Farewell my Teacher Pauline Wardel Braddon

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of my Teacher Pauline Wardel Braddon.

Pauline passed away today 13th Oct 2014 at 2.10am Queensland, Australia time.

I received an email when I woke this morning. informing me she was in the final stages of passing over and then a following one to say She had pass away.

Pauline, I know you can hear me Teacher but you were the Biggest Influence in my entire life. You made me not fear my gift and oh you poor poor patient woman. How you sat and answered my 1000 questions. I used to exhaust you with my questions. But your answers never felt wrong to me. It was like you could see into my soul. I will never forget how we met. Me sitting by the pool in that Hotel in Surfers. You and Janette took me in and you proceeded to tell me that my Dad had come to you while you were on the toilet lol hahahaha Then began my journey.

You were such a teeny tiny lady. I used to joke and call you Yoda. You never let me talk myself out of things, even when you threw me in the middle of things I wasn’t ready to do, like ‘talking to and reading for your friend in Canada without notice’. You told me once ‘You will have a student and he will be younger than you and you’ll be harder on him than I ever was on you’ with her little round pure white face lol Well…………your wrong, I think I’m a positive delight (although Brandon might not agree) hahahahahaha

Pauline, please come and see me. You must be done meeting and greeting everyone by now. You told me the night before you left my house that ‘I would be your last student but you felt I would be your most successful because I was a natural and you would never worry about me because you had faith in my ability’. Well Yoda, I still need you. I have so many questions now only you can answer. Please come and visit me. Your Padewan awaits.

Rest in Peace now my Dearest Pauline. I can still smell that damn fried Tofu,Tomatoes and Onions.


7 thoughts on “Farewell my Teacher Pauline Wardel Braddon

  1. Recently I contacted Debbie because for no real reason except I searched the internet for Pauline Braddon and Debbies blog came out number 1 hit.

    Pauline Braddon had met me in Australia in 1997, reading the story from Debbie, that is true we do not meet Pauline – she meets you. My story is below.

    I had been working in Papua New Guinea for 2 years and was taking a holiday, I decided that I had to go to Port Douglas. I made my journey and arrived mid afternoon, found my accommodation and was hungry. I found the only cafe I knew, next to the bus stop and tucked into a baked potato and probably beans. I thought I was almost alone and had no knowledge that I was not alone. So when I put my knife and fork down, I was aware that I was not alone and there was a woman sat opposite me, watching me, curious of me, smiling and just said ‘did you enjoy that?. You looked hungry.

    I had no idea when or how she had navigated the plastic chairs and tables nor can I remember her with food or a drink, maybe a drink and then she had not ordered it outside as noway did any waiting staff pass me.

    She was as Debbie describes bonny, short and I remember her smile. we passed the time of day; why I was there, where had I been and probably many things. I do remember when I left we had been talking for quite a time and the sun was setting. Her last words to me were, I think we will meet again, in fact I am sure we will…. with a knowing tone and look.

    I was a tourist in my 30s and had lots to do in bars and the beach and met countless people. However one thing I did not expect was that nearly everyday more than once a day at a random places, the Post Office, The Supermarket, the quayside shops selling nothing either of us were interested in, she was there and appeared right in front of me, neither of us could understand it. On almost the last day there she said, in an equally odd place having met, come for tea, there has to be a reason we have met, I’ll give you a reading.

    When we met I remember she seemed a little different. Maybe more serious. I have told Debbie that I am difficult to read, I have not undertaken training but I do know I have uncanny things happen to me. This was no exception, she very well told me about my mother and her expected death to a time of year but not the year. She was of course perfect at that. She did tell me my purpose in life ‘to stop the theft’ and how I am to inherit a life like a castle in Ireland. I can then remember little things as working out life paths and where we come from, whom we have met in this world, the next and where we might all meet again in the future.

    The next day was the leaving day Pauline came to the bus stop and she cried as we hugged. It was sad. It was if we had known each other years. I to this day cannot understand why we met like we did. I have often thought about those days.

    I have no idea why we met and as Debbie says ‘why she has now brought Debbie and I together’ she is the link, what information do we have to exchange, what do we need to do?. That perhaps we may never know. I often think there is always someone watching us, like Pauline did and the people we meet often have a story to tell or exchange information.

    Why I searched for her is a strange question that I cannot fully answer. Except I am looking to change jobs countries and life again and have no idea of the path to take. Probably like before. Her name popped up out of the blue and told my partner the story – again.

    All I know is I wish I could have contacted her before and maybe we just both have?

    I’ll leave you there


    • Well ya made me cry again ya bugga lol look. If Teacher bought us together there is a reason. Do you want to be a student or friend? Coz I’m up for either. Ill email you.
      I connect with her any time I like and im lucky but geez I miss that teeny tiny little fire work. She glowed. She eminated love and non judgment lol which is why when she passed she turned up with my file telling me what I was doing wrong.
      Lol but she’s still the same. She got a standing ovation when she crossed over.
      Talk in email

      • Hi Debbie

        Here is a promised photo.

        If too late no worries, always another time.

        Sorry to say I found something a week or 2 ago and I will take a photo of it, get the tissues ready though. A sad but reminder of our friend on the other side. I kept it. I am not a keeper, but I kept it..

        If my photo counts I have sent one. What do you know about me I am very interested to know, I am complicated… Very.. But our lives holds no secrets.


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      • Photo? I’ve been thinking about my teacher a lot lately. My students are all on fire. Every single one of them with fully developed skills with none having any at the start. I have 4 newbies in the last month who signed up and their gifts have taken off. They say its me but its their loyalty and dedication thats done it. Ive REEEEALLY pummled these poor kids this month with tests and exams lol but they ALL passed. ALL of them. I was floored. Even the newbies. I couldn’t of asked for a more loyal loving students if I’d created them myself.
        And i just wondered if Teacher would be proud of me. I know i am evolving the society which she’d love. But everything i know she started the seeds growing. I miss her but I talk to her a lot. Just miss her tiny little blonde/white haired self and her Aussie accent. She was brutal though lol she worked me hard. But it made me work hard as a consequence so she knew what she was doing. I just want to do my utmost to represent her so her legacy lives on in a new generation of White Lighters. So don’t worry my friend. I cry a lot now i remember so much lol

      • Ps my girls name is Shuk or Shuk-man Woo.

        Shukmanwoo@aol.com so she can read it herself. If all are taken no problem..

        Take care and watch out for the Gin, but it is so nice – Friday night no work next day is Gin Night.. I liked your post.


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