Opening your Gift

I’m inundated with people asking me to help them ‘open themselves up’ to Spirit.

If you’ve read my Blogs at all you’ll know my answer to this off by heart lol BUT here is some advice on how you can open yourself up to Spirit.

Tips and Advice to set you on your path. Then instead of repeating myself in emails I can just refer people here.

Now…… the last 12 months I have been giving people the Card test. here you get a deck of cards and shuffle them and then you have to guess whether the card is a red or black card. Then when your 80% right, you then try and guess the suit ie hearts,clubs,spades, then once your at 80% you guess the entire card ie 8 of Hearts etc…Someone I got to do this test once spat at me ‘How does using these fucking cards teach you to be psychic’ and my reply to her and to you all is this.

‘The Card test isn’t to help you BE psychic, the card test is to help you tune in your frequency to Spirit AND to test your resolve and determination.’ If you give up doing the card test then your not ever going to be a tuned psychic. Because the truth of the matter is, this is feckin hard work and you have to put in at least 10 years of hard work and dedication to draw out, open up and master your gift.

That is if your not a natural. Even then,no one who is Psychic will be allowed to BE psychic for others without passing the test from The Council. Any Psychic or Medium I know of especially in my Society had ‘The Meeting’ with the Council introduced to them by their Teacher and if your an honest person who uses their gift the right way I won’t even need to go on any further. You’ll KNOW what I’m talking about. The Council are as old as time and historic text is littered with talks of these Guardians of The Spirit World. If you know what I’m talking about you’ll know. I won’t need to say another world. Not any people see them. But most will know them by name alone. The Egyptians spent centuries trying to understand and gain favour with them, the Greeks were terrified of them as were the Goths and Romans. All of whom were desperate to have an inside view of The Spirit World.

As I have explained before, I am what is called an Ancient. Everything I do is based around tens of thousands of years of practice and learning and anything I tell you is based on these practices. And you know I’m only ever going to be honest with you. Brutally honest. And it starts with me saying this:

To open yourself up, you don’t need drums, incense, meditation, courses, books, crystals, Gurus or any of it. Your relationship with Spirit is yours for the taking.Spirit have been waiting multiple millennia for us all to say ‘I want to know you’. So what you need to do to have them in your life is so simple. The question is. Are you prepared in the years of hard work and dedication to achieve it?

So first thing you need to do is what I call ‘Have The Talk’.

When your ready you need to sit and say to Spirit I’m ready to receive you into my life if you think I’m ready. I promise to listen and follow you and to never judge what your teaching me. I will have faith in all that you do and I will work hard to be a good student. I will never doubt myself and everything I do I will do with the absolute best of intentions using my gift and connection to you ONLY to help others where you see fit and never to gain, fame or power. I ask that you always protect me and to teach me what you decide when you think I’m ready.’

or something like that lol


You need to Pay ATTENTION: learn what is and isn’t Spirit. Just because you get scratched doesn’t mean it is a negative Spirit. 99.9% of the time it is a Spirit trying to show you how they died and they don’t realize you don’t understand this. Don’t let religion or even someone like me sway you. Go with what feels right for you but know what your talking about. You are a student of Death.

So you HAVE to know it inside and out. Know what it feels like to die, (you won’t actually have a choice to be honest, I’ve felt death 100 different ways but in order to know death you must know what it is to die). You can’t know Spirit without knowing how they died. But just because you get goosebumps, or your hair stands up on end or get scratched of pushed it doesn’t mean it is negative. If the only energy the Spirit can muster is to show you how they died, then it means it is important to them that you know how they died. It is up to you to them figure it out and help them. It really pisses me off that people think they’re under attack from ‘dark unseen forces’ because it scratched you. And I don’t blame them.

I blame the media and these shows who portray Spirit in a totally unrealistic way. Dead Resident for example. Like what? you go to 100 houses and EVERY SINGLE ONE has a demon? I never knew they were so busy lol   Use logic, science, common sense and psychic ability please I beg you. All that is cold is NOT Spirit. All that growls is NOT a Demon. Spirit will try and communicate in a million different ways and it is up to you to know when it is genuine, when it is wishful thinking or when it is environmental.  You need to educate yourself on the many forms of communication and trust me, once you have ‘ The Talk’ things will happen quick and fast. So know your Dead. It’s not going to be just the ones you’ve loved and lost. Once Spirit know your open for business you will have them coming from all angles. So educate yourself. Lucky for you I did all the hard work for you and have listed all the different types of Spirits and their forms of communication lol

Thirdly: Know your boundaries and set them with Spirit:

Sometimes Spirit can pop in at the wrong time, or put you in a position your not comfortable with. I’ve been in restaurants and even just recently at a car boot when Spirit have wanted me to pass on a message to someone. They have to understand what your prepared to  do.

While Spirit know what you can and can’t handle they don’t always understand not everyone is actively Psychic and can’t just go talking to all and sundry about their deceased loved ones. So don’t put yourself through anything that makes you uncomfortable. Your the one who has to live with it not Spirit so set boundaries. For example, my spirits know that they are NOT allowed to bother my sons while they are asleep. If they come to me it’s fine but they are to leave the boys out of it. Also they know when I’m sick or exhausted I need quiet time.

They are only to come to me when it is urgent. Also they are never to ‘Pop in’ when I’m doing something that requires my concentration to the fullest. Like using sharp knives, driving (if I drove lol but you know what I mean) you get my drift. They are welcome to talk to me Telepathically but visuals and Time Slips etc…are for when I’m not trying to put nails in to line up a painting or something lol they can give you a fright if they come to you without warning.

