What is Karma?

Everybody knows Karma as being pay back. It’s something that has been talked about in conversation for centuries. It is believed my many cultures to be something we do being paid back in our next life, or something we do in this life being paid back in this life. If you do wrong. wrong will be done to you type thing. In modern times people seem to think it’s more Spirit based. As in Spirit or God even, control the Karma. Like if we do something wrong the Spirits or Powers that Be punish you. The Ten Commandments are about Karma. You will be punished if you do This This and This. But What is Karma really?

Well Honestly, it is Us. WE are Karma. Our conscience is our Karma. God/ or what ever you believe in, doesn’t punish us. He knows we are fundamentally good little Apes. The majority of us are. But from a very young age we are taught the difference between right and wrong. From a young age we are taught there are consequences to our actions. It doesn’t take us long to know if we do something wrong we wait to see if we will get punished for it by our parents, school, friends etc…..well….it’s the same as Adults but what we actually do is create our own punishment because we know we did something wrong that needs rectifying. So we create the punishment to fit the crime so to speak.

Imagine if you will, a train on course to go from A to Z. It knows how it is going to get there, which stops to stop at and even how many people it is taking on board. It has the trip ALL planned out. It’s a perfect designed route. Then one day it goes along smoothly and it decides to go from A to D without using line B and C. That creates a problem and people needing to stop at B and C are now put out, delayed, upset, angry and the train realizes it can never go that route again and it was wrong to do so because it caused negative emotions. So then it knows never to try that route again and just tries to stick to going from A-Z safely and perfectly like before.

We are created from Spirits who are in turn Highly Evolved Beings. When we die, we are home. So we are Highly Evolved Spiritual Beings when we aren’t in human form. Do ya get me? And what is Spirit? Perfection Personified. Spirit (the ones who are at the top of the ladder or close to it) are everything we know we should be here in our life time but aren’t. I like many others are striving to be as close to Spirit as possible. I ain’t coming back down lol I will protest outside them gates if I have to, chain myself to the clouds if necessary lol But Perfection means not looking good or having money or both. It is Knowing Ones Boundaries, Knowing Right from Wrong, Knowing Forgiveness, Knowing True Love, Knowing Patience, Knowing Honesty, Knowing Sharing, Knowing Humility, Knowing Humbleness, Knowing Humanity and still being able to understand that sometimes we are going to screw up and learn from it. This works for murderers and such too. If they get caught, they asked to be caught. It is why arsonists stay and watch the fire, or why murderers taught the newspapers etc…subconsciously they are asking to be get caught and be put back on track. The ones who get away with it, have no conscience. To live with no conscience is to live without a soul and THEY end up at the bottom of the ladder. (I hope my followers understand my Ladder Analogy by now lol)So when we do wrong, we KNOW it should never have been done in the first place and therefore we create a way to correct it. Making amends with your own Spirit I guess you could say. Basically Spirit should Inspire us and we Aspire to be like Spirit lol

I asked Spirit many many years ago after I had been naughty. I think I had told a lie or gossiped or something and it’s wasn’t a bad hurtful thing I did but I was worried about the consequences and I asked Spirit ‘Don’t punish me, I feel guilty enough as it is being caught up in the moment and I know I should know better and I feel bad now and my guilt should be punishment enough’ and they said to me ‘You people are obsessed with guilt and punishments. Why do you think we would want to punish you every time you do something wrong? That is your cross to bare not ours’ I said to them ‘So you mean…..I knew what I did was wrong so I created the guilt to punish myself? and they said ‘See there you go again with the Punishing, it isn’t to punish you it is to Teach you a lesson so you can take that lesson and move forward knowing you are to never do it again’ And it was like ‘Da da DAAAAAAA’ Got it. One of my many Aha moments lol

So the next time you tell a lie, or take something that wasn’t yours or do anything wrong you know you shouldn’t just remember not to blame anyone but yourself. Because you will be your own judge and jury and your punishment will be what ever you feel it needs to be to fit the crime.

