Answering some more Search Engine Questions Part 2

I read some interesting search Engine Questions and some are just too important not to reply to.

1) A person gave me a Maori stone and they hurt me how do I return it?

By Maori stone I take it you mean a Greenstone or Jade to the Chinese? If it isn’t possible for you to return it to the person, wrap it up and bury it somewhere no one will dig it up on purpose. Or if you live by a river return it back to the water. It must be a river, not an ocean.

However if you can use a Pendulum on it, see if it is positive or negative for you, if it’s positive then you could use the stone to protect you. What is the stone in the shape of? Fish Hook? Koru? Taniwha? Either way, if it isn’t actually a stone that is negative for you then you should keep it. As it will be blessed and will protect you. No stone is taken from the river without it being blessed so it will bless you. It’s not the stones fault the person hurt you. If it is negative for you then it needs to go back in the soil or in the river if not to the person who gave it to you. It won’t do you any harm. It’s not different than an engagement ring but equally as important.

2) Will burning white sage bring unwanted attention if you’ve never done it before?.

No. Burning sage removes negative energy. It doesn’t bring anything into your home. It removes it.

3) What is the Difference between Illuminati and Satanism?

The Illuminati are a secret organization that has ruled the world for about 2000 years using force, fear, war and poverty to do it. They worship Egyptian Gods, and use mind control on those bred to have fame or notoriety ie Beyonce, Nicole Schewertpussycatdoll lol, Gaga, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus etc…..however the cleansing is going to eradicate 90% of them and the last 10% will be made to pay.

Satanists are all about self indulgence and pleasure, it is a hedonistic practice that shouldn’t be confused with Devil Worship. Your average run of the mill Satanist has no interest in hurting anyone else because they know the importance of balance and equal measures.

Anything they do to others they know will come back to them and while they worship Satan the way a Christian worships God and Jesus, Satanists want the things the Devil represent, like power, beauty, cunning, strength, sexual pleasure, vanity etc…..most Satanists are people you will deal with every day and not even know it.

A Devil Worshiper is different. A Devil Worshiper will make sacrifices, of blood, life and possessions in order to gain power. Give a life to get a life. It is usually animals that get sacrificed but at some point there may be a life taken. The Illuminati have been proven to sacrifice virgin children. It is apparently where a lot of missing children end up. It chills me to the bone to think about.

The Bohemian Grove video leak that got out is a horrible thing to watch and at the end there is a list of people who are members and these people are so famous it haunts me to this day. I think it’s ironic how these people like Condaleza Rice, and Tony Blair, George Bush, and the rest of them have sent millions of people to their deaths through various means yet I’ve seen how terrified some of these people will be come the day of their Judgement and what they offer in return for sparing them their life. I also know what is waiting for them when they die and believe me, it ain’t pretty. It is all well and good when you have the power but when it is removed your nothing. Your not whole in any way. Your not even seen as human, not to humans and not even to Spirit. If you have gained or profited in any way through the loss, pain or suffering of others, your in BIG trouble and the end is indeed nigh.

4) Can Spirits move things?

Yes, all the time. They just need the energy to do it and will often take it from the electrical appliances or the people in the home. They use Telekinesis.

5) Can you bless a Greenstone using Tap water?

No. All Greenstones come from sacred rivers in New Zealand. They have a Tapu on them before they even come out of the ground. But the carver will bless the stone once its carved as well. He won’t even be allowed to touch the stone until the Tapu is lifted. But when he carves it, it’s blessed only for the person its gonna be bought for.
So the only way to bless it would be to lift the Tapu that protects the wearer. You’d need to get an elder to do it. Or place it back in the river it came from. OR if it was given to you, wear it. It was carved for you. It’s blessing you. (You need to use a pendulum to test it first)
Or failing that wrap it in cloth or leaves and bury it deep in the dirt where its not gonna get dug up. However it the tap water has been blessed by an Elder you could use it.






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18 thoughts on “Answering some more Search Engine Questions Part 2

  1. So the illuminati really exist !! And nothing can be done to stop them ?? Does they really get magical power by sacrificing virging child !! OMG… its giving me such a pain to think ,small children are brutal and cruel ruthless soul they are!! They should get punished by God!!

    • Don’t worry Garima. Their rule is going to come to a bloody end. It’s why I call it The Cleansing because we the people are going to cleanse our planet of 2 thousand years of tyranny. Russia will protect us against a 3rd world war. They need a 3rd world war because the banks are broke. These businessmen in the Illuminati are running out of money and need a war to make them money. For example who do you think gets the contracts to feed the troops? Pizza Hutt and McDonald’s. Owned by Illuminati members. The Bush family make billions in a war coz they own all the amunition factories etc…Donald Rumsfeild owns the Pharmaceutical companies that supplies the triages in the battlefield where incidentally he created Aspartame which was the key component in Agent Orange. The Chemical Weapon used in Vietnam. It is still to this day a substance the FDA refuse to pass as a safe product to consume.
      It is terrifying to think about but the Native American children are stolen for the Royals. There is a reason our Native Ancestors have been brutally oppresed for so long. It’s because they’ve known about The Cleansing for thousands of years. The powers have just hoped if they wiped them out eventually there wouldn’t be enough left to worry about. But even scarier still is the fact some parents I know for a fact have actually handed their children over for sex and worse in exchange for money, fame and power. And if you look at all the big celebrities in the last 15-20 yrs ALL of them have made sacrifices or offerings at the start of their fame. I think Chris Brown had reason to defend himself. If you get my drift. And possibly even why Russell Brand became a truther and left his wife Katy Perry out of the blue. Just saying it sounds suspicious to me.

