Tips to help Psychic children

If you are a follower of mine and you have been blessed with the patience to sit and read all of my Posts, then not only are you gifted with patience but you will know I am what is called an Ancient.

Which means I, like my siblings can trace my psychic ability back through many generations of my family as far back as my ancient Egyptian ancestry.
While my Parents weren’t open about their gifts they talked openly to us kids.

I grew up still at a time when you simply didn’t talk to strangers about your ability to see the dead. I’m blessed not to have grown up in a racist country but it was a very Christian country and being a Catholic Psychic Family was virtually punishable by death for your reputation and social standing. I was a giant, over weight kid who questioned authority if I thought it was wrong, I didn’t need to be a further out cast lol

However, talking about the Spirits we had seen, discussing premonitions etc…around the dinner table was second nature to us. My parents didn’t understand their own gifts but they never ever stopped us from understanding ours.

THIS readers is what every parent should be like. I understand more than most what your kids are going through and as a parent of psychic kids I know how complicated it can be to explain what is happening to your children.

It doesn’t matter if your children are too young to talk or have a limited vocabulary. If they are seeing things you’ll know it. If you know your children are seeing Spirits I have some tips to help you deal with it a lot better so you not only find answers your seeking but you will also help your children to have the same relationship with Spirit as I do which I have to be honest and say ‘Is the best relationship your child will ever have in their entire life’. So here are some tips and hints on the things you can do to help your child embrace, understand and keep their gifts.

Now, please remember just because it is a black shadow doesn’t mean it is an evil or demonic Spirit. It just means the Spirit hasn’t got enough energy to draw on to manifest.

Okay so here we go.

1) If your child is afraid to sleep in their room at night it is important to give them back the power. I gave my sons, a torch to keep on for as long as they want.

The most important thing about the Spirits that are in the room at night is they aren’t there to frighten your children. They are drawn to their light. All children can see Spirit up to the age of about 8 before society pressure takes over. I’m always so happy to hear when I child’s gift has gone beyond that.

It is important they understand that it is perfectly normal to see dead people and they are only there to get help or to protect your children. The younger the child the closer they are to being Spirit themselves. So newborns are considered Spirits until they can see and hear and watch. Then they are immortal beings. But they all have that light.
Some Spirits can be scary, even negative ones will scare your child but ALL can be dealt with painlessly and easily as all Spirits are teaching ones even dark side ones. But the dark side are terrified of children because they are pure light so tend not to target them unless asked or invited to do so. But even then the child’s defenses would need to be down ie being lead to believe they are evil by someone they trust.

Psychic ability comes with a light only the dead and some intuitive people can see. But it is the light that draws the Spirit. By giving your child a torch or lamp your changing the type of light Spirit see. It seems to calm them down. Or tone them down might be the better term. They become less scary to the child.

2) It is VERY important that your child see’s your not afraid and have it all under control. They need their parents and Guardians to be strong so they learn to be strong too. Everything your child is going to learn is through watching you. So it is important that you never show fear. You can be as scared as you like inside but to your children you must look in complete control at least to your child. If all your dealing with is your average every day Spirit then you have nothing to fear. That I promise you. When your child goes to bed it is important you do this ritual every night. As they grow more confident and aware they will end up doing it themselves. Okay so the Ritual…….

Tuck your child in bed with their security blankets, binkys or toy they love most. Snuggle them in, give them a kiss and say ‘Sweet dreams Baby, and remember we aren’t going to let the Spirits make us afraid are we? Because Mummy/Daddy/Granny etc…. won’t let anyone or anything scare my Baby. Do you hear that Spirits, we know your here and we know your trying to communicate but your scaring my baby/child. Mummy/Daddy/Granny etc…will come and tell you off and put you on the naughty step (basically whatever it is you do to reprimand your child when naughty). Your not allowed to come and play at night. Night is for sleeping and (child’s name) needs their sleep because they are only little. You have to listen to me because if you don’t respect what I am saying then I will have to send you away. Day time or in dreams is fine but your not allowed here at night okay?’

