The 7 Year Cycle: Why life doesn’t seem to go right.

Most of you will know what I’m talking about when I say there seems to be some times in our lives where nothing seems to go right.

Everything from job, money, friends, likes, tastes, relationships, attitudes etc….all seem to go wrong and cause us stress one after the other. Why?

Because your coming to the end of a 7th cycle.

See, our lives run in cycles of 7 years. It is when your made to clean house so to speak. Where every aspect of your life is put under a microscope and examined. And anything deemed unnecessary and no longer positive for your Spiritual growth on your journey gets removed.

This is one of thee very first lessons I was ever taught from Spirit when I was younger. It rang so true for me and I live by it and share it with my clients. Many readings I have done recently have been based around my clients starting or ending new cycles.

If you count back 7 years, every 7 years of your life you will find major events have happened that transformed or changed your life. If you count back from when things are going wrong it makes sense.

Every aspect of your life changes. I tell my clients ‘Imagine a sieve, a normal garden variety baking sieve. Everything and every one in your life is put into that sieve and shaken up. All the good things and good people still positive and worthy in your life is in the bottom of the bowl. All of those no longer an asset to you and your Spiritual growth and path get left in the sieve to be thrown out.’

It will be everything from work, money, friendships, relationships, attitudes, inspirations, needs, wants, taste, family, literally every thing that is in your life, or makes you, you.

Think of the 7 year itch.

It’s why someone can stop smoking after years of not having the will power. Or someone leaves an abusive relationship, change jobs, stand up for themselves, follow their dream, finish the project and all those sorts of positive changes.

We even shed our skin. That is a known fact. Every 7 years we shed our skin and with our new cycle we have a new skin. We also create new cells.

Your Cleaning House. Your Spring Cleaning your soul. You are getting ready to leave Winter for Spring and with that cycles end a new one starts.

That is where everything starts to turn around. Conflicts get resolve and issues that plagued you for so long suddenly get sorted and you go about our merry way with a new outlook and a happier beginning to something that seemed never ending and miserable before.

A cycle lasts anywhere from 3 months to 18 months and the new cycle takes about 12 months to kick into full swing. It’s why so many of us have the year from hell then the best year ever. It will feel like the bad things you had to deal with and the hard decisions you had to make are the worst most stressful times of your life but in essence we go through it ever 7 years. It’s just as we get older our problems go from ‘My friends don’t like me at school’ to ‘I need a job to be independent and I’m not happy in my relationship, there is no growth in my life’ to ‘I just lost my job, how am I going to pay my bills with a wife and baby on the way’ type of thing.

But there is a saying ‘When one door closes, another door opens’  or ‘When Blob Closes a Door he opens a Window’. And it is true. Because EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING happens in your life and to you for a reason. Our lives are all about lessons. Learning from them, adapting to them and moving forward with the knowledge we have gained. Yes it can mean marriages end, and you separate from certainly family members, and you lose your job and your fighting with your kids, there are clashes of personalities, some times you will just be that fed up. But when these things happen it is just your Spiritual self being cleansed of all the things that blacken your journey.

Sometimes someone who was once your most trusted companion or friend will get removed and become someone you don’t like anymore.

That’s okay though. It is what it is. Some relationships have to come to an end in order for you to have growth.

It’s like with crystals. You need to soak them in salt water for the cycle of the moon because it soaks up all your negativity and sadness. Well our souls do the same thing. So they need cleaning just like the crystals.

So don’t fret, it doesn’t last forever this stress. This dark cloud hanging over you does have a  silver lining. It honestly truly does.

That’s all it is. Just with everything in your life and every one in your life. And don’t be sad if they are removed from your life. It was done because they were no longer positive in your life and there will be lessons to learn from the experiences. It doesn’t mean they won’t be back once the lessons you both needed to learn are learned.

And no one is immune to the cycle. We ALL go through it regardless of who you are, where you are, or the type of life you have. It is natural and necessary.

Without it we would carry too much burden on our souls and when we died we could never move on for other things. It’s a beautiful thing I think and actually as hard as things might be at the time knowing what it is makes you deal with things a lot easier because you know it can’t and won’t last forever. There will be a new beginning at the end of it. So it helps you stress a little less I think, personally from my own experience anyway.