Your not always going to get the hum, buzz or anything to warn you they are there and if your concentrating on something then turn around or hear them in their own voice you can jump 100 feet in the air lol Even Psychics can get a fright lol Once you set the boundaries it doesn’t take them long to realize and learn. It happens to me very very rarely now. It’s usually only if it’s urgent.


Don’t run before you can walk. Just because your starting to see them doesn’t mean your ready to go sending them over, or doing readings. Some of you may never be able to predict.

If The Council don’t give you the Test and approval then your never going to be the Clairvoyant kind of Psychic. You may just be the sort that knows they are there  but that doesn’t mean your no good or anything.

You will still have the incredible responsibility of being Psychic.

Some people are happy just having their own personal connection to Spirit, some people might have enough of the gift to be able to let people know their loved ones are around but being Psychic doesn’t mean you’ll automatically start seeing into the future, or Time Slipping.

All of this will be determined on your intentions and your understanding of your ability. But even the most basic Psychic ability can mean many wonderful things like the ability to cross Spirits over and assuring scared or grieving people their loved one is at Peace. You can counsel people using even the most basic of ability. But as I said it will be The Council that decide your fate. You will have to practice everything you preach and if you go doing stupid things like Seances, Ouijas, Ghost Hunts and Provoking Spirits etc…..and you have only been openly Psychic for 2 weeks then your going to have to be prepared to get nothing but trouble. So please be smart and responsible enough to know what your capable of. If you misuse your connection and gift Spirit WILL remove it. You have to prove to them you deserve the right to have this gift. If you misuse it, you won’t have it for long. It is called a Gift for that very reason. So don’t take on more than your prepared to handle. If you call on Spirits because you asked them to follow you then you have to be prepared to literally face your demons. You created it, you fix it. Which is a nice segway into

Fifth: Don’t EVER ask The Dead to follow you.

Never, EVER take Spirit with you. Don’t let a child Spirit, lonely woman, sad man or crying baby fool you into thinking it needs to come with you. the WORST thing you can do is invite Spirit to follow you or communicate through you. If you don’t know what your doing you can bring a reign of terror down on yourself and your home. So ANY TIME your going into a situation involving Spirit, Protect yourself and leave what is there……THERE.

Sixth: Make a Code of Conduct.

I talk about this all the time and having one really does make you a better Spiritual person. Your not expected to be perfect but you are expected to be honest. Making a code of conduct  always reminds you of why our doing what your doing. I was recently taught by my now deceased teacher the Spiritual Laws of judgement.

As a White Lighter I’m not allowed to judge. Being human first, sometimes I have caught myself doing it. The night my teacher passed away she came to be with my ‘File in hand’ and told me I needed to work on Judgement.

I thought she meant I was too judgmental but then an incident happened on Facebook where I was accused of being non Spiritual because I judged Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie based on their fame coming about because of sex and how they were appalling examples of the wrong type of ‘Role Models’ to young girls.

When you hire yourself out for personal appearances for money your a Call Girl. When you take money for work because you released a sex tape, your a Porn Star, when you abuse the sanctity of marriage because you were told it would nice to have a TV wedding your not someone I want to have in my home or around my children. Having money doesn’t give you class or automatic status as a role model.

This is when I realized actually I am allowed to judge others based on their behaviour  and also how I choose to have them in my life especially with having young kids. What I am not allowed to do is judge why someone drinks, or takes drugs, no one is perfect. I especially am far from perfect.

I’ve done things in my past I would like to change but I am smart enough to know my mistakes didn’t hurt anyone else but me and they happened so I can learn from them and better myself. Being Spiritual doesn’t mean your expected to be perfect. But you are expected to be honest. And sometimes the truth will hurt.

After I was abused and called all sorts of names on Facebook by people who call themselves Spiritual who weren’t even smart enough to counter argue my point (which said to me they knew I was right) Spirit said to me ‘Being Spiritual means you often have to speak the truth to ears that don’t want to listen’. And that is so true. So create a code of conduct. It will be your guiding light in every single part of your life. Mine involves things like Always being honest,putting others before myself, giving to those who have less etc….Yours can be anything you want it to be if it makes you a better person. Your going to make mistakes but it is whether you correct them and learn from them that matter to Spirit. Spirit don’t begrudge anyone making money but what they care about is how you make your money and what you do with it once you have it. If I was ever lucky enough to have millions in the bank my readings would be free. I’ve said that many times before and I mean ever bit of it.

Seventh: Educate yourself.

Get to know every aspect of Spirituality. From the Theological point of view to the Religious aspects. Know what your living and preaching. You can’t go helping people understand the true nature of Spirit if you yourself don’t understand it or practice it. Never tell anyone anything you yourself don’t believe and never do anything or get anyone to do anything you yourself wouldn’t do.

Because then your not a leader your a dictator. Read up, talk to people, ask questions, watch movies, documentaries, practice. Educate yourself. Your going to have people listen to everything you say so make sure your telling them the right thing. Common sense, logic, psychic ability and science. Right?………Right. Remember learning is knowledge, knowledge is wisdom and wisdom is power. Having the power over yourself and your gift is thee most invaluable most precious gift you could ever be given next to having children. No one person, no amount of money, no single experience can ever teach or give you what Spirit are going to give you for free. So make sure you give yourself and Spirit the respect of knowing what your talking about. Never will you regret it ever. In fact it gives you a sense of peace and comfort not only to yourself and to others when you have the answers. Even the most basic a of Psychic or Spiritual ability will be called upon at times to help someone else or yourself.

