My Gift Has Changed. I Appear to Time Slip during Readings now

It seems to be now when I’m doing a reading I am able to Time Slip during the reading. I have found in the last 8 readings I have done not only could I Appear beside the Client while I’m watching them like a Spirit going about something I’m predicting in a reading but I am also able to Time Slip to their Past Life events as well.

I know this sounds crazy because it’s so different to an Actual Time Slip.

I don’t get the Hum or Buzzing like I do a Time Slip in Public. This is while I’m Psychically reading for the client.

Let me explain as best I can.

Before when I read for someone it was like a movie playing out in my mind. I would get images and glimpses often in quick succession and Spirit will fill in the blanks. But recently I’ve been basically transported to the space and time of a particular imagine in the reading where I can not only see everything as though I am actually there but I can smell the smells, feel the weather on my skin and describe what I’m seeing in great detail.

I did it just tonight with a client. I saw him standing outside a building taking a phone call. Instantly I felt the cold air hit my face, (Still do actually) I could feel the snow hitting my face and my face IS cold. I could smell his cologne, I could feel my feet crunching on the gravel. I could describe where he was standing in such great detail he knew exactly where I was talking about. I can touch objects and retain the feel of their fabric. It’s remarkable.

I’ve had two clients who were shown past life issues where I was right there, watching them go about their business in their last life. I could smell the blood, the heat, the screams of the men dying in battle. I could feel the metal of the saw as it cut limbs off. The feel of the cotton cloth she was using to wipe the blood off her face. She was in the heat of battle during the American Civil War. I can describe it in vivid detail because I was there.

The trouble is, I’m never prepared for it so I can’t make sure I take a tablet for the pain it gives me when I come out of it.

As with Time Slips the common thing is my eyes start to go blurry and my real life seems over lapped with the image from the reading. And when I come out of it I am WIPED out. Seriously WIPED out. I can barely move. The Nausea is oh my god…..I can’t even begin to describe it. Nothing takes it away either.

I will sleep like the dead tonight (no pun intended). It has taken over 2 hours for my eye sight to almost repair itself.

There is a down side though.

One of the Clients I read for lost his Mother when he was 9 years old. His Mother was murdered and no one knew to this day what happened and who. I was transported to the room. I witnessed in great detail this poor woman being beaten about the head and strangled. I felt her thinking about her son as she took her last breath. I was able to describe who killed her. I’ve seen death many times before but not like that. I will never forget it. The freakiest part about it all is I swear to God, she saw me. I swear she knew I was there.

I don’t know what is happening to me. I am letting Spirit guide me the way they feel I need it. I accept any experience they give me as being part of my Greater Plan. And I know I can’t interfere with anything I see and I never would but the incredible thing about it all is It isn’t just in a reading now that I can do it. It’s Past Life Readings and Future experiences I’m travelling too. So my Time Slips are without Time.

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21 thoughts on “My Gift Has Changed. I Appear to Time Slip during Readings now

  1. That would be traumatizing .
    Just like everythimg u go threw u will adapt to this gift as well.
    Not that your readings weren’t special before but think about how amazing they will be now being able to experience things with your client when they were alone at there worst

    • You get used to seeing death when your my age. I have faith im shown these things for a greater purpose. Its not pleasant to watch but I see them after death why not during? They want me to show me their deaths and thoughts etc….maybe to help their families. I don’t know. I know when it happens my mind set changes. I become an observer. Void of emotion. Like I’m the Ghost. But I’m never frightened. But I never know everyones past lives. Only those I am meant to know. To those it helps them deal with anxieties and issues. And if anything I do helps then its worth my migraines and exhaustion. Every time I’m taught I educate others. I have the best life in the world.

