Suicide: The Truth. (revised)

Sadly I have been dealing with a lot of people who have had their lives torn apart by the loss of a loved one by Suicide. So I decided to do a post based on my knowledge of what happens to a Suicide Soul after they pass over.

Contrary to popular belief they do NOT go to Hell and they do NOT get classed as being a Sinner for taking their own life.

Depression is the number one cause of Suicide and Spirit being the all loving all light souls that they are turn their back on NO ONE in the After Life. So I’m going to tell you the truth about what happens and I know this according to what I have been told by the Spirits who committed suicide themselves. This might hurt or offend some people and that isn’t my intention. I am simply trying to educate people because I am quite simply bothered by the amount of lies, half truths and blatant ignorance is given by supposed Psychics and Mediums who care more about the work than the clients to educate themselves on the truth. SO here it goes. I apologize if I offend anyone but I am all about The Truth when it comes to Spirit.

Our Lives aren’t all predestined.
I used to think it was but it isn’t. We choose every single step of it. The choices we make decide what happens next and then we are to spend that life trying to find the balance. If the balance is right we are happy, if it isn’t, we aren’t.
So contrary to what some believe NO ONE dies before their time. If their time is up, it was meant to be and part of the plan. Even unfortunately Babies, Children. The duration of our life is based on two things.

The Lessons we were sent here to learn and The lessons we have taught those we leave behind. We spend more time as a Spirit than we do as a Human and we live our lives according to the lessons we are meant to learn. For example: Someone who was a wealthy, greedy, megalomaniac might after death decide to come back as a Poverty Stricken African Child so his soul will know the true meaning of suffering in his soul.

As we live our life, everything good or bad happens when and how it is meant to. Our Paths are as they were set out to be before our birth. But the easiest way to understand this is if I explain it like this.

If you imagine our life is a journey and your using Sat Nav to complete your journey. Imagine then your destination is set in before you set off on that journey and while we will go down some roads set out for us how we reach our final destination is based on how many detours and rerouting we take. The destination is the same but the roads we choose to go down is all us but either way you get there in the end. But the roads we take whether we choose them or not come with the lessons we are meant to learn from taking them. All the good things that happen to us, all the bad things that happen to us, happen because they are meant to and because the lessons we learned from them are important for us to complete the journey having learned the most we could from it.
But because the Universe is based on balance and there are always two roads. A bright sunny road and a dark scary road. You choose which road you go down and where it stops.
We are underneath all this skin, Spiritual Beings. All Spiritual beings are eager and I mean eager, students who live for the human experience so they can evolve to the next level.

With Suicides, they get to a fork in the road when the Sat Nav gives them a choice. take Road A) Where your life will end and your journey is completed or Road B) where you take the lovely scenic route which means it will take longer to reach your destination but you will get there in the end.

If they are successful in their attempt to take their life then they chose Road A. I haven’t met one Spirit who killed themselves who didn’t regret what they did the second they pulled the trigger, jumped,swallowed the pills etc….they all said the second the light left their life they realized that actually things weren’t so bad and there IS a way out of the depression or stress they were under at the time. They all wished they had chosen Road B. However because they are Spirits they know, understand and fully accept that this was the path they chose and it was for a greater purpose than anyone living realizes.
I came to realize that in fact some suicides are happy they did it. That some suicides actually are Teaching souls which means they are higher evolved than us the living and it is in the very rare exception that the lessons are for those left behind more than the one who left than the one who left. But knowing the life path the way I do now I know that none of this could of happened without everyone agreeing to it before they even got here.

I’m around suicide a LOT now and there are some parents, partners, children, friends, loved ones who have taken their grief in such a beautiful way it humbles me. On my knees and bow down humble.
They get it, they understand the pain they saw them suffering. They didn’t take it personally and while they are in pain from the grief they know that at least now the pain and suffering is over for the one they watched suffer.

For those beautiful souls who choose suicide, it is a very painful process for them. While they live they suffer and it’s a burden I have felt many times when I connect with them and I can’t describe the pain they felt. It’s indescribable and I’m pretty good at describing stuff.
I’m a descriptive person by nature. But it’s like, you see grief in everything. Think about the saddest you have ever been and have that pain in everything you do. Getting up, working, eating, sleeping, endless, none stop and you can’t think straight and you feel discombobulated because of that grief. It’s hard to concentrate just trying to imagine it so imagine how they felt living it in everyday things like just having breakfast or walking to school?