Eighth: Document everything

Especially for the first couple of years. Your dreams, your experiences, the lessons you’ve learned,  visions, visitations. Get a big journal and write it all down. Date stamp it and never throw it out. You’ll be surprised how helpful it will become later on. I have one for dreams that I write all my ‘premonitions’ in and one for my experiences and lessons. Both started when I was around 15-16yrs old and I still get them out to read them. I’ve been able to tick my premonitions off and understand things that didn’t make sense when they happened but do now. It does help honestly.

Ninth: Know you are privileged.

If you end up a Path Walker which is what you will become if you put all I’m teaching you into practice, your going to be privy to the entire Universe and it’s secrets. Your going to live a life dabbling in Scientific theories and principles even Science is just starting to understand and unravel. Your going to be in a position of great power over the sad, lonely, scared, vulnerable and grieving.

With your knowledge and ability your going to be the final answer in a lot of peoples lives. If you get it wrong, or abuse the privilege you will not only destroy your life but theirs as well. I have had over a dozen people on the brink of suicide come to me this year alone relying on me to give them the answers. If I put my ego in the way in any way, none of them would be alive today.

It doesn’t matter what your principles are, or your religious views or what your views are on anything in their life. You take of your own principles and keep it away from everyone else unless your asked to. But when it comes to the grieving, the scared, fed up and lost they must ALWAYS come first. you do whatever you have to do to comfort them and give them the solace they seek so they choose life. If your only playing at being Psychic, if you think its fun and cool and a bit sexy to be playing at psychic and then you psychically read someone wrong, or read them the wrong way you could be responsible for them dying instead of living.

You can think your cool and righteous Meditating and Namasteing everyone, burning incense so you can transcend space and time but if you don’t understand how important your role is or your just playing at being Spiritual you could commit Spiritual Murder. When your Spiritual, I mean truly Spiritual, you don’t become Spiritual for yourself, you become Spiritual for everyone else and the entire Universe. There is no room for Yourself or your Ego in the world of Spirituality.

Tenth: Know the words you speak.

One of the things that drives me barmy more than anything is watching people misuse or use a term incorrectly. For example to be an Empath does NOT mean to be Psychic. It means to feel Empathy with your fellow man and the Universe on a very high and emotional level. If someone calls themselves an Empath and they mean Psychic, please walk away. They don’t know what they are talking about.

I do not have a problem with New Age or Modern Spirituality but I do have a problem with how many of these places and people are teaching others the wrong thing and putting peoples lives in danger. In going over my books for the year I received in 2014 from January 17th until the 3rd December 211 emails from people who had been told or read something from a New Age practitioner or shop they were a White Lighter or an Empath  who should be doing this and that who spent a fortune buying the things they needed or to have the readings that ended up causing them financial, emotional or Spiritual hardship.

One of them is actually being sued. I have no problem  what you choose to believe. It’s your faith, your beat, you march to it, what I do have a problem with is people wearing the Uniform but not knowing the job. If you think your a White Lighter because someone said you were and then you can’t control someone suffering from depression or someone who is erratic with fear then your going to bring so much trouble on you, possibly even litigious actions or physical harm.

Because it is one thing to do it yourself but when you involve other people it is a whole different story and probably a good 60% of what I do is fixing other peoples ignorant mistakes. I’m not having a go at anyone who is New Age, I wish no one ill will or bad feeling. I love and respect anyone who takes on the hard task of being Spiritual. I have New Age followers and friends all of whom I know would NEVER abuse their life style. I know they would never dream of putting anyone’s life in danger because of their own ego. But I’m being dramatic with you so you understand the seriousness of being Spiritual and Psychic. I would never lie to you.

My goal and dream is to have everyone on the planet having a level of Spirituality in their lives that makes them happy and stops them being afraid of Death and the Dead. How they do it is up to them but when your dealing with other peoples lives you need to understand the importance and serious nature of the business. And that is, if you don’t know what your doing or do it for the wrong reasons, you won’t last long and Spirit will shut you down. With great power comes great responsibility. So know the words you speak. A sensitive is someone who feels Spirit but doesn’t want to be called Psychic. The word Psychic can be seen as a dirty word but what else are you to call the ability? Someone who drives for a living is called a Driver, someone who nurses is a Nurse etc…someone who can communicate with the dead using psychic ability is called a Psychic. It is the Science of it after all so call it what it is.

Also a White Lighter is someone who lives their life under the guidance of Spirit for the purpose of helping others. All these terms have been around for centuries, don’t let anyone teach you otherwise. The strength of your gift will be based on the level of your understanding. The more you know the more you learn. The more you learn the more you can teach. The more you teach the more others learn, the more people learn the better our world will be.

Everything I have told you is all things I have done myself. You can have no ability or have a small amount of ability but if you do all of these thing you WILL have the ability to see and communicate with the dead. Some people in my society were in there 60s when they became Open to Spirit. But as I said in the beginning, just because you have the gift doesn’t mean your going to be allowed to BE a Psychic. Some of you I know will just want to have a better understanding of what your ability is all about. Some of you will want to help others, some of you will want to make a living from it. It is your gift to do with it what you want. But ultimately it will be Spirit who decide if you get to use it on others and how you get to use it.

Be honest, be pure of heart, have the best of intentions and never do it for the money. Spirit will give you the life they see you working hard to have, you will never make yourself be rich and famous if it isn’t in your destiny. But you will be rewarded all the time for your selfless acts and good deeds. The rewards are better than any lottery win I promise you that. When someone you took from the darkest place in their life and showed them the light at the end of their tunnel so they could walk through it and see the light for themselves no amount of money of earth is better than that feeling of knowing you got to watch them come out the other end saved and at peace.