Your child will trust that your taking their fear or concern seriously. They will feel safe and confident that you can help them and it means they won’t hesitate to come to you in the future to tell them what is bothering them. My son talks to me about any concern he has now including big worrying ones. When your child knows you always have their back and you will always protect them, they trust you more to talk openly about their visions, concerns and worries. It is actually quite a bonding experience. You can of course use your own words to the same effect but you basically just want your child to hear you saying to the Spirits they see ‘We know your here but scaring them isn’t allowed. So you play by the same rules or you will have to leave.’ This will give your child confidence and make them feel protected. Plus you bond with them. My son and I fight like Cats and Dogs but he told his Dad ‘The only thing I’m scared of is Mum when she yells but she is the only one who makes me not afraid of Spirits and she’s my best Fwend’ (he can’t say his R’s with some words lol).

3) Always encourage your child to talk to you about what they see. Even with a limited vocabulary you know what your child is saying or gesturing. Start as young as you can. Use whatever language you have to in order to get them to open up. Every time they see something, encourage them to talk to you. The reason being is if your child is seeing Spirits, they will be seeing some in their death state and even being shown things that will happen in the future.
You need to get them talking to you so you can help them understand what it is they are seeing. If they are seeing things you can”t explain come to me and I will help you. Especially if your child is like my youngest and comes out with things like ‘Mum a Spirit showed me an explosion in a train tunnel’ and then 2 weeks later a train in Switzerland catches fire.
But it can and probably will happen at some point. But trust me, some of them can be scary and confusing so you need them to be able to talk to you any time. It really does help to get it off your chest as a kid even if you don’t want to dealing with any of it. But it is true that a problem shared is a problem halved. I promise you with every fiber of my being, if you can’t figure out what they are being shown come to me and I will help you try to understand it.

4) While your child has been given a special gift that no amount of money can buy, always teach them to be proud, humble and honest about their gift. If your child is allowed to show off and be condescending as a child, Spirit will remove their gifts by the time they are adults. But in the same breathe don’t let them hide what they are. You can absolutely raise your children to be humble with their craft while confident as well.
Some people will react in a completely ignorant and stupid manner, some will embrace everything your child says. But you will have occasions when out in public when your child will say something like ‘Mum that waitresses Dad is standing with her and he wants me to tell her Happy Birthday and I love you’. Now… should never make your child feel anything other than relaxed about what they have seen. But what you do next matters. What I would do is write it down on a piece of paper and hand it to them as we are walking out. But my point is, you should always encourage them to use their gift and not to be ashamed of it but at the same time to be socially conscious of the fact that not everyone can handle being around the dead or get direct messages from them.

Your children aren’t different to other kids, they are just ‘more’ than the average child. lol I taught my son to look at any kid who doesn’t like him and tries to bully him as ‘they only do it because they are afraid of your light’. It makes him feel sorry for them because they don’t have the Special Light.

5) Encourage them to ask the Spirit questions when they are old enough. It will teach them to interact with them better and when they see Spirits human side it makes them less afraid. At some point you realize they are someones Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister, Grandparent, Husband, Wife, Sibling, Grandchild etc…and they either just want to be acknowledged or they might have a message.

If your child can let his/her Teacher, Neighbour, Friend etc..that their loved one has sent a message your child will be bringing Peace to the receiver. So the more information your child can get from the Spirit the more they have to give to the receiver who then can’t deny the message.

There are many ways to approach this kind of situation but I find an email, or letter is still the best way to go about it. Write it on our child’s behalf and end it with a ‘If you would like to know more please don’t hesitate to ask’. Then it leaves it open to communication should the receiver want it. But this teaches your child about being responsible with their gift as well.

