The Highs and Lows of being Me.

So before anyone who doesn’t have think it would be cool and amazing to have a gift like mine consider this.

In 5 years I have lost 8 potential friends and an entire family of in laws because they feared me and what I was. Their lack of understanding of what it actually is to be like me caused them to believe I was something dark and sinister that their faith or whatever needed protection from. When the truth of the matter is if you become someone I consider a friend not only do get a wonderful set of accessories that come along with being my friend (ie my sons and Spirit) but you get a friend for life. A loyal friend who would move heaven and earth just to see you smile. Yet somehow, because I see the dead and know stuff it threatens people. Do they have something to hide and are afraid I will discover it? Or are they just ignorant?

In one week I have helped a husband understand his wife’s death. Made him realize it wasn’t his fault and there was nothing he could do. Passed on some messages that brought him comfort and he can now sleep with peace in his heart.

I have also made a Mum understand that regardless of what she is, she is normal, gifted and blessed and nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of. And I helped 2 people who are on the brink of death not be afraid to die.  I also helped a woman understand that her life of torment is definitely connected to a past life and now she has the tools to overcome her fear of water. And lastly a girl decided today she wasn’t wanting to kill herself anymore because of her gifts.

She has enrolled in Nursing school and has opened the lines of communication with her Mum who she hasn’t spoken to in 5 years because of fear of being persecuted by her own family. All and every one of them in themselves pure joy for me to be a part of and a humble and honored blessing to say the least.

Then on the Spirit and Destiny Forum where I advertised my Blog I got accused of being a fraud and liar because someone tried to get a free reading from me and totally misconstrued what I had said and decided it meant something else and I must be wrong.

They have since spent the whole week trying to tell me I must be crap because America is a big country so why advertise on a British Forum? Not once considering that in this day and age Global Marketing is done at the click of a button and that I live in the UK but have a wider client base because of the internet. They couldn’t understand how someone would be doing work in the US but wanting to reach out to a smaller country. Not even considering it is the other way around. So instead of asking, they preceded to harass me. They had all these opinions about me and my work even though they admitted never checking out my Blog lol

And then my son tells me today that he has a new Spirit in his life and it turns out to be my sister who passed away when I was 18 (I’m 41 now) and he didn’t know she was my sister but now I’m over the moon. He obviously never knew my sister as he is 5 but he described her and knew the last half of her name and that she was pregnant etc….it was very touching as my sister has only come to me twice since dying in 1991.

Then I get 4 emails from people asking me to give them free readings because (and I quote) ‘I don’t know you from Adam, you could be anyone just wanting to take my money, how do I know your genuine? I can’t just hand my money over to a stranger. But if you give me a sample reading then I will pay my money and tell people about you’ To which I did.

They said ‘Okay…..WOW you gave me goosebumps, you have my attention now’ but they asked for the rest of the reading for free to which I said ‘Nice try’ and they went on to tell me ‘I’ve made a mistake because they know lots of people who would want a reading’ to which I said ‘That’s fine, I don’t mind, the people who come to me have been chosen to come to me so the cards fall where they may I’m afraid’. I also get told ‘But………how do I know your not a fraud’ even though it’s all paid into PayPal where your money is completely protected. If I’m a fraud I get done for fraud.

I mean, I do HUNDREDS and I mean HUNDREDS of free readings a year. When Spirit tell me ‘Don’t you take money from them’ I don’t’. Whether it’s a friend, a stranger or a seasoned loyal client, if Spirit tell me to not take their money I don’t. Spirit always know if your genuine or just trying to get something for nothing’.

But seriously would you ask a surgeon to give you a free Boob job so you can check him out as a good surgeon? Would you ask a builder to build your house for free to check if he was good or not?

Now I know I’m not comparing myself to a highly trained Surgeon but I’m just as dedicated and experienced in my field and my job is LIFE AND DEATH. When it comes to my profession I am an expert at what I do. I know and use my gift better than anyone. (As no one has my gift, they all have their own and I could never be like them is what I mean) and have 42 years experience. Yet I get questioned.

People say to me ‘How come I’ve never heard of you’. I tell them ‘Quite simply because before now I was doing private readings in my home and then I stopped for 6 years to have and raise my boys. Now they are older I am to take time out to go back to work’.

Doing what I do isn’t sexy.