You will never worry about money, Spirit will ALWAYS have your back and your Faith will be stronger than anything else in your life. They will never lie to you or let you down. The path they walk you down is littered with love and abundance, opportunity and friendship, loyalty and respect, admiration and understanding. People will respect you and fear you, love you or hate you, but for those that matter you will be their light. These are the reason it is called a Gift. This is why it is a privilege and why I am so fierce to protect it. Having a gift is an honour not a right.

If you spend the next 10 years working on all of these things once you have The Talk, you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams. I wake up every day wondering how I got to be so luck to have the life, followers and clients that I have. Such loyalty is truly humbling to me.

You can have that too if you follow my teachings. Honest, easy and free. But if you don’t get past the card test, your either never going to have the patience to master your craft or your going to take decades to get past the first level. You will need patience, dedication and humility. Spirit will teach you at the pace they know your capable of. Remember to protect yourself at every connection, protect yourself every night at bed time and make sure you protect those around you too. you might be the only one practicing your ability but if your in a house with others they WILL get caught up in it at some point.

You must remember, Spirit will have been waiting for you to have ‘The Talk’ since the day you were born if it is in your destiny to have this ability opened up. They will come thick and fast. Even the Negative ones. You WILL get tested many times before you get the go ahead to use your gift out in the world should that be the plan and even if it isn’t your going to be tested many many times.

The Light Side goes par and parcel with the Dark Side at first. So just remember what I have taught in this blog about it and you’ll be fine. Be firm, protect yourself and don’t give in to the fear. Remember they need your fear to survive so don’t give it to them. Starve them of the fear. They will be whatever your most afraid of and use it  against you. Don’t give in to it. get angry, get protective and tell them where to get off then turn your back on them. However, it is just a test.

Always remember Spirit have your back. If you keep yourself honest and  only use your gift the right way then the Dark Side or anything negative won’t really be interested in you if your not doing anything you shouldn’t be. The Dark Side don’t worry about people who just want to open up to understand or have a better connection to Spirit. It’s if you want to use your gift for a greater humanitarian purpose they will have a problem with. But they are weak pussy bitches who need to frighten you in order to exist. So tell them where to go and shut it all down before it takes off okay? Also when you start this journey remember to forget everything you knew before because the way Spirit choose to do it for you doesn’t necessarily mean it will be done the way you think it should be done or even how. You will be the Student and the Teacher for the rest of your life.

Thank you for your trust and faith in me in knowing my character. I am honest, I am forthright and blunt but I’m not cruel or abusive. I just want to help people and it requires honesty. I want to help heal people not hurt them. Those that know me and my style know this about me. I’m True Blue.

Happy New Year and I love you all

Love and Light



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40 thoughts on “Opening your Gift

  1. Not a psychic but not against opening myself up to spirit I have a question who are the council is it the council one actually opens themselves up to? You know enough about me to know that I have that desire and of course I’m willing to put in the time and work are the ones that make up the council once alive?

    • I do know you and I know you will trust me when I say I can’t tell you anymore than I have. I don’t want to risk my life or my families and especially not yours.
      You meet the Council if your a White Lighter or being put in a position to be one. As I understand it there are only 18 people or groups (they just said 18) who know them as I do. It’s to do with the level of Spirituality you attain. You have to reach a certain level in your gift. You simply aren’t allowed to move forward without them. It has taken me nearly 2 years to pluck up the courage to even say what I said.I’ve written and deleted 2 articles about them because I am afraid of what might happen if I say too much. It isn’t the Council I fear, it is those that try and hack into my life.

  2. I’m late Debbie but I know you will already know how much I’ve been thinking of you and your family. I’ll do my utmost to write… hectic days and everything up in the air. Working on all you’ve said…are you sure I haven’t read this before? Strange… message from Spirit?
    Stay safe, stay well sister. From my heart to yours.
    RP. 💖

    • Oh you are? really? What are you working on? Hey did you find a new home? Please tell me you managed to move house?
      It’s okay though Rose Petal I know you have so much on your plate and believe it or not but I do catch myself all the time thinking about you. I always think ‘I wonder if she’s thinking of me’ so when I am thinking of you out of the blue I say in my head ‘Hiya Rose Petal, I’m sending you love and light’ lol
      I’m always here, not going anywhere I promise. You do what you have to do and know I’ll always be there when your ready my love. I promise.
      Love and Light

  3. Ok so you’re gonna love me and my questions lol So i forgot to add this to my last post because it was soooo long! Anyway I know for a FACT that my cat heard it too because his ears went sideways,. But I was walking out of my daughter’s room where “the guy” likes to hang out and when I got into the kitchen my ears started to ring pretty loudly that I had to rub them to try to get it to stop,. And I looked down at my cat and his ears went sideways so I know he heard something,. I looked up signs of a medium and the ringing popped up as a sign AND now this blog said that you will get a ringing or humming before they reveal themselves so you don’t get startled. No I dont automatically assume everything is paranormal but the fact that my cat heard something leads me to believe that we were both hearing something at the same time. This new cat must not be used to spirits being around because I just got him in October and he is always the one that reacts. He tries to get into my daughter’s closet he walked up to where the guy was standing and rolled on the floor “like a doof” (is what my daughter and I say). My dog who is 10 and my cat who is 4 I’ve had since they were babies and they don’t seem to react at all. So I think they are used it by now lol Anyway, these headaches have not stopped in the last 2 weeks and it’s only when I’m home and I’ve been home a lot more often because I drive school buses and the kids are on Christmas break. So I am off from work. The headaches go away about a half hour after I leave my house and caffeine and Motrin don’t work for it ( I know I’m drinking enough water) so that’s how I know these headaches aren’t mine. If I’m home the only thing that helps is if i point my hand on my third eye chakra and open up my hand chakra and put white light into it and only works temporarily,. Once I take my hand away it comes back within a few minutes. I desperately want to help this guy, I think moving here had more than one purpose. I think as far as feeling spirit, that is a natural born ability for me,. Whenever I was in my basement or my bedroom during my childhood I would know they were there or when I went to my cousins house I knew they were there. When I was in middle school I would always be leary of the woods outside my house (used to be native american land) and during high school I knew there were 2 boys a girl upstairs and a mom and dad in the basement. After doing research, I found out that I was correct. So determining the gender and whether adult or child was always EASY for me and I was just always KNOW. OK so the point of my rant is the tennitis (or ringing). Thank you 🙂

