OBE’s and Astral travel explained

Probably the most common email I get from people are ones about this thing that keeps happening to them at night when they are in bed. They are in darkness but wide awake, they are fully conscious. They feel like something is in the room with them but they can’t see them. They feel like something is there, but can’t see it. They just know it’s scaring the life out of them. They try to scream and can’t wake up. They try to move and can’t. They feel like they are going to die of fright. They sometimes feel an unseen hand touch them, or an unknown voice talk to them but it’s scary and they just want to wake up from the hell they are in before they die. You wake up with a massive jolt, oft jumping up in your bed like you’ve been slammed against a wall. Prayer it never EVER happens again.

Well……….I would like to introduce you to The O.B.E or Out of Body Experience. Other wise known as Astral Traveling. And it is perfectly normal and if you keep yourself calm you can use the experience to visit loved ones living and dead and even travel into Space itself.

Basically what happens is this.

Your more likely to OBE when your sleeping on your back and occasionally on your side. Your Spirit (soul) wanders while you sleep. They like to connect with past lives, current family, Spirits, and wander the Universe having little Spirit adventures. What happens is, your conscious self starts to wake up. It senses danger and begins to panic. Now all the things you have involuntary movement over you can do, your senses are working, your eyes are closed but you can still blink. Your brain is thinking, you can tell you need to wee etc..and all the Voluntary movements which we use under our own suggestion like moving your body, mouth, you can even scream but you can’t get the sound out, so why can’t I wake up? You will often but not always hear conversations going on. You might not always hear what they are saying. But they are all there to protect you. Most people will only feel one person but if your hearing a conversation it will mean one of two things. Either you have Two Spirit Elders which is Super Rare, or your needing added protection because your Body is under threat of attack from Negative Energies. 90% of the time, when you O.B.E you go back to the Spirit Realm to hang out with you loved ones, from your past and present life. But 90% of the time you won’t remember it. When you hear the voices, in your Astral State, you will remember it because it’s not natural. And it can terrify you if you don’t know what is going on.

Well, Science is already starting to suggest your Spiritual self, your psychic self isn’t located in the brain and O.B.Es seem to prove this theory. It suggests our actual selves. All the things that make us, us, our essence as well as our Psychic ability is stored somewhere else on a big Ethereal Internet or Super Computer which is stored out in the Universe. Which would also explain how I’m able to predict peoples futures over the internet. Because I’ve been able to tap into the persons email and do a search of their Internet aka your Essence or Soul using my WiFi ability.

So why the fear if it’s normal? Well because your body has no soul attached and your vulnerable to attack from Negative energies and people. That is enough to scare even the strongest of people.

Ahhhh so is that who you can feel in the room with you? Is it an evil Spirit? No…that is your Spirit Elder (Guardian Angel, or Spirit Guide). Remember I always say they are with you, they only show themselves to you in matters of life or death? I say they are the Guardians of your Soul and they chose after their death to watch over you from the second your conceived till the second you die. Just to make sure you fulfill your destiny to the letter of the law of your creator. So they watch us when we sleep. Every time. Without fail. When you cat nap, nod off, have a moi (Maori for sleep) hit the hay, sleep like a baby, they watch over you. To protect you from psychic or paranormal attack. Should it be your time to die that night then they are there to make sure you pass over quickly and to make sure your never alone. No one dies alone, even if no one else is in the house. Which is nice. It brings me peace of mind when I hear about someone who died alone or wasn’t found for days, weeks, months, etc…

It sounds terrifying, but it really isn’t. It is just us humans being afraid of the things we don’t understand. But it really is quite a beautiful thing. Think about it. While you sleep your soul goes home to visit loved ones on the other side, it visits loved ones in other towns, counties, countries and visits loved ones from the past, and future as well as travels the Universe. Myself, My husband my good friend have all experienced Universal Travel in our sleep. Just like Superman we fly through the planets. Listening to the hum of the Universe. Each Planet a hum of its own, the beautiful sounds resonate through your soul. You never forget it. I can do it now while awake in the right settings but it is exhausting. The colours of the Universe can’t be described either and my husband is an artist. It is breath taking and I can see why we would want to go there when we are asleep. We really are a privileged species and we mostly don’t even know it.