If you follow these key things not only will you help your child understand without fear what their gifts are and how natural being around Spirit can be but it is a beautiful way to keep a bond with your child because I will never forget what my parents did for me when I was a kid and love them more for the experience. So I guarantee you your children will feel the same way too.

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27 thoughts on “Tips to help Psychic children

  1. Thank you Debbie, i will apply this to my daughter. NZ is
    Warm and overcast at the moment, hopefully xmas day will be blessed with sun. Hope you are feeling better.
    Love and light

    • Actually today I’m feeling pretty damn good. it’s been a long time since I felt this good.I could climb a mountain.
      It’s freezing here. They keep saying ‘prepare for Snow’ then it doesn’t snow. I don’t ever recall NZ Weather presenters being wrong like this. Over here I think they’re wrong more than they are right lol
      But I’m getting really excited for Xmas. I just feel so blessed right now. The people who have been stepping forward to show me love and appreciation has uplifted my soul. It’s been a long time since I was around people who actually care about what I do and what I do for others. Coming from a family that basically hid what we were. It warms my heart like you wouldn’t believe. Helping people is all I’ve ever wanted to do next to being a Mum.
      Love and Light

      • I’m so happy for you Debbie. You deserve to be appreciated for what you do, your gift is a blessing and you are a blessing to all of us who believe in you. Yes xmas is getting excited. My eldest is actually able to understand xmas this year so I’m excited to see her face when she sees her prezzies. Not much, but she will still love them :). Anyway, merry xmas to you and your whanau.
        Arohanui from your kiwi friend
        Ngarimu πŸ™‚ xx

      • Kia Ora Pepe, I’m blessed because people like you Accept and Appreciate me and my Lunacy. I’m not perfect, I’m possibly mad but I genuinely care what happens to people. People like you all in here.

  2. You know you wrote this post for me 😊 thank you for posting it because my daughter is a just turned 2 year old (but she talks like a 4-5 year old) and I just started telling her the other day: ask the guy what his name is and etc. I listen to my intuition and it just felt right to have both of us interact with him. Do you know why she would tell me that I scared the guy and when I asked where is he (I can usually feel him but he verifies it for me) so she says he “flew” away. So I know she’s accurate with the things she is telling me. Now as far as naturally born psychics… Is there any way I can find out? My dad is a clairsentient (from what I can tell) my grandmother had precognition but never really talked about it because like you said Catholics and psychic don’t mix. So I don’t know how else to find out unless I do a reading because none of my relatives before my grandmother are living.

    • Hi Courtney,
      I’m so glad my Post is able to help you. I’m sorry it has been so late in coming though. I have to do what comes to me when it comes to me lol But I have made a list of further topics to talk about now so I won’t think of Topics then forget them lol Sometimes Spirit give me ideas for a Post then I get distracted and forget about it lol
      Anyway to answer your questions.
      It is perfectly normal for Spirit to be spooked by the living. Your daughters Spirits obviously feel the need to distance themselves between you and themselves. They might just be unsure of what you might do if you knew they were there but you must start to acknowledge her Spirits. That is important. It gives validation to not only your daughter but to Spirit as well.
      Children will generally make up details of the Spirit, ie they might say the Spirit is a certain skin tone or age when they aren’t but that is more to do with the child’s level of ability to communicate or the Spirit might change clothes or even shift in energy (as they use up energy they will change shape and size etc…based on how much energy they can collect in order to appear). But they don’t tend to lie about having the Spirit in the first place. If they are casual and they aren’t giggling and cover their mouth because they know they’re making stuff up etc….then there is no need for them to lie about the man in their bedroom.
      But by you getting her to talk to them, then talk to you, etc…it builds up a level of trust between you and your daughter and you and her Spirits. Plus if any one of those Spirits around her is her Elder then there is no way they will stick around when Mums around. Their job is to Protect their Charge and make sure they are safe at all times until such time as it’s time for them to pass over. So if you walk in the room, he doesn’t need to be there because your there protecting her. He gets to step back.
      Can you ask your daughter if this man has a sore head? Let me know what she says.
      A Natural Born means they have the gift from Birth and never lose it. If your helping your daughter then she will be a Natural Born. It just meas unlike most people a Natural Born never loses the gift. At no stage in their life do they lose it. Most people lose it around the age of 8 and then discover it again later as adults. So if the gift has always been there and you or the person your wanting to know about it have never stopped learning and using the gift for as long as they can remember then they are a Natural Born. Most natural born but not all natural borns are Generational as well which means it is passed down through the generations and from what your saying your daughter fits this Category. She is a Natural born IC which she got from her family. Which means if you looked into it you’ll find your grandmothers down her line as well. Just keep encouraging her to use her gift. You won’t regret it.
      Love and Light