    • lol God you make me laugh lol the way you shoot yourself down and use such doubting language when your talking about most definite paranormal experiences lol
      I believe you. The ringing or humming and buzzing you get is your Pineal Gland activating. It’s like the same way you tune a radio in, your brain tunes your Pineal Gland in to it’s surroundings when it picks up a signal just like a radio does. It doesn’t happen to just anyone but it will happen to most people at some point in their lives.
      You know have nothing to fear Sweetheart. You know the signs of communication. Remember I said for you to learn your gifts as your teaching your daughter so she can grow up by your best example. Everything you say makes perfect sense to me and in how Spirit are communicating with you. Once you know all the ways they communicate your half way there. Your not showing any signs of fear. I feel more than your slightly intrigued now. Just go with the flow, always ask for protection every night like I told you not just for you but your daughter as well as For the whole house. I personally think you’ve gained so much knowledge since you first started coming in here not only is it ramping up your gift but your confidence as well.I can feel it. Well done you, I’m proud of you for not being afraid and for actually sticking with it.Your noticing more and experiencing more which not only helps you but helps your daughter too.You can work together.It really is such a special time for you right now.
      Love and Light

      • Well my gift growing coincides with what you said before about receiving a gift and using it to help people,. I always had the feeling of spirit and knowing certain details about them but (not that i can remember) have i had them enter my dreams, yell my name before falling asleep like they did 2 nights ago! (scared the bajesus out of me),. What was strange was that it was my sister’s boyfriend’s voice who lives in the next town over…15 minutes away lol. I looked around kept opening my eyes for like a half hour straight to see if there was anyone standing there trying to get my attention. Glad I can make you laugh, helping people is what I do 🙂 Anyway, I know my gift growing like this is to help my little peanut who I love more than anything! <3 Like you said before you receive the gifts to help people not so you can gloat to people that you have them or use them for other naughty reasons BTW we've got this link going on! I always know when you respond to my posts…lol I love it!

      • *”the guy” update* I looked up boo be ba which is what she told me he says and it’s a form of scatting which is from the 1930s. My landlord said she bought the house 1996 ( I thought it was earlier than that),. Her son was living up here and he would experience things and hear things. So far that’s at least 19 years. Also I was letting my dog outside a few nights and I brought my daughter outside with me we were talking about the stars and how cold it was and we were just waiting for our dog to finish. She comes out of nowhere and tells me “fell out the window” and looks up at the window,. That could coincide with you saying he had a head injury, my niece talking about his face looking banged up with a bloody nose and my headaches. Just a thought and I wanted to keep you updated.

      • Oh how exciting. It would certainly make sense. We need to find out what his name is, or do an internet search based on your address. Find an obituary or news report based on a man falling out of the window etc…there has to be something out there. Type in your address or street name or town name along with ‘man falls from window’ pre 1996. I’m guessing 1930s or 60’s because Skat was big back then.
        The next time your daughter see’s him when your around ask her what his name is.
        This is getting so exciting. I feel like we are about to watch something major unfold before our very eyes.
        Please keep us posted.
        Love and Light always

  4. So the funniest thing just happened. I’m cooking dinner and I just randomly started singing the way you look tonight. I definitely didn’t hear the song today so it kind of came out to nowhere. The way you look tonight came out in 1961… 1960s and scatting boo bee ba.. I highly doubt this is a coincidence. When I start doing the library research the first year I’m checking is 1961 😀 I’m laughing the whole time I’ve been typing this message. I’m not laughing at spirit but I have a sense of humor and I find it funny that I love music and that’s how spirit is picking to get messages to me. I really do love my guide. I think my life would be so full without him 🙂

  5. I’m new to all of this I’ve been hearing seeing sensing and smelling thing for about the last 2 years I don’t know where or why it came about but it’s gotten more progressive from then till now. I just need some one to really help me understand what’s happening and why it’s started happening and if you can it would mean the world to me. I hope to hear from you. Thanks again
    Justin Baslee. 8/11/15

