The Kiwi Psychic and Midwest Ghost Episode 2



With the Wonderful and Dynamic Patrick Keller, Teacher, Paranormal Investigator, Cemetery Photographer, Grave Adopter and E.V.P enthusiast.

Enjoy, don’t forget to submit your questions, dreams and comments for the next show.

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Join us next week when we talk about The Signs of Spirit Communication and also The Different Types of Spirits there are.

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Kiwi Psychic and Midwest Ghost Week 1 Episode 1

Here it is folks. Our first Episode of The Kiwi Psychic and Midwest Ghost. Enjoy and don’t forget to contact us for the show. Questions, Dreams, Tweets, Queries and Suggestions to us.


Next Week: Cemetery Photography, and an Interview with the Highly Regarded Paranormal Investigator Patrick Keller from as he talks about Adopting Graves and Cases he has worked on. You will know him from my Posts as Dotd. My Producer and MC Thomas Spychalski and I are huge fans.