      • Whenever we talk about him I always go into her room. And the other night I was getting her ready for bed and she was just in the silliest mood ever lol well anyway she had her jammies in her hands and we were talking about how cute her jammies are and I said did you show the guy your jammies (I know I’m silly but I’m just thinking of ways to engage all three of us). And anyway she ran up to him and swung her jammies around and was swinging them right through him (I don’t know how to explain it). I can always sense when he’s in the room and the exact spot where he is standing and I told her not to do that because it’s not nice to spirits. I was told that it’s uncomfortable and painful for spirits if we walk through them please correct me if I’m wrong. Well anyway my point of all that was I was teaching her a respect for them. I do know that they are once people. Now my niece slept over the other night and she is 7 and she is ALOT easier to get information out of. She described him to me saying he had dark hair he was wearing a suit and tie and I asked her if he was hurt and she said he had some cuts on his face (underneath his eye and on his forehead) and he had blood coming out of his nose. Since I moved in here in march I’ve been having unexplained headaches (randomly) and only if I’m home and also breathing issues that I’ve never had before I moved here. It feels like my throat is closing… Not sure if it’s connected to what you wanted to know. My niece said there’s also a woman and boy here which could be the same woman I had a dream about a few weeks ago but there was no boy. Also 3 nights ago I closed my eyes to go to bed and I saw about 4 different people “slide” through my vision. 2 had faces and the other 2 were just the outline of the face and shoulders. (1st time it’s happened) I don’t see movies people just slide across the “screen” always from left to right lol it’s so hard to explain. As for the natural born luckily for my daughter I’m here for her. I had no one there for me to explain things and I think something scared the hell outta of me as a kid and I stopped seeing them. I wish I didn’t, my gift would be so much more developed by now. Oh well it is what it is. The good thing is my daughter has me to help her πŸ™‚