    • Hi Justin, what happened 2 years ago around the time it all started? Did you have an accident or illness? Were you under stress? Grieving? Shock? anything like that or did it just start to happen?
      How old were you when it started? If it started around the age of 11-19 then it’s happening because the hormones have changed he chemicals in your brain which as turned you into the biggest antennae your ever going to be in our life. Which has made you a beacon to the dead. They get attracted to your light. If it makes you uncomfortable you can just shut yourself down but you have to do it every night before bed. I did a post on how to do it.
      If your an adult and it just started happening then you can pretty much just do the same thing but why it’s happening is between you and Spirit. If they want you to learn from the experience then it’s happening for a reason. If no lessons are attached and your just having these experiences then it’s because it’s just your time I guess. Your psychic. And it’s time you found out kind of thing. It’s nothing to be afraid of. Read my Posts. I offer a slew of information on how to understand your gift and what you can do about each and every experience you have with them.
      It’s your gift. If you don’t like something, tell them your being frightened. Just be calm and firm but fair. Don’t get aggressive or angry. Also….read some of the questions and comments in here. You’ll find your in the same boat as millions of others and they will be asking all the same questions.
      Talk to them and when they are ready they will answer but don’t use tools to talk to them like Ouija board or Seances. Just get to know your gift. Don’t do anything I don’t recommend and go with the flow. You have nothing to fear as long as you don’t do anything to invite the trouble makers in and you’ll be fine.
      But salt your thresholds, if your a child then put salt across your bedroom doors threshold, and window sill. That will protect your bedroom at least.
      And ask for protection from whoever it is you believe in, I ask my Spirits and Ancestors. You might ask your God or loved ones who have passed over. But ask them to protect you and your home, and the people in your home. Ask them to surround you with pure light and make sure you say that nothing negative has any power over you as well. As long as you get those things in when you say it your covering all bases. But you must do it every night. Close yourself down after you ask for protection ad you’ll be fine. It should shut you down for a while but if the Spirit is determined enough then they WILL get through. IN which case it’s important and you need to pay attention. In which case, come back and I’ll tell you what to do.
      Love and Light

  6. I have questions. One is..who is Salvador? I can tell you more about him. But things are happening. I just want to better understand because he says my time is up. I have to help now. Can you help me?

  7. I think I’m connecting and I have been since I was 14. I’m ready for more and don’t know where to really start. When you see a spirit how do you see them ? Are they like a figure or is it more like a image you see when you think of what something looks like ?

    • There are a few ways Spirit show themselves.
      Manifestations are rare, you see them more in your head like a memory more than a living breathing person but manifestations do happen. I’d say one in every thousand Spirits will be a manifestation or part manifestation.
      They can be shadows, silhouettes, orbs, goosebumps, look like a person, look see through, a black mass or quick flash in your head. It all relies on three things. 1) The energy supply. If they don’t have a huge amount of energy to use they will appear as a shadow, orb, wisp, etc…the more energy they have to use the clearer you see then.
      2) the gift of the person seeing them. Obviously people who’s pineal gland is more active than others will experience more and 3) if they want you to see them. If Spirit don’t want you to see them there is nothing you can do about it.
      They can come in your sleep, in your thoughts and as emotions. It’s just a matter of training your brain to shut down your left brain and train your right brain to be the main function. It takes about 12 months to do but faith plays a huge part in it. You need to have faith that what your experiencing is coming from Spirit but there are plenty of ways to train your right brain to function over your left. Your left brain is your voice of this reason. Your right is Spirit. Shut the voice down that talks you out of everything you see and experience and your right brain starts to take over.
      But it’s all up to you and I recommend you document your experiences as well so you can look back and see your progress but also so you can learn from them.
      I have tons of posts explaining all of this though so read as much as you can. I swear a lot and rant loads more than I swear but everything is true and honest and really has happened in my life.
      And it’s an honest account of my life and I’ve opened the doors to my life and gift so people can learn from them.
      My goal is to help people with their gifts and more so I can help kids and parents understand and nurture their gifts so they won’t be afraid anymore.
      I just want people to know that Spirit aren’t anything to be afraid of and certainly nothing to exploit. We can learn so much from them and unfortunately so many people have found ways to exploit Spirit and or haunted locations. I’m making it my life’s goal to educate people so no one can charge exorbitant amounts of money for lies and deceit.
      I’ll do whatever I have to stop stop people being lied to for money but it starts with me educating people. I’ve heard horror stories about people paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to send loved ones over, cleanse houses and do releasing etc…..which no one with a gift would charge for.
      So educating yourself is a must.
      Good luck on your journey.
      Love and Light

      • Well now it makes sense that my voice of reason is the left and spirit is the right. I’ve been seeing flashes in my head of what I think the spirit looks like but they come randomly even when I’m not thinking about spirits. But it’s so quick I can’t get any of the features. Any way I can hold the connection longer so I can get a better look? Or is it just the lack of energy and that’s why it’s so quick? I was wondering if it was really happening and it was spirit or if it was just me coming up with what I thought they looked like. But again it would make sense that my voice of reason would come in to try to justify it. But I trust that the very small glimpse I see is spirit…I will keep pushing away that voice of reason unless of course there’s something obvious where I can debunk it. But that doesn’t happen very often, especially in my house where I can say that it isn’t spirit lol

        G was sleeping in my bed the other night and Turbo was sleeping near my feet and I swear I heard someone walk in my room because the floor creaked right at the foot of my bed and it just felt like someone was in the room with me. I was so tired i couldnt turn around to lay on my back to look. I just cleared my mind and saw all kinds of white lights flickering, etc. The next morning I stood where I thought the person was standing and heard the exact same creaking 🙂

        I was telling someone about it and she was said oh wow I would’ve been freaked out and I told her I didn’t feel like I had a reason to be afraid and he was pretty close to me so if there were any bad intentions I would’ve known.

      • When you get the flash and it goes don’t worry. Just ask questions. You’ll get an answer.
        So when you get the flash say ‘was that male or female?’ About what age? What were they wearing etc…it tunes your pineal gland in and is a kind and gentle way of introducing yourself to them.
        Don’t dilly dally on the answer. The first answer will be the correct one. Just have faith that what your seeing is true. As your proven right you build confidence and trust between you and Spirit and before long you won’t even need to ask questions coz you’ll get the answers before u have to ask. It’s all about you and having faith in what you see.
        But ask questions immediately after it happens while its fresh. And go with the first answer always.
        As for your experience in the bedroom it’s animal instinct that alerts you to be afraid or not.
        Your doing everything the way you should. Keep up the good work.

