Most of you will know about Pendulums and that they are used for but for those of you who don’t I shall explain it.

Everything in our Universe has an energy field all of it’s own. If two energies meet and connect it can create a beautiful harmony within itself and even the Universe. If they meet and don’t match it can create bad energy, illness, stress and depression and anger. It is the same with couples as it is with rocks, animals and trees. Why do you think some rocks and shells gets pushed out of the water while others stay deep on the ocean or river floor?

Anyway a Pendulum helps you read the energy of the object or place before you. It is great for testing Crystals. Finding water like Dowsing rods do ( which you also use with natural materials) finding electrical surges etc…
Most people don’t realize you can’t just walk into a shop and pick a Crystal that ‘Feels right’ it has to tell you it’s right. It has to match your frequency or it will do you or whoever your giving it to a lot of harm. But it isn’t just with Crystals, it is with anything God Created, or whoever it is you believe created The Universe.

If it is natural and untouched by man, it has a frequency and can therefore be read, even maps. My teacher has done treasure hunting with her Pendulum. I used to use mine to find lost things in my house but now I just tune in to it. Stones, rocks, trees, plants, animals, shells, animals, fur, feathers, water, dirt, mountains, you name it.

So where is how you use one. The rules as always are:

Never use it while under the influence of any alcohol or drugs that inhibit you in any way shape or form.

Never use it to bring harm to another living soul.

Always cleanse your Pendulum every so often by washing it in salt water then leaving it on a window sill for an entire cycle of the Moon as it will soak up all the energy and become heavy and useless.

And NO NOT use your Pendulum for contacting the Dead if you don’t know what your doing. I will not be held responsible for you bringing nasty stuff into your home.

Only use this for yourself. You are only ever responsible for yourself when using this Pendulum.

Okay so your Pendulum needs to heavy enough to have a good weight to it without pulling or breaking the strong. It needs to be able to move freely. It doesn’t have to be a store bought pendulum either. In fact I think it is better when you make it yourself.

It can be anything from your wedding ring and a strand of your hair to a stone and piece of string. As long as it is natural. It can be a nail and a piece of rope as long as the two parts are 100% natural materials.

People have used Pendulums for all sorts of things. From finding missing people to finding missing objects. Finding problems in the body to Paranormal hot spots. The Art of doing this is called Psychometry.

It is simple to use. Just securely tie the string or rope, cotton, or hair around the pendulum. Then ask it which way it wants to swing for Yes or No. It must only be Yes or No Answers you ask it.Β And you must ask it every time you use it. It won’t always want to swing in left hand circles for Yes.

So you hold the object you want to know about in under the pendulum and you ask ‘Is this ………….positive for me?’ and let it swing. It will swing of it’s own accord so don’t force it. Also this involves only the energy of the Universe NOT Spirits. The Dead are not sitting and controlling your piece of string so don’t get all dramatic and freaked out when it starts to swing.

I have used my hair and wedding ring to make a decision about which two items to buy ‘those jeans or those pants?’ lol

Please, use this responsibly. I don’t want to get emails from any of you saying you used it an Ouija and now you can’t get rid of the Spirits you let into your home.

I’m going to start testing you all so get your Pendulum at the ready and let me know when you have them ready so I can begin the test. And remember, rings and hair work too so don’t worry if you can’t find something right away.



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22 thoughts on “Psychometry:

  1. Yeeehhh i made it!! Its fun really..i did it wth nail nd my hair strand…i got all the answers…my goodness the nail swings so fast eithr fr yes or no…i crosscheckd even to have a firm believe like i placed a chit wrttng “pregnant”..upon whch placed the nail nd tied wth my hair strand nd askd “tell me whethr i m pregnant now ,move fr yes in rght nd no in left”…..i felt lil heavyness in the nail nd suddnely the nail swinged rapidly in the left ,tht denotes xactly no !! I hve done for sooo many times…m livng psychometry teacher debbie,m a psychic now lol….
    Its really fun m gonna use this frequently..

    • Garima please listen to me. If you don’t use it correctly and for negative purposes you will create trouble for yourself. It does NOT need require or give you psychic ability. It reads energy like a K2 meter nothing more. I worry your going to cause yourself some trouble if you don’t use it for the purposes it is intended for. Please use it wisely.

      • Upppss….but i was just joking ..nothing else..i hve just askd fr personal thngs nd trust me nt fr any negative thng…normal thngs like i will crack the entrance xam for M.A or nt!! This frnd is gud fr me or nt..isnt this allowed also!!

  2. Okk..u scared i m doing it with correct proceedure,i mean hair strand nd nail,with placing the chit under the nail? Also i have a question like y the nail feels a lil heavy before swinging ,wats the scientific logic working here!! Nd sumtims the swinging is slow nd sumtimes quiet faster ,why is that so?
    I hope your nt getting perturbed of my querries..u know wat, i love learning new things so thought of knowing this..

    • Thats gravity setting in but everything on the planet and Universe has a frequency that is magnetic. When the pendulum comes into contact with the other object your testing or using it pulls on each other just like a magnet does when you reverse the polarity. When you turn magnets around they push away from each other. A pendulum will do the same. But it will tell you after you ask it which way it is going to swing for positive and negative polarity and it tells you. Our frequencies change depending on seasons, moods, emotions and even a womens menstrual cycle can change the polarity that’s why you must ask the pendulum which way it is going to swing every time you use it. Because it will re calibrate itself according to the magnet frequency at that time.
      And don’t be silly. If your hungry for knowledge, I will feed you πŸ™‚

    • Yes if its got wax on it its fine but if its got anything else on it youll need to use something else. Do you have kitchen rope for tying chicken or beef down? Or a strong leaf or piece of bark? It can be anything as long as its natural. The spinning is perfectly normal. You just need to let it calm down. Its simply reacting to the magnetic pull of the earth like a compass near a magnet. Once it starts to calm down ask it what direction it wants to swing in for yes and for no. If it doesn’t stop going round in circles just ask it to stop. It will. Happy Swinging (and not in the conventional sense) haha

  3. Hi Debbie.
    Ive misplaced my iPhone somewhere in the house and am trying to find it with a strand of hair and my wedding ring. Ive drawn a map of the house and labelled the rooms and then have put the pendulum over each room and asked if it is in so and so room. (is there another way i could do this?) I asked which way to swing for yes at the beginning. Ive done it twice and its given me yes for a different room second time. Not sure if I’m using the pendulum correctly:( I have given the ring time to decide which way it was going to swing and it usually changes direction and will swing in one direction quite strongly. Am I doing it right? iPhone battery is dead so can’t even use the Find my iPhone app. A whole day without my phone hasn’t been too bad but will be needing that phone lol new technology age problems

  4. My 3 yr old decided to give away it’s hiding spot before she went to bed. It was in her bedroom. Which was one of the bedrooms that pendulum showed me! I just dint think to look inside her Minnie Mouse suitcase! It was in my bedroom charging after that. I tried the pendulum at that point n it correctly told me it was in my room. Have to practice more πŸ™‚