never offered because his house is disgusting. But I would seriously hurt him if anything ever happened to my baby. I wanna beat him for what he did to them let alone how I would feel of it was my daughter too. I don’t want her to have the childhood I had…. Thanks for the love 🙂 and again thanks for the very deep post. I commend you for these types of posts. You’re definitely an empath… I can tell by the way you write. You’re not afraid to show your emotions on the outside. Everything does happen for a reason and I don’t regret anything either. It sucks to go through it but I don’t want pity either because it just makes me the strong person I am today that can handle anything. Hope your search for a surgeon is going well….

  4. as always, you bare your soul and speak deeply from the heart. Too true, Deb that sometimes it is up to you alone. Then you let life flow over and around you and not get sucked under no matter how close to going under you may think you are, you have to have faith that you are not going under and that you will gradually surface totally and more strongly than ever before with a greater appreciation for life and those that love you as well as empathy for others and their difficulties. in other words, breathe deeply and have faith that this is the journey you are meant to be on. keep posting your messages are important! xxx

  5. Well written! Very to the point and 100% correct. I will tell you this much I’ve always had faith may of been a bit shaken at times but never stirred! I’ve learned to accept that it is what it is and no matter what there will be another chapter. So let this adventure continue we’ll see where it leads me.

    • Thank you my Brother. I appreciate it. Sometimes you have to make a loud noise in order to be heard lol
      Enjoy the journey your own my friend, it is the greatest thing about living, the memories you make along the way will be priceless indeed.
      Love and Light

  6. True. I don’t know if faith hears me…but I’ve been holding on to faith for a very long time now, with patience too. 😋 you mentioned that your past doesn’t define you, true, but it does strengthen you. Thanks for the read! As always, you are awesome,

  7. sorry for late reading.appreciate how you have expressed your sojourn.This is called real inner strength to move on like that,trust me some of your life experiences are quite similar to me like Sexual abusements .Yess I was torn at some point of time in my childhood not knowing how to handle it .But only accepting my present then gave me a learning experiences.I always believe in that “what happens that happens for some good solid reason”… :):):)

    • Exactly Garima. Also I resolved NEVER to let my abusers ruin my life. They were never going to have that power over me. It is MY Life not theirs. They hurt my past but I would never allow anyone to hurt my present and future.
      Plus now I know about Karma and Spirit and paying for our sins when we die etc…….I know nothing I could ever do to them in this life would be as bad as what they’re going to suffer in the next lol
      Their the Victims not me.