  2. Such Vision is incredibly powerful. I hope you were leaving a significant amount of time between experiences in order to take good care of yourself. interestingly I myself am coming to live in one long moment seems outside of time.
    Best wishes,

    • I dont have any control over when and how I have them. Spirit are the ones who have full control of it. Every one a lesson. I learn a new skill with every trip. I’m now used to seeing time while living in now and just learned I can move around with free will while in a slip. So when im doing the dishes I can be taken to a house in the US in 1970 to a house where a person is dying and walk around that house with precise detail of the room the weather the person. What theyre wearing, what car is in the drive. Like Remote Viewing except I can go into the past present and future. I don’t DO anything to trigger them. They happen any time Spirit want me to have them. So I can have them while shopping, sight seeing, cooking, talking in conversation or reading for a client. I know why its happening. It has been explained to me. I understand it all. But just can’t control when yet but don’t want to just yet. I’m having fun learning. But I also understand in the wrong hands this gift of Time Slipping would be very VERY dangerous. Very Very dangerous.

  3. How lucky you are to be experiencing this for the greater good of course. I would imagine it to be a bitter sweet moment. Being able to help some one but then have the side effects afterwards. The greater good would always outweigh the bad though. I wish I was able to help people the way that you do.

  4. Only a question I’m far from a perfect person I’ve made my mistakes, with that being said is there a way to tap the gifts were all said to have in ourselves not just to better myself but those around me

    • Yes of course. We all start out not knowing anything and having to learn and experiment. I know my Posts are long winded but I have got Posts that tell you who to do it.
      I can’t show you how to be me because my gift is based around my experiences in my life but your gift will be based around your experiences in your life.
      But it really is simple and what you were in your past has nothing to do with you as a person today. No one is perfect. I was a wild child. what you did in your past is of no concern to Spirit. It’s what you are as a person now that matters.
      My advice is as always. talk to Spirit,tell them your ready. Then pay attention to everything around you. Ask questions,seek answers, give, listen, guide,help,learn.
      Something I have been saying for years is Learning is Knowledge,Knowledge is wisdom and Wisdom is Power. To have Power over your life and your gift is the best gift you can give yourself.
      Open your mind. Honestly it is that easy. As soon as you tell Spirit your ready, watch how quick things start to happen. Just make sure your sensible and protect yourself. Make sure every night you ask for protection from anything negative and that you only embrace Pure Love and Light. BIt is important because unfortunately The Negative comes with The Positive for a little while until you ascertain your Authority over that which makes a presence. But remember your the one in control. Nothing happens without your approval.
      don’t believe anything that doesn’t feel right to you. And equally as important I think you should established what I call a Code of Conduct. A set of Moral Rules and Guidelines to adhere to in order to keep you grounded.
      Do nothing for profit and only for the greater good. Be prepared for anything and assume nothing. Never assume to know what Spirit are talking about.
      And most importantly of all never ever lose Faith. Spirit know more than all of us combined and just because something happens we don’t like or we have to deal with something we don’t want to doesn’t mean they or you have gotten it wrong.Everything in out lives happens for a reason. It is all meant to happen. You can’t fight Fate. Every thing that happens in your life happens to teach you the lessons you needed to learn from your last life basically so get it right in this life so your not having to come back next time is the ultimate goal. Our lives are like Sat Nav. The ultimate destination never changes. There is a guideline of the best way to do it,you can follow it or choose your own roads or get rerouted but the destination is always the same. When things happen you don’t like just keep your head down, know you can’t change things you have no control over so don’t waste energy worrying about the things you can’t control and ride out the storm. Everything comes good in the end, it always does but that is where your faith comes in. Bad things happen whether we like it or not. Things are going to happen whether we want them to or not. It is part of life’s lessons. It doesn’t mean you’ve gone down the wrong path it just means your having experiences you need to learn from. But your faith will be such that no matter what happens Spirit do everything for your best interests and would never do anything to hurt you or let you down.They never get it wrong, we can misread the signs,messages and signals but they are never wrong. We are tested all the time and how we deal with the tests determines what happens next so if you make things not a big deal (the small things I mean not anything big like redundancy, death or illness etc…). Like when people say I’m Evil and Full of Sin etc…I could get upset, sure it’s costs me business but it just means I’m not meant to help them. The people who need me find me. My style isn’t for everyone so I think Spirit save me for those who are switched on in a special way. Because of my blunt and honest approach to life. We can sit and wallow and worry but it doesn’t put food on the table. It doesn’t solve the problem nor is it counter productive so you just need to hunker down and ride it out while taking in the lessons. Things happen because they are meant to. When you realize this it makes things so much easier to deal with. I have been through life altering events in the last 4yrs and haven’t been stressed once and I don’t mean that in a cocky way. I mean that when stressful things happen, my Faith is such that my measure of stress is virtually non existent compared to that of my husband. Because your faith and relationship with Spirit becomes one that you will never have with any other. They will get you through the best and worst times of your life. So faith is everything. when you do these things you will experience Spirit, see them, feel them and communicate with then. IF your genuine. If your reason behind wanting the connection is Disingenuous then nothing will happen. I say this because there are many so called Spiritual people out there completely faking it because it is a really easy way to make money if you have no morals.
      It really is this easy but it sorts the men from the boys because out of about 1000 people I have told this too only three people have followed it and it changed their lives within 2 days of opening up.
      read as much as you can, my Posts for information is free and does help in an Honest and Constructive way so use it. And if you get stuck or need help I’m here.
      Love and Light

