The Highs and Lows of being Me.

So before anyone who doesn’t have think it would be cool and amazing to have a gift like mine consider this.

In 5 years I have lost 8 potential friends and an entire family of in laws because they feared me and what I was. Their lack of understanding of what it actually is to be like me caused them to believe I was something dark and sinister that their faith or whatever needed protection from. When the truth of the matter is if you become someone I consider a friend not only do get a wonderful set of accessories that come along with being my friend (ie my sons and Spirit) but you get a friend for life. A loyal friend who would move heaven and earth just to see you smile. Yet somehow, because I see the dead and know stuff it threatens people. Do they have something to hide and are afraid I will discover it? Or are they just ignorant?

In one week I have helped a husband understand his wife’s death. Made him realize it wasn’t his fault and there was nothing he could do. Passed on some messages that brought him comfort and he can now sleep with peace in his heart.

I have also made a Mum understand that regardless of what she is, she is normal, gifted and blessed and nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of. And I helped 2 people who are on the brink of death not be afraid to die.  I also helped a woman understand that her life of torment is definitely connected to a past life and now she has the tools to overcome her fear of water. And lastly a girl decided today she wasn’t wanting to kill herself anymore because of her gifts.

She has enrolled in Nursing school and has opened the lines of communication with her Mum who she hasn’t spoken to in 5 years because of fear of being persecuted by her own family. All and every one of them in themselves pure joy for me to be a part of and a humble and honored blessing to say the least.

Then on the Spirit and Destiny Forum where I advertised my Blog I got accused of being a fraud and liar because someone tried to get a free reading from me and totally misconstrued what I had said and decided it meant something else and I must be wrong.

They have since spent the whole week trying to tell me I must be crap because America is a big country so why advertise on a British Forum? Not once considering that in this day and age Global Marketing is done at the click of a button and that I live in the UK but have a wider client base because of the internet. They couldn’t understand how someone would be doing work in the US but wanting to reach out to a smaller country. Not even considering it is the other way around. So instead of asking, they preceded to harass me. They had all these opinions about me and my work even though they admitted never checking out my Blog lol

And then my son tells me today that he has a new Spirit in his life and it turns out to be my sister who passed away when I was 18 (I’m 41 now) and he didn’t know she was my sister but now I’m over the moon. He obviously never knew my sister as he is 5 but he described her and knew the last half of her name and that she was pregnant etc….it was very touching as my sister has only come to me twice since dying in 1991.

Then I get 4 emails from people asking me to give them free readings because (and I quote) ‘I don’t know you from Adam, you could be anyone just wanting to take my money, how do I know your genuine? I can’t just hand my money over to a stranger. But if you give me a sample reading then I will pay my money and tell people about you’ To which I did.

They said ‘Okay…..WOW you gave me goosebumps, you have my attention now’ but they asked for the rest of the reading for free to which I said ‘Nice try’ and they went on to tell me ‘I’ve made a mistake because they know lots of people who would want a reading’ to which I said ‘That’s fine, I don’t mind, the people who come to me have been chosen to come to me so the cards fall where they may I’m afraid’. I also get told ‘But………how do I know your not a fraud’ even though it’s all paid into PayPal where your money is completely protected. If I’m a fraud I get done for fraud.

I mean, I do HUNDREDS and I mean HUNDREDS of free readings a year. When Spirit tell me ‘Don’t you take money from them’ I don’t’. Whether it’s a friend, a stranger or a seasoned loyal client, if Spirit tell me to not take their money I don’t. Spirit always know if your genuine or just trying to get something for nothing’.

But seriously would you ask a surgeon to give you a free Boob job so you can check him out as a good surgeon? Would you ask a builder to build your house for free to check if he was good or not?

Now I know I’m not comparing myself to a highly trained Surgeon but I’m just as dedicated and experienced in my field and my job is LIFE AND DEATH. When it comes to my profession I am an expert at what I do. I know and use my gift better than anyone. (As no one has my gift, they all have their own and I could never be like them is what I mean) and have 42 years experience. Yet I get questioned.