Those who suffer most are the Teaching Souls, those who witness it are the students.

I promise you, they don’t get into trouble when they cross over.
They are treated with so much love and understanding when they die. All their loved ones greet them and walk them to where they will get the help they need to release themselves from the stress and fear of what made them want to die in the first place.
All their loved ones on the other side actively join forces to help mend the pieces of their Broken Souls. And they are Broken Souls. They are released of all their Earthly emotion,all the things that made them hurt, angry, sad, depressed, jealous, worried etc…it is removed from them as is the trauma of their death. Especially in the case of Gun Shot deaths, Hangings, Train, Bus Suicides etc…the body takes a huge impact which if not removed it would carry over into the next life they have to live. And they WILL have to be reborn. So what happens next?

There are two versions of every possible out come. YOU decide your fate when it comes to suicide. But it’s not the case of it leaving tortured souls behind.
There is always a way out with Suicide. You can walk away but some souls will just never be happy living. They will be drawn to it sooner or later so no one should carry the blame. If their compass is set to do it there is nothing you can do but try to do the best by them in memory and not blame yourself.

For some reason the popular belief of those left behind is that the person who killed themselves is trapped and filled of guilt and anguish because of their actions. Because the house they lived in and or died in seems so dark now, there is a horrible air of sadness and dark depression in the building that wasn’t there before they took their life.
I am here to tell you this is wrong. The dark heavy depressive feeling left in the house they lived/died in isn’t because of them being trapped souls. It is because WE know what happened in the building and if your still living in the house where it happened or you still have access to the building no one remembers what the place was like before the death only afterwards. It’s called grief, it’s called tragedy.
The house stops being the house where ‘XYZ’ lived and it becomes the house where ‘XYZ’ took their life. They get forgotten for the people they were and become defined by the fact they took their own life.

If you can remember they are now in Spirit and all the things that made them so sad and so full of anguish in the first place is now gone. They don’t feel the same way. They are Enlightened Beings of Light, all they care about is making sure their loved ones are at Peace with their passing and this is why they choose to come back and hang around.

We all feel them around us after they die and the heaviness we feel is OUR grief not theirs. But they are around us and they are feel a little guilty but that is because of the fact they see the suffering they caused us. Suicide is never easy on anyone. If you die of an illness then people will say ‘Well at least they aren’t suffering now’ if they died of an Accident or Sudden Death they say ‘At least it was quick and they didn’t suffer’ or ‘They died doing what they loved.’ if it is Murder or something Violent like that we say ‘I won’t let the tragedy of their death define how I remember them, I’m going to embrace their memory because that is what they would of wanted’. etc….  But if it is Suicide everyone involved is left until the end of their days asking ‘Why? What could I have done? Why didn’t they talk to me or get help?’ and because of that we stick around to try to make amends.

To get your forgiveness and understanding is the biggest reward for a Teaching Soul. You do a LOT for them when you forgive them or at least try to understand what they did and why.

No Spirit who take their life is free from learning a lesson. They are ALL made to come back to those they left behind so they can see what their decision to take the A road created. And some aren’t allowed to move on to the next phase in their Spiritual Existence until they are forgiven. So this is why I tell everyone who comes to me looking for answers that they need to sit down with their loved one and tell them what their death did to them and at the end of it you need to tell the Spirit you forgive them.

For the ones who have to make amends for what they did, the best thing you can do for your loved one who has taken their own life is to sit down one day and say ‘XYZ, you broke my heart when you took your life. I will never understand why you felt you couldn’t talk to me. But I love you and I need to know your at peace now because you were in so much pain during your last days. So I want you to know I love you and I forgive you for doing what you did because no matter how much I am hurting for losing you I know nothing I feel will be as bad as what you felt when you made the decision to leave us all behind. So I forgive you and I want you to go in peace.’

Just by saying that, you heal everything. You heal the gaping hole in your heart and you heal theirs too from when they were alive and they know their suffering wasn’t for nothing.
Then they can move on to the next phase of their Existence. Which for them is Reincarnation usually but not always. Each suicide is different.
It may very well be in the next life their lose a loved one to suicide so they know the pain. Then when they die they understand it from both sides and hence they move up a step in the ladder. That would be a selfless Spirit who would level up to something like a Spirit Elder when they cross over next I imagine.