So Don’t worry about doing in this life so you don’t pay in the next. If you pull yourself up on it, or get punished sorry…taught a lesson from it, that is your Karma.
















]from A to Z. It has a set course, it knows exactly where it needs to go and how to get there.

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13 thoughts on “What is Karma?

  1. But it’s not so much learned as in parents teaching children, but more learning by being attached to our Spiritual selves. Because if it were JUST the former, morality would be subjective rather than intrinsic.

    • How do we learn if we aren’t taught? That’s an oxymoron lol And if we are at the top of the ladder, we have learned all we need to learn. Next to being The Council The Spirits at the top ARE the most Educated Spiritually of all of us.
      Also Morals is based on Religious structure. Living Right is what Spirit teach.

      • Who said we aren’t taught? My point is all the teaching is coming from our connections to Spirit. Our parents may often be the tools of that instruction, but I’m sure there are plenty example of people learning to be good DESPITE their upbringing. My point is just that what is right and wrong is intrinsic, and not just a “tradition” passed down from parents to children, because that would make it subjective based on your family, rather than a universal truth. Does that make sense?

        And no “morals” are not a religious concept. Perhaps it is for you, but words have different meanings for different people. Language is an imperfect form of communication, so we should not get ourselves hung up on semantics.

      • But your basically saying exactly what I said when I said ‘We are taught from a young age the difference between right and wrong’ and yes your right people have taught themselves Right despite being raised wrong. But we aren’t born knowing right from wrong. We are taught it. We are stripped back to being Babies in it’s true form for a reason. And Morals werent anything people even knew about before religious creation because before then we lived in communities where to do wrong affected the entire running of the community. Hence why the banished the trouble makers. It wasn’t until religion that all the trouble with Morals began. Because religion forced us to maintain a certain level or morality.

      • I’m not sure why you keep implying I’m trying to say something different than you. Of course I’m trying to say what you said, but in different words. In order to clarify and expand on what you’re saying, both for my own understanding, and perhaps for others reading it. That why I was trying to phrase my original comment as more of a rhetorical statement, than a direct question….although truth be told, it was a bit of both.

        Good article too. Although a bit ironic, since it seems to prove my point that religion does not have a monopoly on the word or the concept of morality.

      • Blathering on endlessly so that only one person in the room understands? I guess my nickname is apt then. lol

  2. Hi Debbie

    I wanted to reread this post again and I wanted to ask you – how do you deal with the idea of concept of Karma if you don’t know, or can’t figure out if what you are doing is right or wrong? So for example for me I hope I live in a good way or at least I try to. But I do have a conflict with the inlaws (mother and sister) who have made my life difficult since I have been with my husband and you’d think that would ease off 10 years later, they still play on my mind because of a falling out we had they no longer see our children etc. The mother has acted quite slyly and spitefully at times – she is quite lonely and extremely negative to be around (I have to lie down after seeing her!) and things have got so bad that she’s been restricted from seeing the kids now – some of her views are incredibly questionable and would impact on the children negatively once they are old enough to understand their mixed race heritage.

    I suppose my question is, in terms of karma I can’t say that avoiding her feels good to me, after all I am a mother myself now, but she is such a drain every time we see her – its like she remembers the children exist when she is bored again. But could it ever be the right thing to tell her she can’t see the kids if she wants to (bearing in mind she only starts fights through her daughter, never her self, and has not addressed anything with me directly because I would be ready for the debate quite frankly but she’s got to the point where she is religious about birthday cards but doesn’t send me one but will always send gigantic ones to her son etc.!).

    I don’t even mind to be honest but I don’t want her to make my children feel unhappy or inadequate and more than anything I need to clear my mind of her and be happy, positive because things are really coming together for us apart from the fact they reappear every few months and make a song and dance about things. In terms of Karma…whats a girl to do!?!

    Love, R.

    P.S. Would you ever consider doing half the readings for half the price? I can’t really afford the full rate but I could do half for half 😀 Thanks very much.