      • Spirit are made up of energy, like the energy used to power your House but on a different frequency so it isn’t possible for them to feel pain. I promise you your daughter isn’t hurting them. For someone to tell you they feel pain would imply they have a central nervous system and well without sounding crude,they are dead lol They have no physical body they only project the image of one so don’t worry,they don’t feel pain.
        Secondly I have to say I am so proud of you and how your teaching your daughter to respect them. Your teaching her from a young age that they are our friends and nothing to be afraid of,teaching her that even the Dead need love lol so well done. You’ve come a long way. I really am incredibly proud of you and I need to Thank you for trusting me with your daughters Spiritual well being. Your daughter is really lucky to have a Mum who embraces her gift and is doing everything she can to understand her gift. It is easy to see two things. 1) she chose you as a Mum for that reason and 2) She gets her gift from you. Because it is all well and good helping your daughter enhance her gift but you do realize she gets it from you? You are Psychic too lol So your helping each other and I promise you, the more you teach her and the more you help her you will also help and teach yourself as well which means your gift will start to grow exponentially. And there is no better to teach your psychic child than the psychic parent. You knew you were Psychic right? Your experiences of the nausea and breathing issues is classic Spirit Indicators.As in classic signs of Spirit being about. But what we need to do is find out if this man needs helps or if he is your daughters Spirit Elder. It’s not usually common to see them but when a child is little or a baby they will see them more than they would once they get to about 8yrs old and up unless they really need them ie life or death situations etc….It would see to me this poor Soul has an sudden death like an accident or suicide which could explain why he is hanging around. Your daughters (or your)Psychic light may have been the strongest shining at the time of his passing. So the next thing to do would be to ask your daughter and or your Niece to ask him his name and if he needs help. It might just be that he needs to cross over or he may need you to pass a message on to his loved ones of something. But 9 times out of 10 they are just wanting someone to know they are okay and they didn’t suffer or that it wasn’t suicide and it was murder or something like. Usually when a Spirit hasn’t crossed over (if they aren’t your Spirit Elder I mean) it is because either they passed so quickly they didn’t have the sense to go into the light because of the shock and hubub of their death, so a murder or accidental death.sudden death. Or it is because they are afraid to cross over because they fear what is on the other ie retribution, judgement or hell for example. OR they are needing their loved ones to know they are okay. They might be left thinking it was a suicide when it was an accident, that sort of thing and they are needing their loved ones to know the truth. Very Very rarely it will be because someone is keeping them from crossing over. But it is our moral duty to them and to God I think to make sure any who need it get the help they need to cross over and be at peace. Even if it means dropping a letter into someones letter box that ‘Hubby, Dad, Brother, Son, Uncle etc…are okay and need you to know it wasn’t suicide etc…’. Those of us who have the gift have a moral obligation to do our best for Spirit and to help them any way we can. So that would be your next step.If he doesn’t need help them we would then assume he is either one of your daughters Spirits or he is there as a free roaming Spirit but it does appear he maybe needs help. Poor thing. Does he talk to the girls? The same for the Mother and Boy, you can ask them if they need help or if they have a message. Just make sure you never invite them to stay or follow you and before you talk to them or get the girls to that you make it clear to the rest listening that your only wanting to talk to Spirits of pure love and light, and you aren’t interested in anyone wanting to cause negativity in your home. Ask your loved ones on the other side to protect you and then when your done especially at night make sure you ask your Spirits and Ancestors for protection every time you put your daughter to bed. But to be honest I know it’s been a lot for you to take on board but your doing a fantastic job Sweetheart and your a hero to your daughter. Your a good Mum. Trust me when I say parents like us are the exception not the rule. Your own gift will grow as does her and you can learn together. You’ve got this girl. And you know I’m always here if you need me.
        Be proud of yourself. You’ve done a wonderful for her. It shows how much you love her.
        Happy New Years my Sweet,Love and Light, Debbie