    • Yes I have gone into the future. I don’t get headaches but i am utterly exhausted almost can’t move from exhaustion. It seems to happen a LOT now when I read for someone. Especially if i pick up a past life.

    • Yes I can 🙂 I do it a lot during readings now. And Not every reading but some readings I have done the client has asked about their past lives. I can’t usually pick up on ALL of their past lives but I will get maybe one or two but the last few I’ve done I have Time Slipped and stood in the clients shoes. The last one being that of a Native American Girl who helped Soldiers during the American Civil War. She was risking everything to help these poor souls and I felt it all. From the feel of the starchy dress she was wearing, her hair pulled back tight, the heat, the smell of the blood, the sun beating down on those make shift tents, I could hear the screams, the smell of infection, I could walk around too. Like when your playing a First person Game. I could walk outside the tent and describe the fields, the houses near by etc….I could walk amongst the dead and dying, until I myself got shot myself. I can’t describe in here how it feels to be in a Time Slip. I have spent over 12 months trying to find a anyone who has had something similar to see if we could compare notes but I haven’t found anyone. I know there are Monks who can Astral Travel during Meditation but they sit in the one spot. I on the outer appearance stay in the one place by inside physically I move backwards and forwards in time. My body tingles, goes fuzzy like it’s sitting on am Amp turned up full and then my eyes go blurry, and I can’t see, it’s like the past, or future (depending on whether I got forward or backwards in time) overlap the present. To me, I know my husband is there and he automatically knows to take my arm as I have almost walked into cars thinking I was walking into a market. He says I talk normally but seem to move really slowly, like I’m walking through molasses and I understand what he means because my conscious self does feel like it is moving at Sloth like speed. Really really slowly. It’s so hard to explain. We are aware that the next time it happens Chris is to get a video of it. I’ve never had one without him being near by and I think that is because of his role as my Protector. I also randomly time slip when I’m extremely tired too. If I’ve had a really intense reading after which I will need to lay down until I recharge my batteries I have found I will just randomly Time Slip to places not of my choosing. These places I’ve never even been in my life though which is odd. It’s almost like Spirit are ‘testing me’ taking me out on a ‘test run’ or something. In the Summer time I Time Slipped to a old stone bridge that had a stream underneath it. The water was so cold I could feel it coming off the water. There was a small amount of snow on the ground and on the bridge. I put my hand on it and could feel the cold freezing snow go through to my bones.I could feel the cold air on my face and my feet crunching under the stones and dirt etc…I knew there was someone behind me. They spoke and instantly I was back on my bed. My fingers were ice cold and red from the cold. It is a weird feeling though. It feels like in all sense of the word like your going to pass out. But just at the pinnacle of fuzziness or where you would expect pain or to pass out I’m off like Superman lol I don’t get headaches or anything. There are no side effects other than extreme exhaustion. A Time Slip in any version I have takes at least 2 days to recover from. But that’s about it. I did get a Visit from The Council just before all of this started to happen where they told my husband through me I would be ‘Powering Up’ and that I needed to work on my confidence etc…so we are assuming this is what they were talking about. It does seem to be based on our Level of Spirituality and I would assume after the Cleansing and after everything has settled down and we are Spiritual instead of Religious this is something ALL of us will do.