    • Hiya Sweetheart, Thank you for coming into my Blog and trusting me with your problem.
      Firstly let me say, I do offer half readings. I do either 25 questions for $75/£45 over a 3 month period or you can ask 10 question for $45/£30, or up to 5 for $30/£15. I do them this way so that people on a limited income can get the guidance they seek without it putting them out of pocket.
      I’ve also been paid in Gift Vouchers, Hair cuts, Art Work, My lawns mowed, etc….
      Secondly to answer your question about Karma. If what you say is true, the karma isn’t for you to worry about but for her to worry about. Your simply trying to protect your family from a negative person, but she is being given ample opportunity to do good and she is STILL choosing to be negative.
      I can sympathize with you though Babygirl. My in laws hate me too. The things I/we have had to endure in the 16 years of being together would shock you. Well maybe not you but other readers would lol You’ve probably had the same thing happen. Everything from sending me a box of cleaning products, to females calling thinking they were being set up on a blind date only to find out they were a pawn in my Mother in laws sick game.
      The thing is, as long as you always do what is right by you and your family and your not deliberately doing things to cause trouble or hurt to anyone, the karma isn’t yours to worry about. Because Karma works on the principal of ‘What you send out comes back 10 fold’.
      My advice to you is, as your already doing. Don’t let her get a rise out of you. Don’t let her get to you. You don’t want a card from her anyway, so just laugh at her. She’s a grown ass woman acting like a spoiled 6yr old. But most importantly, point nothing out to your husband.
      When she does stuff, be the better person, keep your mouth shut and don’t say a word even if you have to come in here and swear and scream out all your fear, rage, anger, sadness and frustrations say nothing to your husband.
      Eventually he will start to see who’s the instigator and who’s the victim. My husband did and now he hasn’t seen his Mother, Brother, Grandparents etc…in 5 years because he saw first hand everything I had to endure and he ended up disowning his family.
      For years it devastated me. I tried so many time to be friends with them and every time I’d be in tears.
      Not any more. Just because she is the Mother to my husband doesn’t give her automatic right to behave like a childish, spoiled, mentally challenged poor excuse of a woman.
      Just remember this and you’ll be fine. ‘Your not expected to love everyone, your not even expected to honour they Mother and thy Father. It’s all hog wash. However you are expected to respect the fact they aren’t right in the head and it’s who they are going to be as long as your concerned. But you give respect where you get respect. That’s Spirits rule.
      Any parent that causes mental, physical, sexual or emotional harm to a child has bigger things to worry about than the kids they hurt.
      Needless to say you would have nothing to worry about as long as your not retaliating. But as a Mother myself, I told my husband after the proverbial hit the fan that tipped him over the edge ‘I would never tell you what to do regarding your family. However as the guardian to my boys I will never allow my boys to be around such negative, angry, vindictive behaviour.’
      They are so pathetic, they HAVE used my boys to hurt me but in such a way that hurt my kids too had I not of been able to protect them before anything reached their ears. My husband knows while I’m raising them they will have no contact with my boys. Being Grandparents is supposed to be the greatest reward in a parents life, but my in laws treat it like it’s a punishment.
      My Father in law can walk into my home and not even acknowledge me until he’s forced to because I’ve had to ask him what he wants to drink or something.
      I have to see them in 2 weeks. My husband still talks to his Dad which is fine but I don’t think I’ll be going. I just can’t be around that kind of negative behaviour any more. He did a couple of things over the years to me which are just unforgivable. BUT just recently I decided No More. I won’t let him take my power from my any more. I’m claiming my power back. He might not ever be in my life anymore but I’m still allowing him to have such a great power me.
      You need to do the same thing. It really does help.
      I hope that helped some and if you do decide you want a reading please don’t hesitate to email me at debbiedakiwi@gmail.com when your ready.
      Thank you for opening up. I know it’s not easy. Love and Light, Debbie xoxoxox

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