People say to me ‘How come I’ve never heard of you’. I tell them ‘Quite simply because before now I was doing private readings in my home and then I stopped for 6 years to have and raise my boys. Now they are older I am to take time out to go back to work’.

Doing what I do isn’t sexy.

It’s hard work doing what I do. You are taken to the extremes of everything. The highest of highs and the lowest of lows. One of my clients Nancy has been in the Spirit and Destiny forum defending my honor and it makes me so proud.

And still they criticize or abuse me.

This is regardless of how many Spirits come through to me and for clients. This is on top of things that happen in my life as a wife and mother. I’ve had two hours asleep because of my son and Spirit of a young girl who died of Cancer.

That’s me in a few days of my life as me. So before you think it’s all TV, Glamour, Fame and Money remember, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Some don’t want a bar of you, some want every single fiber of your soul and for others your perfect.  But it isn’t always a Fairy tale.

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25 thoughts on “The Highs and Lows of being Me.

  1. The reactions of some make perfect sense. Although it’s a myriad of reasons. Most of our culture (well some cultures) simply say these sorts of things don’t exist. Others are mistrustful/intolerant of things that happen outside a religious context (perhaps by design). Some, true, are out to take advantage. But I’d wager a lot of it boils down to mistrust. We are a mistrustful people, owing to the fact that we are all almost completely disconnected from one another.

    We DON’T know each other from Adam, because we’ve forgotten how to connect. And it can take years to form that kind of connection, and even then, you still run into situations where you can’t believe you couldn’t trust someone you’ve known forever. And I always wonder, is it because it really is impossible to know (for most people) or if there were, if fact, signs that just went by unnoticed that would have told you your bond with that person was not as solid as you always believed it to be.

    • So why go to Spirit and Destiny’s magazine forum then? I’ve since learnt that this person is more than known for causing trouble so it makes me ask Why bother if you don’t believe? It seems to me this person is just out to cause trouble and the others is that we now live in a world where a lot of people want something for nothing. No one is made to take responsibility for anything nowadays. People are made accountable anymore. Theres Political correctness gone mad as well. No one can defend themselves without being accused of being anti/pro/race/age/sex/ist. God bring on the cleansing lol a couple of hundred years ago these people who unsettled the community were kicked out of the town. Still on a brighter note tons of beautiful people have come to my defense which warms my cockles. There are still so many genuine people too which gives me hope.

  2. I am constantly disgusted with the avarice/greed that people exhibit – always wanting something for nothing. These people who want demonstrations of your ability and still don’t want to pay – would never pay because they don’t value what you do. They have no conception of how hard you have worked,and still work to be able to work with Spirit. In my opinion they are narrow minded and mean spirited. I wonder if they would feel the same if you asked them to demonstrate their work for nothing (I’m not sure if they do anything which would fit that bill but you get my drift).
    I have seen many psychics in the past and worked with a few and I have never seen any of them give a free demonstration before they did a reading – it’s unheard of! I’m not surprised you were offended/ furious/ disgusted… all or none of the above. Perhaps you are a better person than I – I would have shredded them with some scathing remark. Patience has never been one of my strong points.
    I don’t think it is mistrust, or fear or anything else. I believe they are amoral. Some are simply users and good at hiding their true intentions. “We’ have a tendency to want to accept people at face value – because we operate from a place of acceptance and belief in the goodness of people. Hope for the goodness in people. I don’t believe we misread people’s intentions, or the bond we have with them. People can put on a front to get what they want, to deliberately mislead. People are simply people, good, bad and indifferent.

    I am so sorry you had to go through this, all of it. I hope and pray that everything turns around. My final comment would be that these people who seek to condemn yu and yur gift are not worth the upset they cause.
    Peace,love and light
    Susan x

    • In a world where you are disconnected from your fellow humans, it’s quite easy to make everything about yourself. And some are just very skilled at getting what they want. Almost an anti-empathy with the way they can manipulate people.