      • Awww thanks 🙂 knowing of the gender is always an immediate thing for me. I’m not sure why but I always encounter more male energies than female. Not sure if that’s a coincidence or if it’s just a thing. So it’s normal for it to flash really quick? Well at least I know it’s nothing I’m doing then. Next time it happens Ill do just that.

        The bedroom situation I did ask questions and all i kept seeing were the flickering lights. I know you said spirits are more afraid of us than anything so I didn’t want to get too demanding lol if that makes any sense. But I figured if they’re coming to me they must want or need something. I just take every experience as a learning lesson and I trust that everything will happen they way they’re supposed to happen ❤❤❤❤❤

  8. Hi Debbie, what a great blog, so helpful, specially the comments!
    I’m 33 years old and my grandma just passed away 5 weeks ago (she was like my mum, we had such a strong connection).
    Since I was 7 years old I have dreams with spirits, my uncle came to say bye and told me I was not going to see him again, it was so real, I thought he woke me up and gave me a kiss on the forehead (I didn’t know at that point he has passed away).
    Before my grandma passed, for a whole month or more I just knew something was going to happen to her, I would be driving and the song “can I lay by your side” by Sam Smith would start playing and I would cry my eyes out and think of my Nana.
    I always been drawn to this subject, I’m intrigued and terrified at the same time, if it makes sense…
    Iso always in dreams that I see them and is just so strange that even though I’m dreaming, I’m fully aware that they are people who has passed.
    Now since my Nana has passed, I’m terrified, I can feel them everywhere, is almost claustrophobic, like I’m in a room full of people that I can’t see… I see things/shadows move really fast in the corner of my eye and when I look thinking is one of my kids, nothing is there and my kids are sparko in bed.
    I have dreamed about my Nana but I don’t know if is me wanting to see her or it was really her (she was standing there with a big smile and I asked her why did she go and she responded that it was her time, I asked if she felt any pain and she said no it was fast… she looked so good and in peace but she didn’t move at all, almost like she was scared to scare me).
    My question is… am I going crazy? Is it the grieving that is making me feel them everywhere and is not real??
    Also I forgot to say… I do get this ringing in my ears so loud sometimes!
    I hope you don’t think I’m a crazy woman (maybe I’m going crazy, but I hope you might be able to know what’s happening to me).
    Sorry for any spelling mistakes, I’m Spanish 😊

    Big hug to you

    • Hiya Anna,
      I’m so sorry for the late reply my Sweet, it’s mental busy here since I started classes instead of readings.
      I promise to ALWAYS reply. It just might take a few weeks unless it’s urgent.
      Anyway….listen my Love. Your not crazy. If your crazy I’m the Queen of Insanity because I’m teaching people how to actually be like us lol
      Being gifted is a privilege and they teach us SOOO much. You need to lose the fear and embrace the challenge because I went from being 160lbs over weight, married housewife who was miserable because she didn’t know how to get he word out to being in the best physical of my life, (I actually have tiny abs now lol for the first time) with a book coming out and a plan to head to New York with the best students a teacher could ask for how is now a Theoretical Physicist in her spare time ALL because I listen to those dead people who come ‘haunt’ me lol
      Embrace it, you won’t regret one second if it in the end. I promise.
      We are ALL supposed to be like this. No fear of death opens up your entire Universe.
      Trust me. I’m in it every day now. Reward yourself the journey. You’ll kick yourself later if you don’t
      Love and Light

  9. Hi, I know I’m extremely late for this. Sorry about that. But I have just gotten into the paranormal world, and I’m almost 14. I really want to be a part of this, I want to be a paranormal investigator when I’m older. I’ve started to practice things like Telekinesis. Being part of this would mean everything to me, but I don’t want to upset Spirit. I’ve been told that Spirit is God/Jesus the “Holy Spirit.” And I’m a bit iffy on that. The rules for Sprit I don’t quite understand, so I’m going to hold off on this until everything clears up, and I’m in a better mental state. I have actually been hearing unexplained noises when I’m home alone, but I never hear them when someone is here with me. I also read on a different website that when you enter this world, you will see people through the corner of your eyes, and you’ll hear your name being called out in different directions. If you don’t acknowledge it, or tell Spirit that you understand it’s them, then they’ll put images of murder into your head, and just be really harsh on you. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that. My mind is very important to me for reasons that I do not wish to share. I don’t exactly like it when people try to pry into my mind. I also have bad anxiety, so I’m not sure if they will go together. I’m also worried about putting my mother and brother in danger, I’m not sure how I would live with myself then. My main questions are, can just anybody have connections with Spirit, and does it matter who you are? I’m not used to being noticed or accepted, so I’m a bit worried they wouldn’t want me to be a part of it. Does religion matter? Because I don’t have a religion, I haven’t found any that suit me. And finally, does your sexuality matter? Like if you’re straight, bisexual, etc. because I’m Demisexual, and would like to know if they would accept that. I’m so sorry about all these questions and my ranting, but I don’t want to make any mistakes as I am a failed perfectionist lol. But if Spirit is God/Jesus, Holy Spirit, The king of Heaven, Author of the Bible, then I already know the answers to those questions. Thank you so much for your possible answers. And I wish you nothing but the best.

    Your’s in eternity,

    • Hi Lo! Sorry for the late reply. Because Debbie is so buisy she asked some of her students to help her answer all the questions on her blog, one of which is me. I will try my best to answer you as good as possible!