      • I’m sorry I didn’t mean like actual pain that we feel. I just meant uncomfortable. Like for me when people who are in pain, depressed etc get too close to me I feel what they feel (i usually gotta be at least 5 feet away from them or actively focusing on blocking them). Well anyway I love your thorough posts! And i always felt she chose me as well. I at one point was researching spirit babies and how they choose you. I thought, up until 2 weeks before my ultrasound that she was going to be a boy. Then whenever i told people i was guessing a boy I would get so sick to my stomach like nothing I’ve ever experienced before (and i didnt have any morning sickness at all). Then the morning of the ultrasound I had a dream that i had her (at 20 weeks gestation) and she was small enough to fit in a shoe box lol and I kept saying her she my daughter etc. I immediately woke up and knew that she was a girl. So the whole point of my rant was that i think a boy spirit was originally going to be born and decided to be born second. I was told a year ago I will be having a boy next, right around the time i graduate from nursing school. So we shall see…ill be happy with whatever gender I have, as long as it’s with someone who truly loves me and the child (and my daughter) since her father sees her once a month if that. I don’t think this man is her spirit elder because my landlord told me before I moved in that all of her tenants would complain about unexplained things. It’s funny because I have never had anything happen per se maybe because he knew that I knew he was there even before I said anything to acknowledge him (i got the goosebumps must be right) clairsentient is my favorite gift, it never fails me πŸ™‚ Anyway, my landlord has called me when I’m not home to ask me if people were over my house because it sounded like 2 people were walking around the house. I do have pets but she said it sounded differently. So I would assume if it was a spirit elder he wouldn’t hang around my house when she wasn’t home πŸ˜€ and I’ve never felt this exact energy until the day i moved in and walked into my room. I think he is much comfortable around me because for the first week i could feel him watching me whenever i left the room. He doesn’t leave her room when i’m in there either and he stopped leaving footprints and hand prints in my carpet). I have been seeing things out of the corner of eyes A LOT in the last month, mostly from her room (white blurs). I told my niece that feel like I should help him. I want to, it would be sad to seem him go because my daughter does enjoy him but this poor guy has been here at least 30 years because that’s how long my landlord has owned this house. Which to me is really depressing. I know they don’t have any understanding of time but it really makes me sad, maybe he’s sad too. Also, I asked my daughter “what does the guy say?” and she tells me “boo bee ba” and she just said it to me 10 minutes ago without me asking her. I’m not sure if he speaks another language or if it’s just my daughter not hearing him correctly. She also started like 6 months ago saying the word pika. i would say who’s home (it’s a game) and she would say Chopper Turbo prince (my pets) potty, etc and just start naming things that are home. Not sure if it’s a first name last name nickname or just a word he’s saying a lot and she associates that word with him. And thank you for all of the kind words. I do the things I do with her because it feels right, it does feel a little awkward talking to someone i cant see but i do want to help him no matter how I feel. I just got a headache and got really hot all of a sudden again. I know I’m not sick lol Any insight on the random heat? And when it comes to the negative things. I know the difference between a naughty, a nice one and a REALLY bad one. Right before my abilities exploded I “dreamt” ( i know it’s not a dream) that i was being choked by something invisible I tried to scream for my daughter’s father who was sleeping in the bed next to me (yes i could see my body under the blankets) to help me and save Giuliana and nothing came out and I thought get off of me I had to run to her. i woke up leapt out of bed and as i did I felt something really nasty standing in my hallway (couldn’t see of course, thank god). And i ran and checked on her, she wasn’t even 6 months old at this point. That THING stayed for a couple of nights and disappeared for a couple of months because i saged. It came back and after I moved from the apartment it never followed me. So this I think coincides with what you said in your newest post about the negative being attracted to when you have abilities. I didn’t go looking for abilities they came back to me so I don’t really think it’s my doing. But I am also in a much better place, spiritually mentally and emotionally.

        I do love my daughter more than anything! And I would do anything for her. Thank you for all your support and love that you’re sending my way. I felt it the whole time reading your post πŸ™‚

  3. I know I’m in the wrong area for this question but, I’m not sure where to go never used PayPal that being said please send me the link so I can do what I need to do thanks…. John

    • Hi Buddy, just go to my account name is but I don’t even know if you can make a payment without an account. I don’t understand it lol I’m surprised I even knew how to send this message lol I’m actually now thinking you do a payment through your bank or I’m quite mad and made the whole thing up lol
      But i know with the PayPal how i use it you put in the Recipient’s Account Email address and how much you want to send. Whether its a Friend, Family or Business Payment then you hit send.
      That’s the extent of my knowledge lol

  4. have you deleted ur “spirit child” account..since yesterday trying to post it but cannot………how strange..even ur not in my friends list dear…