It’s hard work doing what I do. You are taken to the extremes of everything. The highest of highs and the lowest of lows. One of my clients Nancy has been in the Spirit and Destiny forum defending my honor and it makes me so proud.

And still they criticize or abuse me.

This is regardless of how many Spirits come through to me and for clients. This is on top of things that happen in my life as a wife and mother. I’ve had two hours asleep because of my son and Spirit of a young girl who died of Cancer.

That’s me in a few days of my life as me. So before you think it’s all TV, Glamour, Fame and Money remember, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Some don’t want a bar of you, some want every single fiber of your soul and for others your perfect.  But it isn’t always a Fairy tale.

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The 7 Year Cycle: Why life doesn’t seem to go right.

Most of you will know what I’m talking about when I say there seems to be some times in our lives where nothing seems to go right.

Everything from job, money, friends, likes, tastes, relationships, attitudes etc….all seem to go wrong and cause us stress one after the other. Why?

Because your coming to the end of a 7th cycle.

See, our lives run in cycles of 7 years. It is when your made to clean house so to speak. Where every aspect of your life is put under a microscope and examined. And anything deemed unnecessary and no longer positive for your Spiritual growth on your journey gets removed.

This is one of thee very first lessons I was ever taught from Spirit when I was younger. It rang so true for me and I live by it and share it with my clients. Many readings I have done recently have been based around my clients starting or ending new cycles.

If you count back 7 years, every 7 years of your life you will find major events have happened that transformed or changed your life. If you count back from when things are going wrong it makes sense.

Every aspect of your life changes. I tell my clients ‘Imagine a sieve, a normal garden variety baking sieve. Everything and every one in your life is put into that sieve and shaken up. All the good things and good people still positive and worthy in your life is in the bottom of the bowl. All of those no longer an asset to you and your Spiritual growth and path get left in the sieve to be thrown out.’

It will be everything from work, money, friendships, relationships, attitudes, inspirations, needs, wants, taste, family, literally every thing that is in your life, or makes you, you.

Think of the 7 year itch.

It’s why someone can stop smoking after years of not having the will power. Or someone leaves an abusive relationship, change jobs, stand up for themselves, follow their dream, finish the project and all those sorts of positive changes.

We even shed our skin. That is a known fact. Every 7 years we shed our skin and with our new cycle we have a new skin. We also create new cells.

Your Cleaning House. Your Spring Cleaning your soul. You are getting ready to leave Winter for Spring and with that cycles end a new one starts.

That is where everything starts to turn around. Conflicts get resolve and issues that plagued you for so long suddenly get sorted and you go about our merry way with a new outlook and a happier beginning to something that seemed never ending and miserable before.

A cycle lasts anywhere from 3 months to 18 months and the new cycle takes about 12 months to kick into full swing. It’s why so many of us have the year from hell then the best year ever. It will feel like the bad things you had to deal with and the hard decisions you had to make are the worst most stressful times of your life but in essence we go through it ever 7 years. It’s just as we get older our problems go from ‘My friends don’t like me at school’ to ‘I need a job to be independent and I’m not happy in my relationship, there is no growth in my life’ to ‘I just lost my job, how am I going to pay my bills with a wife and baby on the way’ type of thing.

But there is a saying ‘When one door closes, another door opens’  or ‘When Blob Closes a Door he opens a Window’. And it is true. Because EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING happens in your life and to you for a reason. Our lives are all about lessons. Learning from them, adapting to them and moving forward with the knowledge we have gained. Yes it can mean marriages end, and you separate from certainly family members, and you lose your job and your fighting with your kids, there are clashes of personalities, some times you will just be that fed up. But when these things happen it is just your Spiritual self being cleansed of all the things that blacken your journey.

Sometimes someone who was once your most trusted companion or friend will get removed and become someone you don’t like anymore.

That’s okay though. It is what it is. Some relationships have to come to an end in order for you to have growth.

It’s like with crystals. You need to soak them in salt water for the cycle of the moon because it soaks up all your negativity and sadness. Well our souls do the same thing. So they need cleaning just like the crystals.

So don’t fret, it doesn’t last forever this stress. This dark cloud hanging over you does have a  silver lining. It honestly truly does.