So how can we stop it? I don’t like it. Sleep on your tummy, or on your side with a pillow between your legs. Or when you realize your having an OBE calm yourself down and do something like recite a poem, sing a song or nursery rhyme. Anything to bring you out of the fear factor and back into reality.Once our calm your Spirit (soul) detects conscious effort and comes back allowing you to wake up safely.

Or how about teaching yourself not to be afraid? How about calming yourself down? How about asking your Spirit Elder for protection so you can go wander for a bit consciously? Because that’s what we do now my husband and I. It doesn’t happen very often now because in my dreams now I’m mostly talking to the Spirits belonging to clients. All you need to do is calm yourself down. Sing a song, recite the poem whatever, to calm yourself down then if you still don’t wake up, watch what happens.

So what happens? Well……….light starts to remove the darkness and you start to see where your Spirit is. Sometimes I’ve opened my eyes and I’ve literally been flying over water back to New Zealand to see my Whanua (Family). I’ve seen the Dolphins and Whales swimming along side me as I fly over top. They just seem to know. Sharks, seals, fish, the lot. I see other Spirits of Ex Pat Kiwis doing the same thing. You will in a blink of an eye then be standing watching your sister watching TV or cooking dinner or your brother our mowing his lawns. I’ve been in ancient Egypt watching relatives so about their daily business. I’ve seen myself as a child, lonely and sad. I’ve flown through the planets at a great speed but each experience is one I’m perfectly conscious of and in control of. Then instead of waking up with a startled heart stopping fear you wake up with the most incredible feeling in your heart that words really can’t describe.

Once you learn to stop the fear, it doesn’t take long to learn to control it to the point where eventually you end up cutting out the scary part and get to the good bit.

So don’t be afraid anymore. It’s a good thing. It is us at our most natural state which is why it happens when we sleep on our backs. We lay in the womb for the most part on out backs, most of us die on our backs and we are buried laying on our backs. But these suits we wear to be on Earth are just temporary. When we take our suits off we are in our true state. Eventually I believe we will evolve as a species to such a level of Spiritual Perfection and Enlightenment that we will eventually cast off the suits and just be as we are when we sleep. Pure, Enlightened, Highly Evolved Spiritual Beings.

If you look at it this way it will make more sense. I will say it in the easiest way for you to understand in terms you’ll understand.

We live in Heaven and decide to go on holiday and have an experience (like Total Recall). We have a predestined experience that we have to put a suit on for. We have a set amount of time we put on the clock so when our time is up it is up and we get rid of the annoying suit and fly back home. But sometimes we get reminded of what it’s like to live without the suit on and it feels great because it’s natural. It’s the way we are meant to be. I say ‘Death is only hard on the living because to the Dead it IS life’

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17 thoughts on “OBE’s and Astral travel explained

  1. Incredible description of something which happens often…. I have been wondering how to harness this feeling of bring on the edge of something when I ‘wake’ in a similar way. I don’t have the fear, but the feeling that someone is there. Hmm. I talk to them because I feel better doing that. Now, I understand why. Thanks Debbie, another mystery so easily explained – and the feeling of flying – I’m off visiting “strange new worlds, new civiliations”. New to me now but not as my spirit. lol.
    Missed you sweet lady,
    Blessings, Susan x

      • lol – and I didn’t want to intrude. I’ll bring you up to day with an email… lots happenog in the Antipodes. I woud even love to go to New Zealand but someone else is going and I would rather avoid that messy encounter 🙂
        Take care sister,
        Susan x

        Is it possible to get a greenstone made for myself even if I have no family there and dont know anyone? Except you of course….. its been niggling away at me. Sx

        Hello from Ray too.

      • Yes there are places on line you can get beautiful ones. Your not Maori so your not expected to adhere to the protocols. However make sures its a professional carver who done it. Then you can be rest assured its been blessed.