      • Actually, the FDA deemed aspartame safe long ago. Under very suspicious circumstances. What they can’t do is acknowledge they were wrong. The plus side is, I see more and more people wary of it….although most don’t seem to take it overly serious yet. But progress is progress.

        This is the same FDA that banned Vicodin due to abuse, but then approves the even worse “super Vicodin” against the advice of their own internal panel.

      • Oh really? Coz the last report I saw was 2012 and it said they refused to acknowledge it was unsafe for human consumption. Maybe I’m misreading their choice of words lol

  2. Devil worshippers are those who worship devil!! So you mean devil exists? They are as powerful as spirits?? They can really harm??

    • The Devil doesnt exist which is what makes it so funny. Those who created the Bible created the Devil also. What they worship is what the devil represents. And by using all that negative energy it manifests into real phenomena. Does that make sense?

  3. Hmmm interesting enough!! The devil been created for self intetest..But i guess Jesus never wanted this to happen..When Jesus was crucified still He prayed to His father ,the Holy Spirit to “forgive ” them….So from this we can make out how tolerant and merciful He was and now in the name of religion His dicipiles are creating a mockery ,His crucifix wasnot meant for this…..oh Lord Jesus bless them wth the truth !!

    • They made a fatal error in their creation of the one they called Jesus. When he says My Father in Heaven he’s talking about his Father Joseph. When he says God in Heaven he means God. Jesus isn’t real either. He’s an amalgam of about 40 different from Spiritual leaders mostly from Greek Persian and Indian Mythology. But their error being they wanted to make sure people saw Psychic Gifts as being sinful yet wrote about a Psychic Jesus. Also giving him an entire global holiday where he arose from the grave as a Spirit ie Easter. So as a 12yr old Catholic girl I figured ‘If it’s good enough for Jesus then it’s good enough for me’

  4. I have studied in convent for 15yrs..we were bound to pay offerings on 25th..And most importantly sisters used to force some to aacpt christianism and abandon hinduism as mostly were hindus !! But my question is by saying all these u r going against your religious sect of people and even they can accuse you doing blasphemy!! You have strong will power dear!! Your the only christian saying something against your religion ,and I have some christians pals from school and college and they r just too typical and all sorts of superstitions they spread ..If u speak against Jesus u will be killed today only…And i said God cannt kill people He can make them right for their mistake..He is not a killer!!!
    And thanxx for sharing this becoz i din knw as I have prayed Him like I do my Hindu Gods and Goddesses!! Its nt wasted though as in his image I prayed for the supreme soul whoever is He !!!

    • Well I was raided Catholic but I never practiced being a Catholic. I never once embraced it because it always felt sinister to me. And never once found adequate proof Jesus existed. I don’t call myself Christian either as its a Biblical term and I don’t believe in the Bible. I do however have a strong faith. Stronger than any Nun or Priest. I learned it on my own and makes me a better person now than I would ever have been a Catholic. I won’t worship anyone im made to fear. God or what we call God, exists. You can’t have all the marvels of our universe or even our bodies and say its by chance. My faith is mine. It is one I found myself as is as pure and honest as any faith can be. My thoughts are my own. If we live in a world where a person can’t practice their own faith for fear of being told it’s wrong then we go against the core principles of God and the Universe which is why the planet is playing up. It’s upset at what we’re doing because too many people are telling us what to believe and how to believe it.

  5. Its true its all about faith…God is what that remains in ones belief and not in idols or temples or churches…..I hold the same belief and thats why am drawn closer to you dear lol….May the Supreme soul gives you enough strength and keep you out of any struggle .. May you achieve your goal that you visualize and belief strongly that the world sooner be changed out of all superstitions and fears..All blockages would “cleanse” sooner !! 🙂

    • That’s the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me Garima. Thank you so much. I receive your blessing with humility and love. In return I wish your heart remains as open as your mind so youll always know all the love and wonder all the Universe holds and may you never know a life without either.

  6. Great explanations Debbie. They confirm so much that I have thought and believed for so long. I was told many years ago I would or was being excommunicated because I dared to question the teaching of the church ( I was in a Catholic College at the time).
    I think I’ve always had a distrust of the people behind the people where war is concerned. It’s a sad day when someone wants to get rich from the death and suffering of others and I’ve often said war is wrong simply for what it is – a horrific waste of lives.

    It will be an interesting time after The Cleansing and everyone can see, by who is left , who was really doing the wrong thing by people and the world. Would I be right in presuming the Scientologists are part if the Cleansing too? They give me an awful feeling at times with their control issues.
    Susan ❤

    • Excommunication makes no sense. “Do what we say, or we’ll make it so you don’t have to anymore.” Seems to me, excomm is nothing more than leverage to make the well-known (kings, queens, etc…) stay in line, because the whole concept makes very little sense on several levels.

      • Bingo lol as a Catholic not wanting to be a Catholic any more ex communication is like ‘oh no please don’t remove that heavy cinder block around my neck. I love the torture honest’ lol

      • Especially considering (IIRC) it has to be the pope that does it. Do you think the pope is going to bother with some middle-class father cheating on his wife that he’s never heard of, or for some high ranking politician that is pro abortion?

        The only thing as or more powerful than the old European monarchs was the church. And excomm was the way to keep the balance of power. Because everyone would KNOW if a monarch got excommed. No one would know if a pig farmer in Germany did. Or care.

        Besides, for a group big on second chances. It makes know sense to give a human–any human–the power to say: “Nope, sorry. You’ve used up all your chances.”

        How is this not obvious? It should be an antiquated practice, like exorcisms, but apparently they still do those as well.

      • True, but said to an impressionable teen, upset at her grandmother’s death…….. callous ans insensitive, but then I may be biased too 🙂