That’s all it is. Just with everything in your life and every one in your life. And don’t be sad if they are removed from your life. It was done because they were no longer positive in your life and there will be lessons to learn from the experiences. It doesn’t mean they won’t be back once the lessons you both needed to learn are learned.

And no one is immune to the cycle. We ALL go through it regardless of who you are, where you are, or the type of life you have. It is natural and necessary.

Without it we would carry too much burden on our souls and when we died we could never move on for other things. It’s a beautiful thing I think and actually as hard as things might be at the time knowing what it is makes you deal with things a lot easier because you know it can’t and won’t last forever. There will be a new beginning at the end of it. So it helps you stress a little less I think, personally from my own experience anyway.

This is also a prime example of what I mean when I say ‘If you look at Spirit differently and stop looking at them like they are scary unknown entities and actually use them for what they are here for ‘Learning’ it is amazing what you can learn from them’. This lesson they gave me have been invaluable and makes perfect sense. It has helped many clients in readings understand their lives a little better.

As I say to them ‘It is simply a case of Out with The Old and In with The New.

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Most of you will know about Pendulums and that they are used for but for those of you who don’t I shall explain it.

Everything in our Universe has an energy field all of it’s own. If two energies meet and connect it can create a beautiful harmony within itself and even the Universe. If they meet and don’t match it can create bad energy, illness, stress and depression and anger. It is the same with couples as it is with rocks, animals and trees. Why do you think some rocks and shells gets pushed out of the water while others stay deep on the ocean or river floor?

Anyway a Pendulum helps you read the energy of the object or place before you. It is great for testing Crystals. Finding water like Dowsing rods do ( which you also use with natural materials) finding electrical surges etc…
Most people don’t realize you can’t just walk into a shop and pick a Crystal that ‘Feels right’ it has to tell you it’s right. It has to match your frequency or it will do you or whoever your giving it to a lot of harm. But it isn’t just with Crystals, it is with anything God Created, or whoever it is you believe created The Universe.

If it is natural and untouched by man, it has a frequency and can therefore be read, even maps. My teacher has done treasure hunting with her Pendulum. I used to use mine to find lost things in my house but now I just tune in to it. Stones, rocks, trees, plants, animals, shells, animals, fur, feathers, water, dirt, mountains, you name it.

So where is how you use one. The rules as always are:

Never use it while under the influence of any alcohol or drugs that inhibit you in any way shape or form.

Never use it to bring harm to another living soul.

Always cleanse your Pendulum every so often by washing it in salt water then leaving it on a window sill for an entire cycle of the Moon as it will soak up all the energy and become heavy and useless.

And NO NOT use your Pendulum for contacting the Dead if you don’t know what your doing. I will not be held responsible for you bringing nasty stuff into your home.

Only use this for yourself. You are only ever responsible for yourself when using this Pendulum.

Okay so your Pendulum needs to heavy enough to have a good weight to it without pulling or breaking the strong. It needs to be able to move freely. It doesn’t have to be a store bought pendulum either. In fact I think it is better when you make it yourself.

It can be anything from your wedding ring and a strand of your hair to a stone and piece of string. As long as it is natural. It can be a nail and a piece of rope as long as the two parts are 100% natural materials.

People have used Pendulums for all sorts of things. From finding missing people to finding missing objects. Finding problems in the body to Paranormal hot spots. The Art of doing this is called Psychometry.

It is simple to use. Just securely tie the string or rope, cotton, or hair around the pendulum. Then ask it which way it wants to swing for Yes or No. It must only be Yes or No Answers you ask it. And you must ask it every time you use it. It won’t always want to swing in left hand circles for Yes.

So you hold the object you want to know about in under the pendulum and you ask ‘Is this ………….positive for me?’ and let it swing. It will swing of it’s own accord so don’t force it. Also this involves only the energy of the Universe NOT Spirits. The Dead are not sitting and controlling your piece of string so don’t get all dramatic and freaked out when it starts to swing.

I have used my hair and wedding ring to make a decision about which two items to buy ‘those jeans or those pants?’ lol

Please, use this responsibly. I don’t want to get emails from any of you saying you used it an Ouija and now you can’t get rid of the Spirits you let into your home.

I’m going to start testing you all so get your Pendulum at the ready and let me know when you have them ready so I can begin the test. And remember, rings and hair work too so don’t worry if you can’t find something right away.



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