However, in the case of things like Murder Suicide it is a different story all together. In the case of a Murder Suicide the Murder Victim goes up the ladder and the one who did the murder then took their own life once they are healed of their passing etc…get sent down to the bottom of the ladder along with the serial killers and dictators etc…and will be made to suffer the pain and suffering ten times worse than they caused until they get the lessons they need to learn. Then they will get reborn and reborn and reborn and reborn moving up the ladder until they finally get the message. I know in one of my past lives (my first I think) I was a horrible disgusting man who gorged and gave orders to end the lives of those who opposed me or got in my way. I was a slothfully lazy man who basically ate himself to death from his own greed. From the times of King Henry the 8th. So I would like to think I’ve learned from my mistakes by now. lol I’m NOT coming back again. I will sit outside the Pearly Gates singing Protest songs if I have to lol

So what can you do to help someone you know how has taken their own life?

Well you can sit down one quite day or night and talk to them. It doesn’t need to be out loud, it can be in your head. But you can help by telling them how much your hurting. How you wish they had come to you for help and how much it has affected your life. It is perfectly okay to get upset and even angry. This is what they are needing to hear. You need to be 100% honest. You don’t need to use kid gloves for their benefit. If your angry, tell them your angry and why. This will be Cathartic for you and it will be a valuable lesson for them. Then after you have said all you can you then need to try and see it from their perspective. You don’t have to like it or accept it but you do need to forgive them. Because you’ll never know their fear or their suffering until you try to piece together WHY they did it. Think about all the things they had going on at the time and try and see the other side of the coin (as they will be with you too). Then you need to forgive them so they can be at peace. In fact you don’t even need to forgive them, but you do need to accept that this is what they chose and for whatever reason they did it you just want their souls to finally be at peace. By doing this your letting them move on to their next journey whatever it may be.

I am not saying that all suicide cases are reborn into a life where someone they love kills themselves either, I was using that as an example. Some have said that was the case but not all.

The one thing you don’t want to do with a Suicide is keep them Earth Bound because of your grief or guilt. It is bad enough when it happens with a loved who died from other causes but because Suicides do have to come and make amends it is easier to do it to them.
So if you love them, please……let them go. And as they have all, every single one of them have told me basically ‘Don’t let my death define how you remember me. I was more than how I died. My death wasn’t what I was as a person, it was who I was in the moment of my death. So don’t let your memory of me be about how I died and why I died. Remember ME, not my death and then if you love me, let it go so we can all be at peace.’

There is ALWAYS a way out of your despair. There is always an answer to your questions. There is always another option to taking your life. I couldn’t imagine anything worse having lost a couple of people myself to Suicide but what is worse for them is not being allowed to move on until their loved ones forgive them. They aren’t trapped. They aren’t unhappy, they can come and go as they please, but until they make amends for their passing they are just a Spirit who exists and can’t move forward to any of the good stuff. It happens to them all eventually though and I’ve seen what it does to them and it bursts your heart with pride and joy when you see it. It really is the most remarkable thing I’ve ever seen when a Spirit gets to move on. It is indescribable.
But for most, the pain is over and they are happy and at peace immediately.
I used to think differently but the more I tuned the more I heard. I didn’t know half of what I do now lol

So if you’ve lost a loved one to Suicide, let them go so they can be more than they allowed themselves to be in life. It is the best thing you can do for yourself and for them so you can all Be At Peace.

Death isn’t final and they are in Spirit the second they cross over. As I said some cases are not that easy but it depends on the circumstances to their suicide.

But any way you look at it suicide is fuckin soul destroying for those left behind. However, would you really want to prolong their suffering for your own needs and feelings or would you rather know they were at peace and floating about in space being all omnipresent and all knowing?