      These are people that still have many lessons to learn. And learn them they will.

  3. People like that are users, manipulators, and always show their true colors the moment they don’t get what they want. That you have managed to stay so sweet and kind after all of the riff raff you’ve had to deal with over the years is a testament to your strength of character.

    And you shouldn’t have to give ‘freebies’ to prove yourself. References should suffice, and if not, there are plenty of other psychics in the phone book, and they are welcome to try their luck there.


  4. Authentic and pure gifted power and soul like you shouldnot be bothered about people pointing at you..The love and care ,how you love to solve peoples problems is praiseworthy.when I came across your blog I wasnt that much sure of your genuiness,but when I placed my troubles and worries you responded me quickly!! What I belive is ,the world is full of negative people much,they praises the fake one and only handfull of positive people can understand you and your authenticity.just dont be sad of the people accusing you,remember always people understands a pure soul lately!! When someone is upto a nobel work of helping others then your sure to have wrong people blocking your path by different means…you have been entrusted for a great thing and for that we all love you and appreciate the authenticity in you..God and the spirits will ever light your path and would help you combat all the obstacles dear…

    • I think you are the sweetest person ever created on this planet Garima. Thank you so much. Your words warm my heart, especially on cold days. Thank you so much.
      Love and Much Light to you

      • Thanks for your blessing I need that “much light” in my life 🙂 🙂

  5. Hi there, not sure how I came about finding this website but I must say Im here for a reason. As if I or you were brought to me or visa versa. I need help bad when I say bad I mean really bad. Ive recently had a baby’ well 8 months ago to be exact. Shes beautiful and perfect in every way the sad thing is I feel as if something is haunting her. Everyone I bring this up to looks at me crazy like im going nuts or something. Then there are the ones that feel as though Im putting this bad energy upon my baby. Its so bad for the both of us we cry ourselves to sleep. It used to be from the hours of midnight to 3am but now its all day long and no matter what I do nothing helps. Whatever it is terrifies her’ she starts looking around the room in fear then cries as if its hurting her. I would take her to a Dr. But im afraid theyll take me away from her and put me in the Looney bin as my friends say. It hurts me to see her like this all day and theres nothing I can do. This website was the only thing that was relating to what I’ve been going through. Im hoping you or anyone who sees this might be able to help us please. I have pictures and videos of her being tormented. Ive had to get rid of my dogs because whatever it was was hurting my dogs as well. For hours it would torment them and her. In the videos you can see hundreds of orbs flying in, out and around my daughter and the dogs. I know babies and animals can see things some of us cant and that doesn’t bother me what bothers me is the fact that I feel they are hurting her. There will b times she wont eat or wont sleep. You can hear her tiny bones popping when she lays on me to rocks her to sleep its as if something is on topof her pressing down. She’ll go from weighing 25lbs to 100lbs. Her bottle will become very heavy as well. She will get really ice cold or burning hot especially when I pray. I can explain more and show you plenty of videos of the things that happen every day. I started recording the events because no one would believe me. Now when I try and show them the videos they wont even give me the time to watch them. Ive given myself every reason and every excuse to whats happening or what im seeing but I know something isnt right. I have a 10 year old son and I never experienced this with him or anyone or thing for that matter. I dont know where to go or who to talk to about this. I try and read everything I can about what I can do to stop it from happening but nothing works anymore. She laughs when I pray now before she would sorta make a growling noise and get hot now she just laughs. I hope whoever is reading this doesn’t think I am crazy please. I really need some advise or help please. Also its not my house because I am visiting my dad for the holidays in a whole other state and whatever it is is still here messing with her. Thank you for your time amd I look forward to hearing back from someone. Thank you.

    • Email me immediately pleaae send me what pictures and videos you can. Not all of them just a couple so I can see what’s going on.
      I honestly in my heart feel you might be looking at this the wrong way but I won’t comment until i have all the facts. But going by what Spirit say you have nothing to fear. But please email me some videos and pictures as soon as you can please so I can put an end to this once and for all.

