Hmmmmm So I seem to be Time Slipping at Home now too

Well I thought with what little I knew about Time Slipping it was related to the place I was in at the time playing a major role in where I have them but the last three days have proven to me this doesn’t need to be the case as I have had 3 time slip events in my own bedroom and they are so distinctive I will never forget every sensation I felt.

Here is what happened:

Wednesday Night while I was awake and anxiously waiting to have a mild medical operation on Thursday Morning I was laying on the bed and started to feel weird. I had almost like a dizzy episode but not an uncomfortable one. It just made me think I was tired. But all of a sudden I found myself sitting on the stairs of a grand house. The wooden rails and stairs had been newly varnished and painted because I could smell the varnish and paint. There was a tiled floor in front of me and I was sitting on a red carpet. I could feel it. I still can. I could smell pie cooking in the kitchen which I knew to be at the back and to the left of where I was sitting. I knew the lay out of the house and it was lovely and warm. It felt like home but I heard someone walking towards me, and I was just about to start talking to them when the sound of my own voice seemed to interrupt the Time Slip and everything when well I described it to my husband as ‘The Wibbly Wobbly Effect’. Everything was spinning so fast and I felt like I was falling faster than the spend of light to the point where I reached out to grab on to the bannister of the stairs I was sitting on and found myself grabbing on to thin air in my bed room.

The Second episode was after I came home from hospital on Thursday. I lay down to rest and was watching some TV in bed laying on my side when I found myself dropped and I say dropped because it felt like I landed with a thud on a cold country path. There was a stone bridge to my left and wintery country setting all around. It was so cold I could feel and still can feel the cold hitting my lungs. My breathe was steaming in the air. I could hear the stream running under the bridge. I could and still can feel the stones crunching under my feet as I walked to the bridge. I was aware that someone was with me. But I should point out these people I felt both times didn’t feel out of place being there so I don’t feel it was Spirit with me or my Elder for example. I felt like the people I was with was someone like a friend or Mr etc…. I wasn’t startled by them being there if you know what I mean?

So as I touched the freezing cold stone of the bridges structure I go to talk to who it was behind me and again the sound of my voice broke the connection and I literally felt myself almost disintegrate before my eyes. It was like I was in one of those machines that mixes paint tins. I was wibbly wobbling so fast I kind of broke up and started to fall REALLY fast. Again I reached out to grab the bridge to steady myself and found myself in my bedroom reaching out for the bridge to steady me, that was no longer there.

The third time was not 10 minutes ago. I have not dealt with this procedure very well. I’m in a lot of pain and have felt a bit rotten lol But I was laying on the bed with my youngest Train who was playing on his Tablet. He was ‘Looking after me’ which meant getting me to download free train games for kids on his Tablet while trying not to annoy me. And all of a sudden I felt myself standing in a door way in what looked like the heart of New York City. I could smell the heat of the city and it was a mixture of sweat, bakery/food, diesel, tar, tobacco and it only felt like about 8am. I reached out to open the door of this building. Glass on either side of me with silver metal door and building frame. As I reached out to open the door (which was warm) it was stuck and as I pulled on the door I made like a grunting sound as I yanked it open and I started the Wibbly Wobbly and for a split second, and I mean  split second I was in nothingness where it was like I was inside a TV on no channel. Ya know when your TV has static? I was super aware of my body between this nothingness and life and everything was magnified. I was just starting to feel nauseous and I found myself back in the bedroom yanking at a nothing in mid air lol my son looked at me like I was crazy lol

So every experience I have with this Time Slip or Psychic Travel or whatever it is I learn something new. I do need to point out at no time was I asleep, I was fully awake at all times.

Which is:       The location of the event isn’t important. I seem to break down physically, I’m able to communicate with the people in the Time Slip who don’t seem to be alarmed by my being there, even if I don’t know these people in my actual real life. I seem to travel so fast it must hold the key to breaking my down.

Like in Star Trek when they go through the Teleportation Device and they break down into pixels. I don’t seem to break down like that but the things around me do, it goes all static like around me. I feel everything in my body, my blood, organs, arteries, veins, follicles, every individual hair on my body, pores etc….everything on my body is magnified by 10,000 times it seems. At no point am I afraid and the only side affect is utter exhaustion and once a bit of nausea. I still can’t control when they happen or what happens when I’m in one. My goal is to see if I can manipulate my environment and interact with the people there with me. But unfortunately at this point I don’t know when it’s going to happen so I can’t even begin to prepare myself. Ideally I would love to have a camera with me but as I said, if I don’t know when they are going to happen I can’t prepare for it.

I have to assume I’m not allowed to interact just yet if at all. I know I won’t be allowed to change anything ie step on a mouse or kill someone. I know it’s an observation only thing but I would like to see how others see me when I’m in this ‘Time Slip’.

I know this sounds insane but it’s happening and very real.

Every episode I have I learn more and more, I can wait to see where this ends. Maybe I will be able to Quantum Leap at will sometime and have my very own History Channel lol

But one thing I have noticed, is the more I do with my gift to help those around me, the more of this gift I seem to unlock. Almost like I’m being tested and then rewarded. As I become more Spiritually Aware, as I become more in tune with my clients and those who are sent to me for help Spirit are unlocking a wee bit more to this gift. So I have to assume at some point I will know all there is to know about this Time Slip and may even be able to control when it happens. That is assumption of course. But I know that this all based on my level of faith, trust and understanding of my Gift and The Universe. It’s becoming clear I am on a major break through with something.

I wish I knew what it was lol I just know it’s all to do with my Gift and my Understanding of it. The more I learn, the more I practice the more Spirit let me experience. So considering I can have one experience every 6 months but have 2-3 at a time at this rate I should have this figured out by the time I’m 50 lol


10 thoughts on “Hmmmmm So I seem to be Time Slipping at Home now too

  1. Have you considered, instead of trying to talk, THINKING the speech? Perhaps the physical vibration of actual speech is the catalyst for the ‘transporter’ feeling… you’re always saying that one day we will all simply use our minds to communicate… try just using your mind the next time you ‘slip’. It’s worth a shot, right? 🙂

    Love ya!

    • When I can control it absolutely. Right now I have zero control over when where or how. Its like im observing through myself watching what I’m doing. As I have each one I unlock more so next time maybe I will be able to communicate with disrupting the transport. I know they see me and I’m not out of place which means I must be dressed in their time etc….they aren’t afraid of me. I hope get to understand it all.

  2. hello dear sister 🙂 ,it must be exciting for you..when you’r depicting the scenario I am feeling like I was with you too lol..such nice can be a great writer by profession hahaha..but its true..thanx for making us a part in your journey and experiences 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hello my darling Sister from the exotic sub continent of India, your the 4th person to say those exact words lol I’ve never considered myself a writer in any way but I’m so honored that people find my words so visually stimulating.
      People keep asking me when am I writing a book but I have two concerns.
      1) What would I write about that people would read?
      2) When would I find the time to write? Lol
      But thank you so much for your support. I really appreciate it so much. Xox