Love and Light
Mama Bear

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  1. So, I will make this short for I do not have a lot of answers or knowledge of whats happening at the moment. But here it is; A few years ago I committed suicide. I took about 125 anti seizure med’s, way more than enough to kill me. I planned out the does perfect and made it to where i couldn’t vomit it back up then I laid down fell asleep and waited. Some time later I woke up like someone shot me with adrenaline it was intense and i felt nothing for a few seconds before starting to violently convulse “having seizures”. I have been a string believer in God and Evil and to me I was done with this world I felt like it was raping the good from me. Anyways once i started to convulse I realized I wasn’t alone in my locked room. There was many dark shadow figures who began to throw me around into the walls of my room. No the doctors said I hallucinated and for a while i thought so too. Until i started to get a more clear memory. Idk how i would be able to life myself off the ground and throw myself into walls while my body was literally shutting down. During this however i knew what they were, what they wanted and I embraced my faith in A higher power to correct my mistake. I somehow got the strength to make it a few hundred feet and down a stairwell to unlock the front door so i wouldn’t die locked in a house. As soon as the latch clicked I started to vomit black sludge like you’d see in the movies. It was like being in a paradox is how I felt. After just draining this black sludge I passed out and died, later of course to be brought back. To the moral of the story. Since I woke up I am not the same person I was. I am entirely changed. For the good is what I think, but even though I feel a strong presence of the higher power within me I feel equally the presence of evil. I received some crazy ability with knowledge, Temperance, fee will, love, and understanding. Now its like I know things I never learned and cannot explain, almost like i lost the leash on my mind. However awesome that may sound it is not. I feel God all around and at the same time swarms of dark entities who are tormenting me to no end. I have no idea what to do or why the heck this is going on. I’ve never been someone to believe this shit but I cant go back now. I am afraid I am fighting for something bigger than I can grasp… Any advice??

    Peace be with you all.

  2. I’m sure you won’t answer this, but ignored is really getting to me, so if you could it would be amazing. I have a 4 month old daughter. From the day she was born I kept calling her by a random name that’s not hers. I don’t seem to be able to control it, it just comes out. . When she’s upset I call her that name. I’ve had very psychicy things happen to me all throughout my life, so I got curious and googled… a few months before she was conceived, a 13 year old girl by the name I had been calling her sadly committed suicide. Could it be that this tragic girl is back on the earth and is now my daughter? Is that possible? There’s 9 months between her death and my daughters conception

  3. So enlightening,
    a truely insightfull
    if ur
    an open minded

    this will
    stick with me
    a long time,

    Thank you
    for posting this,


    • Thank you so much for your understanding of such an emotional subject. If it helps even one person, it’s all been worth the years of learning to understand it all.
      I wish you well my sweet.

  4. good morning

    first i want to thank you. i wrote something here before.

    now i feel less upset and just more angry with the human race. ever since the current president became the president, now there are soo many sexual assault cases going on. i do understand the fear or assault as I was sexually assaulted by a guy even though i am also male, but i don’t go around accusing all these celebrities.

    Some may be true, but i just feel that others are just playing a dangerous game of accusing people for no reason. Now being a male period; no matter what race you are, is dangerous. you could be accused of things you haven’t done.

    if being falsely accused of assault or murder is not a reason to leave the physical realm, then i don;t know what is.

  5. So maybe some one can help me two years ago I had mental break down I was suicidal but I never did anything to hurt my self. Believe there was a lot of anger sadness and the anxiety was so bad I could not eat drink any thing I just felt sick I could not make a decision for the life of me. I felt there was no way out I have 4 amazing kids that I keep thinking of that they need me I cant leave them and do that to them. I cry and yelled at God that I can’t do this any more I need help just wanted all the pain gone. After that I started to her a voice telling me to pray and do meditation and the voice counts and and tell me things at that time I would dream of a friend that passed away he would talk to me sadly now that I am better I don’t see him any more. But I see numbers and my dreams have symbol in them and the number go to bible version. Did this start cause of my break down or cause I asked God for help? Or am I crazy I feel a lot stronger then I use to so maybe some one might have a amazing answer.

    • No Honey, your searching for answers and the voice in your head is guiding you to find them. It always starts with what you know first. You know God and bible so it starts there but then you’ll find pieces to the puzzle don’t fit after a while with religion and theological beliefs. Then you start to be drawn to Spiritual things, you’ll search out many ways to make sense of what you feel and experience and before you know it your on a full blown spiritual journey. Your simply trying to find the answers to the questions you seek Sweetheart. Just keep left brain from right and you’ll be fine. Left brain is the voice of reason and doubt, the right is pure intuition and light. It never leads you wrong, when you trust in your connection to the dead it never leads you stray. You just need to half a little faith and go with what you feel is right. You’ll feel it in your gut every time. Faith is what YOU find makes you a good person, a happy person. Not to be mistaken for finding faith in religion. No-one can tell you what to believe and why. Your Faith is like your political beliefs, no-ones business but yours. You just need to trust in yourself first to know your gift is guiding you and it’s yours to understand and embrace, no-one else can tell you how to march to the bear of your own drum. It’s your beat and your rhythm only you can hear. Good luck and embrace the journey. It quite simply transforms your life forever. Love and Light you brave and clever soul. Today your journey begins. Debbie xox