      • Heres a video from tonight. Also I thought that too that I might be looking at this wrong u know the whole maybe they are good spirits but I just dont understand why they would keep messing with the baby. Shell be perfectly fine and happy then all of a sudden she starts looking around the room grabbing herself like its hurting her. Or something is grabbing her. Every time I lay her down for bed she ends up feet first in the corner of the room. No matter which room no matter how I put the crib or bed shes still feet first in the corner. I just now hot her to bed tonight was a bad night for her. Its been messing with her since 3pm this afternoon. She just woke up now crying poor baby. On Dec 28, 2015 2:10 AM, “Spirits and The Paranormal, Don’t Be Afraid.” wrote:

        > spiritchild1972 commented: “Email me immediately pleaae > send me what pictures and videos you can. Not all > of them just a couple so I can see what’s going on. I honestly in my heart > feel you might be looking at this the wrong way but I won’t comment until i > hav”

      • Darling Spirit LOVE babies. They envelop them for the first two years because new life to Spirit is intoxicating. If you have loved ones on the other side they will be with her every day. New life is intoxicating to Spirit.
        But when you say they hurt her…..I’m being told they’re just touching her and she’s reacting to the fact it feels different to how much touches her. Being surrounded by a few dozen Spirits can be daunting for a baby but the reason why I know it’s not demonic is because your poor dog and baby aren’t being marked. As in the dark side leave marks. Bruises, burns, lacerations that sort of thing.
        And I honestly think your daughter knows if she makes a fuss you’ll pick her up.
        Dark side make babies scream and I mean scream the house down to be returned to certain rooms in a house or even to enter the house. They would be sick with fevers, sore ears, upset tummys etc……and dogs bite attack and growl at anything they’re so jumpy and afraid. I’m afraid you got rid of the one thing that was protecting your baby and that’s your dog.
        Animals are fantastic guardians for babies and let you know the second anything is around.
        Absolutely nothing you’ve said sounds remotely dark side to me Swertheart. If she’s not drinking it’s because she is full. Babies get hot and cold and at 8 months they’re establishing language so she’s gonna make strange sounds.
        I truly believe you just need to relax and start seeing this as a good thing. And get your dog back. The poor thing thinks it’s done you wrong and it’s done nothing wrong bless the poor thing.
        Unless he’s happy where he I’d get him back. Because animals are ALWAYS your best defense with dark side activity.
        The truth is your never safer than when your a baby because your surrounded by Spirit. The younger the child the closer they are to being Spirits themselves.
        It usually takes about 3 months for a Spirit to settle in to human form then it’s all about observation and learning till their 8yrs old then society takes over influencing their lives.
        If what your dealing with was dark side it wouldn’t go after the most protected beings in the house (because babies are protected like Fort Knox) it would go after you and your son.
        And your the two unaffected by it. So I’d suggest instead of reacting badly to it you laugh and make her see its not anything to fear. Because if you raise her being afraid of the good Spirits she’ll not have a genuine and healthy understanding of her gifts.
        Children learn from their parents. If your reacting badly to something you think she sees or feels she’ll associate the experience with something bad and you’ll teach her Spirit are bad so every time she has an experience with one she’ll think it’s bad when in fact it’s good.
        So I know your unsure and you want the best for your baby Sweetheart. As a parent myself I get it. But your going about this the wrong way and your way will have long lasting damaging effects on her abilities and connection to Spirit. And I know that’s not what you want for her.
        Just relax. Calm down and show her a better way to react. Say to het ‘whos that bubba” who’s talking to you’ ‘have u got spirit friends you lucky baby’ etc……as she learns to talk she’ll start telling you more about them. Always react positively. If anything happens you know where I am my Darling. You just need to look at this as a good thing. She’s never safer as when she’s around Spirit.
        Who have you lost? On the other side I mean. Because they will be who is around her. Them and her Spirit Elder and Elders.
        You know where I am. If anything changes email me immediately. I will drop everything.
        You can do this Hun. Just change your perspective and it will all make sense.
        Love and Light