  2. okk now i know why I have unknown visitors around my bed including my grandmom,I talk to the unknown visitors and sometimes gets scared of some.I have them in exactly the position you mentioned.Sometimes my fiance reportedly tells me that he visted me during night sleep and he was lucid dreaming !! I never took it seriously as thought it impractible!! Even he could tell me what I was wearing at night!! Sometimes even he says that he wandered out and he couldnot come to conscious state of waking up untill and unless someones yell at him or ringing of bell is heard!!! But he says nothing of seeing someone !!
    Loved to hear from you again with some common practices.Hope your doing well !! 🙂 🙂

  3. Fascinating and explains so much!

    I have a vivid recall of one particular astral travelling experience and wrote about it in a short story, published back in 1993. Just like you described – flying and observing everything… As for waking up with a jerk – that’s usually me, the one Susan wakes up with! I hope it doesn’t give her a fright! However, I know it IS scary and have seen it a few times. I never grew into it as a child, as I loved the experience of what happened when I slept… I wonder if that’s why I was so hard to wake as a kid – I wasn’t in my body to be woken up! Mum and Dad literally put bombs under me to wake me but I snored on regardless…

    Great to see you back “on air” Debbie. We missed you…

    • Thanks Sweetheart, ive been doing so many readings I’m not going to bed till after midnight. Not so part time at the moment lol I hope you and Rose Petal are well. And speaking of on air lol I will be soon. Pod Casts to be precise. Lol

    • You really do have the most in
      credible experiences. Epic journeys that highten ever sense in your body. There are just some you have you never forger in detail and during recall its like your reliving it aye? Im so glad you can validate my claims too lol a man of your standing suddenly makes a person of mine look or sound a little less crazy haha

      • Hey! What’s wrong with being crazy? That’s what they said about some of the (now) most famous and respected minds of all time! In 500 years, we’ll look back and say “I told you so!”
        Meanwhile, get some rest – you need to be able to focus on what they are telling you! lol

  4. I wasnot aware of this at all that he can fly off to me lol…..But my visions are clear now..Arree ,he constantly tells me abt this every night but I thought how come thats possible even he doesnot believe in these things.And astral travelling happens in real thats new to me and when m seeing your post I got goosebumps and awestrucked with wide eyeballs..Tonight he is gonna take a good class of mine lol hahaaa 🙂 :)…

    • Missy your gonna start giving me a Giant Headed Ego if your not careful lol I’m so glad my Blog posts have such an incredible effect on people. I’m so glad it’s reaching the right people. Thank you Garima. Now you must be humble to your Fiancee and say to him ‘Sorry Honey it looks like you were right all this time’ lol of course him being a man means he will never let you forget this either lol haha

  5. ya I do accept things when you explain things 🙂 …and I have appologized too yesterday..one more thing is my fiance is kinda sweet you know and never ever accuse me later 🙂 and also I am kinda manupulative too lol

  6. That is so true I can’t wait to meet my maker though I won’t rush it , lol this is kinda how I explain death to my son , our body is just a shell when we pass over we simply drop the shell and become who we are are naturally.

  7. How do you write so beautifully. I come here whenever I feel lonely and want to find hope and rekindle faith… Every time I read your write ups that are written so beautifully and you make me experience every bit of your writing. It connects so deeply! I feel relieved reading your write ups. It gives so much peace. I feel addicted to your blog. I do not know if that is good or bad. But it just instilles comfort in knowing that everyone is safe and everything is okay.

  8. I’ve become totally obsessed over your blog ahaaha. I’ve experienced so many times for the last 9 years this horrible experience. Atleast 5 times a month it happens. Since i was little, i knew when i was dreaming, so i would do what i want. But then all of a sudden i would wake up and not be able to move and see the scariest shit ever. It just always happens. I dont know how many times evilness has tried to take over my alive body but DAMN, its starting to get annoying! I ahave experienced paranormal things happening to me, i really do feel it when theres something in the room. But i dont knowhow to communicate with it. I would love to communicate with my spirit elder so much because i know its here. It always makes noises and i always suddenly get shivers and goosebumps even when im not paying attention. Ive done a ouija boared before a few times, the last time i did it was 4 years ago and it tried to scare me so much saying its name was asmodeus and would come and rape and kill me at 3 in the morning. But then didnt. Thank god. But anyway i really love the paranormal world and im so curious about it. Could u give me some advice on how to communicate with my spirit guide? I really want to. Not because im curious but because i want to understand some things.. Crazy world, i love it