  5. That’s pretty neat dear! Wonderful gift all at the same time. But I know you’re physically drained from it all. So take it easy and write more about it!

  6. I know Spirit would never put us in harms way. We do have control over what we want to experience. Your gift sounds wonderful but if it were me, I’d ask Spirit to exclude the pain from these experiences.

    • But the pain is part of the experience. Its a physical body going through extra sensory experiences. Our bodies aren’t used to not being in the physical is that makes sense? So when it returns it’s painful. Kind of like lifting weights for the first time ever. Your fine when it happens but it hurts later on? It’s part of the experience. No pain no gain sort of thing. The more I do it the less it hurts. I know Spirit would never hurt me on purpose. Its just part of the experience of turning a Physical into an Etherial. Does this makes sense? Lol I sometimes wonder if it just makes sense in my head and noone elses hahaha

      • I’m learning so much from you. You are the only person that really gets in the nitty-gritty of all this. I recently received my 2nd Attunement and it’s really opened me up – FAST! It’s nice to be able to “talk” with someone about all this. Thanks again!

      • Oh that’s wonderful. Congratulations. Listen My Sweet, I might be a bit bossy or get p’d off sometimes but my soul purpose for this Blog is to Teach. There are so many of us out there but some of whom don’t understand what’s happening to them and with so many False Prophets and Charlatans out there its up to people like You and I to help any way we can. If even one thing I say helps one person be less afraid of who they are or what they experience then I know I’ve done the right thing. I appreciate my views aren’t for everyone. I was told in a Psychic Forum in Facebook once by a Medium to ‘Go away with my Mumbo Jumbo because me and my science make no sense.’ She said ‘There is no room for Science in the Paranormal’ lol So I knew then that those who are meant to know the truth, warts and all will find me and they will be the ones who understand me more and learn the most from what I teach. Your the perfect example of this and I have to be totally blunt here when I say this but I have noticed when it comes to my followers and their blogs, they tend to be quite a few IQ points smarter than the average bear. Because of the fact I discuss alot about Quantum Mechanics, Physics and the Quantum Effect. That’s not some most people realize is involved in what we do. But not one person yet has asked me to explain what I mean. You all just get me. I’m such a proud Mama Bear. I’m honoured and privileged to have people like you want to learn from me in the first place.

      • well you’re pretty amazing the the reason I keep coming back to your blog is that you are talking about things that only “we” know or feel. You can’t fake or make this stuff up. The fugazi’s (that’s Italian for fake, lol) take and write about such general stuff, so 101. Since my 2nd attunement, I’m seeing things that I don’t hear anyone else talk about but you. I’d like to talk a little more about time slips or “time skips” I should say what to do when you see Spirit write things on your steamy shower glass door. Yup 🙂

      • Well Thank you so much. Gosh your gonna have me not fitting my head through the door soon if your not careful lol
        Just ask away. That is what I’m here for Donna.
        What are they writing on the mirror?

      • The first time was just the palm of the hand, actually the side, sliding down the steamy window. It was the exact same size of my hand so that’s how I know it’s a hand.

        The second time, a few days later, an outline of a person, from the shoulders up – appeared on the glass – all clear in the center, no drops nothing and this was while the shower was running.

        No words just shapes at this point – just odd – never happened before and I don’t put anything on the glass to clean it. I just squeegee it clean.