      First of all, spirits of pure love and light won’t randomly place images of murder in your head when you displease them, they will not get into your head like that I promise. Anything negative that will happen to you could be one of two things:

      1: Something from the dark side is affecting you. Debbie has many posts on this, how you can recognise it and how to prevent it. I would suggest you search the blog for posts on this and read up. Don’t worry, there is no reason to think you are affected by anything dark at this point, but try to do protections from now on. If you do this you, your mother and your brother will be perfectly safe. In short; you should do protections every night before you go to bed. Mine goes like this “I only invite spirits of pure love and light into my house and my life. The dark have no power over me and my family. Bless myself, my house, the people in my home and the people that come into my home with the purest of white light”. You can adapt it to your personal preferences but it should be something like that. Make sure to learn it by heart and to do it every night. You should also salt the tresholds of your house, there are posts on this too. Also make sure you never invite the dark side in, don’t go doing stuff if you don’t know what you are doing like mirror gazing or ouija board practices ok? You don’t need such things for spiritual connection so try and stick with the things Debbie explains about on her blogs. If you are unsure about stuff just come to this blog and we will help you. This blog post might help you on this one:
      2: You interpret something as negative, while actually it was a spirit trying to communicate. Like mama wrote in this very blogpost ´Just because you get scratched doesn’t mean it is a negative Spirit. 99.9% of the time it is a Spirit trying to show you how they died and they don’t realize you don’t understand this. Don’t let religion or even someone like me sway you. Go with what feels right for you but know what your talking about. You are a student of Death.”. Big message here: Don’t be afraid ok? Don’t let the things you read elsewhere on the internet scare you. Of course some things might frighten you in the beginning like being touched, scratched, pushed, or the weird noises in the house. But try to educate yourself. Read up on what the dark side is and how to recognise it and you will realise that most of the things that scare us are friendly spirits trying to communicate. We are just not used to their way of communicating and movies, religion, tv shows etc only make that worse by giving us a very wrong image of how spirits communicate.

      So what to do when you see a spirit from the corner of your eye, or your ears start ringing (this could be a sign of the presence of a spirit); just relax and talk to them if you like. Tell them you see them, or hear them. You don’t have to speak the words out loud, you can say the words in your head (so you can do it in the presence of your mother or brother without them knowing). Or if the spirit makes you uncomfortable just tell them to go away. YOU are the one in control ok? Like Debbie writes in this post, you have to set boundries to spirit. If you are uncomfortable tell them, and say they aren’t allowed to this or that or whatever that made you uncomfortable. They cannot just walk in and do anything they like. This is your life and you are in control at all times.

      So now on to your questions.

      Can just anybody have connections with Spirit, and does it matter who you are?: Yes anybody can have a connection with spirit and no it doesn’t matter who you are. Anybody can have a connection with spirit as long as you open up for it and have good intentions. They do not discriminate in any way. What a lot of Debbie’s student have in common is that they were rejected, or not accepted in some part of their lives. Me personally, I was bullied for most of my childhood and I never felt I fit in. Spirit don’t care about this, like I said the only thing they care for is if your intentions are right. The way you talk you seem like someone that is curious about the spiritual, and wants to use it for good purposes, so in my opinion you don’t have anything to worry about.

      Does religion matter?: Nope, not at all. Do not worry if you are not religious. For me personally I think a lot of religions are very limiting and suffocating. Mainly because they tell you what is right and wrong, what to do and what not to do etc, this causes a lot of problems because people will start to live by certain rules without understanding them. Over time this will lead to misinterpretation of the rules and people will start to do weird things that don’t serve the initial rule or ideal. We don’t believe in God or jesus. We believe everyone should find out for themselves what they stand for by experiencing it, we don’t think rules about lifestyle should be imposed to anyone. Try, make mistakes. That way you will have found your own way and that way you will truely understand the rules you will want to live by. Also, spirit won’t judge you if you do or don’t have a religion so please don’t worry about it.

      Does your sexuality matter? Again, no! Don’t worry. Spirit won’t judge on this. These are things only us stupid humans worry about. Spirit will accept you for who you are, as long as your intentions are right. Debbie has a post about a guy that had passed, and he appeared to her in spirit as full drag lol! I have the feeling this post might help you so here it is:

      So in summary, I think you worry a lot about acceptance. Mainly because your experiences here in this life are that you are not being accepted. I want you to realise these judgements are a purely human thing (a bad thing). Know that spirit won’t judge on appearance, sexuality, religion, skin color, music preferences, education, how much you earn, home country, favorite color, what car you drive or whatever. They judge you on your intentions, who you are as a person. That’s the beautiful thing about spirit, even people that are accepted nowhere else will find they are accepted for who they are with spirit. Also, everyone in this community, here on the blog and Debbies students are very accepting and won’t judge. So if you ever need someone to talk to feel free to come to us. Don’t be ashamed and ask everything you want to ask, we will be happy to help you. Please don’t be afraid or let religion or stories on the internet scare you away. I would recommend you to read up on Debbie’s blog, I think you will find many answers there too.

      If you have any more questions just let us know ok!

      Love and light

  10. Wow your article is spot on the all the steps in seeing the other side. I had been open ever since I was a child that I can rememeber. I had a really rough encounter with a demon several years back and I had shut myself down and closed the doors t the spirit world. I had never been closed off before. I have recently gotten back into meditation… but it doesn’t take me as far to be a see’er. It briefly opens me, but only for a split second. I am missing my communication to the spirit world. I am missing them coming to me for help crossing over. Or going messages to their families. Growing up I have always encountered the good and the bad…. I have had my fair share of bad. But the last dark one, I must’ve decided to shut down after it. Your article hopefully will help me regain my natural power I have had for many years. I didn’t even think to ask my guides to give my gift back fully. I will have to do this with my guides. Thank you for such a wonderful article.