This is also a prime example of what I mean when I say ‘If you look at Spirit differently and stop looking at them like they are scary unknown entities and actually use them for what they are here for ‘Learning’ it is amazing what you can learn from them’. This lesson they gave me have been invaluable and makes perfect sense. It has helped many clients in readings understand their lives a little better.

As I say to them ‘It is simply a case of Out with The Old and In with The New.

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18 thoughts on “The 7 Year Cycle: Why life doesn’t seem to go right.

  1. You say spirits help and guide us but i always doubt things that happen.once I was positive spirit guided me to the right thing but it was totally I doubt everytheverything.dont know what is real and what is just imagination.

    • Oh Katy I’m sorry you feel this way. But how do you know it was wrong? Just because something is an unpleasant experience doesn’t mean it was the wrong experience. Everything happens for a reason,good or bad and if you learned anything from the experience then it was the lesson you were meant to learn.
      I’m sorry you feel so let down by Spirit. But Faith really is important though because you have faith you trust that everything they put you through is for the greater good of you and you life’s lessons if you know what I mean? Well that’s my belief.
      I wish and hope with all my heart Spirit give you some hope. I really hope you find your Peace with Spirit,it sounds like they have a lot of making up to do.
      Love and Light Sweetheart

  2. Hi, I’ve had the worst 7 years. First I broke up with a boyfriend, and have not had a relationship since. I’ve not had sex for two years. I lost friends, my sister and I fell out five years Ago. People I depended on have let me down. Everyday seems like I’m swimming against the current. How much more do I need to endure? Is life even worth it?

  3. Thank you, for this.
    When I was 7 my parents divorced.
    When I was 35, I became Separated – when my eldest was 7.
    My good friend who’d worked at the same office for 6 years left when he was 28.
    All multiples of 7.
    Mind blowing.

  4. okay so I went through all the cycles I’ve lived so far; 0 – 7 no major change, 8 – 14 family life changed due to parental job loss, 15 – 21 high school ended got job life was good, 22 – 28 life was good, had a great hobby in theater but it ended due to negative personalities, 29 – 35 struggled but ended with mother dying, 36 – 42 no settled job with creative dreams put on hold, 43 – 49 father died 2 years in with no income loss of family home unable to get full time work; 50 – 57 current cycle, 2 years in still nothing positive with small exceptions of having own place no roommates and my cat – personal relationships strained at times, dreams on hold, high levels of frustration, no secure job … so … does that mean that positives are coming my way? I hope so because I’m feeling like hope is lost!

    • Yip, it’s basically your Spirit cleansing your life on every level. Getting rid of the clutter no longer needed. It’s shit and hard I know but once you hit rock bottom the only way is up.
      Then you ride the crest of a wave for a couple of years then things settle down again and then it starts all over again.
      It is a reset button. The Universe does the exact same thing.
      It needs to be done. It’s not a punishment, it is a spring clean, I promise. When it’s over and your on the up you’ll understand why, how and where it happened and be grateful for the experience.
      Just see this part of your journey as stepping stones not hurdles and you’ll get to the other side soon enough. You can’t control these things, only how you deal with them. Being positive and seeing the silver lining in the dark clouds makes all the difference too.
      I know it’s easier said than done but trust me when I say I put my theories to the test and it worked every time.
      Plus remember each cycle happens in 7 years every 7 years. So you might have 3 years of shit and 2 of normal then 2 years of awesome type of thing. But when one cycle ends another begins. Out with the old in with the new. Even our skin and cells regenerate every 7 years.
      The changes come at the point when you think you can take about all you can take. But also remember you can manifest your own reality too if you want something bad enough.
      It is a real Science and really works. It is why I’m getting the life I am getting now. I asked for it, made it happen, am finally starting to get it. My new cycle begins next month and it makes sense when you look at everything that happens next month with me going to America, doing these reading parties, meeting clients and fans etc….not to mention my Joanne and my Honey Martin and his family.
      new body, new heart, new career, new family, new love, new life, new adventures. Can’t wait.
      But this can be for anyone. You just have to make sure and decisive plans about what it is you really want then put in the mental effort to manifest it.
      The choice is always yours.
      Don’t worry babygirl, it gets better for you by Summer time 2017, you’ll start to see the light around Feb March then BOOM!!! Summer fun.
      Love and Light

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