    • Hi Garima,
      Sadly yes I did. I started to receive some abusive messages after you called my Integrity into question after the comment I made about Angelina Jolie being an ugly role model (ugly as in internally).
      Some of the abuse was uncalled for and all of them quoted you so I didn’t know if these people who abused me were connected to you or not so I had to block everyone for the protection of my Followers. I have reported the abuses to Facebook and two in particular decided to make it personal and used threatening behavior. Your more than welcome to dislike what I say but to jump to conclusions about my character without checking the facts behind what I was saying is ignorant. Not one person had a counter argument against what I said which says to me they all jumped on your band wagon (as you were the first to respond) without realizing what I was saying actually was right. Women like Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian are terrible role models who used their sexuality to get fame. I stand by my word. That doesn’t make me a horrible person. It just makes me Honest. I feel sorry for anyone can start an argument but can’t finish once. You can think I’m disappointing, an Alcoholic, jealous, less Spiritual, I don’t care what anyone thinks of me but you of all of my Followers I would of thought would of come to me and said ‘Can you tell me why your saying these things as I would like to understand where your coming from’ then I could send you things to read through so you could make up your own mind. But to say I have let you down because you thought I was Spiritual is ignorant. You all jumped to assumptions about me. I tried to copy and paste your comment so you could see it and then we could discuss it but you deleted it. I’m not angry, I’m not upset. You have to understand, what I do is controversial to anyone who isn’t Spiritual. When someone makes a negative comment about me it’s an invitation for abuse by Righteous Christians and Crack Pots. So I made the decision to remove myself from the negativity. I love Informative open discussion but what you started ended up in my Family being threatened. And that isn’t cool. Not that I think any of these Half Wits could do shit to my family.They are morons with nothing better to do than be bigoted, uneducated idiots and doing the thing of resorting to violence instead of intelligent conversation. These are the people who will be the worst affected during The Cleansing. I wish you Love and Light Garima. I wish you no ill will, I just had to do what I had to do to protect my Followers. Good luck for the future and I hope you find all that you are looking for in life.

      • hey hey ..i am so shocked to hear this.oh my god..what quotes?????what I said ? I think there is some terrible missunderstnading..please please paste the message here..lemme see what I wrote………….and what about your charachter I said??in my wierdest dreams I cannot say that……….oh god …i request to you please post the message…how can you think that I can say shits about you!! I call you sister and I take you like that….without seeing the post I cannot give explanations as what happened! i am feeling like to cry ……..seriously !! help me !! I dont have any intentions to hurt ,how can I even as I respect you like my own close one………….oh god !!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Oh my god my profile is damn “Hacked”..I havent deleted anything..rather I was checking of why your not replying….I said ” its nice to know this ..As these people are using their bloody popularity and people are going gaga after them…even I wrote that (as you said )your making your children read about Hellen Keller and exemplory personalities its nice to know how your bringing them up!! Because its not found nowadays “…….things like these I wrote……….and at last you said “dont you wanna have a free reading”–and I said “do I have a free reading from you”(reading in my sense is “pshychic ones “you do”)………….don’t you have any messages left from me?anyways you read my comments ,write it down in your words what exactly you got from me…….otherwise I am totally blank..I need help, please, to prove myself……In my entire comments in your blog or private messages I havent uttered a shit about you ,I see your always right and most importantly we are like minded how can I deny you atleast in this “kim and angelina” one…..As I myself hate them of what they do…I am all going blank………….I dont know what went wrong……ridiculous……But my terrible pain is you got hurt ,you got threats because of “me”……which is unbearable….I swear in the name of My God and My Mother……..Is there anything I can do ,Socially you want me to do anything ??? unknowingly even I am sorry ,I dont know how to prove myself my truthfullness..only God can show me the way out………I really never wanted to go away from you but see this is my fate !! Even I cannot make you believe that I am being a prey …..

    • You’ve knocked on the wrong door I’m afraid but luckily for you you’ve knocked on the door of your friendly neighborhood crazy lady. The Vegetarianish animal loving dead talking kook. Come in and take a seat. I’ll make you a nice warm drink. So tell me something Friend…..can you create forums in WordPress? If so could you possibly advise me as well. I’d love to start discussion groups. We mostly just discuss things here which your welcome to do πŸ™‚

      • Hi Debbie! I can set up what ever you’d like I would just need a bit of time to get the forum up and running than if you wat you can set up a link from here to do so. Let me know you have my email addy